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Morning links: Just call him Mr. Versatility

Post by Eric Williams on March 19, 2013 at 8:11 am with 151 Comments »
March 19, 2013 8:11 am
In this Oct. 25, 2013, file photo, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin, right, catches an 18-yard touchdown pass ahead of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright, left, during the first half of an NFL football game in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)
In this Oct. 25, 2013, file photo, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin, right, catches an 18-yard touchdown pass ahead of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright, left, during the first half of an NFL football game in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)

Bucky Brooks of The NFL Network has a nice break down of the many different ways Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell can get explosive playmaker Percy Harvin the ball in space.

Brooks touches on some of the concepts I wrote about last week, but provides much more detail. It’s definitely worth a read.

Brooks: “In today’s game, the middle of the field is where explosive offenses find ways to pick up chunks of yardage and points, by creating mismatches against linebackers and safeties. Elite units feature a dynamic, play-making tight end or slot receiver who can exploit the less-athletic defenders lurking between the hashes. With Harvin in the lineup, the Seahawks will no longer lack that key component. One of the most dangerous playmakers in the NFL, Harvin primarily does his damage while working from the slot. He excels at running option routes and short crossing routes from that position; this allows him to get the ball quickly in the open field with plenty of room to maneuver.”

Our own Bob Kaupang of Rant Sports catches up with defensive back Walter Thurmond, who’s looking forward to a breakout season in 2013.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times talks with Hawks head coach Pete Carroll about the influence of basketball on his coaching philosophy with March Madness beginning this week. Carroll still regularly plays pick-up basketball, and counts John Wooden and Jim Valvano as heavy influences on his coaching philosophy.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gives Seattle a B+ for the team’s efforts so far in free agency. Prisco: “They are going for it in 2013. They had pass-rush issues, so they signed ends Cliff Avril(Lions) and Michael Bennett (Seahawks). And they gave them small deals, which helps. Their offseason also includes trading for Percy Harvin, but that grade isn’t included here.”

Greg Cosell writing for Yahoo Sports talks about the affects new signings Harvin, Cliff Avril and Mike Bennett will have on Seattle.

Phillip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star reports that the Colts have signed Matt Hasselbeck, released by the Titans on Monday, to a two-year, $8 million deal to backup Andrew Luck.

Rob Rang and Dane Brugler of are split on the NFL potential of Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel. Rang believes he could be a fit in Seattle.

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  1. Soggybuc says:

    I truly hope WT3’s bad luck is behind him.

  2. It just might be worth putting $100 on the Seahawk’s pre-season line for winning the Super Bowl.

  3. Palerydr says:

    As I stated earlier I believe EJ Manuel would be a good fit for our offense however SF will also be thinking along the same lines.

    Nice of you to link BobbyK Eric. Does he give you any “compensation” for that?

  4. yankinta says:

    Spening 2nd round pick on EJ Manuel is DUMB!!!

    We should be able to get BJ Daniel with one of our 7th round pick.

    We need to save 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks to get, Chase Thomas, John Simon and possibly Jessie Williams, or a CB.

  5. Palerydr says:

    I was thinking of a 4th rounder not 2nd.

  6. Carlsonkid says:

    It sure would be nice if Thurmond could stay healthy for an entire season ; I wonder if he could play nickel for us ?

  7. Palerydr says:

    So I looked up BJ Daniels yea he’s impressive a real bona fide talent for sure.

    Chase Thomas is ok but I’d rather have Sio Moore a much better pass coverage LB.

    Simon is a DE we need another DT preferably one who can collapse the pocket on early downs. Jesse Williams had 1 sack last year playing on one of the nest defenses in college I’d pass.
    I don’t see us taking a corner this year as we signed Blackmon and I believe Lane will step up big this year.

  8. Brooks: “In today’s game, the middle of the field is where explosive offenses find ways to pick up chunks of yardage and points, by creating mismatches against linebackers and safeties. Elite units feature a dynamic, play-making tight end or slot receiver who can exploit the less-athletic defenders lurking between the hashes.”

    Great quote, Eric. I’m reminded of how Coach Carroll likes to describe his QB as the equivalent of a basketball Point Guard. I’m thinking in Pete’s mind, he found his Point Guard last season in Wilson, and now he’s found his Shooting Guard in Harvin.

  9. Manuel’s stock is rising, and I dont see him being there in the fourth. He could end up going in the second. I dont think Seattle can afford to spend a second rounder on him. So he likely wont be a Hawk.

  10. NWPoseidon says:

    John Simon is a hybrid DE DT not just a DE. In fact his tape looks better playing DT. He could be a difference maker inside.

  11. yankinta says:


    Chase Thomas is a Stud. I would be very happy if we get him in the 4th. John Simon is a DE but he can play 3-Technique too. He’d be a steal in 4th or 5th.

    We need Jessie Williams because our Run Defense sucked the second half of last year. Our Pass Rush is solved since we now have the Nascar Package filled up and ready to go. He’d be a steal for us at our 2nd round pick.

    Yup Yup, BJ Daniels is very impressive. Hopefully he last until 7th round cuz he’s only 5′ 11″.

    STTBM, you’re right Manuel’s will go in late first or early 2nd. You’re paying attention and learnging. Makes me sooo proud. :)

  12. BobbyK – nice one on WT3! Now can you tell me what’s going on with Dexter Davis? Is he healthy too?

  13. Palerydr says:

    I personally like Jonathon Jenkins to get him we will have to trade up in the 2nd. I agree Manuels stock is rising I would also expect him to be on Phillys radar. Daniels is listed at 6′ 1″ but I’m still not interested. Haven’t spent any time looking at video so I’ll take others words that Simon can play DT at 260 lbs seems a bit light to me but hey I didn’t think a 5′ 11″ (rounded) QB could succeed in the NFL.

  14. Thanks. I didn’t actually expect Thurmond to get back to me but he was awesome! He even retweeted the article to his followers. Needless to say, WT3 is now quite a bit higher on my list of favorite Seahawks (and I’d always been a fan).

  15. yankinta says:


    Jonathon Jenkins is a nose tackle. We can’t use him. It’s true we play 4-3 with 3-4 principle but we still cannot use a nose tackle. :)

    As for John Simon, Do you know what a 3-Technique DT means?

    BJ is actually 5′ 11″, not 6′ 1″. But at 214 lbs and runs a 4.53 and fairly accurate. He’d be an ideal fit to back up RW. :)

  16. yankinta says:

    If we can pull of the trade for Matt Flynn, we can go sign CB Antoine Winfield for like 2 mil a year and solve our Slot CB needs.

    That was a MAJOR WEAK LINK for us last year….

  17. If Matt Barkley was there at our 2nd round pick, should we take him?

  18. Basically a 3 tech is a single gap playmaker listed as the left defensive tackle. He needs a quick first step and the ability to diagnose run/pass quickly. In PC’s system last year Branch played the 3 tech he’s listed as 6′ 6 325. IMO I feel Jenkins at 6′ 3 and 340 ish can play this position for us on early downs as well as giving us a rotational player at nose tackle.

    From Field gulls “The Seahawks’ 3-tech, is not a gap penetrator. He’s more like a 3-4 defensive end or a nose tackle.” A guy at 260 on early downs is gonna get mauled. On third down I would expect this position to currently be played by Bennett.

