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Morning links: Heating up Hawks pass rush

Post by Eric Williams on March 21, 2013 at 10:59 am with 132 Comments »
March 21, 2013 10:59 am
Seattle Seahawks DE Cliff Avril poses for a portrait in the NFL Studio in Culver City, Calif., on March 19, 2013. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)
Seattle Seahawks DE Cliff Avril poses for a portrait in the NFL Studio in Culver City, Calif., on March 19, 2013. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated takes a closer look at how the Seattle Seahawks will rush the quarterback with the addition of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, discussing how each edge rusher for Seattle will work into the defensive line rotation.

Burke: “No matter how you slice it, this is an enviable problem that the Seahawks find themselves up against. You’ll never hear an NFL team complain about having too much talent and too few spots to play people. Seattle will come at opposing quarterbacks in waves.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando talks with Seattle head coach Pete Carroll at the ownership meetings in Arizona. Carroll said this year’s moves in free agency are not a sign that his team is going for it this year — because he believes the Seahawks go for it every year. Carroll: “If you have watched the way [general manager] John [Schneider] and I have operated, we have gone for it every chance we’ve gotten,” Carroll said. “We have set out to compete at every single opportunity that presents itself and make the most of it. Because of good management on John’s end of it, we had some cap room to do some things. We have just fit things together that also were part of the long-range plan. We have a very young football team that we need to tend to as their time comes up with contract issues, and we have that all mapped out and planned out.”

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk also talked with Carroll in Arizona in this video link. Carroll said the Seahawks were lucky to get Russell Wilson in the third round because other teams weren’t willing to take a chance on a short quarterback.

Evan Silva of Rotoworld ranks the starting lineups of all 32 NFL teams. The Seahawks of course are No. 1.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Louisville running back Jeremy Wright has a draft visit scheduled with Seattle.

Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated reports that the Seahawks are bringing Tarleton State defensive lineman Rufus Johnson in for a draft visit.

Life is good for Russell Wilson these days. Chipotle has offered the Seattle quarterback a free burrito for life card.


Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports wonders if the NFL’s latest rule changing prohibiting running backs leading with the crown of the head outside the tackle box three yards down will really help curb concussions.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated writes that the helmet rule change isn’t that controversial, and detractors are missing the point.

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  1. Carlsonkid says:

    I see on PFT where we have a visit with a backup D-lineman from Miami happening . Draft prospects visiting that are defensive lineman and running back … that’s all great and in Carroll and Schneider we trust , but I’m still thinking we need a starting outside linebacker and a nickelback added to the mix . But at this point it’s probably just nit-picking .

    This roster looks stellar . Still , looking good on paper and playing well on the field are two different things , and the quality of our division opponents is also improving . I can’t wait to see what diamonds in the rough the draft brings us ! Is it April yet ?

  2. PugetHawk says:

    After drafting a WLB I am alright with the remainder of the picks being interior line with the exception of a corner or two.

  3. PugetHawk says:

    Damn.. I want a burrito for life card.

    Tarleton State…really. How did they even find this school? Awesome.

  4. Why is it that the rich get richer? RW can afford to buy burritos for life, why can’t you and me get a free card? This is BS!

  5. Dukeshire says:

    jboard1 – Amen, brother.

  6. PugetHawk says:

    At least Chipotle didn’t give it to one of the 49ers players.

  7. Thanks Duke, glad someone else sees my opinion about that crap.

    On the new rule topic…i hate it. I get it, be safer yada yada….but i hate this because it is another judgement call for the refs to make in the blink of an eye. This will be called wrong and will cost teams games, no question. I believe this rule needs to be reviewable, as do all judgment calls on “bang bang” plays. I get what they are trying to do, i really do, but it is taking away from the game when refs can make an inaccurate call and turn momentum the other way. Hawks got lucky when they blew the call on Kam for the big LEGAL hit. Luckily Red and Sherm are studs and turned it around…but it bothers me that these kind of rules keep popping up and in my opinion, ruining the game

  8. I wonder when Top Pot is going to give Golden a “free donuts for life” card …

  9. raymaines says:

    I’m really glad to hear PC say “We have a very young football team that we need to tend to as their time comes up with contract issues, and we have that all mapped out and planned out.”

  10. I’m torn with the rule. I never want to see players get seriously hurt, yet I love me a good beast mode trampling of little weak DB’s trying to make a play. The worst part of the rule is the no review/ no reversal part. This is where I think somebody says it will have adverse effects on an important game. And we always seem to be the team that gets adversely affected.

