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Morning links: Jags not interested in Flynn?

Post by Eric Williams on March 28, 2013 at 8:31 am with 81 Comments »
March 28, 2013 8:32 am
Seattle Seahawks' Matt Flynn during NFL football practice Tuesday, June 12, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Matt Flynn during NFL football practice Tuesday, June 12, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports reports that according to a source, the Oakland Raiders have legitimate interest in trading for Matt Flynn, confirming an earlier report by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

However, Silver says that according to another source Jacksonville is not interested in acquiring Flynn, contrary to La Canfora’s report.

Silver also writes that Carson Palmer likely prefers taking less money to be a backup on a winning team than staying in Oakland as the starter. Silver reports that Palmer turned down an offer to take a $3 million pay cut from the $13 million he was due to earn with the Raiders in 2013.

Palmer’s likely departure is one reason that Oakland might have interest in Flynn.

ESPN’s John Clayton isn’t buying the Flynn trade talk.

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus expects his client, Miami free agent defensive tackle Tony McDaniel, to sign with the Seahawks in the next few days, according to his conversation with Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami. Rosenhaus: “I think there’s a pretty good chance that he’s going to sign with the Seattle Seahawks here in the next couple days.” If true, this move likely eliminates the possibility of Alan Branch returning in free agency.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Seahawks have $6.8 million in cap space, 17th-most in the league.

ESPN’s Mike Sando provides a list of all the cap charges for every quarterback room in the NFL. The Seahawks are No. 20 at $7.9 million.

Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt is wearing a kilt to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.

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  1. yankinta says:

    Jacksonville is not interested?? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    John Clayton will be eating crow again. Just as when he said “He’s just an un-athletic version of Seneca Wallace”,,, the day after we pick Russell Wilson in the draft last year.

    I used to be his biggest fan but he’s just getting lazier and lazier the past few years…. or he just doesn’t know much about talent evaluation.

  2. bbnate420 says:

    I guess you missed where Mike Silver said the Jags weren’t interested either. Doesn’t make him right, but it’s not just Clayton.

    Rosenhaus could be just trying to get another team to up their bid. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

  3. bbnate420 says:


    Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen have only been at their jobs in Oak for a little over a year. I don’t think they’re on the hot seat yet, but it is the Raiders. If Al Davis was still alive, I would have no doubt that they would be on the hot seat and that they’d trade their 1st, #3 overall, for Flynn. His son hasn’t yet proved to be quite the moron that Old Al was in his senility. The Raiders don’t have a 2nd or 5th round pick, to go with their 42 mil in dead cap space. So they’d have to part with a 3rd or 4th if they want Flynn and the Hawks are set on a 2013 pick.

    With regards to the Jaguars, GM David Caldwell and coach Bradley were just hired this past January. Where’s the hot seat?

    With the Bills, they just hired a new coach this year as well. You are right that GM Buddy Nix could certainly be on the hot seat. He’s been the GM since December 31, 2009. He also signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to that bad deal.

  4. bbnate420 says:

    Wow, I guess this post is just going to be me arguing with myself. Ha. ;-)

  5. tchristensen says:

    I agree with Yakinta. When I listen to John Clayton I often find it hard to believe what I’m hearing. And he’s an expert?

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve never really thought Seattle would try to make a strong play to re-sign Branch. He’s been a bit underwhelming, overall.

  7. tchristensen says:

    I doubt Tony Mc Daniel will even make the team out of training camp but there’s a good chance Alan Branch wouldn’t have either. I expect the FO to draft a couple of DT’S.

  8. yankinta says:

    Yeah, not a big Branch Fan. We got run on, late last season with him in the line-up. But he’d be decent backup, I’ll sign him for the minimum.

    bbnate420, I know that Mike Silver said that. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it. But it’s possible that the GM is making the call and the Coach may not have a lot of power yet. But if they go with their QB on their current Rosters, they’ll have the top 3 overall pick next year.

  9. bigmike04 says:

    I find it so interesting that people think just because Gus Bradley was DC over in Seattle that, he been around Flynn that automatic means that Jaguars would want him just because, he been around him…

    People are alawys assuming that because look at the bills situation, Doug Marrone who came from College that, he going to draft the QB that, he coach last yr that will be in the draft this year..

    I have to say their good chance Flynn doesn’t go anywhere & their chance he does…

  10. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    like i said makes little to no sense to trade for flynn when a you can draft gino smith who has upside over flynn. hell after watching vince young yesterday i would bring him on the cheap for a year tryout, he is after all a former probowl QB. if palmer is cut i would say he is a better option than flynn as well.i think the jags take smith at 2 or trade down with someone who does want him and take another QB later in the first,
    yankinta your flaw in your thinking is flynn’s value, he is a 6 year vet with little game experience . anyone talking trade with hawks is a bad team remember he was on very good to great teams when he did play expecting to see him play at that level on a bad team is poor reasoning.he is a unproven 29 yearold rookie for football purposes. anyone of the top 3 rated qb’s is no more risk than flynn with a much higher ceiling .
    now all that said will he be traded? maybe will someone give up a 2 for him? doubtful. could it happen? sure it could

  11. yankinta says:

    bigmike04, I agree with you. That’s just these so-called experts being lazy by making the easiest connection.

