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DL Jason Jones signs with Detroit

Post by Eric Williams on March 13, 2013 at 9:17 am with 95 Comments »
March 13, 2013 9:17 am

The Seattle Seahawks lost their first player in free agency, with defensive lineman Jason Jones agreeing to a deal with Detroit this morning, according to his agent.

This move is not a surprise for Jones, a Detroit native, who played for Lions head coach Jim Schwartz while at Tennessee.

According to this report, Jones agreed to a three-year deal.

Jones was an effective pass rusher inside for Seattle, but played in only 12 games, finishing the season in the injured reserve with a knee issue. His departure in free agency adds more urgency for Seattle to find an inside pass rusher through the draft or free agency.

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  1. Seahawks2620 says:

    This kind of sucks, but the writing was on the wall. At this point, I think you have to re up with Alan Branch. That cannot be it if you ask me though. You need to spend your second rounder on Dline as well at this point. Signing Abraham wouldn’t hurt either. I know money doesn’t grown on trees, but they need to address the defensive front, and Pete is well aware of it. He obviously felt very strongly about it at the end of the season. I sure would love for Tank Carradine to fall to us.

  2. Not a surprise. While he was effective at times, he also was ineffective for long periods of time.

    We definitely need to get going and sign a pass rusher…..

  3. They said they wanted to improve the pass rush so they signed Quinn and a new DL coach. They did not re-sign Jones to improve the pass rush and have made no 1st round draft moves to do so either. This leads me to conclude they believe scheme is the more important aspect of improving the pass rush.

  4. CDHawkFan says:

    Seems like we get the ex-Vikings, and Detroit get’s ex-Hawks.

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    So where does that leave us in terms of cap space?

  6. Singularitarian says:

    Detroit will have a great interior pass rush with Suh/Jones

  7. Jones will be injured half the season.

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    Flea, Jones only signed a 1 year deal last year so he is now a FA. He was not included in the cap numbers that have been going around for the Hawks.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Thanks, CD.

  10. No one is getting too excited about Richard Seymour are they? Did the Raiders play a 4-3 last year?

  11. All the best to Jones. However, the Dline was not the strength of this defense, so this is not terrible news.

  12. oscar_contender says:

    Drafting DT Jaye Howard last year in the 4th round can not be overlooked. He played under Dan Quinn at Florida, was productive, and could be one player that moves up the depth chart this year. Although I do expect them to draft competition at the position, with Howard and Scruggs even, I like our young prospects. The signs are pointing to us obtaining one of the veteran pass rushers, similar to what they did with Raheem Brock, but it looks like we are waiting for the value to settle on Abraham, Freeney, Osi, etc. Here is a link to Howard and Quinn reference, now he is his coach again:

  13. Reggie Bush signs with the Lions – – that’s a nice signing for them, they’ve got some real firepower on offense.

    Haven’t heard too much news in this flurry of FA signings about Freeney or Osi, and just the couple visits for Abraham. would certainly relieve some draft pressure if we could sign one of them, and then draft addtl D-Line help with our early draft picks.

    Agree that Branch becomes more of a priority now.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Jones was a nice interior player while he was healthy but I’m confident they’ll find a capable replacement, and perhaps much better.

  15. DanielleMND says:

    I think we get D-line help after the first wave of free agency.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    What did Schneider say about signing FAs this offseason: it’s an odd offseason and we’ve got to hold our water. Basically that means to not expect them to make a rash or quick signing of one of these aging d linemen that are available.

  17. vichawkfan says:

    Do we have a kicker signed yet? Josh Brown signed in NY, so Tynes is available.

  18. I forgot about the Howard and Quinn connection. Also, at times Scruggs looked to have some good upside (and has already proved he has a good sack dance (gangman style)). But i agree with most of you, they will sign one or two vets for DLine and hope those guys from last years draft mature a bit more. In addition, you know they will acquire a few more pieces during the draft

