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Zorn says Quinn will enhance Hawks’ QB room

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April 10, 2013 2:47 pm
Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach and former NFL quarterback Jim Zorn throws a football before an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz  Superdome in New Orleans, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)
Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach and former NFL quarterback Jim Zorn throws a football before an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn, now the quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, talked with Brock Huard and Chris Egan of 710 ESPN Seattle about new Seattle backup quarterback Brady Quinn this morning.

Check out the full interview here.

Zorn coached Quinn last season in Kansas City, and said the Seahawks are getting a player with a good work ethic and attitude who will work well with starter Russell Wilson.

“They get a mature QB, a guy that has been around several teams,” Zorn said. “He’s very smart. He’ll learn the system quickly. He’ll have just a great attitude, and want to work.

“And I think coming in, his work ethic and attitude we’ll be two bright spots. The thing that he has to do is just show that he can get up to speed and be a consistent player as he gets onto the field in preseason. With Brady coming into a situation that’s already solid, he’s going to add to it because of who he is, and the way he works,” Zorn said. “He won’t try and disrupt anything. He’s just going to enhance everything.”

Zorn admitted that Quinn is not proficient in running the read option game, but Seattle will emphasis his strength, which included play-action and throwing from the pocket.

“What’s going to be a different dynamic, and the Seahawks coaches are going to have to put together if and when Brady has to play because of an injury or something, is how to complement his talent as more of a drop back passer,” Zorn said. “Versus Russell Wilson, more of a guy who can move around and even create when a play breaks down. So those are the kinds of things that are going to have to be looked at more than anything else.”

And how does Seattle do that? Zorn answers below.

“No 1, the play-action talent is there for Brady,” Zorn said. “The drop-back talent is there for Brady. Probably the read option is out for Brady. And so where you eliminate one dynamic of the offense when Brady has to come in, then you work on maybe a different type of protection that would complement Brady.

“And what I like about Brady is he is very aggressive on the line of scrimmage. He’s very good with seeing a problem and solving it – he can change protections and he can vocalize it on the line of scrimmage.So where you may lose a type of play, there’s still things that Brady can do to help this team win if called upon.

As far as Russell Wilson is concerned, Zorn liked the fact that Seattle’s coaching staff did not make the read option more of a focal point of the offense.

“They utilized a little bit of the zone read, but they didn’t put all the pressure on him to make that play successful,” Zorn said. “I think the play action was a much better indicator of what they did. If football was normalized, the deeper play action game for them was I thought a brilliant aspect, and he executed it well.”

And Zorn believes there’s still room for development with Wilson heading into his second season.

“I think the improvement is going to be what he does on the line of scrimmage during a play,” Zorn said. “What he can see pre-snap, and then continue to execute after the snap – those are going to be the two most important things for him to improve on. And I’ll tell you why – teams will defend him differently, because nobody will be shocked or floored this football season. And if he can take the offense a little bit deeper and wider – a few more plays, a few more concepts – and take the stuff he does know in a deeper sense on the line of scrimmage. And I don’t even know what that is, because I’m not coaching him.

“So if he can take those further, he’ll have an even better year this year.”

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  1. High praise from Zorn who has won on every level attempted. I feel a little better about Quinn now.

  2. ChrisHolmes says:

    I don’t know that it’s that high of praise. He’s saying what I said: Quinn is a hard worker and a good locker room presence.

    But he doesn’t say much of anything about Quinn’s ability make throws, handle pressure and blitzes, read defenses, find open receivers or win games.

    At this point in his career, Brady Quinn is what he is: a 3rd string backup. He’s a good guy and positive presence, but he’s not a very good QB.

    I don’t really care. Out of all the not-very-good QB’s that Seattle tried out, Quinn was the guy I wanted them to pick. But I still wouldn’t expect him to win a game.

    I hope he never sees the field, myself, unless it’s victory formation and RW has already thrown 5 TD’s.

  3. moparmarty says:

    Flynn and now Quinn. Can we find somebody else who rhymes with Wilson or has maybe the same last name in the draft. Hint. Go Hawks!

  4. I’m pretty sure the fact that Quinn is good in the film room and a hard worker was a huge influence on PC & JS’s reasoning for signing him. That is something that is important to the team dynamic. Attitude is huge. All the backup on this team has to do is hand it off to Lynch and flip passes to Harvin for a couple of games. BTW-Jim Zorn is no longer the QB coach of the Chiefs-he was not retained by Andy Reid.

  5. rynehawk says:

    You know what? If they asked me to be on the time I’d work as hard as anyone and have a great attitude. I can promise you, it doesn’t make me any good :)

  6. HonHawksLSB says:

    I would love to get Winfield in the Secondary, not only will it make our team stronger it will also take a player out of the mix for 2 playoff contenters Minn and Wash.

    Before RG3 went down that Redskins team was giving the Hawks all we could handle.

    I think that is always understated when looking at free agency, we pick up a solid player, but in turn it takes that player off the market for another team to get stronger in the offseason.

  7. Its a good bet that Seattle spoke with Zorn before they signed Quinn, and that his ability to read defenses pre-snap, his film study, his work habits and his ability to help Wilson in that regard factored into the decision to hire him. It certainly wasnt his “stellar” track record in NFL games.