    That’s not the reason why I think Jags should be or already are interested in Flynn. I think that because their QB sucks, big time. I watched him play last year and that dude cannot play. I see him as a third string guy, eventually. I’m sure they already talked to our FO but probably offered 4th or 5th round pick.

    Their GM came out and say Blaine Gabbert still has a huge upside and still very young a few months ago. I was like, REALLY?? If he really believes that then he won’t last as their GM.

  12. CDHawkFan says:

    Seems like the market on DL/DE is down to about 75% from last year figures. C Avril made 10 m last year, this coming year 7.5, J Jones played for 4.5 m last year, roughly average 3 m on his new contract. M Bennett signing for less than expected. Based on this and Branch’s last year salary of 4.5 mill, I was hoping to get him for about 3 mill, then go after BPA in draft.

    My memory of Branch in the play-offs was that I wanted him back, he seemed to step it up in Washington and Atlanta and again lets them go after another player in the draft that proves more upside then what they already have (like a replacement for Hill, or nickel CB, or RT) in R2/R3.

  13. Anybody hear the Osi Umenyiora press conference? He was very well spoken, very impressive.

  14. I can only remember 1 game where I can remember Alan Branch having a big impact. Having said that, I have no issue with bringing him back on a shorter deal (1-2 year) with a modest cost. Branch or not, we need to add a veteran DT before the draft.

  15. What’s this say about Flynn that nearly everyone who has worked with him as a Coach in the NFL doesn’t want him as a starter?

    From the Seahawks point of view, you almost have to keep him if you can’t get a 4th round pick just because the money has been paid and he’s been in the system for a year now. But if Wilson goes down for any appreciable length of time, then we can forget about the Seahawks Super Bowl chances.

  16. bird_spit says:

    Im surprised nobody has asked yankinta to bet taking a bath in ice naked on the street if Flynn is either cut or stays a hawk. I think both are very possible given the current market of game ready QBs.

  17. pabuwal, not true, not everyone. JS, our current GM also worked with him in GreenBay. And we don’t know for sure if they don’t want him or not. Only time will tell. Can’t believe everything these so-called experts say.

    bird_spit, I’d bet with you… how about $100 to our favorite Charity? Are you down? or Are you all talk??

  18. I’m sitting back and not learning anything from this blog after all.

  19. lmbo, @ WiscCory’s last comment…. thanks..

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    I actually don’t think Jacksonville is a likely landing spot for Flynn. They need a QB, but not a LT. Monroe is decent, so they can focus all their efforts into getting their QB from the future. With the #2 pick, they have Geno Smith staring them in the face.

  21. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    again Yankinta KC may trade out of one if they don’t oakland then Jacksonville have shot at geno smith if i am the gm at either of those spots i keep my picks and draft a QB no more risk than taking a flyer on flynn. and i sure as hell never suggested that they keep gabbert. as i said taking a 29 yearold with two games experience or draft a 23 yr old rookie with tons of upside…hmmmmm…

  22. raymaines says:

    I think I missed something. The last I heard of Tony McDaniel he was in town for a tryout. Is he still here, was he offered a contract, did he take it?

  23. Well, if my Math is still right, there are 3 teams with Real QB needs. There maybe Geno and Barkley (2 QB with starting potential), that’s a big Maybe, so far. So one team will be left out in this musical chair. I am thinking Buffalo with be the one. And Flynn will be a good fit.

    I would even predict that if Flynn get traded to the Bills, he will do better (QB rating, QBR) than Alex Smith with the Cheifs, next year.

  24. I still think we’ll get a 2nd or 3rd-rounder for Flynn…

    The reason why is teams will be willing give up a lot to get him is desperation fueled by supply and demand.

    The average tenure of an NFL head coach is 2 1/2 years, so ALL new unproven head coaches are on the hot seat before they’ve even sat down in their new offices. Ask Mora.

    From “The day-to-day responsibilities of an NFL head coach are beyond anything I see in business. No CEO in America has so much direct responsibility for personnel management, strategy, tactics and public relations, and with so many assistant coaches, players and staff to manage, an NFL coach has more potential management challenges than any executive I’ve seen in the corporate world.”

    Head coaches must have a sense of dire urgency when they take over a new team. And, this is especially true with teams like the Raiders, Bills, and Jags who are perennial losers with sketchy rosters and bad cultures. Luring quality free agents is not that easy.

    Remember the 300 roster moves in the first few months of Carroll’s tenure?

    A head coach’s top priority must be finding the field general to lead his team.

    Coaches who fail to do that get fired quickly. Just ask Whisenhut.

    Carroll and Bradley had several false starts to that end until they struck gold with RW.

    If you consider how many obstacles there are to overcome in order for coaches to turn a team around, 2 1/2 years is fleeting amount of time…Tic, tock.

    It’s a seller’s market.

    There are very few options available to those teams at this point. The draft is weak at QB. The “good” free agents are gone. There’s at most two back-ups with immediate starter potential.

    So, what are these coaches going to do?

    Roll the dice, pull the trigger on the Flynn trade, do the best you can in the draft, and keep your fingers crossed it works out.

    If you’re only investing a 2nd or 3rd rounder, and a reasonable salary, you’re not exactly getting fleeced if the worse case happens and you bring in a stop-gap and reliable back-up QB.

