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Report: Leinart, Quinn scheduled for VMAC workouts

Post by Eric Williams on April 7, 2013 at 11:11 am with 99 Comments »
April 7, 2013 11:11 am
Houston Texans quarterback Matt Leinart. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Houston Texans quarterback Matt Leinart. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that free agent quarterbacks Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Seneca Wallace and Tyler Thigpen are scheduled to workout for the Seattle Seahawks at the team’s Renton headquarters early this week.

The Seahawks have not confirmed this report.

With Matt Flynn traded to Oakland last week, the Seahawks are looking for another player to add to the competition for the backup quarterback position, with Josh Portis re-signed last week.

Leinart has been linked to Seattle in the past because he starred for Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll for the Trojans. Thigpen and Wallace make some sense because of their ability to run the read-option offense.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Oh boy a QB post…this should get the comments rolling…

  2. chuck_easton says:

    My personal ranking of those four:


    All have starting experience. Wallace is last because he’s the oldest.

    Lei art got a raw deal in Arizona. Same for Quinn in Cleveland and Denver.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Eric’s dream of Leinart coming to Seattle may come true after all. ;)

    Seriously though, there isn’t one of these four that I’d want to see (back) on this roster. Perhaps Thigpen but goodness, a very thin cupboard indeed.

  4. Ya’ll can speak for yourselves. I’d love to see Wallace back. And beyond him, Leinart may have some gas left. I don’t know anything about Thigpen. I would be intrigued though. I’m sure we’ll draft smeone in the draft so whoever we sign may not even make the roster.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. I would presume to speak for anyone else…

  6. chuck_easton says:

    I don’t want to see Wallace back with his patented 4th down run out of bounds 15 yards behind the line. That drove me insane.

    At least TRY to get some positive yards.

  7. freedom_X says:

    I don’t know much about Thigpen, but of the others, Wallace is the only one of them who is proven to be a solid, dependable backup.

    The endless Seattle/Leinart connection continues to fascinate me. I don’t doubt that it might be true. But setting aside the fact that physically he’s a poor fit for Seattle’s current offense, and that he’s left-handed which means Giacomini will be protecting his blind side (ugh.)

    Leinart doesn’t compete. He’s a frontrunner who wants the position handed to him. I don’t see how that fits into Seattle’s environment either. Quinn is a bit in that same category.

    Unless we’re carrying three QB’s, the backup should be a proven veteran who is good for 2-3 games. In that respect, he doesn’t have to be a physical match for Wilson. A backup might be a vet in his waning years (like a Hasselbeck.) If they carry three, then the 3rd is the developmental prospect who might be more like Wilson in physical potential.

  8. Sarcasticus says:

    Leinart would actually be a downgrade from Flynn in terms of arm strength (how is this possible?!).

    Quinn is probably the best 3rd-stringer still on the market.

    Wallace wouldn’t be too bad for qb fodder during training camp.

    I don’t know much about Thigpen except he apparently can run the read-option.

    I think if Vince Young has successfully surgically removed his head form his ass, he might be a good option. Apparently, he was great in the recent Texas regional combine thingy.

  9. I’d be tempted to pass on all of these guys, but the problem is that we a) need another QB and b) if we don’t have a capable veteran QB on the roster the season gets thrown away by a single injury to RW.

    Gee, it was nice having Matt Flynn around…..

  10. vichawkfan says:

    Whichever one RW feels most comfortable with and can learn from during games, and I mean break down plays etc. I don’t recall one time last season where Flynn was sitting with RW when he was looking at previous series plays. That always bugged me, the guy was getting paid well to do not much.

  11. I don’t think Lineart’s skill set fits with the team and what we’re trying to do. At least Flynn had quick feet in the pocket. Lineart’s a mirror of Carson Palmer without the quick release. He’d be a sitting duck in the pocket.

    Brady Quinn feels to (no actual proof enough to make an informed decision) but he feels to me that he is much like Flynn in terms of skill set.

    Wallace is the closest thing to Wilson and his skill set probablyfits the best…if we are considering his skill set of 3 or 4 years ago. I’d need to watch some film to get a better idea if he still have the speed and accuracy to win a game or two if needed.

    Thigpen I have abosultely no idea about. I need to go YouTube his highlights to get any kind of opinion.

    As it stands now I would look to Wallace first and Quinn second, but could esiliy flip that around if Wallace has lost a step.

  12. My take is they don’t need to go with the backup QB with the skillset closest to Wilson. That’s particularly hard since no one available has a skillset similar to Wilson. Just my opinion, but I think its dangerous thinking to try to make another QB do what Wilson does. I don’t think Bevell would run the offense that way, and he would have other options for how he calls the offense if Wilson went down.

    The job of the backup QB is to play a few games while Wilson is injured and win most of them by relying on the other strengths the offense has to contribute. For our offense, that will mean feeding the Beast, and running play action passes to Harvin and Rice.

    That job doesn’t require an option QB or mobile QB or even a QB with a particularly strong arm. We need the QB with the best ball handling skills, decision skills, and handles his play-action well.

    Which one of these guys is best for this role? Leinart, Quinn, or Thigpen? I don’t know them well enough, but I want the veteran backup who makes solid decisions and protects the ball well.

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I don’t think Lineart’s skill set fits with the team and what we’re trying to do.”


    I think Quinn can be a capable backup under the right coach & scheme. He’s more athletic than people give him credit. He’d probably be my first choice, but I haven’t seen all four guys lined up together putting their skills on display…

    One of those four is going to camp, if for no other reason than to take some reps off Wilson’s arm.

