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Morning links: Bevell readies for Harvin’s arrival

Post by Eric Williams on March 29, 2013 at 8:07 am with 52 Comments »
March 29, 2013 10:18 am
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) and wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) talking as they leave the field at the end of the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Percy Harvin immediately forged a bond with Brett Favre last season, despite their age difference of nearly 20 years.  (AP Photo/Hannah Foslien, File)
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) and wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) talking as they leave the field at the end of the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Percy Harvin immediately forged a bond with Brett Favre last season, despite their age difference of nearly 20 years. (AP Photo/Hannah Foslien, File)

Albert Breer of the NFL Network talks with Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell about the newest addition to his offense, Percy Harvin.

Breer hits on similar themes I already addressed when I talked with Bevell a few weeks ago. However, this quote about Harvin’s reported, off-the-field issues was something new I had not heard or seen.

Breer: “The personality quirks were more difficult to sort out. But with each rock the Seahawks turned over in talking to former coaches and teammates, their comfort level increased. They’d found a player who was disruptive mainly when he felt that he was being disrespected or used incorrectly. Losing Brett Favre as his quarterback had also affected his mindset. Word was that he was fine the majority of the time. So it seemed to be a matter of managing the rest, something the Seahawks, armed with Carroll, feel confident they can do.”

ESPN’s Todd McShay has Seattle selecting Missouri Southern defensive tackle Brandon Williams in his latest, two-round mock draft. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times writes that the addition of Tony McDaniel for the Seahawks doesn’t mean that the team didn’t think Alan Branch was effective, just that McDaniel was a better value with a similar skill set.

Brady Henderson of 710 ESPN Seattle breaks out the best quotes from Warren Moon’s conversation with Brock Huard on what Russell Wilson can do to improve. Moon: “He’s got to get better chemistry and relationship with whoever that slot receiver is going to be this year, because that’s your bread-and-butter guy, that’s what keeps the chains moving,” Moon said. “And I don’t think he really had that last year with Doug Baldwin being in and out of the lineup … So you’ve got to find out who that guy is going to be so he can establish that type of … rapport that you need to have on third down to keep the chains moving.”

Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis of the NFL Network take a closer look at the Seahawks war room in this video link.

John Breech of CBS Sports compiles Chris Clemons’ Twitter conversation with followers, with the Seattle defensive end saying it would be a “selfish act” for a gay player to come out once they’ve reached the NFL. Clemons rationale is the player should have come out earlier.

Bucky Brooks of has a nice breakdown on DB Tyrann Mathieu, or “The Honey Badger,” saying he’s a second round talent. Brooks writes that Cincinnati, Washington or Pittsburgh are the best fits for his skill set.

Former Seattle linebacker Aaron Curry is back in Charlotte working as a volunteer coach at UNC-Charlotte with his former linebacker coach at Wake Forest, Brad Lambert.

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  1. “he felt that he was being disrespected” Isn’t this when most people act out?!?! the biggest issue is does he fell this often or in times when he shouldn’t

  2. I can’t wait to see what the mad scientist Bevell comes up with for Harvin.

    Moon’s impact, influence and mentorship of Russell Wilson has been very underrated this year. It’s been a great combination.

  3. I didn’t realize Moon was mentoring Wilson.

  4. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    it’s a good time to be a hawk fan

  5. Brandon Williams. Ok, for the first time in years McShay has my attention. I think I would like to see Williams in a Seahawks uni very much. He comes from a D2 school, but he absolutely dominated there. 340 lbs. space eater, who registered 153 tackles and 25.5 sacks in the last three years. Wow.

  6. Where does it say that Moon was/is mentoring Wilson?

  7. Sekolah, wow I like those numbers!!! a lot.

    We really need to hit it big this year for DT. This is the one area, our FO have not been able to find great success. Cinci got their All Pro DT in the 4th round, Henry Melton was also a mid-round pick. We gotta get one too!!!

  8. doubledink says:

    I think Russel’s late father has way more to do with it than anything Moon is doing or has done.

  9. doubledink says:

    What tech position on the DL does Tony McDaniel play? 1,3,5 or leo?

  10. I think he plays the 3-Tech. That’s what Alan Branch played.

  11. doubledink says:

    Thanks. He is pretty tall for Mebane’s backup. I wonder if leverage issues will limit him.

  12. McDaniel has played at both interior spots, I believe. He has also played DE in a 3-4 front, which here in Seattle would translate to ‘5-tech’.

    Yank, the report on Brandon Williams says he has also done his damage from the 5 spot, in addition to playing NT and 3-tech, so yeah, very interesting prospect. Sounds like he just needs a bit of coaching at the next level and he’ll thrive.

