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“Young Tru” sizzles, “Honey Badger” impresses in final day at combine

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm with 40 Comments »
February 26, 2013 12:56 pm
Louisiana State defensive back Tyrann Mathieu stretches before running the 40-yard dash during the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)
Louisiana State defensive back Tyrann Mathieu stretches before running the 40-yard dash during the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

University of Washington product and Tacoma native Desmond Trufant predicted he would run fast when given the opportunity to perform at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

And “Young Tru” did not disappoint, posting unofficial times of 4.31 and 4.38 in the 40-yard dash today.

Check out Trufant running the 40 here.

Trufant’s official time of 4.38 seconds put him among the leaders in the 40-yard dash for cornerbacks, and tied him with older brother Marcus Trufant, who also posted a 4.38 at the combine in 2003.

Trufant wanted to beat his older brother’s time in the 40, but will have to settle for a tie.

“That’s blistering,” said Mike Mayock, draft analyst for the NFL Network. Mayock had said before the combine that Trufant needed to run in the 4.4s to solidify his status as a potential first-round pick.

Trufant also finished with 16 reps at 225 pounds in the bench press, posted a vertical leap of 37 inches and broad jumped 10 feet, 4 inches.

Mississippi State’s Darius Slay posted the fastest 40-yard time at 4.36, followed by the top-rated cornerback in this year’s draft, Alabama’s Dee Milliner (4.37) and Trufant (4.38).

Mississippi State’s other cornerback Johnthan Banks ran a disappointing 4.61 in the 40. Banks, at 6-2 and 185 pounds, is considered a potential first-round selection.

The “Honey Badger”, LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu ran a solid 4.50 in the 40 and looked impressive catching the ball in position drills, as he continues to work to rebuild his draft stock.

Dane Bruglar of provides a nice run down of the final day here.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on Honey Badger on day 2, he might be a good nickle corner and could take Tru’s spot, Lane did very well last year and Maxwell wasn’t too bad either, but are either of them nickle’s? This is obviously only if Thurmond continues to get hurt.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    “Honey Badger” don’t lift weights…he only managed 4 reps during the bench press. Even Punters have done 7 to 12 reps.

    Not saying lifting weights is the be all end all test for a CB but if you have a job interview and you know one of the requirements is going to be to push 225 lbs of metal up and down as many times as possible, wouldn’t you at least make an effort to TRY and do more than a punter?

    Shows what this kid’s work ethic is going to be when some team gives him a big paycheck.

  3. Being small and running a 40 that isnt all that amazing, added to his obvious arrogance and immaturity, and I would say he has three chances of being a Seahawk–fat, slim and none–and that only if he falls past the third round.

    Young Tru has a better shot of ending up in Seattle. And he wont. Even in the nickel back spot, Seattle wants someone close to 6′-200 lbs with some wiggle.

    Just my opinion. Not trying to argue with you JacDG, just puttin’ out my thoughts.

  4. Tru is a guy Seattle would be interested in, but not in the first round, not this year anyhow. He’s gonna go first round for sure after running that 40 time and killin’ the combine tests, so some other team is gonna get a solid starter for the next 8 years at least…but it wont be us.

  5. …and slim just left town.

  6. I laughed when I heard he managed 4 reps on the bench…I believe thats the worst showing since Fred Smoot (of LoveBoat fame) struggled for ONE rep…

  7. raymaines says:

    STTBM: You’re posting too fast. Slow down.

    Tyrann Mathieu looks like he could do better than that. Lack of commitment? Effort? I’ll pass.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    It bugged the hell out of me that we had 2 sometimes 3 seconds in the pocket while Atlanta had all friggin day, literaly! I would really like another stud TE for our 2 TE sets and i’ll be pissed if Moffitt and Carpenter don’t come to camp in shape. DE and Will, use the rest on both sides of the line, especially D.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    ““Honey Badger” don’t lift weights…” Lol. That’s funny.

  10. Sorry about the repeat posts. It kept giving me an error page and didnt show that my comment had posted. Stupid internet. Operator error?! Never mind that, the important thing here is…..