  14. ChrisHolmes says:

    “We need the QB with the best ball handling skills, decision skills, and handles his play-action well.”

    Which is why I’d rule out Leinart.

    I’d say you’re left with Quinn or Thigpen. And honestly, I haven’t looked at a single snap of Thigpen, so I have not take on him whatsoever.

    Quinn I followed at ND (mostly because I thought Charlie Weiss was going to succeed there). Quinn has never been exceptional, but his senior year he showed what he was capable of with a good coach handling him. I think PC would be a great coach for Quinn and I think Quinn would really take to the PC approach of securing the football and eliminating turnovers.

  15. shoehawks says:

    The Seahawks will sign one of them to a contract with no guaranteed money. They will then draft Matt Scott of Arizona. By the start of the season, whoever they sign right now will no longer be on the team. Business as usual.

  16. As I recall, Pete likes to have 4 arms in camp, so it makes sense to take one of these guys and then draft one to take some reps from Wilson and Portis. To me, the locks are Wilson (Doh!) and the draft pick (UDFA?). Wilson for obvious reasons, and then a developmental project.

    Of the 4 vets being talked about, all are experienced enough to add to the brain trust if nothing else, and I trust our guys to choose the best of them.

  17. tchristensen says:

    Isn’t it odd how one never hears about Jimmy Clausen anymore. (Is he still alive LOL) Pete had such a man crush on him I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to trade for him yet.

  18. bigmike04 says:

    Can i say that seahawks can do their due diligence with looking for another QB.. I would pass on Matt Leinart as like Tim Teabow both don’t have good enough Arm strength to make the good throws..

    I would have to say that Wilson, Portis & Rookie in draft would be better in my opinion as nobody on that list, that are being brought in are worth taking a chance on..

    Senneca Wallace: Not Great

    Brady Quinn: Was just only a good College QB that couldn’t do much in NFL.

    Tyler Thigpen: No thanks

    Vince Young: Yeah right, the guy barely did good job with Titians & his passing ablity as QB just not that good…

  19. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think Thigpen or Wallace would be the best ones out of the bunch. Quinn and Leinart felt they were entitled from the start, so they had very poor work ethics.

    I used to think someone with a similar skillset as Wilson would be best, but, if it gets Wilson injured, then it’s not likely the coaching staff will continue with that gameplan and risk a 2nd QB so it’s really a wash. Thigpen and Wallace probably have the most similar skillset, but I like them more because they have the kind of experience that could help Wilson further develop.

    …and again, I don’t believe the backup QB is a critical position for a SB favorite. The coming season rests on Wilson’s continued development. If he were to go down, so would any title chance they’d have. With or without Flynn. I felt the same when Wallace was backing up Hasselbeck during that SB window.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The more I see his possible backups, the more I see Portis being the guy.

  21. I wish we had brought guys in earlier in FA. But alas, we’re left with this group. Real question I have now is what do you structure the contract like? 2-3 years with the team able to void the contract after year one? I mean, how much of a cap hit over the next to years are they going to guarantee? Some of that may play into the decision on who to sign.

    Maybe we are just bargain shopping at the Good Will and hoping to really stumble upon someone that others disliked (ala Jackson and Whitehurst) or didn’t know how to use (ala Lynch and Clemons).

    It’s fun to talk about and debate but we’re likely screwed if R-Dub goes down. So does it really matter all that much? My vote is Front Office doesn’t care enough or else they would have truly kept Flynn like they kept pretending they would t drive up his price.

  22. Hawks just doing their “due diligence.” Whoever makes it to number two QB will have to compete to get it. I’m sure none of these guys is going to be offered anything near what Flynn was getting. I liked Leinart at USC, but the pros are a different ballgame. I kinda like the idea of having a guy named Tyler Thigpen. Sounds way country.

  23. If this doesn’t make you cry (or at least want to), I don’t think there are many things that can.–ncaaf.html

  24. owenbytheway says:

    “Speak” is one of the things you tell a dog to do.

    “Sit” is another.

    why oh why did they get rid of their Irish Sitter?


  25. bbnate420 says:

    Clausen is 3rd string for the Panthers still. I’m sure they could have him for a bucket of chicken if they wanted him. Not sure why they would.

    Brady and Leinart suck, Leinart less so. I’d rather have Wallace or Thigpen, and it’s hardly just because they can run. I think either one can come in and not lose you a couple of games. I can’t imagine any of these guys will get more than a vet minimum contract.

    If you believe that money did play a role in the Flynn trade, then it would’ve made no sense for them to sign a Hasselbeck, Kolb, etc.. You wouldn’t be saving any money doing that. I think they had plans for the money, and probably more importantly they don’t think Flynn is anything special. They should be able to get a backup that can steer the ship for a couple of games between Portis, one of these vets, and a rookie.

  26. bbnate420 says:

    *Brady Quinn

  27. How did arm strength suddenly become important again? I mean Flynn was the annointed starter in a lot of posters minds last year, and he has such a great arm, and work ethic right? LOL, he can keep throwing to the Cardinal WR’s in the offseason while RW shows what a true leader does.

    Have the Titans did some any thing since VY basically was kicked to the curb by “Dirty” Jeff Fisher, and the crazy old Bud Adams. Fisher tanked the Titans for the sake of wanting complete power. I’m sure C2K loved the switch to Kerry Collins.

