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Morning links: Flynn getting paid like presumptive starter in Oakland

Post by Eric Williams on April 2, 2013 at 7:32 am with 185 Comments »
April 2, 2013 7:32 am

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that according to a source with knowledge of the transaction, the Raiders have adjusted Matt Flynn’s contract to increase his guaranteed money from $2 million in 2013 to $6.5 million. So all of Flynn’s 2013 salary of $6.5 million is fully guaranteed.

So although Flynn will reportedly compete with Terrelle Pryor for the starting quarterback job, he’s getting paid like the starter in Oakland.

Per the report, the Raiders increased Flynn’s base salary from $5.25 million in 2013 and decreased his 2014 base salary by $1.25 million, from $6.25 million down to $5 million.

Jerry McDonald of The Oakland Tribune compares Flynn to another successful Raiders quarterback who led them to a Super Bowl – Rich Gannon.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports believes Carson Palmer is much better than Flynn – and it’s not even close. Once again I find myself disagreeing with Prisco.

Here’s my story on the Flynn trade.

KJR’s Ian Furness talks with Seahawks general manager John Schneider about the Flynn deal in this audio link.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that free agent defensive tackle Alan Branch is visiting Buffalo.

John Glennon of the Tennessean reports that the Titans have signed former Seahawk Chris Spencer.

Former NFL head coach and player Jack Pardee passed away on Monday. He was 76 years old.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Would be a fun stat to break down Matt Flynn’s compensation per pass attempt as a pro athlete.

  2. Alan Branch is visiting with the Bills today.

  3. yankinta says:

    Not surprising since Oak have a ton of Cap space this year and they need to spend it this year, rather than next year.

  4. I think Carson Palmer is on the down side of a great career. Still don’t know how good Matt Flynn is.

  5. yankinta says:

    blocis, Carson Palmer had a great career?? Maybe I have not followed it closely but I don’t think he even made it to the AFC Title game…

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Great career? He’s had a solid career and has been a capable starter, at worst, to be sure. But not sure Palmer’s career would fall into the “great” category. (Although that can be rather subjective definition.)

    The Raiders had next to no cap room ($2.8) as of March 26th. They’ve had to create room for Flynn.

  7. Southendzone says:

    Breer of NFL network is reporting the conditions on the 2015 pick as:

    Less than 8 games played in 2014 = no pick
    Over 8 games played in 2014 = 6th round pick
    NFL MVP of 2014 = 4th round pick
    If Yakinta admits he was wrong about Flynn’s trade value for the last 2 months: 3 first round picks and a $5M cash settlement to the Hawks.

  8. PugetHawk says:

    Palmer got the Bengals to their first playoff appearance in something like twenty years, give or take. He looked great up until that injury in the playoffs against the Steelers and then there were the issues with his will to play. I guess it was more of an odd career than great.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Southendzone: THAT was funny!

  10. yankinta says:

    Southendzone, lol I need to see the link to believe it. I think they have a secret hand shake deal that we’ll somehow get their 2nd round pick, maybe in 2017….

  11. yankinta says:

    lol, I still don’t know who this ACIB is. But he sounds dreamy….

  12. PugetHawk says:

    Carson Palmer got a raw deal. First the Bungles, then the Raiders, and now the Cards. Maybe he will finish in Cleveland to complete the ugly step-child NFL tour. No wonder he wanted to take less money to be a backup for a solid organization.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    A ‘secret handshake deal” to get a 2nd rounder sometime in the future?

    Ok, Yankster, I didn’t pile on the last few days even though I was one of those that you personally called out as having no NFL knowledge.

    But with this latest comment I can only conclude one of two things.

    1. You are having a wonderful time living up to your screenname personna and are truly yanking everybody’s chain to get your jollies off.

    2. You really are delusional and have absolutely ZERO NFL knowledge and understanding of how the business side works.

    I’m going to give you the benifit of the doubt and attribute the lesser of two evils to you and say it’s option #1. If it truly is option #2 I would only inquire what colour the sky is in that world you live in? And to they have free parking?

  14. Dukeshire says:

    CD – That really could have been simply linked. And whether or not that’s our BobbyK, who really cares what he’s doing on other blogs? (Just my opinion…)

  15. doubledink says:

    yankita, you lack his cynicism. Couldn’t be you.

  16. doubledink says:

    CD, do you really think we took the time to read that?

  17. PugetHawk says:

    I feel like this blog is being devoured by trolls. Don’t let them suck you in. Yankita and ACIB are just trying to get a rise out of people at times. Who cares!

  18. yankinta says:

    doubledink,, ditto!!, I never read if there’s more than 30 words.

    chuck_easton, if there’s a word “LOL” next to it. It means people are usually joking. C’mon be Less Serious. We’re all Seahawks Fans. The only difference is some of us want to get better draft value in Trades and some of us do not….some care about the future building and some care more about the immediate wins. For me, it’s always about delay gratification. :)

    Either way, we should have a great Season this year, Although I don’t get why 49er’s have easier Schedule than we do. We have the 11th hardest Schedule.

  19. AKhawkFan says:

    So, we get real Seahawk news and all you guys can do is bitch and moan about some troll? Rise above guys! Let him post his garbage and just scroll past his screen name.

    Remember when the comment section of this blog was informative, friendly, and intellectual?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  20. doubledink says:

    the thing that I think may be the difference maker between us and SF as to who will take the division could be the difference in road schedule. SF faces their tougher non-division opponents at home.

  21. I have never thought Portis was all that great- made some good plays, but never great for long periods.

    I think it was a SD game 2 years ago was pretty good but never followed it up.

    It just never seemed like he improved after that. I do think it was a good idea to bring him back but we will see what happens. If he has shown any kind of improvement I think he will stick. At least this year he should get some practice reps and game time.

  22. Macabrevity says:

    Eric, any chance you could expound on your disagreeing with Prisco? I tend to see his point when comparing the two, and feel like Arizona could be quite dangerous with Palmer flinging the ball downfield. Wondering if you meant you feel Flynn is actually a better QB, better fit for Oakland, or just not as much separating the two as Prisco believes. Personally, not sure why people think Carson is a has-been who never was. He always threw a beautiful deep ball, and when healthy his teams have been able to put points on the board effectively. Flynn is a pop-gun arm who has yet to prove himself. Maybe he will, but you can put me in the doubter column with that offense in Oakland right now.

  23. yankinta says:

    AKhawkFan, your posts are boring. They put me to sleep.

  24. chuck_easton says:

    I’m neutral on the Portis thing. Don’t love him, but I don’t hate him either. He’s the QB version of morning porridge. It might be OK but you aren’t going to go out of your way to look forward to it.

    I would expect we see Thigpen, Lienart, or even Quinn in here soon as well.

    The guy I’m finding intrigueing is Scott from Arizona. Haven’t seen him play but the numbers look good and he is getting positive reviews from some of the Draft people.

    Anybody have the 411 on him? Supposed to be a mobile kid that could fit the Seahawk system. Since I haven’t heard a peep out of the FO good or bad I think he may actually be on the radar. That whole stealth mode thing they have going and all.

  25. yankinta says:

    doubledink, that is what I’m saying. I don’t get why they get those games at home and we have to go on the road to face them? I thought having better previous records would mean facing tougher schedule the following season.

  26. Form the pft article – it does sound like the Flynn move really was about the $, and the ability to roll over cap room to subsequent years when we’ll need it to sign our young defenders coming up for extensions. Can’t really argue with that logic, and it is a key part of Schneider’s job to secure the future.

    Still, we’re taking some risk in going with an unknown behind Russell, even if I do get the logic. Can’t imagine Portis goes into the season as the #2, not on a team this good.

