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Morning links: Hawks’ offseason in focus

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 26, 2013 at 6:38 am with 59 Comments »
February 26, 2013 6:38 am
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll watches NFL football practice on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, in Renton, Wash. Carroll and the Seahawks are scheduled to face the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Jan. 6, in an NFC wildcard playoff game. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll watches NFL football practice on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, in Renton, Wash. Carroll and the Seahawks are scheduled to face the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Jan. 6, in an NFC wildcard playoff game. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Dennis Dillon of Sports Illustrated take an in-depth look at the Seahawks as part of his web site’s inside look at all 32 NFL teams.

Dillon lists improving the pass rush, bringing in more weapons for Wilson an making the tight end more a part of the offense as things that should be on Seattle’s to-do list this offseason.

Dillon: “The Seahawks need to adapt the blocking scheme of their offensive line to where it’s more in sync with the 5-foot-11, 206-pound Wilson, who is not a prototype pocket passer and throws a lot while he’s on the move. Tight ends and backs also might have to help. Keeping pass rushers off Wilson, who was sacked 33 times (once for about every 12 pass attempts), is paramount. Right tackle Breno Giacomini is someone the team could stand to improve on, especially in a talent-rich free agent class at the position. The team doesn’t necessarily need a home-run signing there, but the right deal at right tackle could go a long way.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune discusses the year-round sport that has become the NFL, with the league considering shuffling around the schedule so that they have one big event each month.

I talked with Bob Stelton and Jason Stiles of ESPN 710 Seattle about prospects that Seattle could be interested in at the combine. I think Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer could be a nice fit because of his versatility.

I also talked with Ian Furness and Jason Puckett about the Seahawks and what the team’s draft needs are in this audio link.

Dave Wyman of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that Dwight Freeney would be good fit for Seattle – at the right price.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that according to a league source a deal has essentially been agreed to with the San Francisco 49ers trading quarterback Alex Smith to an unnamed team. He also speculates that the Seahawks could trade Matt Flynn to Jacksonville for a fourth or fifth round pick.

Although reports have surfaced that an Alex Smith trade to Kansas City is all but done, Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee writes that according to league sources San Francisco is still discussing potential trades with other teams, and no deal is in place.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports says Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is worth the risk, and can be a playmaker at the next level.

Rob Rang of has a nice breakdown of the top QB prospects and how they performed on Sunday. Rang polled several scouts on hand, and most thought that West Virginia’s Geno Smith performed the best. However, they also said the Smith did not separate himself as the top quarterback in the draft.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports writes that teams looking for the next Rob Gronkowski could find a talented hybrid tight end in the second round.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Eagles have release defensive tackles Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson. Both of those players could be fits in Seattle.

Bucky Brooks of offers his workout warriors from the defensive line and linebackers on Monday.

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated says with the trend of teams moving to more read option looks, coaches and scouts are looking for more athletic offensive linemen who can create better blocking angles in the run game.

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  1. I would be estatic to sign Freeney and Kevin Williams (there’s a good chance he’ll get released for monetary reasons). That would make our starting DL pretty awesome, IMO. Neither are going to command big long-term deals, but still have enough in the tank to help us win a Super Bowl now.

    I’d still want a DE or DT in the first two rounds (I’d be fine with one of each) since those guys only have a few years left in the tank.

    Usually, DL don’t come into the NFL and dominate right off the bat. By signing a Freeney/Williams we wouldn’t have to unrealistically expect a rookie to come in and play great from the get-go.

  2. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby makes sense, however if you are going to sign 2 vets i think you do DL 2nd and 3rd and take a playmaker receiver/TE at 25 or trade down to top of the 2nd with a team looking for a Qb. i am thinking there will still be good value at that point.
    i also am not against OL RT/OG at that point i think breno needs to go.

  3. Williams is old and no longer even in the ballpark of awesome, Bobbyk. Either Jenkins or Patterson would seem a better fit, depending on cost of course. Also, they are younger and PC and JS pretty much avoid old guys like the plague, except for rare instances of dire need.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    “Right tackle Breno Giacomini is someone the team could stand to improve on, especially in a talent-rich free agent class at the position. The team doesn’t necessarily need a home-run signing there, but the right deal at right tackle could go a long way.”

