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Report: Flynn trade to Raiders “imminent”

Post by Eric Williams on March 29, 2013 at 1:05 pm with 309 Comments »
March 29, 2013 1:12 pm

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that the Seattle Seahawks engaged in trade discussions involving backup QB Matt Flynn and a deal appears “imminent.” Werder says the trade partner with Seattle is unknown.

However, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that team appears to be Oakland. La Canfora also reports that the Seahawks will consider bringing in Tyler Thigpen to backup Russell Wilson if Flynn moves on.

The Seahawks have not confirmed that Flynn will be moved via trade. No word yet on the draft compensation Seattle would receive in return for Flynn. If Flynn is traded to Oakland, than current Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer likely will be released. Palmer is due to make $13 million in base salary in 2013.

Flynn was due to make $5.25 million in base salary in 2013. So trading Flynn would save Seattle $3.25 million in cap space, and more important $5.25 million in cash.

Although the deal is not done, Seattle teammates already are wishing Flynn well with his new team.

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  1. Well lets see the compensation!!!

  2. yankinta says:

    LOL, John Clayton is EATING CROW again….. as well as the non-believers that called me names here on this BLOG.

    I will be expecting more than a dozen apologies, as promised.

  3. yankinta says:

    Isn’t watching and learning fun for us all?? :)

  4. “at least a third round pick” wasn’t that it, yankinta?

  5. seahawksteven777 says:

    yankinta: Stop acting so condescending towards others. You act like you’re a know it all. It’s really annoying.

  6. FleaFlicker says:

    Stevos: took the words right out of my mouth!

  7. but Yakinta doesn’t put anyone down – just ask him he will tell you :)

  8. yankinta says:

    lol,,, sorry, I couldn’t help it. I will try to control myself now. :)

    Yes, I said at least a third round value. I really hope we get Oak’s 2014 2nd and 4th round picks…..

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Personally, don’t care at all about the draft value, if any.

    If we can get Flynn’s $5.25 million off our cap and payroll while bringing in a good, serviceable back-up for $2 million or less, that’s a huge net gain for the front office. Vince Young, Derek Anderson, whomever.

    BobbyK, that was a heck of a prescient article yesterday.

  10. “Isn’t watching and learning fun for us all??”

    Why be like that? It’s a weird impulse . . .

    A 2nd round pick for MF would be amazing, we’ll see, can’t imagine the Raiders are giving up that much, but you never know. A swap of picks, a la the Whitehurst deal would make more sense, and I’d take that too. 3rd rounder would be just fine, assuming we’ve got someone other than Portis in mind to bring in as RW’s back-up.

  11. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    no it was a “2nd this or first next year watch and learn “. yankinta i am not letting your original prediction slide. and no one said he wouldn’t be traded they said not that high

  12. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    raiders don’t have a second, word is 5th and conditional pick next year

  13. Rumors are Tyler Thigpen as a possible back-up option, not sure if those are accurate or not

  14. “2nd this or first next year watch and learn“

    oh, that’s rich. ;-)

  15. So if the Seahawks trade Flynn away for a 5th rounder or worse, my takeaway would be that they just wanted to get rid of him and quickly sign one of the available QBs as the backup before they get snatched up (Kolb, VY, etc). In other words, they just didn’t want him around.

    Of course, I am just throwing out a hypothetical scenario. For all I know they are swinging something much, much better.

  16. conditional pick would make sense – if he starts 16 games for them, we absolutely should get more in return.

    5th rounder doesn’t do all that much for us though, if that’s most of what we get.

  17. Obomanu’s release was also *officially* reported at I could have sworn we were told weeks ago about his release, but anyway… with Flynn moving on that frees up money and cap space, which is likely (hopefully) going to be used to get Bam-Bam an extension.

  18. Well, the compensation has been determined – now we just need to learn what it is!

  19. If that conditional could be as high as a 1 or 2 then I think it’s a great deal

  20. “So if the Seahawks trade Flynn away for a 5th rounder or worse, my takeaway would be that they just wanted to get rid of him and quickly sign one of the available QBs as the backup before they get snatched up (Kolb, VY, etc). In other words, they just didn’t want him around.”

    Yeah, my thought too. They either don’t think that much of him as a QB, or think that the dynamic of him being unhappy sitting behind RW for another year would be detrimental to the team.

    Weren’t you also saying earlier that Colt McCoy would be a good back-up in our system?

  21. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i am trying to get my buddy with raiders to get me the numbers. he is with the coaching staff so he should know relatively quick. last he heard was 5 th this year conditional 7th-5th next.

  22. No – Colt was BobbyK’s guy. I definitely do not want to see Colt McCoy on the Seahawks.

  23. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i still like vince young as a back up. raiers can’t afford to give up high picks, that is what got them in this mess . trade picks for bad free agents not a good thing.

  24. Macabrevity says:

    If this does in fact mean we’ll have the necessary money to tie up Kam, or another grossly underpaid talent on our D, then I’d be happy trading Flynn for a couple of sub sandwiches to be quite honest. Clayton mentioned this could be happening with Kam in mind, if that’s the case, then full steam ahead.

  25. Macabrevity says:

    I thought VY was a possibility too… seems like a typical PC reclamation project.

  26. chuck_easton says:

    Pabs and pdway,

    My take is different. Flynn took what transpired last season with class. Even if there was grumbling behind closed doors it never got outside the family.

    I see this as the team rewarding Flynn Nd giving him his wish to go be a starter elsewhere.


  27. A few days ago Schneider did say they knew they weren’t getting anything close to the Alex Smith deal.

    So hawkfaninoklahoma’s make sense. That would basically equate to a very high 2013 5th round pick or a low 2013 4th round pick which is what most sane people were expecting.

  28. hmm, 5th and 7th, that is a pretty low risk move for the raiders. if that turns out to be true, that’s a real soft market for a guy being brought in as a possible starting QB.

    in terms of back-ups, I think i’d rather see a veteran who can come in and game manage a win or two if need be, not sure VY fits that bill. And I’m guessing, but if they’re cutting Flynn, I’d bet they want to bring in a guy who is fine with being the back-up, which would also eliminate someone like Kolb. Maybe Tarvaris is not such an outlandish idea after all?

  29. yankinta says:

    LMBO @ this comment by a Raiders’ Fan :


  30. “I see this as the team rewarding Flynn Nd giving him his wish to go be a starter elsewhere.”

    Could be right. Would be pretty magnaminous move in the cutthroat world of pro sports, but might also be seen as something that would establish our PC/JS as good guys in the eyes of players and players’ agents.

  31. I like the idea of win/win, Chuck, but this isn’t win/win yet. We need a backup QB who can win games en route to achieving the best record in the NFC West. A backup QB who can’t win would be a hole in our roster.

    I believe Carroll and Schneider would not be doing this without a solid plan to secure their next backup. If they are just relying on drafting a rookie, I’d be surprised and disappointed.

  32. “If this does in fact mean we’ll have the necessary money to tie up Kam, or another grossly underpaid talent on our D, then I’d be happy trading Flynn for a couple of sub sandwiches to be quite honest.”

    lolol. Careful, both Sherman and Kam gained their entrances into the NFL as “sub sandwiches”. But yeah, the bigger picture is getting keystone players like Kam locked up. The most feared hitter in the NFL deserves to be paid accordingly.

  33. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    pdway, i agree, also flynn wasn’t happy he did none of the things a back up does to help. oh and dallas just gave romo 108 mill,lmao. i think jone is the next al davis

  34. No smart team would give away a “valuable” asset, assuming the asset was valuable to begin with of course.

    If they felt Matt Flynn was starting QB material, they would be fools to give him away – considering they are all-in to win the Super Bowl this year. That type of insurance could not be replaced with the current QBs on the market. And if Wilson misses a game or 2, they would lose the division because they were nice guys? To a player they already played considerable money? I don’t see it.

    My take away is they are smart guys and they will trade Flynn for what they feel is appropriate value (at the least).

  35. Agree, pabuwal, but Flynn was very “valuable” as a backup. A solid backup QB is one of the 10 or 12 most important guys on the team if you are trying to win a competitive division.

  36. yankinta says:

    I’m hearing a SWAP of third round picks, which is worth 100 points + conditional pick in 2014. That would be a 3rd round value. If this is true, I guess I’m okay with it. Not excited but okay….

  37. Macabrevity says:


    Lovin the Raiders comment yankinta.

  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    I still get a kick out of the, “if the worst should happen, we can still get to the SB” nonsense. Can anyone tell me quickly who the Ravens backup QB was last year? I like Flynn, but he sure didn’t help with zone coverage in the last Falcon drive in Atlanta. The extra pick is a potential nickel CB, starting LB, or RT. If they are going to win it all, they have to have Wilson upright all year. It’s that simple, Flynn or no Flynn.

    Still, I’d be disappointed if they trade him for less than a 3rd. Yes he has value…for another team.

  39. banosser says:

    Better not be anything less than a 4th… should be a 3rd at least.. or 2nd next yr… They’re trading for a starter..

  40. Can somebody tell me who the backup for Green Bay was in 2010 – the year they won the Super Bowl and his importance when Rodgers missed 2 starts?

  41. Rodgers missed 1 start and half of the previous game.

  42. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i don’t think so i think they are trading for a bridge QB let’s face it raiders will probably be picking top 5 next 2 years. there will be a QB they want in that time frame. i still say this is the ghost of al davis back from the grave.