    That’s why we’ll get more than a 4th or 5th rounder for Flynn.

    Our coaches are not going to stand between Flynn and opportunities to be a starter somewhere else.

    And, I think the team is better off with a younger QB with more upside. Why? Because he’ll get the back-up reps, which will help him develop into a potential starter, if necessary, and trade bait down the road.

    Flynn handled things with class last year, but by all accounts he wasn’t exactly bending over backwards to help Wilson. Who can blame him? Afterall, it was a competition.

    So, moving on with someone young and fresh at the back-up QB position, means we can fill the position with a player who will actively promote better chemistry at QB and therefore improve the position.

  25. I just heard John Schneider’s interview with Mitch Levy on KJR 950 last night, and noticed something others here may have caught on as well. When asked about Flynn being on the squad this year, the way JS was stuttering and trying to evade the topic, I got the feeling that it’s a lock that Flynn is traded. Just a gut feeling on this one. I think many of us are underestimating the tension and friction Flynn may have caused last year because they did a good job keeping it under wraps. And it will only be worse this year, becuase he’s been sitting so long and he desperately wants his chance to start and prove himself. He is not a happy camper, and I don’t think Pete would want to keep him around since he’s not “All-In.” I believe the decision has been made to move him, they are just waiting for someone to give up a 3rd or 4th rounder this year.

  26. And with that 3rd or 4th rounder we get from the Flynn trade, I want them to draft Tyrann Mathieu. I’ve been watching a lot of his clips on youtube lately, and he seems like the perfect fit in our system. A quick-in-space, explosive playmaker who has unbelievable anticipation and ball-hawking skills. We can get a DT in the 2nd, and PC/JS have proven they can get a good LB in the middle rounds. (KJ Wright)
    I am starting to covet Mathieu to be our nickelback, your thoughts?

  27. What if the teams that still need a franchise QB don’t believe any available in the draft will be franchise QBs… would you risk wasting the #2 (or a top 10) pick on a 40/60 or less proposition?? Flynn is the stop gap until the franchise QB is there… Vince Young has proven he sucks in live action… Flynn has not.. 3rd Rd or nothing for Flynn

  28. I would think if Oak is interested in Flynn they would also be interested in Barkley in the first. They could trade down in the first and amass picks this year and still get Barkley. Oak is not a pick trader target in my mind.

  29. Personally, I think John is playing hardball with teams that inquire about Flynn. It isn’t so much that teams “aren’t interested”, but more so that Schneider isn’t interested unless he gets the price he wants, and I do not blame him. We don’t need another 5th round pick or even another 4th. At this point, I would value draft position more than I would actual picks. If I am John, I am making sure that any of these desperate and QB needy teams are not only going to give up a 5th or a 4th, but also swap their 2nd round pick with us.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I like that option of swapping picks- sound logic.
    I sucessfully repaired the TV! Before i take too much credit though i have to state that it’s a DLP where i basically unsrewed the old bulb and put the new one in. I am proud that i saved a couple hundred bucks and hassle, but i’m no more a television repairman than Spicoli in fast times.
    My thinking for Palmer was that we pick him up on the cheap after he gets cut, actually Flynn’s 5-6 million is peanuts compared to Palmer’s 13 million!

  31. “I am making sure that any of these desperate and QB needy teams are not only going to give up a 5th or a 4th, but also swap their 2nd round pick with us.”

    Ya know, that’s a great point. I’d like to elaborate slightly on my “demands” and say…we’ll get 2nd or 3rd round VALUE for Flynn.

    For teams who are worried risk and bad PR from a straight-up trade, they can disguise the trade to provide the value that Schneider is looking while still getting what they want. There’s at least three different ways to do that:

    1. They can swap picks in the same round.
    2. They can package conditional picks.
    3. They can swap players and/or picks.

    Who here would complain if we landed a starter at LB, DT, or TE in a trade for Flynn?

    2nd round
    Sea #56
    Jax #33
    Buf #41
    Oak None.

    3rd round
    Seattle #87
    Jax #64
    Oak #66
    Buf #71

    4th Round
    Sea #123
    Jax #98
    Oak #100
    Buf #106

  32. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    audible swapping picks makes more sense than anything to me swap of 2and 3 with jags. even at that thou i am drafting a QB before grabbing flynn.

  33. hawkfaninoklahoma,

    I don’t think it’s an either/or proposition.

    In my mind as GM, I think the only way to approach the QB problem is to draft one or more QBs, bring in the best FA out there, and trade for a potential starter. I’d have 5-6 QBs in camp and let them battle it out for the starter spot. May the best man win.

  34. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    audible it was a mess with 2.5 here last year

  35. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I am starting to covet Mathieu to be our nickelback, your thoughts?”

    OMG, this made me laugh. Mostly because you use the name “Tyrann Mathieu” instead of “Honey Badger”, like that might throw off a few of us who don’t know who he is, and we’d run to YouTube, look at his tape, and be, like, “Yeah, kid’s got skills!”

    He’s the Honey Badger. Other names for him: Pacman Jones. Maurice Clarett. Lawrence Phillips. JaMarcus Russell. Ryan Leaf.

    Take your pick, but the Honey Badger is cut from the same cloth.

    You couldn’t pay me to put him on my team.