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    guys feeding a troll is bad , feeding one with serious mental issues is worse. it’s time to hit ignore and let this troll die. we all know now from “watching and learning” that we are dealing with someone who is truly ignorant and troubled. who honestly cares what he thinks anymore? he doesn’t know enough about football to add anything insightful, my guess is he is parroting things he is reading elsewhere as gospel .
    one thing thou yankinta, why the name? it’s a small town in nigeria. do you live there? just curious.

  28. yankinta says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, you sound racist. We’re all children of God. doesn’t matter where we are from nor the skin color.

  29. seahawkNJ says:


    I took yankita as Yank (Yankee) in Tacoma….could be wrong.

    BTW – that’s offsetting penalties on both of us for feeding the troll.

  30. tylerwyler says:

    Having lived in West Africa, I can say with certainty that Yank isn’t Nigerian. I’ve never met a person in West Africa who was rude, insulting, or uncivil to strangers.

  31. I don’t believe JP will end up as the backup QB. JS probably has a couple more moves up his sleeve before it’s all said and done. From my point of view JP shows some potential but is still much too raw, I really wouldn’t trust him to win a real NFL game. I like Matt Scott, and in a backup role Brady Quinn could be decent.

  32. DreadHawks says:

    All I hear from JS/PC is that “they have a plan”. I think they have 2 to 3 moves, maybe more in the event something changes. They have my complete trust in these matters. The competition thing has worked wonders here,so much that others teams have followed suit. Does anyone think Holmgren would of drafted RW let alone allow him compete for the starting job? I don’t think he would have.

  33. tchristensen says:

    I’d like to see Hawkfaninoklahoma and Yakinta drop the grade school antics and get back to keeping their discussions about the Hawks. Enough is enough already.

  34. How would you guys compare Colt McCoy to Alex Smith? There isn’t a huge drop off, but to me McCoy is a downgrade from Smith. So at least the Niners’ backup QB depth was weakened just like ours.

  35. I disagree with Eric. The problem with Palmer last year was the Raiders had him throwing the ball/carrying the offense way too much. Part of that was because the running game was among the league’s worse and the Defense went through large stretches where they had no interest in stopping anyone.

    Palmer can still produce but isn’t in that very good/elite category where he can produce with a below average offense and a non-existent Defense without a turnover extravaganza.

    Putting Flynn on last year’s Raiders would have yielded far worse results – BOTH the turnovers and production would have been far worse. I see Flynn back on GB as Rodger’s backup in 2014.

  36. The math here is wierding me out… There is the math for the actual money movement (that the IRS may be interested in), then there’s the money that the NFL (and the NFLPA) is supposed to be interested in, the team cap and it’s rules – that’s the interesting part to me.

    Flynn’s contract with SEA when we got him was $19.5M over 3 years with $10M guaranteed. At that time it was $4M for ’12, 7.25M for ’13, and 8.25M for ’14 (4+7.25+8.25=19.5), with the $10M guaranteed. I didn’t hear anything about any signing bonuses, incentives, etc. Under that scenario once Flynn had received his ’12 salary only $4M had come off his guaranteed $10M. That leaves $6M. If SEA’d cut Flynn, they’d have paid him $6M and the dead cap would also be $6M.

    A few days ago (like last Fri?) Nate reported that Flynn’s salary for ’13 was now only $5.25M. Maybe Nate also heard Flynn’s guaranteed amount for ’13 was only $2M, but somehow he also knew that SEA would save only $6.25M in ’14 instead of $8.25M if Flynn was traded now. You don’t change contract numbers unless you renegotiate the contract. When was Flynn’s contract renegotiated? I sure don’t remember hearing anything reported about it? Was that part of the deal with Flynn, for him to reduce his contract hit with SEA and that he would have it increased again once he signed with OAK? Was that what JS and McKenzie were figuring out over the weekend? Hope it doesn’t come back to bite, kinda like when the NFL didn’t appreciate the creative stuff DAL and (another team?) did in the ‘uncapped’ year, getting their team’s cap reduced because of it…

  37. PugetHawk says:

    So who should the Hawks bring in to be the number 2 QB? Fitzpatrick seems like a decent choice from an experience standpoint but he lacks mobility. I would be uncomfortable if they drafted a 2nd stringer and handed the keys to him if Wilson got injured (knocked on wood).

  38. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yankinta i was raised to not see race, i have friends with many ethnic back grounds. the fact you inject race into this shows how simple you really are. just because i know it is a town in nigeria that makes me racist? i asked a simple question . if you are from there your behavior aside that is pretty kool. funny thing is those that scream racism are usually the most racist. just saying, also i am of mixed ethnicity so racism really wouldn’t work for me.

    tyler i didn’t make this up .
    Yankinta, Nigeria Page
    World:Nigeria:Kano State
    Latitude 12.0179 Longitude 8.9701 Altitude (feet) 1249
    Lat (DMS) 12° 1′ 4N Long (DMS) 8° 58′ 12E Altitude (meters) 380
    Time zone (est)

  39. If football were analogized with animated car racing, and RW was “Lightening McQueen”, then I’d like the backup to be “Doc” (the character in the first Cars movie with Paul Newman’s voice), rather than “Mator” or some Yugo… To me Flynn was the secret agent car (Michael Caine’s voice) in Cars 2.

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    tchristensen, please, i was agreeing with several others and asked a simple question at the end.

  41. OregonHawk says:

    As far as the kicking game goes:

    I am not sure what the game plan is for the coming year, but in year’s past it has been to pound the ball and play a close game.

    That to me says that you need a reliable kicker, and that the kicker is a very important pawn.

    The trend in the NFL is to try and draft an inexpensive kicker, will that work for an offence that is ball control and needs a last second kick to win?

  42. @puget – – Fitzpatrick signed w/Tennessee.

    Here’s the list of free agent QB’s, no one guy that really seems like a perfect fit (i.e. it would be great to have a still decent vet like Hasselbeck, who’s cool with being a back-up at this point in his career):

  43. FleaFlicker says:

    pdway: so on that list of available QBs…figure none of those names would cost more than $1 million per year:

    Byron Leftwich
    Brady Quinn
    Vince Young
    Matt Leinart
    Rex Grossman
    Charlie Batch
    Kellen Clemens
    Tyler Thigpen
    John Skelton
    Caleb Hanie
    Sage Rosenfels
    Seneca Wallace
    Donovan McNabb
    A.J. Feeley
    Troy Smith
    Chris Redman
    John Beck
    Jordan Palmer
    J.P. Losman
    Kevin O’Connell

  44. RDPoulsbo says:

    I was on the road most of the day yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to comment. I was one of those predicting a 3rd round pick, so obviously, I’m disappointed with this move, though I did say Oakland was a likely suitor. The Raiders GM is probably the safest of the teams still needing a starting QB so it’s interesting that they’d pull off the trade rather than one of the other teams.

    For people who are handwringing about the #2 spot, I think people give it more weight than it really should. It might be a different story if you think this were a 9-7 team on the bubble to make the playoffs and you accept there are a few worts you have to have compensate for, but they are a Superbowl favorite. Getting players to contribute to that goal should be more important than worrying about should something bad happens. Even if something bad happens to Wilson, the rest of the team is good enough to carry a backup for a couple games. If this team really is that good, losing a game isn’t going to effect their SB chances and will be able to play though the adversity. If Wilson goes out for more than that, then they likely wouldn’t make it to the Superbowl even with a good backup.

  45. Pretty humbling compensation for Palmer – a 7th round pick, maybe. I don’t think the guy has much left, but that’s pretty close to just being cut outright, and what a disaster for the Raiders who gave up a 1st and 2nd for him just a year ago.