  43. JS talked about trying to give him a chance to compete somewhere else, in a few interviews.

    I think this is part of the reason why we are getting FA’s to come to Seattle when we have not been able to do this in the past.

    1. We are winning
    2. guys coming here, are given a compete
    3. We give guys chances to catch on with other teams
    (ie. trading Flynn – letting Leon go early so that he could get a good deal with someone else)
    4. Good atmosphere in the locker room (based on the first 3 reasons)
    5. Players talking up the team and Seattle

  44. Albert Breer says its likely a 2013 pick + 2014 conditional pick but it could be 2014/2015 picks instead.

  45. tchristensen says:

    That would be surprising in the Raiders were refusing to give up any picks in 2013. I bet they swapped 3rd round picks and a pick next year.

  46. WiscCory says:

    Yankinta – This twist adds a little credibility to your posts. You’ve just moved up – I’ll now stop and read about 10% of your posts
    moving forward.

    Oklahomafan – I’m impressed that you have an insider on the Raiders staff. I’m not impressed by the early read in compensation for Flynn.

    Honestly, I don’t like this move. So far, I’ve been on board with everything that’s happened this offseason, however trading Flynn just creates a huge void behind Wilson. This scares the crap out of me.

  47. Flea – It was definitely something! :)

  48. Albert Breer’s reporting seems to be more in line with hawkfaninoklahoma’s source than Yankinta.

  49. WiscCory says:

    I guess the Raiders failed when they took Pryer in the supplimental draft a couple years back. Man, they are weak when it comes to drafting. Especially QBs.

  50. tylerwyler says:

    I freaking TOLD you guys LAST YEAR there’d be a new ACiB posting all the time, using caps a lot, and not generally adding ANYTHING intelligent to the boards!!! Now, he’s here, so SUCK IT! Any of you butt donkeys ready to issue me an apology?!?

  51. WiscCory says:

    Tyler, What’s ACiB?

  52. chrisj122 says:

    In this day of the NFL the backup QB can make or break your season.

    Now if your starting QB goes down for 6 or more games then yes your season is probably done but if the starting QB misses 3 games or less then the season may be won or lost on how good the backup QB is.

    Having a quality back who can step in and win half of the games he starts is crucial. This is what worries me about this move.

    Can anyone tell me who Alex Smith’s backup was last season?

  53. If OAK has any draft picks, they’d get better use out of them by trading them to SEA for Flynn than by using them themselves – huh Eric?

  54. SandpointHawk says:

    @hawkfaninoklahoma…I understand Jerry is a joke, I was forced by an ex to live in Texas for six months. Lord oh mighty that was hell on earth..

  55. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    wisc, we went to school together for 8 years, his dream was always to coach for the raiders. he made it! anyways he said last heard the hawks offered switch of 3 and 4 and a conditional 6-7 next year. they were willing to give a 5th and conditional 5-7 next. i have known about the offer since tuesday i really didn’t expect the hawks to take it.

  56. bigmike04 says:

    What is the point of the trade??? To get his salary off the books?? Backup QB are now making 5-6 million… So clearing Flynn money is not going to do much in our cap..

    Happy to see Flynn get a chance to possiblity start but for team like Oakland: who is in the process of still rebuilding that, Flynn isn’t their long term choice as QB so, he get to start 1yr then be back up..

  57. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    sandpoint he reminds me of al davis like 8 years ago

  58. tylerwyler says:

    Ha! I think I got blocked for doing an ironic imitation of Yankinta’s average post. How…ironic.

  59. Is this really going to end up being 2014/2015 draft picks?

  60. bbnate420 says:

    It’s pretty funny that you have the nerve to brag when you haven’t been proven right. Dig that grave a little deeper.

    I think the yankster started out talking about a 2nd, but he most definitely practically guaranteed a 3rd AND a conditional pick in 2014 that could be as high as a 2nd or another 3rd. Be sure to take notes and study them when the pick turns out to be a 4th or conditional pick in 2014 at best.

  61. bbnate420 says:

    I think it’s a good move for whatever they get if they can sign Palmer to 3 mil or less to be the backup when he’s released. I heard that the Tards would make a play for Palmer though. You would think they would. He certainly seems better than the laughing stocks they have at QB.

  62. I’d almost rather see Damon Huard as backup than Tyler Thigpen

  63. I’m in the high 3rd or better camp for Flynn. Or some creative swapping in round 2 and another conditional pic.
    Giving up a quality back up for a 5th only if he’s becoming a problem.
    The total QB $ arnt bad, who cares if the back up makes more, Russil Wilson probably does bu contracts are contracts.
    Still don’t like having no back up QB at all.
    Also would prefer to have a draft day trade so other teams can’t change their strategy

  64. Too bad it wasn’t Monday so they could have said its several 1st round picks for Flynn a bunch of money and sending over a player we all want then Psych April Fools

  65. montanamike2 says:

    I read for a long time to get through todays posts. I also consider this a win-win, i don’t care too much on the draft picks as much as freeing up money to lock up a core player. Flynn will no doubt in my mind be a pretty good qb, if and if he becomes good i’m glad he’s gone to the AFC because i don’t want this to come back and bite us in the ass. If he’s mediocre at best, then even more of a win. He gets his chance to prove his worth if he belongs. The media is all abuzz about finding the next Russell Wilson, blows my mind. we’ve already impacted the draft. Can’t wait to hear what we got.

  66. jawpeace says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Hawks signed a QB who is trying to make a comeback and is supposedly now serious… JAMRCUS RUSSELL! Not saying it is going to happen but it would be very IRONIC! Former Raider 1st, Flynn starting for the Raiders, JR goes to take Flynn’s position of backup, while in college Flynn backed up JR. There would be some good stories if that happened.

  67. tylerwyler says:

    I’d love this deal if we could swap our fourth for the Raiders third this year.

  68. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    one pick now one conditional next is the deal.

  69. adamtoth says:

    I saw a lot of Flynn jerseys at the games last year. Maybe with the saved cap space, they can cut a refund check?

  70. How excitwd is eric right now!

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Look at the archives. I was saying we need to trade Flynn after he lost the starting qb position last year. I also said that a 3rd round pick would be good compensation. Yankourchain wasn’t saying any of that until recently. Again check the archives.

    I also said recently that it would be great to get a 4 or a 5 this year for Flynn and also get a conditional next year.

    Now that the Raiders are a player, hopefully we will get more.

    Yankourchain give us the archive facts if you want any credibility.

    BTW- I said this before and Chuck has too, that a trade will be made if Flynn thinks he can be a starter.

  72. John Schneider made it clear that the Seahawks were very happy with Flynn being a good guy regarding being a backup when he was clearly signed to be the starter. It seemed to me that he was saying that the Hawks would do what they could to find him a place where he could start as long as it was also fair to the Seahawks.

    Of course now getting a quality backup will be paramount. It the best of show really Kolb? Josh Portis signed with the CFL, so he’s not available.

  73. I hate the Raiders, but I hope Flynn turns out to be their franchise QB because I like him.

  74. “Josh Portis signed with the CFL, so he’s not available.”

    If we wanted him, and I’m totally against it, but I”m sure his contract could be bought out for what would amount to chump change.

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How many Flynn jerseys do you have BobbyK? That’s ok I still have about ten Alexander jerseys. Lol.

  76. I wonder if Schneider is planning to package picks to move up in the draft.

    Typically, I would favor that approach, but Schneider & Co. have demonstrated so much skill (or luck) in finding talent later in the draft.

    Now, I’m questioning whether fewer high picks would actually be better than a smattering of lower picks throughout the draft…

  77. montanamike2 says:

    With how stacked this team is a mediocre QB can hand balls to Lynch, Turbin or Harvin. There’s busts that weren’t coached properly or perhaps a super sleeper in the draft. Either way i’m happy to lock up another youngster.

  78. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I liked Flynn too. I even wrote a song parody about him.( perhaps I should dig it up) It’s kind of like Brad Pitt having Jennifer Aniston and then suddenly Angelina Jolie comes along.

    I hope Flynn does very well.

  79. CDHawkFan says:

    I wonder how this jack-ass feels about the pending trade…

    Sure. I’m the only impartial observer here, evidently, because I do not spin any stat or statement in my support, my evidence is nothing but ironclad fact. “Almost all people here and the national media” also slurped Aaron Curry too, and time has PROVEN that I was right just like I am about Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn. You think 174 yards on 24 attempts against the Minnesota Vikings is something to be proud of? A real good QB like Matt Flynn would have defecated on that garbage secondary to the tune of 350+ yards

  80. montanamike2 says:

    Good analogy.

  81. Since someone mentioned Portis and the CFL, I’d like to ask again if there is a QB in the CFL that could be signed as a backup to Russell? I don’t follow that league, so don’t know if there is a prospect there. Anyone?

  82. I jumped on the RW bandwagon. That being said, I hope last year wasn’t a fluke. They’re allegedly eating 4 million of this years salary to trade him to OAK since OAK won’t pay him that much.

