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McIntyre: Contract details for Chancellor’s new deal

Post by Eric Williams on April 24, 2013 at 11:31 am with 71 Comments »
April 24, 2013 11:32 am

Brian McIntyre, a salary cap specialist writing for Yahoo Sports, has obtained the contract details of Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor’s new deal.

Chancellor reportedly signed a four-year, $28 million extension, which included $17 million in guaranteed money.

According to McIntyre’s report, Chancellor received a $5 million signing bonus, and his $1.323 million non-guaranteed base salary in 2013 was increased to $2.825 million in fully guaranteed base salary as part of the deal.

McIntyre writes that the signing bonus and base salary bump increased Chancellor’s cap number from $1,376,404 to $3,878,403, a $2,501,999. That bump in base salary for Chancellor leaves the Seahawks with around $4.698 million in cap space for 2013.

According to the NFLPA salary database, Chancellor’s base salary is $ 4,725,000 in 2014, $ 4,550,000 in 2015, $ 5,100,000 in 2016 and $6,800,000 in 2017.

McIntyre provides more details on Chancellor’s contract below.

Moving forward, Chancellor is due $4.725 million in base salary in 2014. That amount is currently guaranteed for injury only, but will become fully guaranteed if Chancellor is on the Seahawks’ roster five days after Super Bowl XLVIII. In 2015, Chancellor has a base salary of $4.55 million, of which $4.45 million is currently guaranteed for injury only and will become fully guaranteed if the 2010 fifth-round pick out of Virginia Tech is on the roster five days after Super Bowl XLIX.

Chancellor has base salaries of $5.1 million in 2016 and $6.8 million in 2017, the final year of the deal. Also in 2017, Chancellor has $325,008 in “per game active” roster bonuses, or $20,313 per game he is active.

From 2014-17, Chancellor’s cap numbers are $5.725 million (2014), $5.55 million (2015), $6.1 million (2016) and $8.125 million in 2017.

Contract analysis
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  1. My two favorite hits of the season were supplied by Chancellor and Tate. Davis getting rocked was one of the best all time hits imho. Tate’s de-cleating block in the Packer game pulled him out of my dog house.

    Eric, when do we get the official “submit your mock draft” thread?

  2. Galena: This afternoon. Still doing my homework.

  3. Thanks, Eric. Its going to be a wild and miscellaneous mock draft this year.

    Chancellor’s contract numbers are pretty affordable for a team leader being called “the most intimidating player in the game”. Good on Schneider to get that done. Now let’s hope his coaches teach him to cover better.

  4. “The Seattle Seahawks don’t figure to be first-round players in the NFL draft, which begins Thursday and will run, well, longer than the typical human brain is wired to tolerate. John McGrath, Tacoma News-Tribune”

    LOL… good one.

  5. The most intimidating player in the game…

    That’s got a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

  6. Awesome Eric!

    A new TNT mock draft champion will be crowned this weekend. This is our time to shine.

  7. abqhwkfn says:

    I believe this team and these players are a bit overrated. Have we forgotten the ease at which Matt Ryan drove his team down the field against this secondary? Or how the run defense was taken apart by Reggie Bush? And the ease at which the Skins ran over this defense prior to RG3 re injuring his knee. This is a good team, however they have proved nothing.

  8. As good as cam is, I don’t see him finishing this contract here in Seattle. I see the seahawks potentially drafting his replacement within the next two years to avoid having to pay the later years in his contract. I personally value sherman and Thomas more and believe they will ask for more. As the cap space dwindles down, I find it harder to justify this contract long term. Not because cam doesn’t deserve it but because of the paychecks getting passed out around him.

  9. bbnate420 says:

    Galena, do you mean the Cowgirls game, where Tate smoked Sean Lee?

  10. grizindabox24 says:

    abqhwkfn, your examples of Ryan, Bush, and the Skins are more of a shot at the front 7 than the defensive backfield.