    Leinart was a decent backup to Matt Schaub before going to the raiders, and basically doing nothing. PC picked him as a sophomore over RS junior Matt Cassel. It was reported when PC told him he was going to start Leinart said “You’re never going to regret this”. If I had to pick which backup QB i’d want

    Lienart, Young, Thigpen,

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK and nate are back! Wow, much needed here on this blog.

  29. HonHawksLSB says:

    I hope we pass on all 4 or sign the cheapest option.

    I feel backup QB is a bit overrated, and the best you can hope for is a stop gap that can go .500 until your starter gets healthy. Our run game & D should go .500 no matter who the QB is so I’m not too worried about it.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Nobody does it better Makes me feel sad for the rest Nobody does it” “half as good as you, Russell Wilson, you’re the best”
    ” We weren’t lookin’, but somehow you found us,we tried to hide” “from” “your short comings, like Heaven above us, the scouts who loved us Is keeping all their secrets safe tonight”.
    “And nobody does it better, Though sometimes I wish someone could” “Nobody does it quite the way you do ,Why’d you have to be so good?
    “The way that you win games, whenever you have to, There’s some kind of “magic inside you, That keeps you runnin’, but just keep it comin’ “How’d you learn to do the things you do?
    “And nobody does it better, Makes me feel sad for the rest ,Nobody does it half as good as you, Russell Wilson you’re the best”.

  31. Screensmoke says:

    My choice- whoever the coaches think is the right fit

  32. FleaFlicker says:

    Isn’t there another guy on the team besides RW that started at QB for a Big Ten school?

  33. The danger of getting a vet who thinks he can still start is that he may use any playing time to make the signature play that will help him get a starting job somewhere. We need a mechanic. Someone who will not take unnecessary risks in order to attract attention.

    For an effective backup we need a guy who is strong mentally, can offer positive input to Russ and the coaches, and be able to come in for Russ if needed and manage the game. A team player.

  34. I think Wallace could be for the Hawks like what Charlie Batch has been to the Steelers. An original Hawk coming back and would be a nice presence to # 3 and the rest of the clubhouse. As many have suggested, his skill set is (somewhat) similar to R Dub’s and has young legs having not played so much lately. He’s not going to outrun too many folks on the read option, but the threat and the coaching up of this staff seems like a good fit. Hopefully he never gets the call and #3 stays healthy.

    From the previous thread…Winfield is older but super tough and smart. He’d make us better in practice and on Sundays. I know that he doesn’t fit the typical formula, neither was Lawyer Milloy. I think this guy would complete our secondary and handle the nickel very well.

    I’m in.


  35. Not sure why everyone is so down on Thigpen. When given an opportunity to play, he did well. He was not great BUT at the time KC was terrible. If PC sees what he likes then by all means I would be happy to see him here. Based on past performance, at the NFL level, he can hold his own for a few games which is what we need.

  36. Screensmoke says:

    It’s funny joreb -I was thinking the exact same thing about the Charlie batch / Seneca thing earlier. It wouldn’t surprise me / it makes alot of sense- Wallace is a team player with alot of experience and would be an excellent sound board for Wilson and he could run the exact same offense in a pinch.interesting

  37. Leinart would not be a good fit at all. I live in Phoenix, and it’s been well documented down here in the media that he was in Whisenhunt’s doghouse because he acted like he was entitled to be the starter and wanted to be supported and coddled. Kurt Warner ended get winning the gig while Leinart was guzzling keggers. The absolute opposite example of the com-Pete model. Plus, he has a weak arm and no huevos so he was known as check down Charlie.

    I like Seneca with his experience and strong arm. If any position in football suits older players, its the backup qb.
    Wallace can jump right in with his knowledge of the west coast offense and manage a few games. I don’t know if he still has the quickness to run the zone read at this stage of his career, but it might be a feel good story if it happens.

    And I know some people are gonna hate on me for this, but tebow as backup is really intriguing. Especially with our run game and D, he would be the one backup qb that could lead us to the playoffs if RW went down for the season or a longer stretch than a few games. ( knocking on wood as I type this)

  38. ryanryan says:

    maybe we can give oakland a 3rd rounder for flynn…giggity

  39. SandpointHawk says:

    I am totally underwhelmed by all of the QB’s they are bringing in. I’m hoping they once again have something up their sleeves…

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Personally, the last time I saw Seneca in a Seattle uniform he was thoroughly *unable* to manage WCO games. Of course this offense is immeasurably more talented than what he had, so that’s a factor. But still, he was awful under center before Carroll jettisoned him.

  41. yankinta says:

    None of these QBs are accurate. Hopefully we won’t carry 3 QBs on the roster.

    I am cheering for BJ Daniels or any other Rookie with a bigger upside.

  42. HonHawksLSB says:

    Dream scenario RW never gets hurt, Portis turns out to be a serviceable backup and we pick up a developmental QB with upside late in this years draft that we can later trade.

  43. Well I’m pulling for Seneca cause I’m a homer and I am a fan of his. It is possible his skill set wasn’t meant for the WCO and he could do well in the new offense. And I could be wrong, but I thought a lot if the plays where Seneca ran out of bounds he had blockers down field.

  44. yankinta says:

    HonHawksLSB, my dream case scenario is almost like yours except, Portis is not on it. If he is then we’d have to carry 3 QB on the rosters,,, don’t wanna give up a spot for Portis since he has zero upside. Draft someone in 6th or 7th round that has high ceiling and we can trade him for a good value after 2 years…

    Would rather carry a DT or 5-Technique with that roster spot.

  45. SandpointHawk says:

    Got to put my trust in Pete on this one. Hard to do with the QB position I’ll admit.