  83. Also, I foresee Colt McCoy as Flynn’s replacement.

  84. tchristensen says:

    Matt Scott of Arizona in the 4th round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying the scenario where our FO is trading players to try to accommodate them. And I want it that way. Our FO should worry only about our football team, and what is best for the Seahawks, not what is best for individual players that no longer wear the logo. The players understand it’s a business, it is what it is.
    We’re letting Flynn go because the FO feels the money would be wiser spent locking up your young core talent, and also because he’s replaceable. We all want RW to stay healthy, and if that’s the case, what is MF’s value to the team?

  86. Time to go way off topic again. Some of you may have read this post of mine yesterday……


    Hey guys…this is way, way off topic but I’m hoping I can reach out here and maybe get a little help.
    I’m the offensive coordinator for a local semi-pro team that plays a spring schedule. Last Saturday we had a scrimmage with another local team and one of our players parents that are retired in Arizona came to watch us play.
    Shortly after the game they made the drive back to Prescott, AZ and about a 100 miles outside of Reno they were in a horrible accident. Thankfully they both survived but unfortunately the husband suffered a broken neck while his wife suffered a broken back, broken ribs and bleeding on the brain.
    They are avid Seahawk fans and more importantly good people. We’re putting together a signed team photo from us, to send to them in their rooms and let them know they are in our prayers. But I thought how cool it might be to be able to send them something signed by a Seahawk or two. I’m wondering if anyone might have a contact within the Seahawks or maybe directly to a player. I don’t think it really matters what the item is, or the value or anything of that nature. Heck it could be as simple as a note or email from a player or coach, just wishing them a quick recovery. Anything that might brighten their spirits and help make things just a tiny bit better.
    If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I can be contacted at
    Thanks very much.

    Well this morning I woke up to an email by one of our very own readers who hooked me up with someone he knows at the Seahawks. So a BIG shout out THANK YOU to Mark! I don’t want to say hus full name without his permission, but suffice to say he went out of his way to connect me with the right person at the Seahaws.Sounders organization. As a result, they are sending some goodies out to these wonderful folks. Makes me very proud to say I am proud and glad to have an organization like this in our city. And readers like Mark that stepped right up without hesitation. It might sound like a small gesture but knowing these folks are avid Seahawk fans tells me that it will bring a little joy to them and maybe, just maybe, help speed up their recovery. So thanks again to Mark and thanks to Keli. You’re truly two of the good people in this world.

  87. jawpeace says:

    What is missing from all the commentators is the result of this trade. Flynn goes to the Raiders.
    Raiders cut Palmer.
    Palmer signs with the Cards.
    Now the Cards have seriously upgraded their QB position.

  88. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    palmer isn’t a major upgrade

  89. I’d way rather have Kolb as backup than McCoy.

  90. Palmer could be to AZ like K.Warner was. Remember Warner was all washed up too?

  91. CDHawkFan says:

    Cards without Palmer 50 – 0

    Cards with Palmer 42 – 6

    Not sweating Palmer. Is he an upgrade, yes, anyone would have been. The Cards will be lucky to win 4 games next year.

  92. CDHawkFan says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying Palmer is washed up, just don’t think he is anything special. Warner was good enough to win a MVP and SB, Palmer hasn’t come close to those.

    Palmer could also be like the Palmer in Oakland.

  93. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    CD, i am, palmer sucks 80% of his production last year came in garbage time

  94. bird_spit says:

    klm, i was a kolb fan as well from his time on the eagles. The dominoes will fall, should be fun to watch. The Cards arent a QB away from excellence though, like they were when Warner arrived. That said, this division will be no picnic.

  95. The Raiders fans are extremely excited about this deal. They sound like Seahawks fans this time last year.

  96. GeorgiaHawk says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma – Lol, agree, Palmer isn’t a major upgrade.

  97. OregonHawk says:

    anyone have the link to BobbyK article, I forgot to bookmark the page

  98. Which one?

    Here’s the one I just did – we’re going to take the division away from the 49ers next year!

  99. Georgia – Actually I bought a Flynn for the little guy last spring but it took forever to send it so when I asked – I cancelled. My daughter and little boy both have #3s though.

  100. jawpeace says:

    Compared to what the Cards had last year Palmer is a significant upgrade over everyone except for Kolb.
    Passing G Comp Att Pct Yds Y/A Y/G TD Int Long Sack Yds/L QBRat Fum FumL
    Kevin Kolb 6 109 183 59.6 1169 6.4 194.8 8 3 46 27 159 86.1 2 2
    John Skelton 7 109 201 54.2 1132 5.6 161.7 2 9 40 15 98 55.4 4 2
    Ryan Lindley 6 89 171 52.0 752 4.4 125.3 0 7 28 12 91 46.7 3 2
    Brian Hoyer 2 30 53 56.6 330 6.2 165.0 1 2 53 4 30 65.8 1 0

    Passing G Comp Att Pct Yds Y/A Y/G TD Int Long Sack Yds/L QBRat Fum FumL
    Carson Palmer 15 345 565 61.1 4018 7.1 267.9 22 14 64 26 199 85.3 7 5

  101. WiscCory says:

    CD – your post at 5:33…LOL. That made me laugh.

    Regardless of what happens to Flynn, I can’t help but be giddy about this team and the thought of more 50 point games.

  102. Tyler – sorry, even though I didn’t doubt you :)

  103. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol BobbyK. Funny how us fans rush to the new you know who so fast. I admit to being a sucker for that. Lol.

  104. princeaden says:

    If RadeOn is correct, how is eating $4mil to send him to Oakland possibly the best for the Seahawks ?

  105. RDPoulsbo says:

    Come on people, Palmer is a major upgrade for the Cards QB position. Sure, it’s like going with Mirer over Stanbaugh, but it’s still a big upgrade. That could get them 6 wins next year…

    I wasn’t too thrilled about Thigpen either, but I guess he was one of the first QBs to run the pistol in the NFL in his days with KC so that might count for something. At the very least, I wouldn’t mind seeing him come in and get a fair shake at the #2 job though I’d like to see someone else brought in to compete for it as well. I think Rex Grossman is also a good option out there. Then draft a young guy to be the #3 to develop.

  106. RDPoulsbo says:

    That was supposed to be Stan Gelbaugh, but you get the point.

  107. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does it really matter much with regards to Flynn when we have Rusell Wilson?

  108. GeorgiaHawk says:


  109. montanamike2 says:

    I always thought Kolb would make a good backup. Kid has talent but needs to be coached properly. If you’re out there Skavage that’s awsome! We might eat 2mil, but i doubt we’d take a 4 mil hit. Flynn does have value so the FO is doing what’s best for the team, agreed.

  110. I’m down with this trade for Matt. Though I like him, having him around is like having an expensive car in your garage that you never use. Some people like that, not me. I respect others’ worry about back up QB, but I’m not worried. Pete and John will figure that one out.

    Saw an article that said the deal was going to hinge on Matt taking a pay cut from Raiders. I say don’t do it Matt. If that were the case, I’d rather have him back here (irrational, but that’s how I roll.)

    What I’d really like to see is Matt start for the Raiders and do well, and the Hawks win the next ten Super Bowls.

  111. DanielleMND says:

    “the Seahawks will consider bringing in Tyler Thigpen to backup Russell Wilson”

    At first, I was horrified, but his career numbers aren’t as bad as I thought.

  112. jawpeace says:

    Why should Matt take a cut? Raiders are going to be free of Palmer’s 13 mil. Take away Matt’s 5 mil and the Raiders still are gaining 8 mil. Unless some portion of CP contract was guaranteed?

  113. DanielleMND says:

    I feel bad for Flynn, though. The Raiders are a terrible team stuck in salary cap purgatory.

  114. banosser says:

    What the h is the compensation??

  115. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    snappa, he still counts 6-8 million against the cap they have at least 42 million in dead cap after cutting palmer

  116. SkeleTony says:

    I think Matt Flynn will become one of the better QBs in the NFL and I hope against hope that we are getting more for him than what some are suggesting. But I applaud JS and Co. trying to do right by Matt. Obviously they made promises/commitments to him after going with Wilson as the starter so it is nice to see them doing the right thing.

    Palmer has always been WAY overrated (even now). Kitna was a better QB than him but he got shafted in Cincinnati.

    As far as backups go I would be happy with Thyler Thigpen or Vince Young. No Jamarcus Russell crap though.

  117. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Hilarious that Flynn won’t take a pay cut. He should be grateful to have a job when he gets traded.

  118. where does it say that Flynn won’t take a pay cut?

  119. I think its a little bit odd that Gus Bradley does not go after Flynn.Does he know something we dont?

  120. mustang6984 says:

    Going to Oakland is tantamount to going to hades! I feel sorry for him…not the place to go for a young QB who wants to win. Not to mention, the city of Oakland it’s self is not all that desirable! YUCK!

    If he can find a way to block that trade, he should!

  121. Southendzone says:

    He doesn’t want to win, he wants to PLAY. I respect him for that.

  122. chuck_easton says:

    Supposedly the deal is done as far as the teams go. Flynn is reluctant to restructure his contract.

    So Flynn may decide he’s happier as a well paid backup than a low paid starter on a bad team.

    I knew he was a smart guy.

  123. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah if the compensation doesn’t give us something, then why trade him at all. I thought he was getting to the point of accepting that there’s no market for him and finally accept his role as backup.
    His not willing to restructure may be the deciding factor.