    At 5′ 11 or 6′ 1 I’m still not impressed with his numbers especially his completion percentage.

  19. WilliamPercival says:


    Why go after Winfield with a healthy WT3? I agree that $2mil/yr is a fair price for us, but I think this is Walter’s (healthy) year and his injury woes have been more freak accidents than anything. Wouldn’t we be better off getting 3-tech or WLB? I actually feel we’re done with FA, unless another BARGAIN comes knocking on our door..

    Build for the future, lock up our own guys, and save cap to roll over (even if modest). That’s the JS/PC vision..

  20. NWPoseidon says:

    I believe Kip pointed out over on Seahawksdraftblog that BJs completion percentage is identical to RWs at NC State. So are you not impressed with RWs completion percentage? That would be weird…

  21. Bobbyk–I liked your article on Thurmond. I have high hopes for the guy as well. I think he’s gonna be a great nickel back for us. And its awesome that he responded to you on Twitter–he’s a good guy.

    However, I think it about as likely as me winning the lottery (I dont gamble) for him to beat out Brandon Browner for a starting cb position. Browner was outplaying Sherman up to his suspension, and is a total beast. IMO, both Browner and Sherman are in the top 5 CB’s in football, maybe top 3. Thurmond is not as strong or aggressive as Browner and cannot jam receivers like Browner (then again, who the hell can?! Browner is a total beast!).

    As for competition, sure, PC always lets his guys compete. But I dont think Thurmond has much chance at beating out a very determined Browner this year.

    There’s no doubt this guy would have been a first round pick had he not had his major knee injuries in college, and he’d be a Pro Bowl player now if it werent for his broken leg and hammy injuries. But he hasnt made it through a full season since early in college, and healthy or not, his lack of ability to stay healthy is a major concern going forward.

    I know Im really rooting for the guy. I hope he beats out Lane for the nickel spot, and perhaps he can spell Browner or Sherman at cb once in awhile.

  22. NWPoseidon says:

    If Matt Barkley was there in the second I am nearly 100% positive JS would pick him. Very much like GB drafting Rodgers when he fell. But I seriously doubt he falls that far.

  23. Yes that’s true KLM however the Hawks have shifted to more of an over front the last 2 years. PC plays a 4-3 defensive alignment with 3-4 looks and personnel. This gives teams fits to prepare against us as they have to practice against both looks.

  24. Daniels numbers were comparable to RW until their senior season where RW took a major jump wheras Daniels did not. Also RW threw for more TD’s at NCState in 3 years than Daniels did in 4. Looking for lightning in a bottle at the QB position 2 years in a row from a guy under 6′ is a fantasy IMO.

    I don’t see us doing anything with the CB position this year they may bring in some camp fodder but nothing like anyone is suggesting.

    I’m not sure PC would draft Barkley if in the extremely unlikely event he’s there in the 2nd. He did make him the first freshman starter at USC in his time there while also recruiting him from the 8th grade. Hard to tell on that one.

  25. Been a long time since Seattle was atop anyones Power Rankings. LEts hope they earn it this year and whup niner butt on their way to a title.

  26. PugetHawk says:

    Not sure why the Hawks would draft Barkley with their first pick in the draft this year. It is not a position of need with Wilson and Flynn. DT, DE, RT, CB and LB are all more pressing needs. Would the plan be to trade him away in a year or two for a first round pick or more to make a draft pick profit?

    Bob, good look at the Walter Thurmond situation. If the guy can stay healthy, he can be a difference maker for the secondary. I think you have to admit that if he cannot stay healthy this year, it could be the end for him in Seattle right?

  27. Interesting take on PCs (Bradley’s) defense from the Jags writers:

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Palerydr – That Field Gulls quote you provided is incorrect. In an under front, every d lineman is a single gap perpetrator (the exception is Red at LDE. He has the ability to be a two gap player. But only Red is capable of that, on Seattle’s roster). In addition, the 3-gap is nearly always the right defensive tackle. If one thinks of offenses like people, the vast majority are right handed. Meaning the strong side (or where the TE aligns) is on the right, which makes the left side of the d line the strong side. The 3-tech alignes “under” that strength, on the right, the weak side.

    klm – See above: the 3-tech almost always plays the right side. It’s rare that offenses come out with the closed (strong side) to the left. However, when they do, if the d line has time to adjust, you’ll see the rotation of the ends and 3-tech to the opposite side. However again it’s rare. That link you provided does a very nice, simple breakdown.

  29. Palerydr, BJ has an NFL arms and I saw him make the type of throws that decent NFL QB should be able to make. His completion % isn’t that great at 57% but he has no talent around him in that offense so I think he’d do a lot better with our talents on our Offense.

    WilliamPercival, Walter Thurmond has proved to us that he cannot stay healthy (both in college and NFL). I love his potential but I can’t rely on him staying healthy. Plus if you do some research on some blogs, you’ll see Winfield is at best when he’s playing slot CB. He had over 100 tackles last year at CB position. That is IMPRESSIVE.

    We are currently 6.5 millions under our cap. At 2 Mil, he’d be a steal and leave 4 Mil for Rookies. But JS also want to extend our FS and LB,, so not sure how he’ll do it.

  30. trout_hound says:

    Nice X’s and O’s piece from a Vikings fan on how we can maximize Percy:

  31. OK Duke I bow to your knowledge I looked it up and had some pics that showed Branch on the left and Mebane the right. I’m no expert on this and freely admit it.

  32. Yankinta we got a gift last year from the football gods to expect that to happen again, well lets just say I’m a skeptic.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Hope you don’t think I was trying to be a dick. Only clarifying… The other thing to keep in mind is that Seattle doesn’t run “under” exclusively. Last year we saw them mix fronts more than either of the two previous seasons. In any case…

  34. Nope didn’t take it that way at all. I enjoy expanding my knowledge base. I also made mention of the point that Seattle doesn’t run under much the last 2 years.

  35. Palerydr, It’s okay. :) I met a lot of skeptics on this blog last year as well, when I was telling how special RW was. It’s true there were many people high on RW as well but no one went as far as I did,, (cuz I was telling everyone we should trade Matt Flynn, right after the draft).

    I’m not saying BJ will be just as good. I’m just saying, Pete wants someone with similar abilities to backup RW, and I see/agree with the benefits in that scenario. Especially if BJ will last until 7th round pick. :)

  36. Singularitarian says:

    Just because Wilson is a freak, doesnt mean a short qb is ideal. Not by a longshot. I see Quinn having some tricks up his sleeve in the draft at d tackle, he was just there with all those kids, whether it be in the 2nd or the late rounds who knows. I see us picking up a couple lbs too

  37. Singularitarian says:

    Yakinita. I went as far as you did

  38. Singularitarian, That’s Great!!! Did they call you crazy and other names too?? :)

  39. TallyHawk says:

    EJ Manuel has all the physical tools to be a good NFL qb. However I don’t think he will. He missed wide open receivers regularly and made poor decisions. He takes sacks at the worst time also. He was a frustrating player to watch, especially the last 2 seasons. You’ll be hard pressed to find a FSU fan who isn’t happy to see him gone. He clashed with Jimbo Fisher a lot so it’s possible a different coach, like PC, could get more out of him.

