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Morning links: DC Quinn likes speed at LB

Post by Eric Williams on April 5, 2013 at 8:45 am with 72 Comments »
April 5, 2013 8:45 am
Seattle Seahawks' Nick Reed, right, pushes back against defensive line assistant head coach Dan Quinn at an NFL football training camp workout Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Nick Reed, right, pushes back against defensive line assistant head coach Dan Quinn at an NFL football training camp workout Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Ian Furness of KJR-AM talked with Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn in this audio link. Quinn said his approach and philosophy will be similar to the one already put in place by departing defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and head coach Pete Carroll.

“I think you’ll see a lot of similarities in terms of the approach, information, game planning and in terms of getting the players ready,” Quinn said. “It was important for me to leave and have the ability to do that (serve as defensive coordinator) down in Florida, and hopefully add some things to the package as well.”

And asked if he’ll blitz more than Bradley, Quinn was vague as to what his approach will be this season.

“I think you’ll see a pretty good mix of times where we’re going to bring extra rushers, and times where we’re rushing with four,” Quinn said. “So I would hope that at the end you’d see a good mix of those.”

But Quinn did say he likes the speed Seattle has at linebacker, with K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner and Malcolm Smith all guys who can rush the passer and drop back in coverage.

“I think the thing that jumps out is just the speed of those guys who are playing linebacker,” Quinn said. “Sometimes that translates into being a good blitzer. Sometimes it doesn’t. But the versatility for us is having a guy who can play on the end of the line, show the ability to cover, and then now when you add the pass rush element to it, I think that’s when you really develop as a player.”

Quinn also talked about new additions defensive linemen Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Tony McDaniel. It’s worth a listen.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is asked via Twitter what three players he would want with him if stranded on a deserted island. Check out the video below for his answer. And here’s the full set of questions Carroll answered from fans through Twitter on Thursday.

Adam Schein of ranks his top nine NFL coaches. Carroll doesn’t make the list, but is one of Schein’s notable omissions. New England’s Bill Belichick is No. 1, followed by Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants.

Washington State University product and longtime Detroit kicker Jason Hanson retired from the NFL after 21 years in the league.

Jeffri Chadiha of ESPN writes that NFL teams are playing even more importance on draft interviews and background checks in order to create better character evaluations on draft prospects. “There’s no question that pre-draft interviews have become more important,” said former NFL executive Ken Herock said. “That’s because the character of a kid has become more important. We used to be able to hide a lot of problems that players ran into. Now you can’t hide anything. So teams have to know what’s going to come along with drafting a kid.”

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  1. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Maybe I read too much into it, but it seems as though they’re giving Malcolm Smith Hill’s starting job at OLB. I was hoping we’d use our 2nd, or our 3rd, round pick on Hill’s replacement. I just don’t think that Malcolm Smith is ready to be a full time starter.

  2. Re the top coaches link – – can’t argue too much w/the top 7 (hate Harbaugh, but can’t argue w/his results). . . but no way in the world would I take Shanahan or Andy Reid over Carroll.

  3. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Couple OLB’s I like for the Hawks in the Draft (I view this as our #1 draft priority – we need our “Percy Harvin of the D” – an X factor who can do lots of different stuff and cause match-up problems. All these guys seem to fit into the model we like – get freakish athletes, give them simple responsibilities and let ‘em rip.

    Jamie Collins – Southern Miss – 6’3 240. Bit of a workout freak at combine and really solid college production.

    Trevardo Williams – UCONN – tons of sacks as a DE but too small for a DE.

    Ty Powell – Harding – was a DE, DB and LB – picks, sacks etc. – really nice athlete

    Mike Rallis – Minnesota – reminds me of Jameson Konz a little but with better college production; awesome athlete (38″ vert)

    Kenny Tate – Maryland – 6’4″ and has actually returned kicks! Great athlete but needs to play more disciplined.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson, Kam, and Mofitt… I like that.

    Displaced – You’re reading it exactly right: Smith is the starter as of now, and if they don’t draft a weak side ‘backer (they will) I’m okay with that. Smith has played well, when healthy. Health however is the real question with him, but as far as his play goes, he’s really undervalued by many I believe.

