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Morning links: Sherman throws out first pitch at M’s game – yes, it’s a strike

Post by Eric Williams on April 12, 2013 at 8:11 am with 79 Comments »
April 13, 2013 12:36 pm
Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman throws out the ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners Thursday, April 11, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman throws out the ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners Thursday, April 11, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

He didn’t exactly look like Satchel Paige on the mound, but Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman did something most celebrities don’t do when they throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Mariners game – he threw a strike.

Check out the video from KiNG-5 TV below. Joining Sherman at the game were teammates Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.

“It looked like a strike to me,” Sherman told KING-5 TV. “I think that was a third strike, and he might have been out. But that’s not here or there – Felix (Hernandez) would have handled the rest.”

Here’s my story on Russell Okung from Thursday’s interview. Okung talked about the improvement he’s made with Tom Cable on board as Seattle’s offensive line coach. Okung: “On top of being a great motivator, he’s a really great teacher. He really forced me to learn the intricacies of the game and to be a real student of the game, and to really understand what’s going on. He fixed a couple of technique issues that I had. Really, we just started over, and he kind of brought me back to how I used to be in college.”

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated writes the safe pick for Seattle in the second round would be Oregon offensive lineman Kyle Long, and the surprise pick would be Arizona quarterback Matt Scott. I would probably flip those two around. I don’t see the Seahawks selecting an offensive lineman that high.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper gives us his top 10 QB draft prospects of all time. It’s no surprise John Elway heads the list. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this. Former Seattle running back Curt Warner is No. 2 on Kiper’s all-time running back list. Walter Jones is No. 8 on the all-time offensive line list.

Check out Norwegian kicker Havard Rugland, nicknamed “Kickalicious”, who signed with the Detroit Lions to compete with David Akers for the Lions kicking job left vacant when Jason Hanson retired.

The Vancouver Sun issued a statement standing by its report quoting Richard Sherman saying that nearly half the players in the NFL use Adderall.

The newspaper also published this video of Sherman’s conversation with reporter Mike Beamish.

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  1. HawkfaninMT says:

    Teamwork makes the dream work! Love it!

  2. HawkFromDay1 says:

    They should stand by the story – it’s not factually inaccurate – it’s just stupid.

    Way to cash in on Richard Sherman’s notoreity, and completely ignore the massive issue of prescription drugs in today’s PED world.

  3. HawkfaninMT says:

    Russell Okung is defintiely one of my top 3 favorite Seahawks… May just have to go with him as my jersey for next season

  4. Nice to see a fellow Scandinavian getting the chance in the NFL! He won’t come close to doing what my fellow countryman Morten Andersen did, but I hope he will do well.

  5. seahawk44 says:

    Why didn’t Seattle sign that kicker?

  6. madpunter88 says:

    Sure the Sun will stand by their quote. That’s not really the point though. While he may or may not have said “half the league” clearly he was implying a very large percentage rather than literally 50% of the 1700+ NFL players. His point stands that a very large percentage of players have a prescription for what the NFL defines as a PED. There is a gross inconsistency in the application of their own rules if the NFL will allow certain players to take PEDs and others to not.

    He did not literally mean half regardless of his choice of words. We all know that expressions such as this one are not to be taken literally but as exagerrations intended to prove a point. The Sun clearly attempted to twist this and use it against him.

    Sherman seems like a great guy — could he stand some additional PA training? Of course, but his personality and charisma will hopefully win out in time. He has an undeserved negative reputation so far.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    They didn’t sign that kicker because he proved he is consistent from 50 yards and out.

    Obviously he’s going to want top kicker money at some time and the current FO doesn’t give a large cash valuation to the kicking position. :)

  8. abqhwkfn says:

    Sure Richard.. 50% of the NFL is using prescribed amphetamine.. So lets just make it ok for everyone? Is that his point? And do you people agree with it? And to your point madpunter, Adderoll does not have the same effect on those not diagnosed with Narcolepsy or ADHD. Adderall is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine. How it interacts with ones brain is dependent on brain chemistry. Chemistry which is altered or not normal in those effected with disease.. It is ridiculous for any one on this forum to attempt to argue points about Adderroll when you clearly have no idea about the drug or its effects on the human brain. Please stop.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    My history and experience in contract negotiation tells me that Winfield really wants to remain a Viking. If he was happy with the deal Settle has on the table and he had come to terms with the thought of relocation the deal would have been signed.