  36. hawkfaninoklahoma,

    Only because we drafted a “midget” rookie who surprised almost everyone and beat the veteran player who we brought in to be our starter…or so we thought at the time.

  37. Audible–Good points. My own opinion is that Seattle wants at least a third rounder next year for Flynn now. They have a couple specific needs, but other than DT or a fast LB, they are only really needy at backup spots, so perhaps a player plus a swap of draft order may be in order?

    I think Seattle has a good chance of trading Flynn for a third next year or something equivalent, but likely after the draft.

    Who knows if Jax is interested? The Raiders seem to be, and the rumors are out Palmer wants to backup Wilson. That could be speculation/dot connecting, or it could be Palmers camp trying desperately to get him out of Oakland.

    Coaches/GM’s may not be on the hot seat YET in Oakland, Buffalo, or Jax, but it doesnt take long. Im not sure any of them see Flynn as a likely starter, but certainly they would at least see him as quality depth with a shot to caretake the position. ANd thats valuable.

    I think the NFL owners are colluding to bring the price down for a lot of positions in the NFL, and qb is one of them. Mostly you can see it in the DT/DE, LB and RB positions, but its pretty much all over. I feel its necessary for the market to settle, as prices were rising each year at a rate that was utterly unsustainable considering there’s a salary cap.

    Because of this, the FA market is still settling, and I expect next year to be a little wonky as well. The draft will only get more interesting as the cheap rookie scale impacts aging vets more and more each year.

  38. Dont know about bringing in Honey Badger. He’s tough, but the kid isnt that fast considering he’s little, and we all know PC likes tall strong corners with speed, even in the nickel slot. And we’ve brought in several young guys with a good shot to lock that position down for years to come, not to mention guys like Blackmon, who have the size/speed/experience/low cost that our FO values so much.

    Who knows though?!

  39. Southendzone says:

    I’ve been sure all along that the only way we get 3rd round pick or better is to find a team that is both desperate AND stupid. If only Andy Reid had a clone coaching another NFL franchise we would be in great shape.

    Hearing that Oakland is in the mix gives me a little hope that this could happen now.

    Other than that, no way! Flynn doesn’t have that kind of market value.

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, would you agree that if these teams don’t see him as a viable answer then drafting would make more sense?

  41. Exactly, Hawkfaninoklahoma. Teams want a bona-fide starter who is young, but they also understand that a) Even if they draft THE GUY, and he’s great, he may not be able to start his rookie year. Or even his second year. and b)If you screw up and draft a Gabbert, you may not get another shot to draft another young qb high; you might get fired first.

    So, that makes it more likely that c) Teams in this position would like to draft their QBOF, AND have a decent place-holder who isnt Hasselbeck-old. Sorta like having your cake and eating it too. You get a solid starter (hopefully, if possible) for a year or two, and a rookie to groom. If rookie struggles or gets hurt, you have a solid backup to come in who knows the system and isnt Methuselah.

    Its pretty risky to just draft a qb and start him, or sign a cheap really old veteran and hope he can win. If Im the Raiders, Buffalo, or Jax, I want Flynn over someone like Palmer or any of the other has-been or never-were qb’s out there, I just dont want to give up a high pick to get him, as he’s only started 2 NFL games and the fact is he was beaten out by a midget rookie. (Though I think teams know Wilson is special to have beaten out anyone).

    I think its possible Seattle trades him, mostly due to his grouchy tude and unwillingness to lose another year on the bench. And its possible they get a third rounder NEXT year, or the equivalent, but I dont see them getting a third rounder this year. And its not really worth trading him for less.

    I think Reid was smart to trade for Smith. He’s a WCO guy, and can get the most out of SMith, like Harbarf did. HE just gave up a lot in compensation. But KC has some very talented players and will be okay. Reid also bought himself time; if he trades down this year, he likely has another year or two to find a young QBOF.

    I still think odds are Flynn is here another year.

  42. Special ENOUGH to have beaten out anyone…

  43. bigmike04 says:

    Look like Seahawks signed DT Tony McDonald as he posted a photo on

    DT Tony McDaniel’s instagram indicates he’s signed with the Seattle Seahawks..

    Thought would be good addition to DL & for those Marshawn( beast Mode) Lynch fans

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  44. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, the reduced market this year doesn’t prove that the owners are colluding, though I certainly wouldn’t put it past them. Obviously it concerns the NFLPA since their is a non-collusion clause in the CBA. The reduced market is due to a flat cap. The owners won the lockout and the flat cap was their prize. I said that’s what would happen many times before free agency began started. And you can go back and check that. It’s not a figment of my imagination like the yankster’s claims. Aren’t I smart. ;-) I knew that teams would have to be careful about how they spent. Only a few fairly young, productive guys got big contracts. Older guys aren’t going to get a bunch of money unless they are a surefire all-pro or a QB. Look at what guys over 30 are signing for. The salaries can’t keep going up if the cap doesn’t. Don’t need to have taken calculus to understand that.

    Audible, coaches do have a short shelf life, but I think it’s exaggerating to say that they’re on the hot seat from day one. Jim Mora is by far the exception. Name me some other coaches besides Jim Moron or someone with the Raiders while Old Senile AL was running the team that didn’t get more than a year. Moron got the boot after a year, because Timmay Numbskull was the guy who chose him and he got the boot. PA saw an opportunity to get PC too.

