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Hawks work out four QBs, but sign receiver

Post by Eric Williams on April 8, 2013 at 4:52 pm with 37 Comments »
April 8, 2013 5:01 pm
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brett Swain (18) is chased by Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Jason Worilds (93) on a fourth quarter gain of 9 yards during the NFL week 15 football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, December 19, 2011 in San Francisco, California. The 49ers won the game 20-3. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brett Swain (18) is chased by Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Jason Worilds (93) on a fourth quarter gain of 9 yards during the NFL week 15 football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, December 19, 2011 in San Francisco, California. The 49ers won the game 20-3. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

The Seattle Seahawks worked out four veteran quarterbacks today in their quest to find a backup for Russell Wilson, with Matt Flynn traded to Oakland last week.

While the team has not announced who they will bring back among a quartet of signal callers that included Seneca Wallace, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and Tyler Thigpen – Seattle did announce the signing of receiver Brett Swain to a two-year deal.

Swain, 27, ran routes and caught balls from the four quarterbacks today. The San Diego State product was a seventh round choice in 2008 by Green Bay during general manager John Schneider’s time with the Packers. Swain caught six passes for Green Bay in 2010, and hauled in two receptions while with San Francisco in 2011.

At 6-foot and 200 pounds, Swain was cut by the 49ers during training camp last year.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Is there any way we could snag hasselbeck away from Indy?,( just wishful thinking ). I just don’t like these other four options. I would rather just find a backup in the draft.

  2. bbnate420 says:

    Why would they trade for Hass? They would’ve tried to sign him if they wanted him, and they actually would’ve lost more than the salary cap space gained by trading Flynn if they signed Hass. Let Hass go. He ain’t comin back.

  3. Funny how we’re suddenly in “need” of a QB. After the Niners traded away Smith I kept thinking how much they would regretit if Kapernick got injured. Now I’m thinking similar things about RW and the Hawks. Let’s hope for the best!

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Listen to what Wilson says at the 14:40 mark about Tebow. And what Gruden says about Tebows leadership qualities.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420 – They wouldn’t trade for Hass,( just wishfull thinking on my part). The clowns they are bringing in though makes me wish for Hass.

  6. Interesting story by the ‘hawks blogger about the Flynn “situation”. Kind of goes against what a lot of people here claim about Flynn not having an arm, not being liked in the locker room, not playing well, etc and more in the vain of Carroll rolling the dice on Wilson after taking a lot of crap on drafting him that high.

    We all know how it turned out and how ugly this board go but it kind of goes to show that some of the people who yelled the loudest weren’t 100% correct in their assessment of the situation.

  7. Brett Swain… kinda rhymes with Logan Payne, or is it really just Charly Martin all over again? It’s the same 6′ something, white dude WR, approximately 200 lbs. that seems to creep his way onto this roster almost every year. Is one of these guys going to do something eventually?

  8. HawkfaninMT says:

    @sekolah: I hope we take Swope in the 4th and he is your man!

  9. WiscCory says:

    If any of them can block like Joe Jurevicius, count me in.

  10. Was I too hard on the Vikings?

    WiscCory – Man that ’05 team knew how to run block from Joe-Joe to Hannam and Strong… Then there was that great line, too. Wow.

  11. vichawkfan says:

    Winfield was in town today apparently? So all eyes on the QB’s and AW just sat inside chatting to brass? Doesn’t make sense…

    source – Rotoworld

    The Washington Examiner reports the Redskins “remain a strong option” for free agent Antoine Winfield.
    Winfield visited the Seahawks on Monday. Minnesota “remains interested,” and a fourth unnamed team is trying to get Winfield to visit. The Examiner’s John Keim speculates the Broncos could be the mystery team. A source with knowledge of the situation tells Keim that Winfield wants to make a decision “soon.”

  12. To Bobby K.. that was a great article in Rant about the Hawks vs minnesota. That would be awesome to see the recent acquisitions hoist the tropy and be “in their face.”… go RW, beast-mode, and all the new faces,especially Harvin!
    I also have to admit as an old ISU alum, I would love to see Seneca back, and sure he would do better behind the better line and skill set we have now…

  13. raymaines says:

    The QB’s got all the publicity, but a receiver gets the contract. Too weird. Does that mean the receiver was good or the QB’s were bad?

    The CBA pretty much declares coaches and players under contract can’t be at the same place at the same time and I was wondering who would be catching for the QB’s. It looks like they have had a few receivers in for tryouts as well.

  14. princeaden says:

    I’ve asked this about 4 times on other threads. But, I will try once again. Does anyone know how the rehabs of Stephan Williams and Chris Clemens are coming along ? Thanks in advance.

