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Morning links: Regional combine a fresh start for Shaw

Post by Eric Williams on March 22, 2013 at 7:40 am with 107 Comments »
March 22, 2013 7:40 am
At 6-foot-10, 265 pounds, former Lincoln High basketball player Maurice Shaw hopes to reinvent himself as a larger-framed, pass-catching tight end in the mold of New England’s Rob Gronkowski at the regional combine in Renton on Saturday. (DEAN J. KOEPFLER/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)
At 6-foot-10, 265 pounds, former Lincoln High basketball player Maurice Shaw hopes to reinvent himself as a larger-framed, pass-catching tight end in the mold of New England’s Rob Gronkowski at the regional combine in Renton on Saturday. (DEAN J. KOEPFLER/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

In my story today, NFL hopefuls looking to get noticed will travel to the Seattle Seahawks headquarters this Saturday to participate in the Seattle Regional Scouting Combine.

Regional combines provide a chance for players to ply their trade before veteran talent evaluators. After meeting application requirements and paying a $225 fee, players who attend these events and perform well may be invited to attend the NFL Super Regional Combine, which will be held at Cowboys Stadium on April 7 and 8. There, players have an opportunity to work out in front of current NFL team scouts and player personnel directors.

Check out the list of positional players here, and kicker and punters here.

Maurice Shaw is one of the more than 300 players who will compete at the event. At 6-10 and 265 pounds, Shaw played basketball professionally in Europe, was an early entry into the NBA draft and entertained crowds while a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Now, at 28 years old, the Lincoln High of Tacoma graduate is attempting to make the switch to football.

“Football’s always been my first sport growing up,” Shaw said. “But since I grew so much, everybody always told me to play basketball because there’s less of a chance of getting injured and all of that. But it wasn’t working out. So I just decided why not? I’m older now, and I’m just going to give it a shot.”

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated ranks Seattle’s front office No. 5 in his list of the NFL’s top 12 front office decision makers. Banks: “As one rival personnel executive told me, the Seahawks have “forged a new identity for themselves,” and are willing to target the kind of player they want, even if he doesn’t carry a consensus grade or he represents out-of-the-mainstream thinking. General manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll have been good together in their three years, and they have two playoff berths and two postseason victories to show for it. Seattle still has eight draft picks remaining in this year’s lottery, plus some cap room to maneuver in free agency. The Seahawks are in great position to challenge San Francisco in the division and for conference supremacy, and this is a rivalry that should only grow and intensify in coming years.”

KJR’s Mitch Levy talked with Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin in this audio link.

ESPN’s Chris Sprow believes the Rams can challenge in the NFC West. I agree. The Rams have a legit defense and will be better on offense. I think some people are sleeping on St. Louis. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell voices his opinion on the new helmet rule. Campbell: “The way I ran the football, the way I played, I played football with my whole body, which I think the game should be played at certain positions like running back,” Campbell told Comcast SportsNet Houston on Thursday. “I do not think (the rule) is going to last. I think people want to see the running back running the football. I thought we were getting back to that, but pretty obviously we’re not; we’re getting farther away from football.”

Rob Rang of writes that Tennessee receiver Cordarelle Patterson has the most “wow” factor among the skill position players available in this year’s draft. Patterson comes in at No. 11 on Rang’s big board.

Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin gets schooled in one-on-one by his younger brother in the latest Fresh Files. Check out the video below.

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  1. A 6’10 pass catching TE. My goodness. I hope he’s either got bionic legs or the uncanny ability to get low on guys, otherwise he’s really just a redzone weapon. Those hits to his legs by NFL safeties and LB’s are going to take their toll quickly.

  2. Singularitarian says:

    At 6’10 its harder to get a penalty for leading with the crown of the helmet. I too think St Louis is under rated. I dont think they have the tools offensively to take the nfc west, but im headed to vegas today and plan on putting money on St Louis over wins, if its under 7

  3. bird_spit says:

    You know what, NFL, listen to Earl Campbell, quite frankly the quintessential true NFL RB. Man I miss Earl Campbell, the only reason to watch the Houston Oilers every Sunday . NFL, listen up.

  4. I agree on the st louis front. They had san frans number last year and obviously beat us and slowed us down in the last game. So exciting how much better the division has gotten….poor cards

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I was afraid the Rams would rise fast after they hired Fisher. I hope when it’s time to resign RW that he doesn’t pull a “Flacco” and dismember the team, i don’t think he will because he’s a team player.

