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Titans release Matt Hasselbeck

Post by Eric Williams on March 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm with 71 Comments »
March 18, 2013 2:26 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck warms up before last year's season finale against St. Louis. (Joe Barrentine/TNT)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck warms up before last year’s season finale against St. Louis. (Joe Barrentine/TNT)

Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean reports that the Tennessee Titans have released former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck, 37, was scheduled to make $5.5 million in base salary in the third and final year of his contract. Including bonus money, he would have counted $7.5 million against the salary cap for the Titans.

According to the report, Hasselbeck and his representatives had been talking with the Titans about restructuring his deal.

“I want to thank Matt for his contributions to our team over the last two years,” Titans general manager Ruston Webster said in a prepared statement. “He was an important part of the transition process — he was a pro at every turn and he provided an example to the rest of the team. I know that we are a better team for his being here and we wish him the best.”

No word yet on if Hasselbeck is looking for an opportunity to start, or if he’s comfortable serving as a backup on a championship-caliber team. However, if the Seahawks decide to move Matt Flynn via trade, Hasselbeck would make some sense as a backup for Russell Wilson in Seattle.

I know Hasselbeck can’t run the read option game, but the Seahawks still run a West Coast-based offense, and Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell could create packages for Hasselbeck to be successful if he had to play.

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  1. Though of course I want Hasselbeck to come home, I would love to see him get a chance to start–the Browns would be a good spot, as they have good young talent including WR’s and a RB to surround him with, not to mention a D that should be vastly improved.

    I would just barf if he went to AZ and took the starting job…that potentiality is just icky…bleah!

    Good luck Matt!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I loved Matt, gave you everything he had on gameday. But Seattle has moved on and there really is no place for him, not only here, but perhaps on any NFL roster at this stage.

    As far as the mentoring aspect goes, there is little more than antidotal evidence that QB mentoring in the NFL makes one better. Moreover, Wilson is so polished and mature he’s going to be just fine doing what he’s doing now.

    Matt ought to retire, get his #8 up in the Ring of Honor, and take his place in the TV booth.

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BRING HIM BACK! CUT FLYNN!!! Ha ha ha…wait for it…let the tirade of BS begin.

  4. SandpointHawk says:

    Matt deserves a Superbowl ring. Bring him back at the vet minimum and let him retire as a Hawk next year. If you don’t want him at QB bring him back as the second string punter…Personally I will love him as soon as a network signs him. I hope he has a long career in broadcast journalism…

  5. yankinta says:

    It’d be NAIVE to think we have not received any offers for Flynn.

    In fact, JS said it in an interview last month that Teams were already inquiring about Flynn. JS said “We don’t have to trade Flynn because we’re in a really good place with our QB’s, but we will listen to everyone and everything.”

    Charlie Whitehurst got multiples offers 3 years ago, Trust me we received offers for Flynn. JS is the MAN for waiting for a much better offer. :)

  6. Dukeshire–I think you are very wrong about there being no place for Hasselbeck in the NFL. I bet you a ton of teams will be after him as a backup. While he does appear to have diminished skills, and seems to lack the ability to stay healthy and lead a team all season, he can still come in and win some games if your starter goes down, thats for sure. And thats valuable.

    As for bringing him here, Im onboard though not if it means cutting Flynn. That would be stupid. But I think he’d be a great addition to the team, and it would be awesome to have him retire as a Hawk in a year or three, and watch him backup Wilson.

  7. Ironically, there is probably a wider market for Hasselbecks services (as a backup) than there is for Flynn…despite the fact that as of now, Flynn is by far the better qb, both now and in the future.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree STTBM, Hasselbeck is still a very capable backup. Now I have another reason to see Flynn go besides him being over paid.

  9. SwordofPerseus says:

    “antidotal evidence”;Thank you Duke for the chuckle, makes me think this might be “Hazard County”…lol

  10. bird_spit says:

    If they sign Hass, let it be for the 1 day contract to retire his number. Otherwise, don’t waste a position. We could be heading to the Big game, and this year is not the year for old bald head guys with fast wits, even if we are talking about a great Hawk QB like Hass. At 37, I pass.

  11. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m all for bringing him back. He’ll have his rude awakening that no one wants him as a starter, but when that happens, I could see him wanting to go to a team that’s chasing the ring.

    If Seattle signs him, draft a late round project to back up Wilson for the future and save a little room to re-sign key players that well soon be FAs. There’s a market for Flynn. Just have to wait for draft day for it to ripen.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bird_spit- Hasselbeck was bald when he first came to Seattle. I’m 52 and still have a full head of hair, so I don’t get the bald old connection.

