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Carroll favors keeping Matt Flynn

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 22, 2013 at 2:47 pm with 59 Comments »
February 22, 2013 2:47 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll understands that reserve quarterback Matt Flynn would like an opportunity to earn a starting job on another NFL team.

However, Carroll might be leaning toward keeping the LSU product in the fold as part of his talented quarterback room.

“To have a caliber of second quarterback like Matt, you can’t get better than that,” Carroll said. “That’s a great deal for us. And so we’re very solidly in favor of keeping that together if we could.”

That news might not sit well with Flynn, who would like another chance to earn a starting job on another team. However, Carroll could point to 8 million reasons why Flynn should continue to remain a good soldier in Seattle.

“Matt’s got to take what comes,” Carroll said. “He’s open. He’s a great competitor. He wants to do everything he can. He wants to win our job. That’s the one he has still. He wants to go for that. If that opportunity, when that’s no longer there, he’s going to keep fighting, just like he did this season. … He wants to play. He’s sat around for awhile now. He wants to play badly, so he’s going to battle wherever he gets his chance to. Right now we’re just fortunate to have him.”

Another reason Seattle might not be in a hurry to move Flynn on is because it will be hard to find a competent quarterback with a similar skill set as Russell Wilson.

“Where are you going to find another Russell Wilson?” Carroll said. “How many of him is there? If there’s another one, we’d like to find him. It’s going to take an unusual athlete that can run exactly the same stuff, and we’re not necessarily going to be able to get that done.

“We’re going to take the best guys fighting for that third spot. Matt can run our offense, every single aspect of it. But we’re not going to run him a lot. Other than that, he’s going to be in the classic sense of a quarterback, and he can run the whole thing. He’s already proven that to us. So we’re in good shape there. It would be really exciting to have another guy that could transfer both styles of it, but I can’t imagine it. We’ll find out. We’re working on it.”

In terms of the draft, Carroll said he likes the quality of speed rushers available in the early rounds.

“We’ve got a long ways to go on figuring this out,” Carroll said. “There are some speed guys – a half dozen guys that are big, long fast guys that we have to sort out. And right now we’re just figuring out kind of who they are. But there are some guys that are interesting and exciting. We’ll see as we go through it.

“There’s some big guys inside, but not really the pass rush-oriented guys that maybe we saw when (Ndamukong) Suh and (Gerald) McCoy and those guys came out a couple years ago. But still really good football players that can help, and could help our team.”

On the ongoing beef between Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis, Carroll had this to say: “It’s obvious that Rich has a lot of time on his hands. I haven’t read one word he said. I just see the pictures and the mouth going, and I know what’s going on. He’s just having fun with it. Richard knows what he’s doing, and he’s having fun playing with the whole thing.

“And he had a tremendous season, and a very good last season. So he has something to stand on right now. It’s better than when he used to talk when he didn’t.”

Carroll said that because Seattle is close to being a Super Bowl contender, the Seahawks will not sign a couple grizzled veterans just to push them over the top.

“We just want to keep developing our team, and allow our team to grow and mature,” Carroll said. “But we’ll still look at every single opportunity. There’s some guys out there in the later stages of their career that we will look at, but not with that thought that let’s just get a couple old guys to really put it all together. I don’t think that’s where we are.

“This team has been built really from the inside-out, with the young guys. And we’ve got some great, experienced players. But for us, this is a very young football team, and we’ll continue to grow that way.”

However, Carroll did not rule out the possibility of adding a player like recently released Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson.

“Charles has been a good football player,” Carroll said. “I don’t know if this is the time and place or not. I know he’s looking for a spot right now. A guy of that kind of caliber, it would be a great opportunity to have him play with our young guys. I don’t know if it will ever work out, but we’ll see.”

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  1. Everyone’s a poker player now…

  2. The GM says they are open to shopping Flynn. The coach says he wants to keep him.

    The coach (who Seahawk fans know has all the real power) says they won’t sign grizzy vets to push them over the top…

    …yet says they will sign a grizzy vet (such as Woodson) to help them get over the top.

    Yes, Galena, you’re right. Everyone is a poker player now:)

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Rich… that’s funny.

    It’s not surprising to me at all Carroll likes having Flynn. What HC would want a capable back up, who could be a very successful starter in the league.

    I must be one of the few people who actually thinks Carroll is about as transparent as any HC in the league. He seems awfully straightforward, to me.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Schneider said they were openly shopping him?

  5. He said that they would listen since that is part of their job and that he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t listen. Go back and look what Eric wrote about what JS said. He recognizes the value of keeping Flynn

  6. Nevermind. I should shut-up and never say anything…

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Tom. I’ve been in Colorado this past week and haven’t been totally up on everything.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    From Wikipedia-

    In the 2008 Bowl against Rutgers, Wilson threw for 186 yards and a touchdown and rushed for 46 yards before halftime. Late in the first half, he scrambled to the Rutgers’ four-yard line, where he was tackled and suffered a knee sprain. With Wilson sitting out the remainder of the game, his replacements threw a combined total of three interceptions with NC State eventually losing, 23–29.

    Perhaps a good reason to keep Flynn around for awhile.

  9. beavercleaver says:

    I think it’s pretty clear too. Without repeating what I wrote in the last thread, I think the Hawks will only part with Flynn if somebody gives up the house (a 1 or 2 next year) otherwise keep him! You need a strong back up to make a run. This team does not want a rookie as their second stringer. Yes, we did it with Wilson, don’t expect it again. And can anbody name an available veteran that they would have more confidence in than Flynn?
    Personally I will be shocked if the Hawks trade him for a mid low round pick as has often been mentioned.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, that’s more of a reason to phase out the read-option while his development continues to progress as a downfield thrower. Every team in the league needs a capable back-up, regardless.