  6. I love Doug Baldwin, but what does “Poppin Tags” mean? I thought a tagger was someone who put their ID grafitti (sp?) on somebody else’s artwork, so does tags refer to the price tags stores put on products? They went into a store. What does “poppin” mean? Like poppin pills is eating them – so did DB go into the store to eat price tags?

  7. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    just read a draft that had the hawks going DT/OT/WR/TE/OLB can’t really fault that other than the WR pick i think you take another LB or CB at 3

  8. Question (that has already been asked) but how is Avril listed as a DE but assigned #56? I thought that was a LB number in the NFL?

    Answer for whoever asked – 50’s can be OL, DL or LB

    for a few minutes had my brain thinking they were going to convert him back to a LB. (although I wouldn’t be surprised to see him line up there now and again)

  9. chuck_easton says:


    As the proud parent of a 15 year old, here’s the scoop on ‘poppin tags’ as explained to me. I may not get it entirely right as my teenager to english translator had a nervous breakdown half way through the process.

    Poppin Tags is the act of going into a store and removing the price tag from an item. In my day we called that ‘shop lifting’.

    It is referenced in the song ‘Thrift Shop’ that I have had to listen to over and over and over and…shoot me now!!!!

  10. bbnate420 says:

    Schneider has talked about Avril playing some SLB. We’ll see. They have a lot of versatility. Teams won’t know what the fxxx is up!

  11. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i like the idea of lining up BI behind CA on passing downs, or CA/BM/RB/MB with BI roving just behind the line wow that would be tough to block

  12. Lol KLM. here is the urban dictionary’s description:

    “buying sh*t…poppin’ the tags off of merchandise”

    Haha does that clarify it?

  13. chuck_easton says:


    You can’t use that word on here! Be careful how you throw around that type of language. I mean really what were you thinking casually using a word like ‘versatility’ in a football blog. Shame.

  14. And also, basically that song is saying, he only has 20 dollars in his pocket, so his going to the thrift store to buy cheap used stuff. Like, “i wear your grand-dads clothes, i look incredible”. haha.

  15. bbnate420 says:

    Poppin tags. I’m 31 and I feel really old now! I assumed what it meant and was right, but I’ve never heard that from anyone near my age. I know my younger sister used to such things. I used to take the 5 finger discount at the local Safeway when I was young. I would guess that a lot of us did something similar.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Yup, jboard1 has the correct terminology. That’s why I had that alien who looks just like my son explain it to me. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a song about stealing.

  17. bbnate420 says:

    My bad, Chuck! Should I say the ability to do some different types of things you know like this and that and this!

  18. bbnate420 says:

    Doug Baldwin can really dunk on an 8 foot hoop, eh? Impressive.

  19. If anyone wants to travel back in time, check out this video. About a 20 minute story on the 1977 Hawks. Man, i wish i was around back then when the team first started. Enjoy

  20. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, I would bet that you looked like an alien to your parents at some point. Try to give your kids some slack if you can. Children are programmed to break away from their parents at some point. The alternative is that they live in your basement until you’re 80. I would guess that you don’t want that. Most of the time, kids begin to reengage after the age of 22 of so.

  21. chuck_easton says:


    I agree. At some point my child will return from wherever the pod has been stored.

    Until then we just enjoy this strange new being that has taken up residence in our home.

    The good news is no drugs, no drinking, and no bad attitude, no discipline problems at school, no issues with police or authority.

    As a dad though I do miss those nice long chats we used to have that included, you know, sentences of more than one word in length that also contained polysylabic words.

  22. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck my experience is that passes in 2-3 years then the conversations are great again. enjoy the ride it get’s better i promise. i have been thru it twice now.

  23. Jboard, thanks for the memories! That really takes me back. I’ve always wondered why those annual highlight films aren’t widely available. I’d love to see ’84 and 2005′ again.

    1978 was even better than 77′ Smith and Sims combined for 1,500 yards in a 14 game season. I remember listening to that 56 pt. Buffalo game on the radio because it wasn’t on tv in Spokane. Watching those guys in Cheney 9 miles from home each summer was priceless.

