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Morning links: Will the real Richard Sherman please stand up?

Post by Eric Williams on March 8, 2013 at 8:04 am with 43 Comments »
March 8, 2013 8:04 am
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appears during NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, in Renton, Wash. The Seahawks are scheduled to play the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in an NFC divisional playoff game. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appears during NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, in Renton, Wash. The Seahawks are scheduled to play the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in an NFC divisional playoff game. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

John McGrath of The News Tribune is a little concerned about the whereabouts of Richard Sherman, after he says an imposter who looks similar to the Seattle Seahawks cornerback went on ESPN’s first take an angrily took on blowhard Skip Bayless on Thursday.

McGrath: “It was eerie, Sherm. Here was this jerk on ESPN, purporting to be Richard Sherman, and as expertly as he mimicked your voice, it was obvious he wasn’t the real Richard Sherman, the product of a hardscrabble neighborhood in Compton, Calif. who earned a scholarship to Stanford, graduated with a communications degree, and went on to become the kick-butt cornerback acknowledged as the heart and soul of the Seahawks’ defense.

That Richard Sherman is an authentic wonder — a role model for kids, and an inspiration for their parents. That Richard Sherman makes me proud to be a sportswriter. There aren’t many occupations affording rumpled old duffs like me a chance to converse with some of the best and brightest young talents in the land, and I’ve got one of them.

Between us, Sherm? I’m a little scared. Is everything OK? I was waiting for you to go on Twitter and clarify that the smug, joyless person who taunted the smug, joyless co-host of “First Take” wasn’t you. I’m still waiting.”

Clare Farnsworth of attempts to do a little damage control, giving us a view of all the good charity work Sherman is doing down in Los Angeles.

ESPN’s Mike Sando provides a glimpse at John Abraham’s three-year production.

Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Post-Gazette reports that free agent defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins agents says he would like to return to the Packers. Jenkins visited with Seattle last week.

Jeff Darlington of reports that backup quarterback Matt Moore has re-signed with Miami, taking another quarterback off the free agency market. This move could help Seattle in trying to move Matt Flynn. Darlington reports that Moore received a two-year deal worth $8 million.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press writes that former NFL quarterback and Tacoma native Jon Kitna will throw passes to Central Michigan receiver Cody Wilson during his pro day. Kitna is friends with Wilson’s father, Detroit Lions chaplain Dave Wilson.

Rob Rang of updates is top 64 draft prospects on his big board. Desmond Trufant jumps up to No.13.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated lists his top 50 free agents.

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  1. Hammajamma says:

    Have to agree with McGrath. Sherm took the bait and showed his ass. He achieved the near impossible, which is to engage Bayless and not come away looking the better man. He wasted the strength of a winning argument with personal insults.

  2. chrisj122 says:

    If you make your living by going on TV everyday spewing hater-aid, then you should expect at some point someone is going to call you out on it.

    When Sherman did call him out it was real apparent that Bayless really had no clue about the Sherman or the Seahawks. Giving most of the credit to the front 7 of the Defense.
    The front 7, really?

    If spewing hater-aid is your thing at least be informed on the hate you are spewing.

  3. Hammajamma says:

    When you argue with a fool, you look the fool.

  4. Agree completely chris. Bayless is a joke and obviously never watched Sherman. He hates seattle and doesn’t care one bit for the seahawks. The front 7 comment was absolutely ridiculous, and if he paid attention at all to the hawks, he’d know he is full of sh*t. About time someone went on air to blast that dbag. To all the people who are saying sherman needs to shut it, just think about our DB’s in 2009…do you want them again?

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Sherman took the bait from a television troll. But McGrath’s take is silly. Sherman did what every one of us has done to Bayless at some point from our couches, and what nearly every athlete has surely wanted to do. “Is everything okay…?” Good lord.

  6. Hammajamma says:

    McGrath’s take is silly, I’ll give you that. But Sherman can bring national attention to himself and the team by keeping it fun and not taking himself so seriously. Love the guy, but I think he let Bayless get under his skin. An all pro shouldn’t care about his ilk.

  7. princeaden says:

    I’ve seen a few of the Top Free agent lists recently and have yet to see one of them name Seattle as a most likely destination. More blindness I guess.

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    I am not sure why MacGrath is surprised and can’t see this as a possiblity and things he has to write about it. I’ve seen Sherman enough in interviews and sometimes you can see a guy with a chip on his shoulder and a bit of a temper/agressive behavior at times off the field. I wouldn’t want to screw with him as he looks like he could go off, news flash, so can a lot of other people, doesn’t make them a bad person or unwilling to be a good teammate/citizen.