  124. bbnate420 says:

    We’ll probably never know the exact rationale for trading Flynn for certain. I know people like to infer certainty when there is none. Maybe Flynn truly was a malcontent behind closed doors last year? Maybe they just don’t think he’s very good and they can sign someone that’s not much of a drop off? They certainly wouldn’t come out and say either of these things, beforehand at least, as it would hurt his trade value. Seems like common sense to me.

    I don’t know if the Hawks eating 4 mil of Flynn’s salary has been reported? I think there’s at least a decent chance that RADEoN is confusing the 4 mil cap hit that Flynn would still be on the Hawk’s 2013 cap if traded for them eating 4 mil of his contract. His cap hit would be 4 mil, because the 4 mil remaining of his signing bonus then counts against the 2013 cap instead of 2 mil in 2013 and 2 mil in 2014 if he stayed in 2013.

  125. bbnate420 says:

    I hope Flynn does well. He seems like a good guy for the most part, and obviously if the trade involves a conditional pick him doing well makes that pick better. Unless it’s based purely on playing time. In that scenario, he could be mediocre at best and still probably start for the Raiders as the rest of their QBs suck.

  126. GeorgiaHawk says:

    While we’re waiting for moore Flynn news, how about adding another veteran Guard/Tackle to the mix if the price is right.

  127. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “More.” I need more coffee.

  128. montanamike2 says:

    Cable might have his eye on a “moldable” tackle in the later rounds of the draft. Out of the 3 gaurds to duke it out, we should get at least 1 to work out. I hope Carpenter finally works out at left gaurd.

  129. I’m wondering if this deal even happens. Flynn wants the money more than the opportunity to start. No other team will give him even an opportunity to compete.

  130. I’d probably want as many millions as I cold get to move to OAK too!

  131. The Raiders are a mess. Although I would want to play – I would also be hesitant to play for them.

  132. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lol, bobby i still think this was a mistake for the raiders. to give up 2 draft picks in the middle of a rebuild. the hawks still had some talent when they started. the raiders have almost no real talent.

  133. sluggo42 says:

    All of this self praise for saying or predicting something is really funny. At he end of the day, who cares, and if getting some accolades from a few faceless names in here matters, well that’s sad. I’m quite sure your name isn’t the topic at their dinner table…

    I think everyone liked Flynn and wish him well, I do too. He’ll have a very rough go of it with the train wreck Raiders. That would be like trading your Jaguar for a 86 Chevy Nova that burns a quart of oil every week. And hoping you don’t die every time you drive it.

    I had thigpen on my FFteam a few years ago, and he got me a lot of points. But that was like five years ago.
    I have to agree with a few others in liking colt McCoy, or Vince young. Colt would be thrilled to be here, and if Vince keeps his cool, he could be a keeper. I just wonder if vy has the smarts overall…

    War hawks!

  134. Crazy thought of the day….. how about Matt Flynn for Ronaldo McClain?

    McClain is productive, relatively young and we need a linebacker. Rolando McClain plays MLB, so this would mean Bobby Wagner would move to WLB where he payed in college. I’m not crazy about changing Wagners spot, and I’m not saying its likely to happen, but its interesting to think about.

  135. From a contract standpoint, McClain and Flynn are pretty equal for 2013. Not sure the Seahawks would like to assume McClain’s contract as-is.

  136. I think Oakland would like to swap McClain for Flynn, as it should save them most (if not all) of their draft picks. Maybe they would need to throw in a low round (say 6 or 7) in 2013 or 2014.

  137. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    mcclain is not that good from everything i have read.more importantly bobby wagner is a great MLB who had 147 tackles last year why mess with that?

  138. princeaden says:

    Compensation ?

  139. McClain is ueseless guys. They will cut him if no one trades for him. He’s worth no more than a seventh rounder, IMO.

    Flynn wont take a pay cut; da Raidas want him to play for peanuts, and he wisely wont do it. Why the hell should he? The Raiders screwed their cap up so bad under Davis they wont be okay for 2-4 more years of good drafting. By then Flynn wont be the guy. Why play for peanuts just to start for a bad team?!

    You dont move a player like Wagner over to make room for an underachiever like McClain. Sheesh.

    Flynn’s gonna end up here in Seattle for one more year. And we sure as hell werent getting a third rounder or better in compensation anyway. I kidna hope he stays. I hate the Raiders, and if they are being cheap, screw em! Flynn will end up somewhere better next year…

  140. banosser says:

    STTBM… Couldn’t agree more… you took the words right outta my mouth..

  141. sluggo42 says:

    There ya go slave, injecting a little common sense into the thread… I heard you say it first , and the wife and I will reflect upon that wisdom as we sup tonite…


  142. montanamike2 says:

    I wouldn’t move Wagner, kids just getting going.

  143. montanamike2 says:

    I’m sure their in negotiations now, something will happen this weekend.

  144. montanamike2 says:


  145. I’m not so sure…this was not imminent as was suggested. I think Flynn is viewed as a back up, not starting caliber, quarterback pretty much across the league. And what Seattle did last year in grabbing a franchise QB in the third is not lost on anyone they might try to deal with. They won’t get much for Flynn, and they might have to eat some salary, as no one is going to pay for him in picks or money as if he were a certain starter. Teams will want a bargain…even Oakland. You know teams think the Seahawks want him off the roster, regardless of the noises coming out of Seahawk’s HQ. potential trade partners will test it to see how badly the ‘Hawks want him off their roster.

  146. So Bobby Wagner sets the all-time rookie record for total tackles by a Seahawk. He’s bested both Lofa and Terry Beeson – two of the best at his position in franchise history. But who cares? Let’s fix what ain’t broken. We want Rolando McClain, right? lol.

    These Bama players that Saban keeps sending to the NFL have to be some of the most overrated players I’ve seen.

  147. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    what i am hearing is palmer will count 13 mill if he stays 9 if he goes they do not want to pay more than 13mill total. they consider flynn a better option than palmer and want him. like any team thou they have a cap. my buddy says they are still interested in drafting a QB aswell although it maybe a year before they do. i think the bigger problem is that flynn does not want to be there more than a year. as STTBM said they are 2-4 years away if not more. they will have 43 mill in dead cap this year after they cut palmer. next year thou they will have a ton of cap room. i still think this trade was stupid for the raiders to begin with. as i said they win maybe one more game with flynn than let’s say kolb/young/fitz let’s face it the 2013 raiders could easily go winless even with brady at QB.

  148. I think the Raiders are probably realizing why not just go for Kolb? He’s cheaper, he’s better, he won’t cost draft picks and he understands his value.

    Flynn is throwing away his last chance to ever be a starting QB. I actually don’t think he would beat out Pryor and a draft choice – but at least he will get a shot.

  149. Kolb is not better than Flynn. At least, there is NO data to suggest that. Flynn is a mystery as a starting QB. There is no mystery with Kolb.

    Although we sure made him look good in the first game last year, that was about it for highlights for him.

  150. ChrisHolmes says:

    The McClain talk puzzles me. Unless everyone really means John McClain instead of Rolando… now we’re talking.

    Seriously though, the Flynn thing… Seems like people keep trying to simplify this issue, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

    I would be willing to bet that on more than one occasion Flynn and the FO have spoke about his desire to be a starter somewhere. I mean, think about how he must have felt: Seattle signs him to a low starter contract and he thinks he’s going to finally get the opportunity to be “the guy”. Then they draft Wilson, and Wilson turns out to be a rare franchise guy. If you’re Flynn, and you want to start, that had to hurt. And maybe Flynn told the FO, “Hey, I am a competitor, and I don’t want to be a 2nd guy anymore. I won’t make waves about this, but first chance you get, please trade me to somewhere that I can start.”

    Now, obviously, the FO is under no obligation to do anything of the sort. But we’ve seen players become malcontents before and find their way out of a situation they didn’t want to be in (Bengals seem to be magnets for those sorts of players). The FO’s only obligation is to the team and making it better. But if you’re in a FO position and you have a chance to move a guy who isn’t happy, and get some kind of value in return, you would probably do it, as opposed to keeping the guy on the roster and having to worry about a potential cancer.

    I’m not suggesting Matt is that kind of guy (doesn’t strike me as such), but it could be part of the thought process for the FO.

    If it were me, I’d only move him if I thought I could get really good compensation in next year’s draft. This year’s draft… we have 8 picks and it’s supposedly a “deep” draft at a lot of positions. The draft pick this year isn’t a huge deal. But if you could rob the Raiders of a future high draft pick thanks to escalators? Uh… yeah. Please.

  151. Dukeshire says:

    How is Flynn throwing his chance to start, away? Does he have the power to veto a trade that I’m unaware of? Or is it that he won’t rework his contract if traded, that I said was a potential stumbling block several months ago?

  152. He won’t rework his contract which appears to be veto power in this case.

    The contract is only an issue here because:

    1. The Raiders have no cap space left due to dead money. They don’t have a choice.

    2. The Raiders aren’t giving him a starting job – just a chance to compete against 2 younger players. They don’t want to have the same problem the Seahawks have when Flynn inevitably loses the starting job to a youngster.

  153. Wagner was an OLB in college, so its not really a position change for him. Having said that, I agree we would want to think twice about moving Bobby (as I said in my original post)

    I guess the other option would be to leave Wagner at MLB and move McClain to OLB.