  24. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, you sound exactly like my father and his friends. Not that that is a bad thing. You just have you ride it out until your teenager wants to engage with you again. Pressing too much will just push them farther away. I guarantee that all of your kids will want to help, or at least your advice, a little down the line. You just have to remain patient.

  25. bbnate420 says:

    *your help

  26. ChrisHolmes says:

    On the “poppin’ tags” thing… You guys are close to correct.

    My wife is a thrift shopper, so I learned these things.

    Poppin’ tags refers to the act of taking the tag off an item at a Thrift Shop for the express purpose of getting in cheaper. When the tag is off, you can approach a sales clerk and basically barter with them for the item. It’s not akin to shop-lifting, as was mentioned earlier. It’s a negotiation tactic.

    So in the Macklemore song, he’s talking about only have $20 in his pocket. Poppin’ Tags is his way of trying to stretch his dollars.

  27. blue, that is awesome. I bet those days were fantastic in cheney. I would love to see one of those stories on the 2005 season, that would be a classic.

    On another note, does anyone want to see the hawks do a classic throwback jersey? I would LOVE to see those 70/80’s throwbacks sometime this yera. I dont get why they dont do it. It seems like the market for that gear is popular, as they are always for sale and myself, plus others are obviously buying them.

    Eric, do you have the authority to request it to the team??

  28. bbnate420 says:

    Good info, ChrisHolmes. I always learn something here if I listen.

  29. After the afternoon practice everyday a dozen or so Seahawks would flood into “Showies” a local tavern and drink as much beer as they could in about 45 minutes before they had to be in the cafeteria for dinner at 6. Every year they had a big feast open to the public before the scrimmage at EWU’s field. Seagals would be there and some players and coaches would speak and they would often show the highlight film from the previous year. Ah, those were the days.

  30. Speaking of jerseys…does anyone know where I can find an authentic Home (blue) Kenny Easley jersey? I’ve looked for months and can’t find a thing.


  31. ejkimber says:

    jboard1. Thanks for the link, brought back memories. When I was about 12 I went to a sportsman show at the seattle center. My friend and I played pickle ball with Ron Howard (TE) and his agent. Howard and I schooled them. I forgot all about that until I seen this clip

  32. ejk, That is awesome man, glad to bring those memories back. I came across it the other day and was hoping some of you guys had not seen it yet. I love watching Sherman Smith tear it up, knowing he is a hawks coach now. That must be awesome for him to coach here now.

  33. hawkfaninok…I don’t think that’s the right link.

  34. hawkfaninoklahoma says:
  35. I love Mike Mayock, but don’t always agree with his rankings. I checked on his ‘Top 5′ positional rankings for 2012 after the combine.

    I found it interesting that Irvin, Wagner and Wilson didn’t make any of the lists and yet were outstanding for us. Just goes to show ya that draft ‘experts’ may be a little bit of an over reach to describe them.


    P.S. Thanks HFIO!

  36. freedom_X says:

    The “draft experts” look at talent and its applicability to all teams. They’re trying to figure out a “market” price.

    Seattle has a specific concept in mind and drafts players to fit that concept. That means Seattle will often value players differently than other (most other?) teams, if you follow the line of reasoning in the Don Banks quote.

    For example, bigger, slower corners were/are not in vogue for NFL teams. Great agility and speed is what most NFL teams look for. Seattle’s defensive concept called for the big, tall, physical corner type who may not be as nimble as the NFL norm. So Seattle pulls two Pro Bowl caliber CB’s seemingly out of thin air.

    Sherman I think is enough of an all around talent to play in any system, but let’s face it – no one anywhere, including any individual who ever posted on this board, thought he was going to be what he is today when Seattle picked him in the 5th round. I think there was even some criticism on this board of the pick.

    So let’s not get too smug about bashing the “experts”. I don’t think even Seattle knew that Wilson and Sherman would come along as fast as they did, so to some extent the “experts” can hardly be blamed.

  37. That’d be a cool jersey to have! I actually “found” one asking that same question on the blog less than a year ago and bought a white Easley from a guy from Canada who checks us out here every once in awhile.

  38. freedom_X says:

    Funny thing about the Earl Campbell quotes – back in his prime, at least one defensive coordinator’s strategy against Campbell was to “put four helmets on Earl” every time he touched the ball. Some people think that kind of pounding shortened Campbell’s career.