  11. grizindabox24 says:

    Opiewon, I do not think Kam’s contract will have any influence on Sherman or Thomas but more so on the contracts of KJ and Wags when the time comes. You can only have so many premium contracts on defense and it will come down to SS or one of the LB positions

  12. What about Browner rockin Welker?

  13. That was a great hit too! Anyone remember that?

  14. Hell yeah, Browners takedown of Welker was WWF badass! Even Kam was jealous of that hit!

    Welker is a stud for even getting up after that one. You know that hurt so bad he was likely cross-eyed and sick!

    Good call Bobbyk!

  15. Yes, its hard to choose. I say Tate’s hit #1 (still think it was legal), Kams #2, Browners #3.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes, I do.
    And I know it was just pre-season but the hit that Washington made on Berry was just flipping great.

    I miss Washington.

  17. bbnate420 says:

    Kam was flagged for his destruction of Davis, but I don’t believe they fined him? It was seen as a legal hit once slowed down. I know most people here won’t like this, but that kind of hit can cause serious brain damage even though he didn’t hit Davis in the head. Just causing a person to de-excellerate like that will cause their brain to rattle around in their skull and likely cause a concussion. You might as well say your goodbyes now.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    Same goes for the Tate hit on Sean Lee. Exciting for fans, devastating for the player. Let me ask this, is everyone here okay with people suffering brain damage if it means they get to see exciting hits?

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Just watching that hit nate caused brain damage to me. That combined with drinking beer took it to a new level.

  20. bbnate420 says:

    Same here, Georgia. Though our dain bramage from drinking the Devil’s Juice doesn’t compare to getting smoked by a 230-240 pound missile.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s the nature of the beast nate, and unfortunately human nature too.
    I admit violence in football is part of the attraction to me.
    Funny how it is a crime to watch pitt bull fighting, ( which I agree it should be) however they don’t lock us up for enjoying humans pummel each other in a violent sport like football.

    It bothers me at times, but not enough to stop watching it.

  22. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, I can’t deny that I enjoy those kind of hits, at least on a primal level. I think most fans do, but I think they are going the way of the Wishbone. It will be phased out. I certainly can love football without it. You have legal issues, lawsuits about concussions, and probably more importantly you have to win the perception war with mothers. You already see the NFL commercials about the “Heads Up” program for youngsters. If mothers start to keep their kids from playing football and/or steer them towards other sports, professional football will eventually die out or be radically changed.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW-Perhaps many of these players could be in gangs, drug dealing, or doing time in prison for violent acts, or just plain dead if they didn’t have the game of football as an outlet.

    There, I feel better now that I can justify a little why it’s ok to watch a violent sport.

  24. grizindabox24 says:

    bbnate, you can play the “what if” game in every aspect of life. These players know the risks and seemingly the NFL is making improvements to minimize the injury risks. I wish injury

  25. grizindabox24 says:

    let me finish

    I wish injury on no one, but it does happen.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree nate. That’s why I have said here many times that it just isn’t fair to College football players to sacrifice their health for three or four years and not be compensated enough for it.

    And yes I believe these lawsuits in the NFL can/will eventually trickle down to College, high school, and even at the pee wee level.

    It would be interesting to get Chucks view on this.

  27. The Largent on Harden hit is still my favorite in franchise history! The next 45 belong to Easley one someone/anyone. Then there’s room for some of these that we talked about today.

    I remember once Fredd Young absolutely destroyed someone and if anyone remembers Michael Bates — he made one of the greatest special teams hits (maybe the best) in the history of the NFL. I think the Hawks were playing the Lions and Bates destroyed the ball carrier and then recovered the fumble. If anyone can find that on youtube—please post! That would be a great memory!

  28. bbnate, yes, the cowgirls game had the Tate hit. I’ve taken some shots to the brain too.

    That Largent hit was magnificent. The “good” getting a chance to decimate the “bad”.

    The reason I love Cam to Davis hit so much last year is that it let San Fran know exactly who we are. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

  29. What made the Largent – Harden hit so special was the Harden hit on Largent earlier in the season!

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “The Largent on Harden hit is still my favorite in franchise history! The next 45 belong to Easley one someone/anyone. Then there’s room for some of these that we talked about today.”

    Lol, so true!

  31. Bobby if I was neutral, which I was going into last year’s draft, Luck would have been the pick. In fact I was pissed about the selection of Wilson. I’ve never been happier about being wrong in my life. Wilson will will this team to a Superbowl win. Is that too many wills?