    I have to wonder, do you think RW really eats that many burritos . .?
    I would guess his nutritionist would frown on a steady diet of those lard bombs…

    Maybe Duke and his minion of trolls have a mindless opinion to share… Sorry Duke, still trying to figure when ssun was coming from…

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol, Autenpus.

  12. Mark this time in history. The Seahawks AND the Zags are both rated Number 1 in the country even by those back east!!!

  13. raymaines says:

    I know how worthless pre-season power rankings are, but….

    If you can believe Evan Silva, The NFC-W isn’t the toughest conference in the NFL going forward. Not even the best in the NFC.

    If we score this like high school cross country the NFC-W has (the 1st, 3rd, 23rd, and 29 best teams for a total of) 56 points.

    The AFC-N scores 54 points, and the NFC-C wins the title with better balance and only 51 points.

    Based on last years overall records (2013 draft order) the NFC-W was the best conference though.

  14. I heard PC quoted a few times talking about Avril, having played LB in college, could play SLB and move KJ Wright to WLB (which he plays in the nickel anyway). I am not certain how serious this talk is…..

  15. Ewalters7354 says:

    All I can say is damn I love this team!

  16. princeaden says:

    After reading the SI article, I hope Burke is wrong when he said Mebane will be joined by Clinton McDonald at what I assume would be the 3tech. It seemed to me , when McDonald was in was when we got gashed the most straight up the gut of the Defense by the 49 traps. I hope Quinn has a couple of strong suitors from the ACC or SEC we can get to upgrade that 3tech position. McDonald doesn’t cut it imo.

  17. doubledink says:

    Why is it that the rich get richer? RW can afford to buy burritos for life, why can’t you and me get a free card? This is BS!

    The same reason you and I don’t get endorsement contracts. It’s advertizing.

  18. “RW can afford to buy burritos for life, why can’t you and me get a free card? This is BS!”

    Just be glad it was Wilson and not some other random player like…say Moffit or Carpenter!

  19. doubledink says:

    The thing about the helmet rule and the other rules regarding concussions is that the lawsuit the league is facing is not about concussions. It is about withholding information about concussions from the players. They were allegedly negligent for the reason of knowing the harm and not letting the players know the harm, then putting the responsibility back on the players for choosing to play in ignorance.

  20. doubledink says:

    The “puzzling” thing…

  21. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hey guys siagon is acib/yanknita

  22. SandpointHawk says:

    Hell I think Sando is ACID, yankmychain and Saigon all rolled into one. Why not throw Georgia in there also, no one has accused him of much lately…

  23. Haha i totally understand the business logic behind the burrito for life thing. I just get irritated with people who have plenty of money to do things, get things for free, while people who dont have much money struggle to get by. Welcome to America!

  24. DanielleMND says:

    Re: the helmet rule. Shaun Alexander was ahead of his time. Just duck out of bounds to avoid this problem.

  25. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    danielle, so true so very true.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    Hell, Emmitt Smith made the HOF by avoiding all contact….

  27. montanamike2 says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma good of you to call out the troll. I wonder if it’s a multiple personality issue like Cybil or something?

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Sand – Yep. So did Walter Payton…

  29. princeaden says:

    Off topic, who are the Hawks going to get to fill the 3tech ?

  30. montanamike2 says:

    That’s one of the only comments that’s on topic.

  31. SandpointHawk says:

    Payton however looked good doing it….

  32. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    there was reason why they called him sweetness

  33. Palerydr says:

    I wonder if seeing as how ACID, Yankinta and Saigon all seem to have multiple personalities that they also might have problems with their sexual orientation. i.e. They are now girls that used to be boys? I mean no one has ever actually seen a verified pic of them they hide behind their keyboards spitting out their hate so who knows, except them of course and maybe their mothers.

  34. montanamike2 says:

    He’s probably trisexual, (try anything).

  35. SandpointHawk says:

    I’m not touching that one Paleydr but I am laughing…

  36. Palerydr says:

    I know it’s the trendy thing to do pick on Shawn and say he wasn’t tough so all he did was carry the ball 2187 times and catch 215 passes scoring 1122 TD’s along the way. I can’t find the numbers to prove it but I recall as a rookie the Hawks brought him in to replace Ricky Watters on 3rd down and 1 a running down. What I’m saying is cut the guy a little slack not many of you could take the pounding an NFL RB takes in a season there’s a reason RB careers last only 3 years on avg.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Come on now. They may be blog trolls simply looking to insite reaction, but let’s take it easy. No need for all that, you know. Let’s get back to actual football. Thankfully the draft begins 5 weeks from today…

  38. Palerydr says:

    Crap that would be 112 TD’s

    Glad I could provide some entertainment Sandpoint I mean that’s a part of this blog right?