    But reading between the lines it would also be appropriate to make the assumption the Vikings haven’t beaten Seattles offer or he’d already be back in the Viking fold.

    From a negotiation standpoint it can be inferred that Winfield wants to be a Viking but Seattle has the better offer. So the longer it goes on without a choice the better chance Seattle has.

  10. vichawkfan says:

    Chuck – agreed. It could be also he’s flown the family out to Seattle to get their opinion on the city. Either way, I think he signs by 5pm tonight…Minny or Seattle.

  11. dirtbiker_joey says:

    My sister’s boyfriend’s dad golfs with a guy who used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep in the 90’s. That guy says Adderall could have a significant performance enhancing effect for a professional athlete, even if he does not have a diagnosed condition such as ADD/ADHD. But, he also said that prescription drugs like Adderall are so tightly controlled and regulated by the government that it would be nearly impossible for Richard Sherman to get him hands on it without a prescription. So, I think that pretty much puts this whole debate to rest, Sherman never used Adderall.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Dirt biker,

    While your chain of information is impressive I’m going to have to dismiss it outright because you failed to advise what the opinion of the caddie was in regards to Adderrall

  13. would be nice to see him sign here – but if he doesn’t we are still pretty loaded.

    Guy has got to do what he has to do. If he would rather be in Minny then he should sign there. Can’t fault a guy for staying where he is comfy or for going for the money they have the right to do that.

  14. Couldn’t get his hands on Adderall? Tightly controlled? My guess is that there is a significant street market for every desired prescription drug. This country is awash in drugs. Do you think all prescriptions are legit.?

  15. Ewalters7354 says:

    I sure as hell hope that ends the Adderall discussion.Today makes a year my father died of overdose using guess what?Adderall.

  16. Two things:

    Dirtbiker_Joey – Sorry if I take what your “SISTERS BOYFRIENDS DADS FRIEND WHO USED TO BE A PHARMECUTICAL REP OVER 20 YEARS AGO” says with a grain of salt… but if i had any inclination to do so I can acquire adderal within an hour.. I insinuate nothing on the allegations of Sherman, but if a professional athlete wants adderal…he will get adderal.

    abqhkfan – Give it a rest. You don’t like Sherman. Great. He’s not going anywhere and he vastly improves the team that you love.

  17. Let me add – I’m your average dude who occasionally drinks a beer and does not partake in any recreational or prescribed drugs.

  18. Kiper was listing the top 10 all-time OL “draft prospects” calling Big Walt the 8th top OLer. Big Walt’s play made him the #1 OLer in the history of the sport. OK, I’m a little bit of a homer, but not much. Walt is my all-time favorite Seahawk. He’d better be a first ballet HoFer.

  19. Haha, it is definitely not hard to obtain adderall. When i was in highschool, I could get it anytime i wanted because all of my friends have prescriptions. Now, i never went into the doctor and tried to get it, but it is by no means hard to get. Also, i imagine as an athlete they can pretty much get anything they want at any time and get prescriptions fairly easy. Now, that is just my opinion on the latter part, but the point of this post is that no, it is not hard to get adderall if you really want it. Just like any drug, it is easy to get what you want.

  20. Sorry about your loss E – football is a much better recreation to discuss, too. When is the draft, 10 days away now?

  21. Sorry to hear that Ewalters. This whole situation must be even harder for you. Here is to moving on from this topic….

  22. PugetHawk says:


    I used to take Adderall without a perscription for golf. I don’t have nearly the money or connections Sherman does so your buddy is wrong.

    Side not regarding the Si article. Seems crazy to get a 5th rounder for Flynn only to turn around and grab a 2nd round QB who will be a back up. I don’t see a QB going before that 5th round pick in my opinion and whoever it is will be able to battle with Quinn for the clipboard.
    Lineman in the 2nd is interesting but I think it will be a TE or OLB.

  23. Hammajamma says:

    It’s usually somewhat entertaining when hometown fans attack the media for reporting something that diminishes their heroes. I don’t see the Sun trying to make this bigger than it is. They simply reported what was said on a relevant issue. Homers would prefer to shoot the messenger rather than believe otherwise, which is a fairly common reaction among partisans of any stripe.

    I think Sherman has demonstrated this off season that his publicity seeking can get the better of him. Still a young man and a good guy by all accounts. He just needs to learn the the spotlight can get hot.