  46. klm–Cards gave up only a conditional 7th rounder (ie, proverbial bagofchips).

    PS dig the Cars analogy!

    PPS Hawks probably talked Raiders into taking the rest of Flynn’s guaranteed money and paying him this year, so he’s totally off the books for Seattle. THAT could have been the sticking point in the trade, as well as/instead of Flynn wanting fair market value for a presumed starter, and not third stringer money.

    CDHawkfan–The Bobk333 on the other blog may or may not be Bobbyk. Doesnt really matter. I doubt its our resident troll. While the first comment or two could make a case for that, the rest demonstrate someone with a large vocabulary and a pretty good handle on the English language. Also, some decent sentence structure. Aside from a sentence of two of sheer grouchiness and impatience there was nothing in it that resembles the sentence structure, vocabulary, or general tone of the posts from our troll. Our troll also cannot seem to post without condescending and tooting his own horn. There was none of that in the comments on the other blog, merely a stubborn refusal to change an opinion. Also, this other blogger quoted extensively from others analysis, which our troll has never done. To top it off, that guy didnt insult anyone except players; our troll passive-aggressively insults everyone. The troll is obviously younger and less mature.

    It just doesnt fit man. Now ACIB and our Troll? Yeah, fits rather well doesnt it?

    Give it a rest. Bobbyk is not a hacker troll with multiple personalities. He just went through some hard stuff, and vented here, like many of us–including me–have done. When things suck at home/work, it makes some of us lose focus and can color our analysis for the worse. Thats what happened with Bobbyk.

    Please stop accusing him. That too is trollish behavior.

    Bobbyk, just come back already. Nobody else thinks you come on here under any other handle.

  47. Carson Palmer looked to be a HOF’er in the making, when he had a young healthy TJ Housh and Chad Johnson and a good RB in Dillon. Then he blew his knee out, and the offense began to deteriorate around him, and he was never the same.

    He’s never been good since, for whatever reason. He just seems to make terrible decisions, and to have lost accuracy.

    Cards are desperate to be signing him. They still will draft a qb.

  48. Haushka thinks he deserves the money other kickers get; one problem with that; Haushka cant make a 50+ yarder to save his life. And his kickoffs arent great. So he’s a bottom-tier talent, despite his decent average, because he flat cant make long kicks.

  49. vichawkfan says:

    seems reasonable.

    Bills agreed to terms with DT Alan Branch, formerly of the Seahawks, on a one-year, $3 million contract.
    The veteran run stopper will slide in as a role player behind Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams. Branch played 575 snaps for the Seahawks last season, grading out in the middle of the pack in Pro Football Focus’ defensive tackle ratings. He’ll help shore up a run defense that allowed 145.8 yards per game and 5.0 yards per carry in 2012.

  50. Carson Palmer makes the Cardinals more interesting and more competitive. I don’t think he blew out his knee. That was done for him by the DT of the Steelers in the playoffs in what seemed to me close to a deliberate and very dirty play. Until then, Palmer was hot stuff. If he gets half way decent protection, he could be a pain in the ass.

  51. Good signing for the Bills, without breaking the bank. Branch was overpaid the last two years, but he was the best Seattle could get for that money. Now, with the flat cap and prices dropping for even the best DT’s (re Melton, et al), middle of the pack guys like Branch arent getting as much.

    Seattle will be fine without him, and will save about 1.5 million or so with McDaniels in his place. Also, while McD is smaller, he’s got a higher ceiling esp regarding pass rush.

    Seattle liked Branch, just not at the price he expected. Bills are SPENDING the get their DT crew right. Win-win for everyone.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Where has it been reported that Haushka feels he deserves more money?

  53. klm,
    Here are the details of Flynn’s contract:

    He signed a 3 year, $19.5 M contract, which can escalate to $26M with incentives. Let’s ignore the incentives and focus on the base contract.

    He got a $6M signing bonus. Signing bonuses are paid up front, but they are prorated against the cap in an even distribution for each year of the contract. So this means that $2M of the signing bonus counts against the cap in each of the 3 years ($6M/3 years).

    His salaries are $2M for 2012, $5.25M for 2013, and $6.25M for 2014.

    To calculate the cap hits, you have to add the prorated signing bonus money ($2M per year) to his salary. So cap hits are $4M for 2012 ($2M + $2M), $7.25M for 2013 ($2M + $5.25M), and $8.25M for 2014 ($2M + $6.25).

    Guarranteed money: Signing bonuses are guarranteed ($6M); his first year salary was guarranteed ($2M); $2M of his $5.25M salary in 2013 was guarranteed…which equals $10M guarranteed.

    Flynn counts $4M against the Hawks’ cap in 2013…this is because $4M of the $6M signing bonus hasn’t yet gone against our cap, due to the proration of the bonus money. By trading Flynn, we have to account for the $2M in prorated bonus money for 2013, plus the $2M for 2014, which equals $4M. That’s why we save $3.25M against the 2013 cap…the hit would have been $7.25M, but it is now $4M. Why? Because we paid him this money already, so we have to account for it against the cap.

    Even though he had $2M in guarranteed salary this year, Oakland is now on the hook for that. If we cut him, we would have had to pay him this $2M, and it would go against the cap, which is one reason why it was much better to trade him than cut him, no matter the trade compensation…..But I have no idea why Oakland renegotiated his contract and increased the guarranteed money and moved some salary from 2014 to 2013. I have a gut feeling it was to make him happy about going to the Raiders organization, so he wasn’t a locker room cancer…but who knows.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, 6 mil of Flynn’s 10 mil guaranteed was a signing bonus. That’s why you’re not understanding it. The other guaranteed was his 2012 base salary and 2 mil of his 2013 base salary. The Hawks saved 5.25 mil over the 2013 and 2014 caps with this move, minus whatever they end up paying their 2nd and maybe 3rd QBs in 2013. And I don’t count Flynn’s 6.25 mil base salary in 2014 as money saved. They were never going to keep him after 2013 regardless. None of that 6.25 mil was guaranteed. They would’ve only had the last 1/3 of his signing bonus, 2 mil, count against the 2014 cap if they had kept him in 2013.

  55. Dukeshire–If he was willing to play for the league min, which is what he’s worth, he’d have a job. As of now, despite his decent FG%, he has no job. That would lead one to logically assume he believes he is worth more money than other teams (including Seattle) wish to pay him.

    At this point, it appears Seattle will attempt to better themselves at the position by drafting a kicker or signing one or more FA/UFA kicker(s). And I say good for them. If youre gonna pay more than a modest salary, your kicker better be special. Haushka is not. Though Seattle may live to regret this if all they can line up is Wiggins or guys like Ruskells draft pick, who couldnt kick off.

    Hopefully we can find a guy like Zuerlein, or one of the other good young kickers with strong legs, and on the cheap.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, naz had it completely right as well. Good job.