    So replacing Breno would be called adding a weapon for RW? I refuse to by into the hype that RW needs more weapons.Do we not have good receivers and TEs?I mean they may not run a 3.9 forty or may not be flashy, but how often do they drop passes? Also this isn’t a passing team, so these “weapons” are really not even necessary aside from development and depth guys.IMO

  5. I just want to see them pick up one of these veteran D line men. I’m sure Schneider and Carrol will make the right choice. If we can get some like Richard Seymour, who can play inside or out, then the hawks have the flexability to go either DE or DT in the draft. Even if our draft pick doesn’t perform right out of the blocks, you don’t want a vet blocking his time if he does start to shine.

  6. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    EWalters, i think they need to start grooming a replacement for both miller and rice. although i am pretty comfortable with baldwin bouncing back and tate continuing to improve i have serious doubts about rice staying healthy. also you have miller/mccoy not much after that.
    Breno really isn’t very good and even at that i am more concerned with the OG play on both sides. let’s assume carpenter stays healthy and plays well, not great but well. that still leaves a turnstile at RG. now we can hope moffit/sweeny get it and play well. i am not much for counting on that.
    honestly i like getting the DT out of oakland/freeney and drafting 2 DT and DE in the draft. let’s face it if the can draft 2DT,2DE,2LB,2OL and Cb/WR not in any order i think that would be a good draft. now it mat change based on envelopment of people on roster now that could drop to 1DT/1DE.
    love this time of year speculating is fun.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    Pabs i’ll be in NY the first week in April. I hope we go DT and DE and 1 more steal of the draft in another TE to pair with Miller, after that add depth and projects but maybe another vet would be another good idea.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    I forgot a WILL.

  9. I wonder why Glenn Dorsey isn’t getting metioned as a possible free agent pick up. He has had some down years after swiching to a 3-4 and is coming off an injury. I think he would want a short deal so he could prove him self and maybe get a big contract next offseason.

  10. trout_hound says:

    I kind of like Breno’s attitude, but I hear scouts constantly call him out as a weak link. We can do better.

    I can’t get enough of things like this from that SI article:

    Wilson’s plus-16 ratio of touchdown passes (26) to interceptions (10) was the best in history by a rookie QB.

    Best in history. Don’t you just get the feeling that a lot of NFL records are going to fall over the years with this kid?

    If nothing else it keeps guys like ACIB hiding in their basement sucking on a dog turd for comfort.

  11. montana – This place is in downtown Manhattan and had pretty good pizza last time I was there –

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    1 (212) 924-4466
    69 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

    In terms of good Italian that won’t break the bank, this place is in midtown Manhattan –

    1 (212) 265-4000
    136 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

    They have a 4 course meal for $35. The portions are not all that big but it’s pretty good.

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hawkfan, groom replacements for Rice and Miller? They are both only 26yrs old.I agree about Rice’s health, but I mean he did play ALL games this year.Like I said, I think they need depth guys across the board.Imo. So in the case Rice goes down it would be nice to have a backup flanker.

    Breno may not be “good” but he has been starting for the past 2 years and I would think it goes way past”attitude”.This guy is a good puller and run blocker.Pass pro isn’t his strength, but this is a running team.So he isn’t asked to be Ryan Clady.I think he fits the scheme and am comfortable with Breno at this point. Not to mention he’s still very young himself.

  13. They might not be able to afford Rice and Miller past this year.

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    Good point Pabs.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks for the links pabs.

  16. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Ewalters, always good debating you. they are 26 with expensive contracts. my point is you draft a player he takes a 1-2 year grooming and takes freeing up money for the younger must keep player. i see rice as replaceable in all honesty. i feel(i stress the i)that with the run game, read option and wilson scrambling the way he does that the hawks need quick shifty receivers that can separate and get open fast when needed. that is why i am for drafting travon austin at 25 if he falls, i don’t think he will.

    i still think they go after a DT/DE in free agency maybe a guard. as i said i am not happy with breno but guard seems to me to be much more of a need.

    i see areas of need by importance at DE/DT/OG/WILL/nickle CB/WR/RT. that said if they get the jailbird from oakland/sign freeney as options the draft frees up a bit. if not i think they go DL at 25.

  17. We are to the point where we are going to have to plug a few holes and then make decisions on who do we keep and who do we let go?

    That is what NE has been soo good at for so long. knowing who to keep and who they can replace or trade for a first or a 2nd.

    That will be the next test for the twins – they have proven they know how to build it – now they need to maintain it. I believe they probably can, but it is a different strategy.