    Hopefully the Trib will delete the extraneous comments. Once is more than enough for any of my comments!

    HOney Badger spent too much time buffing out his lats and not enough on his pecs.

  11. Ewalters7354 says:

    Boy the draft can’t get here fast enough! I love the combine, but it’s nothing more than a show.I remember last year Dontari Poe lit the combine up and even though he had like 5 sacks in 4 years, the Chiefs drafted him way before he should’ve been.So glad this FO doesn’t do that. Ahhhh :-D

  12. STTBM – did you think it was funny when Fred Smoot couldn’t lift much?

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    Don’t sleep on The Honey Badger over 4 reps.This guy can play! He won’t be in a Hawks uniform but don’t be surprised if he makes an impact on the team that drafts him.Jenoris Jenkins like player.Mark it!

  14. I would pass on the honey badger and DB’s in general. Its not a position of need for starters or depth.

    Having said that, would love to have Desmond Trufant become a Seahawk. But we don’t need him and have better ways to use our 1st round pick.

  15. Not a bad write-up on our offseason needs. Im getting grumpy waiting for FA and the draft…

    Something tells me I will be returning to my usual draft guessing ways after somehow winning last years draft contest; ie, being lucky to guess ONE seattle draft pick. But Im still excited to try…lol!

  16. banosser says:

    Honey Badger.. lol.. How many times do you think he’ll be suspended for ganj?? He’s 5-8… he’ll be a good return guy for some other team…


    While I hope DesTrufant goes in the 1st, and has a great career.. I definitely do not want him to the Hawks in the 1st…

  17. If he gets drafted by the Whiners, I don’t hope he has a good career.

  18. banosser says:

    ^^ I can go with that…

  19. Ouch – it would plain wrong to have a Trufant on the whiners, tards or lambs.

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    Finally, the most overrated portion of the offseason has come to an end. Didn’t follow it, didn’t care.

    For all the talk of Seattle needing another WR, I really doubt they go that route. It seems reporters are caught up on the low numbers by Rice and Tate, but they forget Seattle passed the least of any team, especially early on when they were protecting Wilson. If they want another playmaker, it’s likely they’ll look for a TE rather than another WR. They just can’t get anyone to catch the ball from that #2 spot.

    I also think Seattle’s going to be very active on the phones during the draft. There realistically aren’t going to be many roster spots to be filled, especially after free agency. With 10 draft picks, they could either be willing to trade some of them to move up and get their guys or give them up for picks in 2014 and prepare for losing guys going into their 2nd contracts. If they just sit and pick where they are, they will likely just be throwing them away.

  21. Ewalters7354 says:

    Joe Haden is what 5-7? RW showed that size doesn’t matter. If you can play, you can play.Bob Sanders was also 5-8.

    Seems that people look at The Honey Badger’s asshole ways more than his talent and I understand that.But that still doesn’t take away from him being a heck of a player.He won’t get drafted by the hawks so don’t think I’m vying for him.Just saying the kid can play.

  22. sluggo42 says:

    There is a difference between a football player, and a weightlifter, I remember a wrong guy we had once, real strong, but not much of a player… Aaron somebody…

  23. I also remember a roster full of midgets and undersized “motor” guys that didn’t win much . . . .

    I don’t mind breaking the NFL norm for size/speed/etc. but the problem is that those norms are there for a reason. You can’t break the norm in too many places or you will have problems.

  24. banosser says:

    Haden is 5-11… Sanders was a Safety not a CB… Sanders was really good.. when he was on the field.. and he had 20lbs on Mathieu

  25. bbnate420 says:

    Fred Smoot turned out to be a solid corner for years in the NFL. 4 reps is pretty pathetic. Especially with 31 inch arms. Don’t think it really translates to playing CB though. Deion Sanders doesn’t think so anyways. Not that it’s necessarily related, but Kevin Durant couldn’t do ONE rep of 175 pounds pre-draft.