    I haven’t seen it discussed much, but I am getting the impression that not only Red wore down last year, but also Mebane. Brandon Williams is a guy who could take reps in place of both of those guys. I think just fining the right combination of guys to rotate in is a more attainable goal than knocking it out of the park with another amazing steal, but hey, if Brandon Williams is the next Haloti Ngata, well, let it all begin here in Seattle. lol.

  13. doubledink, I think he will either back up someone we draft or McDonald.

  14. PugetHawk says:

    Oh Clem why even get into Twitter discussions with trolls over Gay rights…not a battle you can win bud. May as well just stay out of it unless you have something positive to say.

  15. Singularitarian says:

    when I watch Brandon Williams I don’t see nfl talent. He’s huge playing sub par competition (by nfl standards) He just kind of blobs around. I don’t know, he gets off the line slow and I don’t see him getting much push gainst nfl Guards and centers. Though his body is intimidating. We’ll see. Also Doug Baldwin came on pretty strong last year towards the end, with not much time to get in a rythem with Wilson. With Harvin and Baldwin, i don’t see it being a problem working with the slots. Wilson will thrive with them

  16. Singularitarian says:

    For real Puget. No need to bash on gays. Especially in a very gay city

  17. Nothing “Gay” about being homo. It’s a sad thing to be. Let’s drop it.

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    Who cares if Warren Moon or RW’s dad is or was his mentor? It really doesn’t even matter.I know I’ve been guilty of talking about craziness, but man the quality of convo, personal attacks and the whole nine have gotten outta hand.I know I don’t have to read them but it’s hard to just skip over things.Hopefully the draft would help.But as of right now this blog isn’t even fun or entertaining.

  19. “when I watch Brandon Williams I don’t see nfl talent. He’s huge playing sub par competition (by nfl standards) He just kind of blobs around.”

    “Blobs around”? lolol. I’ve never seen or heard that term used in relation to football descriptors. “OMG, did you see that? He blobbed right into him!”
    So are we talking an amoeba type of blob, where he just engulfs RB’s and QB’s? If that’s the case that’ll work for me.

  20. I agree. Clem should stayed quiet on this one. Pretty pointless to say anything. It all is what it is.

    On a side note, does anyone here want Antoine Winfield for a slot CB? I know he’s a little up there in age and I don’t know what his asking price is, but dude is tough as nails and would be perfect for that role.

    As far as mentoring R Dub, I agree…who cares? Sure his dad had a ton of influence and I remember Moon getting mentioned as doing so on the flight back from the St. Louis loss, but do you really need ‘to get credit’ for saying he is or isn’t mentoring him?

    I teased BK yesterday about his article on Seneca but quite frankly I could care less about being right or wrong on this blog and kind of despise it when it turns into a pissing match instead more decent commentary.

    In all actuality, I think we’re all pretty stoked for this team. Players, coaches, management and owners…I’m grateful for what Holmgren did for us, but in no way, shape or form did the organization win my heart over as this regime has.

    Can’t wait for the draft, OTA’s, preseason, etc.!

    Is it September yet?


  21. PFT is reporting that a Matt Flynn trade is “imminent”.

    Wonder what compensation will be…

  22. HawkfaninMT says:

    WooHoo!! The NFL cast mentions Greene and Brown! That would make my day if we got either of those guys in the 2nd

  23. Sekolah, I like that pick a lot and have been watching B. Williams too.

    Everybody’s been focused on pass rushers, but the team has addressed that. At the same time, we saw Brandon Mebane start out hot last year in early games, and then tail off as the season progressed. Don’t know why. But we know this D is much better when Mebane plays well. He’s played 6 years and we need to find his backup and eventual replacement. Brandon Williams could be perfect in that role, and keep this D line solid for awhile.

  24. Stevos–It was reported that Mebane’s calf injury from his rookie year acted up last year, about the time his play had dropped off dramatically. I think its at least a major contributing factor in the drop in production we saw after the Pats game. It continued all season too.

  25. PugetHawk says:

    It would be better to keep Flynn. Not for Flynn obviously, but for the Hawks. Drafting a rookie to back up Wilson when the rest of this team is so loaded is dumb.

  26. Thanks STTBM, funny though that Mebane was only on the injury list in October, but that must have bothered him all year.

  27. LOL, John Clayton is EATING CROW again….. as well as the non-believers that called me names here on this BLOG. I will be expecting more than a dozen apologies, as promised. :)

  28. PugetHawk says:

    What are the odds that McShay or Kiper ever get one of Seattle’s draft projections correct for the rest of Pete and Johns tenure?

    If I am betting my money, I want 10 to 1 odds to make it worth my while.