  18. @hawkfan “i feel(i stress the i)that with the run game, read option and wilson scrambling the way he does that the hawks need quick shifty receivers that can separate and get open fast when needed”

    I get this but even in the Atlanta game when RW scrambled there were times that Rice was open and RW didn’t get him the ball. This did go down over the course of the year and I think will continue to go down.

    They don’t “Target” Rice very much partially because Wilson is on the move soo much – which I don’t mind when it is on purpose, but if the play calls for him to be in the pocket – we can hopefully see him be safe in the pocket for more than 2.1 seconds. I don’t want the too extremes for QB’s a “running” QB or the “pure Pocket Passer” I like a guy that can run but that isn’t what is does ALL the time. I also what a guy who can be good from the pocket but isn’t a statue either.

  19. edstang45 says:

    I like the way these east coast experts know all of a sudden what the hawks need the ignore the no talent hawks all year long until the playoffs when all of a sudden were among the best ..they ignore Pc and say what they think is best sheesh drives me nuts am i being too picky ….tough go hawks

  20. chuck_easton says:

    As always it’s fun this time of year to get a glimpse into what the National Media know/don’t know/think they know/have no clue about our team hidden way up in South Alaska.

    I was watching the combine with my son last night and the scroll at the bottom was showing team needs. As it got closer to Seattle I turned to the kid and said “watch this…it won’t be even close to what Seattle needs.”

    Sure enough Seattle’s needs evidently are 1) WR 2) DL 3) OT.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t see how getting some stud WR in the first round is going to help our pass rush. I don’t see how getting an OT is going to improve the overall depth of the LB unit.

    Maybe it’s just me and I’m too close to the situation to see things as clearly as those guys sitting in New York, but it seems to me it should have read 1) DL 2) DL 3) LB

  21. I am fine with trying to upgrade Breno. he is is the last year of his contract, so it makes sense to bring in his replacement now. DJ Fluker makes sense in round 1, but I have to admit I am a little uncomfortable with the the comparison of him to James Carpenter.

  22. Another RT prospect, this time in round 2, is Menelik Watson. He is a better pass blocker than Fluker, but not as effective run blocking.

  23. I like Easton’s draft board, unless we get some suprise free agent, that’s how I’d play it.

  24. We need a RT who can run block and pass-pro because we are a running team…and because RW rolls to his right to buy time about 90% of the time.

  25. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck, couldn’t agree more about the network coverage.

    funny thing is petejohn may think smith will be fine starting this year at will. they may feel if they can get a free agent DT or DE the team will be fine drafting BPA. we really don’t know how they see the team at this point other than the pass rush needs to be addressed .
    xc, being open and being open where the QB can get you the ball are two different things.

  26. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hawkfan, now I understand. But I also think PC brought Rice and Miller in to be cornerstones. If you notice they always sign young guys who can be good for a long time.When it comes to big money.Good points overall though.

  27. xc, being open and being open where the QB can get you the ball are two different things

    Agreed :) I am just saying I believe as RW gets more experience and sees even more of the field I don’t think you will see that happen as often in the future.

    In the first 5-6 games I don’t think the WR’s did a very good job of adjusting to the “moving pocket” But towards the end they started to make good reads on to where to go, but since (IMO) they weren’t doing that early there was another adjustment time for RW to learn about how they were going to react. With an off season and actually FULL training camp to work together I think MANY of those types of issues will work themselves out, provided we don’t see a sophomore slump like some of the other young QB’s have had, because you know Defense coordinators are going to put together a book on how to stop Wilson – it many or many not work – but they are going to try

  28. CDHawkFan says:

    Agree with you Chuck on the DL, DL, LB selections, the others are ‘nice to haves when you are so close.

    EWalters, you had a couple of nice points about age and Breno, we need to fix our biggest issues and win now, not use high picks on guys that will ride the pine for a year or two.

    Blocis, did you see DJ in his combine drills? I wouldn’t take that guy if he is still there in the 4th. I thought both Bama guys struggled. The Bama and SEC rep are helping these guys because I didn’t see them stand out, actually I felt bad for DJ in his agility drill. Warmack is still getting all the love, but again I didn’t see it and thought that kid fom NC looked better.

  29. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Chiming in on the ‘another weapon for Wilson’ debate: We are a Sidney Rice, Golden Tate or Zach Miller injury away from being rather compromised in terms of available pass catching weapons.

    And one additional player who is true third down and red zone threat would open the playbook even further.