  57. Singularitarian says:

    Funny you guys don’t take Yankster’s comments as you do mine, and just completely ignore them. Portis will be the backup IMO. I don’t think he leaves a gig in the cfl to be camp fodder and not even practice squad eligeabl. I think they told him he had a place on the team, and he believed it. They have also had a whole offseason to look at what else is available in free agency as a backup qb. Much like how when Gus Bradly got the head coaching job, it came out Quinn was the plan for them, I feel Portis is the plan. I don’t think Carroll want some qb who has already proven to be mediocre or worse when starting, just to say he has starter experience. Maybe they draft someone, I’m not seeing it. I can really see Wilson helping out Portis and I think Carroll would like to see what Portis can do given the #2 from the get go and actually getting all the #2 reps. It’s only fair seeing how Portis got no reps in camp last year, which is why everybody decided he was not developing. He never got any reps. I am plenty comfortable having him the backup, and the only backup. T Jack is the only other who would make sense to me

  58. PugetHawk says:

    Good looking out PDWay. Didn’t see that Tennessee grabbed him. Curious if the second string QB needs to be someone who can run the option. If you look at the list of FA’s available it rules out a number of guys including Hass. Could you imagine Hass trying to run a read option play? Hilarious.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfaninok, I’m going to try my best to just ignore the yankster from now on. I must believe he is a troll, because I would rather not believe that someone that ignorant yet arrogant draws breath and chooses to frequent our beloved blog. The comment about the Raiders’ cap space is proof of retardation, if there wasn’t enough already.

  60. PugetHawk says:

    Of the list FleaFlicker posted it seems only Smith, Young, and Wallace could run the read option. I may be wrong though.
    I don’t think the second stringer will be limited to a mobile QB mainly because Wilson wasn’t running the option until late in the season so the offense can perform without it. Just not as well.
    Maybe MikeRob can be the 3rd string QB.

  61. I think Haushka is a good kicker.. Botttom tier?
    He makes 82% of his kicks.. Compared to David Akers who has made 81%

  62. bbnate420 says:

    Matt Scott is intriguing to me. He played very well against the Huskies. I watched the entire game. And the Huskies had a pretty decent defense in 2012. It wasn’t the turnstile that it had been in the previous few years. He had pretty good numbers for the year as well. He only started one year. I certainly would be in favor of drafting him if they can get him in the 6th or later.

  63. bbnate420 says:

    Do people here realize that Zuerlein made 74% of his FGs while kicking in a dome at least half the season? Blair Walsh was by far the better rookie kicker. He made 92 % of his FGs and made 10 50+ yard FGs to Zuerlein’s 7. Walsh was 10/10 and Zuerlein was 7/13.

    Hauschka may come back, but the Hawks aren’t going to rush to sign him. They don’t want to overpay. Kickers usually don’t sign early in FA. I believe that Phil Dawson is the only UFA kicker that has signed, and he was the best one.

  64. Great career, good career, very good career…… whatever. Pick an adjective. The point is, he has done pretty well for himself.

    But I agree, no title games for Carson impact how he will be remembered.

    The one thing that is apparent, he is respected in the league. You can tell by how long he is unemployed (zero days).

  65. bbnate420 says:

    The Hawks could draft Dustin Hopkins in the 6th or 7th if they want to draft a kicker. Looks pretty good. Strong leg.

    Palmer is going to get 16 mil over 2 years from the Tards, 20 mil if he reaches incentives. 10 mil is guaranteed. He’s clearly proven more than Flynn at this point. I don’t think many would argue that he’s significantly better than the crap the Tards have had the past few years at QB. He does have Fitz, Andre Roberts, and Michael Floyd to throw to. I don’t see Flynn doing any better with the Raiders. Flynn comparable to Rich Gannon? I think Flynn will be disappointed when he finds out that he doesn’t have Tim Brown and Jerry Rice to throw to.

  66. naz & nate – THANK YOU^3!

    That $6M signing bonus info was just what I needed to lose my uh oh feeling about SEA’s cap guys doing shady dealings with OAK. Much appreciated. PS, I used to find player contract info from Sando’s spreadsheets when he was here, (but they quit posting stuff after the ’09 season – as far as I can tell), (which neglected to mention any kinda bonus), and Rotoworld. OK, found it, Still lotsa numbers missing, but better than what I’d been seeing…

    Got any better sites for player contracts?

  67. Dukeshire says:

    So it’s not being reported, just speculation. I disagree with the premise simply because kickers are rarely signed this time of year and he finished last season on IR.

  68. bird_spit says:

    My thoughts on Flynn? I hope for the best for him, but the raiders are too dysfunctional of an organization. They are not a QB away, so they probably are looking at Flynn like PC looked at tjack…placeholder until they can build a team. And if flynn is magic in the bottle, then they win and can put butts in seats.

    But Flynn means nothing to the hawks any more. I wish him well, and ‘hope’ we see the raiders in the superbowl.

  69. With the number of picks we have, it seems likely that a kicker will fill one of the slots. With few draft picks likely to make the team, it would not be necessary to wait until round 7 to take one. Maybe Hopkins, from Florida State?

  70. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, I use roto and spotrac. They had the full details of his contract listed on roto, though they’re not there anymore that he’s with the Raiders and has reworked his contract. I bet you could find them if you googled an article about the original Flynn signing.

    Hopkins is projected to go in the 6th or 7th by NFLDraftScout, so I wouldn’t have a problem if they used their 6th to take him.

  71. yankinta says:

    Only 2 WEEKS until the NFL Schedule gets release!!!

    I think/hope we will get at least 5 PRIME TIME GAMES FOR SURE….

    FOR SURE :
    @ Colts (Russell Wilson vs. Andrew Luck)
    @ ATL (Rematch)
    @ 49ers (Top 2 teams in the NFC/NFL)
    vs 49ers (Top 2 teams in the NFC/NFL)
    @ Texans (Top 5 teams in the NFL)

    Maybe :
    @ NY Giants (??)
    vs. Saints (Rematch of the playoff game 2 years ago??)
    vs. Vikings (PH versus old team)
    vs. Rams (maybe??)

  72. BBnate–Haushka is decent, not good. 82% of his kicks are good (as long as they are less than 50 he’s pretty accurate), his kickoffs are average at best, and he cannot make 50 yard field goals, let alone 54 yarders. Akers is falling apart the last couple years, and seems to have lost it. I no longer count him as a very good kicker either. IMO, he’s average at best (Haushka).

    Zuerlein burst on the scene making everything, including kicks from 54-60 yards. The second half of the year, he fell apart too. It remains to be seen if he can become a consistent kicker, but he has loads of potential and a strong leg. Zuerlein was the name that came to mind, but youre very right, Walsh had a far better year overall.

    Yes, Hawks are taking their time because they dont want to overpay, and they are looking to upgrade if possible.

    Dukeshire–Yes, its speculation, like most things on the blogs. So you disagree that Haushka wishes to be paid higher than Seattle is willing to give him just yet? Fine, but there is nothing but circumstantial evidence to point one way or another.

    Its reasonable to assume that he wants more money than Seattle is willing to cough up right now, and other considerations very well could (and likely do) include his injury, his lack of 50+ ability, his avg kickoffs, and the fact that since he’s generated little FA interest, Seattle is in the catbird seat and can afford to go window shopping, perhaps as I said bringing in a veteran or young FA, as well as the option of drafting competition. (of course, its also possible he’s desperate to sign with Seattle and they are being coy, or that he wishes to go elsewhere and hasnt found a spot yet. But there’s no evidence of that.)

    I see them offering him a cheap deal and bringing in camp competition. As to who wins, Im not making any bets but I do hope we can do better than Haushka.

  73. Oh yeah, and I wanna vote for the comment claiming the Raiders had tons of cap space this year as comment of the year! I snorted coffee on that one!

  74. yankinta says:

    Only 2 WEEKS until the NFL Schedule gets released!!!

    I think/hope we will get at least 5 PRIME TIME GAMES FOR SURE….

    @ Colts (Russell Wilson vs. Andrew Luck)
    @ ATL (Rematch)
    @ 49ers (Top 2 teams in the NFC/NFL)
    vs 49ers (Top 2 teams in the NFC/NFL)
    @ Texans (Top 5 teams in the NFL)

    PT Maybe :
    @ NY Giants (??)
    vs. Saints (Rematch of the playoff game 2 years ago??)
    vs. Vikings (PH versus old team)
    vs. Rams (maybe??)

    not sure, if Thursday night games are considered primetime….