  5. jawpeace says:

    Wilson, Chancelor, and Moffit, sounds like a good mix to me. If something happened to Russel you could scream like Tom Hanks…WILSON!…

  6. I think- unless they draft someone Toomer makes it- if nothing else as a ST guy and spot fill in for smith for now. Also, what do you expect them to say about Smith – he is he only guy the have on the roster right now.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Looks like Carroll will be moving up the list. He has beaten just about everyone of the top coaches,(on that list) the last time the Seahawks played them.

    Andy Reid is way overrated imo. Years ago he was good, not anymore.

  8. chuck_easton says:


    Wilson: For the intellegent and deep conversation.

    Moffett: Just to keep things light and happy.

    CHancelor: Nobody and nothing is gonna mess with you with Kam around.

    Each has a role. And Pete loves his guys to know and accept their specific role on the team.

    And I agree with Duke. Malcolm Smith was Hill’s backup last year. Hill is not here. Malcolm moves into the #1 slot by default. Now he has to hold on to that spot. Nothing in that comment by Quinn says Malcolm is being handed the job. But, by natural default, it’s his to lose. Always ComPete!!!!

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol jawpeace. I can just see Carroll calling for Wilson.

    I agree about Smith taking Hills spot, and I love our starting three at linebacker too, However I sure hope we get some more depth this year.

  10. Singularitarian says:

    I agree with Duke about Malcolm Smith being pretty underratted. Problem is our lack of depth. Maybe Zavier Gooden? I wouldn’t be surprised if we addresed the LB depth early. Well I wouldn’t be surprised if we addressed it late either. I’m not really surprised by anything in the draft, yet surprised by everything if that makes sense

  11. Singularitarian says:

    The one guy I hope we don’t leave the draft without is this years Russle Wilson… Shamarko Thomas

  12. Singularitarian says:

    His closing speed is ridiculous. This video really shows what a closer he is. He is all over the field. Very unique talent. Him next to Thomas would bring an unreal amount of speed. I’m not sure who’s faster on tape.

  13. oscar_contender says:

    At Will LB we have Smith (Speed and knows the system), and also Toomer was drafted last year, posted a 42 inch vert, pretty impressive. If they do not go with an early prospect like Gooden or Kahseem Greene, I think they may take this LB out of Nebraska:
    Has experience blitzing, eye popping athleticism, and could be had at a value standpoint to come in and comePETE with Smith, Toomer, etc.
    It all comes down to how much they think of the young LB’s they already have on the team. Another thing to consider is who will play in nickel packages, will Wright and Wanger stay in? If that is the case, then perhaps spending a high pick is not the way to go. I am not as high on Smith as some others, I even remember going back and forth with BobbyK on us drafting Levonte David in the second round last year. Of course, we let Hawthorne go, grabbed Wanger, and the rest is history. I want Smith to be great, and he has looked good in preseason, but obviously I know less about the Seahawks Will situation than they do. Hill, at least from a football standpoint, has done a decent job of filling that role, but we are due for some new blood, is Smith going to step up? Has Toomer been the Will they have been grooming? Do we get an early round LB like Gooden or Greene? Stay tuned…

    Go Hawks!

  14. oscar_contender says:

    I meant Wagner sorry

  15. HawkFromDay1 says:

    In big time agreement on Shamarko Thomas. He’s so under-rated after Matt Elam and Johnathan Cyprien. Shwan Williams from UGA is also a fantastic football player – career littered with big plays.

    Fits that role that Winston Guy was supposed to fill – think we still need that sort of “bandit” DB.

    I just don’t think we have a long-term solution at WILL yet…

  16. Shamarko Thomas looks great..yeah, high motor, everywhere on the field, and his closing speed is sick.

    The only problem I could see is that he needs to do a better job of wrapping up the ball carrier.

  17. seahawksteven777 says:

    Isn’t the NFL what have you done for me lately? If that’s the case, then what has Andy Reid or Mike Shanahan done lately to warrant a spot over Pete Carroll?

  18. I’d like to see Gerald Hodges out of Penn State in the third round to comPETE with Smith.

  19. HonHawksLSB says:

    In my humble opinion, that LB spot in our 4-3 is not a premium position, we can find value in round 4-5 just like KJ.

    Only player I care about us getting is Tyrann Mathieu. Pete and JS look for special skill sets and this guy is going to be the best slot corner with punt return upside in the draft. Imagine being able to trot out Harvin, Tate or Mathieu to change field position and/or take it to the house. We need a Nickel/Dime corner to replace Trufant. Albert Breer reports that he has scheduled a visit with us and 9 other teams.

