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Kam Chancellor agrees to multi-year extension

Post by Eric Williams on April 22, 2013 at 1:17 pm with 35 Comments »
April 22, 2013 1:17 pm

I can confirm an earlier report by Ian Rapoport of that the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms for a multi-year extension with safety Kam Chancellor.

The team is expected to hold a press conference to announce the deal this afternoon at 2 p.m.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but according to a report on the league’s web site Chancellor has agreed to a four-year, $28 million contract extension, which includes $17 million guaranteed money.

Drafted in the fifth round of the 2010 draft, Chancellor, 25, is considered one of the leaders on Seattle’s defense.

In his first year as a starter in 2011, the Virginia Tech product earned an invitation to the Pro Bowl, finishing tied for second on the team with four interceptions.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Great news, very happy to read this.

  2. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    more than i thought he would get

  3. chuck_easton says:

    I am as well. And as it is a contract extention it likely has little effect on this year’s cap other than to possibly lower it. I would guess his 2013 base salary is now 100% guaranteed. The remainder of the guaranteed money can be spread out over the next 5 years at 3.4 million a season.

    The actual numbers are likely going work out very cap friendly to the team.

  4. rramstad says:

    Really smart, and hopefully we see another one or two of these as the shape of this years cap becomes clear… i.e. if we’re not signing any more free agents, it’s very obvious where we are, and what we need to do financially.

  5. montanamike2 says:

    Nice! We keep the legion of boom together, i saw many games where Kam affected the other teams offense, sometimes players looked like they didn’t even want the ball thrown their way.
    I don’t see this move happening unless we traded Flynn.

  6. Now can we do something like this for our centerfielder?

  7. HonHawksLSB says:

    Much needed contract for a late round draft pick. Numbers indicate a bit of a step back for Kam but he pretty much played hurt all year and still was a physical presence on the back end.

  8. HonHawksLSB says:

    Side note… Sio Moore LB on UConn sounds pretty sharp and solid in pass defense and can rush the passer. He was on Sirius/XM and is impressing me big time.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Great job by the front office.

    3 days
    3 hours
    3 minutes
    3 seconds….

    Until the draft!!!!

  10. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    As much as I’d like to see the legion remain intact, my gut tells me that we will lose Browner. Thomas and Sherman are going to eat up so much cap space that we won’t have enough left to retain another veteran DB. I hope I’m wrong, though.

  11. Great news.

    I must say, I have so much confidence in this team and its management. I really expect this team to be solid for years to come.

  12. But back to the draft….

    Bobby was talking about OLB Sean Porter on an earlier thread, I like Porter but here is another OLB who may be the best pass rushing OLB in the draft

  13. Awesome news. There simply aren’t any other players in this league at he strong safety position that are quite like Bam Bam. He’s still growing as a player as well; his best is yet to come.

  14. yankinta says:

    Hmmm,,, I was thinking he’s worth about 5.5 or 6 Mill a year,, not 7 mil a year….. I seriously doubt he’d get this money in the open market…

  15. FleaFlicker says:

    yankinta, an extra million a year above his projected “market value” is a small price to pay for a solid performer that will be the cornerstone of this defense for a few years to come. Just my opinion. And besides, there’s value in letting guys know they’re going to get paid right when the time comes; always compete!

  16. yankinta says:

    FleaFlicker, I agree with you on that. I just hope he will improve his pass coverage from last year because he wasn’t as good as the year before. He definitely took a step back last year compared to the year before.

  17. tchristensen says:

    I have doubts as to wether the Hawks will be able to re-sign Richard SHerman when his contract is up after seeing what Revis got from Tampa Bay. Good grief.

  18. ” I seriously doubt he’d get this money in the open market… ”

    Yank, did you see how much DaShon Goldson got from Tampa Bay? Did you see recently what they then gave Revis? Star DB’s make bank in the NFL these days. Kam Chancellor is a stud. Right now he has to be one of the most feared hitters in the game; not just as a DB, I’m talking period. He’s also a very young player with a lot of miles left on his tires.

  19. SandpointHawk says:

    Yak he had bone spurs removed from BOTH ankles this off season. Play with pain like he did last year…Oh yeah he’s worth the money.

  20. Revis has no gaurenteed money, so not sure how good that is, especially coming off his injury.

  21. These guys just do it right. Way to get him signed early, before any unnecessary drama. He’s got some holes in his game, but I still think he’s a cornerstone player. One of the guys who’s play sets the physical tone for the whole team. How long is Earl under contract for?

  22. While I like Chancellor, he struggled last year, esp in coverage. I only saw 4 games where he looked better than average. Perhaps that was due to scheme, or Bradley, or who knows what…I’d guess PC and JS know a bit more about Chancellor’s performance than little old me!

    Still, thats a large chunk of change and makes it hard to come up with the money to pay guys like Tate, Browner, Thomas, Okung, Sherman….

    At some point, a pay cut will be in order for Sidney Rice and Zach Miller. Perhaps not this year, but after this upcoming year?! Something has to give, and I would hate to start losing improving young guys…

    Everyone seems to be counting Browner out, but I think they give him a good payday after next season, which is their first opportunity under the CBA unless I am mistaken. Tate can be restructured, but he has only had one really good year; my bet is Seattle has him go through this year, or nearly through it, before offering him anything. You have to show more than one year of good play before JS and PC will give you much–they learned from Mike Williams.

  23. He did play hurt, which shows his dedication. Nice to see them keeping their core identity players. Im a worry wart, so Im beginning to wonder who will end up being too expensive and move on?!