    So it would be ironic that he’s opposing a rule regarding the use of helmets as a weapon…

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dream team? We will see. I don’t think we will turn out like the Eagles dream team.

  40. Sando posted this article today comparing the old draft value chart versus the new one devised by a Harvard student a couple of years ago…

    Interesting read.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    freedom_X- Do you think that Harbaugh is regretting that he didn’t draft Sherman and Baldwin? I do.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Audible, interesting stuff. Seems like the Seahawks get value no matter what the round these days.

  43. The new value chart seems like a much more reasonable distribution of value. The old was was obviously out of whack…but I think some deals were done based on that one…to the benefit of some teams.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone think we will try to move up in the draft?

  45. Yeah. I thought it was pretty out of whack in some areas, too.

  46. I’d like to thank OakleyD and princeaden for their e-mails with respect to the Wilson article!

  47. Does anyone else feel just a little, tiny bit nervous about us being rated so highly in all the March articles and power rankings?

    I mean we used to sort of dream and speculate how we “could be really good if…” And last season we all marveled at, and loved flying under the radar.

    Now we head into the 2013 season with everyone on our bandwagaon, telling the world how good we are and we didn’t even win our division last year.

    It both scares the hell out of me and excites me at the same time. I sooo want to see this team win a Super Bowl. Way more than any team in the past. I see so much talent and potential for long term success. But all the attention feels a bit like the Madden Curse…I don’t want to be on the cover of Madden!

    But just like a young beautiful woman, I publicly shun the attention while privately loving every moment of it.

    I feel so torn…. :)

  48. bsinnitt says:


    “But just like a young beautiful woman, I publicly shun the attention while privately loving every moment of it.

    I feel so torn…. ”

    Hilarious!! LOL. I’m there with you with regard the unaccustomed media attention.

  49. freedom_X says:

    I never personally read an article where someone explained why Harbaugh passed on Baldwin and Sherman (especially Baldwin, who was undrafted and presumably would have preferred to sign with a familiar face.)

    The only thing I can recall is that Baldwin got hurt a lot in college. Anyway, it suggests that in the department of talent evaluation, Pete Carroll has the edge on Harbaugh.

    Carroll also has turned down many ex-USC refugees, even though common wisdom always tried to connect them up. But I don’t know that Carroll has made any real mistakes in turning down USC alums. Whereas Harbaugh has (though who knows if Baldwin makes Seattle’s team in 2013.)

    Many of the best players Harbaugh has came from the previous regime. I don’t think they got much production from the 2012 draft, though of course it takes time for players to develop. Seattle is really hitting it big in getting such instant impact from their rookie classes, no matter the round they’re selected.

    That’s rare, and I think it’s because they have such a clear idea of the kind of player and skills they need to fit specific roles. The players can master that specific set quickly and produce, instead of having to develop everything at once in less defined systems.

    I suspect that when free agency hits, some of the productive players from Seattle either won’t get the offers their production seems to merit, or they’ll be disappointments in schemes that don’t match what they do in Seattle.

  50. freedom – That’s a good idea (writing about what a moron Harbaugh is for passing on those two). It’d be a great way to get a rile out of Whiner fans! lol

  51. princeaden says:

    No problem Bobbyk. I’m usually willing throw in my 2 cents, even when it’s unsolicited.. :)

  52. raymaines says:

    Doug Baldwin clearly makes the roster this year. It’s Deon Butler that’s skating on thin ice.

  53. montanamike2 says:

    I still think it’s fishy that Boldin went to the 49’rs right after they played against each other in the SB, I suspect some sort of colusion. It’s true that we can evaluate talent better than Harbaugh,
    he inherited almost all his talent while we cleaned house and built it up to contender status.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree raymaines, not only will Baldwin make the roster he will be Wilsons go to receiver imo. Take nothing away from the others, however Baldwin when healthy is to WRs what Wilson is to QBs. Work ethic wise. Think Largent.

  55. princeaden says:

    Thanks Jboard, good stuff. I remember that season and it was a great season of time in general. I think it was the next year at the NY Jets that David Sims went down with a neck injury to never return. It was a shame because he and Smith made a fantastic combo. I hope that Lynch/Turbin could do the same as Turbin makes the big leap from rookie to vet.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Skavage – Lol, “It both scares the hell out of me and excites me at the same time.” Classic! Lol.

