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Morning links: Bennett deal with Hawks official

Post by Eric Williams on March 16, 2013 at 9:07 am with 80 Comments »
March 16, 2013 9:07 am

The Seattle Seahawks officially announced the signing of defensive lineman Michael Bennett late last night.

Bennett wore No. 71 for Tampa Bay, but of course that number no longer is available because Walter Jones’ jersey has been retired to the Seahawks Ring of Honor. So Bennett will wear No. 72.

According to Roy Cummings of The Tampa Bay Tribune, Bennett was disappointed the Bucs didn’t make more of an effort to keep him. However, he’s excited about his new opportunity in returning to Seattle, and is not worried about the possibility of coming off the bench.

“I’m not concerned at all (about playing time),” Bennett said. “Everybody is capable of playing on the defensive line here, and I plan to be part of the rotation here. I’ll be all over the place here.”

Pro Football Focus breaks down the good and the bad of Michael Bennett’s performance last year. According to the article, Bennett struggled against some of the top right tackles in the NFL.

Here my story on talking with Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and how he will spread the ball around with Percy Harvin added to the mix.

You can listen to the entire Bevell interview with myself and KJR’s Dick Fein in this audio link.

Check out a highlight reel of Cliff Avril’s 2012 sacks in this video link.

Matt Maiocco of evaluates the competition in free agency between San Francisco and Seattle. “The 49ers have the firepower to make more moves and influence the draft more than any team in the NFL,” the source told “With all those draft picks, and half of them who can’t truly make the 49ers’ roster, they will be the most dangerous player in the draft. They’ll shake it up like we’ve never seen before.”

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports breaks down the contract fiasco in Denver that set edge rusher Elvis Dumervil free to talk with any team.

John Harris of Yahoo Sports takes a closer look at Seattle’s draft needs after the team’s recent free agent signings.

Several analysts at believe Seattle is the favorite in the NFC after the first week of free agency.

Former NFL agent Joel Corry analyses the Percy Harvin trade and how it will affect the rest of Seattle’s roster. He says to watch out for a restructure of tight end Zach Miller’s deal.

Check out Doug Baldwin’s latest Fresh Files as he works out down at Stanford.

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  1. Dont’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the signing. But I agree with whats said above that its a little unusual that Tampa Bay would let a young DE who scored 9 sacks go for a one year $5M contract.

  2. From the Joel Corry link-

    Harvin and Sidney Rice are the NFL’s only receiving tandem with contracts averaging more than $8 million per year.
    Rice – $9.7 million 2013 cap number is the NFL’s fourth-highest wide receiver cap number and the second-highest on the Seahawks.

    Miller has the highest cap number on the Seahawks and among all NFL TEs.

  3. tchristensen says:

    Haevin’s cap number for 2013 is below 5 million.

  4. What happens if we cut Zach Miller, should he refuse to restructure?

  5. I don’t think they ask him to restructure this year. The Seahawks are all in for trying to win this year and with Jared Cook signed, there is no suitable replacement out there.

  6. Seahawks2620 says:

    Seems to be I am not the only one who thinks the Seahawks should confront Miller about potentially restructuring his contract. Miller can still get paid and facilitate the greater good of the team at the same time. He had some great moments last season, no doubt. However, as I said before no player is above being asked to restructure to help the team. He does all of the little things so well, and is the ultimate pro. If he wants to see this team maintain success for years to come by keeping these higher profile players who are currently riding rookie contracts, then he can do his part by restructuring just a bit.

  7. Seahawks2620 says:

    Regardless of your skill set, this front office has proven that if you aren’t a team player then you can show yourself the door. Not that they would do that with Miller, however there are ways to restructure his contract, help the team financially, and still get paid.

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    Miller has done everything this team has asked of him. Would each of you take a cut for doing what your boss has asked? It’s not like anything has changed with his performance and the Seahawks aren’t about to go under.

    And TB has been known to be cheap, their owners are more interest in Manchester United and I believe spent just the minimum amount of cap a few years ago, though have opened up their wallets a bit lately.