    He is a football player (agressive sport) who grew up in a tough part of the US, its not like we thought he was Radar O’Reilly. Why does a sports writer care about a CB conversational/debate skills, did he think Sherman was running for President of the US? Can’t MacGrath connect the dots and understand the situation, guys gets dissed, guy gets pissed?

    And all of this is because it was on TV. I can only imagine how many Seahawks I would dislike if I truely knew them, I am sure our political, guns, pro-life opinions whould clash so much I would hate them more than Harblow, but I don’t care and don’t want to know.

    Football MacGrath, hold him accountable for his play on the field unless he is breaking the law. You shouldn’t be surprised, and how perfect are you?

  9. CDHawkFan says:

    Hamma, what part of being an All Pro allows you to swallow comments about you that you don’t agree with?

    I can see the opposite, I think that if you excelled all your life at sport, was allowed to not develop other skills (possibly social skills) in school/life because you are a superior player, grew up in a tough neighborhood, having everyone in your life tell you how great you are, get any girl you wanted, etc, that somehow along the way you learned not to get bothered by a guy that calls you an average player on TV? Again, what in his life should have prepared him to just blow it off as an All-Pro should?

    Heck, I am none of the above, but I still don’t let people push me around and talk crap and I don’t think a lot of All-Pro’s would either.

  10. Hammajamma says:

    CD, I think you’re missing my point.

    The whole point of that show is to stir up controversy. By your analogy (not trying to put words in your mouth) it’s okay to get into a bar fight if some drunken idiot challenges your manhood. I believe guys can, and should, not allow themselves to be dragged down to the point where they are no better than the loser they have an issue with. It’s not about being pushed around. He can fight back on the field. It’s about being the better man, Grasshopper, and knowing that when you wade through the sewer you don’t always smell pretty.

  11. Agree w/Duke’s take on this one. It’s what is expected to happen on this kind of show, with these participants. It’s off-season entertainment for the NFL. So not a big deal.

    I guess I wish Sherman would take it a little easier w/his public statements, but I don’t really care. The guy is only 24 y.o., and playing ball at the highest of levels, at a position where a little bit of cockiness/arrogance about your skills seems almost a requirement.

  12. Bayless got Shermed. Plain and simple. Now Sherms can move on, and Bayless can study up on Seattle. I don’t see anything wrong with the conversation that took place. Bayless asks for this stuff, and he got Shermed. Surely that was his goal, but still…I do not believe anything Sherman said reflects poorly on him. He’s a 24 year old kid remember, and he’s cocky as hell…and quite frankly, he has a reason to be. He’s damn good. He’ll grow out of it eventually. Bayless won’t.

  13. At the end of his career he could be the best DB in the history of the game, but because he plays for Seahawks, he would never get any respect. By talking, by being loud, by talking trash, he is making sure people know who he is. He is making sure people look and say “man sherman is a dick, but he is good!” If he didn’t talk, he wouldn’t get the attention. If Sherman played for NY, he’d have a nickname like Revis does. Those are just the facts about Seattle. No one here will get attention/respect, so he is making his own way of getting attention. Until his play on the field starts to be affected by him talking, people need to relax and let the young man do as he pleases. He has does nothing but produce and talk trash…and it’s working. Let it go

  14. Autenpus says:

    All this talk is just giving more notoriety to Skip Bayless. The public should be asking, “who is Skip Bayless and why the hell do I care what he has to say?” I think that was the point Sherman was trying to make. A 60-something acts like a 20-something every day on national television, and we let it happen! When a 24-year-old acts like a 24-year-old, I’m not going to hold it against him.

    Can free agency start already so there is something REAL to discuss?

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    I disagree that this was Skip’s goal. I feel like his agenda was to get Sherman to say “I am superior to Revis.” But it got turned around on him and he looked like an idiot. He had no facts to back up his “That’s debatable” when Sherm asked for his facts that he is a top 22 sports journalist. He was not prepared for that argument. I am sure he had a littany of facts to back up his “Revis is in a class above Sherman debate.” But that debate never happened.

  16. Ditto to Duke – but is Claire smoothing the waters because Sherm’s calling the media’s rep (Bayless) what he is is bad for NFL business?

  17. bbnate420 says:

    Autenpus, WE don’t let it happen. I don’t watch that train wreck. Obviously, plenty of people do, or at least are perceived to, or it wouldn’t be on. Bayless is a master troll. You almost have to admire it. Love him or hate him, plenty of people are speaking his name, watching the show, and lining his pockets.