  57. Georgia – I contacted your boy, Baldwin, lets see if he gets back to me like WT3 did. I’m going to do something about how you can’t count him out this year, even with the arrival of Harvin.

  58. I wish there were a way to measure draft success. Of course, the metric would become more meaningful over time…

    Anyway…you could also apply that same approach to measure how good mock drafts are over time as well. Maybe expose some of the frauds.

  59. You’re right. Thanks!

  60. raymaines says:

    Any news about the Tony Tony McDaniel visit yesterday? Did he leave without a contract? Is he still in Seattle?

    Realistically, could he and Alan Branch both be on the roster?

  61. BobbyK – Would it be worth it to try and contact Dexter Davis?

  62. Gregg Rosenthal of thinks PC/JS might outright cut Matt Flynn if they choose a QB in the draft, since there hasn’t been any interest from anybody to trade for him(!?) That doesn’t make sense does it?

  63. chuck_easton says:


    Flynn on the team cap hit of $7.25 million. Cutting Flynn cap hit of $6 million. Add on the 500k or so to sign supposed rookie QB.

    So not saying it won’t happen but if it does it isn’t about money.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- That would be so cool.

    BTW- Mabey you could contact DeCastro down the road and ask him how weird it feels growing up a big Seahawks fan only to get drafted by the Steelers when the Seahawks are finally playing great on both sides of the ball. Lol.

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here is an interesting take on our 2010 draft. I missed the boat on Tate. I didn’t realize how much of an impact that Jackson had on Tates slow development.

  66. hawks4life says:

    Here is that video again guys that you all loved

  67. montanamike2 says:

    hawks4life that video made my morning thank you.

  68. No probs BobbyK, I usually just read this blog rather than contribute. But happy to help in this instance. The timezone difference makes it difficult for me to post at worthwhile times to have meaningful discussion!

  69. montanamike2 says:

    GeorgiaHawk i read that link and i believe that McCoy was limited by TJ too.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    montanamike2- Yea, I’m going to keep an eye on McCoy this year in hopes that he can turn the corner on the drops.

  71. princeaden says:

    I thought McCoy only had two drops last year that I can remember.

  72. Southendzone says:

    Love that video, hey check out the Marshawn run around the 3:30 run, near the end, he’s starting to get tackled and he lowers his head, I’m wondering if that counts as the new crown of the helmet rule or not because he’s not truly in the open field, he’s already going down sort of.

    This rule is going to suck because it will be one of those judgement calls and the refs won’t enforce it consistently.

  73. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    this rule will suck because they can’t challenge or review it.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    perhaps McCoy Is already on his way to improving his drop rate.
    After looking at that article again I see that his 7 drops were over a two year period.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    From article-

    “Since the beginning of 2011, McCoy has seen 49 total targets in the passing game. However, of those 49 targets he has dropped seven of them. It is one of the highest drop rates in the league on a per-snap basis.”

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m hoping one more top free agent falls into our laps for a modest cost.

  76. Does anybody know how Cameron Morrah is doing?

  77. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia, you are not suggesting they get dumervil are you? i would rather see that money spent on a FA RT. just saying.

  78. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    and that’s not a FART it’s a FA RT. before anyone get’s smart

  79. Just like in music a well placed space matters.

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:


    My girlfriend just recently erased the last Seahawk 49er game that I have been re- watching every week. I feel like I just lost my best friend now.

    At least I can pull this up on youtube anytime.

  81. SandpointHawk says:

    So let me get this straight….she’s still your girlfriend?

  82. That was great to watch! I wonder if there are similar videos of the 50 point games out there?

    The big hit from 31 with all the flags makes me think of the new helmet rule and that those subjective calls can’t be reviewed.

  83. Georgia- I suggest for a new girlfriend…

    That video was great, in the first five seconds I noticed one of the drummers drop his stick… That’s what a lifelong drummer sees first…derrrr

    I see e rams making life tough too… I certainly hope the boys don’t get big heads and think they are all that, cuz there is a fine line between crap, and good teams nowadays, and it’s pretty easy for a team to tip you upside down if your being too busy thinking you poop roses…

  84. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    cards game here to “welcome to the jungle”

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    She said I had been watching it too much and that I should be charged with multiple BUIs. ( Blogging Under the Influence.) She for the most part puts up with my Addiction so I have to let things slide now and then.