  154. For the genius who said McClain was “useless”…… you might want to do some research before you post your insightful comments.

  155. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    duke, sticking point is flynn’s contract they want him to cut 1.5 mill off and offer no more guaranteed. flynn does need to realize that he is an option not the only one.

    chris, it has already be established that his value is not in the high pick range for either year. a 4th next year was the highest he had heard of on the table. they are willing to take a chance on flynn but this is not al davis running the raiders. they have a plan to rebuild the team.

  156. bbnate420 says:

    It seems silly if they would nix the trade over 1.25 mil to me. If hawkfaninoklahoma is right, and they only want to pay 13 mil between what is guaranteed to Palmer and Flynn’s salary. That would leave them 4 mil to pay Flynn to get to 13 mil and he makes 5.25 mil in base.

    Georgia, if they’re able to trade Flynn, they should have the room to add another OG/OT if they want. Not someone like Andre Smith though probably, though his market value may be that depressed. I wouldn’t mind signing him to a one year deal, but I’d be wary of giving him a long term deal. I think he may get fat and lazy again. I think they’d have to release Breno too. I think they may have a higher opinion of Breno than a lot of people here do. If not, I think they could sign Eric Winston and off set the contract completely by releasing Breno. I don’t think they add another o-lineman for more than the minimum if they don’t trade Flynn, unless they’re not going to sign a vet kicker. I think there’s a decent chance they sign a minimum OT at some point, but I don’t think they will until after they see how the draft shakes out.

  157. Dukeshire says:

    pab – So you’re saying I was correct, back then? Thank you.

  158. Incidentally, the McClain talk really wasn’t serious (I started it by saying crazy idea of the day……)

    The idea occured to me because I remembered McClain had asked for a trade. I also remembered him being very highly rated coming out of college a few years ago……. and we all know we need another linebacker.

    Anyway, it started as a crazy thought that became less crazy the more I thought about it. The I looked at the contracts…….

  159. If I were Flynn, I would probably stay in Seattle and not take any pay cut (if that’s what the deal fully comes down to).

    I realize he’d get his chance to start, but he’s also being set up to fail in that mess of an organization.

    If he stays in Seattle – he’ll make more money and will look like a stud with all of the offensive talent around him if anything should happen to Wilson.

    If he were traded to any team with much offensive potential (at least more than what the Raiders have), then it would be a different story I’m guessing.

  160. bbnate420 says:

    I think Breno is fine too. I don’t think they should invest any more money in RT this year. I’d be fine with them signing someone they see as an upgrade and off setting it by releasing Breno, like I suggested with Eric Winston. They don’t need to spend approx. 100% of the cap. Saving a few mil for next off-season could be very beneficial.

    Flynn could just be refusing to renegotiate because he doesn’t want to go to the Raiders. He knows the Hawks will have to release him after 2013 regardless. Maybe he’d rather spend one more year as the backup in Seattle than potentially have to spend 2 in Oak?

    pabuwal, you must have an even lower opinion of Flynn than I thought you did if you don’t think he’ll beat Pryor out. Either that or you like Pryor for some reason.

  161. If a team wanted to install Flynn as a starter and the team was one of many with ample cap room, the contract would be no problem.

    The Raiders fit neither category but appear to be the only team that will give up anything for him. No one else wants him.

  162. I think a Breno upgrade would be awesome. We don’t need the bone headed penalties and he is in the last year of his contract, so would need to be replaced next year anyway.

  163. I think the Raiders draft a QB in rounds 1 or 2 this year, seeing how they would be getting Flynn for minimal draft compensation.

  164. montanamike2 says:

    Hey guys do you know how to say Tony Romo in Spanish?

  165. montanamike2 says:

    Mark Sanchez

  166. bbnate420 says:

    If you noticed, Breno cut out the stupid penalties in the 2nd half of last year. I think he’s found the line. Hopefully anyways.

    Funny, but Sanchez and Romo are like polar opposites. Sanchez sucks 95 % of the time but was fairly good when his team was in the playoffs. Romo is fairly good 90 % of the time, but sucks when he’s in the playoffs or a must win game.

  167. Oakland doesn’t have a second round draft choice

  168. bbnate420 says:

    Eric, do you believe Flynn would be an upgrade over Palmer for your beloved Raiders? I’d be interested to know since you’ve seen Flynn a lot more than the rest of us.

  169. bbnate420 says:

    True, Oak doesn’t have a 2nd or a 5th. And I highly doubt they take a QB at 3. Maybe they take a QB in the first if they’re able to trade down and recoup some later picks?

  170. Yeah, I noticed Breno had fewer penalties in the 2nd half of the season. His contract is still up the end of this season, so we need to consider an extension or change within the year.

  171. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    blocis, researched McClain, so let’s end this debate

    There are a few significant numbers with regard to this malcontent linebacker. Let’s start with the large numbers and count down the Rolando McClain dirty dozen.

    12 – Combined tackles (7 solo) is the highest single game total this full-time starting middle linebacker has ever had. He did it one time. It was the 2011 week three win over the Jets. He had 10 tackles two other times for a total of 3 times in 3 years he reached double figures in tackles. Phillip Wheeler was in double figures in tackles 4 times last year alone (11, 11, 10, 10).

    11 – Players on the opposing offense who had no reason to game plan to face McClain and paid little mind to the middle linebacker position for the Raiders on any given play.

    10 – Men on the field picking up the slack when McClain jogs out a play. Those same 10 men also knew their leadership was not coming from the middle linebacker position.

    9 – Games McClain started for the Raiders in 2012. He was only an every down player in the first 4 of those games.

    8 – Overall selection in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. It is also his average salary per season after signing his 5-year, $40 million rookie contract with $23 million guaranteed.

    7 – Linebackers chosen in the same 2010 draft who have proven to be better all-around players than McClain even without the off the field issues. Those players are Sean Weatherspoon (Round 1, pick 19), Daryl Washington (2nd round), Sean Lee (2nd round), Pat Angerer (2nd round), Donald Butler (3rd round), Navorro Bowman (3rd round), and Perry Riley (4th round).

    6.5 – Career sacks by McClain.

    5 – Games McClain was out at the end of the 2012 season (2 suspended, 3 inactive) due to his verbal altercation with Dennis Allen in practice and his rant on facebook saying he was “officially no longer an Oakland Raider” and looking forward to playing for “a real team”. That was every game in December. A month in which the 28th ranked Raiders defense jumped to a top five ranking for the final 4 games. Coincidence? You do the math.

    4 – …million reasons he has not to care. At least that is what he reportedly said to Dennis Allen the day he was kicked out of practice. It is approximately his base salary in 2013 as well as his remaining guaranteed money ($3.67 million to be exact).

    3 – -year career with the Raiders because there is really no way they can bring him back. It would be like having an operation to re-insert a malignant tumor. It could end up being his NFL career as it was for JaMarcus Russell. It’s also the number of wins the Raiders had this season with him in the lineup. When he was initially made a part time player in week 6, the Raiders defense had a 3-game stretch of great defense. He played only 40% of the snaps during that 3-game stint. Another coincidence? Or arithmetic?

    2 – Arrests in the past year. This latest one for signing his name as “Fuck y’all” after a traffic stop in Alabama. The previous arrest was far more serious. It carried four charges for which he was convicted by a judge in Alabama. Those charges were assault, menacing, reckless endangerment, and discharging a firearm, which carried a 6-months jail term. He appealed it and the alleged victim in the case eventually dropped the charges. That is typically because a settlement was reached.

    1 – People Rolando has to blame, including himself. Despite his claim that everyone is out to get him.

  172. I disagree with Bobby – no way Flynn would rather sit behind Wilson vs. Battle for starter job in Oakland.

  173. I think the comparison for McClain would be McClain vs. Leroy Hill…… its really Hill we are replacing.

    Two years ago McClain had 99 tackles and 5 sacks. Good production and clearly better production than Leroy Hill.

    I know McClains numbers from last season were down – I know he was unhappy last year (hence trade request) but don’t know why.

    Anyway …… seattle seems to be ok with malcontents lately.

  174. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. That’s a terrific countdown.

  175. So in my scenario, Flynn rejects the trade because of the contract money and realizes that he’s not really in high demand right now. That makes him less of a malcontent (if he ever was). Then in training camp or during the season, some team realizes that because of injury or poor performance, they need a decent QB in a hurry to be viable. We trade Flynn, and in the meantime have begun to prepare a recently acquired QB as a backup. And if we do have keep Flynn, I’ll be fine knowing we have a good backup for the year, until the new guy is ready.

  176. Blocis–McClain hasnt played consistently well since his rookie year stats dont tell the whole story), he has serious attitude issues, and most importantly, the Raiders WILL cut his ass if no one trades for him..and no one will. That is why he’s useless; why waste a pick or trade value on a guy with questionable value when you can get him for free soon?!

    If they are interested in him as a FA thats one thing; trading for this dude is another. Didnt mean to ruffle your feathers man, youre certainly entitled to your opinion on the guy.

  177. bbnate420 says:

    blocis, they will either have to resign Breno or replace him after 2013, you’re right. But they don’t have to sign a UFA now to do it. They may draft his replacement for 2014.