  39. montanamike2 says:

    OK Duke, i’ll be good from now on.

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i am trying to goad him on the last post not working so far. paleryder i am sure it is much worse than you can imagine. people like that have serious emotional an social issues. can’t be all that in the real world so he comes on here to be all he can be,or atleast try to convince us he is .

    anyone think they sign the guy from the Miami ?

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Palerydr – It really wasn’t until he signed his deal / hurt his foot that he began the potato bug routine. I think part of why he gets so hammered is that in retrospect he’s so closely associated with the decline of those early / mid ’00 teams that were just a total mess under Ruskell’s rein. That and the fact there was always something kind of disingenuous about him (although that may be my bias.)

  42. Dukeshire says:

    montana – lol

  43. montanamike2 says:

    I remember Shawn’s game on MNF where he killed the raiders, it was his breakout game.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You can’t accuse me of being a troll, however some have tried in the past. One even text me to accuse me as one. Hmm, wonder who that could have been?
    I’m just a pecker, no way can I keep up with the speed texters.

    I have to admit though that I find the yanks and the acid types entertaining at worst.
    Better than the no fun blog. Choke, choke, choke.

  45. “I think part of why he gets so hammered is that in retrospect he’s so closely associated with the decline of those early / mid ’00 teams that were just a total mess under Ruskell’s rein. That and the fact there was always something kind of disingenuous about him (although that may be my bias.)”

    I think that’s exactly why. The guy was amazing around the goal line, as we all know, and somehow, seeing him have the ability to do it there, couldn’t help but make you think that he was giving it his all elsewhere. But he was a great RB for us for a stretch of years there.

  46. Singularitarian says:

    What are the odds zavier gooden or eric Reid fall to us in round 2. I cant see us passing on either of these guys

  47. bird_spit says:

    The ACIB/Yank types would not bother me if it wasnt the constant repeating. I think they need more help than anything else.. No doubt they have some real self-confidence issues, because they insist on being heard. They all were the non-dominent sibling, and never could get their point across at the dinner table.

    I feel sorry for them, and just wish the blog had the simple ignore button for them. Life would be grand then. TNT needs to invest in better software to solve this issue is my recommendation.

    And btw, I am willing to help TNT. I would be happy to be a consultant. I need a new contract soon, so will be available to start almost immediately (on a cash basis). :)

  48. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia you troll of man. we need a song,lol

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible- Funny stuff! The FO should hire someone just to keep Moffit and Carpenter away from the all you can eat Buffets.
    Imo poor conditioning contributed to their injury problems.
    Hopefully they will get their act together this year, We can only hope, because pass prtection will be the key to us being an elite offense this year imo.

  50. We have our home computer up and running again and I thought the stupidity was funny at first, but after further review, I can’t believe anyone would think I was ACIB. It proves that any fool can type and no matter if what you say is dumb enough and if you post enough – you get heard too.

    I remember thinking that Curry was going to be a stud Leo (I was WRONG) and even arguing that ACIB was wrong because of Curry/Leo. Really? Arguing with “myself?”

    Maybe if you’d been around long enough to really understand this blog and our history, you’d know the comment was bogus. Nevermind though, as rationale doesn’t matter when making comments that attacks the character of someone. I have no problem disagreeing with a topic, but when it gets personal, that’s when it’s a load of crap.

    At least the people who have been around long enough know what crap is when they read it. In no way am I saying we’re better than anyone else, they are just more informed (when knowing “my” tendencies, not about the Seahawks in general) and can make smarter decisions than someone who throws crap into the wind.

    Dude, we’ve all been wrong on stuff before, but don’t be a liar unless you have proof.

    Eric – is there any way to find out where the ACIB posts have come from? Like an area of the country, as I doubt too many people from Minnesota actually post on this site (if anyone else)? I’m sorry to ask you to look into it, but sometimes stupidity needs to be called out.

    If anyone wants to see the second part of my Thurmond article, I submitted it today. I planned on doing it yesterday, but since we were having problems with our computer, I couldn’t. Somehow it worked for writing under a different name though (sarcasm).

  51. montanamike2 says:

    What do goblins do for attention?

  52. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bird_spit, it’s the constant i am smart you all are dumb crap that get’s under my skin. i freely admit to not be all that bright at times but damn there is some very smart people in here. ah well maybe we will get a break for a bit again.