  24. STTM,
    Players drafted in ’11 and ’12 (and beyond) are subject to the new rules under the CBA. These rules state that the player cannot renegotiate their contract, under any circumstances, until they have played 3 years on their rookie deal. But this only applies to players that signed rookie contracts under the new CBA…so only players drafted (or undrafted FAs) over the last two years. Browner was not drafted and signed to a rookie deal under the new CBA, so he is not subject to these rules and can renegotiate at any time.

    They might try to renegotiate with Browner next offseason, but that’s when Sherman will be allowed to renegotiate. Even if Sherman costs more, I think he will be their priority. Browner is great, but Sherman is the top CB in the league. Doesn’t mean they won’t be able to resign both, but I do think Sherman will be the first to get a deal. He’s our #1 CB, and will be more difficult to replace than Browner (who won’t be easy to replace, but not as hard as Sherman).

    That is a lot of money for Chancellor, but the FO thinks he’s worth it, and they clearly have a plan. Besides, he had those two bone spurs last year, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give him more money if they didn’t think he was going to continue to get better. I trust their evaluations. I’m not worried at all about what it means for other players, either. They have managed the cap very well, and they self-scout very, very well. They always give money to guys who are getting better, which is what I love about them…most teams pay players for past performance, but we pay them for what they are going to do in the future. Look at Unger…I didn’t expect him to get an extension last year…he got paid, then boom, he goes to the pro bowl. They knew he was ready to break out, and they locked him down before he did. This FO knows what they are doing, that’s for sure.

  25. I don’t like the numbers as they appear either at first glance. I think it’s about 1-2 million too much for a guy to re-sign and get the bonus of having to not worry about free-agency again in his career if all goes well.

    But it will be interesting to see what the yearly salaries are and how they broke up the bonus money. It could be a bit like the Winfield contract that was reported as 3 mil but really was closer to 2 mil because the incentives are hard to meet. And if they are met, then the extra money would be well-deserved!


    I don’t know what the rule is but your explanation of why it doesn’t apply to Browner doesn’t make sense. A better way to say it is that Browner was not a rookie when he signed with the Seahawks, so the CBA rules regarding rookie contracts don’t apply to him (he signed as an undrafted free-agent in 2005 with Denver).

  26. Kingpear says:

    Without knowing he details, his deal could be more cap friendly than the numbers tell. If he vast majority is front loaded it should be ok in time fo Wlson to get paid. I admit I am surprised. I was sure that they would draft SS this year to groom Kam’s replacement. Oh well, that is why I watch on Sunday and not work in an NFL front office.

  27. raymaines says:

    So this is what it feels like when your favorite team is a winner?

    Nobody is perfect of course, but the ownership and management team mostly do the right thing, get the best players available, and we expect the players to do well. I’m loving all of this.

    I remember how pissy we all got when, for example, Josh Wilson was drafted and now we all kind of scratch our heads after a pick but we mostly trust JS&PC to have made good decisions. This is what it must be like in Pittsburgh and Boston every year. The poor sods in Dallas must feel like jilted lovers or something now that Jerry Jones has lost his mind and they can no longer trust the management to make good choices.

  28. Browner or Sherman will either not get a huge payday or be allowed to get it from another team (IMO). but who knows what the future will bring.

    I have a feeling that we will start to see some good defensive players get a big payday elsewhere due to the fact that I think the FO has done a better job of finding hidden gems on the defense than they have on the offense.

    Next offseason we will really see how this FO group transitions from a group that can rebuild and organization to a team that can maintain one. Those – IMO – are not necasarily the same skills.

  29. bbnate420 says:

    I really like Chancellor. I think many underestimate the role injuries played in his coverage deficiencies last year, though he will probably never be elite in coverage. He’s an enforcer. I am surprised that he got 7 mil a year. I was thinking more 5-6. Seems PC/JS are sold on him. You can now count on ET getting around 9 mil a year.

    I do think this spells the end of BB as a Hawk either after 2013 or 2014. They can’t pay all 4 DBs big money. He’s not in the class of Sherm. He’s a RFA after 2013. I would expect them to hit him with a 1st round tag. If no one offers a contract, they get him for relatively cheap for another year. If someone does, they get a 1st rounder. Win, win.

  30. Chancellor is a lot better in coverage than I think some people realize. He got beat a couple of times last year, sure, and this somehow indicates he’s less of a player than his paycheck would suggest? Kam Chancellor might be the best starting SS in the NFL right now.

    I’d like some of Chancellor’s critics to actually do some homework. Take a look around the league, at as many other NFL rosters that it takes and tell me about who else it is in this league that does it better than Kam Chancellor at the SS position. Find me the SS currently playing in the NFL with the “elite” coverage skills. Who is this guy? Because I’d definitely like to compare whoever that is to Chancellor; side by side.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    There are no SS’s with elite coverage skills. Maybe Polamalu once upon a time, though he wasn’t really strictly a SS.

  32. Goldson, pretty sure he plays strong safety.

  33. Goldson is a free safety.

  34. chuck_easton says:

    As previously mentioned, while BB is on his third year of his rookie NFL contract, he is far from a rookie. He played several years for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL and was named to the all pro team two of those years.

    BB is on the downhill side of his 20’s. Seattle was the only team that was willing to give him a shot. He’s not going to see the big CB payday due to age, his size isn’t what most NFL teams think of when they think CB, and the fact that he’s easily replaceable by younger faster upcoming rookies. BB can be kept on the team. He won’t cost the team a lot of money.

    Add to that the little known or understood fact to football fans south of the border.

    An entire CFL team salary cap is 4 million. That is for all 45 players on the active roster. Only QB’s make decent money and they usually make in the 200-400k range. Regular players, including starters, make in the 60-100k range.

    I know several of the Stampeder players not from football but because in the off-season they have regular jobs here in the city.

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