  20. “In my humble opinion, that LB spot in our 4-3 is not a premium position, we can find value in round 4-5 just like KJ.”

    I agree, partly. I think the weakside LB spot is a bit more important than you would suggest, however, finding the guy to compete with Smith for that spot shouldn’t take a 2nd, or even a 3rd necessarily.

    “Only player I care about us getting is Tyrann Mathieu. Pete and JS look for special skill sets..”

    Pete and John also have something of a hard and fast rule where DB’s are concerned; namely height/length. There is not a DB on this roster currently that is shorter than 5’10, so the Honey Badger had better be THAT special in their eyes or he won’t be a Seahawk. He doesn’t have exceptionally long arms or big hands either.

  21. oscar_contender says:

    From what I have gathered on what direction our team has gone with LB’s, it looks like speed is the biggest factor, although KJ didn’t have a blazing 40, he has the other aspect that I see them look for, length. He has long arms, and 6’4″. I really thought hearing that PC looked for players who loved to play, had that drive, that desire that is difficult to coach up. They want players that are at a certain level, then take them to the next. They seemed pretty high on Toomer from what I have read, and I think PC likes Smith’s speed (4.42 40) and knowledge of being in the system for so long. Let’s not forget Mike Morgan played decent as a fill in, albeit for Wright at SAM. Hodges looks like a good prospect, may not have the speed coveted at the WILL spot, but you never know. Gooden has the speed, cover skills, and was team captain, so he is my Levonte David pick this year. Will St. Louis grab him at 78, or will he be available at 87, our 3rd round? I think we get a lineman at our 2nd, offensive or defensive, unless Khaseem Greene is there, and they want him. That would leave our 4th for the Honey Badger everyone is talking about. A better spot to take a shot.

    Go Hawks!

  22. oscar_contender says:

    Then again, with this front office, you can throw it all out the window! Yankinta may be the only one that could predict their picks ;)

  23. PugetHawk says:

    Malcolm Smith couldn’t even beat out an aging Leroy Hill last year when he was healthy in training camp. He played well after Hill went out but I agree with HawkFromDay1 that LB is a position that they should upgrade.

  24. Singularitarian says:

    Richard Sherman couldn’t even beat out Walter Thurmond 2 years ago. He played well after Thurmond went out, but maybe THAT should be a position that they should upgrade. Alot of Players got their chance because of an injury, that’s part of the game. By your own admittance you said he played well. Hill was a big time part of the defense for a long time. Would have been hard for anyone to beat him out

  25. I know this isn’t a basketball site, but I can still put this on here, right?

    Is there a Seattle sports fan alive that didn’t love watching this guy play? Probably my all-time favorite.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree pdway.

  27. As far as the desert island picks, instead of Moffit, I’d bring Big Red. Odds are that you’d have to resort to cannibalism and he’s be the one to have in reserves. :)

  28. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Pete and John also have something of a hard and fast rule where DB’s are concerned; namely height/length. There is not a DB on this roster currently that is shorter than 5’10, so the Honey Badger had better be THAT special in their eyes or he won’t be a Seahawk. He doesn’t have exceptionally long arms or big hands either.”

    And he has too much baggage. He’d have to end up being Deon Sanders for the risk to be worth it. And he’s not.

  29. Singularitarian says:

    Shamarko Thomas is THAT special. Carroll also likes big traditional size QBs. If Honey’s got the talent, why not. I personally think we are plenty deep at corner with Lane and Thurmond very viable backups, Thurmond I believe can play Nickel corner just fine (if healthy). I don’t see why Lane couldn’t play there either. Though I love Browner, I think this will be his last year with Seattle. Browner is great, getting older and his, Sherm’s and ET’s contracts are coming up… something’s gotta give. I suppose one more corner could fit for that reason. That’s also why I expect to see 2 recievers drafted this year. I love Baldwin and Tate, But the money won’t be there and we’ll see at least one, if not both of them gone after this year, or perhaps some combination with rice out in two years. Rice will probably be traded. I look for a big sized reciever to be drafted earlyish this year, Maybe even Ryan Swope. I know Swope doesn’t have the size to replace Rice but certainly the speed and ability to play all positions at reciever. Maybe a freak joker tight end instead of a big wideout. I also get the feeling this is Chancellor’s last year. Great player, physical force, intimidator and has the attitude of this team, but unfortunately not everybody can get paid. Thomas and Sherman are this backfield. I see a Shamarko Thomas or Eric Reid being able to come in and back up both safety positions, get some time in different formations, and then start at strong safety after next year and we get 2 more years of rookie contract in the backfield, save 4 mill a year on Chancellor and not lose any production at the position. Alot of speculating by me but I’m just kind of going off what makes sense to me. Chancellor, Browner, Tate and Baldwin out next year and productive young kid’s to replace them at rookie contract price. This team can only stay good long term if we keep the ubber studs and find good production out of young players on rookie contracts for the rest. On defense those ubber studs are Thomas, Sherman, Wagner, Bruce Irvin, and maybe Mebane if he holds up. Irvin I see getting real productive by year 3