  40. I’m not saying BJ is short and that’s why he’s an ideal backup. I’m saying he’s shorter than 6 feet so many GMs will not pick up and he’s likely to last until 7th round. I think he’d be a steal at 7th round, strong arm, can make NFL throws, Fast!!, 4yr experience in running read-option.

  41. montanamike2 says:

    Everyone is trying to copy what we did last year so i’d expect more of the short QB’s to be taken early, problem is, there’s no other RW.
    Bobby i was really high on Thurmond when we drafted him, if he’s finally healthy there’s more than enough CB’s on our squad unless they find another Browner or Sherman. I believe our needs in DT and WILL must be addressed. Some people called me crazy but that’s ok because i am a little bit.

  42. Yankinta I also wasn’t trying to be a dick towards you so sorry if it came out that way. I just believe that qb’s under 6′ have to have All the other measurables off the charts like RW and still no guarantee. I see what you’re talking about and maybe he’s worth a 7th rounder. I really haven’t done a ton of draft prep yet so for now I can’t offer up any better selections other than Manuel who appears will be gone before the 4th round.

  43. montanamike2 says:

    Last year i knew a lot about the players ahead of the draft, this year not so much.

  44. Singularitarian says:

    Harvin is just awesome. The cool thing about him is he needs soooo much attention from a defense, but hes on an offense that has too many of those guys to handle for a d. To me, i’m not upset if he gets under 1000 yards from scrimmige this year, cause he will make the whole offense unguardable. Dont get me wrong, i hoping for 15 hun from scrimmage, but, Harvin, Wilson, Lynch, Rice, and Miller all will need special attention from a defense, problem is, they cant all get it. And Tate and Baldwin being the 5th and 6th down the d’s checklist has me giddy. I will be disappointed at under 32 points a game average. This offense just became truely dynamic

  45. montanamike2, I seriously doubt that EVERYONE is trying to copy us. :) But I do see your point. They may be more willing to draft a short QB than before. But I still don’t see them drafting BJ in the mid-round. I think he will last until 6th or 7th round.

  46. seahawk44 says:

    trout_hound thanks for the link. That was a good analysis. The addition of Harvin to this offense has me very excited to see the action on the field this season.

  47. Singularitarian says:

    Yakinta, i heard a lot of “Flynn came here to be the starter, give Wilson a couple years to develop and maybe he gets a shot. Flynn is the starter, get over it.” Honestly i dont know much about your boy. Ill do my homework. Nothing wrong with anybody with potential in round 7

  48. yankinta says:

    Yeah, I heard that a lot too. That’s why people call me crazy when I suggested trading Flynn before he even gets a chance to start a pre-season game for us. :)

    I just knew that RW is the real deal, from day 1 and didn’t have a need for Flynn. :)

  49. surelyyoujest says:

    Yankinta, you should read some self-help books on gaining confidence. You seem a little unsure of yourself.

  50. Singularitarian says:

    Well i dont think trading Flynn before Wilson played a snap would have been a good route. We got rid of Jackson who was proven to not be the guy. The jury on Flynn is still out. He could be the next Tom Brady for all we know. Id like to trade him this year if we got a 3rd or 4th.but having a capable backup is not a problem

  51. yankinta says:

    lol, sorry.

  52. SaigonSun says:

    Last week I counted 9 Defensive Lineman on our rooster (not including. Branch) . I believe Avril and Clemons will play Leo which will move Bruce to Hill’s spot. We already have 6 LBs plus Bradford. Hill is not counted. So, why go after a LB? We draft a DT (I hope for Magus Hunt if whiners don’t grab him with KCs pick) and a ORT in the third. RB Lattimore with our fourth round pick. Honey Badger with our first in fifth. WR Ace Sanders with our fifth rounder. BJ in the sixth and we’re all set.

  53. vichawkfan says:

    Phil Dawson signed with 49’ers. Said last week we should have grabbed him. 7-7 over 50 last year.

  54. princeaden says:

    KLM and Duke, for the explanation of the under front. Until now, I couldn’t get a good understanding of it. Now it’s clear.

  55. Singularitarian says:

    Saigon sun. You’re right. You have unearthed the draft secrets of Carroll and co. We need lbs cause thats our thinnest position. I have never claimed to know what the seahawks will do, i make some assumptions of where i think they might look in the draft, but in reality i have no idea. You seem to have it all figured out already. And having lbs on your roster doesnt mean they are startable players

  56. princeaden says:

    I almost always enjoy Brewers columns, this one especially.

  57. SaigonSUn–HOney Badger wont be there in the fifth. Also, Irvin may only come in on passing situations, where he would man one of the DE spots, just as last year. Still need a WLB. Clemons in nearly a lock to be on the PUP when the season starts, saving a roster spot (Avril will take it). Bennett takes Jones spot. The 53 will sort itself at the bottom, as it always does. Likely several of the bottom-dwellers wont make the team to make room for the stud DT and LB we will draft, not to mention the RT and G who will finally cement their place at the position, no?!

  58. yankinta says:

    SaigonSun, I’d love your scenario about picking up BJ in the sixth but I hope he’ll last until 7th. We do need a LB to compete against USC LB squad to replace Hill. Bruce is too raw to play LB full time. We would put Avril there as a part of our Nascar squad on passing downs….I like Chase Thomas a lot if he’s there at 4th round or 5th round.

    Honey Badger will not last until 5th. He’ll probably go in the 3rd or 4th.

    We need a run stopping DT (Jessie Williams) and a Guard too. Magus Hunt is not a run stopping DT. We already have a 3-Technique DT. I hope John Simon is there at 4th or 5th, too.

  59. HawkyHann says:

    Thurmond starting and taking BBs job. Thats comical material. Jeremy Lane and Maxwell will beat out Walter on the outside.

  60. yankinta–You “just knew” RW would be great, huh?! Well, so did my son. He still doesnt understand a forward pass. Doesnt mean his ideas on players make any sense, because there isnt any football knowledge in back of it. Even Pete Carrol, Wilson’s biggest fan, had no idea he would be such a revelation. And his first three games showed no sign of it either.

    Wilson is a miracle. He may open the door for other short qb’s to get a chance, but to expect another sub-6′ qb to do as well as Wilson thier rookie year is far-fetched at best. Teams may be scouring the draft a little harder now because we found him, but they wont be targeting short dudes at qb as if Wilson’s shortness is a lucky charm or some great benefit. What they will be doing is giving some guys the benefit of the doubt when their measurables are a little less than the norm.

  61. Singularitarian says:

    Sttbm. While i agree its impossible to see coming. I kinda felt it too. I wasnt saying drop flynn before he even gets to camp, thats for sure. I thought his first 3 games were brilliant tho. I had no doubt he was the man after 3 games. If u go back and rewatch those games you might see it different

  62. yankinta says:

    Ummm STTBM,, I knew because I follow college football a lot. Don’t hate.

    If you use you own eyes and try to be a good student then you will possess the knowledge too. Listening to ESPN and believing everything they say is for Amateurs.

    I also knew that Andrew Luck isn’t that good. He’s mostly hype. I watched all of his game in his last year at Standford with the best OL in college). Watch and learn.