  9. Wonder how many times SEA will play on Sun & Mon nights this season?

  10. NWPoseidon says:

    What’s the point of restructuring Miller this year? We still have about $6M in cap room and he is more than a key cog in our offense for both receiving and blocking. In a year where PCJS are clearly giving it their best shot to win the SB, why mess around just because he has a large cap number? Unnecessary.

  11. There’s been an Elvis sighting at the VMAC…his asking price is $8m.

  12. Frank Omiyale, last years swing OT, is visiting Carolina today.

  13. I think its really unlikely we ask Miller to restructure – if we were going to, we would have done so already.

  14. Audible, do you have a link to post re: Dumervile? I can’t find anything that shows him visiting any teams yet…..

  15. I think I’d faint if we signed Dumbervil.

  16. I’m envisioning Audible hiding in the bushes at the VMAC monitoring the comings and goings of people.

    Audible, at least post a pic of something on Twitter as evidence if you’re going to post something like that.

  17. CDHawkFan says:

    Also, why defer any payment to Miller in the coming years when you will need room for Harvin’s deal and signing our young guys who can’t be re-uped this year. Pay him now if you want a better chance of signing Sherman, Wilson, Wagner, etc in the years to come.

    Its always the knee jerk reaction to expect these guys to take cuts/restructure, but I don’t know many that would, both parties did sign the contract.

    KLM, I think the Hawks will be in at least 4 prime time games which sucks for me as I like in the UK and the games won’t come in until the early morning. Don’t you live Europe?

  18. “I’m envisioning Audible hiding in the bushes at the VMAC monitoring the comings and goings of people.”


  19. Audible is in the bushes and I’m up in a tree on my walkie-talkie. He saw Dumbervil, but I couldn’t see from my vantage point. Duke is posing as a window washer on the VMAC so he’s on a ladder taking care of the second floor – I’m not sure if he could see the entrance from his vantage point. Duke – did you see?

  20. Quite a good article on Bennett, his challenges with top right tackles, and his opportunity with the Hawks.

    I’m a little uncomfortable with talk about what Zach Miller should or shouldn’t do about restructuring his contract. Has anyone in the organization breathed a word about this? I know part of the fun of this blog is getting to be armchair GMs, but I feel it’s a little disrespectful to Zach for us to be telling him to take a pay cut. If it’s a matter of shifting the money around and he gets paid the same, that’s one thing. But pay cut? I say don’t even bring it up.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Folks are getting suspicious. I’ve been cleaning this same window for an hour.

  22. Zach Miller right now has to be one of the best overall TE’s in the game. I don’t know if he’s ‘the best’ in any one category, but from my perspective, the things he does in Bevell’s system would be hard to replace. I would think this coaching staff are very happy with him at this point, so it’s hard to imagine the F.O. even nudging at him to rework his deal.

  23. Fellow bloggers, I am asking a favor. Do any of you have any specific reasons why Kenny Easley should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

    I wrote this article last week about Easley (and, yes, I know Sherman wasn’t alive when Easley was a Hawk – but that doesn’t mean he can’t understand his past and help out a former great when the stage now belongs to him)…

    When we get close to the induction in Canton and that is more in the news, I would like to use my very unimpressive forum as a blogger who is no smarter than most of you to try to bombard “my” site with a different article every day leading up to the induction ceremony of why Easley has been forgotten. If there’s a chance to get others to finally vote Easley to where he belongs, I’d like to try to be obnoxious and get the word out as to why he should be in – but isn’t.

    If we can get respectable guys like Eric, Sando, etc. to do a quick take on Easley the HOFer – and then try to bombard others into remembering who Easley was… maybe in this day and age, we can make a difference?

    As some of you who are at least in their mid/late-30s, Easley was the favorite player of many of us and I think he deserves to be in the HOF. For those of you younger, go back and look up his accomplishments and what he meant to those Seahawk teams of the mid-80s — you’ll be quite impressed.