  75. Singulitarian–Good points. Perhaps Seattle really did like Portis, just didnt need him last year. Without Flynn, things are different. You are 100% right that he didnt have much opportunity to progress sitting behind T-Jack, Flynn, and Wilson.

    What we dont know is if he wanted to be released or if Seattle’s FO had a hard time releasing him or what…we have no idea what they think of his potential, except that they are bringing him back, at least in the short term. They COULD even be playing games, planning on keeping him only if they cant draft the guy they want. He could be an attempt at a smokescreen.

    But yeah, I think its a reasonable assumption that they told him he’ll get a fair shot to compete and play in preseason at least, which would give him a good chance at putting up some good film for other teams to see at the very least. Or perhaps his CFL gig wasnt looking too steady…

  76. Neither Roto nor spotrac are very complete. There usta also be a guy who musta had a direct line to the NFL, ’cause he retained a spreadsheet online that detailed every contract for every team over may years, and kept it up to the hour – I swear! My hard disk died with his address (plus brain vapor-lock) or I’d still be going to his site (if it’s still there). It was wonderful cause you could compare the amounts spent between teams on position groups (e.g. OL, DL, LBs, WRs, RBs, QBs, etc) and compare their values via other websites which give performance numbers for position groups for all the teams. I’ll keep looking and report if I ever find it again…

  77. Clayton sez SEA will end up with Thigpen as their #2 QB:

  78. bbnate420 says:,seattle-seahawks

    Eric linked this site awhile back. It shows the breakdown for every team back in 2012. Doesn’t include the dead cap money for 2012.

  79. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – You said this: “Haushka thinks he deserves the money other kickers get” That’s what I take exception to. Simply put, you presented that as though he said that or it was reported somewhere that was an issue. Noting what he thinks or doesn’t without tangable evidence is what I disagree with.

    You also said that he’d be on the roster if he were willing to sign for the league minimum. What I’m saying regarding that point, is that there is no way of knowing that. Moreover, is he even healthy? At least that could be debated if we care to, but I don’t really.

  80. SandpointHawk says:

    Alas, the lost art of the link…

  81. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    wow everyone is kinda chippy today.. that said i see i got no answer
    oh well on with life.

    let’s face it they may bring in a vet and draft another QB late. in the end i trust the FO to take care of it.

  82. It’s kinda interesting sometimes going back and remembering what was going on at about the same time the prior pre-season: PC/JS were trying to persuade P.Manning to consider coming to SEA. TJax was the assumed starter for SEA, and would play better if he was healed. SEA was going to have a workout with A.Smith but cancelled it right after they landed Flynn (for more than A.Smith was due). SEA was considered to have pulled off a good deal getting Flynn to sign here instead of with MIA, for about the same money. MIA was gonna have to move up in the draft to land Tannehill to keep CLE from getting him…

  83. DreadHawks says:

    It seems that the 9ers are bent on getting older and slower. Signing Asumoega? he sucked in Philly. This is A OK by me!


    Here’s the Asomugha link. I don’t think it’s a good thing at all for us. More talent for them on a cheap deal, and a prove-it year for him to see if he can get one last contract in his career. I bet he helps them.

    the NFC West arms race continues. I wish he had signed elsewhere.

  85. Dukeshire–I still dont get why youre all of a sudden testy. I was typing fast. Perhaps it would have been clearer if I said “It would seem Haushka thinks he deserves the money other kickers get” or Haushka seems to think….or even “Given that he has yet to be signed to a contract with Seattle or any other team, it seems Haushka wants more than the market will bear for his services, or that there is no market for his services.”

    It wasnt meant to be a statement of absolute fact, just a poorly worded opinion. And I thought I was the grammar nazi…

    Yes, its quite possible that he is willing to sign for the league min, and that no one wants his services just yet, as I said in a later comment. I find that hard to believe, as he isnt terrible, just not strong-legged enough to warrant top-tier status or pay. As for his injury, the info that was reported at the end of the year was that he would have been able to play the game after ATL, had he not been placed on IR. Of course, those were initial reports and theres been no word since so who can say?

    I think you are making much ado about nothing, but Im happy to elaborate on what I meant. No offense meant to you or Mr. Haushka. Remember, short comments do not always confer the writers intent. I suppose in this case my comment failed utterly.

  86. bbnate420 says:

    Minus Goldson, plus Asomugha. I’ll take that trade as a Hawks fan.

  87. AKhawkFan says:

    I hardly post here so you must rarely sleep. I’d rather be boring than constantly prove myself ignorant. Tool.

  88. bbnate420 says:

    Duke didn’t seem to be testy to me. He was just arguing a point with you. Most of us have testes, so it’s probably not a giant leap to get testy.

  89. Ewalters7354 says:

    Boy I bet Eric wished this blog would have went subscription lol.I mean cmon guys enough is enough.

  90. DanielleMND says:

    I feel sorry for Flynn. He deserves a chance to start, but he also deserves a chance to succeed, and I don’t see that happening for any QB in Oakland.

  91. banosser says:

    If Flynn can prove himself as a starter he’ll be eligable for FA in 2 yrs…

  92. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Lol. I’m not testy at all. I was just looking for clarification because I thought I missed something. It’s not a matter of being a grammar Nazi, just trying to understand because I thought it would be odd for him to come out and say something like that

  93. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    EW, where you been hiding?

    lol, nate i have been saying egos and testosterone bad mix on here for years

  94. “Minus Goldson, plus Asomugha. I’ll take that trade as a Hawks fan.”

    well, that’s true enough. They’ll miss Goldson.

  95. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hawkfan, I’ve just been reading.With all that’s going on with this blog I’ve just been keeping quiet.

  96. hawkfaninoklahoma says:


  97. Maybe what Josh Portis needs is a steady dose of hanging out with RW.

    Can you imagine if Wilson’s work ethic and preparation wear off on Portis?

  98. So, anyways, I decided to take a break from some of this mindless chatter and in facebook chatting with Duke – he says I’m accused of posting as someone else. Really? WTF?

    Lets say it’s me really doing this childish thing… would I really use “my” handle “bobk333″ to say absolutely different things? How utterly elementary is this?

    For the record, I read an article recently about Flynn (can’t remember the site) and there was a “bobbyk” or something close that said Flynn wasn’t good or something to that effect. This is actually quite weird. Like identity theft – but different (in a psycho way).

    Does anyone know why some of “us” are guests on the game live chats?

    Do you?

    It’s because some crazy kept stealing our handles and saying crap things that people who knew us on the blog were untrue. My favorite was the time when I was on (during a game) and hadn’t posted in awhile and then “bobbyk” came on and said something utterly stupid and Divish called him out for being an idiot and I posted something like “lol or busted” and got a kick out of that (since I was actually one of the moderators).

    I can almost guarantee that whoever was the reason for the fake bobbyk on the game chats is this person who really needs a life and is this clown (who is probably getting a kick out of this).

    Good for you, whoever you are, I must have said something in the past that ticked you off and now you’re out to get me. It must feel good to be so pathetic in your life.

    Eric – Is there a way to find out where “yankita” is posting from? I know you like to stay out of this childishness – but this is kind of at another level.

  99. Sarcasticus says:

    You would think the Raiders learned from one LSU qb mistake. Flynn does not have it. You don’t win the national championship and go in the 7th round for no reason. He does not have the arm to be a top starter. He’s not even top 20. I am not even sure the Raiders get much cap space here. I love to kick the old AFC West teams when they are down.