    I also PREDICT that Andrew Luck is not a top 10 QB. He will not rank Top 15 in QB rating or QBR rating in 2013-14, even though Colts have the 4th EASIEST Schedule.

    I also PREDICT that RGII is not a top 10 QB. He will not rank Top 10 in QB rating or QBR rating in 2013-14, even though he won the ROY.

    RW will rank in top 10 in both QB rating and QBR and we have the 11th hardest Schedule.

  63. Singularitarian says:

    And hes a 5’10 freak. Long arms huge hands, high release, stands tall. Smart as hell, hardest worker ive seen, drafted to play baseball. He is not good because he is short, and he cant be duplucated

  64. Singularitarian says:

    Luck is a very good qb, his talent is undeniable. Same with RG111. Both are franchise quarterbacks

  65. yankinta–I dont watch or listen to ESPN. All of my opinions are my own. While I also believe Luck to be overrated, you said earlier he would NEVER be a top 10 qb, and I think thats a ridiculous assertion, regardless of whether or not it happens that way.

    As for him not cracking top 10 this year, thats a solid assumption that does not necessarily have anything to do with his attaining that level in the future. His team is not great around him, and he’s very young–not everyone can be Russel Wilson. Thats not to say he wont get there.

    RG111 may never play football at the level we saw last year again. He may not even play this year. His knee was destroyed. He’s a fine player and deserved the award (so did Wilson but you gotta pick one).

    Being right with your WAG’s any of the time doesnt make you some kind of Football Guru. Its easy to be an armchair GM. We’re all pretty good at it.

    As for Wilson, I liked him too. While initially skeptical when I heard Bevell and Carrol were looking into him, I watched a lot of video on him and did some research, like any rabid fan. And what I found made me excited to see what he could do. I suppose because I was right I should get in line with you for a high-level NFL FO job, right?!

  66. yankinta says:

    His talent is undeniable? lol, then my prediction won’t come true then. I seriously doubt it.

    If you’re right, then Colts should win 10+ games again and make the playoff this year, especially with 4th easiest Schedule in the NFL. Again, I seriously doubt it. :)

  67. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – Did you make any statements here after the draft, or before preseason, or after any of Wilson’s really poor games early in the season? After a cursory look through the archives, I’m not seeing any comments. They may very well be there, there’s a lot to go through and I could have easily missed them. But it’s even easier to come back after the fact and say “I knew” whatever the subject is, when you never put yourself out there. Regarding Flynn however, you’re on record, that’s for sure.

  68. montanamike2 says:

    Totally agree STTBM.

  69. montanamike2 says:

    RGknee has to play half his games on that shitty field, Luck will be good but not for a while, his turnover ratio surprised me.
    Can you imagine leaving MLB to go back to college and play football?

  70. yankinta says:

    Again, “Luck’s team is not great around him” argument. You must have heard that from ESPN. :) It’s okay a lot of people make the same mistakes….

    Let me ask you a question, you agree the our team has All Pro and Pro Bowl players with young talent, almost complete team, correct?? Let’s say in 2013, we start Curtis Painter as our Starter for 16 games. (BTW, the guy is not even good enough to be a 3rd string QB (that’s why that GM got fired). He’s out on the street now). What would you say the Seahawks would finish at? 1-15? 2-14?

    That’s what happen to the Colts in 2011. Not because they had a bad team. They just didn’t have NFL caliber QB, period.

  71. montanamike2 says:

    yankinta you make some valid points.

  72. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yankinta, you talk like you are bill walsh or something. hate to tell you but if you were that damn smart you would be a HC/GM. you show your ignorance with you cocky know it all talk with little or nothing to back up what you say. john gruden who beat the RW drum harder than anyone was suprised at how quick he all developed. like the talk on flynn my god man fitzpatrick got signed ahead of him, at this point either there is no market or the hawks are asking to much.

  73. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, I never stated that I knew RW would be this good early. I just knew that we have a future HOF, Franchise QB for the next 10+ years. Which is why I was comfortable with trading Flynn right after the draft. :)

  74. montanamike2 says:

    Gruden is what convinced me.

  75. SandpointHawk says:

    I give you the view from the Bay. My humble effort to change the direction of this pissing match that has taken over this blog…

  76. yankinta says:

    As for the Wilson’s really poor games, I never doubted RW or lost hope,, because Pete Carroll repeated admitted that it was his fault, during those Poor Games. He said “we’re bringing him around slowly because we don’t want to put too much on his plate too soon”.

  77. Singularitarian says:

    Andrew Lucks td ratio was way off because he was a rookie. He was still out there making plays. Ill take luck over alex smith and his post 100 qb rating anytime. Luck probably wont be in the top 10 in qb rating this year, but qb rating dont mean dick, stop listening to espn. The Colts team is Luck’s arm, and hes young. Ill bet you he’s in the top ten in passing yards again

  78. Singularitarian says:

    With curtis painter we win 6 games still

  79. wazzulander says:

    Yankinta you lose a lot of credibility by saying things like you can guarantee Wilson won’t get hurt. That’s obviously ridiculous, and only makes you look foolish. Also putting a smiley face after a condescending remark doesn’t make it less condescending. Its good to be confident in your opinions but try losing the god complex when you post.

  80. yankinta says:

    Singularitarian, if you’re right, he shouldn’t be out on the street. He should be a back-up somewhere, or at least a 3rd string QB. Or even Practice Squad QB. But he is neither of those. :)

  81. yankinta says:

    wazzulander, I’m sorry. But I really am smiling humbly. I never guaranteed that RW won’t get hurt. I just said we can’t live in fear of when he’ll get hurt, when building the team for the future. I’m sure JS/PC don’t do that. I’m sure they have a plan for backup QB, if they get a high enough offer to trade Flynn.

    p.s., I wanted to put a smile at the end but now I’m scared. lol

  82. montanamike2 says:

    I’d say Kaep has a running style similar to M. Vick. RW cradles the ball tight when he runs. Good read Sandpoint.

  83. Dukeshire says:

    That’s about what I figured.

  84. Singularitarian says:

    Im saying our d was great and so was our running game. Neither could be said for the colts. Painter sucks, thats for sure. Taking a stacked team to 6 wins doesnt mean you should be a backup

  85. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks montanamike2, I thought it might be of interest to some who weren’t busy feeding our new pet…

  86. Singularitarian says:

    I would hope with our team that a backup gets us to 8 or nine wins at least

  87. Singularitarian says:

    Anyone have any ideas for ho might take that 3rd runningback spot that was Leon’s? I personally wouldnt be surprised if we drafted Kenjon Barner…

  88. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lmao sandpoint. thanks for the read. personally i think it’s ACIB on meds

  89. GeorgiaHawk says:

    yankinta- How dare you say we had a future HOF, franchise qb for the next ten years, when the obvious choice was to start flynn. Lol.

    I lost alot of respect for a few bloggers here that where constantly beating the Wilson is too short drum right from the day he was drafted to the pre-season, ( where he clearly out played Flynn ) and even up to the Chicago game. After the Chicago game though some of these bloggers had little choice but to concede that Wilson was going to be something special. Some other bloggers hid in their man caves a little longer. Lol.
    Some folks have alot more knowledge about the Xs and Os around here, however why can a 10 year old girl clearly see that Wilson is better than Flynn? Perhaps it goes back to the old saying,-” You can’t see the forest through the trees.”