  45. My point is…coaches have so much to do when they take over that 2 1/2 years is not nearly enough time to overhaul a team, so they have to work at a feverish pace in order to get things rolling quickly.

    I believe that one of the top reasons coaches are axed is because they didn’t handle the QB situation quickly enough to see results. That’s why I think new coaches are wise to pull out all the stops in trying to a solid QB.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    Palmer has proven A LOT more than Flynn ever has. For starters, he has won the starting job with a team. For the same money, I’d take Palmer for sure. Flynn is a never-was at this point. Could he be good? Sure, but he hasn’t proven he’s a starting QB yet.

    Although I don’t go as far as pabuwal about Flynn, he is right that there was fairly lukewarm interest in him when he was out there as an UFA. There were plenty of teams that needed QBs. And don’t say there were a bunch of good QBs in the draft. Luck and RGIII were the only elite prospects in the draft and everyone knew who was getting them early on. There were still plenty of teams that could use a QB without a surefire option in the draft for them. Tannehill is no better a prospect than Geno Smith is. I’d take Barkley over Weeden personally. This draft class is missing the surefire #1 pick QB, but there are some good prospects.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Coaches/GMs will either get 2,3, or more years to overhaul their teams. They don’t get 2 1/2. Coaches hardly ever get fired during the season. They do need to find a QB fairly quickly, but they have to be convinced that they’ve found a good prospect. I just don’t think teams around the league view Flynn like a lot of us here do. It’s a homer mentality. Fans are notorious for thinking their teams can/should pull off some stupid one sided trade they dreamed up. It shows how good the people on this blog are. You don’t see a lot of people suggesting we’ll get a first for Flynn.

  48. I am ok with trading or keeping Flynn. My only concern is that I don’t think its a worthwhile trade if we can’t get atleast a 4th round pick for him.

  49. wazzulander says:

    Wow, three different references to Flynn being a distraction or some sort of malcontent behind the scenes last year. Where is that coming from? From quotes that he wants to start? Thats the case for pretty much any backup for any position.

  50. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    everything i am reading says 4th-5th and maybe palmer. i sent a text to my buddy with the raiders and he said to his knowledge nothing had changed, they have interest but no desire to sell the farm for him.

  51. I remember you saying the flattening of the cap would make the FA period lukewarm, and salaries would drop. I agreed. And of course this would have happened regardless of whether there is collusion or not. But I smell a rat, reading between the lines as the FA period progresses. But yeah, its an unsubstantiated opinion, though ex-attorney Mike Florio at PFT has been beating the collusion drum in several areas for the last few years as well. And d-bag though he is, he’s a sharp lawyer and would know more about than a layman like me.

    And ATL’s old OC got fired after one season in Jax. One-year runs do happen, and look at the guy in Carolina; he’s got one more year but lost some of his assistants so he’s really on thin ice, and long before he reached his 4-year contract. You usually only get one shot at finding a starting qb, then youre gone. Sad fact of life. So the pressure is definitely there from day one, in most instances.

    Palmer has only proven that he isnt the player he used to be. He hasnt been even mediocre since his blown knee; he’s been bad. I cant understand it, he was once an amazing player. And my point is that Palmer is on the outs in Oakland, and it appears he wants out no matter what. So the Raiders HAVE to be looking at Flynn as an attractive alternate to keeping an expensive and pissy Palmer, while they find their QBOF.

    Im not a fan of Flynn just because he plays here. And Im not claiming NFL teams are slobbering to get him. Just that several teams are pretty desperate for help at the most important position, and that makes Flynn a decent option as trade bait.

    We’re pretty much on the same page. Its likely he wont be going anywhere this year unless the Raiders or Bills get desperate. I can sure live with that–but I wonder if Flynn can?

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Just that several teams are pretty desperate for help at the most important position, and that makes Flynn a decent option as trade bait.”

    To me, this is what gives Flynn his value. Clearly, teams like Jacksonville, Buffalo and the Raiders are in dire need of a QB.

    Now, I can sort of understand Jacksonville not wanting Flynn. I think it has a lot less to do with Flynn and a lot more to do with Gabbert and Chad Henne already being on the roster. Gabbert strikes me as a soft-skinned type to begin with, especially given recent comments from him and some of the previous coaching staff. The team has invested a #1 pick in him and they may want one more season to see if they can turn him into their franchise QB (I don’t see that happening at all, but they might). If you’re Jacksonville, you only want to bring Flynn in to start, which means you’re giving up on Gabbert totally. I don’t think they are at that point with Gabbert yet. So I don’t think they trade for Flynn.

    Buffalo makes the most sense. They don’t have a QB and they just cut loose their only real starting option. They need *someone* really bad. And I don’t think anyone in the draft is as good as Flynn would be under center next year.

    That said, if I were Buffalo, I’d being trying to trade for Mallet first. I said Seattle should have drafted him when he came out, and I still think Mallet can be a really good NFL QB if given the chance. He’s had a couple seasons to learn the Patriot Way. I think he’d be a great young QB with a lot of upside for a team like Buffalo.

    Same with the Raiders. If I were them, I’d try trading for Mallet. Kid has a cannon and can make every throw. He’s has “Raiders QB” written all over him. But who knows if he’s even on their map.