  46. ChrisHolmes says:

    “How did arm strength suddenly become important again?”

    It’s always been important & desirable. And always will be.

    But with Flynn, we were willing to overlook his lack of arm strength in favor of other attributes, namely a smart, accurate passer (or at least, that was the presumption given his small sample size; time will tell now that he gets his shot in Oakland).

    If I were building a football team and had a choice between a strong-armed guy who wasn’t accurate and wasn’t a very good decision maker, or a smart, accurate guy with a lesser arm, I’ll take the latter every time.

    The Chad Pennington’s of the football world can win you playoff games. Smart, accurate QB’s make the right reads and deliver the ball on time. They shouldn’t create as many turnovers.

  47. tchristensen says:

    Where’s Mike Teel when you need him?

  48. raymaines says:

    I’m totally good with Tim Tebow being a backup in Seattle……..

    He could be the backup fullback, or maybe a backup D-Tackle but please God, don’t let an overly muscled, slow thinking, slow throwing, inaccurate left handed guy be the backup QB for my Seattle Seahawks.

  49. chrisj122 says:

    Tebow can be the starting tackling dummy, although I hear there is some stiff competition at that position.
    Tebow better bring his A-game.

  50. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    just how many playoff games has the rest of the back ups out there won?

    how many winning seasons do they have?

    like him or not he has shown an ability to win at all levels.

    i am all for young just saying on tebow.

  51. chrisj122 says:

    Tebow had luxury of having a very good defense that kept the team in games until Tebow could string together a few player and or one big play to win the game.

    If you were to compare his stats to other QB’s listed here they would fall in the same big pile of heaping crap.

  52. chrisj122 says:

    *a few plays*

  53. chuck_easton says:

    My one point on Tebow. His own team mates think he’s a ‘great guy’ but they don’t think he’s a great QB.

    After the fact all you heard from Denver players was how happy they were that he was gone. Yes, part of that could be the fact that the precursor to that was Manning’s arrival. But nontheless I didn’t read or hear any comments from Denver players saying how much they were going to miss him.

    Follow that up by the fact that NY couldn’t find a situation to put him in. Yes, maybe the coaching had a lot to do with that, but the simple fact is that Tebow couldn’t hit the broad side of a bard from 20 paces. He’d either hit the ground right in front of the bard or he’d over throw it completely.

    Yes, I hear all the time from Gater fans about how accurate he was in college. But if you go back and look at that offense it was run option first, with the dumpoff pass or the WR sneaking out down the field design. It was not an NFL style multiple read, checkdown, run as the last resort type of offense.

    NFL teams don’t have the luxury of carrying a goal line QB and that is exactly what Tebow is. It’s funny because if he would just swallow his pride he’d actually benefit from a stint in the CFL. Every CFL team has a designated short yardage QB. In the CFL the D-line has to line up 1 yard off the ball. It’s pretty much a gimme for any 3rd and 1 play for a QB dive.

  54. chuck_easton says:

    wow- how does auto correct make “barn” bard on two different occasions in the same paragraph? :)

  55. FleaFlicker says:

    I know we’re talking QBs, but here’s a potential free agent LB acquisition on the cheap:

    Rolando McClain may not be a pro-bowler, but he might be a cheap value-add to the roster.

  56. ChrisHolmes says:

    Tebow won a playoff game because Pittsburgh gave him COVER ZERO.

    Given the field position and the down and distance on that play, a normal NFL QB who possessed even mediocre passing ability would have NEVER seen that defense on that play.

    I don’t know if people properly understand the gift that Pittsburgh gave Tebow on that play… Or if people can understand the complexity of event-stringing that caused that defensive call to even occur in the first place.

    Every play in every game is the result of the sum of all the plays that happened before it. If you swap Tebow out with any other quarterback, those games are going to look way different; the sequence of plays will look way different; the likelihood that Denver is behind in many of those games goes down dramatically, given their defense that year, and the playmakers they had.

    You go back and look at those games where Tebow “won” the game on a 4th quarter “comeback” – a COMPETENT NFL QB would have never had that team in that hole to begin with. Tebow is a DREADFUL QB. And his teams were behind in games when anyone else probably would have had them in a lead in the 4th quarter. Denver’s defense was good. Tebow stunk. Two minutes of running around and getting a string of first downs doesn’t negate 58 minutes of crap play and poor passes. Yeah, they won those games: thanks to 44 other guys who dressed that day. But Tebow’s “Heroics” don’t negate the fact that for 58 minutes he looks like the worst QB ever to take a snap.

    Tebow got Cover Zero in that playoff game – in that situation – because he’s such a dreadful passer and poor decision maker that Pittsburgh’s safeties had no respect for him (it was a called Cover-1 defense; one of the safeties cheated and blew it).

    No other QB would have been given that defense in the first place. Especially not given the down, distance and field position.

    If you judge Tebow by the end-result of that game alone, then his professional career makes no sense. Why would the Jets not start a guy who won a playoff game and had 4th quarter comebacks? Why aren’t a half dozen QB needy teams busting down the Jets’ doors to trade for Tebow so he can start? Why hasn’t Tebow won a Superbowl already?

    Because the truth is: he stinks. The end result of a 53-man sport doesn’t negate the truth of his ability. He’s a terrible thrower in a league that is all about passing the football. He’s a terrible decision maker in a league where there is a premium put on fast, accurate decisions.

    Tebow should have been born 60 years ago and played for Green Bay. The league has evolved. He’s the wrong guy in the wrong era.