  90. Singularitarian says:

    I could also see a flyer on Ontario Mccaleb

  91. Singularitarian says:

    I could also see a late flyer on Ontario Mccaleb, return some kicks maybe. Hr is lightning fast

  92. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk, Thanks for the support. It’s true in life and true on this blog as well. :)

    People don’t like to let go of their old/out-dated beliefs. They will always fight hard to be able to say they were right. :)

  93. yankinta says:

    Singularitarian, backup QBs are backup QBs because once figure out their weakness, they cannot adjust or fix it. That’s why they can’t start for more than a few games and have success. An average Starting QB can win you 6-8 games or should be able to. :)

  94. Singularitarian says:

    Thats a pretty broad blanket statement for what a backup is. You said we’d win 1 or 2 games with painter, i dissagree. There are plenty reasons why a backup is a backup. A whole lot of great qbs were backups until they got their shot. Your comment is mind boggling

  95. princeaden says:

    I did look at the BJ Daniels highlights and I will say that he looks quite impressive. That said to my untrained eye, he appears to be better than a 7th round choice. I hope I’m wrong.

  96. Singularitarian says:

    I looked at some highlihgts of BJ Daniels as well. He certainly moves well around, but I get the feeling that all his passing comes off an obserd amount of read options and qb running. He seems to tuck the ball and run faster than he needs to and doesn’t always look to throw enough. He could be a good prospect to learn behind Wilson for years, but most of what he is. Kind of reminds me of a smaller, faster Tim Tebow in a way, But he does seem like he could develope into a better pocket passer with time. certainly has a decent looking throwing motion and can put some zip on it. This is after watching just a few videos and reading a couple articles mind you, I am in no way educated on the kid. He can certainly scramble well though. Why not take a flyer on him? Russle Wilson is sure the man to learn from and Flynn has only one more year at most

  97. The Colts wont win all that many games this year for many reasons. While they have Reggie Wayne–still a fine possession receiver–and have added some talent in FA, they arent a well-rounded team yet and are rebuilding. Also, Luck is young and doesnt know NFL defenses as well as a veteran qb; there will be some hiccups. Not to mention they lost their offensive coordinator.

    Are they a terrible team? Far from it. In fact, with there once-again easy schedule, they may do better than I think and replicate last years 10-6 record. But my money is on 7-9.

    I think Luck has shown enough to at least stave off the doubters for a couple seasons. You dont know for sure what you have in a qb for a couple years, except in rare instances. Is he bound to be a great qb? No, but he hasnt removed himself from that potential just yet. I dont care what he did/didnt do in college, Pros is different. Hasselbeck for instance was a better Pro than a collegian.

    And it does matter for qb play what is surrounding you. Wilson most definitely benefited from Lynch and the WR Corps, not to mention the badass defense. Luck on the other hand, was limited by the lack of talent on his team. Yes, he had Wayne, as I said, which was a nice security blanket. After that, only average at best and no decent RB. This year may be different, but I think they will fall back in the hole a little bit. And not because Luck is doomed to suck; thats placing too much credit/blame on his shoulders.

  98. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Oh oh Yankinta”
    “you could make it much better”
    ” This blog would be so much better”
    ” If you showed some humility”
    “Oh oh Yankita”
    “Just take Stevos hand and He’ll lead ya”
    “Natedog will make your life sweeter”
    “Cause Dukeshire saw it in his dreams”

    “The Seahawks future looks so bright, BobbyK told me so last night”
    “Said he saw our Seahawks playing in the SuperBowl”
    “And there were you and I on this blog, and that’s no lie”
    “And most all the things you said was close to mine”

    “Oh oh Yankita”
    “You could make it much better”
    “This blog would be so much better”
    “If you showed some humility”
    “Oh oh Yankita”
    “Just take Stevos hand and He’ll lead ya”
    “Natedog will make your life sweeter”
    “Cause Dukeshire saw it in his dreams”

  99. Singularitarian says:

    The cat still took the wost team in the league (record wise) to the playoffs as a rookie with the team on his shoulders, and passed for almost 4400 yards. Pretty amazing stuff really

  100. OregonHawk says:

    Little diddy about Yakinta and …

  101. IdahoHawk says:

    Reading all the comments on this blog sounds like a high school cheerleading squad. Bottom line is the pieces are in place. Hawks need to stay healthy.

  102. montanamike2 says:

    I’m going to miss this blog when i’m out of town, some of you are so knowledgeable. I can’t wait for the draft. I can’t wait for the pre season. I can’t wait for our SB run.

  103. Palerydr says:

    I myself would trade Russell Wilson for Luck right now. I’m not seeing the poor QB ya’ll are making him out to be. The Colts aren’t as good as us and they did play an easier schedule. So all Luck did was take a 2-14 team to the playoffs. I believe that was the first time in history that was accomplished by a rookie QB. I’m thinkin some of you might have some pretty tough/impossible standards…. just sayin.

  104. It’s a red flag when a QB plays plays poorly for 3.5 quarters against a bottom 10 team and finally shows up for the last drive. It’s also a red flag when there is a huge variance between a QBs performance on the road and at home.

    That being said, I see Andrew Luck’s ceiling as a Matt Ryan type – very good but not elite.

  105. It’s also a red flag when a rookie QB stays the same or even gets worse as the season progresses.

  106. Palerydr says:

    Luck threw 13 picks and 11 TD’s on the road. 5 picks and 12 TD’s at home. So I guess that’s the “huge varience” you’re talking about? For comparison RW threw 17 td’s and 2 picks at home while tossing 9 TD’s and 8 picks on the road. Gonna have to say that would also fall under the “huge varience” category don’t ya think?

    What bottom 10 team and game are you talking about?

    I would argue Luck was playing quite well at the end of the year going 6-2 down the stretch. Did he beat playoff teams? only Houston to get into the playoffs but that’s what playoff teams are supposed to do beat the lesser teams.

  107. Ewalters7354 says:

    My only concern is who’s gonna take Alan Branch’s spot? Like a bundle of people have said Bennett fills the void left by Jones.But if they are gonna keep Red at 5-tech I think getting Branch back will be important. I just hope he doesn’t feel wanted.

  108. Ewalters7354 says:

    Or still feels wanted should I say.

  109. Georgia – Could you please name the people other than ACIB who said RW was not a good QB? Name names!!!

    There were a lot of people on here who said some or all of the following (including myself)

    1. Worried that he was a rookie
    2. Clearly better than Tjack
    3. Said they would start Flynn over RW – because of the Rookie factor
    (in my case on #3 – said I was fine with Wilson starting but my PREFERENCE was Flynn due to rookie)

    4. This became a REAL hot button issue since PC made a mockery of the preseason and hosed BOTH players by not deciding on a guy and letting him work with the #1’s more. As a matter of fact gave Flynn more time with the 1’s in practice than Wilson for all but the last week of the preseason

    Once Season started:
    The RW lovers – Saw no errors in anything he did. Including missed receivers. So some of us pointed it out! I did get on PC a TON for wasting his talent early in the season.

    and even before the Chicago game MANY people who expressing Flynn was a good choice to start were saying that they liked RW.

