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Morning links: Seeking the next Russell Wilson

Post by Eric Williams on March 3, 2013 at 8:51 am with 84 Comments »
March 3, 2013 8:51 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson throws the ball during the second half of an NFL preseason football game in Kansas City, Mo., Friday, Aug. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson throws the ball during the second half of an NFL preseason football game in Kansas City, Mo., Friday, Aug. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes that every general manager is looking for the next Russell Wilson when they dig in and evaluate this year’s quarterback draft class.

Not so much a short quarterback who can overcome his height, Pompei writes, but a player loaded with leadership and intangibles that can come in and lead a team.

For that reason, USC’s Matt Barkley is rising up the draft boards, says Pompei.

Pompei: “NFL teams aren’t looking for the next great short quarterback. But they are looking for a quarterback with intangibles so powerful that he can overcome whatever he may lack physically, ala the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.

“In that regard, Wilson is having an impact on how teams are evaluating quarterbacks. Front office men from two teams told me they have been asked to be more in tune to a quarterback’s intangibles this year. “Our front office wants to know who the Russell Wilson is in this group,” one high ranking scout said. “Intangibles have become more important because they can overcome everything else.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, recently released by Philadelphia, is scheduled to visit Seattle on Monday and San Francisco on Tuesday. Jenkins visited the Giants on Friday.

Russell Wilson discusses the art of throwing the deep ball in this video link.

Brady Henderson of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that NFL Analyst Charles Davis believes that Tennessee receiver Cordarrelle Patterson would be a good fit in Seattle.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times writes that the Bucs have the largest coaching staff in the league at 24 people, one more

Stu Woo of the Washington Post takes a closer look at the Twitter followers for every major sports team. The Arizona Cardinals have the fewest twitter followers in the NFL.

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York doesn’t believe the New York Jets will trade for Matt Flynn. Cimini: “A lot of folks are saying the Jets should trade for Seahawks backup QB Matt Flynn, but he’d hardly be a sure thing. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, formerly Flynn’s coordinator in Green Bay, passed on him last offseason. Chiefs GM John Dorsey, formerly a Packers exec, also passed, as the Chiefs opted to trade for Alex Smith. It tells you something about a player when the people who know him best don’t want him.”

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated’s top 40 players in this year’s NFL draft is worth a look.

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  1. Short passers got no reason
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    Maybe Ryan Mallett
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    But they don’t want no short passers
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    (with apologies to Randy Newman and GeorgiaHawk)

  2. Dukeshire says:

    “I’m Russell Wilson and I throw a sexy deep ball.” He did not look like that was comfortable for him to say. lol. He does throw one of the better rainbows I can recall. He just drops that thing in the bucket.

    And I’m glad to hear him say that Steve Yong is one of the guys he really looked up to. I’ve always felt that was a far more accurate comparison than the Tarkenton stuff. To me, Tarkenton and Zorn would be a better pairing. In any case…

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Oh Stevo… Et tu, Brute?

  4. all I can do is amuse myself to survive the offseason

    wake me with we sign Dwight Freeney or Michael Bennet

  5. bird_spit says:

    @Stevos – best little ditty in a long time on ha-ere, my brother.

  6. bird_spit says:

    Pete Carroll to Flynn’s agent:
    “You are always free to shop Matt. You can bring every deal back here for us to look over, and we’ll decide what’s best for the team.”

    I sort of doubt a good deal happens, but they try to make Flynn happy by allowing him to seek a trade. Hawks shouldn’t accept much under a 3rd – 2013, and a 2nd in 2014.

  7. Good one, Stevos!

  8. Many of us have always been big on intangibles from the QB position and now some NFL scouts who get paid to do what they do are finally figuring out that they are important? Or at least more important than they thought they were?

    I don’t believe any team should ever want a blockhead at that position and have always felt this way. A blockhead for any other position is acceptable, but not QB. I’ll take a marginally talented winner/football player/leader at that position any day over some talented moron.

    Stevos – good one!

  9. I’m thinking the Seahawks go after just 1 higher end FA this year and it’s Michael Bennett. And in 2014 he fully replaces Red Bryant who will be off the team due to salary.

    And I’m wondering if Jacksonville has any interest in trading for Flynn and if he will remain the backup for this year. They have paid him already and he knows the system so he’s the best option out there for 2013.

    If Bradley is satisfied with Gabbert and Chad Henne it either says something about Bradley’s ability to evaluate QBs or Matt Flynn’s ability to be a starting QB.