  24. Duke – the main point is… have you yet seen Dumervil through that clean windlow? lol

  25. SandpointHawk says:

    Bobby, good idea but I would suggest you target some of the (dare I say) older sports writers who actually saw Kenny play. Dave B comes to mind…He will need a champion on the selection committee also.

  26. Easley was phenomenal. Good for you, Bobby, for taking up his cause. He was a tremendous open field tackler and grabbed his share of interceptions. His career was cut short when it was discovered he needed kidney dialysis, but there was no more feared safety in his day than Kenny Easley. He was the defensive leader on Seattle’s 83 and 84 playoff teams, the second of these seasons the Hawks went 12-4 (without their star running back Curt Warner, who went down in the first game of the season.) I think for a long time in Easley’s football career he wore a leather undershirt to remind himself to be tough. I once wrote a letter to Steve Kelley suggesting that instead of piling on metaphors in his articles he should just use one really good one–“like a Kenny Easley tackle.”

  27. BobbyK – have you tried contacting Sando directly with your idea? He would probably be the best one to help you to get the ball rolling, if he saw fit.

  28. I haven’t contacted Sando yet… I’m just trying to gather ideas. Then I’d like to contact the “important” people later (Eric, Sando, Dave, etc.) who write and can help form public opinion.

    But more importantly, sadly, “we” would need the help of more national figures (since most voters are too dumb to remember Easley – they write about all teams and are jacks of all trades, yet masters of none… I don’t mean too much disrespect since I’ll admit I’m pretty dumb, on average, from the real fans of the other teams, too).

    Now that the Seahawks are becoming relevant again, it might be the time to get Easley where he belongs (Canton) with the newfound notoriety the ‘Hawks are starting to get.

    Duke and I have traded e-mails, texts, etc. and things of that nature in the past and he’s much crazier (meant in respect/admiration, Duke) that I am about getting things done. Since a guy like Ronnie Lott is definitely on the side of Easley being in the Hall (he’s even admitted Easley was better than he was) it would be fun to somehow get in touch with him too (I’ll try to find a way – much easier to contact former stars than current ones), as he’s a credible source. Some dumb article I could come up with would be a heck of a lot more credible if a guy like Lott was a source, even for one quick quote!

    I don’t know… just looking for thoughts b/c I think we’re all on the same side on this one with respect to Easley!!!

    NOTHING (ouside family health, world peace, etc.) would be better than for the Hawks to win the SB and play in the HOF game in ’14 as Champs w/Easley in attendance with his yellow jacket.

    In this day and age of the internet, it’s possible that losers like us could help make it happen! (don’t mean to say any of you are losers – but I am when it comes to this)

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – You’ll absolutely need Sando on board, no question about it. He has the largest platform with ESPN and he is incredibly well respected in his field. But honestly, if I were heading this up, my first call would be to Claire Farnsworth. He is *the* elder statesman regarding Seahawk coverage. He covered Easley firsthand and up close. If you get him banging the drum and leading the cause, you’ll be well on your way. I’ve got to think also, that he’s feeling somewhat emboldened after directly helping to get Tez in. In my mind, he’s the key.

  30. It’s going to be “we” and not “me,” if you know what I mean (all of “us”). Yes. I agree.

    Lets get Kenny where he belongs!

  31. Duke, Bobby, Audible, let us know if you happen to see Brandon Myers or Michael Huff interviewing at the VMAC. Those are a couple of guys worth signing. (and if they actually signed Dumerville I’d poop my pants.)

    Bobby, great idea on your Easley campaign. You go man! I know everyone here will be happy to chime in loudly. The 12th Man has experience at this sort of thing.

  32. Some thoughts on the Easley thing: Steve Kelley, if he’s in favor, would be good (obviously along with Dave Boling.) Former NFL guys who might have an opinion and support: Marcus Allen, John Elway, Jim Plunkett, Dan Fouts, Chuck Knox, Steve Largent! Tom Flores (as coach against) Warren Moon, Steve Raible, Jim Zorn, Dave Krieg. Jack Patera. And Mike McCormack, GM for Easley’s great years and himself a Hall of Famer.