  15. @vic

    There sure seems to be some kind of discrepancy with the reports regarding Winfield’s visit. The link you posted says he was here today, but earlier it was reported that he’d be here on Wed.

  16. Have not heard about rehabs at all :(. But for those types of injuries I think we are still a month out before any meaningful news

  17. That is a great picture of the Seahawks war room on draft day last year. Look at the expression on Schneider’s face. He’s probably still thinking “Wow. We got Russell Wilson. I can’t believe it”.

  18. vichawkfan says:

    sekolah, I read somewhere else he was enroute to Seattle today and work out and or meetings tomorrow. Makes sense now. Sign him please. Wicked compliment to the team.

  19. @vic

    It would be like the icing on the cake if he were to sign here. Nastiest secondary in the NFL would get even better with that kind of addition. I don’t even know who opposing QB’s would throw the ball to. The answer is probably no one, which equates to lots of sacks for Avril, Clem, Irvin and co. You won’t see many 5’9 CB’s playing in Seattle these days, but Antoine Winfield is not your average, every day 5’9 CB.

  20. princeaden says:

    I just saw today where Shanahan said RGIII was going to set a record time for his return from injury. I just hope that Douche-bag doesn’t rush him back into another injury. We shall see.

  21. I heard a rumor that Dukeshire has the inside track on the backup QB job.

  22. princeaden says:

    Thanks bmw :)

  23. Southendzone says:

    The hawkblogger article linked above by gvinec was great insight on the Flynn story from beginning to end.

  24. So whats Parmalee doing in town?

  25. Parmele, sorry.

  26. yankinta says:

    Eric, what’s the latest word on our attempt to sign the BEST SLOT CB in the NFL?? Have you heard any news??

  27. PixelDummy says:

    I dont know much about Swain, but judging from the size of the mitts on this kid, he should be able to catch everything thrown his direction.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    It’s way too early to make any significant statements about Clem’s rehab. We’re really just going to have to wait and see where he is at the beginning of TC. I don’t think anyone should be shocked if he starts the year on the PUP list.

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Count me in the small minority who actually thinks Tebow would be a great option as a relief pitcher for RW. Yes, I know it ain’t gonna happen, but if you want someone to come in during the regular season to spell an injured RW and keep us in the playoff hunt, then I see Tebow as being a better option than the other guys being mentioned… Run some read option with Percy, hand-off the ball a lot, let our defense win us some games. Then, assuming RW is back before the playoffs, turn the tables and start unloading on people again to the tune of 50 points a game!! Woohoo, okay, enough daydreaming, seriously though, as much as people don’t like Tebow, I have a hard time seeing any of those other guys as a better option. The difference between us and the Jets is Tebow wouldn’t be bringing a QB controversy along with him. Seattle is a long way from the bible belt… Hawk’s fans would only care about the wins. As far as having someone to work out receivers in camp, well okay, Tebow might not be the best arm available, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the final roster.

    Just my two cents…

  30. I think it would be a gamble to go into the season with only Josh Portis and a rookie QB behind Russell Wilson. If it worked out (Wilson doesn’t get injured) it would be a terrific cost savings, but at what risk?

  31. And yes, I know that Russell Wilson was a rookie last year – but I am asuming we couldn’t find another RW.

  32. I would stay away from Tebow, ony because we don’t need the circus in town at the VMAC.

  33. Tee-Bow–Shmee-bow…forget it. I don’t want the distraction of the media. It really irritates me that just because he is such a hardcore god-fearing, religious individual he gets so much attention. It is ridiculous at this point. Who cares?? His religion has nothing to do with the ability to play QB in the NFL. Wilson is VERY religious but we don’t hear so darn much about it like we do with Tebow. Wilson has proven he IS a legitimate starting QB inthe NFL. Tebow has proved he isn’t and yet he still gets all the hype and attention. It baffles me…

  34. raymaines says:

    The Christians and the Barbarians were about to have a football game and just before it started the Christians formed a circle and knelt to pray. The Barbarians had never seen this sort of thing before and asked their coach what the Christians were doing and what it meant. The coach said they were asking God for help to win the game, but if they can’t run, throw, catch, block and tackle it didn’t mean a thing.

    Tim Tebow really can’t throw, and hasn’t proved he can make good decisions either. Just say no to ‘bow.

  35. raymaines says:

    I don’t often feel this strongly about anybody, but honestly guys, the Seahawks need Tim Tebow like they need a root canal. The read option really isn’t a very large part of the offence and it’s not like they need to boost ticket sales or anything.

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