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Official: QB Matt Flynn traded to Raiders

Post by Eric Williams on April 1, 2013 at 10:42 am with 143 Comments »
April 1, 2013 10:43 am

The Seattle Seahawks officially announced that reserve quarterback Matt Flynn has been traded to the Oakland Raiders for a fifth round pick in the 2014 draft and a conditional pick in the 2015 draft.

With Flynn now headed to Oakland, the Seahawks only have one quarterback on the roster, starter Russell Wilson.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider discussed the possibilities his team will explore to add depth to that position on an appearance with wife Traci on 710 ESPN Seattle this morning.

The couple talked about their annual charity event to raise money for autism.

John and Traci Schneider’s son Ben has been diagnosed with autism, and they are working to create more awareness about the condition.

“There’s different avenues we can go,” Schneider said. “Obviously we have a plan in place, but it is contingent on who that player is. There’s veterans who are available now – and there are some talent guys out there. But there’s also some guys in the draft that we think are pretty interesting.

“We have a plan, and we’re going to take it as it comes. We’re not going to force anything. And we’re not going to get into a situation where we have our hands tied.”

Matt Leinart and Tyler Thigpen have emerged as possibilities Seattle could seek in free agency. Florida State’s E.J. Manuel and Arizona’s Matt Scott are possible fits Seattle could pursue in the draft.

Seattle showed interest in Leinart in 2011 when they ultimately settled on signing Tarvaris Jackson in free agency.

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  1. yankinta says:

    Eric, Do we know the details of the condition for this 2015 pick?? How high can it go up to and what is the condition?

  2. Macabrevity says:

    Getting back what we’re getting, this is really just unloading an unwanted overpaid employee. Guys, don’t lament…. the pop-gun arm probably wasn’t going to win us a SB. We can get another guy in here to hold the clipboard just fine. If there’s an injury or rash of injuries at any key position it could derail our dreams, but that’s just the nature of the sport.

    Let’s stay healthy in 2013!!!!

  3. grizindabox24 says:

    I heard the 2015 pick could be as high as a 6th, but just as easily could be no pick at all…

  4. Southendzone says:

    The Hawks sent me something in my email about the Autism charity event, it looked REALLY cool. I believe it was $500 a seat and by the time I got it it was already sold out.

    They do celebrity waiters and the list was pretty solid, Sherm, Carroll, lots of others, but seems like it would be a lot of fun being waited on by one of your favorite Hawks. I bet you could get Sherm to go off on you if you told him your steak was overcooked, or asked him for some extra cracked pepper on your salad.

  5. I guess the market was a lot softer than we all thought. This is utterly disappointing because at that value I’d have much rather he stay on as our back-up.

    Oh well, except for RDub, we haven’t been any good in dealing with QBs(see Whitehust debacle and TJack over Hass), so this shouldn’t be surprising to any of us.

  6. Or just tell him Revis could have served the steak better.

  7. Carlsonkid says:

    I was really hoping we’d see at least a 4th rounder for compensation …

    E.J. Manuel will be long gone before we pick . And no thanks to signing Leinart ; Thigpen doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence either but I’d take him over Leinart . It sounds like John and Pete have some guys in the later rounds of the draft they’re looking at , here’s hoping they can unearth another diamond in the rough again .

  8. grizindabox24 says:

    Revis would have dropped it…

  9. bbnate420 says:

    Give it up, yankster. You were wrong. Man up.

  10. ChrisHolmes says:

    Sherman was drafted in the 5th round, so our FO can’t turn that pick into a contributor. I have no complaints.

    Flynn wasn’t ever going to start unless RW got hurt. And he’s going to the Raiders… I actually feel sorry for him.

  11. Leinart would be horrible, I would bring V. Young and see whats up with him. If Thigpen is athletic, I wouldn’t be disappointed, we are just talking about the backup here. Hopefully we won’t even have to worry about it. Also, I would still draft a QB as well.

  12. bbnate420 says:

    Kam was a 5th rounder too.

  13. grizindabox24 says:

    not enamored with VY

  14. bbnate420 says:

    I bet the Hawks sign a vet minimum QB and draft one. They only have one QB right now. Let them fight it out for the backup spot.

  15. SkeleTony says:

    If they mess around with Leinart this will cost us dearly if RW gets injured. He is not as bad a QB as most people think but he is still a severe drop from Wilson and he does not have the throwing arm or the athleticism to fill in for Wilson.

  16. grizindabox24 says:

    I don’t actually believe that Leinart is a consideration…his name is just thrown out every time the Hawks are looking for QB depth because he went to USC

  17. Dukeshire says:

    yankitna – I don’t think we all learned what you were hoping we would. Better luck next time.

    Leinart talk again? Maybe the fourth time’s a charm for him to come to Seattle but I hope not.

  18. DreadHawks says:

    @griz, i think you are spot on about Leinart. Gotta be someone with a similar skill set as RW. A vet and a draft pick will compete for number 2 would be my guess

  19. bird_spit says:

    yank, that is the equivalent of cutting him out right imho. I now wish I would have taken that bet. You could just spend $100 on the food bank in seattle if you would like to remove any bad karma. That would be the greatest lesson we all learn from you.

  20. Autenpus says:

    I’m happy we got decent compensation for Flynn, and trust PC/JS’s plan. Most of all, I hope this trade kills the moronic conversations that have been ongoing on this blog the past week. Go Hawks!

  21. I’m not so sure that our back-up QB must have a similar skill set to RW; but in any regard, I don’t want Leinart. No faith in that guy.

    List of remaining guys is getting pretty thin though:

  22. ThawingEel says:

    When so many first round quarterbacks turn out to be expensive busts, it amplifies the worth of an effective proven veteran.

    Matt Flynn has proven himself a more than capable NFL quarterback with 5 years of experience behind him. What is he worth?

    Let’s see: Cleveland drafted Brandon Weeden in the first round last year. Weeden is 2 years older than Matt Flynn and has never played an NFL game.

    So what is Matt Flynn worth? Answer – way more than a simple 1st round pick. What did the Seahawks get for him? What????

  23. The Raiders are going to throw Flynn into a battle for the starting job with Pryor and most likely a draft pick. I doubt Flynn starts any more than 8 games ever for the Raiders.

  24. GeorgiaRay says:

    Yankinta, and all the “the 7th round draft pick with 2 career starts shouldn’t be traded unless we get a 2nd in return…….” ugh…

    Nice work by FO, this will work out for both parties…

  25. If you look at this not from just the perspective of what the Seahawks wanted to get in compensation, but what other teams would be willing to pay for a quarterback – post-Kolb fiasco – that was unproven as a starter and gave no appearance of being a major game-changing talent ( he was beaten out by a rookie third round pick last summer), then you have to see the compensation being received for Flynn as fair. The added benefit of a little more cap room is a plus…but Flynn never actually did anything to justify higher picks than those received in this deal.