  30. Singularitarian says:

    On offense the ubber studs are Wilson, Lynch, Harvin, Unger, and Okung. Miller is in that catagory as well but I think as the O line gets better his contract outweighs his help compared to a cheaper tight end option when you consider you consider you gotta pay 5 other probowl players on offense and 4 or 5 pro bowlers on defense. The price of these studs plus the fact that this organization will pay hefty contracts to there own, means money will be scarce in other places. I think we have to much money tied up in our offensive line right now for the production, and that will sort itself out in 2 years somewhat. We pay more than any other team in the league for our offense by like 15 million (can’t remember the exact amount but we have the most money wrapped up in our offense of any team in the league) and that is with Wilson, Baldwin, Tate, Carpenter, Moffitt and Sweezy under cheap rookie contracts. Something has gotta give. I see Baldwin and Tate out after this year, and Miller and Rice, as well as Mcquistin out the year after. I think you can keep Brenno on the cheapish side of a starting right tackle and get production out of Carp and Sweezy or Moffit at Guards. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how we had by far the most expensive offense with all those rookie contracts, Including Wilson who will be paid an 8 figure salary 2 years from today.

  31. If you want this audience to actually read your posts, put some white space in between paragraphs.

  32. Singularitarian says:

    I misrepresented Sherman’s and Thomas’s contract. They are both apparently signed through 2014. I love Sheman but I can’t picture him playing 2014 for peanuts (given that he stays healthy and on top of his game) He will hold out for a contract extention. Earl maybe not but They’d be wise to extend him at the same time as Sherman, would be best for both sides. All this talk(me repeatedly talking to myself) makes me wonder if Sherman, as good as he is, is worth the money he will demand. That much for a corner is alot of dough when Carrol can scout DB talent so wonderfully, and you see how well a team like the Jets do without Revis. (Their backfield not their team as a whole)

  33. Singularitarian says:

    Good call Audible

  34. Dukeshire says:

    After Hill was healthy Smith continued to start.

  35. We’ve gone thru lotsa LBs with PC/JS and Norton:

    David Hawthorne OLB 726 snaps 2nd of 110, ST 4 games
    Lofa Tatupu MLB 1106 snaps 113th of 117
    Aaron Curry SLB 885 snaps 91st of 110, ST 4 games
    Matt McCoy MLB 3 snaps 60th of 117, ST 11 games
    Will Herring OLB 249 snaps 45th of 110, ST 10 games
    Dexter Davis ST 10 games
    (Joe Pawelek PS)
    (LeRoy Hill IR)

    LeRoy Hill WLB 986 snaps 21st of 114, ST 1 game
    Malcolm Smith ST 9 games
    David Hawthorne MLB 1012 snaps 26th of 110
    K.J. Wright OLB 536 snaps 19th of 114, MLB 40 snaps 24th of 110, ST 5 games
    Mike Morgan SLB 4 snaps 46th of 114
    Heath Farwell ST 11 games
    Matt McCoy MLB 68 snaps 21st of 110, ST 2 games
    Aaron Curry SLB 181 snaps 86th of 114, ST 1 game
    David Vobora SLB 19 snaps 71st of 114, ST 1 game
    Adrian Moten OLB 2 snaps 76th of 114
    (Dexter Davis 1 game hip injury IR)

    LeRoy Hill WLB 514 snaps 11th of 111
    Malcolm Smith WLB 174 snaps 16th of 111, ST 7 games
    Bobby Wagner MLB 873 snaps 2nd of 112
    K.J. Wright SLB 890 snaps 14th of 111, ST 4 games
    Mike Morgan OLB 108 snaps 30th of 111, ST 7 games
    Heath Farwell MLB 29 snaps 28th of 112, OLB 1 snap 41st of 111, ST 11 games
    (Dexter Davis IR)
    (Kyle Knox PS)
    (Korey Toomer PS)

    For ’13 LBs, M.Smith WLB, B.Wagner MLB, and K.J.Wright SLB will make one of the best 4-3 cores in the NFL. M.Morgan can ably backup both OLBs and Heath Farwell plays MLB well, too. Will D.Davis be healthy? If so, then he and Korey Toomer can round out the LBs, giving us a Leo option or two as well as good special teams players. We don’t have to draft LB to replace Hill, but if one falls to us as BPA then it wouldn’t hurt either.