    BTW- Isn’t Hasselbeck about the same age as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady? Two QBs that are playing at a very high level right now.

    If Brady and Manning can play at a high level at Hasselbecks age, why can’t Hasselbeck at least be a good backup? I don’t get why some here can’t see him as a good backup.

  13. Palerydr says:

    For months I’ve seen posters wanting to trade Matt Flynn. I disagree with that line of thinking comepletly. Who are we going to replace him with certainly not Matt Hasselbeck that ship has sailed. I would be just as shocked if we trade Matt Flynn as Chuck_Easton was shocked when Russel Wilson proved he was not only capable of being a starting QB in the NFL but a top 15 signal caller to boot. Not to worry Chuck I was right there with you just not as vocal. Looking over the options out there I just don’t see the need to trade a quality BU QB even if he doesn’t want to be here. I’d trust Flynn over any other option I see out there right now to win games if, god forbid RW was to go down for any length of time.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    Love Matty. Hated to see him go. But it also comes down to money and particularly the cap.

    Hasselbeck was cut by the Titans because they didn’t want to pay him 5.5 million. Matthew was willing to take a cut but not as much of one as the team wanted him to.

    So trade Flynn for whatever you can get ( say a 4th which is as high as I think they will get). He counts 4 million towards the cap after the trade. Savings of 3.25 million. If it costs 3 million or so to get Matthew team saves 250,000.00.

    So is a 37 year old Hasselbeck a better backup option for Flynn? The cap hit is a wash.

  15. chuck_easton–Dont bring cold hard facts into my nice dream! Youre RUINING it!!

    Hass may be willing to come home for less money, but maybe not. Also, saving a little on the cap AND getting a 4th rounder, may appeal to JS and Pc. Then again, maybe not.

    But I was happy in my nice dream….

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Sword – Thanks for that. Let’s try anecdotal…

    STTBM – We’ll soon find out.

    Only 4 times in Hasslebeck’s career has he made it through a full season. That injured, that often takes a very real toll on the body, and his physical skills show that. Manning missed the ’11 season, but hadn’t missed a start at any other point in his career. Since becoming a starter Brady missed only the ’08 season with a knee injury. That relative health (aside from ability otherwise) is why they are able to continue their play at such a high level.

  17. chrisj122 says:

    I was as huge Hasselback supporter when he was here and I always will be. I truly appreciated everything he did for this team during the time he was here and feel he was under appreciated by many. I do believe there is a place for him somewhere in the NFL.

    Having said all of that, I think we have moved on and I just feel he isn’t a good fit for us any longer. I wish Hass the best where ever he may end up and he will always be one of my favorite all time Hawks.

  18. Dukeshire–I agree, the constant beating Hasselbeck took over the years robbed him physically. Brady and Manning had far better protection, and never took anywhere near the beating poor Matt took. And, much as I love Hasselbeck, he was never as good as Brady or Manning, so at the same age (ie, OLD) he’s more than a step below them and his skills are eroding faster than theirs.

    Still, his first 8 games with the Titans he played great. If Munchak hadnt gone all fat-boy-O-lineman conservative and stopped Matt from throwing the ball every time they hit the middle of the fourth quarter with a lead and 250 yards passing, they would have made the playoffs despite Hass’ injury-caused second-half of the season decline.

    God, I hated watching the end of Titans games–Matt would carve defenses up, and Munchak would sit on the lead and lose the game. UGH!

    Point is, Matt can still play at a high level, just not for a 16 game season plus the playoffs. But if you need 1-8 games a year out of him, he’s one of the top backups in the league, IMO.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hasselbeck is a former ProBowl qb, Flynn is not, and can’t get any interest so far from qb hungry teams. So I would say (Chuck) that Hasselbeck would be a better backup. Besides he could help Wilson develope a sense of humor. Lol.

  20. I meant middle of the third quarter…der.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    cititravis, I agree. I posted that article on the previous thread however Hasselbeck news has taken over. Lol.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    RW could loosen up some and lighten up a little but if his no nonsense, serious approach is what is going to make him a great QB then by all means do NOT change.

    I think RW has already won over every Seahawk fan but just think how beloved he would be if he could be as comfortable and funny with the media as Hass was.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- No one is talking about Hasselbeck playing as a starter. Did Hasselbeck miss much time last year as a backup to Locker?

  24. I think in almost any job that a young kid could learn something from a grizzled veteran. Teaching, truck driver, quarterback, doctor, hotel manager, etc.