  19. Did anyone listen to the recorded prank between the two GM’s yesterday from Deadspin? It really got me thinking, and loving what we have here in Seattle with John and Pete. If you missed the conversation, basically the Bills GM said that once you get past the hurdle of finding you QB of the future, you can draft all willy nilly and you are set regardless. He doesn’t have a system to follow. He will draft the “best” players on the board once he has his QB. (Like Ruskell did with Curry). It is obvious why some teams, like the bills, are always bad. They dont have what we have here…a GM and coach that have a system. They find players to fit into the system and it works. This is why i love this FO. They know what they are doing. They do not simply look for the best player in the draft. They look for what THEY need. Wagner, Sherm, Turbin etc. SOrry for the rant, but i had to share my thoughts on that

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I wasn’t expecting Jones to be here next year anyways, he is a good player for 1/2 a season. I think a 3yr contract is a bit high for what you get. Both Howard and Scruggs were getting better by seasons end and i think Irvin will make a jump this year, i’d still like to sign Osi.

  21. Ambassador says:

    Still can’t get over the Harvin signing. Man this is like having the cash to buy the Audi R8. Sure you spend $120,000 on a car; but dude you’re driving one of the most serious street legal sport cars available. I love it. We have a guy that will connect with Wilson to make some of the best highlights across the whole league week to week.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    I can picture Jim Harbaugh throwing his cell phone at the wall when he was told that he went to us.

  23. Looks like Welker may end up in Denver! That would be a nice toy for Manning.

  24. How was Irvin’s play after Jones got hurt.

  25. Losing Jones is one thing–finding a replacement who is better is another. And we still need a DT. I sure hope they have something up their sleeve…

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Jones was DT last year (3-tech). And Jones and Irvin filled very different roles for their d-line.

    With 8 picks remaining (as of today) one has to believe they will dedicate some of that to the line.

  27. Dukeshire–Right, but Jones was also used at DE occasionally, unless I am mistaken. We need help at DT and DE. I believe what others were referring to was that Irvin did markedly better early in the season (as did the other defenders) when Jones was healthy and playing well. Both our pass rush and run support struggled with Jones either gimpy or out of the lineup.

    While he wasnt as explosive as we’d all hoped, the team did better at everything with him in the game. The drop-off was quite noticeable.

    Of course, injuries that slowed Bryant and Mebane happened about the same time, and also hurt us.

    I have faith in the FO to fix the mess, but Im getting antsy to know what they intend…

  28. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve said many times as well, that the d line as a whole was not the same after he went down. And he did play end in some Dime and Bandit packages. But primarily he was a solid 3-tech, the team’s best, IMO.

  29. The D line was not the same after Jones went down, true. But I don’t think that was all due to Jones. He and MacDonald were the best interior pass rushers, and Jones flashed great moves at times, and he was missed.

    But here is what I recall: late in the season, the performance of three D linemen tailed off. Red Bryant was having trouble with his foot and began disappearing for stretches. Mebane, who was an animal early in the season, was failing to show explosion and submarine plays. And Irvin, who showed not only speed but also some surprising strength in the early parts of the season, looked tired and without strength by the time the season ended. Add to this Jones’ injury, and then Clem’s, and we had a weak D line by the time we went to Atlanta.

    But even without Jones, the rest of these guys – when healthy – are one heck of a unit.

  30. and what i meant is that Jones was very good but he’s replaceable. Alan Branch, on the other hand, would be very difficult to replace as there are few guys with his combination of size and quicks.

  31. PugetHawk says:

    I think everyone agrees that they need to bring a free agent defensive lineman in regardless of what happens.

  32. HawkfaninMT says:

    As I am looking at DE/DTs that may be available for us in the 2nd…

    Okafor and Carradine (assuming he’s healthy enough) are looking pretty nice

  33. Someone mentioned kicker….. I am fine if we can resign Hauschka. He is young and getting better.

    Looked at the draft again, focusing now on 2nd round spot #56. I am thinking Khaseem Greene OLB, Margus Hunt DE, Justin Hunter WR Vance McDonald TE or Sio Moore OLB. My personal preference would probably be Greene or Hunt.

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    Jones was decent, but not irreplaceable. Hopefully, they can find another short term solution there and keep churning out young talent in the draft.

    Howard and Scruggs will be good 2nd line guys this year, but I wouldn’t be comfortable having them in starter roles this year. Perhaps next year after a little more development.

    Harvin was Seattle’s 1st tier signing. I wouldn’t expect much until next week when the market shakes out a little. Don’t get to panicky watching big names go elsewhere.