    CDHawkFan, I feel sorry for you if you HATE other people simply because you don’t like their political views. And my guess is that Sherm has some social skills if he has a communications degree from Stanford. I’m not sure that some of his act isn’t planned out. I would bet he is naturally cocky too. It seems to be a common thread amongst many of the better CBs in history. It may be almost intrinsic to the position.

    The only thing I would critique Sherm on in that appearance is that he seemed to let his emotions influence him too much, which hindered him from delivering his message more succinctly. Calling out Bayless was fine. He would look foolish if he continues to feed that troll IMO.

  18. Southendzone says:

    FaninMT: 100% agree. Bayless’ only agenda was to try to bring the Sherman/Revis twitter feud into the conversation. Because Bayless isn’t an NFL reporter or specialist in any way. He hosts a talk show that he tries to make edgy and interesting and it’s only tangentially related to actual sports topics.

    I’ve got no problem with what Sherman said in that interview but it would have been more emphatic to just say “No, I won’t do your crappy show, it’s beneath me” and not even appear on it.

    But then I wouldn’t have my new favorite line “I’m better at life than you”.

  19. Lets get the ages correct we have a 60 something and a 20 something acting like a 14 year old drama queen High schoolers

  20. Ambassador says:

    If you wallow in the mud with a pig, you only get dirty. But sometimes you got to get a little dirty if you want bacon. You know what I mean? Sherman represented himself well considering he was talking to a fool.

  21. Carlsonkid says:

    When’s the last time a Seattle sports figure had a mouth and an attitude to go with it , and backed up his words with his play ? Gary Payton . I find it refreshing and entertaining . Seattle sports teams have always been somebody’s doormat , from the Mariners being the Yankees farm club to terrible Hawks teams in the 90’s ( love ya ‘Tez ) , we’re south Alaska to the east coast . Suddenly we have a damn good team , and an excellent player on that team who stands up for himself and the club . Good for him . Good job Sherm , you go boy …

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    Bayless is a 2 bit hack. Unfortunately, he’s a 2 bit hack with a giant megaphone so ignoring him isn’t going to work. I’m not going to clutch pearls over the idea that Sherman was the one to use his megaphone against him. If more athletes did the same, ESPN would get the message and Skippy would be off the air.

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    You are right 420, not hate, dislike would be the better word.

  24. chrisj122 says:

    I don’t really have a problem with Sherman going after Bayless like that, I do think it went a little to far but it was somewhat expected.

    I would prefer Sherman keep the trash talk on the field, where it belongs but you can’t expect every player to react like Russell Wilson would have.

    Different personality’s, different reaction’s.

    There is always that guy on every team who is loud, cocky, and likes to talk trash. It just so happens the guy on our team is really good, so he is going to get a lot of attention for both his play and his mouth.

  25. “…Can free agency start already so there is something REAL to discuss?…”

    Real soon. My Plan A was to hijack DE Micheal Johnson over to the Hawks but obviously the Bengals have turned the corner and are no longer “the Bungles”. Kudos to them. I’ve never been more curious about a Seahawks off season. We have obvious roster holes on the D Line & at Will LB but our FO is hard to predict when it comes to exactly how they will go about filling those holes or adding depth. Our recent TE signing shows their mentality in locating talent. The next few months are going to be very interesting.

    Until yesterday I had never heard of Bayless. If Sherman had not made his appearance I might have been spared from ever knowing that yokel existed. His ratings must have just taken a shot in the arm.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    Bayless has been around forever and he’s the same roach he’s always been. Go find his article about the Seahawks Superbowl XL run to understand why he’s particularly hated in Seattle. Good for Sherman for calling him out, but it’s going to take more athletes doing the same thing before ESPN will drop him.

    Michael Johnson would be nice, but with JS/PC draft history, particularly on defense and the salary cap remaining relatively flat, an Abraham or Freeny will do. I can’t see them not taking a DE somewhere and along with Clemons eventually coming back, that’s all they need. Leave high ticket FA price tags like DE to teams that can’t develop their own talent.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    Unless they can get Bennett for 8 mil or so a year, I wouldn’t throw any big money at any of the other UFA DEs.

  28. HawkfaninMT says:

    I agree Nate…

    My targets would be Michael Bennett, Martellus Bennett, Desmond Bryant, and Wheeler. Any combination of those guys and the draft will be a lot more about BPA and less about filling needs.