  25. Palerydr says:

    I really love Haseelbeck’s bravado however I detest his knack for throwing picks when you can least afford it. Like for instance in the Super Bowl throwing a pick at the 5 yd line. He was a gunslinger with a popgun for an arm. He had his time here.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    To simplify: You asked why (to paraphrase), if Brady and Manning could play at high levels at similar ages as Hasslebeck, why wouldn’t Hass be able to be a capable back up? I pointed out the very significant injury differential between them as a reason why Hass has likely seen his last 53 man roster. Understand now… (Of course, just my opinion.)

  27. Palerydr says:

    I agree with you Duke Hass is too brittle at this stage of his career to be considered a dependable BU QB for a team that has an excellent chance to win their division and make a deep run in the playoffs next year.

  28. According to PFT, Hass has already mentioned that he is in talks to join the Colts.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t know overall if it is that significant when you are compairing starters to backups, however I see your point.

  30. Singularitarian says:

    With respect to Hass, Wilson has nothing to learn from him. If anybody, Wilson would be doing the teaching. Its not like anyone outside of Peyton Manning maybe, could teach him anything he cant teach himself.

  31. Singularitarian says:

    Wilsons rookie year was more complete than any year of Hass. Just wait for this year

  32. Hassebeck can take moons place on the radio, after a one day contract retire as a Seahawk. Go Hawks

  33. princeaden says:

    Well said..

  34. Singularitarian–I think thats a ridiculous statement, that Hasselbeck couldnt possibly teach Wilson anything. What BS! There are a million million things to learn about playing the position of qb–any number of ways–and there’s no way any one person can know it all entering their second year. Sheesh! Even if Wilson is better than Hasselbeck ever was physically, he does not have Hasselbecks knowledge of defenses.

    Also, anyone like Hass would make a valuable outside observer watching Wilson and looking for flaws/ways to help etc…

    Im sorry to say it, but saying only Manning could teach him something he cant learn himself is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard on this blog, in my opinion.

    Good grief, lets just relegate every coach to the scrap heap as well, since St. Wilson will soon know it all…

  35. I have no problem with those who think Flynn is a better backup than Hasselbeck–I acknowledge that is probably true. My point was that a draft pick/player and Hass may be preferable to Flynn. At least it was fun idea.

    And I do not believe Hasselbeck to be ready for the glue factory. He will be a fine backup for any number of teams in the NFL.

    As it is, looks like he doesnt really want to uproot his family and will stick close to Tennessee, as its reported he’s looking to sign with Indy.

  36. chrisj122 says:

    STTBM, agreed.
    There are plenty of things Wilson can still learn which will make him an even better QB in the years to come. I think Hass has alot of NFL QB knowledge that any young QB would would be lucky to benefit from.

    It kind of goes to what I said in an earlier post about Hasselbeck being under appreciated by many.

    However being only 2 years removed from having the starting job as our QB, I just don’t think it’s a good fit.

  37. I think there’s still room for Hass on a 53 man roster, if for no other reason than this league needing accurate arms in both the primary and backup positions. If nothing else, Hass has an accurate arm.

    He’s fragile, yes. But if he could stay injury free, he could start for some teams. So I think he’s definitely going to play somewhere IF he chooses to play. Being the family guy he is, he may be content to hang up his cleats and eflect on an outstanding career.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Also agree.

    I don’t see Hasselbeck coming here as much as I agree with BobbyKs article, However to say that Hasselbeck should just retire and head to the TV booth is just foolish imo.
    He will make a very good backup for some lucky team on the cheap for a couple more years. Hopefully it will be us.

  39. There really isn’t any point in one of those “sign a one day contract, tip your cap to the crowd, retire as member of ” situations, I’m guessing. Not as easy to do that as it is in baseball. It’d please a few fans, but wouldn’t make sense from a business or roster standpoint.

  40. chrisj122 says:

    Bobby you certainly didn’t waste anytime pushing for Hasselbecks return. Although I don’t think it’s a good fit you do offer a compelling argument.

    Imagine if last year at this time (or the day after we signed Flynn) that in less than a year you would write an article suggesting we get rid of Flynn.
    You would have called me bat crap crazy!

  41. Only for the real Matt. I still believe in Flynn though – but in his current contract, he’s only going to be here 1 more year anyways. With that being said, Hasselbeck is one of the only players in the league I’d rather have over Flynn for ’13.

  42. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Matt still can contribute on the field…..Rice and Tate might get really bored…but Harvin and Miller would be busy. Hass’s biggest attribute is in the locker room now…keeping the youngsters level headed. 2 yrs / 6 mil…..2.5 guaranteed.
    Doesn’t he still own property here?