  178. Rolando McClain’s biggest weakness (aside from his primadonna, self-entitlement driven ego) coming out of college was said to be his lateral speed and quickness. Any avid NFL fan knows that to play either at the mike or at an ILB spot you have got to be able to play sideline to sideline – if you’re good. So it’s starting to smell like that’s probably a big part of him busting in Oakland; that and he supposedly sucks at man coverage.

    I wonder if a switch to OLB in an aggressive 3-4 system would work for him; something like Dick LeBeau’s zone-blitz scheme.

  179. and Blocis, I said that his uselessness was IMO. We are all entitled to our opinion without fear of being sarcastically insulted. I certainly dont claim to be a genius, nor have I ever claimed that my opinions are “insightful”.

    Try not to be so touchy, esp if your stated opinion wasnt serious, as you claim. Sheesh.

  180. bbnate420 says:

    Signing a traffic ticket, “Fuck y’all”. Now that’s funny. Good post, hawkfan.

    BTW, I posted a response to your baseless assertions about Mathieu and marijuana back on that thread if you so chose to read it.

  181. montanamike2 says:

    I wonder if Sweezy takes a big step this year.

  182. I think Seattle wants a faster LB in place of Hill, and one who is young and fairly cheap and who wont be a headcase. IMO, they will spend either their second round pick or their fourth on a LB with speed and size.

    But your point that if they brought in McClain he would likely replace Hill makes a lot more sense than trading Flynn for him.

  183. Bobbyk–Ditto what Dukeshire said. Hilarious countdown! I darn near snorted coffee on that one!

  184. I didn’t know about McClains legal problems……

    First arrest was a gun issue that was dropped

    Second started as a window tint violation

  185. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    just to be clear and give credit that was on SBN, STTBM i did snort coke right out the nose.

    blocis it was dropped on appeal because he reached a settlement with the accuser to drop the complaint. there is no way i see bringing him in at all.
    smith is a better option IMO.

  186. bbnate420 says:

    “Buffalo, Jacksonville, NY Jets, Arizona,, Y’all better be ready to PONY up, at least a 3rd round pick for FLYNN. We’re totally fine with conditional pick in 2014 as well, since We believe he will be an Above Average Starter in the NFL.”

    “Flynn will be TRADED for 3rd round pick or Better. Y’all Watch and Learn….. :)

    All these analysts/talking heads (JC, Herms or others) don’t really know what they’re talking about,, if they did, they’d be GMs making millions….”

    “This sets the market for Matt Flynn. I am not expecting a 2nd rounder or better for him. Most likely will come from Oakland or AZ. I would prefer their next year’s 1st round pick than this year’s 2nd round pick.”

    It seems fairly certain that he WAS expecting a 2nd or better since he mentions that he would rather get a 1st in 2014 than the 2nd in 2013.


    Watch and learn. If Flynn gets traded, it will be for at least 3rd round value. Don’t listen to JC or any other ESPN people”

    A few quotes from the yankster in case he should try to sing a different tune if the Flynn trade goes through.

  187. Dukeshire says:

    “Signing a traffic ticket, “Fuck y’all”. Now that’s funny.”

    I thought that too. Classic.

  188. C.Palmer prefers to back up Capernick in SF once (or if) he’s cut, even though AZ would allow him to compete for the starting job there. He wants to be on a team that has a chance of making it to the SB, but would also accept AZ as a landing spot if SF doesn’t work out.

    How much is a backup QB worth to SEA? I guess he isn’t worth a $7.25M cap hit (still leaves $6M dead cap = $10M guaranteed – $4M compensation in ’12.) That only saves $1.25M in cap this season and $8.25M next.

    SEA still needs another backup (unless C.Palmer relents to a paycut with OAK over the weekend, currently $17+M cap hit.) SEA could not afford to hire C.Palmer for anything near that, even if they would be willing to.

    UFA Tyler Thigpen was supposed to have a $3.5M cap hit this season with the Bills until they cut him. The Bills also cut UFA V.Young who was gonna be a $2-M cap hit.

    Colt McCoy is still under contract to CLE thru ’13(?), and has a $2.5+M cap hit ($188-K dead cap if cut.)

    UFA Brady Quinn had a $1.5M cap hit last season with KC.

    UFA Jordan Palmer had a $615K cap hit last season with JAX.

    UFA Luke McCown had a $825K cap hit last season with ATL.

    UFA Matt Leinart had a $700K cap hit last season with OAK.

    UFA Byron Leftwich had a $605K cap hit last season with PIT.

    UFA Kevin Kolb is still costing AZ $6M in dead cap after being cut. He was sposta make $11M in ’13.

    UFA Caleb Hanie is still costing DEN $125K in dead cap after being cut. He had a $1M salary in ’12.

    UFA Rex Grossman had a $1.3M cap hit last season with DC.

    UFA Kellen Clemens had a $530K cap hit last season with STL.

    UFA Charlie Batch had a $540K cap hit last season with PIT.

    UFA Derek Anderson had a $555K cap hit last season with CAR.

  189. Singularitarian says:

    your suppossed to snort the coke into your nose hawkfan. I want him on the team based just on the fact that he worote “fuck ya’ll” as a signature on a traffic ticket. That qualifies as awesome

  190. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, it’s only 6 mil in dead cap space if they release him. I don’t see it happening. There’s no way they’re going to keep him on 2014 regardless, unless something we don’t want to happen to RW happens in 2013. They save 3.25 mil versus the 2013 cap and 2 mil versus the 2014 cap if they trade him, minus whatever his replacement/s cost.

  191. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “All these analysts/talking heads (JC, Herms or others) don’t really know what they’re talking about,, if they did, they’d be GMs making millions….”

    Nate I don’t know? Seems like Ruskell didn’t know what he was talking about.

    BTW- The reason I think it would be good for the Seahawks to pick up a veteran Guard/Tackle , ( if the price is right ) is because even if they draft one, ( and I hope they do ) it’s unlikely he will contribute much this year. It just usually takes longer for most rookie o-lineman to make an impact then it does for other positions imo.

  192. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, read the post again more closely. I was quoting the yankster. All his words are between the quotation marks. I was documenting what he guaranteed in case he tries to revise history again.

  193. ruminator1 says:

    i think Flynn was a class act. he definitely supported RW, good memories of the two of them talking together late in games. my big worry about all of this is what happens if RW gets hurt. i would love to have Flynn in that event. and i think with RW’s style, injury is a regular possibility.
    so who do you folks think would be a really good backup, good enough that he could function well enough for this potentially great team to reach the SB?
    as for Flynn going to Oakland, i think the Hawks wanted to ease the cap status, give Flynn a chance, reduce locker room upsets about the disparity in 2013 salaries–all of these factors entering into their decision to trade. a 5th this yr and a 7th next year seem to be no more than window dressing, if those are the true compensations. the trade addresses many different problem areas. but it sure does not address our backup situation. and i would guess that it reduces the chance of a qb in the draft. Palmer as backup for a yr? he has already said he’d be willing to be a backup and to take a cut if he was out of oakland (at least that is what i thought i read). hmm

  194. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    funny we haven’t seen them since he realized he was wrong.

  195. bbnate420 says:

    It is strange. Maybe he goes into the same hole as ACIB?

  196. ruminator1 says:

    kim–daunting statistics as usual. Palmer option doesn’t look good or likely

  197. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    “Isn’t watching and learning fun for us all?? :)”

    being right has never been sweeter

  198. Dukeshire says:

    The thing that’s a bit misleading about all the backup QB salaries posted above is that it’s nearly irrelevant to Seattle’s situation. Whomever they get (or keep) to back up Wilson, they are almost assuredly going to make more than him. I think that’s why, among other reasons, Seattle sees the QB situation as a whole regarding the cap, rather than individual pieces. And with that, Seattle ranks among the least expensive (20th) in the league. Saving cap space at the QB position isn’t a priority for them. Now, when Wilson is able to renegotiate his rookie deal, this will be a different story.

  199. Dukeshire says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma – Absolutely. A complete blowhard.

  200. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought you were the yankster nate. Just yanking your chain.

    BTW- Where is the source that says Flynn won’t restructure his contract?

  201. At this point if I am Oakland I trade Palmer and sign Kolb.

  202. ruminator1 says:

    dukeshire, hard to argue with that logic (on cap saving as a prime mover)but i wonder then why you think Flynn is being traded? reading comments on this blog, i get the impression that quite a few folks seem to assume that now that the franchise qb is settled, we should just trade Flynn, get suitable compensation, and pick up whatever we can to replace him. i would much prefer to keep Flynn unless they could get a really good backup for a yr or two and bring along a young guy. (keep Flynn but give him a little more plahying time, maybe a special situations assignment.)

    anyway the real issue is, who are they going to get to replace him if he accepts a trade. with the quality of this team, i think it needs to be someone pretty good.

  203. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think Seattle is actively shopping Flynn, necessarily. I do think they are open to offers of course, and should one that benefits the franchise present itself, they’re obligated to act on it. And I believe that’s what we’re seeing. Just my impression…

    I too think trading Flynn this year leaves a pretty dangerous hole on this roster. As you eluded to, who would they get to capably step in for Wilson should he go down? That then would become a priority for them.

  204. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    look up the workout vince young at texas pro day. he looked much better

  205. SandpointHawk says:

    Here’s one Georgia, out of 9000+ hits I got when I queried Google. The first time I read it was on NFL network last night. However Art knows his stuff so I’ll link this one…

  206. SandpointHawk says:

    Klm, with all do respect you forgot Seneca Wallace.