    I’d love also love to pick up a tall, fast burner who stretches the field as well (who doesn’t want one of those), but that’s more of a first and second down player. Nice to have but not necessary for us to win.

    So adding a young and developing starter-caliber receiver pass catcher to the roster does strike me as rather important. And is more important to me than a replacement for Giacomini, who played rather well down the stretch.

    Our problems on the O Line were more at guard and the interior of the line not picking up their assignments. Though I think a one year healthier Moffit and Carpenter, as well as a one year more developed Sweezy are likely to solve our problems there as well.

    I might agree though that more depth and a potential starter at Offensive Tackle is something to be thinking about. An Okung or Giacomini injury probably would be put us in a pretty bad spot last year.

  30. I am not in the win NOW boat – I am in the win FOREVER boat. I want a team that is in consideration to win it EVERY year or 8/9 out of 10 years. Win 2- 3 superbowls over a 4 year stretch.

    Our team is YOUNG – no need to mortgage the future for a single run in the playoffs!!

  31. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    “Maybe it’s just me and I’m too close to the situation to see things as clearly as those guys sitting in New York, but it seems to me it should have read 1) DL 2) DL 3) LB”

    CE, we both agree. But if I were putting together a full list of needs in order of priority, it would be:

    1. DT for first and second down
    2. DE for Leo
    3. DT for third and passing downs.
    4. Weakside Linebacker who stays in for the nickle and dime packages.
    5. Nickle Corner

    6. Another ‘weapon for Wilson’. Possession receiver or Tight End would be my own preference.
    7. Depth at OT
    8. Depth at OG
    9. Depth at Safety
    10. Depth at Linebacker
    11. Depth at RB

    From my perspective, defense fills out our top five player needs. We may have several acceptable options from last years roster to fill DT (resigning Branch or Jones or both), WLB, and nickle corner (healthy Thurmond).

    We don’t have anyone on last years’ roster to be an additional DE though. So I wouldn’t be surprised for an early pick or meaningful free agent signing to happen for that spot.

  32. xcman–Well, the major reason Wilson didnt stay in the pocket on plays designed to be drop-backs is because the offensive line–especially the G’s–couldnt block anyone for more than two seconds. They werent very good. You take away Ungers C play, and the fine play of Okung, and you have the worst offensive line in football, by far. Our G play and RT play never climbed above mediocre last season, especially in pass pro. The line cobbled together a decent season, but much of that was due to the elusiveness and playmaking ability of Wilson, and the sheer badassedness of Marshawn Lynch. Without those guys and their penchant for making something out of nothing, this line would have graded out far below average.

    As much as I want to see our team focus on the glaring holes at DE and DT, we also need a long-term answer at RT and a big fast strong WR. Tate or Rice get injured, we are screwed. The OLB position isnt as scary, as Malcolm Smith did pretty well and has speed and size, and McCoy is okay as well.

    Im still hoping our first three picks are DT, DE, and WR, and OLB and G/T after that. But as long as we find good players, Im okay with whatever they do. Just so long as we find a pass rush and can field an offensive line that can play even average CONSISTENTLY, I will be happy.

  33. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Another observation on Rice and Miller: Signing them both to expensive contracts has bought the team TIME to draft and develop their future potential replacements who will play for far less.

    It’s also conceivable that both will stay with the team when their contracts expire for around $5 to $7 million per year but for another three years. Because they’ve already been paid and they’ll want to stay in the system that knows them. In which case, you can keep the band together.

    The combination of Rice, Miller, Tate, Baldwin, and one additional difference-maker receiver who’s not on the roster yet all playing with RW for say four to five more years would make conceivably make this offense a devastating and scary force when all are healthy.

    One where the whole is far superior to any individual on his own (other than RW himself).

    I think that last piece is another 6’3″ or taller guy who has a huge catching radius, is impossible for a small corner or slower LB to cover. And who gives any DC nightmares when Rice, Miller, Tate and Baldwin are also on the field.

  34. xcman–Well, the major reason Wilson didnt stay in the pocket on plays designed to be drop-backs is because the offensive line–especially the G’s–couldnt block anyone for more than two seconds.

    On this I believe we all agree!!!!

  35. Hit return and it posted arg –

    all I am wanting to really say is that I think we have weapons in Rice and Miller!

    Miller has to stay in to block far too often! look at the Atlanta game to see what he can do if the front line will actually hold up on it’s own.