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    I understand the intangibles aspect, however Russell is a freak when it comes to body composition. Yes, he has the intelligence, drive, and leadership ability that seems unparalleled, however he is built so uniquely for a QB. 5″10 3/4/ Huge hands/Broad wing span/High release/Rocket arm/Pocket awareness. You just don’t find all of those things in one QB often. Those are the reasons he has manged to be so successful at his physical criteria. His leadership undoubtedly helps. but just because Barkley can lead doesn’t mean he will be just as successful. Wilson has the tools to be great, along with the desire.

  11. With Wilson’s hand size and arm length he’s a 5’11 mutant.

    Pete Carroll won the NFL 101 Award for NFC Coach of the Year last night which evidently is fairly prestigious.

  12. bbnate420 says:

    Seahawks2620, very astute comments. I was going to say much the same myself. RW clearly has all the intangibles in spades, but he is a highly gifted athlete as well. He was only deficient in one physical aspect, height. Barkley doesn’t have a rifle arm, he can’t run a 4.5 40, he isn’t top flight in agility and quickness. There’s not much of a comparison to me. It would be interesting to hear PC compare them.

  13. Does anyone know if there is an article that describes how Seattle runs it’s draft? I’d be interested to know how they rate the players. I’m sure they have a depth chart per position but I wonder if they also give them an overall score so that when pick time comes around they look at the list with the overall player score and position is secondary. Or does position plus overall score come into play?

    Bobby, read your article about Carp, good job. I believe your right about this upcoming year for him…will he excel or be a bust. Let’s hope for the former.

    I believe we have solid depth on the OL but I would like to see one more standout player on the right side that is a definite starter. I think Breno learned a lot last year and though his play improved throughout the year he still needs to take it to the next level, play smart and keep the penalties at a minimum from day 1. He certainly has the size and strength to dominate that side of the line.

    Let’s hope that Sweezy will also continue to improve. I still scratch my head about Moffitt…does he just not have the “it” factor to be a starter or is there something else that holds him back? I’ve never really heard why he was in the doghouse last year.

  14. bbnate420 says:

    Yes, Red may very well have to renegotiate after 2013 if they draft and/or sign another 5 tech and he wants to be here in 2014. His base salary isn’t guaranteed anymore in 2014 and he is due a 3 mil roster bonus. So, his cap number would be 8.5 mil if kept and only 3 mil if released or traded. I think he will bounce back if healthy, but I don’t ever see him providing pass rush. 2 sacks in 2 1/2 years of starting says it quite clearly.

  15. bbnate420 says:

    Tom, Eric seemed to hint last year that the coaches weren’t crazy about Moffitt’s conditioning. It’s not that surprising looking at him.

    I believe that every, or at least almost every, FO lists draft prospects in terms of both position and also gives them an overall grade. Probably the biggest difference is the importance they place on need as opposed to value.

  16. raymaines says:

    2620 nails it. And I don’t think the scouts get it yet. If all we’re looking for is leadership skills Tim Tebow would get drafted again.

    I also would like to know more about how the Seahawks grade out college talent. I wonder if they have more scouts or just better scouts?

  17. Or maybe they have better insight into the players because of Carroll’s years coaching and recruiting players in College. This draft might be the last year he has the advantage. Or possibly next year is the last.

  18. I don’t know who started the “Southern Alaska” thing on this blog, so I don’t know who to give credit to. I think it’s pretty funny though.

    TomIPDX – thanks.

    The Seahawks instruct their scouts to grade college kids to how they would fit within the Seahawks’ schemes.

    That is not at all to say they won’t take a player and tinker with their own schemes to put them in position to succeed, as we all know that Mr. Happy does a great job at adapting too.

    But that’s what I read or listened to not too long ago. I think it was a Schneider interview at the combine?

  19. Interesting how it comes down to finding the next Russell Wilson, and not the next RGIII or Andrew Luck.

    Going to take it as a big compliment to RW3.

  20. It’s because everyone passed on Wilson whereas most teams would have taken Luck or RGIII but they weren’t available.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    The so-called “intangibles” have always been an important part of QB evaluations. This isn’t anything new. But what I think does have front offices attention, is that a franchise QB can be had outside the first round. Which too has always been the case, but recently there has been the notion that if one doesn’t have a top 5 pick (or there-about) you’re doomed. In other words, Wilson has made it impossible to dismiss a QB simply because he doesn’t fit a given profile.

  22. Wonder how much more emphasis scouts & pro-personnel depts are gonna give QB intangibles? Will a team that needs a QB (e.g. AZ) move up in the draft to acquire Matt Barkley?