  207. I can not picture a happy VY sitting behind RW. The guy threw his shoulder pads into the stands as a starter.

  208. Kolb signing with the Bills gives Flynn a little more leverage.

  209. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Sandpoint. I’ve been out doing yard work most of the day and just relying on the blog for updated news regarding Flynn.

  210. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Going against our D every day in practice can only help our O get better. And vice versa.

  211. chuck_easton says:

    It gives Flynn more leverage, but supposedly the deal between Seattle and Oakland is already done.

    Just means one less team to drive up the asking price to this mythical 3rd rounder we’ve been promised by an unnamed poster on here.

  212. Even if the trade terms are agreed to Oakland can control the outcome by controling the terms with Flynn. If they want it dead they change the terms to $200k,,,,pffffft!

  213. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great minds think alike hawkfaninoklahoma. Lol.

  214. Sandpoint- Sorry and scuse me all to heck – wasn’t thinking! SW was only making just south of $800K for ’12 before CLE cut him in preseason and kept Colt McCoy instead, who was making less $$$. If SW was still on CLE’s roster this season he would be making just under $5M. He was outta the league last season – being cut at the end of preseason – but I’d like to see SW come back here as backup to RW. Although traded from here to CLE in ’09 and he’s been in the league like 10 years (32 yo?) SW is elusive and can throw a long ball. I just don’t imagine PC/JS would go for it.

  215. One of the first things Carroll did when he got to the Seahawks was trade Wallace away for nothing. He won’t be bringing him back.

  216. bird_spit says:

    Please no Seneca many times can he run out of bounds…where RW would have turned those same plays into opportunities…

  217. tylerwyler says:

    Thanks for the RW link, guys. :-) I swear, though, bleacher report is the worst website ever on an iPad.

  218. montanamike2 says:

    Just checking in, no news on the picks i take it.

  219. Isn’t bleacher report one of the worst websites period?

  220. GeorgiaHawk says:

    tylerwyler/JZombie- Can you make some kind of case that bleacher report is one of the worst?
    Is it any worse than getting info from a blog like this one? Or from Rant sports?
    Really it all comes down to who is writing the article.

    I actually get more and accurate info from reading this blog then I do with reading the main stream media stuff.

  221. Agreed. This blog is, by far, more informative when it comes to Seahawks stuff than any other site out there.

  222. That’s why it’s the best!

  223. SW might have done better in a Bevel offense, rather than a Knapp one. Still, after viewing tape, PC/JS cut SW in March of ’10 and went out and got CW at about the same time. Those deals were in the works at the same time. JS remembered CW from back in college and was eager to try him out here. Maybe he overlooked how well SW might do in a changed offensive scheme. I never thought SW was a very good fit for Holmgren’s offense either, but he worked hard and actually outperformed Matt Hasselbeck (stats-wise) in it. Don’t believe JS/PC would reverse themselves and hire SW but it might just be a pretty good fit if Flynn is gone on Monday.

  224. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Nobody does it better”
    “Makes me feel sad for the rest”
    “Nobody does it half as good as TNT”
    “TNT, you’re the best”

    “I wasn’t lookin’, but somehow you found me”
    “I tried to hide from the blog world”
    “But like heaven above me, TNT showed me”
    “That Seahawks news is best upon this site”

    “And nobody does it better”
    “Though sometimes I wish Sando could”
    “Nobody does it quite the way you do”
    “Eric, Why’d you have to be so good?”


  225. tylerwyler says:

    Georgia, I was referring to the website design. On the iPad, it’s plain awful. It’s painful to use on their Top-25-ways-for-Bleacher-Report-to-get-more-page-views type of articles. Sometimes you’ll swipe to the next slide and it will take you to a whole other article, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Sometimes swiping up (to scroll down the article) will send you to another article as well. To read that RW article, I had to reload the page four times due to inadvertent link activations. It’s really the only website I ever use where I have this sort of problem, so while I can’t quantify it as “the worst” on the web, it’s clearly the worst I’ve ever used on my iPad.

    That said, I’ll read just about anything that somebody writes about the hawks. Poor website design just makes it less enjoyable.

  226. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t see why anyone would be adamantly against the Hawks kicking the tires on Vince Young. At least bringing him in for a workout and interview I mean. As long as they have the space to sign him to a minimum contract during the summer. They don’t have to pay him or add it to the final 2013 cap if they don’t keep him for week 1. He’s no more of a risk than TO or BMW was. I would caution against reading too much into his pro day though. He did look good for sure and seems to be saying the right things for now. A lot of QBs can look good at pro days though. As Mike Mayock says when cautioning about pro days, the best pro day he has ever witnessed in his many years of evaluating players was JaMarcus Russell’s pro day. We all know how that turned out.

    Tyler Thigpen probably isn’t as bad an option as I thought when he was first mentioned. The 2 years he played any significant time at all, he was able to put up TJack like numbers with one team that was awful and one that was mediocre. I know that comparison doesn’t excite many here. I’m just saying that with a team like the Hawks have, he should be able to come in and manage a couple of games and not lose them for us if need be.

    Colt McCoy could do the same. He’s not good by any stretch, but he wasn’t awful while playing on a terrible team. And he can run a bit.

  227. Apparently “imminent” is relative.

  228. montanamike2 says:

    Immenent is a slow weekend.

  229. GeorgiaHawk says:

    tylerwyler, My bad. I totally misunderstood.

  230. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t know if Rob Rangs latest big board has been posted yet so here it is again if it has.

    Any names on it that anyone would like to see us draft in rounds 2,3 and mabey 4?

  231. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here is the latest free agent tracker that I could find.

  232. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nate, two of Vince young’s biggest problems were mechanics and footwork. all his tape shows that, however when you watch the Texas pro day where he worked out this year he was much improved in both areas. looks like Vince has finally grown up a bit and is willing to listen. my point on him is that if anyone available could run this offense if something happened to Wilson it is him.

  233. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    happy Easter everyone!

  234. Hmmm…still no news. I guess that makes sense, though. Flynn probably needs a few days to think it over.

    If I’m Flynn, I’m asking myself, do I really want to restructure my contract. Or, should I take the money and run?

    It could cost him millions of dollars just for the chance to earn a starting job in (cough, cough) Oakland.

    Or, he could stay in Seattle, play on a Superbowl caliber team, and earn the rest of that big salary.

    If Russell Wilson was in his shoes, and facing this decision, he’d already have last season’s games broken down, notes to receivers, and offseason practices setup.

    Is Flynn’s hesitation really that telling?

    It makes me wonder how Favre, Rodgers, Brady, Steve Young, Joe Montana would handle a similar decision.

    My guess is this would be a no-brainer for any of them.

  235. sluggo42 says:

    It’s probably fly ns agent that’s taking the time to decide, trying to force the raiders to pony up his money.

    Bleacher report IS difficult with my iPad

    Since we have all “listened and learned” on these last two 300post threads, does anyone feel more enlightened? :)

  236. sluggo42 says:

    Oh, and happy Easter too…

  237. Imminent must be in geologic time.

  238. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    The Raiders believe they found the quarterback of the future with Matt Flynn.
    just posted pro football talk “deal should be done shortly.”

  239. chuck_easton says:

    So is soon as quick as imminent? Or is it slower?

  240. If Matt Flynn is the “quarterback of the future” then Russell Wilson must be something celestial.

  241. klm–Seattle had Jeremy Bates system in place when they cut Wallace, not Bevell, and Bates scheme was totally different. Youre right that Bevells scheme would make far better use of Senecas strengths. And Wallace was aging and isnt good at picking up new defenses. If he were a little younger (and thus cheaper) I could see them bringing him back.

  242. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So many scenarios regarding Flynn right now imo. Who knows? Mabey he does stay for awhile longer. Mabey if he does he could fill in nicely for Wilson if he gets injured. Mabey he plays well in the pre-season and it sparks an interest from another team that has qb problems, or some qbs go down early in the season and they need a replacement.

  243. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Interesting Audible, just when I’m about to give up on anything happening with Oakland. Lol.

  244. montanamike2 says:

    Still no announcement?

    If Russell Wilson was in his shoes, and facing this decision, he’d already have last season’s games broken down, notes to receivers, and offseason practices setup.

    How true.

  245. tylerwyler says:

    Makes me wonder how much trade value we’ll lose because of elbow-gate. It seems that either Flynn had a huge problem with it or if it wasn’t a big deal, then Flynn just didn’t have enough competitive fire. I hate to assume the latter option, so my gut tells me it was a big problem. Either way, it must send big red flags.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and blame Doug Baldwin for wearing him out in the offseason. :-p

    Also, I can’t wait to see how much better our offense is after a full offseason and preseason with Russ. Anybody else happy to be a Hawks fan?!?

  246. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is one of the comments made from the profootballtalk article, (from a blogger) with regards to Schneider and McKenzie haggling over what draft pick the Seahawks get for Flynn.

    “The Seahawks wanted a 4th round pick … the Raiders countered with a 3rd.”


  247. Wallace made no sense to keep before and they got a pick for him… now they have a short QB with a similar physical skill set so where it made no sense before – it now makes some sense if they get rid of Flynn. I’d rather have a released Colt McCoy to back-up Wilson, personally.