    Glad to hear Ronnie Lott’s in Easley’s camp. Class guy, Lott.

  33. SandpointHawk says:

    You realize Kenny comes under the senior committee as of this year, maybe last. Depending when they start the 25 year count 1987 or 1988…

    I’m sure you’ve seen this but here is a link anyway in case someone is interested….

  34. WiscCory says:

    Do we need to start writing letters to this senior committee? I would be in for that.

    Kenny Easley volunteered to return punts because he wanted to be on the field and help the team in any way possible.

    Along with Curt Warner and Dave Krieg, Easley is one of my favorite hawks ever.

  35. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    anyone else think branch is coming back?

  36. tchristensen says:

    I’d like to see Branch back at $1.5 million a year or less. Also draft a DT such as Tank Carradine.

  37. WiscCory says:

    I think Tim Ruskell is currently on the Titans staff. Let Branch go there. No room in Seattle for him.

    Rice, Harvin, Showtime, DB fresh are solid. Look for a couple young speedy special teams talents to fill out the WR depth…don’t need or want Branch.

    Kearse and a draft pick. IMO.

  38. Hey Wisc…… I think tchris meant Alan Branch, not Dion Branch.

  39. WiscCory says:

    thx – my bad.

  40. WiscCory says:

    Deion was just released.

  41. WiscCory says:

    I mean FA.

  42. WiscCory says:

    I’ve already started my St. Patty’s Day celebration…better sign off til tomorrow.

  43. When will Big Walt be eligible for HoF?

  44. Dukeshire says:

    Walt will be inducted with the 2015 class. And it ought to be unanimous.

  45. WilliamPercival says:

    Hello my brothers.

    I have finally taken the big step from Comment Reader to Amateur Comment Poster.

    Whenever you speak to me, whenever you refer to me, whenever you address me, you address me as All-Pro, Stanford graduate, 8 year season ticket holder. (sans All-Pro, Stanford Graduate).

    On this front..

    I see lots of people referring to Bennett as primarily a DE, however, I believe he is the younger, less brittle, better run-defending version of J. Jones, who will see substantial time at the 3-tech.

    Also, what are your thoughts on how the D will look with all 4 of our pass rush boys (once Clem’s back). I foresee Clem at usual Leo, Avril at 5-tech, Bennett at 3 and Irvin as a sort of Moveable Queen Chess piece that looks like a LB but obviously brings the speed into the backfield. I have dreams of Irvin overloading Bennett/Avril side of the line with speed that OL’s will have lost sleep in attempting to prepare for.

    Just my initial thoughts on this immaculate offseason!!

    and no first post would be comete without…

    Go Hawks

  46. WilliamPercival says:

    * complete

  47. princeaden says:

    Ah BillyPerk, You’re crackin’ me up !!

  48. Dukeshire says:

    8 year season ticket holder – If Clem is playing Leo, Avril and Bennett wouldn’t be on the same side of the line togther, in your scenario (where Irvin “overloads” that side of the line). If someone (Clem) is playing Leo that means they’d have to be in an under front. In such cases the line would go, from left (strong side) to right (weak): 5-tech (Avril), NT (Mebane), 3-tech (Bennett), Leo (Clem). In an “over” front, you could pair them together, but that eliminates the Leo position and makes the weak side end simply a 5-tech DE (generally RDE). In that particular case you’d have Avril (5 tech), Bennett (3-tech), Mebane (NT), Clem (5-tech), and Irvin might be the Sam and “overload” Avril / Bennett side (Wright and Wagner might shift to Mike and Will, respectively). Or, Irvin could be the Weak side LB playing next to Clem and you could have all that speed there. In any case, as a point of clarification 5-tech and 3-tech cannot play next to one another *and* still have the Leo position.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    BTW, welcome aboard and don’t be a stranger. (And I shall always refer to you as 8 year season ticket holder, WilliamPercival from here forward. I like that.)

