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Harvin starts a new chapter in Seattle

Post by Eric Williams on March 12, 2013 at 5:06 pm with 77 Comments »
March 12, 2013 6:53 pm
New Seattle Seahawk Percy Harvin poses with head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. (Eric Willaims/The News Tribune)
New Seattle Seahawk Percy Harvin poses with head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. (Eric Willaims/The News Tribune)

Ready to begin another chapter of his NFL career, the Seattle Seahawks introduced new addition Percy Harvin this afternoon, with head coach Pete Carroll and John Schneider sitting on either side of the 24-year-old receiver.

Making the trip with him to Seattle were Harvin’s girlfriend Janine Williams and close childhood friend Ronta Johnson.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Harvin will receive a six-year, $67 million, with $14.5 million fully guaranteed, and $11 million more for injury.

“It’s been a big relief,” Harvin said. “I’m very grateful for this opportunity that I’m given to come here and compete with some of the great players that they already have in place with the program – a playoff team. This is a dream come true for me and my family.”

With the No. 12 retired in honor of the 12th Man, Harvin will wear No. 11, his number in high school.

Both Carroll and Schneider said they consider Harvin like a first round pick in this year’s draft, considering the draft compensation required to pry him from Minnesota in a trade.

The one word that kept coming regarding Harvin was versatility. When asked who had a style of running growing up that was similar to the way he runs, Harvin offered some interesting choices – Bo Jackson and Marshall Faulk.

Carroll said that Harvin already met with quarterback Russell Wilson, who of course was at the facility watching film when the new receiver arrived.

“He was in the film room waiting for him,” joked Carroll.

Harvin also met with good friend Sidney Rice from his days in Minnesota, and tight end Zach Miller at the VMAC.

“From the moment that this thing was put together, Russell was already texting me about things we were going to do this offseason,” Harvin said. “We’re set to go in California to workout already. And those are the type of things I love. I can tell the guys here love football. … To play with an up-and-coming quarterback like Russell, who guys are comparing him preparation-wise to Bret Favre – when I hear people compare him to Bret Favre, I listen.”

Carroll said that the plan also is for Harvin to return kicks. Schneider confirmed that kick returner Leon Washington had been released.

“He did a phenomenal job here,” Schneider said about Washington. “Fans love him. He such a pro. He really handled himself with extreme class when Pete and I talked with him. He understood what we were doing. The first thing you would say about him is that he’s a pro. We’ll miss him.”

Schneider said his scouting staff had been monitoring the situation with Harvin in Minnesota since last season, in case a possibility to secure the electric receiver arose.

And he brushed off the idea that the draft compensation Seattle gave up – a first and seventh rounder this year, and a third rounder in 2014 – was an issue.

“Oh stop,” Schneider said, with a laugh. “We still have eight draft picks. I understand why you would look at the compensation, but this is a highly unique player. And for us to be able to – if you were to play Percy into this draft, I think there would be some very strong arguments to how high he would go. And it would pretty darn high.

“And so we’re sitting at 25. And for us to be able to even move up five spots, it would take probably a third round draft pick. So really this is kind of a slam dunk for us.”

Schneider said new salary cap specialist Matt Thomas has a strong relationship with folks in the personnel department in Minnesota, which helped in the negotiations.

Harvin also addressed the reports about his run-ins with Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier, along with the rumor that he wanted out of Minnesota.

“I have great respect for everybody in that program, from top to bottom,” Harvin said. “Yes, we had some bumps in the road. But I respect them, and I feel like they respect me from the dialogue I got back from them. Me and Coach Frazier were in direct contact throughout this whole time. So me and him still to this day have a great relationship. He still texts me.”

Harvin also said the migraine headaches are behind him, and that he hasn’t had one for two years.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:


    This offense is in a position to set some franchise records next year.

  2. Harvin got everything he wanted. Now lets see if we get what we all want–a SB victory or three!

    Regardless, our offense is now certifiably fearsome, and will be fun to watch! No more ground and pound, at least not all the time!

  3. WiscCory says:

    It’s unusual, however it’s Favre, not Farve.

