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Seahawks select DT Jordan Hill with No. 87 pick

Post by Eric Williams on April 26, 2013 at 6:57 pm with 46 Comments »
April 26, 2013 9:41 pm

The Seattle Seahawks filled what appeared to be an area of need heading into the draft, selecting Penn State defensive tackle Jordan Hill with the team’s No. 87 overall pick in the third round.

At 6-1 and 303 pounds. Hill set career-bests with 4.5 sacks and 8.5 tackles for loss in 2012, and projects as a 3-tech in Seattle’s defensive scheme.

College statistics

Year Solo Ast. Tot. Loss Sacks Int. PD FF
2011 22 37 59 8.0 3.5 0 2 1
2012 29 35 64 8.5 4.5 1 1 1
Career 51 72 123 16.5 8.0 1 3 2


That’s it for the scheduled picks for Seattle tonight. Seattle has 10 picks scheduled for day three of the draft on Saturday, which begins at 9 a.m. Pacific time.

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  1. banosser says:

    There’s the DT… over Jesse or Brandon Williams.. hmm.. must love his motor

  2. jawpeace says:

    Well I have wondered what Pete and John see sometimes but they are the professionals and I am getting used to their unorthodox ways.

  3. A guy that can bring pressure from the inside and move some people around. Perfect fit with the way the Seahawks rotate their D-line in and out.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    Before the crying starts, remember this team filled damn near every need in free agency and still have 10picks tomorrow.Ok, go ahead and talk about how bad of a draft the hawks are having so far…

  5. Random13 says:

    I was frustrated with how many 3rd and longs we gave up last year.

    Maybe this guy is for obvious passing situations like that (and the last 31 seconds against the Falcons)? Seems too small for a run stopper..

  6. With Bennett probably playing the three in passing downs and McDaniel seeing time there on run downs – and each only signed for 2013 – it’s nice to get a guy like this who may or may not play much this year but will be in position to play (more) next year when he’s got a year in the NFL under his belt.

    He seems a bit like Mebane in terms of getting off the ball in many of those highlights. I’m not saying their games are the same – just in that one comparison (Mebane is at the nose and Hill will most likely line up at three).

    I like our picks so far and am excited to see what tomorrow brings!

  7. tchristensen says:

    From Pete Prisco:

    B+ Seahawks select: Jordan Hill, DT, Penn State
    This is a vintage Seahawks pick. They get it. This is a productive inside player on a team that faced a lot of adversity.

  8. raymaines says:

    I’m happy with the picks because I trust JS&PC, but I’m confused. This running back better be special. At least a DT filles a perceived need.

    I was really hoping for Margus Hunt in Rd. 2. Came close.

  9. ryanryan says:

    @ewalters: i dont know, for me its not that they have 10 picks, its WHICH picks they have that concerns me…9 of them in the 5th-7th rounds isn’t exactly a sustainable Draft model. They’ve hit late before but holy geez: 123, 138, 158, 165, 194, 199, 220, 231, 241, 242. God bless em, but they don’t make it easy on us fans.

  10. ryanryan says:

    Heck, give me 10 darts and a draft board tomorrow and I may hit a pro bowler or two…

  11. montanamike2 says:

    No kidding!

  12. ryanryan says:

    Maybe that’s what they’re doing with this particular draft…maybe. Nobody is really left that they love so they’re hedging their bets…that would be funny, ‘yeah – we threw some mud on the wall hoping some would stick’.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    At least the RB fills the criminal element we embrace and which Mora wished he had more of.

  14. Ok, so legitimate question is how do we fill our need at Will Linebacker? Some have suggested that we have our depth already, but beyond Wright and Wagner, I hate our depth at LB. Would love to see at least 2 in our remaining picks. Thoughts?

  15. montanamike2 says:

    Draft a ton of LB and DT and let them duke it out.

  16. Yep, banosser, they passed up Jesse Williams, Brandon Williams, and Montori Hughes to take this guy. They obviously see something special in him.

    Bobbyk, I agree that in terms of build and playing style he is more like Mebane than anyone else we have currently on the team. Seems likely that he’ll fill that backup role behind Mebane and not have to play a lot as a rookie if Mebane stays healthy. If Mebane were to go down, Hill could end up filling a big need.

    It says a lot about the state of the Seahawks that in Carroll and Schneider’s fourth draft of the rebuild, their priorities are for adding excellent young backups behind their core starters.

  17. DJammmer says:

    WRT where they might get line backers…
    2011 4th round = K.J. Wright
    2011 7th round = Malcolm Smith
    2012 5th round = Korey Toomer

    3 LBs in rounds 4+. K.J. is an obvious gem. Malcolm has already had a number of starts. 66% success rate on picking starting LBs in round 4+. They have 10 picks tomorrow 4+.