  26. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    well that’s what we got so that is flynn’s value. everyone seems to forget that somethings value is exactly what someone was willing to pay for it. that was yankinta’s issue he put what he felt was market value on him when in fact the market value was low. even with high demand teams are tired of getting burned.

  27. ChrisHolmes says:

    Ugh… Vince Young. Really?

    He’s horrible every way you slice it.

    I mean, okay, let’s look at just his mechanics, which seem to be some topic of conversation here lately due to his recent “pro day”. You know, we’ve seen this song and dance before: Guy comes out of college, has poor mechanics, is asked to change them, spends months trying with some sort of mechanics guru, looks “improved” at his “pro day”, and then gets into the NFL and completely reverts back to his old mechanics. Does anyone remember Tim Tebow? Or Phillip Rivers? At least Rivers could throw, even if his mechanics were awkward. But everyone was SO CERTAIN Tebow could change his mechanics. Never happened.

    Guys who exit college with poor mechanics rarely make any kind of quantum leap with their mechanics. They can make small tweaks – it’s been known to happen – but by and large, if they’re screwed up coming out of school, they’ve been doing those wrong things forever, and it’s ingrained in their head. VY is a perfect example. Don’t count on him “fixing” anything. Footwork, throwing motion, or otherwise.

    Vince Young will revert to his bad mechanics the minute he takes a snap from under center in a real game.

    So lets set that aside and look at the more important aspect of his game: his brain.

    Ooops! Damn. He doesn’t have one.

    Remember, this is a guy who scored a 6 on the Wonderlic. He took the exam a second time and scored a 16. He’s the definition of dumb and dumber.

    Don’t think so? Talk to Tennessee fans about his decision making at the QB position. VY can’t read a defense and doesn’t know where to go with the ball. He’s the second-coming of Rick Meier: If the first read isn’t open, run or throw an INT.

    On top of that, he’s a malcontent and feels entitled to everything. Again, go back. Do some reading. You want that cancer on your team? It will only take a couple weeks and VY will be bitching about why he’s not starting and how come he isn’t getting a chance and why is the world so against him… Then he’ll cry.

    I don’t really care what the backup QB situation is like, but what I don’t want is anyone who can be or become a cancer. VY is a cancer. The LAST thing this team needs is a guy in the locker room who can affect the chemistry in a negative way.

    I mean, do you really want a negative guy like Vince Young around RW at all? You know VY is only going to have negative things to say about anyone and everyone. That’s VY. That’s the way he is.

  28. yankinta says:

    Oakland got a STEAL. Bills, Chiefs, Jets, Jaugars will look back at this and possibly cost them the GM jobs…..

    But I understand the logic. JS/PC couldn’t hold out for better value since we needed the cap to extend KJ and CC’s contracts….Afterall, we were a lot active in free agency used up the $$ and more than they had planned, but we got steals in free agency, so that’s the trade off…..

  29. So this trade and compensation becoming official isn’t an April Fool’s Joke?

  30. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta, Raiders may have gotten a steal, but I think you over value Flynn’s abilities. You make it sound like Flynn will lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl, and that will not happen. Flynn will be an average NFL QB at best. No one other than possibly someone in Oakland will lose a job over this deal.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right, hawkfaninok. When you’re trying to sell something, the value is whatever you can get someone to pay for it. Simple. If it has more intrinsic value to you then fine you can keep it, but don’t expect someone else to pay whatever you believe it’s worth. They often do not. Just because you pay 3,000 dollars for a new guitar, don’t expect someone to pay that to you when you turn around to sell it. Believe me.

    ThawingEel, Matt Flynn has proven nothing but that he can play well against 2 bad pass defenses with the GB offense when the other team has no tape to prepare for him with. Oh, and he’s proven he can’t win a starting QB competition in the NFL. Neither Philbin or Bradley would give up much to get him and they’re seen him in practice for at least a year. The Hawks were willing to give him up for fairly low value. You think players like Kolb and Cassell might have affected his value? It makes as much sense as 1st round QBs being a 50/50 proposition giving him more value. More sense actually IMO.

  32. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chris, all we are saying is bring him in for a look. if he can’t do it it will be apparent real quick. an the wonder lic is a joke. here’s why fitzpatrick scored a 48 3rd highest, frank gore 6, morris claiborne 4. also young mae a probowl he may not be perfect but worth a kick of the tires. if he has grown up finally and gets his head out of the way he could work well on the cheap.

  33. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24, I didn’t say that at all. Maybe you should re-read what I wrote. I said the opposite, for example, the Bills GM could get fired for giving Kolb 15 Million instead of getting Flynn for 2 late future picks.

    I don’t overvalue Flynn’s abilities, I’ve been saying trade him since we picked RW in the draft, before last Season began. I just didn’t foresee our need to move Flynn by spending all our money in the FA. I just always thought we could afford to wait for a much better offer.

  34. WilliamPercival says:

    Well there you have it Yanker. Yet you still have the gall to be the first one to make a post on here after your pompous forecasting and annoying ‘fact’ talk. Gotta say you deserved that one.

    One a warmer note.. Was great to see the Hawks open up some room to possibly make one more deal for the FA they might get at a value or even better yet, work toward signing our own guys. I feel it will benefit us in the long run now to have some cap rollover into 14′

    I see a Pat White/VY/Josh Johnson signing in the works. Low Risk move where they can simply cut ties if they don’t see a good fit. I foresee 3 more QB’s coming in by mid-training camp, with at least one draftee, possibly 2. Of course they will not go into the season with 4 QB’s, so they’ll drop the weakest link… Competition baby.

  35. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta, maybe you should re-read my post

  36. grizindabox24 says:

    Percy, Johnson already signed with Cincy

  37. bbnate420 says:

    Good thing ChrisHolmes knows exactly how VY will play and behave. No reason for PC/JS to even bring him in for a visit. SMH.

    yankster, still waiting for you to admit you were wrong. Tick tock. And do you mean Chris Clemons when you mentioned CC? They’re not extending Clemons’ contract. Your supposed 90% history of being right is going to take another hit if you do think that. And there’s more important players than KJ that need to be dealt with. I’m not saying they won’t keep him, but they don’t need to worry about him yet really. At least Sherm, ET, RW, and Okung are all way more important.

  38. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24, Oh, lol. sorry. I guess I do disagree. I think Flynn will be better than Alex Smith or Kevin Kolb or whomever the Jets draft or sign. :)

  39. yankinta says:

    bbnate420, again our NFL knowledge is on a different level. Sherms, RW, ET and Okung don’t need to be extended this season, for different reasons. I’ll give you 3 guess on the reasons. :)

    No, not Chris Clemons, I’m talking about the Strong Safety, smh….

    lol, yes I was wrong and I did already admit it. go read my previous posts… :)

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    alex smith has already proven to be a good game manager under the right system. KC seams to me to offer same type of system great running back, a good receiver in bowe that can get separation. let’s not forget smith can hit an open receiver. poor flynn will get beat to death in oakland i hate to say it.