  4. For everyone worried about losing some of our young guys when they come up as UFAs because of a lack of cash, you are right, we will lose some. Teams that stay competitive over the long haul identify their top, must have guys and pay them the big bucks. The rest of the roster orbits around them. The absolute “home grown” keepers that will make top dollar currently on the roster imo are:

    Unger (since he already got extended)

    Harvin’s arrival may ripple forward causing some tough choices down the road but that is the name of the game. Look at Baltimore getting stripped bare after their title run & monster payday to Flacco. That’s life in the NFL. The key is to make sure you win the Superbowl first! We have to keep drafting well.

    As far as rumors about D linemen visiting Seattle count me as a fan of the silent strike technique which is often employed by our FO. Better than the exciting rumor followed by emotional letdown of one that got away. We do need to pick up some bodies though, no doubt about that.

  5. NWPoseidon says:

    He seems genuinely excited to play with Russell. And Russell probably already has an entire play book dedicated to Harvin plays. Championship Offseason indeed.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    Could you guys handle a handful of 40-50 point games next year?
    We should be on national TV more now.

  7. NWP – you mean Darryl Bevell has a playbook full of plays dedicated to Harvin. Absolutely. All the plays that Bevell wished Golden Tate and Leon Washington could have run, but could quite break the play, will now be Harvin’s domain.

    Wilson and Harvin together are going to boggle the mind’s of defensive coordinators. Vic Fangio has heartburn tonight.

    And Golden Tate will need to prove this year he can be a solid split end, not a slot receiver, or he’ll be on another team after this year.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Of course Wilson was already at the facility watching game film. lol. What a work ethic.

  9. chrisj122 says:

    My expectations for this team is high, I hope I’m not let down or disappointed.

    Does anyone expect anything less than an appearance in the NFC Championship game a disappointment?

    I know that’s what I expect at the very least, maybe that’s not fair but I don’t care!

  10. chrisj122 says:

    *Does anyone consider*

  11. WiscCory says:

    Anyone remember that other #3’s sophomore season in Seattle?

    …just sayin!

  12. Success next season starts and ends with the health of the team. If we can avoid injuries as well as we did this past season, then yes my expectations are very high, as they should be for everyone. But number one….we have to stay healthy. One injury to a key player can change things drastically. Case in point is Chris Clemmons.

    Let’s hope a speedy and successful recovery for CC.

  13. From Doug Baldwin’s Twitter posts over the last 15 minutes, it sure sounds like he just got a new contract.

  14. freedom_X says:

    More bubble and receiver screens!

    Let’s hope Harvin will be in sync with the coaches. He hasn’t been able to avoid conflict with any coaching staff he’s had since high school (if that.)

  15. edstang45 says:

    crap!!!…how many days left till Training camp?? wait don’t tell me….oooooosah!! ok how many shots till draft weekend…I can live with that a lil easier maybe…Dang I’m ready to watch this thing end in the SB….Now it looks like the Offense just got a whole lot better, now lets get some pressure guys, 8 picks and danglin backup QB…..Love this stuff

  16. Apparently Darryl Bevell is one coach that Harvin likes just fine.

    I wonder how many moves ahead of us John Schneider is tonight.

  17. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t think he’ll be a cancer here.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    Looks like the Ravens will have a good shot of continuing the streak of defending champs to not win a playoff game the next year. I believe the 2005 Patriots are the last team to win a playoff game as defending champs.

    How’d you like to have a clown like Jeff Ireland running your team? Overpaying for a few UFAs to try and salvage his job. I don’t understand how he still has a job now. Stupid owner I guess.

  19. Anyone happen to see the Tweet from Matt Schaub regarding their upcoming game against the Hawks this year? Goes something like this…

    Schaub “Not worried about Hawks, they’re not in our conference”

    Someone else “You play them this year”

    Schaub “Where?”

    Someone else “Seattle”

    Schaub “Oh…We’re *ucked”

    Hilarious…but I bet a lot of teams think that way coming into Century Link.

  20. Got to admit this is pretty damn exciting! Who was the last Seahawk you would call electric?

    Joey Galloway?