    NOBODY was allowed to criticize RW at all, you could complain about any other player but not RW. Even in the ATL game when RW missed a WIDE open Streaking down the field it was not ok to say “hey he missed one” But hey it’s ok to say the WR’s didn’t get open on the play before

    We have a very good QB, who will probably turn out to be great! we also have a very good back up who the twins CLEARLY don’t want to give away, otherwise he would be gone. They value him enough to really make another team PAY to get him. Clearly, to me at least, stating that they think he has true value to the team. They only are going to get rid of him if another team offers them something of MORE value, which right now seems pretty high.

  110. On a separate note:

    Linebackers: Last Pre-season many people were pretty high on Toomer and he got put on the PS and I think he was there all season long, one of the few players who did.

    the days I was at camp he always stood out in drills, in games was good but not spectacular. With his speed he could be are real contributor on ST and possibly solid guy on the field. It will be interesting to see how he performs this off- season and see if he can make the team.

    Seemed to be a guy who was on the verge of making the team. Hopefully that extra year of coaching from Norton and practicing from vs good NFL guys he can take that next step. Time will tell.

  111. raymaines says:

    I’m doomed!! Doomed I tell ya.

    I tried to read how a Minnesota fan thinks we should use Harvin, and I tried to read the piece on PC’s (Bradley’s) defense from the Jags perspective. No doubt they are both well written, accurate and informative articles but I just went brain dead three minutes into them.

    I think I’m forever doomed to being a TV fan that cares a lot but doesn’t know much.

  112. Ray – I think, for some of us (me included) it’s better not to know it all – enjoy the randomness and creativity on the field. sometimes I enjoy what appears to be just a great play on the field by one of our guys!

  113. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    How many posts, articles and comments are we into the start of free agency now? Hmmmm, I think it’s a lot.

    It’s a curious sequence of questions that come to mind (and I LOVE that I am asking these), knowing what I know now.

    To what extent do JS/PC value keeping the awesome and essential guys they drafted over acquiring explosive and difference makers on the field players?

    I think we were just given our answer. If it means adding a player like Percy Harvin, then keeping fifth or sixth in priority guys we do like doesn’t mean jack sh** to them. At all. Let’s just pay Percy; we’ll figure the rest out.

    And if we have to lose one or two of Tate / Baldwin / Browner / Kam / KJ to their need to be paid, then that’s cool. We’ll deal with that.

    Or if we can’t keep Rice or Miller around (and we WILL keep them both, mark my words, on lesser contracts for the next three to four years at least) after a couple years, then that’s cool too.

    They aren’t going to leave though.

    The more money those two might make elsewhere when their contracts are expiring won’t mean jack sh** to either of them by then; that’s the TRUE MASTERSTROKE of signing them both for the large contracts up front to get them to come here. Now they’re just going to stay.

    We didn’t actually sign Rice and Miller for their contract lengths. We paid them handsomely for those contract durations.

    The other part is that we get to keep them both for much longer and at a price that allows us to pay others what we’ve paid them. That’s the true and real contract we have with them both.

    And what it means is that we will NOT lose Okung, ET, Wilson, Sherm, Irvin,or anyone else that we must keep who comes along.

    I think Avril or Bennett are both here for awhile too. At least one of them. We probably have them both now though. They didn’t come here for money. They got the money they needed to be able to justify their desire to play here. That’s why we have them.

    I think we’re going to quietly draft well but only one and a half impact players for this year now. Ten draft picks now. We’ll get four out of that. And two peripherals.

    If one is a skill player (probably an RB or TE) and one is a future OT or OG and another is an OLB or DB, then this draft is quietly quite amazing.

  114. What does anyone think of Beavers’ CB Jordan Poyer (6-0/191 4.54-40 30.5-vert 9-10 broad) in the 2nd round for nickle/slot? He had a knee/ankle injury last Oct and only had 8 bench reps at the combine, 11 at his pro day, but lead the Beavers defense last season (7 picks with one game missed) and was AP All America 1st team, AFCA FBS Coaches All America Team, and Walter Camp All America First Team. He also returned punts for OSU.

  115. One of the things I have learned about this front office is that they are not predictable. We can not be sure what moves they will make to make this team better. They have players on the practice squad that may be better than we know, and they may have some magic moves (don’t rule out sorcery), that can find a new contributor.

  116. Singularitarian says:

    This team will only be legit for the long haul if we keep finding players on the cheap in the draft. Sure Bennett for 13 mill over 2 years is a good deal, but not as good a deal as gettin these kids outta the draft for 3 years dirt cheap. We can only afford all our studs salaries if we keep getting contributers out of the draft. look at our defense right now, 3 years from now Wagner will be making 8 mill a year somewhere, Sherman more. We can keep those ubber studs if we find contributers through the draft to play other positions. That may mean we move on from guys like KJ and Kam eventually and keep the studs helpers coming through the draft. I think they want to have 5-7 rooks make the 53 for this reason

  117. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- You don’t really want me to go back into the archives and re-post who was constantly against Wilson being our starter even when it was clear he had won the job do you?

    I don’t want to embarrass anyone, and I think most of us here knows how it all played out.
    If you still want names then you can take your time and go back and do the research.
    To me the whole Wilson/Flynn thing is just a great example how some can get so stubborn in their ways that they sometimes look foolish holding on to their opinions so long, ( just for the sake of winning a silly argument ).
    A lesser example of that was the, ( should Carpenter stay at RT or be moved to guard argument). Some of us here clearly saw that Carpenter couldn’t handle RT and said so many times, however some were stubborn right to the end until the FO finally moved him to guard.

    None of us are always right, however I find it funny sometimes how pure stubborness can effect opinions.
    Especially when someone new or doesn’t post much comes on this blog and has an opinion, or goes out on a limb with their opinion. It seems like some older posters sometimes have a problem with that and will put them through the ringer so to speak.
    I think it’s refreshing to hear from new posters instead of the same old same old stuff all the time, just like I’m sure people get tired of hearing some of my stuff.

  118. Dukeshire says:

    Speak for yourself. Because I was dead wrong about Wilson, doesn’t make me a fool. It maked me wrong. And as I said on draft day, I’m happ to admit I was about him. So like xcman, I am curious who you continue to passively aggressive call out. ACIB? That’s too easy. I think in part what xcman is saying, is if you have something to say, be honest for once an out with it. But if not, let it go.

  119. Palerydr says:

    Soooooo the actual focus of this thread was supposed to be Percy Harvins versatility. Anybody have a comment on that…

  120. chuck_easton says:

    I am with Duke and xman on this. With the noted exception of ACIB nobody on here was ever saying Wilson wasn’t a good QB.

    I was in the camp that was dead set against starting a rookie (ANY rookie). I even said if Luck or RGIII were here I would have still been in favor of sitting them for a season to let them learn the NFL game.