    BobbyK liked your article on Carp – thanx!

  23. chrisj122 says:

    There is only 1 Russell Wilson and we have him!

    If teams are going to try to mimic what PC & JS have done to evaluate players, I think many of them will fail miserably. Especially at the QB position.

  24. BobbyK–I didnt invent the South Alaska thing (I got it from someone on Seahawkaddicts, cant remember whom), but I will take a good amount of the credit for popularizing its use on this blog. No one was using it when I began posting again after Addicts fell apart, and it seems to have caught on.

    The Scouts for Seattle also are looking for players that are versatile, and who have something “special” about them–agility, a zen-like ability to guess where the ball is going, great leaping ability, etc, etc..

    They have said if they find a player with something special and/or unique, they will then adapt their scheme/playcalling to take advantage of that talent.

  25. I think they got their Caption wrong though; It should have read; “Abraham would look OLD in a Seahawks Uniform”, LOL!

    Who knows? Maybe he could help.

  26. Does anybody have a handle on how JS/PC/SEA pro-personnel staff will do their big board for this season? Will they rank prospects based on the particular position skill biggest needs JS/PC & staff project for the upcoming season, or will they just rank the prospects based on their all-around overall skill sets giving their position coaches the most flexibility to develop multiple schemes and plays? Last season for example, B.Irvin seemed like a pick based on a prospect’s meeting the biggest position skill need (speed to the QB). Will JS/PC, et al make their 1st pick the same way this time? Is the greatest need the defenses need to pressure the QB, again? Is there another B.Irvin in this draft pool?

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    Re: Rant Sports…I always have dismissed the links I get to Rant because the bloggers mostly just rewrite what they read in the mainstream press. So why go there if I’ve read the articles the day before? Now that Bobby is writing for them they are back on the “Need To Read” list. I guess if Bobby takes the time to write about our Hawks, I’ll make the time to read the articles…

  28. Dukeshire says:

    klm – There isn’t a FO in the league that is forthcoming about how they set their board. Even an organization as “open” as Seattle’s under Carroll, will protect that like the nuclear codes. The only honest way of knowing how a FO evaluates players / sets their board, is from their draft tendencies over time.

  29. STTBM – Nice. Thanks.

    Sand – The one thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t seem to have writers for every team so a team like the Seahawks, prior to today, didn’t have a writer that specializes in the team. Instead, articles for the Seahawks were written by people who signed up for them, even though those guys most likely specialized in another team(s). Many times when we see sites that say dumb thins about the Hawks – that’s probably what it is – written by people who don’t follow the team like we do. It would be like me writing about the Bengals or something.

    The only reason I started doing it is because I have a co-worker who took a position over a month ago to be a full-time writer for the Minnesota Twins and I thought it sounded pretty cool. The Twins content really wasn’t great and now he’s really got the Twins stuff looking good/respectable (but others can still post potential bad articles under your team, too – that’s why it’s nice to know who the author is).

    I have a feeling that Duke is going to have some Seahawks content to share over there in the next few months, too. :)

  30. SandpointHawk says:

    It’s all good. Nice to see someone who knows the Hawks get on board.

  31. I didnt realize Bobby wrote that piece. Thats cool. Sorry if I offended you man, I was just trying to be funny. I know, I know, 10,000 comedians out of work, and I’m trying to be funny…

    Abraham is just as likely to produce for Seattle as Dwight Freeny–maybe moreso. He did have 10 sacks last year, even if he is almost as old as me.

  32. Bobbyk–And good job. I never noticed a fellow commenter wrote it, because it seemed legit. Not that us commenters dont have stuff to say that makes sense, but good job stating your thought process so succinctly. And Kudos for taking the time to take over the Seahawks slot, its great to have someone who knows the team writing about it. Outside Seattle’s newspapers and a couple quality blog writers, its a wasteland out there.

  33. AKSeahawk12 says:

    BobbyK- Here is your answer to “Southern Alaska”

  34. AKSeahawks12 – Thanks!

  35. Bobbyk–Seriously, man, I am sorry if I offended you or was rude. I didnt mean it the way you seem to think. I have only a minute or two in between babysitting, cleaning, cooking, packing for my week away from home to work, etc…I really was just trying to make a funny comment that had nothing to do with my opinion on whether or not Seattle should sign Abraham.