  21. If that’s true Skavage that’s awesome!

  22. bbnate420 says:

    Harvin has 11 million reasons to behave for 2013 at least.

    Now all they need to do is sign Darrius Heyward-Bey for about 6-7 mil a year, trade back into the 1st round and draft Tavon Austin, and trade Flynn to the Bills for TJack and a 4th. That should cause a conniption fit on this blog.

  23. I’m far from a Twitter expert…never really got into it because my phone is a company phone. But I like to read some of them at times, and was browsing through Golden Tate’s tweets and found it. (No idea if this link will work. Forgive me if it doesn’t.) :)

    @mrs12thman602 @texangabe we’re ucked— Matt Schaub (@CockyMattSchaub) March 11, 2013

  24. Yikes! Sorry Eric… Didn’t expect the f-bomb to show up like that. Was thinking it was just a link to the tweet sequence.

  25. Okung is already getting paid – he got in before the rookie cap/salary schedule, Will he get a raise, yes, but it won’t be this huge jump like some of those other guys are getting.

  26. IdahoHawk says:

    WiscCory: go look at the numbers. Stupid you would even say that.

  27. He’s getting paid as he should be. 11mil per year and a reasonable amount of gauranteed money. I need to have a dram and calm down…this is just too exciting.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    When I consider what Carroll had to say about Harvin prior to Seattle playing Minn last year, and how Minn misused Harvin by getting the ball to him at or behind the line too often, I’d be very surprised to see him used much in the screen game.

  29. DT Desmond Bryant signs with Cleveland.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    RW’s and Mirer’s rookie years look pretty similar to me. ;-)

  31. Scoring 40-50 each game doesn’t matter if the other team is scoring 45-55. NE has been great on offense for years, but they win Super Bowls when the have a servicable defense. I wanna make sure we don’t go down the tube on defense.

    Tate has played, by far, more split end than slot, so I don’t understand why he all of a sudden has to prove he can play split end rather than the slot.

  32. Singularitarian says:

    Im just lovin this. 2nd and 6. You got marshawn in the backfield, zack miller, sidney rice, percy and DB or Tate. Stack the box? With those 4 recievers? Please. Drop into nickel and face the read option? please. Double ANYBODY? Please. Doug Baldwin (our leading reciever in 2011) being the 5th down your priority list lined up against an olb? Please.

  33. wow, Browns signed Dez Bryant AND Paul Kruger. Aint if funny how most of the perennial big spenders in free agency are perennial losers? “Be careful what you wish for”

  34. Singularitarian says:

    How about that situation with Tate AND Balwin, with Harvin lined up to Wilsons left as a RB. This will be exciting!

  35. bbnate420 says:

    Yep, the Hawks will probably go from giving up 15 points a game in 2012 to 45-55 points a game in 2013. Seems reasonable.

    Bryant gets 5 years 34 mil with 15 guaranteed. Red money there. Didn’t see that coming. I wouldn’t do that if I were the Hawks.

  36. raymaines says:

    It’s starting to sound like the Browns are going to have a pretty good D-Line.

  37. WiscCory says:

    Idaho – I’m as big a Wilson fan as anyone. On and off the field. I didn’t mean to imply there was any corilation other than jersey number and rookie starter.


  38. Singularitarian says:

    Xcman name me the last time someone dumped 50 on us. A couple FA and draft pickups, bruce irvin hitting his stride and a bit more exotic looks and tougher 3rd down calls and we’re pushing for the besy defense in football. Especially with the handcuffs off wilson and a lead

  39. bbnate420 says:

    Very true, Stevos. I think Kruger is overrated and will be a bust. Bryant well could be a bust for that kind of money too. New owners think they have to make a splash. You get people to come by winning, not overpaying for underwhelming players.

  40. Singularitarian says:
  41. raymaines, could be, but then again… the Buffalo Bills were the big spenders on D line Free Agents last year, the result was their D line was worse than the previous season, but more expensive.

  42. WiscCory says:

    bbnate – funny. I’m guessing that’s after 4:20.