  35. Okafor and Carradine are terrific choices, but I don’t think Okafor has any chance to be there at 56.

  36. bird_spit says:

    We have been complaining about d-line play so long, I can’t remember a dominate d-line in Seattle…sad really…it’s the missing piece I believe as many others have expressed. When did the hawks last have a top 10 d-line?

  37. Right now, our DT’s look like Mebane, Scruggs, Howard and Clinton Macdonald (restricted free agent, but unlikely going anywhere). It would not surprise me to go into the season with these 4 guys and a low cost veteran DT and draft another DT to compete for DT #5.

  38. The situation a DE and OLB is much more dire; we need to replace Leroy Hill and Clemons may not be ready to go early in the season because of his injury.

  39. Seahawks2620 says:

    Another thing that is really going to help this D take a step forward, is the line backing corps getting some experience under their respective belts. They pretty much all struggled in pass pro and were destroyed on third down time after time.

  40. HawkfaninMT says:

    Khaseem Greene sounds like a nice option, along with Arthur Born if they want to fill WILL through the draft. I keep hearing Zavier Gooden’s name come up with respect to our 5thr ound pick and WILL. Can’t say that I can speak to his ability, but he had a terrific combine.

    Something doesn’t seem right to me about Hunt. I really hope the Hawks do not draft him. 6’8″ on the DL seems like a recipe for leverage failure and getting blown off the ball.

    Hill from Penn St may be a nice option in the 4th at DT. Kinda reminds me of Mebane a little bit. I know it isn’t exactly what we need but he looks like a high quality player at a position of need.

  41. HawkfaninMT says:

    Brown not Born

  42. I think Margus Hunt is a freak athlete, but I worry that he doesn`t have enough football experience. I agree he is abit of a risk, but has some big time upside to him.

  43. Wes Welker is now a Bronco. Now the question is, did he get paid more or less than Harvin’s average of $12m a year?

  44. WiscCory says:

    Can’t wait to watch Manning and Welker. I hope the Hawks have a chance to play against them next season!!

  45. HawkfaninMT says:

    If the Broncos paid more than 12M for Welker they are dumb…

    That is all

  46. WiscCory says:

    2 year, 12MM total

  47. Macabrevity says:

    blocis I’m with you, would like to see us add a LB, something people aren’t really talking about, and a reliable sub for Clem is an absolute must. I foresee a sizable sophomore slump in Bruce’s future, so we’re going to need some guys off the edge.

    Before we did the Percy deal, my dream scenario involved trading up and nabbing a guy like Ansah, or whoever PC liked as that type of a multi-faceted rusher.

  48. raymaines says:

    Some random thoughts:

    Percy Harvin: I think the poor kid may be bi-Polar, but that’s for a different conversation.

    Me: I’m starting to think I’m manic-depressant. I was really high on the PH trade, but was reminded on a different thread the Seahawks didn’t loose to Atlanta because of a poor offense and now I’m all depressed again.

    The D-Line: I still have high hopes for Quinn, Irvin, Howard, Scruggs, McDonald, and of course JS&PC. We don’t need no stinkin’ over paid free agent.

    The O-Line: I really want to believe the guards will improve and be better than serviceable. I really want to believe BG will learn to pass protect. I want to believe the whole unit can still be good after new anti chop block rules come into effect. Somebody please tell me why I should believe in magic.

    The Line Backers: If the Seahawks had two more third round picks I’d feel so much better about this group but right now I’m feeling depressed about replacing LH and adding depth.

    Punt returns: Two thirds of all punts are either fair caught or roll dead, right? So why do I miss LW already? A premium athlete and a really nice man. I could never be a GM. If it were up to me, #8 would still be the starting QB. He’d be rolled out of the tunnel in a wheel chair before I’d cut him.

    The Kicker: I’m so down right now I’m even worried about the kicker. PH all by himself is going to score 50 points a game, but I’m still worried who is going to kick the occasional 50 FG?

    Somebody please talk me back off of the ledge. I know everything will be OK. The sun will still come up, my wife, kids and Jesus will still love me, but can’t we please get a new guy for the D-Line? Like, right now I mean! Come on ‘Hawks, make me happy.