    I’m not worried about LB.

  18. DJammmer says:

    And if you throw in wagner as a 2nd round pick last year… Hawks FO have drafted 4 LBs, and 3 of them have already become starters. 75%. My guess is they don’t have a problem scouting and drafting for LB.

  19. raymaines says:

    Has the JS or PC said anything about these two guys yet? Audio link?

  20. raymaines says:

    strike “the”

  21. LBCHawk – I would agree that OLB is still a big need, but then again what they lack is a nickel WLB, which is not an every-down player, and also there has been some talk about Cliff Avril possibly playing some at OLB, so they may be planning scheme options we don’t even know about yet.

    But if they want an OLB, there are still a bunch of highly rated ones on the board… Khaseem Greene, Chase Thomas, Trevardo Williams, Shawn Porter, Jelani Jenkins to name a few.

  22. CDHawkFan says:

    Ray, has the JS/PC press conference posted about 30 min ago. It’s a good watch.

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    That’s…it’s 5am here in England, time for bed.

  24. Okay… time to throw out the old mock draft and start again… lol.

    Players I want next:

    OLB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers

    TE Dion Sims, Michigan State

  25. After watching the video – I really like the fact that OL guys have a hard time getting and keeping hands on him. He does a good job of not letting guys latch onto him. Granted that the OL at the next level will be better. It’s a good skill to have and come in with. Another reason why I like DL type guys doing some MMA training in the offseason – lot of balance work and hand and feet!

  26. raymaines says:

    CDHF: Thank you. Twenty minutes well spent.

    Another question, has the pass rush been been fixed at the expense of the run defence? Silly complaint I suppose, but it seems like all the new guys have been added to rush the passer. Somebody please tell me why the run defense will be at least as good as it was last year.

    I’ve said before that I think the O-Line guys already on the roster will be OK with another year of coaching, but I would have prefered a second round guard over a running back.

    Please God, please, please, please. Give me a TE, DT, linebacker, and O-Lineman or three on Saturday. Maybe even a WR, but please no more running backs or QB’s.

  27. freedom_X says:

    Carroll said he wanted a quick, penetrating, active type tackle, not a space eating run stopper. Jesse Williams is the latter. Hill is projected to be the former – a true 3-technique that Seattle has not had in the Carroll era. Mebane has never become that guy, and Hill is another iron in the fire in case Jaye Howard fails to develop.

    Carroll is also OK with Michael being the same type of back as Turbin and Lynch. He doesn’t care about changing pace – if all three backs are interchangeable and can fill all roles, that’s fine with Carroll. He said if he really wants to changeup running styles, that’s what he’ll use Percy Harvin for.

  28. raymaines says:

    And not that it matters at all, but I really don’t like Penn St.

    I don’t like any school that doesn’t put a players name on the jersey, but I especially don’t like Penn St. I’ll gladly take a great player from anywhere he happens to be from, but I just wish it wasn’t Penn St.

  29. raymaines, from the tape above, it doesn’t look to me like Jordan Hill “was added to rush the passer”. I’d say Jordan Hill is a run-stopping DT.

    What really strikes me about this guy is no wasted movement. He has great hands and destroys the college linemen he played against very quickly and moved straight to the ball. Compact and disciplined in his movements like Mebane. He also looks like he may be able to get some penetration in the way Mebane can – with a great first move, so he may be able to play both at NT and 3DT like Mebane.

    So from what I see, he’s a good fit to play behind Mebane, or next to him on rushing downs. My only concern is whether he will be strong enough and big enough to do the same things at the NFL level. Obviously Dan Quinn and Pete Carroll think he can.

  30. Michael looks like a more talented runner than Turbin. That’s just my perspective, and we’ll see if he brings that to an NFL field, but his running style is absolutely fearsome – the way he runs with that forward lean like he’s just waiting to run right through someone. And his balance and evasiveness remind me of gifts normally belonging to a smaller back.

    Hill also reminds me a lot of Mebane, in that he is very active. This is a DT that has a very wide range within the tackle box. Like Mebane, he will likely be in on a lot of tackles. I like what I see from him in terms of technique, especially with his hands. He has huge, quick, powerful hands that he uses to win a lot of leverage battles from what I’ve seen in footage on him. Jaye Howard had better bring it this year or Hill might make him the next E.J. Wilson.

  31. grizindabox24 says:

    Stevos disagree about him being in the NFL run stopper mold. He is not a guy that will clog up the middle, but he is a guy that gets up the field, which in the video, is the reason he made so many stops behind the line. He is also very good moving lateral.