    I’m not questioning his heart or work ethic. I don’t have a personal beef against the kid; he seems like a fine young man. But he’s not a modern-day NFL QB. He’s just not. His skill set stinks. His delivery is too long. His accuracy is pathetic. He can’t read defenses. He can’t pull the trigger. When he does throw it, if he can get the pass off, he’s wobbly, in accurate, and doesn’t have any muscle behind it.

    If you are going to evaluate a QB, you have to evaluate all of him – the whole package. You can’t take one playoff game, or one play, and define the guy.

    Tebow is the sum of his parts. Tebow fans see him through rose-colored classes. They aren’t objectively looking at his entire repertoire and being truthful about him.

    There’s a reason no one wants to touch Tebow right now: he’s not a very good QB. Any other not-very-good QB would just disappear into obscurity.

    Tebow has one shot right now: change positions, or his career is over.

  57. yankinta says:

    Rolando McClain is an inside LB and not a very good one at that. We can’t waste a Roster Spot for him….

  58. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Follow that up by the fact that NY couldn’t find a situation to put him in. Yes, maybe the coaching had a lot to do with that, but the simple fact is that Tebow couldn’t hit the broad side of a bard from 20 paces. He’d either hit the ground right in front of the bard or he’d over throw it completely.”

    Yes! Someone else who sees it!

    “Yes, I hear all the time from Gater fans about how accurate he was in college. But if you go back and look at that offense it was run option first, with the dumpoff pass or the WR sneaking out down the field design. It was not an NFL style multiple read, checkdown, run as the last resort type of offense.”


    Does anyone actually go back and WATCH Tebow’s college games? How many touchdowns did he score on that fake-run, jump-pass play? People gave Shawn Alexander crap for all his 1-yard runs… Yet when it comes to Tebow, all we hear about is how “prolific” he was as a college passer. But it was a total gimmick offense to begin with! He was NEVER A PASSER!

  59. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chris, how much would he have to pass to win with this team?

  60. raymaines says:

    He’d have to pass enough to make a defence respect the passing game, and I don’t think he can do that.

  61. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    oh and as i said i still think Vince Young was best option.

    and have you watched the others on this list?

    sorry but they are not much better options.

    brady quinn is horrible

    matt lienart is as bad if not worse

    seneca well we all remember him starting when matt got hurt

    thigpen mite be alright i have most hope in him of the 4

    my problem here in that none of these is a proven backup at all

  62. Well, the premise of needing a backup qb to actually play means that your starter is unable to go for whatever reason. In that situation I’m just saying I trust Tebow to pull out the win more than your avg backup qb.
    Because he’s done it before numerous times.

    I agree he has an agonizingly long release and he’s not very accurate, but somehow at the end of games he’s able to step up and make the throws when he needs to. With his running ability, with Lynch and Harvin, you would see 8-9 in the box and it would open up the passing game. Even a quick dump off to mike rob would net a pretty good gain.

    Like I said it sounds kind of intriguing, but who knows what PC/JS think of him.
    I trust in them 100% to make the right decision of course.
    His #15 is available due to the Flynn trade, for what it’s worth.

  63. chuck_easton says:

    I will go on record as saying I have a better chance of winning the lottery than Tebow does of being a Seahawk this coming season.

    Ok, win/win for me. If he does make the team my chances of being a millionaire improve right? :)

  64. HonHawksLSB says:

    Yes to Tim Tebow the player. Perfect backup for our team, he can hand the ball off and maybe make a play or 3 when opposing D’s loads 9 in the box.

    No to Tim Tebow the Hype Machine. Already too much off season hype surrounding our Hawks, that is my #1 concern for this coming season as the roster is arguably the best in the league on both sides of the ball.

    NO to Rolando McClain, he is flat out a BAD person (when asked by his teammates if he cares at all about football, RM said “I have $4mm reasons not to care”) and Greg Cosell called him the worst starting middle linebacker in the league. I’d rather sign Brian Bozworth than that bum…

  65. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i’ll buy that chuck,lol

  66. yankinta says:

    Kevin Kolb: “I’m in Buffalo to win a Super Bowl, period” ,, lol. That GM will get fired very soon, if KK starts for them this year.

  67. ’12 QB Ranks Snaps Overall Pass Run Pen Acc’y Deep
    Matt Leinart 62 50th 49th 32nd 32nd 66th 57th
    Brady Quinn 492 65th 65th 19th 21st 54th 53rd
    Seneca Wallace 0 NA NA NA NA NA NA
    Tyler Thigpen 14 41st 42nd 32nd 38th 25th 39th
    Tim Tebow 77 34th 28th 25th 67th 1st 1st

    ’11 QB Ranks Snaps Overall Pass Run Pen Acc’y Deep
    Matt Leinart 36 30th 35th 31st 31st 10th 65th
    Brady Quinn 0 NA NA NA NA NA NA
    Seneca Wallace 191 30th 47th 10th 20th 69th 62nd
    Tyler Thigpen 21 42nd 42nd 45th 39th 79th 65th
    Tim Tebow 795 75th 76th 2nd 68th 77th 49th

    ’10 QB Ranks Snaps Overall Pass Run Pen Acc’y Deep
    Matt Leinart 0 NA NA NA NA NA NA
    Brady Quinn 0 NA NA NA NA NA NA
    Seneca Wallace 223 56th 50th 67th 36th 34th 46th
    Tyler Thigpen 110 20th 24th 13th 31st 75th 39th
    Tim Tebow 213 17th 20th 5th 20th 80th 8th

  68. ChrisHolmes says:

    “chris, how much would he have to pass to win with this team?”