    Rice had to learn for scramble on like every play and learn what RW was going to do to save his own life. Without a full preseason/training camp to figure that out they had to do that on the fly. There were some comments made by Rice early in the season where he came out and said the WR’s need to get a feel for what RW is doing and adjust, they did and you started to see better results and they were continuing to get better right up until the last game.

    The other WEAPON we have for RW is like all of our RB’s – they can all catch decently but again, they are blocking or chipping alot more often than I would like.

    so with improved/consistent play on the OL a bunch of our little problems could be solved.

    That being said – I totally wouldn’t complain if the right WR guy fell to us that would add Depth and/or provide something to us that we don’t already have.

  36. I agree Fluker did not look impressive in drills at the combine. Like I said, I am put off by the similarities to James Carpenter (we ended up moving him to LG, we don’t want to draft another RT that has to move to RG). But for what its worth, the game is not played at the combine…..

  37. CDHawkFan says:

    I didnt realize you had to choose between the ‘win now’ and ‘win forever’ group. Can you only choose one like you suggest? I dont understand why filling the biggest hole for the last couple of years is mortgageing the future? You would have thought someone floated the idea of Percy H for our 1st. We were 11-5 and 1 game and 25 seconds away from the SB. If we shouldn’t try to fill the biggest gaps now, instead building more so for the future, should we consider Barkley at 25 if he is there or a LT or a MLB, those would help he ‘forever’ cause correct?

    Xcman, which comment cause you to say ‘no need to mortgage the future’?

  38. “The Seahawks need to adapt the blocking scheme of their offensive line to where it’s more in sync with the 5-foot-11, 206-pound Wilson, who is not a prototype pocket passer and throws a lot while he’s on the move.”

    Well this tells me tha Dillon hasn’t done his homework and has no clue on Wilson. He should refer himself to Sando’s excellent write-ups on Wilson’s in the pocket vs out of the pocket stats.

  39. I think Freeney would be a great fit here if he’d take a one-year contract. All he really needs to do is fill for Clemons for maybe 10 or 12 games, and then sub into pass rush packages through the playoffs.

    Other than that, I don’t expect Schneider and Carroll to have much interest in anyone else’s free agents. Old and expensive is the opposite of what they want.

  40. raymaines says:

    I’m all for upgrading every position every year forever and all that, but I really don’t see Breno Giacomini as being the weak link on the O-Line.

    I think BG has one more year (the ’13 season) left on his contract, and I think he’ll he’ll start and do OK. Next year this time he’ll be let go in favor of a younger guy on his (cheap) rookie contract. I don’t know if the new guy will be drafted this year or next, but BG is on his last Seattle contract. Sell your #68 jerseys on eBay while you still can.

  41. I don’t see Breno as a weak like either. But considering that Carpenter has been moved to G, we have a glut of talent at G (Carp, McQuistan, Moffitt, Sweeney). If Carp is really going to stay at G, and Sweeney keeps developing, I”d move McQuistan to RT where they can battle for the starter’s job, and may the best man win.

    The last thing I’d do is spend a lot on a FA O lineman, and I’d be very cautious about spending a high draft pick on an O linemen. Look at what Tom Cable has done with guys who were drafted in later rounds, and look at how much depth we have on the O line, and I don’t see this unit as holding the Seahawks back at all.

  42. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Hawks need to look hard at desmond bryant. 311 lbs can be an every down DT or at the very least a guy that could replace branch and would be better. resign jones and draft another DE or sign freeney to cover for clem till he gets back. i don’t believe bryant costs more than branch, bryant had 4 tackles and a sack against denver and a sack in each of his last 4 games. given the opportunity to join a winning team i am sure he would jump at it.

    so i guess this is where i am at if you get bryant to replace jones/branch in honesty it sounds like he can do both jobs. , if possible sign jones to another `1 year deal.find another clem on the cheap in free agency. i really believe smith can be our will. which leaves OG/OT/WR as most glaring needs. that said take BPA at those three . i would be willing to bet it’s a guard.

    do i think that could happen? sure easily and about 30 other ways they could go. personally i like this one, tomorrow i will come up with something else.

    love this time of the year

  43. tealskin says:

    There are many bodies at the OG position but do any of them create a warm glow? Any diamonds in the rough still to be revealed. Both lines remain major works in progress as far as I can tell. Hope I’m being too cynical.