  41. WilliamPercival says:

    Thx Griz, I didn’t know JJ was off the market. Guess we’ll just have to swap 3rd Rd’s for him now… :)

  42. bbnate420 says:

    Well the SS is KAM CHANCELLOR, not CC you idiot. So yes, our football knowledge is at a different level. You have next to none.

    KJ Wright is signed through 2014. Same as ET and Sherm. Sherm can renegotiate after 2013. RW can renegotiate after 2014. Okung is signed through 2015, but I doubt they want to wait until he’s a FA. They are all more important players than KJ Wright. Chancellor’s contract is the only one that is up after 2013.

    You are really arrogant for someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I honestly have to question whether or not you’re literate. Keep serving up the softballs, idiot.

  43. seahawkNJ says:

    “the Strong Safety” is actually KC Yankster….get your head out of your 3rd point of contact….

  44. yankinta says:

    lol, did I write CC?? Opps, sorry.

  45. yankinta says:

    Alex Smith will not have success, unless Jim Harbaugh becomes the Chiefs’ head coach.

  46. yankinta says:

    bbnate420, I’m impressed. :)

    if you knew,, why even bring up RS and RW? made me think I was wasting my time….

  47. bbnate420 says:

    3rd point of contact…LOL

  48. bbnate420 says:

    If I knew what?

  49. yankinta says:

    if you knew that RS and RW can’t be extended until after their 3rd year. JS clearly did this because KC rejected their first offer. JS need to clear the cap to make a second offer.

    And I disagree. KJ is a young LB stud. His best days are ahead of him. I hope JS will extend him too.

  50. GeorgiaRay says:

    Stop the backpedaling Yank….You made bellicose predictions of epic failure, if the 7th rounder didn’t get traded for a 2nd, and another pick the following year….Had to be based on some hometown delusions of granduer…Common sense says that if he wasn’t heavily courted as a free agent, and wasn’t going to be heavily courted as a potential trade, then we got about what he was worth…You did teach me something though, as you claimed you would………..

  51. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    another bold prediction, maybe maybe not yankinta my point is he has had a winning season he has proven himself which flynn has not. let’s face it flynn has not proven anything even that he could stay healthy and handle the work load. there is no guarantee that any player moving to another team will be as successful. that’s the risk you take when you get a free agent. funny thing Reid made kolb look good real goo yet kolb failed as a card. i am betting reid will adjust to smith’s strengths.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    They can’t extend KJ Wright until after 2013 either, so why did you mention him? And money saved now can be used in the future, so it doesn’t matter whether they want to save it for RW or whoever. You really aren’t very smart.

  53. hyunwoong says:

    Yankinta, I’ll bet you Flynn will not be better than Alex Smith.
    You must consider the surrounding talent on offense and also the defense of the team.
    The Niners are light years ahead of the Raiders.
    Flynn might even get knocked out during preseason behind Oakland’s suspect line.

  54. yankinta says:

    hyunwoong, are we talking teams or QB ratings?? I do agree, Flynn is on a really bad team. But I think Alex Smith will be a bust. Chiefs GM will get fired for that over-paying….

  55. Sarcasticus says:

    Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn is finally Gone Gone Gone Gone Gone

    I sure wish Portis had stuck around. He was interesting.

  56. Sarcasticus says:

    Palmer to the Cards could be interesting.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    How do you know that they’ve offered a new contract to KC? The same way you knew they were getting at least a 3rd for Flynn? I looked too, you still haven’t admitted you were wrong. You just said you were surprised.

    And they wouldn’t need any more cap room in 2013 if they were offering KC an extension, unless they were voiding the last year of his current contract. They still don’t have a ton of room to increase a current contract in 2013. They have approx. 9 mil now. They still have to find another QB, a kicker, and have draft picks to sign.

  58. I think Kevin Kolb may be a good comparison for what Matt Flynn may become. Kolb was decent last year, but couldn’t stay healthy. I don’t know if Flynn’s elbow issues were more pouting as a result of a bruised ego, but Matt Flynn has not proven anything in this league, at least in terms of consistency and durability.

  59. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yankinta, so it’s over paying for smith but it wouldn’t have been for flynn? come on man you can’t have it both ways. you reason like a child, no lie the KC GM may get fired over this and he probably would have too if paid the same for flynn. you talk in absolutes when there are none. there are no guarantees when you go from a good team to the worst 2 teams in the league. do you really think flynn wins them a game this year? they are horrible with little talent. at least the chiefs have talent on the offensive side of the ball and a decent line. although smith may not win many games he won’t lose many either. he is better at this point than flynn at this point . will that change between now and the season/ doubtful because of talent level on the teams. KC has more and better coaching.

  60. ChrisHolmes says:

    Wonderlic isn’t a joke. It’s an IQ test. So you might want to rethink that statement.

    Now, you can argue the merits of intelligence as it pertains to various positions in the NFL and you won’t get much of an argument with me. Why would Frank Gore need to be super-smart to play runningback? You don’t need to be. Just run the damn ball. A garbage man (oh, excuse me, Refuse Engineer) doesn’t need a Master’s from MIT to do his job. But then again, a garbage man isn’t exactly solving rocket science problems at his job, now is he?

    For the most important position in the NFL, and easily the position that requires the ability to process the most information as fast as possible and make a decision, I’d argue IQ is pretty darned important.

    Show me the last dumb-as-a-rock NFL QB who had a really long and successful career? Terry Bradshaw maybe? That was a long time ago… a different era. You can’t get by in the modern NFL being stupid.

    And using Fitzpatrick as an argument is kinda dumb as well. That’s like saying IQ is the *ONLY* factor to a QB’s success. Well, we all know that’s not true. Plenty of smart guys have failed for a lot of reasons (lack of skills, inadequate arm strength, lack of desire, heart, lack of preparation, etc.)

    None of us believes IQ is the only stat that matters (kind of like all the gurus last year who wanted to tell us that HEIGHT was the end-all, be-all of QB metrics… guess they were wrong too).

    If the team wants to kick the tires on Vince Young, by all means, kick them. It won’t surprise me if they do, because this team has a track record of leaving no stone un-turned. And that’s great.

    But I think – my opinion here – that he is a bad fit, hasn’t changed, and most importantly, he isn’t smart enough to be a backup at the NFL level. I don’t see much value in bringing him in to kick the tires because he hasn’t shown anything in his history to indicate he can do it. And you can’t teach someone how to be smarter….

    VY’s been an entitled malcontent with sub-par mechanics and poor decision making since he got into the league. So now, all of a sudden, he’s “changed”?

    I don’t buy it.

    But unlike Yank-my-chain, if VY gets brought in, has changed, and the Seahawks sign him, AND he doesn’t screw up the chemistry of the locker room, I’ll be the first guy to admit I was wrong about him (and I like redemption stories, so there’s that…).