  36. HonHawksLSB says:

    I beleive everything all previous posts have stated about Hawks liking big physical corners. With that said the slot wr position has recently evolved to the point that a big corner is not necessary.

    If you look at the WRs that kill us, it’s the Stevie Johnson, Wes Welker quick twitch pipsqueak WRs working the middle.

    Honey Badger is a flat out playmaker and quick as a hiccup, proven by top 10 short shuttle and 3 cone at the combine.

    Character concerns? Maybe, but we have proven to be a solid program where guys like that keep their heads on straight. Remember Marshawn was a knucklehead. Now he’s Beastquake!

    Hon Hawks!

  37. oscar_contender says:

    Go Hawks!

  38. HonHawks I’m right there with you on the Honey Badger.

    Your logic seems very sound, and I agree that slot corners need to evolve and be quick and shifty like their offensive counterparts. I have a hunch that PC/JS may have a fondness for this kid.

    Only time will tell if we get him, I guess.

  39. Ewalters7354 says:

    If Sharmarko Thomas is that special, he will Not make it to the hawks.

  40. Shamarko Thomas definitely looks the part of the nickel safety that Pete’s been trying to find ever since Atari Bigby moved on. I still wonder about Winston Guy though.

  41. DreadHawks says:

    Did Nick Reed ever make it on another team? I loved that dude, always wanted to see him succeed.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    I think you might be referring to the extra safety in their Bandit an some dime sets. But yes, Guy played that last season along with Johnson a bit.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    I still don’t buy the Seneca Wallace talk. O’Neil must have forgotten Pete’s already traded him away.

  44. seahawksteven777 says:

    Absolutely NO to Tyrann Mattheiu. I’m sorry but a guy with issues with marijuana in a state where it’s LEGAL is just asking for trouble.

    Also, when he was interviewed with the New England Patriots and asked about possibly being drafted by them he said: “They’d have to come up with a pretty good plan to keep me out of harms way.”

    The guy just seems like too much of a liability for a decent nickel corner.

  45. princeaden says:

    Another sight suggested Larry Warford with out 2nd pick. Watching him against Floyd in the Florida game, he is impressive. Having him on a rookie contract and allowing McQ to walk seems like an upgrade and a cost cutting move. As for Winston Guy,I thought he was quite underwhelming.

  46. Seahawks: Offseason opens April 15; closes June 13; June 11-13 mandatory minicamp.

  47. Miller and Rices contracts end in the near future so it will be interesting to see what they do with those guys.

    Okung is already getting paid so they hopefully won’t have to offer him a HUGE pay upgrade when he comes due.

    I think you will continue to see them Draft defense and let a bunch of guys on the defense walk if they don’t sign a team savvy deal. You will keep a few key guys but the others will go when they come up for the big contract.

  48. DreadHawks – As far as I can see Nick Reed was last with MIN but got released at their cutdown to 53-players last August. He hasn’t actually made it into an NFL game since he was last with the Hawks at the end of PC/JS’s first preseason. Weird – woulda thought he’d have made a good Leo. Maybe Chip Kelly gets him (like he got Dennis Dixon and Patrick Chung)?

  49. HonHawksLSB says:

    I would hate to see Honey Badger on the 9ers, but then again I pretty much hate all 9ers…

  50. Ewalters7354 says:

    In my honest opinion Winston Guy showed enough in the Atlanta game to have me comfortable with him going forward.Stats may not jump out in part because Tony Gonzales was making hall of fame catches.I think we’ll see an improved player.

  51. Ewalters7354 says:

    Let the niners draft Mathieu so he can be introduced to Marshawn Lynch twice a year.

  52. CDHawkFan says:

    Completely agree EW about Guy vs. Gonzalez. He didn’t stop him but he was there ready for the play. I hadn’t seen him much before but I was pleasantly surprised how he played vs. the Falcons.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No one stops Gonzalez. I was hoping he would retire this year however that was not the case.