  248. bbnate420 says:

    Here’s another funny comment from a reader on that PFT report:

    “Before the contract was finalized, Matt Flynn had already got sacked 8 times.”

  249. banosser says:

    “Looks like Vince has finally grown up a bit and is willing to listen”

    funny how being broke will do that…

  250. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfan, as I said, I’m not against them signing Young and seeing how he responds this summer. Providing he impresses them at his visit workout and does well in the interview. His mechanics did look better at the pro day, but it’s one thing to do it against air and quite another when 300 pound men are trying to rip your head off. I need to see it in a game before I believe with VY at this point. It really doesn’t matter what I think about him anyways. I know PC and the staff know a lot more than me, and I trust their evaluation of him. They can always release him before the season if he isn’t working out.

  251. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol, nate and banosser.

  252. That’s so RW ish Mike, lol

  253. Ed Werder and I have very different understandings of the word “imminent.”

  254. Some funny comments since my last post. Well done. Thanks for the laughs.

  255. Dukeshire says:

    All imminent means is that something is pending. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the speed at which said event takes place.

    The “…raiders countered with a 3rd” is hilarious.

  256. STTBM – Good pick-up! I’d forgotten Bates was SEA’s OC in ’10. Former USC QB coach. SW probably wouldn’t have faired much better with him than Knapp, but it’s hard to tell – SW never got the chance. SEA’s offense under Bates was a lot different looking to me than their offense under Knapp. Bevel replaced Bates in ’11 and Bates went on to CHI in ’12 as their QB coach. Wonder where Bates was in ’11?

    Like Flynn with OAK, Kolb is apparently close to signing with the Bills, who already have TJax (oops, Kolb deal with BUF is already done, 2 yr $13M). Kolb and TJax are the only QBs on BUFs roster with game experience. BUF may decide to then trade (or cut) TJax, maybe/maybe not(?) BUF likely keeps them both. Rumors also being written now about C.Palmer being near signed with AZ. (So much for playing for SF?)

  257. Dukeshire says:

    Kolb signed a two year deal with the Bills yesterday.

  258. Dukeshire says:

    Sorry, I see you caught that.

  259. Duke – who’d you druther see backup RW this season, assuming Flynn lands in OAK?

  260. Georgia – Do two of OAK, AZ & BUF take QBs in the 1st round anyway, or are the QBs gonna fall – and then how far?

  261. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good point klm008. I could see one or two of these teams drafting qbs early anyways. Following the example from the Seahawks FO regarding Competition.
    If they do fall though, will the Seahawks pick one up?

  262. It’d be interesting to see RW and Barkley competing in camp.

  263. Wonder if Lawrence is related to Christian Okoye?

  264. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t know if he is related to Christian Okoye but check out some of these pics of him.
    Long shot, however perhaps his discus throwing would help him develope a nasty swim move

  265. About the right size for a tall wideout or TE, too, but maybe would have to learn the WR/TE skills in the CFL, or college? Kinda like Jordan Kent if WR on the offense, or Antonio Gates if TE, but can you pick up true DE skills in one preseason, starting from zip?

  266. klm–Yeah, it was bad luck we had Bates and not someone like Bevell, or I think we would have kept Wallace. I still think, given a decent team and a WCO similar to Holmy’s, that actually USED a running qb, Wallace would have been a good qb. Better than Flynn will be.

    Im still puzzled by the angst from his two running-out-of-bounds plays, and how bitter many Hawk fans are regarding him; it happened as soon as he left. Few remember that with a crew of guys surrounding him, who werent good enough for other teams practice squads yet were starting for Seattle, he was one unblocked sack artist from beating NE.

    His learning disability and his poor timing–coming into the league when Hass was still a great qb–really screwed him.

    Not saying he was a great qb but I feel he would have been fine as a starter on a good team. Too bad he never had the chance.

  267. GeorgiaHawk says:

    He’s only 21, Irvins 25 and is still learning so who knows?

  268. montanamike2 says:

    I thought the only thing that bothered me was he couldn’t throw the ball away if things broke down and always took the loss in yardage, same with TJ, drove me crazy.

  269. Seems like running QBs have the same reluctance to throwing the ball away as RBs, once the ball is tucked you tend to not loosen it enough to throw it away. It would be great if RBs threw the ball away too before getting tackled for loss, but getting the ball stripped and losing it to the other team is worse than taking a few yards of sack.

  270. sluggo42 says:

    Jeepers, is thread EVER going to die?

  271. Dukeshire says:

    klm – That’s the million dollar question. I think ultimately I’d prefer someone who’s been in the league a while with some starting experience, behind Wilson. Is that Palmer, McCoy, someone else? I don’t know where I fall there. I don’t think however, that whomever they get to replace Flynn as Wilson’s backup, that he needs to be a clone of Wilson’s particular skills. I think that part is overblown a bit. I would also be very uncomfortable with a rookie behind Wilson, although I’d like to see them add a QB on the PS this year. (Kind of a long winded “I don’t know” I suppose.)

  272. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Jeepers, is thread EVER going to die?” Lol sluggo.

    Mabey Eric is in Oakland brokering the deal for his Raiders so they don’t mistakenly give up a third round pick for Flynn this year.

  273. If Rex Grossman was a little more accurate with his short throws, I maybe wouldn’t mind seeing him as backup. Just hate those 4-pick games though, and that gun-slinger mentality. But if he had a slough of good receivers as well as a good run-game, he might end up playing as well as Favre did in MIN?

  274. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One draft web site has us picking-

    2nd at 56- Bennie Logan DT from LSU.

    3rd at 87- Matt scott QB from Arizona.

    4th at 123- Dion Sims TE from Michigan st. And

    5th at 158- Earl Wolff S from N.C State.

  275. LB needs to be on that last.

  276. Yeah, we wont take a S and no LB in the draft, rest assured.

  277. And unless a stud talent TE with ultra rare size and speed appears, we wont take one of them either. The fact that RW is bringing Sean McGrath in, and he was on the AR late in the season, shows he’s in the mix for next year. Its Cameron Morrah who is really on the bubble. Its put up or shut up time for that talented underachiever.

    He’s a holdover from the Ruskell era of doom, so he must have special talent for PC and JS to bother with him.

    Be interesting to see how the TE position shakes out. Im hoping Morrah and (brain fart cant remember his name), the guy who everyone says drops passes but only dropped one or two that I remember last year, step up. Morrah is the guy they wanna line up all over, the other dude can block too, and Miller is a total stud. McGrath has potential, so like I said, unless someone amazing is available, Im meh on the idea of a TE before round 6.

  278. Somehow, it seems likely that we will see a DT and OLB in this draft, but beyond that, this front office will probably find some players with something special regardless of position. Even if it is a position of strength they will value a player they think will compete.

  279. Eric must have had Easter off. What a light weight!

  280. I suppose some things might be more important than the Seahawks….

  281. sluggo42 says:

    Anthony mccoy

  282. bird_spit says:

    Anthony McCoy forget the count, and jumped offsides how many times last year?

  283. I’d love LSU’s DT Bennie Logan at 56. Looks like the 3-tech we need. If So Miss’ OLB Jamie Collins should be there at 87 I’d like that too.
    OK with you Oldslow?

  284. I would love to get 2 guys who contribute this year! it would be great if they were DT and LB but if they are in some other position we would still be a great draft, there aren’t many holes so if guys are contributing then they are great pick ups for us

    Time will tell

  285. anyone else as shocked as I am at the amount of money the Cowboys gave Romo?

    More guaranteed 55 million – just plain stupid!

    Yes the NFL is driven by the QB – but when all other positions seem to be getting a price adjustment due to the new cap – QB’s have gone hog wild. Flaaco and Romo SHOULD NOT be the highest paid guys. (IMO)

    It will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Cowboys are already having HUGE cap issues and they are about tie up a huge amount of money in a guy who folds in big games. Baltimore pays huge bucks to a guy who doesn’t put them in great position during the season but plays up the occasion most times.

  286. DanielleMND says:

    Romo is vastly overrated. Flacco can at least point to a Lombardi Trophy.

  287. AKSeahawk12 says:

    xcman- That is Mr. Slippery fingers field goal holder give him some respect LOL…and somebody has to take over for Al Davis now we have him.

  288. UltimateHawk says:

    This is from an Oakland fan:

    “The Seahawks wanted a 4th round pick … the Raiders countered with a 3rd..”

  289. montanamike2 says:


  290. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Seahawks just traded Golden Tate for future draft picks.

  291. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    whered you here that?

  292. montanamike2 says:

    ESPN confirms it, also Zach Miller is unwilling to renegotiate his contract and might be released today.

  293. Ed Werder just posted a trade of Russell Wilson for Mark Sanchez straight up is “imminent.”

  294. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia …….

  295. SandpointHawk says:

    Tim Tebow renounced Jesus and is opening a strip club…

  296. montanamike2 says:

    How much do you have to pray for a lap dance?

  297. Dukeshire says:

    montana – Is that a joke or is that being reported. I can’t find that anywhere.

  298. sluggo42 says:

    I decided to become a liberal…

  299. montanamike2 says:

    April fools day, sorry Duke.

  300. Dukeshire says:

    Oh… I forgot the date. lol. I was wondering why there were so many ridiculous “transaction” posts.

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