  32. After adding up the numbers, Chancellor’s contract is technically a 5 yr $29M contract, for an average of just under $6M per year. For comparison, Goldson signed a 5 yr, $41.25M contract with the Bucs (about $8M per year).

    Nice work, FO.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Largent on Harden hit was the best for the reason you said BobbyK.

    Remember that Seahawk Miami playoff game when Easley, ( I think ) took out two of Miami’s players with his typical hard hitting punish you all the way to the ground and then some style. Wow! It was like watching a Lion take down it’s prey.

  34. One guy on that article said that Luck would get the Hawks to a 13-3 record this year and I was thinking (well, so will Wilson). lol

    The difference with Golson getting more money is that he was a “free” agent, whereas the team still had Kam under team control for one more year. Nevertheless, it is still great to have Kam for 4 more years (as stated – good chance he doesn’t see year 5, but you never know).

  35. bbnate–excellent points on the dangers of deceleration. Obviously, things have got to change. Helmets must be improved, but the culture needs changing as well.

    Tates hit, for instance, was borderline legal IMO, since the guy was coming at him at such a rate of speed that as he turned to block him, it was going to be a vicious collision no matter what. Just as with Chancellors hit, he hit him in the upper chest, and rode it up his chest into his chin, which is legal. The initial hit was not to the head/chin area. That is an important distinction that I feel most in the NFL and media missed.

    Defenders love to hit a ball carrier who doesnt see them coming, I dont see why its illegal to blindside block a defender, as long as its not in the knee or head.

    But I struggle with the ethics of cheering on brutal hits. I have always hated illegal hits, and usually borderline ones as well. I can see both sides of it. I have no answers.

  36. What was Tate supposed to do when he turned and the guy was right there?! Just brace himself for impact and not dish out some?! Hell no! Though the hit was pretty rough…

  37. As soon as Wilson helps to get us that first SB win – then I’ll worry about all the others he’s going to help win too.

    For now – I just want to experience one win in the SB! I think it’s going to be more of a feeling of relief than actual joy though – as weird as that may sound. The second one (I hope) will probably be more of a party… and lets hope there’s more after that to compare them to!

  38. Yes, Harden gave Largent a vicious, illegal, unsportsman hit earlier in the year, which gave him a concussion and I believe knocked him cold. He missed time too I believe.

    After the game, they asked Largent if he thought he’d be fined (his hit was clean), and he said “If I do, it was worth it”!!

    When Harden talked about Largents hit later on, he said “I deserved it” and “his hit was clean, mine wasnt” or words to that affect. He pretty much admitted he was simply frustrated with trying to stop Largent and let his emotions boil over and he took him out. And Largent got him back the way true sportsmen do: fair and clean and harder than God.

  39. I remember the Fredd YOung hit too. The guy lay there on the field for what seemed like forever, and all he could do was move his foot back and forth. Young knocked him out of his shoe!

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not fired up at all. We have known here for months now how you think Luck is so much better than Wilson so your article is no surpise to me.

    Perhaps your disappointment with, ( your man Flynn) not being the man here has something to do with it.

    One thing I know forsure is that Wilson will be in Seahawk Blue for a long time, so perhaps next time you wright an article about comparing some other qb to Wilson at least you could show that you are a Seahawk fan by using a pic of Wilson with your article.

  41. PFT is saying that the Browns and other teams are talking with Miami about trading for Davone Bess.

    Bess has always been a favorite of mine, since I watched him tear it up at Hawaii. All the guy does is get open and catch everything thrown his way. He’s one of the most consistent slot WR’s in the game. He’s just short.

    I wish the guy well. He’s always been under-appreciated. The Browns could really use a reliable WR to complement deep threat Josh Gordon and the disappointing Greg Little, esp since they gave up on Muhammad Massaquoi (another guy I liked, but he’s kinda slow and has injury problems).

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:


  43. bobbyk,
    I understand that Kam didn’t have the same leverage that Goldson had. But he also didn’t have to sign a contract extension…he could have waited a year, hit free agency, and gotten that $8M per year (or more). The point is that they got him for less than his market value, and not every FO is able to do that, regardless of who has the leverage.