  53. montanamike2 says:

    Good article Bobby, i’ve always been high on Thurmond since we drafted him, i hope his health remains all season.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:


    hawkfaninoklahoma- I’m too wasted right now on cold medicine and beer for a song, however I’m sure chuck or Dukeshire will be glad to fill in for me. Lol.

  55. “bird_spit, it’s the constant i am smart you all are dumb crap that get’s under my skin.”

    Exactly. And the smiley faces don’t help either.

    Of course we’ve all been wrong — can’t speak for everyone, obviously, but I can’t imagine who here has the bandwidth to study, I mean really study, all the guys coming out of college ball every year.

    I think what you can do, as a dedicated fan of this team, is decide, based on their performance, whether or not you trust the guys running the show to pick the personnel. And I’m not saying we all have to agree on that determination, there’s always room for debate, but I feel that’s something I can make a reasonable decision about.

  56. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby don’t sweat it man we got your back. great write bobby enjoyed reading it,

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- You must be on to something with Thurmomd because I saw that Jesus christ responded to you in the comment section.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:


  59. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll freely admit that I’m the one who accused Georgia of being a troll, over text message. And he was at the time, for sure. Even that passive aggressive “wonder who that could have been…” is trollish behavior, IMO. I mean, what’s the point of that? Just be honest for once.

  60. SandpointHawk says:

    Nyquil and beer, a good buzz indeed for us old dudes…

  61. montanamike2 says:

    I prefer long island iced tea with a shot of robittusin.

  62. Ewalters7354 says:

    Man this blog has been an absolute mess since the season ended.Even though the team got better. Why? Idk.I myself have been guilty of dumb stuff but there comes a time when people who claim to be civilized need to start showing it.It’s

  63. Palerydr says:

    Back in the day when I was stationed at Pearl Harbour we started off most of our attempts at chasing wild women with $2 long ilsand iced teas at Moose Mcgillicuddys fun times. Regrettably we had much more success getting drunk than laid. Ah mispent youth.

  64. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    can’t we all just get along?

  65. Palerydr says:

    Bobby we don’t always agree on stuff, Marino comes to mind, But me personally never thought you had some alter ego blog personality for what it’s worth.

    Duke and Georgia I’m bummed you 2 no longer get along but that’s the way things go I suppose sometimes folks just don’t get along.

  66. I just think it gets bad when you attack the character of someone. I’m fine with attacking reasons you disagree with someone, but there’s a line. Yes, I’ll let it go… (thanks hawkinOK, and Duke yesterday, etc.).

    Part of the reason for the Thurmond love is b/c he actually got back to me multiple times. That’s pretty cool. However, that’s how I’ve felt about him prior to that too, so it’s not like I’m trying to make up stuff to like him (back to the character thing).

    It was fun, that’s for sure.

  67. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    no charge bobby would love to have a beer, ok several and watch a game with you.
    always thought thurmond was a great corner just couldn’t stay healthy. hope his luck has changed i think he would be a great slot/nickle corner and a good replacement for browner in a year or two. i watch some tape on lane an think he will be very good aswell.

  68. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    anyone think they mite make a play at a RT in FA? there are still a couple good ones not getting much interest.

  69. Palerydr says:

    By not resigning Omiyale we have a need for a swing tackle although McQuistan could fill that roll. That would mean Carpenter taking the LG spot and making it his for the next 10-12 years which I firmly believe he can do. So will Sweezy take the next step and become the starter at RG or does the funny man(Moffit) get serious about being a football player?

  70. Soggybuc says:

    I don’t know a darn thing about that kid tarleton state except that any one who grows up with the name Rufus is bound to be one tough SOB.

  71. bird_spit says:

    BobbyK – excellent article again; keep it up..good read.

  72. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t see them going after a significant UFA RT unless they cut Breno and can get the UFA RT for around the 3.5 mil they would save by cutting Breno. The only RT still out there that I see as a possibly for that is Eric Winston. I think he would be an upgrade over Breno at this point. I’m not sure if getting him for 3.5 mil is realistic or not? I believe I saw that he was visiting the Dolphins.

  73. bbnate420 says:

    I still think Vollmer and Smith will command significantly more than 3.5 mil a year.

    I would think that there’s a good chance you see them draft an OT at least by their first 5th round pick now that they have addressed much of the DL.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Just be honest for once.”

    How can you get along with someone who accuses you of never being honest? And can’t come up with the facts to prove it.

    If you all want to know the truth, I finally got tired of Duke after multiple unpleasant text messages to me. It was not only weird but was getting to be borderline harassment so I put a stop to it and told him if he had anything further to say to keep it on the blog.