  24. PugetHawk says:

    Oh and Sherm’s throwing strikes at an M’s game…dope! Maybe he could suit up every five days. M’s are #terrible…again!

    Just goes to show what good ownership does for the Hawks and bad ownership does for the M’s.

  25. We have Quinn! We don’t need to take Scott in the 2nd – that’s higher than we took RW. Maybe in the 3rd or 4th. I’d say go ahead and take Howie Long’s kid in the 2nd if he’s there, we need to improve pass-pro at RT. Or take Ten’s WR Justin Hunter, NC’s CB D.Amerson, Rutgers’ OLB K.Greene, Perdue’s 5-tech Kawann Short, Tx’s DE Okafor, or Wisc’s C/G Frederick – to improve RG.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    We all know Sherman’s comment was a figure of speech, he’s already come out and said that. I do believe about a third of the league takes it legally as prescribed though. Football seems to attract players who would need it, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a larger percentage taking it than the public at large. I have no problem with players taking it as prescribed by a doctor.

  27. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Ok i’m shutting up about the Adderall thing – apologies for belaboring.

    Couple QB’s I think might work for us (not in the 2nd round, and who are not Matt Scott – I think he’ll be gone pretty early).

    Jordan Rodgers – played for Vandy and definitely has a lot of wiggle/escapability. Needs a year or two to get stronger, but he won games in the SEC at Vandy – that should be worth something. 6th round

    Ryan Aplin – Arkansas St. – Totally fascinated with this dude. Went over 300 yards 5 times this year, but is a really good runner – runs a 4.6. Best player in the Sun Belt – decided for yourself if that is a compliment… 7th round

  28. Sherman is a clown, acting like he just played in an important baseball game. Love the guy!

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    Thanks fellas.

    Maybe the hawks go O-line second round, maybe WLB.Wh knows? But whomever they draft is gonna really have a hard time making the roster and will be snatched as soon as they are cut.Name another roster in the NFL that can say that!

  30. I took Shermans comments the same way the rest of the country seems to be taking them–that he made an off the cuff remark that half the league takes Adderall, whether with or without a prescription. It wasnt smart to talk that way, but thats Sherm. He really needs to be more careful with his choice of words, and if he speaks on a subject to be sure he’s crystal clear on exactly what he means.

    I am also quite sure Seattle is going to have to clamp down on Sherm’s mouth, esp on subjects like Adderall. You really dont need to be pissing off the NFL Sherm!

    And his claiming that his words were taken out of context was flat stupid. No, they werent. Perhaps Sherm’s real opinion was incorrectly understood due to his poor choice of words, but his words were in no way taken out of context or manipulated in any way.

    I like Sherm, but he needs some Lynch-like restraint in the media.

  31. Ewalters–I think its highly likely Seattle goes OLB/DE with their second round pick. Wouldnt it be funny as hell if they do something whack like pick a WR?! This blog would explode!

    I dont think its out of the realm of possibility that Seattle takes a qb there. They have proven they dont care how they get their players, so I dont think they would mind taking RW’s backup a round higher than they got him. Nor do they care they are paying Quinn more than Wilson. That situation will rectify itself soon enough.

    Sherm was a fifth rounder, but dont be surprised if they take a nickel back in the third or fourth round either. You take the players you want wherever you can get them.

  32. tealskin says:

    The Honey Badger would be a big gamble. Addictions can be overcome. But then, how many make it? I could see it in the 3rd or 4th round if still there. Isn’t it the consensus that hardly anyone makes the team from this draft anyway?

  33. RDPoulsbo says:

    Honey badger don’t give a damn…which is why we shouldn’t give a damn about honey badger.

    They love height at CB and they need to prepare for losing Browner next year, so maybe a mid-round CB with height might make sense, but that’s not honey badger.

    At this point, I wouldn’t care if they traded away their 2nd for a 1at next year. The needs they have can be addressed later.

  34. I think Rang had SEA taking Ten’s WR Justin Hunter (6-4/196, 4.36-40, 40.5″ vert, 11.5′ broad) at pick #56. Would be a good #4 or 5 receiver until he bulks up. Plays X, Y, & Z and might replace Tate near the end zone.

  35. Any further word on AW?

  36. HonHawksLSB says:

    I worked in Compton for 2 years where Richard Sherman grew up and if anyone actually saw the conditions he came out of you would NEVER say a bad thing about the guy.