    That is a really good, really smart question hawk. Especially given our run game and defense. If there were a team that would be ideal for Tebow to be a backup on, it’s a team with a stellar defense and a top-notch run game. Seattle is what the Jets want to be, and if Tebow would have any success, he’d have to be a QB on a team constructed like that.

    Obviously his passing skills are lacking – severely. He’s a liability. But he can run the ball and presumably the read-option would be a big part of his limited arsenal.

    If you look at last season, Russell Wilson wasn’t given much room to throw in those early games last year. In the first four games he never completed more than 15 passes and never attempted more than 23. We ran and ran a lot, the defense kept us in games, and Russ kept the ball secure and tried to prevent turnovers, which is pretty much what you would ask of Tebow.

    I’d say if you reduced Wilson’s attempts and completions from those first four games by 25% you would have a realistic expectation for Tebow. I think we’d run the ball more with Lynch and the number of pass attempts would be significantly less.

    Obviously there’d be additional strain on the defense to hold opponents to low-scoring games.

    Could it work? Sure. It might. But the game would have to be perfect – you’d have to have everything break your way. The defense would have to keep it close. If you got into a situation where Tebow was behind and asked to throw every down, you’re in a bad situation going to worse.

    I know backups don’t usually win games. But I’d personally rather take a chance on a kid like Portis – who actually *could* throw it every down if he was asked to – as opposed to Tebow. That gives you a chance to win if things don’t break your way.

    Additionally, Tebow brings his circus with him.

    So, even without the negative passing skills, I am just not sold on the idea that you couldn’t do better with someone else. Tebow can win a game, sure, with a great defensive effort and a gameplan that doesn’t require him to pass very much. If the turnovers break your way and the defense holds all game, yep, he can helm a win.

    But that’s asking a lot, IMO.

  69. ChrisHolmes says:

    @klm08: All of those stats are meaningless where Tebow is concerned.

    Tebow sees defenses and coverages that other QB’s don’t see because his passing skills are not respected. So the stats are misleading. If you put those other QB’s in those same situations that Tebow faced, their stats would look better than Tebow’s, because they can actually pass the ball.

    Conversely, if you put Tebow in the situations that conventional QB’s face, his stats would look even worse, because he’s a terrible passer.

    Stop with the stats. Understand the complexity of the situation. Tebow can’t be compared fairly or evenly with other QB’s who face completely different sets of defenses. Your comparing apples to oranges and touting one result set over the other.

    They’re not equal things.

  70. banosser says:

    I don’t even care what kinda QB T-bo is.. I don’t want his traveling circus anywhere near this team..

    Give me Thigpen and draft someone in the 6th…

  71. I want Tebow just for the raging hate fest!!! KIDDING!

    And Chris Holms – his stats count specifically because he WOULD be facing a different style of defense.

  72. SandpointHawk says:

    Why stop with the stats? That’s what klm008 does for the blog. I for one am glad to have him back. I didn’t see him defend any one QB in that post. He merely listed all of QB’s that are being discussed and made no judgement one way or another.

    I for one agree with both you and Chuck on Tebow. I don’t want him on the Hawks for one minute. Even though he has become a locker room cancer and can’t hit the side of the barn 10 yards in front of him, he does possess a will to win. I think the most telling thing in Tebow’s career is that Jacksonville turned it’s back on him last year. The one city in the league where he is loved and he would fill the stands no matter what and they didn’t want him. They went tooth and nail against the new owner who finally relented.

  73. bbnate420 says:

    I second the motion that klm should not, “Stop with the stats.” He just listed some statistics. You surely don’t have to read them. He didn’t make any judgement on them. I have criticized PFF’s QB ratings before, and I agree with your judgement about those statistics and Tebow to a point. You should judge Tebow based on what defenses HE will face, not what other QBs face. I still think he basically sucks and don’t want him here, though I think that the Hawks have the exact type of team that he could be marginally successful with for a short period of time. Statistics generally are as valid here as anyone’s amateur/armchair scout opinion. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Bill Walsh came back from the dead and started commenting here.

    How many winning seasons does Tebow have in the NFL? Answer, none. The Broncos went 8-8 in 2011. Last time I checked, 8-8 is NOT a winning season. 9-9 including the playoffs, which they only made because they were in a pathetic division. Yes, I know that Tebow went 7-5 as a starter, 8-6 including the playoffs, but 12 or 14 games does not make a season. So he has NEVER had a winning season in the NFL.

    I think it’s pretty funny that someone would mention the inaccuracy of these 4 QBs and then suggest drafting BJ Daniels in the same paragraph. The same BJ Daniels that only completed 57 % of his passes in a mediocre college conference throwing bubble screens and 5 yard slants 80 % of the time. NFL Draft Scout has him listed as the 562nd best prospect in the draft. They don’t even give him the 7-FA tag. So there’s probably a 95+ % chance that you don’t have to draft him to get him.

  74. wazzulander says:

    Looking at whose left as a potential backup QB makes me pretty happy we signed Portis. He’s obviously not as good as I thought or we wouldn’t keep cutting him, but he’s also shown enough that they keep bringing him back.

    I don’t mind Tebow as a third string QB/H-back. I’m sure PC and JS are intrigued by his “unique” skill set. ChrisHolmes – last i checked the defenses Tebow played against still had 11 players and whether they were playing a different style or not they were trying to still trying to stop him as much as they try to stop other QBs (if not more so…) so he should get credit where deserved.