    If those 4 were to sign we could in any direction they want without any obvious holes in my opinion

  29. IdahoHawk says:

    I bet every pro athlete was grinning ear to ear when they whatched that interview.

  30. SandpointHawk says:

    @ Galena, here you go, the article that made many of us forever dismiss Bayless…

  31. Someone should show that article to Sherm, maybe he will go back on and fight Skip. Now that, i’d pay to see. Thanks for bringing that article back sandpoint…that really brought back some emotion…i want to fight Skippy boy now. what a dbag

  32. I sure am a big fan of Steven Jackson. I wish we had a place for him on the team, but alas, we don’t. Still – this guy is one of the best. I wish him well…

  33. sluggo42 says:

    Lol, on the whole thing, I doubt Sherman ever mutter skippys name again…
    ’twas the funniest moment of the off season thus far though eh?

  34. WiscCory says:

    I’m trying to teach my son that bringing attention to yourself isn’t a good thing. Richard Sherman is confirming this offseason why that lesson has merit.

    I always thought Bayless was a jackass. However, Sherm made a fool of himself in that exchange. Just shut up and play football.

  35. WiscCory says:

    Did anyone see the Denard Robinson interview on NFL am? Now that kid has some personality! If the Hawks didn’t have Golden, I’d be all over getting that dude in a Hawks uniform.

  36. The person I feel for in all this swag is Paul Allen. Sherman is entering T.O air now and the fall is going to hurt. Just not a fan of this kind od aff the field BS.

  37. BigBlew, I kind of agree. I wish he’d shut up, great player, cool dude, but asking people who is the better shutdown corner, Sherman, or Revis, at Mardi Gras, was a tad much. The Brady “U MAD BRO” picture was kinda funny, but immature, and I was like “Sherman, this is the best QB of this era… let’s not piss him off?”. The smack talk with Harbaugh is acceptable, I’m just gonna feel bad for him if he comes crashing down to earth.

    Do I think he’s in the class as Darrelle Revis? Yeah I do. I also think due to his physical attributes, his ceiling is higher. Do I need to hear about it from him? No.

    Brady never claims to be better than Manning.

  38. Off topic: I just saw that Brandon Kauffman ran the 40 in 4.57 at EWU’s pro day. He had run 4.67 at the combine.

  39. DanielleMND says:

    “Sherman is entering T.O air now and the fall is going to hurt.”

    T.O. was a locker room cancer. I don’t think Sherman is. Lots of players have big mouths, but that’s not enough to compare them to T.O.

  40. Neklok nailed IMO; i.e, wherever you go is where you are…so just be there, and he was…no problem. But youth will all too often also waste too much time around fools…and he did in even being there in the first place.

  41. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Sherm isn’t doing himself any favors with this nonsense. He would have been far more devastating to have simply and succinctly told Skip: ‘You clearly don’t have any real understanding of our team or my own play. I’m not sure why you had me on your show to ask me questions at this point. But if you’d like to know about me or my team, I can talk about that though.’

    Which would have put the entire onus back on Skip to establish any kind of credibility.

    Instead Sherm got into idiotic and meaningless statements like ‘I am more successful at life.’ And comparing what he’s acomplished at the NFL level with what Skip has accomplished as a broadcaster.

    All of which can never be successfully argued one way or another. And whatever that means? It’s a 24 year old who says such things. And despite his degree from Stanford in communications he still has a few skills to pick up.

    If I were Sherman, I would follow this up with saying publicly some variation of: ‘I made a mistake in engaging such a poorly informed understanding of me and my team in the person of Mr. Bayless and on television. I’m not apologizing for my own personal opinions, but there was no purpose served in putting them out there in the manner that I did.’

  42. We’ll see. Sherm isn’t the most mature individual on the team. We can only hope he grows into it and moves forward.

  43. Richard Sherman, I love you. Please impregnate my wife with your seed.

    For real here, Skip Bayless needed that said to him. It’s been a loooong time coming; believe. All Richard did was say what’s been on the minds of many Seahawks fans for years. As someone pointed out, look at this clown’s body of work as it relates to the Seattle Seahawks. How can anyone, not just Bayless, say that Sherman isn’t at Revis’ level?

    So what Sherman got emotional? Why is he having to defend himself for things he’s said which are for the most part true? This was bound to happen the second they let he and Bayless even start talking to one another. Bayless talks in circles. He constantly deflects when he’s in the wrong, and he is about as stubborn as a brick wall.

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