    I think Shamarko Thomas would be an excellent pick if he fell to the 4th round. He could be the 3rd S/possible nickelback. He’s only 5’9″, but he’s built like a tank at 213. Ran a 4.4 40. Mayock said he’s like a missile in the defensive backfield.

    P.S. Mathieu is over 5’8″ 1/2. If RW is 5’11” then Mathieu is 5’9″.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    They may draft another safety, but I’d be somewhat surprised considering Carroll seems to like Winston Guy quite a bit.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If the Seahawks don’t go D-line in the first I hope they trade back and get some extra picks next year. Especially if some QB hungry team wants to trade up into the later part of the first round by trading their 2014 first round pick.

    With Flynn and the 25th pick we are in good position to take advantage of some other teams QB needs.

  28. Ewalters7354 says:

    I know Bob Sanders was a safety banosser.Duh.All I’m saying is size doesn’t matter.If you can play, you can play.Bench reps are pointless to me if it doesn’t translate to the actual field.Richard Sherman had a poor combine from what I can recall.He was sloppy and slow.Yet look how he turned out.

  29. The problem with undersized guys like Sanders (and our own beloved Tatupu) is that they often have shortened careers due to injuries.

    I dont think anyone is saying Tryann’s pathetic bench press alone dooms him to be a failure. Just like the Wonderlic, it is only a part of the puzzle that needs to be put together in order to make a determination on the players potential/value. But doing so poorly in that test is not a good thing, especially with all the other negatives this guy possesses.

  30. PFT is reporting (and i use that term loosely in their case)that KC has worked out a deal to get Alex Smith from the Whiners. Good for Smith. Wonder what the Whiners get out of the deal–they have 14 draft picks this year already, and its not like all those guys will make the team.

    I wonder if KC was even interested in Matt Flynn at all, or just homed in on Smith. Makes me wonder if poor Flynn will even get a chance to start this year. I fell kinda bad for him, despite his millions. I wonder too if Jax will be interested, I think he’s far more ready to lead a team than Gabbert, and they have at least a good back and one good receiver (Jones-Drew, Blackmon), though their O-line isnt great, and the D is pathetic. I was hoping Flynn would end up in the AFC for a team with some talent around him, I want to see what he can do.

  31. SaigonSun says:

    Late ’80s Saints’ MLB Sam Mills (5’9″); who among us wouldn’t want 5’11” Bronkos’ DE Elvis Dumervil, Lofa ( even thou I’ll buy STTBM’s argument on longevity), RW “to short to be a NFL caliber QB)etc,etc. Why not the Honeybadger? How many of resident gurus here have watched him play more than one game {if you were lucky to see that much)…. “Short people” can play football in NFL.
    Now, I am NOT happy about him ( being stupid)to smoke pot at such a crucial time in his career; but, kids will be kids. If he would be there when we pick with our third round pick….I may take him. If he was there when we pick in fourth—I’d grab him in a heartbeat.That is my opinion. Who knows what JS/PC will do , and those two I trust.

  32. Alex Smith to the Chiefs and it looks like Reid overpaid. It’s about time Andy Reid got the short end of the stick in a QB trade

    Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the Chiefs will trade second-round pick this year – the top pick in second round – as well as another conditional mid-round pick in 2014.

  33. Ewalters7354 says:

    SaigonSun, I have watched this guy play since he was in high school.We are from the same city.He was rated number 1 DB in the state and like 3rd in the country.Even though I hate the school he graduated from lol

  34. SaigonSun says:

    Sorry Big E, I never resided in LA but, LSU is one of the top football programs in my book.

  35. RDPoulsbo says:

    Reid walked into a mess that basically required he make a big move at QB even when there are even bigger problems on that team. I’m not sold on Geno Smith, much less taking him #1 overall, which Reid would have to do. They need Joeckel more if they want to keep their next QB alive. Too bad for them that Alex will stink once again now that he’s back on an offense with no weapons or protection. At least they will have a LT for their next QB.

  36. DanielleMND says:

    CB is our position of least need, IMO. Obviously, if there’s another Sherman in a late round, grab him, but otherwise, we have quality and depth now (just don’t re-sign Trufant).

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