  100. sluggo42 says:

    We need to get th

  101. sluggo42 says:

    The pads on and start hitting!

  102. There’s another UFA QB not on Flea’s list: Pat White, who’s scheduled to visit DC and is expected to remain there.

    LB Jameson Konz visiting NYG:

  103. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lol hawkfan!

  104. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks klm008 for the McDonald update.

    Ewalters7354, You don’t have to hide no more, Your man Wilson is running the show. Oh forgot he wasn’t your man. Anyways perhaps you could be right on Winslow if the FO ever brings him back in on the cheap. But that would be a long shot now imo.

    Glad you are back anyways.

  105. @ BobbyK, I wrote this in the last thread before I realized this thread was going this morning. I’ll just speak for myself when I say I appreciate your input and conversation here on these comments. And I really don’t know what the heck is going on here with people accusing you of posting as someone else. I’d just let that go all the same because it’s a waste of time to respond to people like that. Hope you continue to stick around– you’ve been a wonderful regular read for me for years.

    I don’t like the 9ers getting so many cheap pieces. And I think after the draft we’re going to see their young talent level climb a notch. Remember this is a deep safety class and they’ve got plenty of picks to work with. I hope we continue to hit home runs with at least a third of our picks this year.

  106. bbnate420 says:

    Be nice, Georgia.

    Ewalters, Eric is glad for as many hits to the blog as he can get I would imagine. Times are tough in the newspaper biz. I doubt he cares about the little spats around here. I would doubt he reads the majority of the comments anyways.

    BobbyK, just forget about it. So a couple of people think you’re trolling under different names. You can’t please everyone. You’ve said plenty of unpopular things under your handle, as has every other regular here. It seems that if you’re here long enough and post enough times, you’re bound to sound like an ass eventually. I know I have. No point in hiding behind different handles.

  107. We welcome comments. Please keep them civil, short and to the point. ALL CAPS, spam, obscene, profane, abusive and off topic comments will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be blocked. Thanks for taking part and abiding by these simple rules.


  108. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK, All I can say is there are sometimes consequences to what we may say, so if we say a bunch of crap about a certain player over and over and over and over and over and over again, expect it to come back on you.

    In other words, take it like a man instead of hiding like a child.

    If you don’t like what other bloggers are saying about you then challenge them instead of running.
    You have good talent here, don’t waste it anymore.

  109. I have no problem with points of view and, yes, I have gone toe-to-toe with others on some issues that should prove that I’m not going to hide some other name to stir the pot. I’ve been right on some, wrong on some.

    I assume one of the very few accusers is also the reason that myself and Duke get “special” treatment on the game day chats as the the fake “bobbyk” (as already mentioned) is the biggest reason for it (as with the fake “duke” that was running rampant for awhile too).

    Just to tip the person off about using “3333” if you think it’s me – you can only use one #3 because that was my number, thanks to Dale Murphy being my baseball hero (Easley my football hero) and my being a better baseball player and my baseball/softball number, too. That would be like a RWilson3 fan using RWilson3333, which makes no sense, because Wilson doesn’t wear 33, 333, or 3,333.

    The best thing would be is that if a troll is baiting us — to not take the bate and ignore it. People like that hate nothing more than to be ignored.

  110. Georgia – How do you know the person who is pretending to be me (or claiming it) is posting because I criticized Jackson too much?

  111. You have accused me of posting as someone else and now you’re saying that you know (or think you know) that you know why someone else is doing it? Which one is it?

  112. LBC – You’re right.

  113. SideWalkHawk says:

    Lots of blog drama lately…

  114. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- You made your own bed so don’t blame me that now you have to lay on it.

  115. Georgia – let it rest!

  116. I know there is no way we get Lotulelei but if for some reason everyone panicked about his heart and let him slide and then we were able to confirm he was fine trade up to get him it would be frickin amazing!

  117. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, don’t bother with Georgia tonight. I think he’s had at least one too many. Not that I haven’t before. Talking spit about TJack, Numbskull, or anyone else under your own name has nothing to do with posting under different handles. Georgia has accused me of the same multiple times when he was drunk. I guess that’s his thing?

  118. I’m not overly tech savvy, but does anyone know if it’s possible to track where some posts come from?

  119. So change of topics – Who In your opinion was the greatest 1st round pick for the seahawks?

    Pretty clear who the top 2 are (IMO) but I had a hard time picking 3-5. and another hard time picking bottom 3-4

    Here is a link to the list:

  120. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I’m not a tech wizard either, but I think it’s possible for the TNT at least to know what the IP address is. The question is, do they have the man power to track it down for you during the hours they pay them, or do they care enough. I would bet that Eric doesn’t have control of that. He is on vacation too. I believe that the IP address would narrow it down to an area of the country, but we’re just taking your word that you’re in Minnesota. If someone wants to believe you are trolling under different handles, they could certainly believe you are lying about your location. Just don’t worry about it. 95+ % of the people don’t think it’s you, I believe.

  121. bbnate420 says:

    xcman, I’d go with Dan McGwire for sure!!!!!!!

    No seriously, I guess I would have to go with Big Walt. Easley would be a very strong choice, but Walt lasted longer. Kennedy is a good pick as well.

  122. FleaFlicker says:

    When Eric follows in the footsteps of Clayton and Sando and becomes a full timer at ESPN or NFL, he’s miss the civility of the Insider Blog. Just check out a Sando article to read some of the mindbogglingly stupid and annoying drivel people post.

    Does yankinta get under people’s skin? Sure, but people can’t stop stirring the pot. At least we’ve got real conversation threads. Remember RADeON? [note to yankinta: RADeON was a HATER for RW, but came clean and changed his tune after the Chicago game]. He was a bit acerbic at times, but I always felt people took things a little too seriously. He’s gone and it’s kind of a shame because he brought a needed skepticism to our collective tendency to be dreaming of SB rings every week. It’s just a blog, guys. We’re all rooting for the same team. HawkFanInOklahoma: I’ve read your posts for a long while, but lately you’ve got a little obsessed with yankinta. Granted, “watch and learn” might have been the most annoying post of the off-season, but everybody gets too big for their britches now and then.

    Oh man, I’m turning into the never-ending-rant guy…

  123. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lol, flea radeon was just on the other day. i am done with yankinta, the rest can feed the troll. watch and learn is the most annoying ever for me.
    bobby, lol hang in there man it should all calm back down for a bit before the next incarnation of “the troll” shows up.

  124. Looks like Thigpen is the guy:

    BrianHPFC (@PFCentral) BrianHPFC (@PFCentral) tweeted at 8:19 PM on Tue, Apr 02, 2013:
    Seahawks To Sign Thigpen: The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms with free agent QB Tyler Thigpen.

  125. Right now I think I would have to go with

    Cortez – Walt 1 and 1a there are good reasons to put both as #1

    3-5 Easley, Warner, Alexander, Thomas (I know too many)

    Bottom 3-5

    Curry, Mcguire, King, Jackson

  126. bbnate420 says:

    Flea, RADEoN still checks in every so often. He just is not here all the time. People have decided to ignore the yankster for the most part lately it seems. RADEoN was big enough to admit he was wrong. I’d forgive and forget with the yankster if he did the same. Hell, he wouldn’t even have to admit he was wrong. Just apologize for being too arrogant.

  127. Like I said, feed a troll, it follows you home. Stop feeding it, it starves.

    Dukeshire–Ok, youre just like me and analyzing stuff to death. No worries. Glad I could clarify my opinion for you. I think we’re pretty close to on the same page. Who knows how the kicker situation will turn out?