    If they sign him, I will be a big fan. If they dont, I dont mind either. Unless we have a crappy pass rush next year too…

  36. DanielleMND says:

    So what’s wrong with Flynn that teams aren’t interested? I haven’t heard of any character issues, and he handled his demotion behind a rookie well. He looked solid in his two career starts. His current contract isn’t outrageous for a starting QB.

  37. Typical NFL – wasn’t a high pick so must not be good – while I am not convinced he is a superstar, it was clear in his starts and in the Pre-Season here he was better than Tjack – and when he was here he played as good or better than many current NFL guys.

    It would be cool if someone offered some crazy conditional pick – like a 4th that comes a 3rd if he starts 13 games, a 2 if he hits some kind of yardage escalator and a 1st if he was in the pro-bowl .

  38. STTBM – I didn’t take it that way at all. I thought it was funny.

  39. seahawk44 says:

    It looks like Randy Moss is done in SF. Any interest in seeing him in a Seahawks uniform this season?

  40. bird_spit says:

    pabs says “This draft might be the last year he has the advantage. Or possibly next year is the last.”.

    I can only agree with you in one way, but I think your missing the big picture in this regard. Yes, PC has done significant analysis on some of the guys entering the draft. It is probably a relative small number of potential recruits (100-300 per year?). But you miss or degrade his greatest talent. He has a strategy, and personality in regard to his analysis that is unwavering. He has set targets on what he is looking for, ie tall, physical corners with man to man skills for example. He , along with JC then manage a group of guys, beat the pavement, hit the phones looking for those physical/ mental targets per position. It allows for fast weed out, and they can drill down on any guy by using PC recruitment skills/management skills.

    I think PC has a very minor advantage in evaluating guys based on his prior knowledge of them . His big advantage is his processes of analysis honed in his years at USC. He has surrounded his self with many gifted coaches and other evaluators. This is a PC managed team, all of his guys working at the beat of his drum. That is his advantage. That wont change for a long time. I think PC / JS team is successful, and we see a Hawks superbowl within the next few years. Anyway, the PC/JS team is just getting started..

  41. I’m old enough to remember when Seattle was often called “the gateway to Alaska”.

    Bobby, seeing your last name I get why you go by the initial. (insert chuckle here). Good article.

  42. blueshq – Yes. I had an uncle who would always call me “BobbyK” when I was a little kid and the name stuck for certain family members.

    Today I talk about why we should keep Flynn:

  43. Pro Football Focus came out with Seattle’s most overvalued and undervalued players with respect to cap number and their grading system. As expected, the undervalued list was populated by the draft picks or College Free Agents (7/10) and the overvalued list was populated by players drafted by other teams (7/10).

    2 of the top 3 overvalued members were on the DL. The DL was the highest paid position group on the team and played like one of the weakest. Some of these guys stole money this year.

  44. pabs – love that PFF article, been waiting for it, thanx. What I wonder is how on earth are PC/JS gonna be able to re-up those guys when their rookie contracts are up?

  45. A combination of available cap space and restructuring/cutting the “overvalued” group. Maybe they can even carry over excess cap space from 2012-2013 to when they will have to resign the 2010-2012 draft classes.

  46. chuck_easton says:


    No, no, oh and NOOOOOOOOOO on Moss.

    He thinks he’s stilla #1 receiver.

    Even though he never complained to the media he made enough trouble in the locker room to get SF (who is WR needy) to pass on him for this season.

    Seattle is building something good here. Don’t need a Prima Donna WR way past his prime ability wise but still great if only in his own mind.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, that’s exactly why they have to be judicious with the money that they spend now. Any cap space not used this off-season can be rolled over to the next one and so on. This is why they can’t afford to sign as big time RT and a bunch of d-lineman. It also puts a high premium on drafting well for every NFL team, because you have to be able to replace players with cheaper alternatives.

    Obviously, the rate at which the cap increases year to year plays a role. The NFL was projecting a cap of 121 mil in 2013, 122 in 2014, 125 in 2015, and 130 in 2016. Some people expect a giant leap after the new TV deals in 2014, but that is not expected by the NFL. Due to larger than projected increases in revenue, the actual cap for 2013 is going to be 123 mil. So it is possible that the cap will grow faster than the NFL projection, like it did in 2013.