    And I used some colorful words directed at him too.
    Perhaps that’s why he is so pissed at me, and repetedly of late likes to call me passive agressive and dishonest.

    I have no problem getting along with people on this blog ,( even though I disagree with folks at times, and strongly disagree sometimes) However taking it to the text level is over the line!

  75. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hell there is no market for the two best tackles. my thinking is maybe they get a deal like they have shown a knack for getting this year.

  76. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, it would be annoying if someone accused me of being ACIB and his alter egos, actually someone did awhile ago, but you can’t control what other people do or think. You only waste your own time worrying about it. My 2 cents anyways, not that I am always great about following that advice.

    The reason that I think there’s a good chance that ACIB, Yankster, Saigon, etc. are all the same person is that they all share very similar grammar and spelling. Like that of a 10 year old that has been smacked in the prefrontal cortex 5-6 times with a carpenter’s hammer. They don’t seem to be able to change up their writing stye enough to throw people off of the scent. Sorry for the personal insult, but I feel it’s justified in this case.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know one thing we have in common Duke and that is we are huge Seahawk fans. Well two things, we are huge beer fans. Those two things alone should override all the other stuff.

  78. nate – too true. Excellent point.

  79. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – Its this exact exchange I wished to air away from this forum. Especislly after repeatedly insulting me here. So, I brought it straight to you. And you did just what you’re doing now, not taking responsibility. No matter…

  80. Dukeshire says:

    I can agree with your last post at least.

  81. One of my next articles is going to be:

    “Fans of the Seattle Seahawks are Head over Heals for Russell Wilson”
    ***There’s a really cool photo that goes with it!!!

    If anyone is comfortable having their name/city/state mentioned in the article… e-mail

    I will not say your last name, it’ll be “Tim from Tacoma” or something like that (unless you’re out of state – then it’d be “Tim from Lincoln, NE [or Nebraska]).

    1. Why you most like/love about Wilson?
    2. What is your favorite part of his game?
    3. What are his strengths/weaknesses, in YOUR opinion? I may or may not use this answer. IDK.

    I’ll look at the first ones to get back to me. To be honest, this probably won’t get published until next week though, so don’t expect it up in the next few days. I have to “worry” about fantasy baseball drafts this weekend.

  82. “What”

  83. Even if I do post anything this weekend, it’s only b/c I have four already pre-done.

  84. BobbyK – Great article on WT3! Hope to read the others later if you post them. What I wondered was about Sherman’s suspension that was sposta happen last season but got delayed. Brandon Browner didn’t play weeks 14-17 (his 4 week suspension.) Will WT3 replace Sherm if his 4 week suspension is upheld? That will be difficult shoes to fill.

  85. Sherm is off the hook.

  86. “If we score this like high school cross country the NFC-W ” Never thought I would run into another person
    who knows how to score a XC meet!!

  87. DanielleMND says:

    klm008, Sherman won his appeal in December.

  88. DanielleMND says:

    “I think part of why he gets so hammered is that in retrospect he’s so closely associated with the decline of those early / mid ’00 teams that were just a total mess under Ruskell’s rein.”

    Remember his classless attack on Holmgren when he missed the rushing title by one yard? That’s why he deserves to be hammered, He had many opportunities during the season to pick up an additional yard or two instead of blaming his coach.

  89. DanielleMND says:

    “I wonder if seeing as how ACID, Yankinta and Saigon all seem to have multiple personalities that they also might have problems with their sexual orientation. i.e. They are now girls that used to be boys?”

    That’s gender identity, not sexual orientation. Not sure how you get from multiple personalities to that, even as a windup!

  90. FleaFlicker says:

    BobbyK, for that RW article, you might mention his wide-ranging female following. My girlfriend LOVES Russell (Sherm as well…the whole “they must be crazy” hand signal cracks her up every time). But anyway, during one of those halftime fan promotional activities in the stadium, five female fans were interviewed and asked to name their favorite player. Five for five said “Russell Wilson!” as if there were any other options. The kid has charisma.

  91. bbnate420 says:

    Flea, what’s ironic about RW’s female following is that I would bet that 99 % of them wouldn’t like going out with him if they actually did so. The kids obsessed with football. Obsessed with being the best be can be. In the building at 4-5 a.m. watching film and doesn’t leave until it’s dark. Great for improving as a player, not so great for maintaining a relationship with a woman. Anyone that’s ever been in a relationship with a woman should catch my drift. And I’m not trying to denigrate women, I’m just saying that most of them expect their partner to spend a lot of time with them and connect. High level coaches face the same issues. They work like 80 hours a week. I remember seeing a piece about Gruden going to visit one of his coaching mentors in his death bed. His mentor told him not to be like he had been and waste all of his life completely obsessed with coaching. He told him to spend time with his family before it was too late. Pretty enlightening IMO.