    That’s the thing about opinions: If you have the stones to have conviction about something, have the stones to admit when you were wrong.

    Last word: I’m getting pretty disappointed in the way people are interacting on this message board.

    We’re sharing opinions here. There’s no points to score. There’s nothing to “win” by being right or wrong about any of this. If your personal ego requires being “right” all the time, you might want to back away from this message board and re-evaluaate your life and your attitude…

    I’m passionate about the Seahawks. I’m passionate about a lot of things. Seems to me that folks here are really taking an offense to any kind of passion or conviction about anything lately if it doesn’t match their own opinion. Makes one want to just shut up and not even bother frequenting.

    Toughen up a bit people. You have a different opinion? Great! You don’t need to personally attack or belittle someone who opposes your point of view. You don’t need to hurl veiled barbs at them. Just say you don’t agree and move on.

    I don’t agree with anyone who thinks VY is worth an inspection. But it’s just my opinion. If you don’t agree, so be it.

    Or you could try and be convincing… you know, by making an actual, intelligent argument… Instead of devolving into attacks and rancor…

  61. tylerwyler says:

    I hate feeding the trolls, but you seriously make this blog far less enjoyable, Yankinta. Though you fashion yourself an “expert,” I don’t find your “insights” to be of much value. Your high self opinion is not deserved, and your attitude towards the other posters (that bring valuable points to the table) is boorish. IMO, this blog was better before you were here.

    I wonder if there’s a safari extension that can block me from seeing all the dumb crap you post… Or maybe you could just offer your opinions in a manner that doesn’t make it seem like you think this is a comment contest. There’s a lot of interesting analysis being shared here and you serve to only diminish it. Also, eff me for even having to bring this up. I much prefer being a daily reader/lurker and infrequent poster. I come here to read about the Hawks, not be trolled relentlessly. You win at troll wars, Yank. Happy? Now, would you kindly tone it down?

  62. WilliamPercival says:

    CALLING ALL BRETHEREN (& SISTERS), the time has come…

    We need to sign the below petition asap:

    Dear News Tribune – Seahawks Insider

    We 12’s love the News Tribune Seahawks Insider Blog and what it stands for. Most of us appreciate the authentic conversation, personal views and fellowship between true supporters of the Hawks from right here in the great state of WA to the other side of the US (Georgia & beyond).

    Unfortunately the time has come to ex-communicate one who has done nothing to build up Nation 12. Rather, this individual referred to as Yankinta, has come to seek and destroy, with complete and utter lack of respect toward all other 12’s far and near.

    Please kindly delete, expunge, eliminate Yankinta at your earliest possible ability.

    Go Hawks,
    Nation 12
    Signed below…

  63. WilliamPercival says:


  64. Dukeshire says:

    I would argue that the wonderlic is a “joke” in terms of it’s difficulty. I’ve seen and taken a few and they’re not terribly difficult.

  65. WilliamPercival says:

    Addendum to the Petition:

    In addition, I agree to no longer acknowledge or reply to such person (Yankinta) at any time during my involvement in this blog from here forward. I will not feed the Troll any longer. I have cut off the food supply.

  66. tylerwyler says:

    “We welcome comments. Please keep them civil, short and to the point. ALL CAPS, spam, obscene, profane, abusive and off topic comments will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be blocked. Thanks for taking part and abiding by these simple rules.”

    Civil – Courteous and polite
    ALL CAPS – (simple enough to understand, without a definition)
    Abusive – Offensive and insulting

    It seems that perhaps we should just start flagging more often, as Yankinta clearly is in regular violation of these three rules on a regular basis.

    Now, I’m in violation for being off topic (again), so I’ll apologize to the rest of you and move on. I know that my complaining isn’t why any of you come to view this blog.

  67. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chris, didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers however,
    it doesn’t take a genius …

    The aforementioned Bradshaw scored 16 out of 50 on the test, well below the average of 24 for an NFL quarterback. (Note: scores are not released by the league and are considered unofficial.)

    For the record, a score of 10 indicates that a person is literate — which means that Bradshaw could not only spell “cat” but also could likely master several other three-, four- and even five-letter words.

    Bradshaw is not the only successful NFL quarterback to bomb on the Wonderlic test. Hall of Fame quarterbacks Dan Marino and Jim Kelly each scored 15. Former NFL stars Steve McNair (15), Randall Cunningham (15) and Daunte Culpepper (18) each scored well below the NFL average for a quarterback.

    Read More:

    now granted 6 is bad but we are looking for a back up not a starter. and coaches are there to coach up a player. if he has changed then he will accept the help he wouldn’t take before and hopefully improve. he was a cancer because he thought he knew it all and such. “see yankinta” same thing.
    people change all the time his issues are mostly from his lack of allowing someone to coach him up and teach him. if he truly is teachable now then “i” think he mite be worth the risk. listen to a couple of interviews with him this year he sounds humble, is he i don’t know anymore than you. i watched him play in college an he is an interesting match for this team if his head is on right. oh thigpen, 21 so he is below average too. just saying.

  68. tylerwyler says:

    The wonderlic test is interesting in that it’s a peculiar sort of intelligence. It’s a kind of “know when to cut your losses” sort of intelligence. I took an online version of the test and did very well in getting all the answers right. The only problem was that I took too long on some questions. I’d have scored higher if I’d recognized that a few of the questions were just too time consuming to consider, and I could have had three correct answers later in the test, had I skipped them. If you’ve never taken it before, and you’re the type to want to get each answer right, it doesn’t necessarily reflect on your intelligence. If I knew I had to give an answer because I could SEE a 300lb lineman running at me, then sure, I’d give the wrong answer (throw it to the sidelines). It’s not exactly the same, though, when you’re talking pen and paper and stopwatch, as opposed to a crumbling O-Line and huge dudes coming to smash your face. I could totally understand instances in which it would be a very good judge of a QBs ability, and, conversely, I can totally understand a very good QB getting a low score.

  69. grizindabox24 says:

    Colt McCoy traded to Niners for late round pick

  70. HonHawksLSB says:

    I’ve been reading all Flynn Blog posts for the past few days from iPhone and they have been pretty entertaining. I don’t post a ton, but enjoy the insights of fellow Hawks fans.

    This is not a watch and learn moment, but here is a name for a late round flier to add QB depth with one of our 7th round picks… Jordan Rogers. He played in the SEC and is athletic enough. The knock on him is footwork and mechanics which he will have plenty of time to work on as a 3rd string developmental guy.