    So, yes, I admit I am old school about rookie QB’s. I can’t change that. I’ve been around long enough to see that for every rookie starter that goes on to a great career (Manning X2, Elway, Marino, Aikman) there are even more rookies that crash and burn because it is too much too soon (Couch, Aliki Smith, Leaf, Carr, Quinn, Vince Young, Russell, Krukzek, Frye, Carter, Wuerffel, Beck, Nagle, Blackledge,Jason Campbell, Leinart, Leftwich, Ramsay, Pennington, O’Brein, Eason, Mark Malone, Richard Todd, Kyle Boller, Jeff George, J.P. Losman, Rich Campbell, Joey Harrington, Jack Thompson, Kelly Stouffer, Druckenmiller, Mike Phipps, Cade McNown, Dan McGwire, David Klingler, Andre Ware, Rick Mirer, Heath Shuler, Todd Marinovich, Art Schlichter).

    The list above are just a few rookie QB’s that got the not too soon. Almost 90% of them are first round busts as well.

    Three of the names are former Seattle 1st round busts.

    One note of caution, there are a few on that list that had promising rookie years: Mirer, Vince Young (rookie of the year, pro-bowl 2nd year), that still could never master the game.

    So, that was my reason for not wanting Wilson to start last year. My concern was it could ruin a potentially good QB. After Wilson’s first few shakey starts it still could have gone either way. Wilson was the reason it didn’t. The kid has the work ethic.

    He’s not HOF yet but the signs are that he has a better chance of joining the Aikman, Marino, Manningx2 list than he does the much longer list.

    But the caution is still there. Young and Mirer looked great their rookie years. Where are they now? Again, I am not putting Wilson there because I believe Wilson will not allow himself to fail. I might put a few of the QB’s out there now in the more likely to join the long list. Ponder, Gabbert, Locker, Weeden, Tannehill…

    So, yes I was stubborn. But I had my 49 years of history on my side that said there was a better chance of Wilson crashing and burning than succeeding. Wilson is just different and he has proven that.

  121. I was on the let Wilson sit for a year as well, ain’t no thang. I’m still weary that teams will catch on to Wilson and be able to contain him in the future. I forgot who said it, but earlier in the season on the radio, they were talkin about how we have a two to three year window with Wilson before that happens and we need to get the most out of him now. I hope it doesn’t and I was extremely surprised in a good way how Wilson played at the end of the season and I’m glad Pete let him play.

    On a side note, just reading through the Indy rants, 1) Indy was an extremly shixxy team in 2011, just look at their turnover from then to 2012, I believe it was the most out of any team, even greater then what Pete and Schnieder did here. 2) I believe they kept and started more rookies this year then anyone else. 3) Luck took that same team full of turnover and rookies, won some games in the 4th qtrs, and took them to the playoffs.

  122. Yes, I think Harvin is versatile

  123. SandpointHawk says:

    Nice post Chuck and I agree that was the thrust of most of the posts, wanting the Green Bay model followed to protect the rookie. But here on the George Orwell Memorial Blog history reinvents itself almost daily…

  124. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk, Thanks for the Poem. It made me choke on my morning coffee. Now I have to clean up my desk. Thanks a lot!!! :)

    As for those that are making excuses for Luck and saying Luck is the real deal, I guess we will find out the truth this year. He still has Top-5 EASIEST Schedule, they were very active in the Free Agency adding more talent. If he is the real deal, the Colts should win 10+ games this year. Luck should be in the top half in the QB rating and QBR rating. But I seriously doubt it.

  125. sluggo42 says:

    Wow, it seems we have a repackaged ACID. go figure.

    Put me in the camp that thinks Luck is a damm good QB, and will only get better.

    RW will give short QB’s a few more looks, but I doubt we see a run on them. RW has Dennis rodman length arms, Lonnie Shelton sized hands, and joe Namath instincts. Someone coined him as a “freak”, I’m in agreement with that. Definitely not you “garden variety” short QB.

  126. yankinta says:

    Not sure who ACID is but I see that a lot people on this blog are amateurs. They will believe everything ESPN and other networks say. It’s too bad though.

  127. Palerydr says:

    I wouldn’t continue to follow that premise if I were you Yankinta you will lose respect quickly. ACID refers to a poster named “aaron curry is bust” go through the archives of the first 3-4 weeks of last years season to see what you look like. Amateurs? really? get over yourself.

  128. yankinta says:

    lol, you shouldn’t be offended if you don’t believe everything ESPN says. :)

  129. Is there anything more pointless than a “i was right first” argument on a blog of anonymous posters?

    Everyone on this blog, by definition, is an amateur in terms of the sport we all love to follow. I do enjoy divergent opinions on here, it’s what makes the blog interesting, but I don’t think anyone on here is in a position to condescend.

  130. Dukeshire says:

    “Is there anything more pointless than a “i was right first” argument on a blog of anonymous posters?” That is awesome, and thank you.

  131. yankinta says:

    lol, ummm, I have never said those words. I only bring up the points about RW because someone felt sorry for me for being called many names on this blog. I just replied by saying I’m used to it since the same thing happened last year, when I suggested trading Flynn right after we drafted RW.

    yes, you’re right. We are all amateurs. I should have used “very new to Football” instead of amateurs. :)

  132. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Yank, as much as you know you should be a millionaire from sports betting.

    seriously thou you all should go back and reread some of the posts from early losses. there was so much talk about 5-11, 7-9 and plenty of he’s too short will never make it in the NFL talk.ACIB was not the only hater, most thou were old school let him sit mentality. those guys are the ones still posting the haters are gone. problem on this blog is we all get the testosterone flowing and hate looking at another viewpoint. we will kick a dead horse to powder just for the sake of the argument. before it was ACiB and others. now we have yankinta stirring things up. always seems to be one or two who claim to know it all and when proven wrong tuck tail and disappear .i had the time today so i went back and and looked for him in previous posts and he wasn’t there, imagine that. but i did notice that at the same time he started ACIB showed up for a couple of posts then disappeared. funny as hell us all arguing with him thou.reminds me of many ACIB debates no matter how much fact you hit him in the face with you were wrong.

  133. yankinta says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, as far as I can tell, no one has hit me with any facts. They just called me names because I made a couple of predictions. I think for all my predictions, I’ve been able to back it up with factual reasoning.

    Maybe you could point out these so called facts that I been hit up with. :)

    I just think that history has taught us if we were willing to learn from it.

  134. yankinta says:

    ummm, I guess cat got your tongue. :)

  135. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    you don’t make predictions you state facts as you see them. when did you start posting on here? and don’t say it was that long ago i checked. you didn’t post under this name at draft time last year, no bold statements about wilson i could find in april,may or june under this name.

  136. lol, this is a football blog. I think if we only report facts, it will be the most boring blog in America. :)

    I think it would be okay to make predictions if I can show factual reasoning. So where are those SO CALLED FACTS that people hit me up with? Or were you just assuming? :)

    Hmmm, really? I know I commented about how excited I got for drafting RW right after the draft. I was even okay with it if they got him in the second round. :)

    Try looking before the preseason or during too. That’s when I said we should trade Matt Flynn. :)

  137. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i tell you what you find the post and put the link up i found you no where on here after the draft or in the early part of the season and i looked for you.
    the problem as i see it is you come on here with the watch and learn attitude then change your tune after a bit to suit you. you said ,” flynn will be traded for a 2nd or 3rd” then “well if he is traded it will be at least a 3rd.” then you act like we are all pawns of espn(which i don’t even read) because we disagree with you. you are the all knowing most intelligent well informed football genius on here.
    you claim to have been here but don’t know who ACIb is?