  92. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, you might be right about Smith and Vollmer. I’m assuming that’s whom you meant by the best 2 tackles. I think they still have a chance to get decent contracts, but one or both could conceivably settle for a one year deal and try to get a bigger deal next year. I would assume that both would command at least 5 mil if they only signed for one year though. So that would mean that the Hawks would have to release Breno and another player to make enough room I believe. Remember, they still have to have room to sign their draft picks. And they probably have to sign a kicker too, unless they’re definitely going to draft one. And that’s assuming they sign no one else.

    As far as Alexander goes, he definitely does deserve some of the enmity that he receives here, but I hardly ever hear a good thing about him here either. He is undoubtedly one of the best RBs that ever played for the Hawks IMO. We should remember that too from time to time, although he certainly had his flaws.

  93. bbnate420 says:

    And Danielle is correct, sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same thing. You had them mixed up, Palerydr.

  94. nate – Another great comment (and we’ve had our run-ins). None of us on our deathbed will wish we worked harder or made more money. We will only care about the people there with us holding our hands as we die and wishing we had spent more quality with them when we were able.

  95. I thought he just got it postponed – that’s great news!

  96. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, there was an issue with the chain of custody, and also the tester did not report the testing procedure issues to his superiors. He was then allowed to do the retest of the sample. I would think that allowing the same testing person to retest the sample would be against protocol regardless, but maybe not. Now let’s just hope all of the players stay away from the deer antler!

  97. bbnate420 says:

    I like Thurmond a lot. I believe he could be a great slot CB and has the ability to start on the outside. We all know he hasn’t been able to stay healthy the last couple of years. People tend to forget that he played 14 games his rookie year, and that was coming off an ACL the year before.

    He could provide the Hawks with a quandary if he has a great year in 2013. He will be an UFA and BB will be a RFA after. BB will be 30 in 2014 and Thurmond will be 27. Even if Thurmond stays healthy in 2013, you still have to have some concerns with his health when considering what kind of contract you’re willing to give him. They could just simply slap a 1st round tender on BB, but that could potentially piss him off. He has earned a significant raise IMO.

    And with the way that UFA contracts are going for vets, I wouldn’t hold it against him if he expected to get paid well in 2014. Especially since he would be going into his age 30 season. Unless the cap situation changes fairly significantly after the new TV deals in 2014, most vets can only really count on getting one big money contract in their career, the one after their rookie deal. I can’t find a good reason to hold it against a player if they expect to renegotiate once they are allowed to by the CBA if they have clearly outplayed their contract, at least to compensate them for the amount that they were underpaid previously. I would guess that they just plan on tagging BB with a 1st round tender. If he plays under it, they get a bargain. If someone else signs him, they can decide to match or get a 1st rounder. I would guess that BB is one of the players that may be allowed to leave so that other core players can be signed. I know STTBM won’t like that. I like BB, but I don’t think he’s a top 5 CB like he does. He’s also older than many of the other core players. My 2 cents anyways.

  98. bbnate420 says:

    Franchise QBs are probably the only exception to the one big contract rule. We know they’ll get paid handsomely into their late 30’s if still productive.

    BobbyK, thanks for the compliments. I know we’ve had some disagreements on football issues and some misunderstandings, but I can’t remember a time it ever got personal between us. Maybe my memory is failing me. And I don’t know if you were necessarily saying we have. This is discounting my drunken tirade after the opener last year! I don’t know exactly what all I said, and I was too embarrassed to go back and read all of it.

  99. DanielleMND says:

    “Flea, what’s ironic about RW’s female following is that I would bet that 99 % of them wouldn’t like going out with him if they actually did so.”

    I think his wife wouldn’t like them going out with him, either, ha!

  100. bbnate420 says:

    You’re probably right, Danielle. I do wonder what she thinks of all the time he spends working. I’m guessing he’s been that way since they’ve known each other, so I would presume she knew what she was getting herself into. She has that little dog to keep her company anyways. :-)

    P.S. There was NO disrespect meant towards RW’s wife in my comment. I’ve been accused of being inappropriate with others’ wives on here before.