  71. boucherm says:

    I have been a daily reader/lurker and rare poster since the Sando days, and used to feel the comments section was one of the biggest parts of this blog. I now read it far less frequently, for a couple reasons.
    There is very much a “poin-keeping” atmosphere, as noted above, and many of the posts include snarky comments or shots at other posters. It becomes more about people sniping each others’ comments/opinions than actual discussion. This is not just from the “trolls,” but from posters with good opinions and insights, as well. I agree that yakinta’s predictions were wrong–does that need to be the theme of this whole discussion? It seems to be more central than discussing the actual trade.
    It would be great if folks on here could just think about this for a second, I miss the old discussions.
    Thanks, Matt

  72. FleaFlicker says:

    boucherm: exactly!

  73. bbnate420 says:

    The wonderlic isn’t that hard as far as IQ tests go. You wouldn’t get one if you went to a psychologist to be tested. They are fairly easy for a lot of people. The question is there a causal relationship between having a higher wonderlic score and being a good QB? I don’t really think there is a strong correlation between wonderlic scores and QB play. Not to mention proving it has a causative effect. Of course you would rather your QB do well on the wonderlic, but it’s value is suspect. The wonderlic doesn’t measure ones’ ability to stay calm while 300 pound men are charging them so that they can go through their progression.

  74. bbnate420 says:

    I have a respectful suggestion for lurkers that think the discussions aren’t up to par anymore. Feel free to chime in with a good insight or an interesting question. It could very well steer the conversation in a different direction. Some people say that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  75. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bouchern, i have said this once today i will say it again, give it a day or two and it should calm down in here. you don’t rub crap in peoples faces for 2 months and get a pass. i will debate new points with him as he posts but i am done with the flynn topic it is dead.

  76. boucherm says:

    I think the one real value of the wonderlic with a QB is the ability to process information with pressure on.
    The sample questions I’ve seen are all the type where you basically have to sort through the wording of the question itself, and the only thing keeping people from scoring highly on it is that it has such a time limit.
    It’s just about processing quickly, which it seems is the main value throughout the NFL, but for QBs in particular.
    Specifically with VY, it always seemed to me his biggest issue was making quick decisions (reading coverage), which was masked a little by his amazing physical abilities.
    On the other side of the coin, Ryan Fitzpatrick famously aced the wonderlic, but that hasn’t prevented him from some of those same issues, as you can see by all the picks he throws.
    It would be really cool if all the QB scores were public–we would know a lot more about the value of them.

  77. bird_spit says:

    Guys, as much as ole’ yank-your-chain is a pain in the butt, his opinion is his opinion. Why all of the hate thrown his way. Many commenters (yeah, we arent bloggers) are just as colorful or dramatic in their words. Yankinta isnt even the most annoying at times.

    Hell I’d argue that bobbyk’s man-hate on TJack was more painful to read. I didnt see too many people calling for bobbyk’s head. (bobbyk, please assume nothing, I enjoy your stuff, but using you as an example of annoying, yet acceptable behavior : ) ).

    Yank, please dont now think Im coming to your defense, as it was pretty outrageous to think we could have gotten anything approaching a 2nd round pick for weak/tired armed Flynn.

    But fellos, please be civil.. old yank isnt closely approaching the annoyance of ACIB. Not even in the same league.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t fall into that category at all. If someone gets enjoyment out of the blog by simply reading aka “lurking”, that’s good on them. But I do think there’s value when a more objective voice, like those who are not directly involved in the conversation, point out that the general quality and level of those comments is well below what it once was. Because the fact of the matter is that I couldn’t agree more. In short, people are in a twist here because someone who thought Chris Clemons is a strong safety is bragging about how right he always is and ordering others to “watch and learn”, or whatever. A little perspective can go a long way here. (And rest assured, I’m not excluding myself from those that have let the quality slide.)

  79. bbnate420 says:

    A fair amount of people gave BobbyK spit about his TJack rants, me included. Some still do occasionally. The difference to me is that it wasn’t as constant and repetitive as yanker. He wasn’t arrogantly putting down other commenters either, just TJack.

  80. tylerwyler says:

    I agree with most of your points, Boucherm. It also seems, though, that the only reason any of us are engaging in the “told-you-so” finger pointing is precisely because you-know-who couches many of his comments by saying that he’s an expert with real football knowledge and the rest of us are just amateurs.

    If he’d have just simply said “I’d like to see the Hawks get a 3rd for Flynn” nobody would be talking about it today.

    Why we’re talking about him is that he regularly posts things like we “need to watch and learn how to read,” that we’re “such amateurs,,, smh…” and “At least I’m not some amateurs, on this blog like yourself and your friends that jump over every little rumor and base my analysis based on some talking heads on TV says…. I use my brain, that’s the key.” And that’s just the stuff he’s posted in the last 24 hours. I could go on and on. The point is this: He’s rude, insulting, and abusive. Any of the points he’d like to make he could make without casting dispersions on the intellect of the other posters and readers here. The tone he takes is the problem, not the accuracy of his predictions. This forum is full of incorrect prognostications, as it should be. We’re all just guessing and tossing out ideas. Clearly none of us have the inside track on how the front office is going to behave. It’s all speculation. Would it kill him to engage in civil speculation?

  81. On the Wonderlic: its an extremely flawed test, as is the IQ test so many (wrongly) compare it to. Both are slanted to upper middle class whites, and what they consider valuable knowledge. Its also a test where very high scores as a qb seem to correlate to backup status. The sweet spot seems to be 25-32.

    That said, its not a garbage test. I was PISSED when I found out we wasted a first rounder on a Center who scored an 11 on the Wonderlic, because the C is usually as smart or smarter than the qb (he has to be to make all the line calls). Remember who that was? Yeah, Chris Spencer, drafted by Holmgren (who angrily said he’d make 10 Pro Bowls–must have meant zero) and Timmay! Dumskull. And he has sucked in a major way ever since, despite having ridiculous measurables.

    You should never deliberately draft a football-dumb person to play a) qb or b) Center.

    On VY: The guy has epic failed, but he is broke and humbled and wont be the same cancer he was. Will he be a good player? I cant say, but I do think someone should give the guy a look. He’s still a big strong stud with an arm. If Seattle can take a midget and make him outperform Peyton Manning, they have a good shot of making something out of VY. I can take him or leave him. But I hope he gets another shot to work his way up, the hard way this time.

  82. FleaFlicker says:

    STTBM: you’re making me nostalgic for Terrell Owens’ Seahawks career

  83. WilliamPErcival–I like your wording. But even if they do ban our latest troll, he will just come back, more annoying than ever, with a new internet handle and persona. He’s done it before.

    Best way is to respond to only those posts that are civil, either that or utterly ignore his comments.

    Or I suppose everyone could flag ever single one of his comments. But I think ignoring works best. (It worked for me. I went overboard with a certain commenter here and he simply ignored me until I apologized and toned it down. I been mostly a good boy ever since…)

  84. FleaFlicker–I have always detested Owens, but recently I have come to feel sorry for him. I really was hoping Seattle would keep him around and let him get the rust off. He can still get open, which I didnt think was the case. He just has hands of stone.