  43. Singularitarian says:

    I would lay my money on over 28 points per game offensively for Seattle this year

  44. bbnate420 says:

    Could be, WiscCory. Naw, I hardly ever smoke, even though it’s legal now in the great state of Washington.

    Stevos, Williams, Dareus, and Williams actually had pretty good stats at least. I think it was more of their DBs and especially LBs that were god awful.

  45. freedom_X says:

    Rick Mirer rookie QB rating: 67.
    Russell Wilson rookie QB rating: 100.

    The relatively low guaranteed money for Harvin makes his contract much more palatable, than, say, Mike Wallace. And, it’s perhaps a sign Harvin really wants to be here.

    I hope they don’t use the receiver or bubble screen more. I never liked the play other than something run 8-10 times a season. But I have to admit Harvin has the talent to make that play work.

    I can’t think of a more electric player since Galloway. Harvin’s more elusive than Galloway, but Galloway had more terrorizing speed. Both had surprising running power for their size, though Galloway was careful not to be reckless and take unnecessary contact.

  46. IdahoHawk says:

    8% better completion
    14 more td’s
    7 less ints
    300 more yards passing
    I’m sure there was some rushing yards some where

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Mirer actually rushed for 343 yards, a 5 yard average, and 3 TDs his rookie year, though still worse than RW. There were even some making comparisons to Elway. Prophetic, eh?

    P.S. No one was seriously comparing RW’s and Mirer’s rookie years! I wasn’t at least.

  48. That’s what gets so frustrating sometimes… no way Wisc was saying Wilson is/was like Mirer, yet that’s how words get twisted.

  49. IdahoHawk says:

    All in fun of the blog. The major difference between the two is what’s between the ears.

  50. nate, pretty much everything about the bills stunk last year. glad we aren’t them.

  51. bbnate420 says:

    Sarcasm can be lost in the printed word. That’s why I use those dumb emoticons.

  52. Trade Flynn for TJack and a draft pick.

  53. Well, it’s been an exciting day to say the least. I’m over my initial reaction and just want our team to kick some major butt this year. I’m in! Go Hawks!!

  54. bbnate420 says:

    Well, I would bet that RW has never been friends with Pearl Jam either. He probably couldn’t name a film besides game film.

  55. bbnate420 says:

    Looks like someone is trying to rattle Bobby’s cage.

  56. WiscCory says:

    I don’t know what golden domers work ethic was like, but hearing Wilson is at the Mac at 6am in March says alot.

  57. c’mon, you know BobbyK wants TJack back. He loves TJack. ;)

    Seriously, Buffalo needs a QB. Flynn needs a starting job. We need to ditch Flynn’s salary and find a cheaper backup. And TJack knows Bevell’s offense.

  58. Actually, I think we should trade our next 54 draft picks for T-Jack.


    I’m trying to change!!! :)

  59. Sorry but I don’t see Irvin “hitting his stride” this next year. Better, yes, “hitting stride” not yet – still too far to develop to consider him being a BIG threat next year.

    And while I wasnt actually suggesting that teams were going to paste 45-55 on us, but more that if we don’t fill voids we are running risks of having trouble in the future. Right now we are short a primary DT from last year and possibly the top reserve. Our Top DE and a Starting LB, with no real great solutions behind that spot (maybe some serviceable guys)

    Our weakest position last year could be weaker this year

  60. ha!

    Bobby, how many more of your Minnesota guys are you going to send over here??

  61. I would ***LOVE*** to send Jared Allen over!!!

    Kevin Williams, too (if he gets released).

    Those two Vikings would prompt me to already buy my ticket to New Jersey!

  62. tealskin says:

    A lot of musical chairs going on right now. Would expect that some decent players are going to get shaken out and fall to the Hawks at a reasonable price. Will Herring got released. How is he looking these days?

  63. I have no interest in John Abraham at a huge contract. However, I believe at a moderate contract – he’s the best player we could get right now with all things factored in. Sure, I’d rather have Avril, but not at what he’s going to command on the open market.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Happy times in Seahawk land these days.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    Flea – Thanks for the link! So many good segments there. Really helped to get caught up after a long day at work. Awesome.