  50. Seems like we gotta lotta NFL moneyballers posting around here. They wanna cut $$expensive underproducing vets, not acquire expensive FAs, and stockpile draftpicks by trading away soon-to-be FAs and let tendered RFAs go in free agency. PC/JS were on the moneyball side of those transactions for their first 3 years here, but now it appears they’re on the other side and it seems to be driving some posters here to distraction. Are we becoming the Redskins? SF seems to be moneyballin this season, but PC/JS are pulling out all stops to compete for the NFCW this season.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Organizations like the Redskins and of late, the Eagles, tried to build their teams through FA. Seattle has built the foundation of this team through the draft, then added through FA. A world of difference.

  52. Duke, that was a nice bit of diagramming all stuffed into one paragraph. You should put a blog online with a whiteboard to diagram alignments and plays.

    Welcome, brother 8-year! I think everyone expects Bennett to primarily replace Jones at DT. I’m hoping to also see him at RDE on early downs. When’if Clem comes back, I’m hoping to see Avril also move around to play some at OLB as well as DE. I like your image of our speed rushers overloading one side of the line. Especially since Vic Fangio hates substituting on defense, and hates keeping Vernon Davis in to block, and all our speed could force him to abandon his game plan. Hawks-Niners games are going to be intense this year!

    I heard today that Aldon Smith just had surgery on a torn labrum. Those can be tricky injuries sometimes. I have to think SanFrancisco will be looking to add another pass rusher in the draft just in case.

  53. I would absolutely agree with that assessment, Duke. I think they’ve consciously used the draft and careful cap management through the first three years of their five year plan, and set themselves up to begin using free agency this year now that most other teams are cap-constrained. From the relatively inexpensive and easy free agent signings that have fallen to them, it seems that Schneider has played this just right.

  54. I would guess too, but the way Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy have been doing things lately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bruce Irvin at strong safety, Chris Clemons kicking field goals, Brandon Mebane returning punts, and Earl Thomas applying pressure from the 3-tech.

  55. Duke – do you remember that reading we had here about Mr. Happy and his perfect blueprint for his defense? I want to read that again (obviously, he changes things up so it’s not perfect from year to year).

  56. The Redskins would give out crazy contracts and long-term, too. The signings of Avril and Bennett spend some money now but absolutely don’t prevent this team from keeping its young core players who are coming up for raises in the coming years. We have built through the draft and are putting ourselves over the top with free agency. The Redskins would suck and try to put themselves over the top with middle aged stars and wonder why they were never good enough (then spend more the following year).

  57. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Yeah, there are a couple good ones out there. This might be the one you are referring to however…

  58. WilliamPercival says:

    Duke & Stevos,

    Thanks for the warmth.

    Duke, very good explanation and clarification on the 5-3 tech front. My assumption was incorrect in the label/wording of the specific positions. Perfect example of my amateur status.

    However, you were spot on with my excitement for the specific set up incl. Bennett & Avril next to each other and having Irvin come in off them (same side) in various attacks.

    Stevos- I think Avril will definitely be used in an LB like role as well where he will be able to put his length and speed to use in diff ways. It’s min boggling just mulling the possibilities with all these guys now. I suppose we’ll just have to keep with our 12th senses for now..

  59. sluggo42 says:

    Say 8 yr willieperk,

    So enuf with the duke , Stevos brown nosing already aight? Your glasses will be all fogged up at this rate within a day or two…

  60. I love the fact that our DL is overloaded right now. for a few reasons

    1. Guys will be fighting for playing time. and heck is someone else might come looking to get some of that depth from us.

    2. Thinking back to the year that NYG knocked off the undefeated Patriots in the SB. It was the rotation on the DL that got them deep in the playoffs. they had 3 fresh DE’s coming at them all the time.

    I look forward to what Pete and Dan come up with for these guys. I suspect we will see some quick rotations and guys lining up in different positions at different times.

    It has been suggested on different threads that Red moves inside and Irvin plays OLB – while I don’t believe either of these things would happen often, I do suspect that at times it might happen for different situations. I don’t think we will know a whole lot until the season starts, wouldn’t want to show too much in the pre-season.