    Bobbyk–Glad you came back. As I said, who cares if a couple folks are dumb enough to think youre trolling under a pseudonym?! Not I.

  128. Best 1st rounder would have to be Kennedy for me. I’ll give you Walt was at his best for a longer period. But it seemed to me Tez hit a higher ceiling than Big Walt.

    I mean defensive player of the year as a DT, come on. That ties him with Easley. And he played in the league for 12 years at that incredibly demanding position. Which wasn’t much shorter than Walt. Besides, did you see his hall of fame speech. That guy loves two things: living life and sharing simple, yet funny, stories. What a class act as good as any.

  129. Sorry, 11 years not 12. I still stand by my analysis.

  130. And, so we have a Yugo for a backup…

    Sometimes, success can be the most corrosive thing that can happen to a team and maybe a fanbase. To see where we’ve come from can be good for a swelled ego. Lets look at how successful SEA has been from our start until 2007:

    Not so good. Can we SEA fanbase once again all pull together?

  131. I swear, I’ll try… Thigpen ugh, OK, OK…

  132. bbnate420 says:

    Tez, Walt, and Easley are all very solid picks. I can’t find fault with picking any of them really. Walt was just so dominant to me. And he was a lter pick than Tez or Easley. Easley played before I followed the Hawks, so it’s harder for me to pick him. Also his career was cut short due to the teams’ greed and the lack of an independent enough doctor.

  133. bbnate420 says:


    Tez-3, Easley-4, Walt-6.

  134. montanamike2 says:

    First post of the day is mine, i get up early so not the first time.
    It’s too easy to create a fake acount and mess with somebody by slandering their name, but the behavior has a way of giving it away.
    I’ve stated many times that just to admit that everyone is right and wrong from time to time buys people a little slack when they’re wrong.
    Owning up to when one is wrong and apologizing when you are out of line is what makes you a fan and a man. When you don’t, you’re a troll.
    I think if someone posted under my name and attacked others you guys would probably know it’s not me.
    I’m leaving on the biggest trip in my life with my cousins who i love dearly, when i get back, i hope a lot of this crap is gone and we can focus on the draft. This is an outlet for so many of us, i hate to see it ruined, especially when our team is finally a contender.
    I like so many opinions here and don’t like this behavior, all the people who shoot up schools or commit suicide are people who can’t make it in society, i don’t want that blood on my hands. I just realized that people actually have feelings!
    I think Cortez and Easley are my picks.
    Sorry to be long winded.

  135. CDHawkFan says:

    Bobby, you used the example/excuse that it possibly could be the person that claimed to be you, Duke (I think it happen to him first), Matt Hasselbeck, or Divish’s mom on the chat, I don’t consider typing a one liner, outrageous comment in the chat which doesn’t take an insider account/email the same as making regular comments. To think that someone would open up an account at and write like you, type like you, like the same players as you, write with the detail, passion and length of you just to get back at you is too hard for me to believe, did you see the level of detail this person wrote too? They clearly didn’t post to get into a fight, they just got there because of the way they handle disagreements, confrontations, differences of opinion. I thought it was interesting that one person also accused bobk3333 of getting kicked off

    While bobk3333 doesn’t write completely like ACIB or Yankster, the aggressive and antagonistic characteristics are there, I’ve seen those same things in your rants about T. Ruskell, T Jack and J Portis, name anyone else that visits this blog who is that aggressive or antagonistic when discussing the NFL including ‘professional’ players/world class athletes.

    I know you will say who cares, CD is a jerk, can’t win everyone over, but I’m just telling you that your explanation from yesterday, along with the writing in the seahawksdraftblog bobk3333 account and now the connection with the 3333 (which I didn’t know) is just too much to ignore. If I don’t believe the explanation and that you are not bobk3333, why should I or others believe you aren’t yankinTa (who has also posted on seahawksdraftblog before) or ACIB?

    For this you and STTM and others have said don’t listen to the idiot, I am stupid. Duke asked what does it all matter what you might have said elsewhere. To me I see too many connections and frankly, I am upset that 1 person has turned this blog into a pissing match most of the time. I encourage you and others to look the other Seahawks sites which you said recently that you do, they don’t have this crap going on, this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. It doesn’t appear Eric is going to do anything about it (maybe you know this already). I assume blogs/newspapers might not want to go down the road of giving up names of people unless it’s a court order or a threat is made. In the end, its hurting this community that I have been a part of for many years, and I would rather do something about it and speak up then sit back and watch it turn to crap.

    Another comment, you said (above) on April 2nd at 5:37 pm that Duke had to tell you that you were being accused of having different handles via a Facebook chat, but my original email was on April 1st at 12:12 pm. You acknowledged my comments from April 1st 3 hours later at 3:29 pm with a question to Eric about seeing where these (yankster) posts were coming from. I’m confused why Duke would have to tell you when it appears you already knew?

    There are ways to track IP addresses. Anyone that provides a link in their comments could use software that will record the IP address of the person clicking the link while also sending the person to the actual site/link. I don’t think the above is full proof as all you would have is an IP address and no name, also there are other holes in just chasing IP’s.

    Just wish you somehow could only have 1 handle/email used on Seahawks Insider to keep everyone honest, and in the end I think this is the only way to improve/regain the sites integrity and focus. Without it the Yankster and ACIB (purposely getting under your skin) posters will just continue to grow.

  136. montanamike2 says:

    CDHawkFan i value your opinion and defend your right to call anyone out. I believe somehow this gets resolved, maybe when Eric gets back?
    I hope the site is smooth when i get back.

  137. Ewalters7354 says:

    “Ewalters7354, You don’t have to hide no more, Your man Wilson is running the show. Oh forgot he wasn’t your man. Anyways perhaps you could be right on Winslow if the FO ever brings him back in on the cheap. But that would be a long shot now imo.”

    Ummmm….ok Georgia.So what was your point?

  138. bbnate420 says:

    Jesus, everyone just relax!

  139. bbnate420 says:

    Ignore posts you don’t like. I have been ignoring yankster lately, and I hope I can keep it up in the future. I almost have to agree with the people that say this blog has turned into a bunch of whining bitches.

  140. montanamike2 says:

    I started ignoring posters who want a response too.

  141. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, Eric how dare you try to take a vacation. Don’t you know we need you here to break up fights between grown men/women?

  142. Unbelievable. This is simply the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever been *associated with in my entire life. Later.

  143. montanamike2 says:
  144. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    “name anyone else that visits this blog who is that aggressive or antagonistic when discussing the NFL including ‘professional’ players/world class athletes.”

    ummm… there are many CD if you want i will go back to preseason an first four games and get you many examples

    i think in the end eric will prove it’s not bobby, myself and a few others already know that. ACIB/Yankinta/siagon/elperro all wrote in a similar condescending tone, bobby disputes, argues. adamantly disagrees. rarely does he make it personal if ever. hate to tell you but you’re backing up the wrong tree IMO.

  145. bbnate420 says:

    It seems like some people here can’t distinguish between a disagreement about facts or opinions and a personal attack. We can all argue, disagree, have a dialogue without attacking one another. I’m not trying to exempt myself from this either. I think I generally don’t attack people anymore before I feel I have been attacked, but I probably am a little too sensitive sometimes. We all should probably verify what he other person is saying before we attack.

  146. hawkfaninoklahoma says:


  147. montanamike2 says:

    I was lol at what Nate said about Eric taking a vacation.

  148. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks, montanamike2. BobbyK, don’t leave because of one person. It makes you look worse than staying and either ignoring it or fighting it IMO.