  66. No problems at all with what the Hawks gave up in terms of compensation. I believe they had to throw in the 3rd rd pick next season cause it came down to Harvin either coming to the Hawks or going to the 49ers. I wonder how Hawks would feel right now had Harvin been traded to the 49ers?

  67. bbnate420 says:

    Well, Harvin would be a pathetic, little crybaby that would be injured before week 3 and force an implosion of the team if he was traded to the Whiners. That’s obvious.

  68. bbnate420 says:

    I personally would do it if they’d send us TJack and a 3rd for Flynn. Even if it meant wading through TJack diatribes.

  69. Dukeshire says:

    I’m looking forward to the end of a “3rd for Flynn” talk. In all honesty, who’s giving a third for him? As I said about a month ago: Seattle values Flynn more than anyone else. He may be a draft day trade, but I can’t imagine a scenario or team that’s willing to offer more than a 3rd day draft selection, at this point.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    You’re probably right about Flynn. I said as much earlier. It doesn’t sound like there’s much of any interest in him. I just wouldn’t trade him for less than a 3rd or very high 4th. If not, just keep him and release him after 2013.

  71. That’s not really Matt Schaub’s account. Funny as hell though.

  72. ChrisHolmes says:

    This is just an awesome day… Russell Wilson with this kind of weapon. Harvin is a difference maker.

    And JS was spot-on with the compensation: You put Percey Harvin in this year’s draft, and he’s going Top-5 easy. There is no way Seattle gets a comparable player at #25, and there’s no way they move up to a slot high enough to pick Harvin without giving up probably more than they gave up in the trade. As far as trade value goes, this is a no-brainer. This is a great use of draft picks, as far as I’m concerned. This is awesome value for those picks.

    Percy is going to love playing with Russell. And I think Harvin’s presence is only going to push the other WR’s even more and make everyone better.

  73. Re: The picks involved

    Draft picks are so unbelievable overrated. I don’t understand why people feel this was a HUGE amount to give up for Harvin. At #25 overall, it’s more hit-n-miss than it is in the top 10 (and even then it’s 50/50 your guy pans out). The 7th rounder is NOTHING. ZILCH. The 3rd rounder is, as JS said, simply the going rate for moving up 5 slots in the draft. So, the #25 pick + 3rd Rounder 2014 = #20 pick in 2013…is the #20 pick worth giving up for Harvin? Yes, ABSOLUTELY.

    Re: Harvin and the screen game

    Please realize that MIN did this often because Ponder is incapable of throwing accurate passes with any consistency. The ONLY way they could get Harvin the rock easily, was to bubble screen him. I don’t think Seattle will do the same, although here and there it can work.

    I think we’ve just landed our Randall Cobb, only better. A true x-factor that teams are going to hate accounting for. Well done Seattle!

    On a sour note. How depressing is it that it’s mid-March?

  74. Draft picks are only overrated when a team regularly blows them. While Seattle likely couldnt have found a player of Harvins caliber in the first round, it wasnt impossible. Look at Richard Sherman, for instance.

    However, they could have found a fine player who would have cost a hell of a lot less, which would have allowed Seattle to use the giant savings to sign other players to help at other positions of need, including DE and DT.

    Regardless, Seattle chose to go this route, so Im onboard with it, despite my skepticism. Im sure Harvin will be fun as hell to watch. I just hope our D can hold its own.

  75. beavercleaver says:

    TJack just resigned with the Bills for $4.5 million. How does trading for him save us money?

  76. bbnate420 says:

    Who claimed trading for TJack did? It would give them a 3rd round pick and a backup that knows the system at the same time in that unlikely scenario.

    You’re wrong that it wouldn’t save them money regardless. TJack is only likely to get 2.25 mil if he was here. The other 2.25 mil is based on incentives that he wouldn’t likely earn as a backup. So, that’s 1 mil saved versus the 2013 cap. And it would be 2 mil saved against the 2014 cap, the prorated portion of Flynn’s signing bonus that would be counted to the 2014 cap if kept in 2013.

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