  101. bbnate420 says:

    A topic for the morning, in case Eric doesn’t post and leaves an opportunity for Yankster and his ilk to devolve the blog:

    Are people here still planning to watch the opening night of the NFL Draft? Would you watch if you knew that the Hawks aren’t going to trade into the 1st or is that possibility a major factor for you? Discuss amongst yourselves.

  102. Revisiting Sherman’s drug test results brings back an old memory. Several years ago I worked as a counselor in a drug treatment program and we had a few clients on Methadone (opiate used to help detox from heroin addiction). They would come in and drink their dose every morning and then go to work (keeping a job was required). Once or twice a week they would give a urine sample which was sent to a lab. On a few occasions, a drug screening would come back clean. No sign of opiates. They were taking daily opiates right in front of us every day. We would laugh about it, but it shows how important the handling and continuity of evidence is. We never had a case where they showed a drug they shouldn’t have. The sad part of it is that there may have been someone else who got the positive test while innocent.

  103. bbnate420 says:

    Oldslow, as far as I know, most of the time when you’re getting a drug test they ask what medications you’re on on the form that is filled out for the test. I would assume that people legitimately taking methadone would put that down. I realize that the tests are far from 100 % accurate. Most people that haven’t researched or dealt with these assume they are almost infallible unfortunately.

  104. bbnate420 says:

    People just assume these tests are accurate. They probably are much of the time, but people have more faith in things like this than they should. Did you know, that on average 1 out of every 30 or so items you scan at the grocery store is recorded incorrectly. I bet not.

  105. sluggo42 says:

    Bbnate –

    No, I won’t watch the first night of the draft. I don’t see a trade up to the first under any circumstances…
    Good question!

    Funny how yanker and acid flew in and then disappeared again upon getting flushed out of the pocket. I wonder if I’m that transparent…?

  106. Palerydr says:

    Danielle and Nate just before I posted I changed the word to Orientation from Identity.

  107. montanamike2 says:

    This is the blog that never sleeps. I too am bummed about Georgia and Duke not getting along because i like them both very much. If we all could get together and have a beer or two, i’m sure we’d all get along better. It reminds me of the time i had this girlfriend who i thought was wonderful, she seemed like a great person, but my wife hated her.
    Didn’t even give her a chance.

  108. montanamike2 says:

    That was a joke btw.

  109. bbnate420 says:

    Good job, Mike! I agree about Duke and Georgia. Me and Georgia used to hate each other. Things can change. They just need to ignore each other for awhile and just post about the Hawks. I’m not trying to take either side. I think they both could take the first step. People have with me, and I’m thankful they have. They just need to let it go. I’ve been in the same situation, and I’m glad I let it go.

  110. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    montana, don’t worry i am sure they will kiss and make up at some point. little spats have been going on like that since i first got on here in 04. hell bobby and i had one last season when i included him in a statement i shouldn’t have. i apologized and we moved on.
    we all have ego and testosterone and that mix has never inspired universal peace.

  111. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia has cut me some slack. So has STTBM. I try not to be offensive to anyone personally, but I fail sometimes.

  112. bbnate420 says:

    HawkOk, I’m not sure about Georgia and Duke, they seem to be stuck in their positions.

  113. bbnate420 says:

    Palerydr, no prob. I wasn’t trying to catch you or make you feel wrong. I was just reinforcing Danielle. I personally didn’t take any offense.

  114. bbnate420 says:

    HawkOK, I should’ve mentioned you and others. A number of people here have let some dumb spit I said slide. As I have for others.

  115. princeaden says:

    Well, they both did concede yesterday that they were both Hawks fans and should leave it at that. Baby steps :)

  116. bbnate420 says:

    They both like beer too. I think they might be the only 2 here that do?

  117. “I heard PC quoted a few times talking about Avril, having played LB in college, could play SLB and move KJ Wright to WLB (which he plays in the nickel anyway). I am not certain how serious this talk is…..”

    At the very least it is a different look that Quinn can throw at offenses; a different sort of pressure package. If you will, imagine a 3rd down pressure package comprised of Clem, Bennett, Scruggs, and Irvin at the DL spots, and then have Avril blitzing from one of the LB spots. I am intrigued as well. I guess we don’t know yet just how adept Avril is in coverage or at the line in press coverage, but if he can press TE’s coming off of the line then that also helps to improve one of the areas where this defense lacks a bit.

    Aaron Curry was a bust. We’re past that now. But one of the few things Curry could do in Pete’s system that no other SLB has shown me yet was his ability to handle TE’s at the line and in press coverage. I mean he would just rag-doll guys at times; some of the best TE’s in the game too. He wasn’t nearly as instinctive in coverage as K.J. is, but likewise I’ve yet to see K.J. really manhandle an NFL TE.