  43. Singularitarian says:

    Ill stand by what a said. Wilson has nothing to learn from Matt Hasselbeck. Im sorry if that gets your panties in a bunch. Your comment was stupid. Using your twisting of words, why dont we fire our coaches and let Matt Hasselbeck teach Wilson everything, sheesh. What I’m saying is I think its odd to say that some has-been qb is going to come in and show Wilson the ropes or how to be a pro. Wilson had a better year his rookie year than Hass ever had. He was more consistant and an all around smarter qb. He did that without Matt Hasselbeck. He mastered 2 college scemes without Matt Hasselbeck. Its not as if he is some guy who goes at his business half assed. He lives eats and drinks football. He is a different style of qb then Matt. He doesnt need his help. That’s not to say I dont appreciate what Matt Hasselbeck has done for the Seahawks. I loved watching him for years. His time is though

  44. Singularitarian says:

    He can go somewhere and be a legitimate bacup

  45. Singularitarian says:

    Drew Breez could help wilson too, unfortunately he’s not gonna come to Seattle and back up Wilson

  46. Singularitarian says:

    Id like to know what valuable information Matt will give Wilson that his coaches cant

  47. chrisj122 says:

    Sounds like Hass is about to be a Colt.

    The thought of him coming back was fun to think about for a minute.

  48. Singularitarian says:

    What we need is a young qb to come and learn from Wilson. Portis comes to mind. Maybe someone out of the draft or some qb i’ve never thought of

  49. tylerwyler says:

    Hasselbeck is still my favorite all time Seahawks, and the most embarrassed I’ve ever been as a ‘hawks fan was when the fans chanted “Charlie” in his last regular season home game. I wish him the best of luck wherever he lands, and I can’t wait to see him again at the Clink, whether it’s as an opposing QB, a backup to RW, raising the 12 flag, or putting the number 8 up in the ring of honor. The guy is all class, and any Seattle fan who says different is no class.

  50. So nobody can ever learn anything if they are a hard worker themselves?

  51. tylerwyler says:

    It’s almost as condescending to Russell as it is to Matt to say RW can’t learn anything from him. True mastery of any art form comes from having a beginner’s mind and learning from everyone. Russell knows this, and would probably LOVE to pick the brain of any veteran QB. I don’t sign off on your ridiculous assertion, Singularitarian.

  52. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think BobbyK is right on about why Hass would be a good fit to return as a backup. First and foremost, this is a fundamentally different team than 2 years ago. There would be no ego issues whatsoever as this is firmly Wilson’s team and Matt knows he will play 2nd fiddle regardless of where he goes. It’s also a place where Hass would be comfortable and welcomed in the last years of his career.

    I also still can’t get over how badly people want to hold onto Flynn for a potential Superbowl run. Was it because Tyrod Taylor was so instrumental in the Ravens’ title? Or maybe it was David Carr for the Giants in 2011? Seriously, all these people clinging to a player in a position that rarely sees anything but mopup time for teams making SB runs.

  53. I’m pretty sure that if you put Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in a room for an hour and all they do is talk football that one of them or both would/could learn something from the other. Both are known for being hard workers and have been at their craft for a long time but are not above learning something new.

  54. freedom_X says:

    Personally, I think the Hasselbeck ship has sailed and scenarios to bring him back are more about fan service and feel good vibes than true football value.

    If Seattle had or gets a potential young developmental QB prospect, then Hasselbeck may make sense if he takes a minimum wage ($1-1.5 million for his years of service?) contract. It’s likely he can do better than that. But if Flynn is going to get dumped, they better save more than just $2 million in cap space.

    But if we look at the situation as one where we want the backup to run the same offense as the starter (or close to it) then Flynn physically is still a much better choice than Hasselbeck. If Wilson goes down, Seattle will probably have to revert to a pure West Coast type passing game, and the limited mobility and arm of Hasselbeck will really let defenses stack against Lynch.

    If Seattle’s WR’s become more precise route runners, then Hasselbeck could still be effective. His experience and accuracy would still shine. Or if the O-line takes another step up in level in terms of pass protection. But those are a lot of ifs.