  138. lol, I don’t know who that is cuz I only read comments that interests me. I don’t reall all of them. :)

    I never said Flynn will be traded for 2nd and 3rd. I said we should get more value for him than 49ers did for Alex Smith. Please note the word “Should”. :)

    And I said that about Flynn after putting “trading Flynn” on my wish list. Wish list is far from predicting. Or maybe we speak a different language.

    Just for the record, I do predict that if Flynn is traded we will get more than 3rd round value. RW will be A LOT better than Luck and RGIII in QB rating and QBR rating next year.

    As for the posts from last year,,, There are those that confirmed seeing my posts from last year. Do a search with my name in the past several days and you’ll see others confirming. Hope that’s enough for you.

  139. Gee :) looks like someone found the :) button. :)

  140. sluggo42, It just makes me smile when I read comments here on this blog. Not trying to be condescending, just a genuine smile.

    hawkfaninoklahoma, I’m still waiting for those facts that people hit me up with? At this point, I am guess you got nothing.

  141. I thought I through out some earlier, maybe they were wrong and weren’t facts after all?

  142. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    here’s some fact for you
    “Flynn will be TRADED for 3rd round pick or Better. Y’all Watch and Learn….. :)

    all these analysts/talking heads (JC, Herms or others) don’t really know what they’re talking about,, if they did, they’d be GMs making millions….”

    fact,”This sets the market for Matt Flynn. I am not expecting a 2nd rounder or better for him. Most likely will come from Oakland or AZ. I would prefer their next year’s 1st round pick than this year’s 2nd round pick.”

    you contradict yourself there.

    “Now we just gotta trade Flynn to Bills for 2nd rounder and save 3.5 mil on the cap.
    I hope JS is getting calls from the Bills for Matt Flynn. I would not trade Flynn for nothing less than a 2nd round pick. Hopefully, we can trade that 2nd round pick with someone for 2014 1st round pick.”
    highest expectation 2014 1st rounder

    “for those that are comparing Cruz to Harvin, SMH… keep paying attention, they’re not on the same level. Harvin is an All Pro player, Cruz is a one time pro bowl player.”
    wow really? only thing not involving flynn/wilson i saw a comment on. duke gave you very solid facts as to why this was a bogus statement.
    this is my favorite,
    “SaigonSun, I’m used to it. I got killed when I said, I jumped out of my couch screaming like we won the SuperBowl, when we picked up RW with 75th overall pick last year and started telling people, we now have our Franchise QB for the next 10+ years.”

    you claim this twice(actually 3 times) but i looked you didn’t say this on draft day on here.

    “90% of the People on this tread called me crazy and other names… lol. now look at where we are.”

    “lol, be sure to come back and say, Yankinta, I did watch and I did learn, after we trade Flynn.”
    but i thought you weren’t saying we would?

    i love this one because expectations are dropping, you guaranteed it earlier

    “No, I didn’t say that. I said 2013 3rd round pick and 2014 conditional pick. But if Matt Flynn can prove that he’s a decent NFL Starter, that conditional pick will become a High Round Pick in 2014.”

    “chuck_easton, again you still have much to learn about NFL… sorry to point out the obvious.”

    “But keep paying attention though, your knowledge will improve. :)”

    “Yup, I have been saying trade Flynn right after the 75th overall pick last year, because I follow RW in college the previous year. People called me worse names than this back then. so, lol, it’s okay… :)”

    not on here i looked there is nothing, unless you had a different name?

    and the bottom falls out we go from garantee to i never said that

    “P.S., I’m not predicting we’ll trade Flynn. I am however, PREDICTING, that we will GET at least a 3rd round pick, if we Trade Flynn. Yes, trading Flynn is No.1 on my wish list currently…”

    you talk out your backside more than anyone i have ever seen on here. i love how you claim all the people that get paid to talk about football are idiots and you are the only one who knows anything. i just showed you the facts you changed your story 3 times already going from he will to if he does. you crack me up. funny thing is not many of us argued that flynn would be traded, it was what he would get. i actually argued on your behalf a couple of times because you made valid points.
    like i said i did my homework the facts i posted are your words not mine.
    quotes at the top “we will trade flynn” to “i’m not saying we will.” your words not mine .
    go back and read the replies made to the statements above they were valid and quite thought out. your reply was usually “i am the smart one you are ignorant followers of the networks” “unlearned stupid folk” my favorite”watch and learn”lmao you are an arrogant one.
    i took the time to do this because i don’t like your attitude toward the rest of us ignorant retches.
    bbnate40, u will find it here that guys with good NFL knowledge are usually right more than once. Don’t wanna brag about how many times I have been right. :) .
    And guys with good NFL knowledge do not listen and believe everything what ESPN or others says.

    Just watch and learn. You will learn. :) )

    nate has proven his over all knowledge you haven’t

    after last post ACIB wrote on very next post .”I told you guys this front office would be better than Tim Ruskell’s dumb ass. We have an embarrassment of riches right now. I’ve already pitched a tent in my pants in anticipation of the season.”

    hmmmm……makes you wonder because i don’t remember ACIB ever showing up with something possitive to say.

  143. yankinta says:

    lol, I’m speechless. wow…. as for my response, I’m not sure where to start…

  144. yankinta says:

    Well, It’s true that I originally thought we would/should get more for Matt Flynn than what 49ers got for Alex Smith. This is basing on the fact that Alex Smith has been a bust until Jim H. came to San Fran. I still think he will be top 20 QB at best next year in Kansas.

    So you’re are correct, I did change from more than Alex Smith to at least a 3rd Rounder (today). I still think Flynn will be traded before the draft or on the day of. It’s still No.1 on my wish list, only because we will get nothing for him next year,, and he will count against the cap/get paid, more than this year.

    And yes, I do believe that Harvin is WAYYY better than Cruz. I would not trade Harvin for 3 Cruzes…

    As for the rest of my comments, they’re out of context so I can’t really respond. Maybe you could pick one and I can respond to it by showing you which factual evidence I used to back up my prediction.

    It’s true that I am confident and could come across as arrogant to many. I do stand by that most people listen/believe what so called experts on ESPN say.

  145. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lmao, you don’t talk to people that way you arrogant ass, there is no proper context for being an ass. you talk like you know everything and are boastful and hauty then try to defend your know it all comments when you change the deal mid stride. i watched i learned i know you don’t know crap now. you make decent arguments in theory but state them as fact and berate any who would disagree as ignorant fools .the only things you have posted claim all knowing wisdom on flynn/wilson and a brief post about harvin versus cruz thats it in the last 11 months for you. again i checked. nate duke and the rest have a good to great working knowledge of football and understand the game. to come in here like you are the great football mind of the time is ridiculous. you know what history has taught me, john and pete don’t follow history they make their own.
    as my dad once told me,”act like you have been to town before”
    i am not telling you to leave or anything just tone down the attitude and play nice.

  146. CDHawkFan says:

    HF OK, yankina is ACIB, who I think is Bobbyk. Just let the nutter go.

  147. wow if you are gonna be classless and start swearing I no longer have anything to say to you. Just keep kissing butt to those guys…u seemed to be good at it.

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