  44. Wow, if thats a “glut” of talent, Stevos, then I want no part of it. What we have is a glut of bodies, not talent. Until Moffit and Carpenter prove they can a) get–let alone STAY-healthy b)show up in shape and c) play at an NFL level consistently, we have nothing but uncertainty at both G positions and RT as well. Not a good spot to be in.

    Yes, IF Carp and Moffit can get into shape and stay healthy, and IF Moffit can actually play in the NFL, and IF Sweezy makes some giant leaps in understanding and technique, and IF Breno can gain consistency, we will have a real NFL line that does some damage. But one injury, one out of shape dude, or one of them not taking strides in the preseason–any one of those things could seriously weaken the line and make for another monstrously frustrating season.

    Dont even talk to me about McQ. Dude is a below average starter at best, and a liability as anything but capable versatile benchwarming depth.

    Im desperately hoping that Moffit and Carpenter take the starting jobs at G and play well, and that Breno can hold his own at RT. Im still pissed we never got to see Lem JeanPierre at G. They guy looked better to me in his few starts two years ago then Sweezy, Moffit, or Carpenter. It seems Cable may have typecast him as the backup C, and wants to force his trio of handpicked clowns to play well by sheer force of will. I hope thats not the case. I hope the best man is going to get the job. Im tired of waiting for decent line play, especially at G.

  45. Cynical? If you’ve been a Hawks fan for at least 10 years, it aint cynicism; its realism.

    Still, I would love nothing better than to see Carp come back in shape and ready to tear it up. Same for Sweezy and Moffit. I want to see them kicking but and fighting for the job. And despite my grouchiness on the subject, I have high hopes for that crew. Im just not sure enough of them at this point to put all my eggs in one basket and proclaim them the starters for the next 8 years–not just yet.

  46. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, who do you think they should take at 35?

  47. hawkfaninoklahoma says:
  48. I don’t have too much faith in Carpenter. I think he (and Thurmond) are in the forever injured, not win forever camps.

    As for the necessity of replacing Breno – I agree its not an absolute necessity, but I value the tackle spots the most on oline and believe an upgrade would be a good idea before Brenos contract expires. Just getting rid of his bone head penalties will help.

  49. My $.02……. ar #25, take the best DE, DT or OLB pass rusher available.

  50. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    blocis, what if they address DT/DE in free agency?

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m totally in agreement with STTBM about our Our guards, Pass protection is horrible, however run blocking is good. So I would like to see us add one more guard to the mix.

    BTW- I am very happy to have our two most important line positions in good hands with Unger and Okung.

  52. Somebody here mentioned MIN’s Phil Loadholt as an available UFA RT who is really good at both pass and run blocking. PFF ranks him 27th among 122 tackles at pass-pro, 4th at run blocking. Other very good (pass-pro/run-blkg) FA RTs are CIN’s Andre Smith (19th/6th), NE’s Sebastian Volmer (22nd/21st), NYJ’s Jason Smith (47th/22nd), and DET’s Gosder Cherilus (5th/32nd). PFF ranked Breno Giacomini (103rd/83rd).

  53. bbnate420 says:

    Since when wasn’t Giacomini a good run blocker? He seems to be to me. He’s not a very good pass blocker, but he’s okay okay for a RT. He seemed to struggle a lot more in pass protection when he had Sweezy next to him, whom I don’t think he could trust to be assignment correct. He had major issues with penalties early in the year, but he was able to get that turned around. Okung had issues with penalties early on as well.

    I also don’t see G as a major need. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t draft one later on, but I think it would be stupid to waste an early pick on one. Unless they fill most of their other needs in FA, which I highly doubt they do. They have 4 guys fighting for 2 spots. McQuistan is solid and can start if need be. Carpenter will be very good by the end of 2013 if he’s healthy. I don’t think it’s fair to label him injury prone yet. He had a major injury his first year, and he shouldn’t have come back as quickly as he did last year. Most people didn’t expect much out of him in 2012. Moffitt could be a solid to good G if he takes getting into shape seriously. Sweezy should be much more prepared to play in 2013. He’s already a very good run blocker and should make significant improvements in his pass blocking in 2013. Carpenter and Sweezy would ideally be the starters. They also still have another young G in Rishaw Johnson.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    klm008, Seattle isn’t going to spend the money to sign any of those RTs. With the exception of Jason Smith and he sucks. He sucked for years with the Lambs, and I don’t think the Jets are going to try and resign him. That should tell you something. His case points outs the limits of trying to objectively and quantitatively grade O-lineman. O-line play is so interdependent. I don’t really put a lot of stock into those rankings. Every position is interdependent to some degree, but I think it’s a lot easier to grade a position like WR based on quantitative data.