  61. As far a Dummerville coming to Seattle . . . did Avril or Bennet visit VMAC before they signed here?

  62. Am an agnostic about any Elvis sightings. Could somebody explain why he would be practical considering; recent signings, the cost, and needs elsewhere? I’m missing something here.

  63. Elvis has left the building.

  64. Irsay is going on a Twitter rampage about the Colts closing in on a deal to bring in a WR and Colts fans are speculating it’s Doug Baldwin because of the Stanford connection.

  65. Pabs–they can get their hopes up about Baldy all they want, but I was under the impression he signed a three-year deal, and so would have to be either cut or traded by Seattle. I cant see them trading a guy like Baldy who is a natural slot WR and can play FL or SE as well. Especially since I cant see them getting much in compensation for him after his injury-plagued season last year. What good are late-round picks with a team this tacked with talent? You arent going to find Shermans every draft, you end up with a lot more EJ Hendersons and Mark LeGree’s.

    But he did have multiple teams after him coming out of college as a FA, so perhaps he negotiated a one or two year deal at the time. What do I know?

  66. Seattle would have to cut several folks to sign Dumervil, or one big-money player at least. With the twins moves lately, I wouldnt put ANYTHING past them. Including dumping Bennet or Avril to get Duvervil.

  67. It would bum me out to lose Baldwin, but he deserves the chance to at least be a starting slot WR. He would have that at Indy.

    So as much as it pains me, Im gonna hope he goes there.

  68. sluggo42 says:

    Baldy is going to see a huge reduction in snaps, and unless he can spell tater at flanker, he is going to become a special team er specialist gunner type guy.

    Also curious to see how reds game gets shuffled about…
    Elvis was never here….

  69. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, are you so sure indy wouldn’t give up a second maybe third for a receiver that has shown skill but more importantly has a great working knowledge of your QB? baldwin could be that safety valve for Luck the go to guy he lacks now. what price would you put on that?

  70. sluggo42 says:

    Can player that aren’t FA status be traded / shopped at this point?

  71. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    sluggo think harvin same thing.

  72. Wouldnt it be funny if Baldwin DOES command a second or third round pick, and Flynn didnt…

  73. Dukeshire says:

    Sluggo – Absolutely.

  74. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, i am thinking the yakster would stroke out on us at that point but let’s not open the flynn debate again. let’s face it luck needs weapons and baldwin is one he now and can play multiple positions. i think a 2nd is a fare value for receiver with his skill set that can basically be a plug and play guy for day one. the other thing to consider is this, Luck maybe is going to his FO saying”get me this guy”.

  75. sluggo42 says:

    Ok, sorry, I thought harvin was a FA

  76. sluggo42 says:

    I think baldy is worth a second too, but I doubt the colts do. From an udfa to a 2 ond probably doesn’t compute to them, regardless of ability, plus his string of injuries didn’t help, plus being nearly invisible last year didn’t help either…

    I think a third would be a stretch as it is, and to me not worth the trade

  77. WilliamPercival says:


    Don’t underestimate the other deals that have been made by the Colts; they’ve overpaid on at least 2 of their 3 FA signings between Cherilus, Jean-Francois and Eric Walden. Granted the Colts really don’t have much on the books due to their recent house-cleaning over the past 1 1/2 yrs anyways, but still, these moves say more “win now” than “re-build” to me.

    I would personally consider it a coup to get a (highish) 3rd for DBfresh and flip that into a player that we can plug and play at one of 2nd TE, DT, WLB, OL.. That is if PC/JS see the value in such a trade for #89. All this followed by re-signing Obo to a vet min deal. Always liked Obo and his versatility.

  78. mkinghorn says:

    Hey BobbyK, I think Sando would be a great place to start since I believe he is on the voting committee for the HOF. I think he made the case for Cortez when he was voted in and would have the best idea of what would need to be done and who might need a little ‘influencing’.

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