  54. Ewalters7354 says:

    Exactly CD.He didn’t look all good in in the previous few game he played, but that Atlanta game showed me something.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The NFC , ( imo ) is the strongest conference. Yes, the AFC has New England and Denver, however the NFC has Seattle, San Francisco Atlanta, Green Bay, Washington, and the Giants. And a host of upcoming teams.
    And Denver and New England are old at key positions.

    The overall power is in the NFC imo.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is not for those that think they are above bleacherreport, but think they can gain Info on a blog, Lol.

  57. Dukeshire says:

    I certainly don’t think I’m above Bleecher Report, but like most of their articles I learned nothin aside from the fact the writer of the article has never heard of Robert Turbin.

  58. Dukeshire says:


  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Dukeshire. On this article they clearly lost fact that Turbin is a great backup to Lynch, at the very least. My guess is that Turbin will become a force this year.

  60. banosser says:

    Mathieu is gonna go in the 2nd… I will need a new bigscreen if the Hawks select him in the 2nd…

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Slow times these days. It’s about time that Mork & Mindy comes on to tell us how much we suck as bloggers.
    I would love to bait BobbyK and/or nate, but I will wait. No need to start a debate when we can just chill until the draft. Lol.

  62. I think we are in a unique situation where we can almost go 100% BPA for the draft.

    Yes we have some weak areas, but I don’t see a DEADLY weakness at this point in time. Should be an interesting draft for us, that is for sure.

    Here is where I am interested – with a few drafts under their belt, are other teams and “draft experts” going to be a little more in tune with the type of player that the hawks will be looking at during the draft.

    Here is what we “know” – they are going to look for guys that:
    1. Fit their style
    2. Offer unique skills
    3. are ready to work hard/compete

    now predicting the exact guy – is a totally different challenge!

  63. HonHawksLSB says:

    Georgia that bleacher report was redonkulous, clearly a 49er Homer.

    QB = edge Hawks or Push at worst… I get a bit of a Mike Vick vibe with CK, probably not a dog killer but his game could fall off a cliff similar to Vick.

    RB = big edge Hawks… No explanation needed

    I stopped reading after that cause I started to throw up a little in my mouth.

  64. Dukeshire says:

    Man, it just occurred to me training camp opens in just under 4 months. I will be here before we know it. I shouldn’t be this excited in April…

  65. HonHawksLSB says:

    Xcman, I agree but I do think we need a slot corner badly. Maybe Jeremy Lane or a healthy Thurmond is that guy but I keep hearing this draft class is deep at corner.

    I also think that it will be very telling who is not in JC and Pete’s long term plans by who we draft. If we go WR odds are we are not resigning Tate.

  66. A little more than 2 weeks to the draft – here’s my mock 1:

    56: 2-26 Wisc’s C/G Travis Frederick
    87: 3-25 OhSU’s DE John Simon
    123: 4-26 Stanford’s OLB Chase Thomas
    138: 5-5 Oregon’s RB Kenjon Barner
    158: 5-25 FSU’s DT Everette Dawkins
    194: 6-26 SanJose St’s TE Ryan Otten
    214: 7-8 IA’s CB Micah Hyde
    220: 7-14 Duke’s QB Sean Renfree
    241: 7-35 BYU’s RT Braden Brown
    242: 7-36 FL’s PK Caleb Sturgis

  67. Well you asked and . . . . . .

    Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Former Vikings CB Antoine Winfield is expected to visit the Seahawks early next week.

    At least they are looking? but also, I do think the guys that filled in at the end of the year did a good job and have a good chance of holding that position as well.

  68. Dukeshire says:

    You mean Jeremy Lane? I like him too, however they do need some depth at corner regardless.

  69. xcman said “I think we are in a unique situation where we can almost go 100% BPA for the draft.”

    Think how much fun that could be. If we draft the bpa each round with no regard to filling holes then we can possibly upgrade some position (if not the starter than depth) with each pick! That would be a luxury I don’t recall the Seahawks ever having.

  70. ChrisHolmes says:

    This is definitely a BPA draft. It’s a depth draft for us. This is where you dream of being when you take over a club.

    I can’t imagine us using all 10 draft picks… there’s no way 10 rookies are making this team. I hope we package and move around to nab some special guys.

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