    So I would argue that the difference was not only that Goldson was a free agent and had more leverage…the bigger difference was our FO, and the fact that Kam wants to be a part of this program.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    We don’t know that Seattle got Chancellor at less than market value. I would agree that they were smart to not allow him to test the market; it’s always dicey to allow the market to determine value. But there’s no evidence to show they got him at under market value.

  45. Georgia – You are missing the point or are taking it too personal.

    I could only connect with 2 Colts fans (and they obviously like Luck). I was able to ask plenty here and used the first 3 comments I got (support for Wilson), as I said I would.

    I asked 5 neutral fans who they liked better (Bears, Packers, Broncos and two Vikings). It’s not my fault they all like Luck better even though you seem to insinuate it is. I can’t make people change their answers to make you like the article better.

    Just because I like Luck doesn’t mean I don’t like Wilson. That’s like saying since I love Richard Sherman that I must mean hate Earl Thomas. That makes no sense. Both are great. If you want — I can do an article on who fans would rather have if they had to choose b/w ET or Sherman…

    I loved the Flynn signing, yes. So did you. But that doesn’t mean I hated the Wilson pick – I didn’t. Go back to the archives to read what I read about it if you don’t believe me. I didn’t hate it one single bit. A bunch of us were on the warpath last year about getting the QB position fixed (you included) at all costs and by drafting Wilson that meant that QB was looking darn good if Flynn wasn’t what we thought he’d be — at least there was a great Plan B (Wilson who could taker over in year two).

    None of us had any way of knowing that Plan B would actually be worthy of a top 2-3 draft pick in the entire draft if people could re-draft a year later. Good for me and you – bad for most of the rest of the NFL. Wouldn’t you agree?

    In no way in heck do I hate on Wilson… if I did there’s no way my daughter would have only one Seahawks jersey and it being a #3 Wilson – While my little buddy has four Seahawks jerseys (12, 18, 29) one of them is a #3, too. Yes – Mom thinks he’s spoiled, but that’s okey. It’s a Seahawks thing.

  46. Need to be able to edit… sorry for all the mistakes above!!!

  47. The real question for you BobbyK, and don’t be afraid to answer honestly, is would you trade Wilson for Luck?

  48. Here’s a heretical link but in typical Seahawk fashion they have reportedly signed QB Jerrod Johnson.

  49. Galena – No. I would not trade Wilson for Luck. Wilson is a Seahawk. However, if I were starting an expansion NFL franchise right now – I would take Luck #1 and Wilson #2. You want honesty – you got it – although that hardly makes me a hater.

  50. However, Wilson plays with Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, Russell Okung, Max Unger, Sidney Rice, Marshawn Lynch, etc. so I firmly believe Wilson will win have more rings on his fingers when it’s all said and done. Isn’t that what we all want? Rings? Plural. And then some!

  51. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, I’m not arguing that the Tate on Sean Lee or Kam on Vernon Davis hits weren’t legal. I believe they both were. The NFL didn’t fine Kam for the hit, if I remember correctly, even though he was flagged during the game. I’m just trying to extent the conversation/prepare people here for the new reality. Even if you don’t hit someone with your helmet, crushing them at full speed and decelerating them will most likely cause some damage. It’s not really about the helmet so much. It’s the same thing in high speed car crashes. If you hit another car going 30 MPH or more, you will rapidly decelerate and your brain will rattle around. That’s where most of the brain damage comes from. Regardless of hitting your head on the dash on wheel or not.

    Getting rid of face-masks would probably, honestly stop a lot of it. People don’t want to lead with their mugs if they’re not protected/

  52. Hmmm… Seahawks now have three backup QBs on the roster behind Russell Wilson.

    One has to think if they are preparing to go into training camp without drafting another QB. They might not like this year’s college crop very much. I wouldn’t blame them.

  53. I know that you are a Hawk LOVER Bobby not a hater. That is an honest answer and I would agree, as have the neutral parties you polled. I have grown to absolutely love Russell. The guy is infectious.