  49. The Patriots tried to squeeze Welker by not using him early in the season. McDaniels and Belicheat were their usual arrogant selves, trying to prove they are the engine that drives that train, not the players. Ha! Welker still racked up 118 catches and earned himself a decent payday. Then they felt sure they could squeeze him into taking less money to’d that one work out for ya, Bill?!

    The fact that the Pats, who have ALWAYS underpaid Welker, werent willing to give him even 12 mill over 2 years just underscores why they only won two SB’s despite Tom Brady and an all-star cast of coaches. They just dont value their best players (not named Brady) enough.

    Bellicheat has always tried to win without paying receivers what they are worth, and without really having great ones. How did that work out for him? Eh, not so much…and he’s doing it again. Expect NE to draft a WR high, unless Bellicheat really is as arrogant as I think.

    This one is gonna cost them bigtime. And the Broncos now have one of the best–if not the best–WR corps in football with Eric Decker, Demarius Thomas, and Wes Welker. Thats a hell of a lineup! (so is Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, and Percy Harvin!)

  50. CDHawkFan says:

    Walker is 31, Harvin 24.

    Why would the Hawks be interested in a WR in round 2? Were the first 55 picks D line and OLB?

  51. The other OLB draft prospect for us is Jamie Collins (it was Steveos who first directed me to him). He has extraordinary length and verticle leaping ability. Sio Moore is supposedly the best coverage linebacker in college. Really, I like any of the K. Greene, S. Moore or J. Collins OLB`s, and I think that they will be available at 56.

  52. raymaines–We have holes to fill, thats true. But we have one of the top 3 WR corps in the NFL, a top-flight blocking TE, and 4 TE prospects to back him up that are all tall and fast and tough. We’ve got a stud LT and C, and hope at LG and at least one dude with potential at RG (Sweezy) even if there are major question marks at G and RT.

    We have a stud DT (Mebane) and the best secondary and best secondary depth in the NFL. We have two very fine LB’s who are still improving, and a pretty great coaching staff. We have the best owner in the NFL, the best fans, a great stadium and the best training facilities in the NFL. And no state income tax for those rich athletes and coaches!

    We have Russel Wilson and BeastMode.

    About 25 teams would kill to be in our shoes.

    Yes the line is still in flux, and that drives me totally bonkers. I do not trust them, Sam I am…and we need help at DT and DE and a LB. But overall, is there a team out there better situated to make a run at multiple super bowls? Denver has 2 more years if they are lucky with Manning. The niners are losing talent and aging. We’re the top of the talent heap, man…

    This team is more stocked with young talent onfield and in the front office than any in team history. Enjoy it instead of worrying so much…and I shall take my own advice!

  53. “I was really high on the PH trade, but was reminded on a different thread the Seahawks didn’t loose to Atlanta because of a poor offense and now I’m all depressed again.”

    raymaines, take heart. The Seahawks did not lose to Atlanta because they lacked the talent. Rather, two D line starters (Mebane and Bryant) were slowed by injury, one (Clem) was missing, and one (Irvin was a rookie who hit the wall after 14 games), and rookie Bobby Wagner was too inexperienced to be left in coverage on Tony Gonzales in the final seconds.

    It took all of those maladies added together to weaken the Seahawks D enough that Atlanta could beat them.

  54. This Seahawks team was one of the healthiest I remember in my 30 years of following them. The last thing that should be blamed on losing any game this year is injury.

    It’s not like this was the first time the exact story we saw in Atlanta played out. Anyone who was surprised must have just showed up for the playoffs.

  55. Think of the Chi-town game.

  56. Neither the offense nor defense played well in the first half of the Atlanta game. The coaching staff fell flat on their face in the red zone as well, and still dont seem to get it that their calls sucked and were utterly predictable. Thats NOT a good sign.

    Had the offense played well in the first half and actually put up some points, the second half points explosion wouldnt have been necessary and necessarily wouldnt have happened.

    Both sides of the ball were flat-out beaten and out-coached by the Falcons from the get-go. The fact that they bounced back so well is overshadowed by the fact that the Falcons did the same thing a week later and lost.

    Things will be different next year. The offense should be improved with the addition of Harvin, and the D has at least the chance to improve with a new DC who will certainly tweak the scheme.