  75. Singularitarian says:

    For the record I was living in Denver during the whole Tebow Craze, and Idispise Tim Tebow. I don’t like him as a person. His superbowl ad made me vomit in my mouth while i watched a link to a homophobic buls@#$ website like Focus on the Family. I concidered bringing a sign that read “Tebow, your mom should have had the abortion” to a game. Four blocks from my apartment, crazy evangelicals put up a billboard that read “Start Tebow” simply because he is an evangelical. The whole Tebow craze in Denver was because the biggest evangelicle town in the world (Colorado Springs, CO) funded billlboards and filled the stadium with peaople with signs to support a man of THEIR beliefs, nothing else.

  76. Singularitarian says:

    That being said, Tim Tebow the player seems to have a knack for making plays when it counts. He is a very good runner, and does not turn the ball over. I think that circus has a zero percent chance of playing here, and I don’t want him to. But if he did I don’t know that it would be inconcievable he could come in and help the team win for a handfull of games, as much as my despise for him hurts me to say it. His passes, while the ugliest I’ve ever seen, get to the spot when needed

  77. SandpointHawk says:

    If anyone still cares about Hass, say what you will…but always a good interview…

  78. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Singularitarian, let me get this straight you dislike tebow for being a christian and standing up for his beliefs ? but i bet if he felt the way you do he would be alright? you rail against lack of tolerance but show none yourself. he has the right to believe as he does just as you do. this is an has always been what makes america great. funny part is all this has nothing to do with playing the game of football. the man has faith in his beliefs and stands up for them unashamed and proud of them.
    not many would stand unfaltering in their beliefs under such scrutiny.

    like it or not the guy is a winner

  79. TallyHawk says:

    Why does he won a playoff game always get brought up when discussing tebow? That doesn’t make him a good qb. The 7-9 Seahawks won a playoff game too. I don’t think there is anyone who thinks that team was good.

  80. Singularitarian says:

    Hawkfan. I dislike hime bringing his religious/political beleifs to the game of football. you know nothing of my beliefs or my tolerance. I’m saying anti abortion ads during the superbowl is out of line. Anybody can believe what they want, the NFL is no place for political/religous veiws on either side of the spectrum. That has always been the way it is.

  81. Singularitarian says:

    Tally. He through for more than 300 yards against the STEALERS! also ran for 50 and a touch and no pics. The game was crazy and I couldn’t believe what I just saw

  82. I hated the idea of trading Matt Flynn to OAK. I wanted to win the SB in ’13, even if RW got hurt, and to heck with the future. I was wrong. I also want 5 pro-bowlers across the starting OL and 3 all-pro backups, all eager to work for vet minimum. I want Zach Miller’s postseason performance to be the minimum acceptable for TEs. I want Turbin to hurry up and learn to Beastquake like Marshawn. I want all of our WRs to be able to outfight 2 or more DBs, each, for the ball on every throw, or to catch it in stride and take it to the house. I want our defense to hold every opponent to zero points in every game. I wanted SEA to win every game they ever play, because that’s what I thought “Win Forever” meant. My expectations might have been a little too high.

    Now I’m thinking “Win Forever” means “moneyball”. Get your genius GM and pro-personnel staff to go out and find diamonds in the rough (kinda like take a catcher who can’t make the throw to 2nd base and make him a 1st baseman) for peanuts, and have a genius coaching staff who can scheme to minimize the effect of player shortcomings while max’ing their advantages.

    OK, JS/PC have done that in their 1st 3 yrs here and brought the starting team up to respectability. Now they can continue to look at the team’s depth and find players there who, when put in optimal environs for success, can out-perform their prior histories. Backup QB is probably the most important of these positions, and you probably shouldn’t start by looking for QBs with the best stats. Find players who were “misfit” on teams – were asked to play outside of their skillset – and who have value that’s been overlooked by other teams also looking for these position players.

    So, ChrisHolmes – you’re right, at least I agree, that performance stats alone don’t tell us what we need to know about the backup QBs who’ve been mentioned in the same breath with the Seahawks.

    Stats say that Thigpen had better performance when he came into the NFL with KC, improved with MIA, and then dropped off alot with BUF. Yet within each team he played fairly consistently from game to game. Recently his best performance quality is getting the ball out PDQ. In ’12 he had one of the quickest avg times from snap to throw of 1.86 sec. If we’re looking for a point-guard type read-option QB, Thigpen maybe could do well(according to Chip Kelly who said he wants the ball out in under 1.5 sec?) So, did he just dump off the ball? Well, with BUF in ’11 and ’12 he only threw one ball beyond 20 yds and it was picked. But with MIA in ’09 and ’10, Thigpen threw the ball with accuracy all over the field. That’s weird because MIA’s pass pro in ’09 and ’10 ranked 1st and 4th, and BUF’s pass pro in ’11 and ’12 also ranked 1st and 4th. Less on-field time in BUF than MIA? Bring Thigpen in and take a look.

    Similarly, their are interesting things to say about the other mentioned potential backup QBs stats/teams. Rather than drag this out more I’ll stop here.

  83. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Singularitarian, “I concidered bringing a sign that read “Tebow, your mom should have had the abortion” to a game.”

    wow, don’t jump me after you post that.

  84. I’d like to have Winfield at the right price:

    And I still think Thurmond would play:

    And I hope Wilson begins a Brett Favre and Peyton Manning – like string of starts where we don’t need a backup.

  85. TallyHawk says:

    But no one says he threw for 300 yds in a playoff game. They say HE won a playoff game as justification as to why he’s a good QB. By that logic the 7-9 Hawks were a good team. Neither statements are true, imo.