  86. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia, my wife just rolls her eyes at me, although when we met she was a cowboys fan now she wears only hawks gear.

  87. hawkfaninoklahoma says:
  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol Sluggo.

    oklahoma, nice highlights. And the thing about my girlfriend is she caught her ex with another Woman that he met on a blog so needless to say if I ever meet anyone here at a game or at a bar my girfriend will make sure she is with me. Lol.
    Why is it that sometimes men get blamed for things they don’t do? When she comes through the door now I just say things like ” I did it. I was wrong.” You know, get that part out of the way the faster the better. Then I will suggest watching a movie, take multiple bathroom breaks only to sneek into the computer room. She busts me every time.

  89. I seriously almost ditched my wife, a Steelers fan, at Joe’s Crab Shack during our 2nd date because she wouldn’t quit harassing me about the SB.

    She has since learned a hell of a lot more about football and officially turned to the blue light.

    Her prenuptial really paid off, but it’s getting expensive because she discovered that she looks great in blue and now wants a Sherman jersey. She talks a lot, he talks a lot…so they have a special connection I guess.

  90. Oklahoma, thanks for the highlight links, you’re OK! (sorry)

  91. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lmao blue, believe me i enjoyed finding them as much as you enjoyed watching.

  92. raymaines says:

    So OK, I’m up a little later than some of the rest of you guys. Big deal. Can’t we just start the draft? I mean like right now. Then have a pre-season game on March 31st.?

    Really, is that asking too much? Let’s just get it on.

  93. Maybe a Blue and green game like in College ;) that could be fun!

  94. bbnate420 says:

    I respect Earl Campbell and his opinion a lot, but if you want to read about the toll that playing the game the way he did took on his body, or at very least was a major factor, here are a couple of stories:

  95. bbnate420 says:

    The cap savings from cutting Flynn prior to 2013 would be 3.25 mil against the 2013 and 2014 caps. The entire 4 mil left on the prorated portion of his signing bonus would count in 2013 and not 2 mil in 2013 and 2 mil in 2014, that’s why he would still have a cap number of 6 mil in 2013. Then you have to subtract whatever they pay his replacement or replacements. Remember, they only had 2 QBs on the 53 for most of the year and only kept Portis on the PS for about half of the year I believe. Would they be comfortable carrying only 2 QBs if the backup is a rookie? Not worth cutting him IMO.

  96. Wasn’t there an NFL deadline to cut someone before their cap had to be absorbed by the team? Isn’t that why DEN cut Dumerville?

  97. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, no. Dumervil had a bonus or guarantee in his contract that forced the timetable in that situation. It was something in his contract, not a league wide thing.

    I’m not sure of the exact date it takes effect, but I am 99% sure that a veteran contract becomes fully guaranteed for the year once they are on the roster come week 1 of the regular season. Sometimes a portion of the salary for the year is guaranteed before this date, like 2 mil of Flynn’s salary in 2013. Contracts count against the cap for most of the year I believe, though there is a period after the games end and before the start of the new year in March where teams have time to get under the cap by releasing players or restructuring contracts if they are over the cap. From now until after the Super Bowl, every team must be under the cap at all times I believe. In other words, the Hawks couldn’t go out and sign players that put them over the cap and then wait a few weeks to release other players in order to be back under the cap. They can’t sign a contract that would put them over, the league would reject it.

  98. Southendzone says:

    Yep Dumervil’s was the guarantee. The dates triggering the guarantees aren’t set to a single day by league rule but are written into player contracts and can vary.

    I think if you read the info on Avril’s contract in one of the recent posts it says his 2014 salary becomes guaranteed on the 5th day of the league year in 2014 or something to that effect.

  99. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks klm008

    That was an informative article by Muth.

    Muth goes on to add this in the comment section-

    “Dwight Freeney really only has two “moves”. A spin move, and a double spin move. But he also was quick enough to just run around you (not really a move) and because you were so worried about his moves he could surprise you with a bull rush (also not really a move). Other guy do more, Chris’ Long and Clemons and JJ Watt all come to mind as guys I’ve seen throw a lot of different stuff.

    Personally, if I have any one dominant physical trait (strength, length, speed) I’d rather have 1 great move and a decent counter to it, than 4-5 average ones.”

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