  29. If it’s not the Jags, as Bradley said (was it last week?) and it’s not the Bills (as Ian Rappoport said) then it must be OAK? Are we gonna trade Flynn for C.Palmer? Maybe Matt Leinart again?

  30. I think the only team that might be in this trade for Flynn would be Oakland.

    The Jaguars, Cardinals, Bills, and Jets all have a first round pick and a high second round pick when they could draft Nassib, Manuel, Wilson, or maybe Barkley. Hard to imagine they would want to overpay for Flynn when they can draft those guys.

    The Raiders have the #3 first round pick (with no primo QB likely to be drafted that high) and no second round pick, and they are always prime chumps for trades. I’ll bet Scheider is working them over right now.

  31. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    brandon williams Williams (6-1, 341) was a consistent pass-rusher over the last three seasons. He totaled 25.5 sacks over that time. Williams had 68 tackles, 16.5 tackles for a loss, 8.5 sacks and five forced fumbles this year. He recorded eight sacks and 35 tackles in 2011. Williams had nine sacks and 17 tackles for a loss as a sophomore. He helped himself by performing well at the Senior Bowl.

  32. Multiple teams are involved so this should mean at least 3rd round value for sure!!!!

    I hope we get 2014 second round pick + 2014 4th round pick.

    For Flynn’s sake, I hope he goes to Bills or Brown… least he will have a chance.

    Read more here:

  33. I wonder if Chris Clemons thinks that it was selfish of Jackie Robinson to leave the Negro Leagues to play in MLB. I mean clearly Robinson’s presence on the Brooklyn Dodgers must have been a distraction. I guess it would have been better to not advance racial equality in sports.

    Frankly, having the courage to be the first openly gay current NFL player sounds a lot closer to being selfless rather then selfish to me. Sacrificing ones own privacy in order to try and change the culture of gay acceptance in professional sports would be incredibly brave.

  34. bird_spit says:

    Where is ACIB now … Curry in the news, and no

  35. Stevos,

    Right on. We’re on the same page here. Brandon Williams actually reminds me a bit of Mebane now that you mention it. While his sack numbers, and the fact that he is the all-time sack leader at Mo. Southern excite me, it is mostly his potential as a space eater that I want on this team. His versatility is an added bonus as well, being able to move from 1, to 3, to 5.

  36. Watch the pick be something like a swap of second round picks or something not discussed like that.

  37. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yankinta where does it say multiple teams are interested? i rea everything i could find and it all says raiders, of course that is speculation. now i mite by the browns again thou you think a second next year? wow if that happens i bet that GM is out of a job in 2 years.

  38. I would much prefer we get 2014 2nd round pick + 2014 4th round pick…..

  39. Jaguars and Bills are already on record as having no interest in Flynn. I’m betting its Oakland.

    But the MUCH more important question is WHO will be our backup QB?? It aint gonna be a rookie.

  40. You all have about an hour to get those Matt Flynn Seahawks jerseys sold on eBay. lol…

  41. well . . I hope this move is the best for the team – I assume they’ve got a plan for a veteran back-up QB.

    on the other hand, happy to see Flynn get a shot to start. He was a good pro about what happened last season, could have been disruptive, and wasn’t. I wonder what kind of QB he’ll end up being if he does end up as their starter – going to be rough going for awhile with that team around him.

  42. I saw a Matt Flynn jersey in one of the antique shops in Pike Place Market a few days ago. I think it’s going to need a new price tag shortly.

  43. “Watch the pick be something like a swap of second round picks or something not discussed like that.”

    I think I could take that, as long as we get a 5th or at least something else to sweeten. I talked about this yesterday. I would be very open to the idea of the major part of the deal simply being a boost to our spot in line in round 2.

  44. I can’t help but feel some reservation over a deal, but it’s only because I’m wondering what’s next and who would be backing up RW3. Just going to have to wait and see what follows, although I liked the idea of using the picks to fill other needs aside from backup QB.

  45. HawkfaninMT says:

    I would prefer picks next year… the Raiders are going to be a dumpster fire this year, and picks in future years tend to be higher than the current year. For example we traded out 2009 (I think) 2nd to Denver for their 2010 1st (Earl Thomas)

  46. Yankster–Dude, you’ve been insisting it will be at least a third round pick for Flynn. Anything less, and its you who should apologise and eat a big ol’ steaming plate of crow.

    So far its only the Raiders who want him, and while I hope it will be a third rounder next year, its more likely to be a fourth or fifth and a conditional fourth or fifth next year. There just wasnt the market many of us hoped for for Flynn’s services.

  47. DanielleMND says:

    Clemons, STFU. There are many ways a player can be selfish and make himself bigger than his team. Coming out as gay or bisexual wouldn’t be one of them. (Though at least he doesn’t sound as ignorant as a certain 49er.)

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