  32. freedom_X says:

    If Hill can penetrate and beat people with his 1st move – he will add pass rush. The most extreme example of this would have been John Randle. Even if Hill didn’t rack up huge numbers of sacks, simply penetrating and flushing or hurrying the QB, being where the QB doesn’t expect or want him to be, is pass rush.

    I don’t know if Hill would stand up to 70 snaps a game as a run defender, but I certainly think he can fill a role on passing downs – able to get some pressure, and use his energy and instinct to counter a run play thrown in as a changeup.

  33. griz – nope, I didn’t say Jordan is a guy who will “clog up the middle”. Neither is Mebane, but both are run-stoppers. Both are guys who waste little motion in battling linemen and maintaining their gap and moving to the ball carrier with efficiency. Like Mebane, he’ll tackle the legs of RBs at or behind the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

    Against college linemen, he destroyed a lot of those guys and got after the passer too, but I don’t see the type of skill set for him to be a huge pass rusher in the pros, I see a Mebane-type. A run-stopper who can penetrate. I’m sure we’ll all see more and learn more in training camp.

  34. 4-26 123 OhSU’s John Simon Leo DE 6-2/257
    5-5 138 LSU’s Lavar Edwards DE 6-4/277
    5-25 158 OhSU’s Reid Fragel OT 6-8/308
    5-32 165 Harding’s Ty Powell WLB 6-2/249
    6-26 194 Howard’s Keith Pough ILB 6-2/239
    6-31 199 Cornell’s J.C. Tretter OG 6-4/307
    7-14 220 WSU’s Marquess Wilson WR 6-3/194
    7-25 231 Utah’s Joe Kruger DE 6-6/269
    7-35 241 OhSU’s Jake Stoneburner TE 6-4/252
    7-36 242 WSU’s Jeff Tuel QB 6-3/218

  35. bbnate420 says:

    There are still a number of good OLBs available. Good call Stevos. There should be 1 or 2 left even if they stay put in the 4th. I’d guess that they don’t take one since I mocked one for them in the 4th. I think there’s a pretty good chance they can get OLB Sean Porter with one of their 5ths now. Eric alluded that we may see a fair amount of Avril at SLB and Wright at WLB. Maybe they don’t see LB as a big need. We know it’s a lower priority in PC’s system. They could be very high on Smith, Toomer, and the other young LBs as well. They can bring back Hill at anytime if they wish to.

    If Barkley is still there when they pick in the 4th does PC pull the trigger? I think he could definitely be successful on a team like the Hawks have. I’d feel better about him coming in for RW than anyone currently on their roster.

    I’m a little surprised by the Michael pick, but he’s clearly at least the second most talented RB on the roster now. And any dude named Christine has to be pretty damn tough. If it wasn’t for his ACL in 2011 and probably more importantly the reported issues with the coaching staff in 2012, Michael and Lattimore would’ve been fighting it out for the first RB off the board, with both likely being gone by the middle of the 1st round. That’s assuming that Lattimore’s knee hadn’t explode of course.

  36. bbnate420 says:


  37. montanamike2 says:

    Turbin seems more versatile but this guy, (christine) seems more like a pure power runner. I’m excited about today where we actually see some action/moves.

  38. There are definitely some good players still available, Stevos identified many of them.

    I won’t pretend to understand their 2nd and 3rd round choices as it seems like there were many ‘better’ options available (according to popular media). We will have to wait and see.

  39. A couple of OT’s worth considering Oday Aboushi (Virginia) and Reid Fragel (Ohio State).

    A couple of OLB’s worth considering Chase Thomas (Stanford) and Khaseem Greene (Rutgers).

    Zeke Motta (Notre Dame)at safety. Tharold Simon (LSU) at corner back.

    Corneillius Washington (Georgia) at Leo DE.

    We should grab a kicker at some point.

  40. montanamike2 says:

    I’m with you on grabbing a kicker late.

  41. bbnate420 says:

    blocis, if you follow this team at all, you should know by now to trust PC/JS to draft players for our team more than the 95% of morons that make up the draft experts in the popular media. If they had drafted like the popular media predicted they would the last 3 years, this team almost undoubtedly would be MUCH crappier. Just trust them in the draft, or prepare to eat crow down the road.

  42. bb….. you are right, we can’t really argue with the on field results.

    But one question….. Who is going to play WLB? I know we have Malcom Smith, but who is in front (or behind) him? And don’t say Cliff Avril. I would rather we had addressed our biggest issue (WLB) with one of our first two picks.

  43. Hey, was anybody else surprised at the Jets picking Geno Smith? Seemed very un-Idzik to me.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    We have to trust our FO that they will address all the needs either today or after the cuts.

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