    I know they don’t run Al Davis’ vertical offense anymore, but I still find it hard to believe that Flynn would be a Raider-type QB. So I can see them not having interest.

    The other team that screams “We want Flynn” to me is Arizona, but Arians is a complete idiot and has already anointed Drew Stanton as the starter (I can’t wait to watch that train wreck. I feel sorry for Larry Fitzgerald already). If I were Arizona, given that Fitz needs a QB to get him the damn ball, I’d be packaging picks for Flynn yesterday…

    It’s a weird year. There are teams with clear needs at the QB position. And the draft is really weak for QB’s. I think last year’s rookie class is actually hurting Flynn more than anything. There is NOTHING in this year’s draft class to suggest there’s another Russell Wilson or RGIII or Andrew Luck, but because those guys were so successful, I just get the feeling that a lot of NFL executives who are in position of QB need are hoping they too can mine the NFL Draft for the next great young QB. And it ain’t happening with this class. So guys like Flynn, who could actually help a team next year, are being overlooked because GM’s are dreaming they’re going to be the next guy to find the next RW. Hah! Good luck.

    I don’t see a QB in this year’s class who will be a NFL Starter in 3 years. They’re all going to bust.

    Meanwhile, Flynn sits. Doesn’t seem right.

    Anyway, that’s my take.

  53. @ChrisHolmes: Many on this blog were not in favor of trading for Harvin. Many so-called experts and pundits still questions the decision to go for PH. He hasn’t played yet, so no one can say for sure if it will work out or not. It just goes to show you this FO has supreme confidence in their football acumen and their ability to get the most out of football players. Percy Harvin, Marshawn Lynch, BMW, Lendale White, Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, the list of perceived malcontents and players with supposed attitude problems we took a flyer on goes on and on. We really don’t know what JS/PC are thinking.
    The Seahawks have proven time and again that they will draft who they feel fits their system and excel in it. Not who the talking heads or conventional wisdom says they should pick.
    When was the last time we had a dominant slot corner? If ever? Now we have a chance to groom a 3rd-4th rounder into one for years to come.
    If you watch TM, he is not fast so much as he is quick and explosive. Kind of like how Wes Welker moves in space. I’m sure Welker is no faster than a 4.5 / 40 if that. TM has good burst and excellent closing speed. And he is scrappy and feisty as hell. Those are some qualities that I would look for in a slot DB. I could really care less how many reps he has benching 225.

  54. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    good write up on raiders and you can either say it speaks to a flynn trade or against it.

  55. ChrisHolmes says:


    Don’t tell me you’re not smart enough to recognize that not all players share the same risk vs. reward. I mean, really? You think all players with a little baggage are the same? You think Marshawn Lynch’s risk is the same as the Honey Badger?


    Every player is different. Marshawn was a proven talent, who, it should be mentioned, DID NOT GET KICKED OFF HIS TEAM.

    Percey Harvin was in the running for MVP at mid-season last year and DID NOT GET KICKED OFF HIS TEAM.

    You’re trying to frame your argument like I don’t trust PC and JS? Are you even paying attention?

    PC and JS have been very good risk takers. They know that the risk vs. reward for any player is not the same as any other player. They’re all different. Marshaw Lynch was a proven running back. Harvin is a proven receiver. Honey Badger is a punk kid who couldn’t even finish his college years.

    As to the “track record” of risk taking you want to use in your argument, I think it’s worth noting: TO didn’t make the team. The rest of the guys you mentioned didn’t make it past a season with Seattle. That’s something to be proud of? Please. Not even. Those guys didn’t get to stick around long enough to make any kind of impact, good or bad. BMW was probably the most noteworthy of those mentioned, and he couldn’t make it another year. Sad.

    But lets get back and focus on Honey Badger. Because he doesn’t give a sh*t….

    Honey Badger represents the WORST kind of risk. He’s a college player who has not played a snap in the NFL, and he was….

    … wait for it…



    This is not a kid who just got caught smoking a random joint one day.


    You want to waste a draft pick on him? You want to put him on this team because you think he could be an elite nickle corner?

    Please. He doesn’t even know how to be an elite human being. Hell, he’s not even an average human being. As Sherman would say, Honey Badger is a failure at LIFE man.


    Sorry. I don’t buy any argument you could make. This kid is a Class-A LOSER.

    He won’t be on an NFL team long enough to learn how to be an elite player. He’ll relapse, or screw up in some other way. He has idiot written all over him.

  56. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    mock draft

    2nd- kyle long OT
    3rd- everett dawkins DT
    4th- brennan williams OT
    5th-deon sims TE
    5th-demetrious mccray CB

    works for me, i like long. i could see passing on the second OT an taking a LB

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Jesus Christ, ChrisHolmes. The kid sounds like he’s probably an addict. He should have been able to quit until he got to the NFL at least if he wasn’t. He wouldn’t even get into legal trouble for it if he came up here to Washington. People on here talk about drinking all the time. What gives you the right to tell him not to smoke a drug that’s less damaging than alcohol? Plus, the kid’s what like 21? Get him a break. The fact that you feel the need to get so worked up about it and internet scream about it suggests you might have some substance issues yourself that you need to project your anger on to someone else about it. Take a deep breath, sit back, and smoke a fatty. ;-)

    BTW, I wouldn’t mind if they took him in the 5th. I could understand if they did in the 4th. I know by now that PC/JJS are much better talent evaluators than me, and I don’t really doubt their draft picks anymore.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    I wouldn’t take 2 OTs. Akeem Spence would be another good DT if they’re going for on in the 3rd. Or Montori Hughes.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    As far as PC/JS trading Flynn because they want to give him an opportunity to start, PC/JS will do what’s best for the team. I think that’s abundantly clear from their 3+ years here. And Flynn’s gone after 2013 at the latest. He’ll be going into his age 29 season and still have time to be a starter if he can earn it.