    Taking Richard Sherman away from the media would be like telling Gary Payton he can’t talk trash anymore on the court. C’mon man…

  37. bbnate420 says:

    I can’t imagine Drafting Hunter in the 2nd, or any WR. There’s a decent chance he’s gone anyways. Maybe if he’s there and they plan on releasing Rice after 2013?

  38. tealskin says:

    Maybe HB is too far gone. He’s been a pothead from early teens. But if he ever got his head straightened out he could be worth the investment. Don’t know if he has what it takes. I like to hope for positive change.

  39. For all his straightline speed, Hunter is said to be a lot slower and less agile than his 40 time would have you believe. I still think he’s long gone by our pick in the second. And it would be surprising to see Seattle take a WR high this year, but not out of the realm of possibility.

  40. Good luck predicting what Pete and John will do…

    They could pull the trigger on just about any position, and at any point in the draft, for the right player.

    We’ll continue to see “risky picks”, “reaches”, and ones that nobody predicts. It’s how they roll. And, as long as they continue to be successful, that’s not going to change.

  41. Obviously, the AW negotiations tell us they want to add another corner, so CB in the 2nd wouldn’t surprise me at all. I think they’re more concerned with getting the players they want than where they draft them.

  42. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, my pick in the second is on kyle long if he is there.

    thou nothing would surprise me anymore.

  43. If Hunter is there, I could easily see them solidify our WR corp as well…RW can’t have too many weapons, and they LOVE tall receivers.

    Kyle Long…if Cable thinks that he would put us over the top for the next decade up front…that’s entirely possible.

    LB, DT…those are still needs, so obviously we’ll grab a player if talent matches up with need at one of our picks.

    I think QB is the least likely pick at #56, unless a guy makes a Russell Wilson impression on them.

    I think we’re good at RB as well.

    Another surprise could be at TE if someone with undeniable talent falls to them.

    My last potential surprise pick would be at Strong Safety…a guy who is better in coverage than Cam…that could free him up to step in at LB.

  44. Ewalters7354 says:

    Nothing will surprise me either.They may draft a kicker lol STTBM, imagine how crazy this blog would go then!

  45. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    AW, signs with hawks

  46. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    EWalters i thought the same thing about the kicker,lol OMG that would be funny on here.

  47. hawkfaninoklahoma,

    what’s your source?

  48. SaigonSun says:


  49. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nfl total access

  50. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i like armstead too at 56, can you imagine a guy that fast getting out in front of our backs?

  51. Re Winfield, it’s all over twitter too – well alright – – we get our man again. The more I read about this guy, the more I wanted PC/JS to get this one done. They come through again.

    I can’t think of a better looking pre-draft off-season haul in team history . . .

  52. per sources – it’s a one-year deal:

  53. Nothing has been reported yet on any of my feeds…but this really puts our secondary over the top, and provides insurance in case of injury…or someone accidently ingests a banned substance.

    This should really help fix our lapses on 3rd and long.

  54. Awesome…just friggin’ awesome!

    Remember the days when we’d watch FAs go to other teams…not unlike the Mariners of today?!

    It’s nice to know that the FO will go after any player who they think will improve this team.

  55. “Remember the days when we’d watch FAs go to other teams…not unlike the Mariners of today?!”

    Totally .. . and the other nice thing is that these deals are very smart/safe and reasonable. Harvin is the only risky one money-wise, and his upside is hopefully well worth it.

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    I don’t think it will fix the problem, but I do believe Winfield will help a bundle.If Wagner improves in coverage this year that will be the bigger difference IMO.

  57. I like this signing a lot. Savvy veteran presence and tough, warrior mentality when we need to be stout vs. the run and on third downs.

    The Winfield signing means the chances we draft the honey badger are a lot lower now. But you can’t rule it out still, not with PC/JS at the helm. I would take a DT/DE/WLB with our 2nd, take a QB/OL/WR with our 3rd, then take a gamble on the HB with our 4th or 5th rounder assuming he is still around. AW would make a great mentor for a fellow small scrappy guy like HB.

    Imagine if we draft HB and pick up Tebow after the Jets release him right after the draft.
    This blog will be rockin’ and rollin’!