    There are more guys able to make great backups because they understood the game and were able to assist the starters and help them improve but just couldnt make quick, good decisions during games. The knack for knowing where to put the ball and the ability to make those throws is rare. Quinn may not have the ability to do, but he seems pretty good at helping others improve.

    I wonder where Zorn ended up. He’s a fine qb coach, and I think he’s ready to be an OC somewhere, just not a HC.

  8. Happy if they sign Winfield – another piece of the puzzle. And from what I’m reading from Vikings fans on various sites, the guy can still play.

  9. Winfield is OLD. He will compete with Blackmon. Honestly, I hope Blackmon beats him out because he’s faster and can return kicks and contribute on special teams. I dont want another Trufant.

  10. vichawkfan says:

    Winfield signing will be huge….great attitude plus toughness.

    Brady Quinn descrition what I thought yesterday – pick the guy the competes and improves the QB room. That’s all RW needs.

  11. freedom_X says:

    What are people expecting from a backup quarterback? Aaron Rodgers? If the backup had no question marks, they’d be starting for a team.

    Whether the question marks are what we think we know, or what we don’t know, doesn’t matter. That’s why they’re backups.

    (though many people seem to prefer the question mark of not knowing, because they can use their imagination to fill in what they don’t know and convince themselves that a backup can do things that they really can’t. How else do you explain people on this blog clamoring for Charlie Whitehurst?)

  12. HonHawksLSB says:

    Just cause Winfield is OLD doesn’t mean he can’t play. I’m sure this has already been said on previous posts… BUT

    Winfield was rated as PFF #1 corner, Sherman was technically #1 in Coverage but still that is pretty impressive. The guy is solid in every facet of the game but thrives against the Run and the short passing game… AKA exactly what we need.

    When Red got dinged and was playing hurt our Run D really suffered and we had no answers against the slot all year long.

  13. vichawkfan–Winfield is 35. Thats Methuselah in NFL years. He could burn out at any moment. I hope he’s cheap and has to earn it in preseason, like I said. He’s been a hard hitter and a steady hand, I’ll give him that. But I would be happier if he’s beaten out by our young guys like Winston Guy and a faster player who can hit like Blackmon.

    At least he should be an upgrade over Trufant. Loved the guy, but he’s just lost too much speed to cut it anymore.

    We’ll see how it all shakes out in camp.

  14. HonHawksLSB says:

    Do we have to send the Vikings a Championship Ring as a good gesture after we win it all?

  15. chuck_easton says:


    101 tackles and three INTs last year.

    I’ll take that from our slot CB who will only see about 60% of the defensive snaps.

  16. raymaines says:

    The Seahawks seem to be winning the Free Agent season. I hope it works out better here than it did in New York and Philadelphia.

  17. Any OSU fans here that have watched Jordan Poyer? I haven’t watched much of him other than on youtube.

    Might be a good draft pick for a nickle cb/special teams player. A poor combine could drop him down a little farther in the draft.

  18. HonHawksLSB says:

    This article really breaks down what we are getting with AF. Should be huge for us on 3rd down. How many times did we give up 1st downs on 3rd down last year???

  19. oscar_contender says:

    Antoine Winfield, Triple OG’s replacement, he is legit. His nickname might be grandfather or quadruple OG. He is one of the BEST tackling CB’s of the modern era, can press, and be the vet in the backfield. I would be very happy with this pick up.

    Quinn is what we all thought, a hard worker, high character, and good locker room influence. I would rather have him as our back up than Flynn. That is given what I have heard with Flynn not helping Wilson, and albeit quietly, having a attitude that may affect the locker room negatively. Not to mention the contract and our draft picks we received from Oakland. Is Flynn better? Who knows, although stats would say yes, and the fact that the Raiders could have gone after Quinn for nothing says something.

    I wish Flynn luck, and not because his success raises our draft pick in 2015 :)

    I wish Tru luck and want him to live a long and healthy life. I know his back has been an issue and it would be terrible for that to diminish his well being. Great Seahawk and better person, Thank you Triple OG!

    Go Hawks!

  20. raymaines says:

    I just finished listening to a John Clayton PodCast in which he said Green Bay got a third round compensatory pick after having “lost” Matt Flynn to free agency. Wow. GB just let him walk and got a third round pick and we traded him to Oakland for a fifth round pick. That just doesn’t seem fair.

  21. raymaines–Ive always thought the compensation process for lost free agents was rigged. Not surprising the Pack were handed a nice pick.

  22. chuck_easton–He’s 35. If youre expecting him to duplicate last years stats, history is against you. Guys that age are a huge risk, and he will almost assuredly have lost a step since last season. Its one thing to bring him in to compete, another to think this guys gonna be our nickel savior. Maybe three years ago…

  23. You lose a step over time not all at once. I disagree with your assesment of lose of speed.

    but they likelihood/chances of the wear and tear adding up and getting him is higher.

  24. xcman–It can happen all at once. Just ask Bobby Engram. Dude was still fast one year, came back the next year and it was all gone. Happens all the time.

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