  85. What kinda sense does it make to trade Flynn for such low comp, unless there’s something that hasn’t been reported – like JS saw Flynn’s arm fall off as he was walking down the hall at the VMAC? SEA only saves $1.25M on the cap this season.

    I hope JS is getting better at QB evaluation than he was when he got us CW. Although the number of snaps were minimal, Flynn’s stats were continually improving until he’s now near the top of all NFL QBs for ’12 (10th of 82 – higher than RW’s 17th), ’11 (12th of 91), ’10 (33rd of 101), (’09) 64th of 99 and ’08 (87th of 98), as far as PFF signature stat QB ratings for all players throwing at least one pass. Of the 9 players above Flynn in QB rating for ’12, only Shaun Hill(5th), Kyle Orten(6th), Tim Tebow(7th), Derek Anderson(8th), and Trent Edwards(9th) are actual QBs – the others are WRs.

    Thigpen’s QB rating has been 65th in ’08, 76th in ’09, 43rd in ’10, 70th in ’11, and 27th in ’12. Up and down, and never impressive. Thigpen’s accuracy% was 75 in ’12, 42.9 in ’11, 65.6 in ’10, 57.1 in ’09, and 63.4 in ’08. The accuracy % takes into account drops, so bad receivers would be nullified. Not good accuracy. Thigpen didn’t throw any deep passes in ’12 (Flynn’s deep passing accuracy in ’12 was 50%). In ’11 Thigpen’s deep passing was 0 for 1 for 0% (Flynn’s was 66.7% on 6 deep passes for GB). In ’10 it was 38.5% deep accuracy for Thigpen and 33.3% for Flynn. In ’09 50% for Thigpen (1 of 2), and 0% (0 of 1) for Flynn. In ’08 36.4% for Thigpen (Flynn didn’t throw any deep passes). Is Thigpen’s accuracy under pressure good? Not according to PFF: 0% in ’12, 0% in 11, 58.8% in ’10, 50% in ’09, and 43.1% in ’08. Flynn’s was 100% in ’12, 75% in ’11, 72.7% in ’10, 100% in ’09, and 0% in ’08. What about the difference in completion % when throwing off play action vs no play action (only ’12 stats available)? Thigpen: -60%, Flynn 66.7%, RW 1.6%. What about time in the pocket? No starting QB spent more average time in the pocket than RW (2.97 sec. from snap to throw.) With a somewhat shaky OL at pass-pro, that is one of the things RW actually does pretty well – eludes sackers. What about Thigpen? Although Matt Hasselbeck held onto the ball the shortest for starting-calibre QBs in ’12 (2.35 sec.), Thigpen actually beat him for quick release (1.86 sec.) In ’11 Thigpen took 2.66 sec. from snap to throw. Flynn was 2.46 sec in ’12 and 2.45 sec in ’11.

    The only throws Thigpen was ever good at was over 10 yds outside the right hashes in ’08. JS, please don’t hire Thigpen.

  86. On McCoy to Niners: Harbarf thinks he can do with McCOy what he did with Alex Smith. Perhaps he can. I never liked McCoy in college, but I cant hate the guy now. He’s struggled hard, and when I heard about how the coach and OC were treating him in Cleveland his rookie year, I kinda went over to his side. Those guys were assholios and deserved to be fired. But McCoy deserves a second chance, at least as a backup. He’s still trying hard, gotta give him credit for that.

    I just wish he wasnt a Niner.

  87. yankinta says:

    WilliamPercival, I still got love you. Take care. :)

  88. yankinta says:

    WilliamPercival, I still got love for you. Take care. :)

  89. SandpointHawk says:

    The wonderlic is very dependent on your educational background. For me it was very easy. For the record I interviewed Terry Bradshaw back when he was playing and the ‘Box of Rocks’ was an act. The dumbest QB I ever sat down with was Joe “Willy Boy” Namath.

  90. yankinta says:

    tylerwyler, I care so much about your opinion of me. :)

  91. yankinta says:

    Wow, Colt McCoy to the Niners, that’s a pretty good move. I liked Colt and watched a few of his games at Texas. He’s a talented dude. That one is a steal as well. I wonder what his cap numbers are.

  92. bbnate420 says:

    “Of the 9 players above Flynn in QB rating for ’12, only Shaun Hill(5th), Kyle Orten(6th), Tim Tebow(7th), Derek Anderson(8th), and Trent Edwards(9th) are actual QBs – the others are WRs”

    klm008, that list of QBs and the fact that the others are WRs should tell you all you need to know about that so-called statistic. And the Hawks saved 3.25 mil off of the 2013 cap and 5.25 mil overall. It would’ve been 1.25 mil if he was released. Now the Raiders have to pay the 2 mil that is guaranteed of his 2013 base salary.

  93. Joe “Kissin Katie” Namath was kinda close to Turn Out the Lights Meredith?

  94. bbnate420 says:

    If you look at his stats, VY actually was better throwing the ball than I thought he was the last 2 years he was in Tenn. Wasn’t good in Philly and supposedly couldn’t pick up the offense in Buff.

    TO has been in a couple episodes of Go On, the TV show, this year. It’s a check if nothing else.

  95. I would like to point out that some time ago I suggested Flynn might go for a fifth round draft choice…

    Am I a god? Am I omniscient? Am I awesome? Can I start my own weeks-long chain of vituperative posts?

    I also didn’t like the Hawks new uniforms. So I’m one for two.

  96. ChrisHolmes says:

    “The wonderlic isn’t that hard as far as IQ tests go. You wouldn’t get one if you went to a psychologist to be tested.”

    Mensa uses it as an admissions test…

    You get 12 minutes to answer 50 questions. Each one gets progressively harder. Taking the test untimed, or taking an online sample, is not the same thing as taking the real test.

    An average score is 20, which roughly translates to an average IQ of 100.

    If an average QB score is 24, that means most QB’s have above-average intelligence.

    And Vince Young scored a 6.

    A rough approximation of Wonderlic to IQ is: 2 x score + 60. Meaning Vince Young’s IQ would be a 72.

    Now… that’s something to think about.

  97. freedom_X says:

    The Matt Leinart rumors have always fascinated me. I’m pretty sure Eric has written that Seattle was interested, so it’s not lazy/speculative journalism trying to create a match based on past glories.

    But I just cannot see any logical reason why Seattle would be interested in Leinart, now less than ever. Leinart is weak armed and not mobile at all. How does he remotely fit into any offense crafted to Russell Wilson’s strengths?

    A side (admittedly minor) point to the Flynn trade is to maintain Seattle’s image as an organization that treats their players right. If in fact Flynn’s value is not great to Seattle (which is apparent given the price they moved him for), throwing Flynn a bone like this does reinforce an image of Seattle doing right by players without trying to squeeze every drop out of them.

  98. yankinta says:

    Yes you’re awesome!!!