  118. CDHawkFan says:

    Nate, I would love to watch the 1st round of the draft. Even though the Hawks probably won’t be in it, I still get excited to see what others (Winers, Suck Louis, Tards) are doing, to see the trades, the ‘reaches’, etc.

    In terms of excitment for the NFL and even college football I put the Draft right/close behind the Hawk’s 16 games, playoffs and SB. Actually, I would rank the draft higher than the SB if its another AFC ‘team I don’t care about’ vs. NFC ‘team I don’t care about’. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch the SB, just wouldn’t find it as exciting.

    I am guessing the Draft is getting close to SB in terms of PR to the NFL. Sure the SB is huge at the time, but its a 2 week build up where the draft is about 3 months and taps into so many colleges and former high school stars from all parts of the country. Its come a long way from 20 years ago. I live overseas and people for the people interested to hear the process of the draft, they are amazed about the system (worst teams picks first, all the kids played college ball, back ground checks, combine, etc). College football feeding the NFL makes it so unique. Very different than the soccer leagues here in Europe, even basketball picks foreign players that didn’t play/audition like they do in college football.

  119. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- Let’s just stop right now with this “you insulted me, you are a troll, you are a liar, you don’t take responsibility type rubbish.
    Let’s keep it civil from here on out. I will take responsibility for things I have said at times about you, and there are times where I have taken it over the top so I apologize for that.
    You were a huge supporter of mine when I was going through difficult times with Moms Cancer last year so I don’t want to let silly disagreements about football become bigger than life.

    BTW- You being an Xs and Os person, I was thinking it would be cool for you to do some kind of visual diagrams, to help better explain to us folks that aren’t up to speed with the possibilities that our defense can use now with regards to or new D-lineman. And also our Defense overall.
    Actually If Eric would let you do this on his links it would be a valuable addition to this blog imo. Kind of like BobbyK’s Rant articles.

  120. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    and the first smooch is out,lol

  121. There usta be a way of posting pix right here in with our posts. I never got the hang of it, but there were posters who did. If any here can give us a lesson on how to do it I’d love to see X’s and O’s diagrams right in with the words describing the play…

  122. Not meanin no disrespect, but Duke could become our own Brock!?

  123. bbnate420 says:

    I hope Georgia and Duke decide to let it go. I’m not going to take a side either way. From what I saw, one person seemed to be a little more responsible, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Just try to forget what has been said, and try to focus on the Hawks. I know you both have a lot of thoughts about such.

  124. bbnate420 says:

    Let’s all hate on ACIB, Saigon, and Yankster! It’s got to be better than feeding on each other anyways.

  125. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, thanks Sluggo and CD. Good responses to my question.

  126. I would expect that there will be a pretty quiet time for FA signings across the board now until after the draft and teams find out who the got and what needs they still have.

    It will be really interesting to see who we draft. I really have the feeling these guys are going to draft BPA this year, grabbing whoever they think can be special or make a difference in some aspect of the game.

    Can’t wait, because if we have learned anything about the twins – they will wheel and deal on draft day!

  127. I leave for a weekend and WTF?!

    Georgia and Dukeshire have been heading to this pass for awhile.

    If ego’s were checked at the door, things would be better. I also think life stressors have a huge impact on blog personalities, often for the worse. Not that thats ever happened to moi…

    bbnate–Its cool. Both you and I have crossed lines before, and I think both of us have found common ground and moved on. Sometimes its hard to blog rationally with too much stress in our real lives.

    Its too bad we cant all get together–those of us from states other than Washington (who’s only claim to fame IMO is the Hawks–God, I hate Washington!) especially. I think we’d all learn not to judge and put people into boxes. And lots of beer would be drank (drunk?!). Hell, we should have The Port Townsend Brewery sponsor it! They’d get rich!

    SaigonSun=Yankinta=ACIB?! Sounds right to me. I had the Yanker and ACIBisDouche down, but I never thought of Saigon. Wow, three most irritating commenters for sure (next to me on whiskey). Made me homesick for the days of Nighthawk and his brood (actually, I really liked that guy, he just kinda went totally nuts), and a couple others who disappeared into the ether.

    Hell, I’d even rather argue with Billt, than these guys. And that guy was nuts. And his grammar sucked.

    And me?! Im awesome! (No youre not Dude, Dont lie!).

    You can text me if you wanna argue at 867-5309!

  128. Hey, with all the bad blood etc, at least KLM came back!!

    Its like Christmas!

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