  55. Singularitarian says:

    Lol. Have hasselbeck come talk to Wilson for an hour then. Im not saying that he couldnt pick up anything at all from Hass, just that he doesnt need his help. Hes not a normal second year pro.He is legit. He doesnt need a daddy or a big brother figure, especially from a lesser quarterback. I know the idea of anything thats not 100% Hass being the best thing ever is a soft spot for everybody, you would have thought i just bashed your mothers. Chill fellas, Hass is 37. He’s not what he used to be, and he’s not going to Canton. Get used to it

  56. What Wilson could learn from a vet is info about the tendencies that certain opposing players exhibit. If an opposing safety, for instance, nearly always fakes a blitz when he does a certain move, and actually blitzes if he makes a different move, a veteran may know that and be able to pass that info on. A player like Hass owns a mental catalog from years of experience.

  57. I think there’s something to be said for working with someone side by side every day where you pick up little things. If I have a smart co-worker who is good at what he does, I’m probably going to pick up some good things from him. I’ll probably pick up more from that co-worker than some great guest speaker who I only get to listen to one time and then never see again. That’s just my opinion.

  58. Singularitarian says:

    Oldslow. All that time wilson is spending in the film room, he is doing just that. Richard Sherman is the best because he studies players tendencies, it was his second season. Its not a secret to study players tendencies

  59. bird_spit says:

    Georgia – Hass may have more hair on his head than no slight to the old bald guys in the crowd. I guess this old bald guy does not want Hass. His brain against the defenses of the league can still win, but our OL still can’t pass protect past 2.0 seconds. Hass wouldnt last long if RW were to go down in game 1. Flynn could drive this bus all the way to the big game. Be objective, why Hass? I’d seriously pick Flynn over Hass for this season. Hass would put butts in seats for the nostalgia, but I doubt Hawks will be able to find seats available this year.

  60. Matt is a Colt

  61. Thank god.. No more Singularitarian.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Boy, that was a fast signing. Lucky for Luck. Goes to show that the Colts are at least one team out there that thinks Hasselbeck still has backup value.
    Looks like the Hasselbeck too old and injured crowd will have to wait a little while longer. Lol.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bird_spit – Ask the Colts, why Hass?
    Really, you would take a back up that has only two games under his belt, and will cost us more than a player Like Hass that has won several playoff games, been to the SuperBowl, and has been to the ProBowl several times.
    I’m trying to be objective here but no matter how I look at it Hass has far better experience than Flynn. And regardless what some may say, a veteran like Hass is a valuable asset to a young qbs development. Locker has said so many times, and Luck will too after he spends time with Hasselbeck.
    Perhaps that’s why the Colts jumped at the opportunity to sign him.

  64. The difference of having a player as a mentor back up and a coach is that the Player has been there more recently.

    Anyone who thinks that Wilson doesn’t have more to learn is just plain idiotic. How many sophomore slumps have we seen in recent years? mainly because defensive coordinators find ways to exploit a weakness, ANY weakness.

    Manning STILL to this day studies, works and LEARNS.

    Wilson is not the type of player who may see a sophomore slump, but it could happen, even with such a slim chance of it.

  65. Interesting signing for the Colts. Hass should be a good mentor for a young pocket passer like Luck.

    Although I think Hass’ best move would have been to sign with the Seahawks for a day, and retire.

  66. Singularitarian says:

    Xcman i dont know if anybody said he had nothing to learn. If you were speaking of me you might try reading what i said first. I said he doesnt need a big brother because he is more dedicated to study than everybody else already. Really? Peyton Manning still watches film? Thanks for the insight. Im glad to see Hass go somewhere decent, it will be a nice spot for him the next couple years.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    That’s cool the Colts signed him. Let’s see if he makes the opening day roster.

  68. Prior to last season, the Colts offense was one of a kind, the “genius offense” or “check with me” that P.Manning ran. One good thing about Hasselbeck is that he throws the ball within an avg of 2.35 sec from the snap. That’s the fastest of any NFL QB today (interesting that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 2nd fastest at 2.60 sec.) Like P.Manning, Hass looks over and reads the defense and sees where he expects the coverage to be presnap, then checks to see that his WRs have seen the same thing/have the same expectations. There is sposeta be a look of recognition between them presnap. Then, after the snap he quickly scans the actual coverage to verify his expectations then accurately throws to the spot where the WR is sposeta be, prior to the WR making his cut. Mostly WCO, but lotsa changing plays at the LOS at the last sec. Worked well for P.Manning with excellent WRs and TEs he’d thrown to forever, but not always so well for Hass with average WRs/TEs who were frequently changed teams. Not knowing where the WRs are gonna take their routes makes for bad stats when you quickly throw to a spot and the WR isn’t there. I believe Luck is lucky to have Hass for a mentor.

  69. Excellent stat on Hasselbeck, KLM! Thank you!

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