  99. boucherm says:

    The argument for Thigpen to me is
    a)he’s a mobile guy, so the offense doens’t have to be overhauled if he’s in for a week, or better yet for a few plays
    b)he’s been in several different offenses, so you expect he can pick it up
    c)no QB controversy/leadership isuue, he’s a career back-up with no illusions of taking the job, and so should be a good support person for RW
    d)low cost
    I know other guys fit that mold as well, but I think those are the main things you’re looking for with a veteran signing.
    I’m hoping for a veteran guy in this mold, and then a late-round pick on a QB to develop–can be 3rd string this year, with a chance to compete to be the back-up in the future.
    We should remember RW and other recent rookie QBs are the exception, not the rule, and that most shouldn’t set foot on the field for a year or two.
    I certainly don’t want to spend an early pick on a QB. There needs to be a net gain from moving Flynn.

    I think there must have been something more to the Flynn story than we knew–my guess is that his unhappiness was clear to all and not great for the locker room. I have a hard time believing that they gave him up for this little just to clear the cap space. For a team that has big postseason aspirations you are gambling quite a bit to lose your Jeff Hostetler like this.

  100. OK Nate, if you say so… Earlier, if SEA were to cut Flynn they would have to eat $6M in guaranteed salary (10-4=6). Of Flynn’s 7.25M cap hit for ’13 it would have left $1.25M savings in ’13. The cap hit for Flynn in ’14 was s’posed to be $8.25M. Now I see that’s since been changed so that Flynn’s ’13 cap hit would be 5.25M and 6.25M in ’14. SEA now only has dead cap of $4M due to Flynn. Wierd. Got another website that shows different numbers?

    About the stats… They are what they are, and if you read them right they condense what actually took place on the field into sums. I like numbers but also know they’re not everything. In fact, without the memory of the actual field play they’re not worth much in themselves. Except for quick and dirty comparisons. All of those QBs mentioned might be able to come in for less than 25% of SEA’s offensive plays and be competent backups to RW. OK, maybe not Tebow, but he did come in on a few plays and was accurate/effective. Overpaid, but effective. Matt Leinart, Tyler Thigpen, V.Young, etc. aren’t as good as Flynn in spot duty, and all I worry about is if RW is out for 25% of the offense’s snaps, or more in ’13 and beyond.

  101. I hope Wilson can pull a Favre or Manning and make all his starts for a long period of time. I’m really going to be scared if he gets hurt.

  102. It’s funny to see how many times “I” posted while conducting middle school baseball practice for almost two hours after school. lol

  103. If we end up with Thigpen, then I know this guy is JS:

  104. Dukeshire says:

    ” I like numbers but also know they’re not everything. In fact, without the memory of the actual field play they’re not worth much in themselves. Except for quick and dirty comparisons.”

    Where is the real klm and what have you done with him? Lol. I love it actually. Right on, man.

  105. doubledink says:

    klm, I think based on the voice he is 30 years too young to be JS. lol.

  106. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t think it takes an MVP to make easy throws or hand the ball off a dozen or so times, not at 5-7 million per year. I like to think that Flynn has a weaker arm than thought, he was immobilized after throwing a bomb downfield. If you had to choose 1 player and let 1 go, would it be Chancellor or Flynn. We will answer the 49’rs pick up of Colt McCoy with our own, in PC/JS i trust.

  107. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chris i swear i am not picking on you,you are over simplifying no one said he is not a rocket scientist , he is a football player a QB, A QB i mite add that has won a national championship against the very coach i am suggesting give him a look. oh he was the MVP as well i believe? oh he also was a 2x pro bowler and offensive rookie of the year.

    my point is this he has done more than any available QB out there. that aside he has issues well documented in fact. this is the second person suggested by you that because of past indiscretions is not worth a look. why is that? i mean i am pretty intolerant of stupidity and he has shown stupidity more than once. but damn i am actually hoping he has figure it out.
    one last thing you do know if he has a reading issue it would slant the results.

  108. Regarding Bradshaw’s IQ, he has said numerous times that he was the last QB to call all his own plays. He also pointed out there were only 4 of them. As for Leinert , he may be a good stopgap. The USC QB’ s have not been successful lately in the NFL because they were not key to the Trojan’s success. That was due to their defense and running game…just as PC was building the Hawks until RW came on. Yes, JS said he wants a “similar skillset” to RW, but that the FO says this time of year can be taken with a grain of salt.

  109. Not excited to see Flynn go. I felt our QB depth last year was the best it has ever been & luckily we never had to prove that true or false. Felt like Flynn could have won his share of games if need dictated that he play. Now?

    Stay healthy Russell Carrington Wilson. That is an order!

  110. GeorgiaHawk says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma- You make a good point. I have been very outspoken in the past about bringing in players like Young,Owens,Winslow, ect…

    The primadonna types for fear that it could cause some type of cancer to the team. And if we had the FO of the past Seahawks regime, or the Eagles, Raiders, and Jets, my fears would be more justified, however I haven’t given enough trust to this Current FO here like I should. They simply will not tolerate such nonsense by a player, so why not kick the tires on some of these very talented players that could possibly help this team out? Players can change in the right conditions, and we have the right conditons.
    A strong/smart FO that will move a player quick if he is not all in.
    Strong leadership at some of the most Key positions on the team. Wilson, Thomas, Unger, Okung, Lynch, Sherman, ect…

    I love this team! I shouldn’t be worried about anyone they bring in. Just enjoy the ride and the beer too.

  111. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope Flynn goes on to have a very successful career as a starter for the Raiders. And I hope the Raiders give Flynn a team around him like the Seahawks have given Wilson.

  112. sluggo42 says:

    I personally like thiggy, but isn’t he old now? I would bring in Vince for a look without a doubt. He has eaten bushels of crow, and I think he has had numerous come- uppins

  113. beavercleaver says:

    Rats, dissapointed to hear th 9ers got McCoy. Out of all the choices being tossed around Thigpen, Leinhert, VYoung, etc. I was kind of hoping for McCoy and a rookie for #3. Interesting that the Flynn deal was announced as imminent on Friday and the niners swoop in and get McCoy the same day we lose Flynn and need a back up. Coincidence?

  114. chrisj122 says:

    With Palmer going to the Cards it’s turning out to be a day of musical Quarterbacks, lets just hope the last standing QB without a chair is the one that lands as our backup QB.

  115. GeorgiaHawk says:

    beavercleaver-I guess Harbaugh and crew are watching very close what Carroll and crew are doing. He knows full well that the Seahawks are about to leap frog over his team this year and claim back the NFC west division title.

  116. chrisj122 says:

    “Isn’t the one that lands as our backup QB”

    That kinda really changed the context of that statement. Lol…..

  117. beavercleaver says:

    Breaking news! Schefter says Seahawks just traded for Carson Palmer!

  118. beavercleaver says:

    C’mon somebody had to do one.

  119. OK, I said this earlier, and I read it somewhere in the comments. Now I want to get some opinions. Is it just me or hs Schneider bombed on every QB eval except for Russel?