    While we still have some major holes to fill at DT, DE, and LB, we do have the rest of FA and 7 picks in the draft, so there shouldnt be any panic just yet…

  57. Southendzone says:

    Good call Pabuwal, totally agree that blaming the ATL on injuries is WAY off-base. I could name 4 things off the top of my head that directly impacted the game more than injuries to our D but I try as much as I can to not think about that game, it’s nearly as tough to relive as SB40 and more recent.

    You need a deep D-Line to be able to lessen injuries by spreading out the total snaps played and then to compensate when injuries happen. Right now we are farther from having depth at D-Line then we were last year, much less having a better overall D-Line just considering our starters.

  58. CDHawkFan says:

    8 picks, and probably 2 more with the comps.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    Tynes is mirror image of Hauschka. Keep Hauschka unless you can get Phil Dawson for comparable money.

    Jones is talented but injury prone. Obviously it depends on how much is guaranteed, but I wouldn’t give Jones 3 years.

    The twins are waiting for the initial rush to die down until they target the D-line. Probably Branch and a vet DE. Not to mention that I think D-Line will be the #1 or 2 draft priority. Although I wouldn’t want to bank on them entirely, people never seem to consider Howard and Scruggs as young, developing players. Most players take some time to develop. Tank Carradine would be an outstanding talent to get at #56, but I wouldn’t count on him being a big contributor in 2013. At least not until the end of the year. He torn his ACL in November and likely didn’t have surgery until late November or December.

    I don’t think LB is quite the need some here do apparently. I’d be fine with one of their first 3 picks going to a WLB, but the our SLB and MLB are both very young, improving guys and there are some decent options on the roster for WLB. I don’t see Hill as a huge loss. Who knows, maybe he comes back on another one year minimum deal. His Hawks death has been reported prematurely in the past. Smith could be a very good player. I do worry about his durability.

  60. Marcus spears is due to be released from Dallas. He would be an excellent pick up on the cheap… Provides depth for Red Bryant as well rush from an interior.

  61. bbnate420 says:

    Patience is a virtue people. No need to overpay for vet D-lineman. There will be good options once this first wave is over. I forget who mentioned it, but it does seem that the teams that are perennial big players in FA are also the perennial losers. I doubt you see the Browns or Dolphins making the playoffs in 2013. Maybe the Dolphins, if Tannehill improves significantly.

    I’m a bit shocked at what Welker got. He’s only half as valuable as Mike Wallace? Give me a break. And don’t mention age. I’m talking about average salary. Welker got 2 years, Wallace got 6 with 30 mil guaranteed. Welker’s deal is fully guaranteed according to Albert Breer. Welker’s game isn’t based on straight line speed. He’ll likely be very productive for at least 2 more years if healthy. I was surprised that Welker is only a little older than me. Yes, I know I’m old in NFL terms. It’s weird when you start to realize you’re old, at least relatively to a narrow situation. Welker’s deal could have an impact on Cruz’s value, STTBM. I know that Cruz is 5 1/2 years younger.

  62. RDPoulsbo says:

    Why are people freaked out about LB? I thought Smith was fine when he filled in. I have no problems letting him start. They might think of filling in the back half of the depth charts, but that’s a 6th or 7th round pick if not UFA.

    I think short term D-Line contacts are the best option to keep the cap healthy. Just keep churning out draft talent and keep working with Scruggs and Howard so they’ll be ready.

  63. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    just a question for those that think we over paid for mr harvin’s services.

    is rice worth 8.5 million? was washinton worth 2.875? because that is what combined harvin is getting. if he get’s 900 receiving yards/200 rushing and average 30 yards on returns with a touchdown he has earned every bit of that money.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    Jeez, the Ravens are losing players faster than rats fleeing the Titanic.

    Goldson leaving the Whiners is a plus for us. His 8 mil a year, 22 guaranteed should give us an idea of what ET is going to command in his new deal.

  65. bigmike04 says:

    Lions DE Cliff Avril is on a flight to Seattle to take his first visit with the Seahawks.

    Eric Williams of TNT is reporting this.

  66. Some legit losses for SF this off-season. Goldson may have had some coverage issues (from what I read in comments by SF fans), but he was the big hitter for their secondary, he stood out to me, and was definitely a big part of the physicality of that D. Losing Sopoaga isn’t nothing either. If we lost Kam and Brandon, we’d feel it.