  58. grizindabox24 says:

    Ewalters, if Winfield plays anywhere near how he played last season, it will be a huge upgrade in the slot. But the thing that will make the biggest difference is if the Hawks have to ability to put more pressure on the QB

  59. grizindabox24 says:

    CCVI, you lost any cred when you mentioned Tebow

  60. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hawkfan, lol and we totally can’t put it past this FO.Here’s to the head scratching draft picks…

  61. we keep plugging what I thought were holes in the team pre-draft. So what are we looking for now? LB? DT? maybe another TE?

    Starting to get nervous about how good things are looking if that makes sense, expectation are very high for ’13 . . .

  62. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i just saw the walter football mock

    2. WR out of LA tech
    3.OLB FL
    4 QB TENN(bray)
    5 DT FL
    5 CB Appalachian state

    i liked the CB hated the rest, 6 rounds no OL. maybe but i don’t see that at all.

  63. Griz, you would rather have Brady Quinn or Josh Portis back-up RW over Tebow?

  64. yeah, I suppose it never ever hurts to add another young body for O-line depth. Injuries sometimes come in waves there.

  65. grizindabox24 says:

    CCVI, I do not see Tebow as a better option than Quinn or Portis, and more of a distraction

  66. I’m not saying that Tebow is a good quarterback. He is most definitely NOT a “technician” at the quarterback position.

    But he’s a leader first and foremost, a tough SOB and good football player, period. He can get you that first down in the 4th quarter when you desperately need it most. And that’s what it will boil down to, and I’d rather count on a proven winner than a proven loser.

  67. ChrisHolmes says:

    “CCVI, you lost any cred when you mentioned Tebow”


  68. grizindabox24 says:

    CCVI, I do not see Tebow as a good QB. Tebow is a one trick pony, and is not the answer for any NFL as a QB.

  69. Ewalters7354 says:

    griz,agreed.Great points

  70. I like Tebow the football player, namely a tough running fullback that can throw once in awhile, not the circus surrounding him.

    And let’s get this clear, I’m not suggesting that we bring him in as competition for RW like the Jets did w/Sanchez.
    The pecking order would be clearly defined, with RW the starter and Tebow would have to accept his role as a backup graciously.

    Seriously, when we are considering the likes of Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn, there are no names that are off-limits for consideration.
    As a backup qb, Tebow’s leadership attributes make for a good fit if he is all in and on board with PC and the way we do it here.

  71. grizindabox24 says:

    I am not a Brady Quinn fan by any means, but he is more of a QB than Tebow will ever be. Tebow is not anywhere close to a NFL caliber QB.

  72. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    always amazes me the hate tebow get’s

  73. grizindabox24 says:

    I do not hate Tebow, he is just not a NFL QB

  74. grizindabox24 says:

    Tebow is a fullback in quarterback clothing

  75. I guess the clutch factor and toughness appeal the most when it comes to Tebow. Obviously he has many flaws in his game, more than most qb’s.

    That’s why he would be brought in as a backup, with no guarantees.
    But, I do have have more faith in him to close out games than the other options we have currently.

  76. The backup qb by definition is not as good a passer as the starter.

    So, do we want to have the game in the hands of a second rate passer slinging the rock around, or strengthen the part of our game that is already strong?

    Tebow running the read option with Lynch and now Harvin in the mix will scare plenty of teams. Even with his limited throwing skills, it will definitely open up the passing game for him.

    I just think Brady Quinn is a very meh choice. And Portis does not inspire any confidence. So I hope we pick up Tebow when he becomes available.

  77. Tebow gets the hate because he’s passive-aggressive and wants the starting job handed to him. If he wanted to earn it, thats different, but thats not how he behaved in Denver, and a good reason they dumped him like the trash player he is.

    Tebow says the right things to the media, but it comes across as hollow. Its obvious he gives himelf most of the credit for Denvers wins with him at QB, when it is equally obvious that most of the credit should go to the brilliant coach and his teammates, esp the D, who bailed his butt out of his mistakes.

    He also gets the “hate” because many of us find using religion to justify winning as utterly disgusting. Those of us who dont believe God has anything to do with sporting events, and does not take sides, find Tebow and his fans attitude sick and wrong. Personally, I find it sickening when a player seems to think God loves them especially and thus blesses them with wins and better performance. Sean Alexander was like that, and I hated that attitude with him as well. Gross.

    But hate is the wrong word. Its more like disgust in my case. The guy just isnt good enough to play QB in the NFL.

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