  60. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nate, it would still be illegal in washington because it is against ncaa an nfl rules. listen i am all for giving people a second chance but his dumb arse should have gotten help if he did great if not no way. you have a kid that can not do something illegal that may hinder him from making millions? stupid
    nate bottom line is this is just like any other job that tells you no drugs, legal or not in washington if a boss says no it means no. this is not something to debate. it is against his future employers rules period. just like working at Boeing. i am against it based on the “you can’t fix stupid”

    nate one OT would play gaurd. also DT out of Missouri southern 6’1 341 9.5 sacks 14tfl

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Whats best for the team is not to have a disgruntled backup QB imo. If Flynn is not all in to be the backup I would think that would influence the FOs decision on keeping him around this year.

    BTW- I’m getting tired of all the Flynn talk. Keep him? Trade him? I just hope something happens soon because he ain’t worth all this attention when we have Many superstars on this team to talk about that actually contribute to this teams success. Wilson is one that comes to mind. Lol.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The other thing I don’t like, ( and I could be wrong ) is that I can’t recall Wilson or anyone else saying how much Flynn has helped him in his development.

    Last year I heard this many times regarding Lockers relationship with Hasselbeck.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Also, ( not to beat a dead horse ), Why isn’t Flynn down in L.A with Wilson and the crew bonding? Much like Hass and Locker did the last two years.
    Another clue for me and you that Flynn will be gone in year two.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfan, no, it wouldn’t be illegal. It would be against his employer’s rules. I guess it would be technically illegal federally, but they already said they would respect the law. You are right that he would have to abstain if he wants to play in the NFL. Or at least be smart about it or try and take them to court. That’s not what I was arguing. I was just saying that this kid hasn’t really done anything bad. Especially if he is an addict. If he is, I hope he’s received or gets help. I don’t see why he’s earned anyone’s hate here. You would think he punched ChrisHolmes’ mom in the face.

    And there is a big difference between flying or building a plane intoxicated and being a football player that is intoxicated. I’m sure you know that. The problem with marijuana is that it stays in your system for a long time. They can find it in your system, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve ever been high at work. People go home and get drunk all the time after work. Police and firefighters have high rates of alcoholism. But that’s okay I guess. I think it is their right, but so should it be to smoke if they so chose. There’s no significant marijuana hangover when you come to work the next day.

  65. bbnate420 says:

    How do you know Flynn won’t be down in LA?

  66. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t, I just haven’t heard it yet. Perhaps Eric would Know?

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Neight is Wright! i kan til u firfst hfand thate Acohall iv farve worst them marrowanna!

  68. bbnate420 says:

    I’m not advocating alcohol prohibition and worse is subjective, but alcohol most definitely kills more people and is much worse for your body. I say this and I hardly smoke, maybe 3-4 times a year, and drink once a week or so. Facts is facts. Maybe I’ll give up most of the alcohol and smoke once a week when they start actually selling it here.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    When my mother was dying with cancer she didn’t have an appetite, we tried everything to get her to eat. Then one day I was talking to the Doctor and said “perhaps if she had some Marijuana?” He said ” that’s a great idea”, so they put her on medical Marijuana. The next day she was eating everything in front of her. It didn’t last long, however we had some great conversations towards the end.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    That’s nice story, Georgia. Medical Marijuana is overplayed in an attempt to make it more available, but appetite enhancement is definitely an area where it can be very effective.

  71. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nate don’t split hairs the rules are bylaws in the charter of the ncaa i say pass an go with what they would normally do,”find the smart guy that has talent and is hungry” he cared so little for the team that he got kicked off

  72. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfan, respectfully, the NCAA is full of spit and a bunch of charlatans. They don’t care about the kids. They care about making a bunch of money off of kids’ labor and not repaying it in kind. Regardless, he’s not in college anymore. It doesn’t matter what the NCAA thinks.

    I don’t know if he has identified as an addict, but if he truly is one, which seems fairly likely given his history, it’s not about just about caring. Addiction is a disease. If caring was enough to stay sober, there would be a lot less people in 12 step programs. Loved ones often blame themselves in a way thinking that if the addict cared enough about them that they would stop. It doesn’t really work that way. Staying sober, with the current medical knowledge, for an addict is hard work and isn’t linear. Most addicts relapse at some point currently. I’m not even really advocating that the Hawks draft him, but I think the kid gets more heat than he deserves. Audible, where are you to defend this kid?

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Do Seahawk addicts relapse? I would say yes!