  86. HonHawksLSB says:

    Ed Werder is reporting we will pick between Leinart or Quinn. Yikes… Hopes it’s for the league minimum.

    I guess I would lean towards Leinart just because Quinn has looked horrific in all previous action.

  87. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    tally ,i was not saying he was a good QB at all as a matter of fact i believe a said they all sucked. he did win a playoff game and he did lead them to a winning season. which is more than the rest can claim.

    the 7-9 hawks were better than their record indicated and beat the saints.

  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good article BobbyK on Winfield. You have great talent for this. Keep up the good work.
    Now if you can talk your buddy Dukeshire into doing some Xs & Os diagrams this blog would be even greater.

  89. bbnate420 says:

    Again, Tebow has never led a NFL team to a winning season. Not that it really matters. Trent Dilfer won a SB. Was he a primary reason? No. Did it make him a good QB? No. Tebow has been figured out. Nobody really wants him. He couldn’t even unseat Mark effing Sanchez. And it’s not the fact that he’s a Christian that makes him annoying, it’s the fact that his beliefs are constantly dribbling out of his mouth like verbal diarrhea when it has no relation. You can give one interview without mentioning Jesus. It’s the same as a former commenter on here that had an obsessive compulsion to repeat the same nonsense every single post. It gets annoying after awhile.

    klm008, a major problem with that PFF QB rating is that it doesn’t have a minimum attempts requirement. It makes no sense to compare someone that threw 5 passes to someone that threw 500. The only years that Thigpen had significant attempts were in 2008 with KC and in 2010 with Miami. He played well enough in those years to be a decent backup IMO.

  90. bbnate420 says:

    Actually, Rex even started Greg McElroy over Tebow. They obviously had no faith in him. Pun intended.

  91. skystyler says:

    Holmgren never used Seneca properly. He’s no Russell Wilson, but he could have success in the offensive scheme we have now.

  92. TallyHawk says:

    hawkinok wasn’t calling you out sorry if it came out that way. Just questioning those who use that logic as a reason as to why he’s a good qb.

    As for the 7-9 team I maintain that they were not a good team. Yes they beat the saints but I don’t think the saints were great either. I toldmy dad as we were being razzed by saints fans leaving the superdome earlier that season it would be a different outcome when they met at qwest in the playoffs. That game was closer than the final score. The difference was they scored TDs hawks kicked FGs.

  93. Bad franchises and bad coaching can ruin players. Leinert had a lot of success with Carroll in the past….perhaps, Carroll is who he needs now to rebuild his NFL career.

    Here’s a scouting report on Matt Leinert from 2006:

    One of the most NFL-ready prospects to ever enter the draft. Has played brilliantly in big games and against top competition throughout his college career. Solid NFL arm strength and terrific accuracy. Very refined throwing mechanics. Perfect size for an NFL quarterback, and will rarely have passes batted down. Mobile within the pocket. Tremendous leadership skills and a very positive attitude. Very bright and willing to put in however much work it takes to succeed. The kind of guy teams want as “the face of the franchise.”

    While his arm is good-enough, it’s only middle-of-the-pack compared to other NFL quarterbacks. Will never be a threat to run. May be attached to winning and the “Hollywood” lifestyle, and have to adjust to rebuilding whatever team selects him. Slightly long throwing motion means he could take a beating in the NFL. Underwent knee surgery in the 2005 off-season, so durability is a bit of a concern.

    All things considered, Matt Leinart is an elite-level quarterback prospect. His big-game experience, leadership ability, and NFL skill-set are a combination unmatched by any other quarterback in this draft, or in most others. Leinart is the rare quarterback that has a good chance to be able to not only start immediately, but play decently as a rookie. While he is going to need considerable talent around him to be a great NFL quarterback and the Tom Brady comparisons are very premature, Matt Leinart is a prototypical NFL quarterback who, at the very least, will be a very good player at the next level.

    Draft Outlook:
    The chances of Leinart not being a top 3 pick are slim to none. With the large number of teams in the NFL that need a quarterback, specifically those drafting near the top, he’ll either be selected by a team drafting in the top three, or by a team that trades up to one of those spots. Tennessee would be unlikely to pass on him if he was available, however, as would New Orleans if they don’t sign a free agent.

  94. If players can’t be political or religious then current players – Wilson- Baldwin – Clemons and others should all be gone for stating their own political/religious beliefs.

    On the QB situation, obviously we take whoever they sign, but I still like Thigpen. He has done well as a back up before- can hold the position well if needed- wont cost a ton.

    Time will tell !!!!!!

  95. bbnate420 says:

    xcman, there’s a difference between talking about your beliefs and mentioning it in every other sentence like Tim “I can’t hit the side of a barn” Tebow. He’s free to talk about his beliefs as much as he wants, and we’re free to think it’s annoying.

  96. bbnate420 says:

    I’ve barely heard Baldwin talk about his faith. The only thing RW mentions in every interview is, “Go Hawks!” That’s the way it should be.

  97. Swain was good enough to see the field on Sundays in a limited role. Not so much in SF. That does’nt mean anything in particular since SF’s 1st rounder did’nt either. One could argue that to be let go in GB is kinda of a bad sign but that nearly happened to Jones and look at the year he just had with Jennings hurt. I think Swain may be a good signing and hardly “fodder” as some think.
    Along with Stephen Williams they are quietly building a competitive Wr core that will put pressure on and security behind Rice and Tate.

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