  149. montanamike2 says:

    Trolls can do a lot of damage, case in point. Well said bbnate420.

  150. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    it is what it is guys let’s talk football. we close enough to start focusing on draft?

    what positions does everyone think the team will draft? and where in the draft?

    2nd will be BPA no matter what position it is.

    i think 3rd it’s OL we need more quality competition on the line

    4/5/6 will be the mix of players that they see something in that no one else does.
    i think the 2 7th picks they can trade will be one of the others will be a kicker.

    there guys let’s move on from the crap.

  151. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Ignore posts you don’t like. I have been ignoring yankster lately, and I hope I can keep it up in the future.”

    And that is the easiest and simplest way to deal with the situation.

  152. ChrisHolmes says:

    “what positions does everyone think the team will draft? and where in the draft?”

    The question I’m most interested in seeing answered is: How many of our draft picks do you guys think will actually make the final roster this year?

    Because we have, what, 8 picks now? And our team is stacked. And we’ve acquired a few really nice pieces in FA.

    So who can we draft that can actually contribute?

    I keep hearing how deep this draft is, but I wonder if it’s deep enough for anyone to stick on our roster. I see this as strictly a backup-draft. Guys we draft this year, if they hang on the roster, are backups only. Depth. That’s it.

    What’s everyone else thinking?

  153. bbnate420 says:

    Very true, ChrisHolmes. You may not like me, I don’t know. I have had some disagreements with you lately, but I hope I was able to disagree without being disagreeable. If not, I apologize. I try to have a disagreement with people without becoming aggressive, but I either fail sometimes or I word it in a way that seems aggressive when it really wasn’t meant to be.

  154. bbnate420 says:

    I think the Hawks have 10 picks in 2013. 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 4th, 2 5ths, 1 6th, and 4 7ths.

  155. bbnate420 says:

    I think 5 could possibly make it. Some people say we don’t need that many picks, but if we pick 10 players then they can fight it out. A lot of players on this team are lower round draft choices that won a spot. Drat 9-10 and let them fight it out. I also wouldn’t mind them trading up once or twice if they see a player available worthy of that.

  156. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chris actually i think it’s now 10 picks that said i think 4-6 if you include practice squad. i think projects from past drafts start getting cut to make room for fresh talent.

  157. sluggo42 says:

    So, sorry to deviate away for drama, but I actually had a football thought!

    So I’m watching film this morning on Kolb, and I keep seeing him getting sacked. Rush comes at him, he makes a feeble juke, and gets buried.
    Now, I watch some RW film, the rush is coming in hard, and RW jukes them out of their jockstrap, they break their ankles trying to follow his move, then he circles around and hits tater for 30 yd pick-up.

    Flynn I imagine will be a Kolb-esk sack avoider, and I am now fearful for his well being down in Oakland…
    Carson Palmer is also in for a severe beating behind the week card line, being the concrete statue that he is…

    And also watch KC do well with Alex Smith. I easily predict they do better than either of these two teams.

    I now return you to your previous bickering channel

  158. sluggo42 says:

    I have gone on record as saying that 5 will not crack the starting lineup. Maybe 3…
    Or maybe I said that 5 won’t even make the team period… I can’t remember now… That’s the beauty of getting old, very day is a fresh beginning!

  159. montanamike2 says:

    I’m not that impressed with Kolb or Palmer either, it won’t take too much skill to keep throwing to Fitzgerald either, Alex Smith has a much improved team with a decent coach. We struck gold with Wilson.

  160. bbnate420 says:

    Sluggo, Obama assured me that Palmer would make it work with the Tards. If not, he’ll sent the rest of the NFC West to FEMA gulags! Just joking!

  161. bbnate420 says:

    We really don’t know how many will make the team. Obviously, any injuries in TC will have a large impact on that.

  162. sluggo42 says:

    Lol, I withheld a little zap for ya just yesterday…I’ll try to remember it now..

  163. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, the Mariners are 2-0. You never know what can happen.

  164. sluggo42 says:

    I fingered a lb, dl, and ol could possibly start… Not having a first round eliminates one rook starter. Second rounder and 3rd can probably make it.
    I think my point was that PCM has done so much work, it’s not like we have a bunch of weak areas now, and making this team isn’t like making the raiders team, or any of the bottom dwelling teams. You are going to have to be pretty dang special..
    Another spot we probably use a 6th on is to snag the best kicker coming out too.

  165. sluggo42 says:

    Oh, a little political poke, from a tea bag repug to a libtard thing, but with the high level of angst in here of late, I thought the better of it….

  166. sluggo42 says:

    But back to the draft, is a WR out of the picture now with Percy, and a TE more of a serious consideration? Or is all focus on the lines and lbs? Is there any offensive need besides ol? I don’t see it.

    I see BPA draft this year, with emphasis on DT

  167. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Sluggo42, wish all posters had the sense to step away from the keyboard once in a while.

  168. bbnate420 says:

    Sorry, sluggo. I was shaking your cage, but I was joking. I’m glad you restrained yourself.

    I think the Hawks could easily take Marques Wilson with 1 of their 5ths if he’s still available. I would be in favor of that. He’s extremely talented, but a little effed up it seems.

  169. bbnate420 says:

    The WR from Wash. State if anyone didn’t know here.

  170. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    sluggo, i see a TE in the second if one of the top two make it that far.
    would be willing to bet they take one somewhere in top 5 even if it’s a blocking TE. i still say they take a LT/RT at 56 and by that i mean a LT to play RT long out of oregon in the 3rd sounds good thou too. i am most worried about the O line.

  171. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think they’re overly concerned about TE. I think they go DT, OLB, and OT with the 1st 3 picks, unless someone rated much higher drops.

  172. bbnate420 says:

    McCoy is an excellent blocker, and he’s getting more consistent at catching the ball.

  173. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nate, MY thinking is OT/WLB/DT, reasoning is simple, they addressed DT in free agency they didn’t address WLB/TE/OL. the kicker is we don’t know how they view these positions.

    OT, breno is a free agent next year, time to draft a replacement

    TE, i think we are actually ok here but need another for debth

    DT, space eater in the 4th or 5th should work

    WLB, i am not so sure we are not ok here. smith is developing and avril playing LB. depth is good thou


  174. montanamike2 says:

    I hate that my opening post of the day was opening a can of worms, Glad you guys stayed on football! Also hate for BobbyK to get hurt, on Rant sports he uses his real name if that means anything to anyone.
    I’ve decided to take a vacation from the site until i get back. Please no more drama and kill the troll. Go Hawks!!!

  175. ChrisHolmes says:

    @bbnate420 I don’t know you personally, so I have no feelings one way or the other toward you. People disagree; my wife and I disagree all the time. I have nothing personal against you, so don’t sweat it.

    Discourse is part of the rhythm of life.

  176. bbnate420 says:

    Cool, ChrisHolmes. I just wanted you to know I wasn’t trying to go after you. I just disagree with you on a couple of points. I do agree with you a lot, not that you probably care. I’m not trying to simply pick an argument with you.

  177. bbnate420 says:

    Those seem like the biggest needs to me.

  178. bbnate420 says:

    U All bloW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. sluggo42 says:

    I like mcCoy too. He just had a few drops a majorly key moments. But I think he is pretty good he knows the offense well. Plus we also have the kid that RW invited to his voluntary pass a bout.

    I just want a big DT more than anything, to get a push up the middle and start a chain reaction that creates all kinds of havoc

    Banter, I know you were just kidding, so no worries from here either.

    Did y’all see mike rice get fired from Rutgers? What a loose screw!
    Also on ball, did ya see kevin wares leg break? Wtf?.. Oowwwwwieeee!,,

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