  120. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- What do you think about the low round compensation for Flynn?

    You were the biggest Flynn supporter last year, even past the midway point of the season when you still couldn’t mention Wilsons name in a sentence without Flynns name together. You seem to be quiet on this? What gives?

  121. GeorgiaHawk says:

    LBCHawk- Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

  122. GeorgiaHawk says:

    beavercleaver- Get up early in the morning and you will see that several of us has already done the April fools stuff. Lol.

  123. Nope, Flynn was a good QB selection by JS. Just too bad that RW was so good, or a Flynn starter and RW pushing would have set SEA up for starter and backup QBs well into the future. I gotta hope that JS has had the new backup QB in the works but on the QT at the same time as the Flynn trade. It may be that JS is also interested in one of the draftee QBs we may get soon. JS had CW in the works at the same time he traded SW to CLE in mid-March of ’10.

  124. Cards cut John Skelton, what about him for backup?

  125. freedom_X says:

    A GM doesn’t have to have a high batting average on QB’s, as long as the price being paid isn’t too high. (in picks or guaranteed salary.)

    Even if Tarvaris Jackson is counted as an attempt to get a franchise QB (which I seriously doubt Schneider and Carroll counted on) 1 for 4 is plenty good enough given the small bets Seattle was placing.

    I’d rather have Skelton than Leinart, that’s for sure. Skelton was stuck on a pretty bad offensive unit, whereas Leinart has had some really good situations and failed to deliver. So a guy with 2 years of failure is more promising than a guy with 8 years of demonstrated failure, all other things being equal.

    Certainly Skelton has endured some really tough game conditions without curling up in the fetal position, which is a big plus for a backup. An untested backup might have more potential but who knows what they’ll do the 1st few games they feel heavy pressure?

  126. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Btw beavercleaver, Did you know that leave it to Beaver had one of the most X-Rated things said on tv?

    ” Ward, don’t you think you were too hard on the Beaver last night?”

  127. Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport 19m
    As Seahawks evaluate a few veteran QB options (add Vince Young to list), they do plan to re-sign Josh Portis, cut late last November.
    Retweeted by Mike Sando,

  128. Alright, now you guys get to spend another offseason debating the merits of Josh Portis! Better than Vince Young, Matt Leinart or Tyler Thigpen?

  129. chuck_easton says:

    So the Raiders gave Flynn a 1 mill raise and made all 6.5 million guaranteed. Sounds like he’s the starter.

  130. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is one guy that knew what he was talking about.

  131. montanamike2 says:

    Good video Georgia.

  132. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here is another guy that knew what he was talking about.

    Would anyone here trade Wilson for Luck now? BobbyK?

  133. hawkmanj says:

    Been lurkin in the shadows for a while, years actually. This really is the best Seahawk blog on the internet, that I’ve found anyway. I do appreciate Eric’s efforts getting us the info and the efforts of all y’all for that matter. Seriously, good debates and logical thought most of the time. Even half a chuckle once in a while. So don’t be so hard on yourselves…. That being said, it had to take quite an event to get me to join the blog and leave a comment. This isn’t easy for me mind ya. But, Yankinta, dayum Son. You of all people, had to be the 1st to post? AND on this topic of all things…? Really…? Man up dude. Be humble and eat that crow like a Vet poster. Heck, truth be known, I was pulling for you……and me being the homer I am, bought right into (some) of it…..”So pass me a piece of that crow too”….! It’s official. It’s hard to evaluate talent from behind a computer w/sabermatish nerd stuff. Seems the worth of Flynn has been determined by those with an eye for talent, something we both apparently lack….doh. Go Hawks…!

  134. Luck for Wilson? Oooh, I don’t know, jury may be out on that one for more than a decade. Luck will be a superstar QB…he’ll probably win a Super Bowl. But Wilson went in the third and he may be as good or better as a team QB….like Montana vs. Marino. Don’t downplay Luck…he’s a seriously great developing QB.

  135. hawkmanj says:

    April Fools…! I’m not really eating crow….a 3rd rounder?? Bwahahaha “We want the ball and we’re gonna score!” Doh Sorry

  136. sluggo42 says:

    Uh, gruden knew too…

  137. bigmike04 says:

    Out of the remaining QB’s left, I would take chance on the following guys as backup because, their capable to hold, the fort down till RW comes back from injury if that were to happen..
    Byron Leftwich
    Brady Quinn
    Charlie Batch
    Kellen Clemens
    Tyler Thigpen
    Sage Rosenfels
    Donovan McNabb
    Chris Redman

    I think if put a guy like Brady Quinn in west coast type offensive where it short passes than, he will be capable back up.. I mean if you look at the list & reporters drop Matt Leinart name because of his connection with Pete & they do that with every player that went to USC that had a connect with Pete.

  138. Georgia – What gives? Idiots thinking I’m someone else. I’ll come back the week of the draft and see if any of the stupidity has ended.

  139. @BobbyK, I read all of these comments (I know, I suck), but I don’t see anyone accusing you of posting under a different name. Just my 2 cents. I think I speak for the majority here, we really appreciate your contributions. Thanks.

  140. bbnate420 says:

    LBC, a few people have accused BobbyK of doing that. I just don’t think he should even bother with it anymore.

  141. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, with regards to Flynn and the cap, you’re not factoring in how his signing bonus affects the cap. That’s why your numbers are off. He got a 6 mil signing bonus, 2 mil that counts against the cap each of the 3 years of his contract if he stayed through 2 years. If released or traded before then, whatever is left of the prorated portion of his signing bonus counts immediately against the cap. Or if they had released him after June 1, they could’ve counted 2 mil of the signing bonus against the 2013 cap and 2 mil against the 2014 cap. They save the same amount of money, it just gets spread out over 2 years. The cap numbers are different for Flynn with the Raiders, because they don’t have to pay or factor the signing bonus against the cap. It’s a signing bonus, it was paid immediately. The Hawks save the 2 mil of Flynn’s base salary that was guaranteed in 2013 by trading him to the Raiders. The Raiders now pay it. So if they had just released Flynn on April 1, they would’ve owed 6 mil of his 7.25 mil that would’ve counted against the cap had he been here in 2013. The 2 mil portion of his base salary that was guaranteed and the 4 mil remaining of his signing bonus. They would’ve saved the 1.25 mil, 7.25-6, in 2013 and the 2 mil against the 2014 cap, because they would’ve already had the last 1/3 or 2 mil of the signing bonus count in 2013. That’s 3.25 mil over the 2013 and 2014 caps. With trading him, they’re no longer on the hook for the 2 mil guaranteed of his base salary in 2013. So it’s 3.25 mil saved in 2013 and 2 mil saved in 2014 for 5.25 mil overall. His cap hit is 4 mil in 2013 for the Hawks, the 2/3 left of his signing bonus. Get it now?

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