  74. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nate, again if he got help great if not pass, if you are not smart enough to realize you have an issue at that point you are not smart enough for this team.

    an just because you partake don’t try to justify a behavior that does nothing but make you a worse athlete . pot destroys your lung capacity has as many carcinogens as cigarettes and most importantly affects your reaction times.
    washington legalized it not the feds and like the ncaa/nfl or not rules are rules nate. you can not justify bad behavior with the argument that”it’s not even illegal here” that’s not the point , the point is it was illegal there. he broke the law got kicked off his team period. you can’t sugar coat that. he cared more about dope than his future or his team.
    now nate if and i have heard nothing that says he did get help, then by all means take a flyer on the guy.
    this is a business nate and you don’t screw with the chemistry of the team with a guy that can’t see past “I”me” enough to obey the rules. guys who can’t follow the rules in college rarely can do it with no supervision.

  75. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    here’s a good right up on the guy. i am more impressed with him talking daily with john lucas than anything. the fact that he is in daily contact tells me he is serious about change. john lucas doesn’t play games and takes this very seriously. lucas will do him more good than any time in rehab.

    Poised to build on that success in 2012, Mathieu was abruptly dismissed from the LSU program Aug. 10 for violating team policy – reportedly for multiple failed drug tests.

    “This is a very difficult day for our team,” LSU head coach Les Miles said. “We lose a quality person, teammate and contributor to the program. However, with that being said, we have a standard that our players are held to and when that standard is not met, there are consequences. “It’s hard because we all love Tyrann. We will do what we can as coaches, teammates, and friends to get him on a path where he can have success. We are going to miss him.”

    Mathieu considered transferring to McNeese State and visited the school, but ultimately enrolled at LSU for the fall semester after a brief stay in a drug rehabilitation center.

    Mathieu and three other former LSU football players – Jordan Jefferson, Karnell Hatcher and Derrick Bryant – were arrested Oct. 25 after police found drug-related materials in Mathieu’s apartment along with marijuana. Mathieu was booked on charges of simple possession of marijuana and later released.

    NFL scouts who were encouraged by Mathieu’s decision to meet daily with former NBA player and head coach John Lucas, who battled drug addiction in the past, now had more off-field issues to weigh.

  76. Chris, man, you need to relax, dude. Your comments suggest that you might have a personal vendetta against this kid. Chill out, and maybe go partake of some fine green product yourself. Hey, more power to you if you never experimented with anything when you were younger in life. But I don’t appreciate it when people condescend and judge others who have an issue they’re trying to overcome.
    Just for the record, Marshawn Lynch had many more issues than Mathieu.
    He was involved in a hit and run, and last year a DUI. But we are willing to look past it, because he’s a special talent, a “Beast”
    Surely you are not making light of a DUI and the potential harm it could cause someone?
    I never said TM has made good decisions. And I’m not saying use a 2nd rounder on him, maybe take a flier with a mid round pick if available. I just feel he’s a special talent and we could possibly provide the perfect scenario for him to give him a second chance. It’s always a shame to see elite talent go wasted. Just one man’s opinion, no need to get your thong into a twist.

  77. ChrisHolmes says:

    “multiple failed drug tests”

    If people can’t figure out what that means, I can’t help you.

    The kid is a moron.

    A failed pot test I can forgive. Hell, I live in WA state and I voted for the legalization of MJ. So don’t try and argue with me like I’m some anti-drug zealot.

    This isn’t about a drug. This is about decision-making. Multiple failed tests to the point where you get KICKED OFF YOUR TEAM means you are entirely too stupid. And as someone above said, “You can’t fix stupid”.

    And that is true.

  78. bbnate420 says:

    You don’t know much about addiction if you think it automatically makes you stupid. Some of the smartest people in the world have been addicts. You may want to expand your mind.

    hawkfaninoklahoma, you are ABSOLUTELY wrong that pot damages your lungs anywhere close to as much as cigarettes. Or at least there is no evidence. It’s just a baseless assertion that you’ve heard as BS propaganda or you pulled it out of your ass. The only real study ever done on the effects of marijuana smoke on the lungs was a study of Gibbons and it was a small sample and inconclusive. Feel free to post a study that was in a peer reviewed periodical that suggests that marijuana smoke is as bad as cigarette smoke. I’ll wait. Marijuana smoke has tar and carbon monoxide in it because they are produced when the plant is denatured in the smoking process. Hypothetically, they could damage your lungs in the long term if smoked in large amounts and for long enough of a period of time, but THERE IS NO PROOF. That argument is totally beside the point anyways. You DON’T have to SMOKE marijuana. It can be ingested or put into a vaporizer. So, your argument is nonsensical. And I smoke maybe 3-4 times a year. I’m not defending him simply because I’m some massive pothead.

    BTW, do you think it’s okay for athletes to drink alcohol? If so, you’re a hypocrite. Alcohol is much worse for your body. It’s one of the worst drugs out there for your body.

  79. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfan, I apologize for calling you a hypocrite, although everybody is technically a hypocrite. We’re all hypocritical about something. I should have said you were being hypocritical, not labeled you as one.

  80. Well, multiple sources including NFL.COM are saying the Seahawks are having him come to town for a visit before the draft. If they like him and end up drafting him, I’ll be right here to watch your head explode Chris:) We can each have our own opinions, and you have some valid points. No hard feelings brotha.

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