    Shedding current contracts will certainly be a part of this equation as well. Flynn will count as 7.25 mil in 2013 and 2 mil in 2014 if he is kept for 2013 and then traded or released after, which he almost certainly would be. He would count as 4 mil in 2013 and nothing in 2014 if traded before the 2013 season. That’s at least an additional 5.25 mil of cap space in 2014. They’re going to get an additional 4 mil in cap space for the decline in Zach Miller’s contract from 2013 to 2014. They would save 6 mil towards 2014 if they release Clemons after 2013. Lynch’s cap number decreases by 1.5 mil in 2014. Releasing Obomanu nets another 2.3 mil in 2013. There’s 19 mil there. Okung’s cap number drops 4 mil from 2014 to 2015, though it does increase 1.7 mil from 2013 to 2014. That points out that there are certainly current contracts that will increase in cap number from 2013 to 2014. Without going through all of them, it looks like the money saved from current contracts having a lower cap number in 2014 will exceed the money lost due to current contracts having a larger cap number in 2014. This doesn’t count players like Red that may be asked to restructure.

    Kam, Mike Rob, Breno, Tate, Thurmond, McCoy and McQ are in the last years of their deals in 2013 and will be an UFAs after. Baldwin and BB will be restricted free agents after 2013. Carp, Moffitt, Sherman, Thomas and Wright will all be in the last years of their deals in 2014 and be UFAs after. RW and Okung will be 2 huge contracts due after 2015, at least, if they stay on the same trajectory. This doesn’t include players like RW, Sherman, etc. wanting to renegotiate before the end of their deals.

    Jesus, now that I have really looked at this, I wonder if the Hawks can afford to even bring one upper end FA in, especially if they aren’t off the books by 2015. One thing’s for sure, some tough decisions will have to be made.

  48. bbnate420 says:

    Maybe I should start writing for that site BobbyK is on if I’m going to
    post such lengthy tomes?

    Chuck, is that pure speculation about Moss causing trouble in the locker room or do you have a source? I wouldn’t bring Moss in personally, so it’s not about me wanting him here. I was just wondering.

  49. chuck_easton says:


    The source is the Bay Area media who have not been overly kind to Moss.

    His complaints at the SB about not feeling like he was used properly and feeling like he should be a #1 did nothing to help him.

  50. I think they can bring in one upper end guy like a Michael Bennett at around $8m a year, but that’s it. Something like 5 years, $40 million with an $18 million cap charge in the first 2 years. In that case, I would see Chris Clemons and Red Bryant both not on the team in 2014.

  51. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, alright, I hadn’t heard that. Like I said, I wouldn’t bring him here regardless. It’s more about the decline in skills to me.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    I hope they do/are able to bring Bennett in. I can’t see Clemons being here after 2013. I think Red would most likely have to restructure if he wanted to stay, certainly if they signed Bennett.

  53. tchristensen says:

    You have to remember the cap will start increasing in 2015 and reportedly by a lot with television revenue.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    tchristensen, that’s not true. Or at least that’s not what the NFL is projecting and telling their clubs. I addressed it in my earlier post. It will increase by more a year than it is now, but it’s not projected to be giant increases year to year.

  55. SaigonSun says:

    Some were asking about our scouts; here is a good article from S :

  56. SandpointHawk says:

    The cap is now stagnant and will stay that way for the next couple of years. The players lost (the lock out) and the new business model has begun. There is just not enough dollars to go around to give the free agents a big raise. The Hawks do seem to work the cap well so I have my hopes up high but I’ve always been a glass half full kind of fan…

  57. rramstad says:

    I have a recollection of seeing the draft board, for the Seahawks, twice on television, both shots from a distance, but still, pretty clear.

    My impression from that was that the players were grouped somehow vertically as well as horizontally, and there were various bits of blank space at the top presumably where names had been and removed.

    It’s a leap from there, but my impression was that the team likely created each position group, and ranked the players within that group, possibly with some kind of tier type logic, and each column was a position group, with the row indicating how good that player was in that group… The columns were ordered from most important for the team to least.

    It might be hard to visualize, but say for example DT is the most important position this year, it would be column one. The players in that column would be ranked from first to worst, with the best one in row one. If they felt that a particular position was overall weak that year, they might not have anyone in row one… or even the first few rows… basically to bias the process towards the positions of relative strength in the draft.

    As players are drafted, they come off the board, and all you have to do is look across each row, starting in column one, and you can see who has relatively high value to the team, and is strong at their position, and available.

    That’s what it looked like to me, and there were a LOT of blank spaces on the board, so I think they were doing some kind of tiering i.e. maybe there’s a position that has a lot of 2nd round type guys, but no great players, and then there’s a big drop off and you’ve got some camp fodder type guys. You might leave the top and a big chunk of the middle empty in that column.