    Interesting that none of the FA defensive lineman have landed anywhere yet, given the feeding frenzy of the past few days. Avril and Bennett still out there, along w/all the veteran DE’s we’ve been talking about. Rumors that Dumervil will be released soon too. Patience is good and all, but i’d love to get one known quantity D-lineman signed prior to draft day.

  67. “Lions DE Cliff Avril is on a flight to Seattle to take his first visit with the Seahawks.”

    our guys aim high . . .

  68. Signing Rice and Washington didn’t cost 3 draft picks though.

  69. Signing Avril at Leo would be nice, but at what cost? He’s not going to have Suh collapsing the pocket in Seattle though.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    To judge Harvin simply on his stats in 2013 is a huge mistake. It’s much harder to judge or quantify, but he should have a dramatic effect of opening up the field for other players. That’s like saying Rice isn’t a #1 quality WR because he only caught 50 passes, ignoring the fact that he only had 80 targets and still had 7 TDs. I mentioned it before, but that 80 targets placed Rice 73rd in the NFL.

  71. wow…well welcome Cliff Abril to the hawks apparently

  72. bbnate420 says:

    Avril a Hawk. Shocked again. Clemons may not be long for the team.

  73. Holy Cow!!!

  74. Avril….

  75. bigmike04 says:

    if he really did signed without even visting than, that just cool..

  76. Seahawks2620 says:

    Cliff Avril!!!!!! I am pumped about this!

  77. Ewalters7354 says:
  78. I haven’t seen anything confirmed? Link? Just that he’s visiting?

  79. sluggo42 says:

    Is Avril any good?

  80. big signing if it’s right. . . certainly fills our biggest need. the guys steering this ship don’t play around.

  81. bobby – check out the link to Albert Breer’s twitter feed, – that’s where I got it. He’s pretty connected.

  82. Seahawks2620 says:

    There was a tweet from Albert Breer, stating that cliff Avril had agreed to terms.

  83. bbnate420 says:

    pdway, I certainly wasn’t suggesting they wait until draft day. Just saying they didn’t need to rush out and overpay an older D-lineman simply because the fans here are wringing their hands.

  84. bbnate – looks like they had their sights set higher than we thought. I didn’t think/know that we had enough $ left under the cap to sign a guy of Avril’s caliber. All in for ’13 . . .

  85. bbnate420 says:

    pdway, right. I am shocked about Avril. My guess is that it’s around the Kruger deal.

    I think this means Clemons is gone once they can reach an injury settlement. Clem would be a 5.833 mil cap hit in 2013 if released. That’s approx. 2.333 mil less than if they keep him, but it also is another 2.166 mil saved against the 2014 cap by not having his prorated portion of his signing bonus count in 2014. That’s approx. 4.5 mil saved overall.

  86. Now we are talking. This year is looking great.

  87. ah, you may be right re Clemons. Feel sort of bad for the guy if that turns out to be true. He was a damn good player for us the past few years, tough way for it to end for him if you’re right.

  88. raymaines says:

    ray maines just three and a half hours ago said: “Somebody please talk me back off of the ledge. I know everything will be OK. The sun will still come up, my wife, kids and Jesus will still love me, but can’t we please get a new guy for the D-Line? Like, right now I mean! Come on ‘Hawks, make me happy.”

    Now I’m hearing Detroit D.E. Cliff Avril (6’3″ – 260) is a Seahawk.

    Apparently JS&PC pay attention to what I say, so if there is anything else you guys want, just tell me and I’ll pass it along to my homies John and Pete.

  89. raymaines says:

    Me and John. We’re tight. Pete too. We’re all cool.

  90. raymaines says:

    What do you want? A new Tight End? I can make it happen. Just let me know.

  91. raymaines says:

    A couple of new O-Linemen? Consider it done. Linebackers? Hey No Problem.

  92. raymaines says:

    Maybe a few guy that should restructure their contracts? Consider it done.

  93. raymaines says:

    What else? This is too easy.

  94. raymaines says:

    You guys are a bunch of pussies. Come on, talk to me. What do you want? I can make it happen.

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