  55. bbnate420 says:

    As far as Miller goes, I guess I’ll repeat it again since many here seem to be repeating the same fallacy, IMO, over and over about him. If they’re going to release him, it will be before the 2013 season and not after. I don’t think they will release him at all if he stays healthy. Yes, he has a huge cap number of 9.8 or 10.8 mil in 2013. 5 mil of that will count against the cap EVEN if he is released. His cap numbers decline SIGNIFICANTLY in 2014 and 2015. His cap number is either 5.8 or 6.8 mil in 2014 and 4.8 or 5.8 in 2015. If you think they’re going to sign another TE of his caliber for any less than that then I’ll take some of whatever you’re smoking.

    The Hawks, like every team, have to have priorities for areas of improvement in the off-season. They can’t significantly improve every area of the team. They’re not going to get upgrades at OG, RT, WR, TE, DE, DT, LB, nickelback, QB, and S. Not unless they hit on every draft pick and get immediate contributors with every pick, which is next to impossible.

  56. Hawkfaninoklahoma–I havent decided who I want them to pick at 25. Ideally, they would take a DT or DE who is a stud from day one. As long as that happens, I will be a happy hawkfan for sure. I wouldnt howl if Cordarrelle Patterson was the choice either, especially if they find a DT/DE in FA and get one in the second.

    The most important thing is to get a solid contributor with star potential at that pick, regardless of position. We cant afford to draft a guy who will take three years to make an impact.

    I like what little I’ve read and seen about a bunch of the DT’s and DE
    s, though most will be gone by 25. Im kinda hoping Seattle trades up to 20 or even 15 to ensure they get their impact player. If not there, then at least to trade up in the second round.

    I dont want a G/T high either, but I wont scream if they take a guy who is a great deal if he comes out and plays well. Just so long as they also fill their needs at DT and DE. OLB is not as big a need, IMO.

  57. I think they get a DT and a DE in FA, and draft one of each as well. They will expect the veterans to perform well in preseason, and if they dont, they will get cut. I dont see them breaking the bank though. Im nervous, but excited. Not sure if I want Branch back or not–depends on how FA goes and his asking price I guess.

  58. I like PFF because they do their due-diligence in coming up with their stats. They watch every play and every player in every snap of every game and report how successful that player was at doing their job on every play, kinda like a position coach would except without the eye of looking how to improve their play. I know Cable significantly improved SEA’s OL zone run-blkg, and PC/JS will listen to whatever he sez regarding FA and draft acquisitions. I don’t see the kinda OL results that our ’05 team had. That’s what I’d like too see. I see that the OL will improve with more time together, but wonder if there aren’t OL FAs available who might be better material for Cable to mold into the best OL in the NFL. We’ll soon see.

    What I question most about PFF is their lack of any weightage factors used to distinguish the importance of one criterion over another, (e.g. PFF rates penalties as important to a teams overall offensive play as they do that teams ability to successfully pass the ball.) In their overall performance, SEA’s offense ranked 7th and their defense ranked 8th among the 32 teams last season. They went well beyond my expectations for a season with one of the more difficult schedules. So this season my expectations are blown up way outta proportion and I’m looking for potential reasons to curb them. OL performace comes to mind. At pass-pro SEA ranked 13th and were ranked 15th at run-blkg. Yet, PFF ranks SEA 6th in passing the ball and 1st in running the ball. SEA has the skill position players to do the job, despite their OLs shortcomings. What would we do if the OL had no shortcomings?

    On the defensive side, according to PFF, SEA’s run-d performance declined from the previous season, probably due to Red’s playing on an injured foot and why-ever Branch failed to perform like his ’11 season in ’12. SEA ranked 21st at run-D in ’12 (9th in ’11). SEA ranked 10th at pass-rush in ’12 up from 19th in ’11 (good for B.Irvin.) It was still obvious from post season that depth is badly needed there. At pass coverage, SEA went from 2nd in ’11 to 1st in ’12 (Thank You^3 PC!)

  59. Reading and interpreting stats is an art as much as a science. Good info KLM; appreciate it.

    Funny, I thought Seattle’s pass pro stunk, but im sure the stats were skewed by Wilsons ability to run and perform on the run when the line didnt hold. I also thought their run blocking overall was better than pass pro, just wildly inconsistent.

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