  58. Bobbyk–Cool. I wasnt sure. I have a nasty habit of putting my foot in my mouth when I least expect it, and only realize what Ive done later. I didnt want that to happen here.

    On Michael Bennett; Im all for him. He would be great in Seattle, as part of our D-line rotation. Unfortunately, he may cost more than the team is willing to spend. But I would love to see him back in a Hawks uniform!

    He could replace Jones.

  59. rramstad says:

    Obviously just my conjecture based on being able to pause my DVR and look at the shot over PC and JS where the board was in the background…

  60. bbnate420 says:

    The cap will increase more a year in the future than it has the first few years under this CBA, even discounting the new TV deal. The cap is tied to revenue. I’m sure there’s some complicated formula. The reason that it didn’t really go up at all between 2011 and 2012 and only increased 2.4 mil, which was more than it was projected to, between 2012 and 2013 is that the cap was artificially elevated the last few years. The NFLPA didn’t want the cap in 2011 to be way less than the 2009 cap had been and be a shock to the FA market. The 2009 cap was 128 mil, which they still are currently under. It would’ve been lower based on the formula. Since the cap was artificially inflated, that money had to be paid back to the owners and is by the cap barely increasing.

  61. When is the next scheduled time that Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy are going to address the media?

  62. Sorry, the first repost didn’t work…but the second one did.

  63. HawkfaninMT says:

    I read somewhere (yes that is an official citation) that Martellus Bennett and Michael Bennett wanted to team up. I sure would t mind getting the both of them. DE and TE covered by quality guys that are all in for a team championship together!

  64. Possible FA target…… a 28 year old DE who got relatively few snaps (no starts) last year and still managed 6.5 sacks.

  65. Another possible FA target….. 28 year old OLB, 109 tackles and 3 sacks last year.

  66. Ewalters7354 says:

    Good stuff blocis.I nevet even heard of that guy.He seems to be a good pass rusher.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    “My impression from that was that the players were grouped somehow vertically as well as horizontally, and there were various bits of blank space at the top presumably where names had been and removed.”


  68. Ewalters7354 says:

    Familiar with Wheeler though.He seems to have been in the league forever lol

  69. I had never heard of Wheeler until today. Turns out that he has been in the league 5 years. The nice thing about both of my free agent ‘finds’ is that they are productive AND young. It will be interesting to see how much $ these guys get in FA.

    Hey Eric, (I know you are a Raider fan) any idea if Wheeler is a WLB or SLB?

  70. LeePHilI says:

    There is no other Russell Wilson. They broke the mold.

  71. Probably not the best photo choice.

  72. klm008 — I’ve read a few good pieces over the past few years about how teams’ draft war rooms operate, but like Duke said, I don’t think anyone is very forthcoming about that stuff.

    Here’s a good article by a guy who ran drafts with John Schneider at the Packers

  73. I was the one who made up the phrase Southern Alaska. I was just sitting up in my house and I said “Southern Alaska”. And it stuck. Now everyone is saying it.

    I also nicknamed Alaska “Northern Seattle”, but that one hasn’t really caught on yet.

  74. wake me when Michael Bennett works out for Carroll in Seattle.

  75. I thought we were supposed to wake you when we signed Freeney?

  76. tchristensen says:

    Why don’t the Hawks trade Flynn to New York for Revis? Seems to work. You’re basically renting Revis for the year but if Hawks do well perhaps he won’t demand so much $$.

  77. princeaden says:

    I wonder if the Hawks offered Jenkins a contract ?

  78. CDHawkFan says:

    TC, not sure about the cap numbers and all that, but what have you read to think that Flynn = Revis? From what I have read, Flynn might be worth anywhere from a 3rd round (Seahawks fan view) to released (general public), where Revis might fetch a 1st or early 2nd.

    Why would the Jets trade a 1st for a 6th? Revis is possibly the best corner, Flynn is a back-up QB beat out by a rookie.

  79. Flynn for Revis is definitely a stretch. But Revis worth a 1st? With the type of injury he sustained, nobody knows if he returns to where he was before the injury. I don’t see too many GM’s gambling on that kind of commitment.

  80. tchristensen says:

    I was only looking at it from the perspective the Jets appear desperate for a QB and they’ve also let it be known they’d like to trade Revis. So it kind of makes sense. Perhaps we could throw in Brandon Browner (29 and not getting any younger) to even it up. Just pictures Revis and Sherman as our corners,

  81. Now that would be very nice if Revis returns to form. I think they really like Browner and what he brings to the table when defending the option/pistol though.

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