    We are winning the M-F-in Superbowl this year and I’ve never been more stoked in my life about the Hawks. You mentioned that winning it all the first time might be more a relief than joy which I think is funny because I can relate. I will be able to “Rest In Peace” afterward. Whatever happens from there will be gravy. Just get that one!

  54. bbnate420 says:


  55. bbnate420 says:

    I’m not really a huge fan of Luck, but I’d take him over anyone we’ve had lately besides RW.

  56. HonHawksLSB says:

    I think the Kam contract helps us with resigning our top players prior to hitting free agency. You hear players talk about Pete getting them to believe that they will all eventually get their pay day if they put the team first and play hard.

    That’s why this was such an important signing by JS and their #1 offseason priority. We need players that are on the cheap to not get caught up in “what their worth” and get bitter about the lack of 0’s on their contract.

    No way we lose ET, Sherman or other pro bowlers we will lose Tate, Baldwin, KJ and other tier 2 talents.

  57. Not that there’s anything bad about Luck… but as a human being and a father… I love the fact that the face of our franchise and role model for our youth is a guy who is “too short” but works his tail off to overcome the odds.

    I’m not a short guy by any stretch of the imagination but I am thankful that my kids can see that he is overcoming something to still achieve greatness (whether it’s reading, writing, math, speed, size, etc.).

    A role model like Luck wouldn’t be as much fun because he’s everything perfect (size, arm, etc.) and, really, how many of us are perfect in life?

    Not it.

  58. I know this thread is probably dead, but I don’t like the contract’s amount of guaranteed money. For that much guaranteed, you would think he would give the Seahawks a clear discount–not a big discount, a clear discount. I don’t think many teams would have thrown open their wallet for him. Especially after this year’s draft class with all of those quality safeties hits the league. Overpaid and that will cost us later when trying to re-sign other positions.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    I’m not a big fan of celebrities/sports players as role models, but I definitely agree with you, BobbyK. RW shows that hard work will pay off. It certainly won’t always allow you to be a NFL QB. but most people don’t advance on the social ladder without working their ass off.

  60. bbnate420 says:

    Working hard doesn’t guarantee you success, but most people don’t achieve success without hard work.

  61. nate – Agreed 100% on both. I hate that they are role models for our youth… but unfortunately – they are. I know I am going to do my best to be the best role model possible for my little buddy (who isn’t 2 yet) but I also know he’s going to look at sports figures too – if he’s anything like me. In the grand scheme of things if he wants to be successful, he’d better be willing to work hard, too.

  62. chuck_easton says:


    The only real guaranteed money in this contract is 7.825 million.

    After that the team can cut him at the beginning of any year with no further guarantees.

    If Kam plays terrible this year he walks away with 7.825 and the team has a 4 million cap hit next year.

    How does that handicap the team?

    Kam has to perform to keep getting the money.

  63. Not only was Kam signed early to a reasonable contract, he is a leader on a young team that needs leaders. The whole defense takes heart in Kam getting his new contract. I don’t think this signing was the same as a superstar cashing in. I think this signing was important to the whole team.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right, Bobby. People pick up all kinds of influences, but I GUARANTEE that you and his mother will be the biggest influences on in your kids lives, even though they will likely do the opposite of whatever you tell them when they’re teenagers.

  65. bbnate420 says:

    *influences in

  66. Nate – I agree but you assume that I and his Mom will stay healthy and live. I know that’s looking at it from the glass half empty perspective, but that’s what I grew up with (parent passing away in my early teens) and it scares me to death – I don’t want my kids to go through what I did and we’re all a Dr. diagnosis, car accident, etc. away from a different “life.” That’s why I especially love people like Wilson who can help lead people who need leadership in their own lives as kids who are easily influenced. Not all kids get to have a good Mom and/or Dad role model to go home to every day and I wish they would…

  67. HawkfaninMT says:

    @ BobbyK: Just read Wooden: Observations and Reflections on Life, both on and off the Court. Amazing book, at it was my Dad to a “T”

    Great stuff

  68. I agree Stevos, Kam’s signing has more of a feel of a family member coming up big than someone trying to cash in for as much as they can get. Lookin’ at you, Flacco. I think the team feels ” one of our own” got his. Now it’s time for each of the others to bust their tails and try to get theirs.

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