  11. Georgia – that was the first time I ever watched Wilson. It was shocking to see how he elevated an inferior team and carried them on his back.

    It was also the only College game that started 2 QBs drafted by the Seahawks.

    Wilson is much thicker now than he was then. He almost seems to have an identical build to Lynch.

    I’m sure Schneider would love to get a 4th or 5th round pick for Flynn but seeing how that won’t happen, it makes sense to keep him. Flynn’s second year payout is

  12. Continued. …

    much lower than his first year. Besides, the Seahawks aren’t beating any decent team on the road without Wilson. The way this Defense holds a lead, they have enough trouble even with Wilson.

  13. As I commented in the last thread, Brock and Salk on 710 ESPN implied this morning that Flynn’s agents have contacted the Seahawks and told them that he is not happy and wants an opportunity elsewhere. They also said that he would not be a distraction. Carroll seems to want everybody to buy in 100%. Doesn’t sound like Flynn is. This is the same coach that cut TJ Housh and ate $8 million because of attitude. Do you think he wants Flynn on the team if he doesn’t want to be here?
    And would you take a 5th to 7th rounder just to get rid of him….
    They have to make it sound like they want him on the team. If they make it sound like they are going to cut him, they can’t get anything for him.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    “He almost seems to have an identical build to Lynch.”

    Okay, let’s get a hold of ourselves. In a land of gross hyperbole, that comment really stands out. lol.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    I think so too Rodman, they have to keep up the impression that Flynn has value.

  16. “…we’re very solidly in favor of keeping that together if we could,” said Pete.

    To me, analyzing phrases, that sounds like he’s open to a deal at the right price. What could he possibly mean by “if we could?” The Hawks have Flynn under contract. There’s no “could” about it. So why not a flat statement? “We’re not trading him no way no how.” Because somebody might come along who might just twist Pete’s arm with a high enough draft choice or player. I agree with all that this is “poker face” time, and our speculations are a form of entertainment to pass the time until something actually happens. I have other theories about our quarterback position… but there are many weeks ahead for that.

  17. edstang45 says:

    Now I’m worried PC has a trade for Flynn comming up. Not that PC is lying ,I just think he bluffs alot this time of year, maybe we’ll see him soon on roots playing the world poker tour!! He and JS know what their doing so sit back and watch us get better!! Go Hawks PS.. there aint a draft expert around that knows what the heck JS is gonna do and I like it that way this is fun stuff baby

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I believe they will eventually phase out the read-option. However I’m not sure Wilson was running it at the time he injured his knee at the Bowl.

    Bottom line for me is, if Flynn is all in then we need to keep him and focus on bigger things.

  19. Carroll is saying he would be open to signing an older player who could be a missing piece but won’t break the bank.

    You can rule out Freeney with that statement. He’s an East Coast guy and will only come out West for a huge contract.

  20. banosser says:

    Poker… Man, I hope they’re considering adding either a DE or DT via FA.. The time to win is NOW.. with all these young under-paid studs on the field..

    WRT RW’s backup.. if Colin Klein falls into the late rounds.. I could see JS/PC drafting him to see what they can do with him and his skill set… as a backup he could run the O exactly as RW…

  21. Dukeshire says:

    The read-option scheme isn’t the issue. It’s the fact that *any* scheme that asks him to carry the ball, as NC St. did (heavily), he’s opened up to potential additional injury.

  22. It was 4 years ago so I could be mistaken but I remember that Wilson was running towards the goal line when he got hurt. But he’s bigger, stronger and smarter now so I wouldn’t worry about that being an issue again.

    On that play he was running for tough and unnecessary yards. Now he’s smart and only goes for the easy yards.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You know as well as anyone around here how much I think of Wilson, however he is no way near the identical build as Lynch. He does a good Lynch like stiff arm though.

  24. Lynch dropped 10 pounds a few years ago and somehow kept his leg drive. But build wise, Lynch and Wilson aren’t too far apart. I didn’t say that Wilson had anywhere near the power of Lynch.

    Dave Boiling or Eric Williams would be the 2 best people to settle this one if they could chime in.

  25. raymaines says:

    That Cinn. eventually got a 1st round pick for Carson Palmer gives me great hope that MF’s value might be higher than we expect.

  26. banosser says:

    Marshawn Lynch 5-11 215#
    Russell Wilson 5-11 206#


  27. Dukeshire says:

    No, you said nearly “identical” builds. Lol. Lynch is so much thicker than Wilson, even trying to correct that stattement is absurd. And Wilson is put together, no question. You don’t need Eric or Dave’s opinion either; I’m confident anyone who has seen either player in person would be able to note a stark difference between the two.

  28. Yeah, I’ll just go with your opinion because you are always right when it comes to Wilson.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I do agree with you pabs that if our D was better on third downs and holding leads Wilson wouldn’t have to run so much.

    And Wilson, (imo) will have less need to take off and run as he gets better at reading defenses.
    Improved Guard protection would help too.

    I just think that Wilson is just too smart to think he will run his way to a SuperBowl Win. However Wilson knows he has that weapon to use to help get us there.
    Remember when Elway won his first SuperBowl? It was that huge big play run he had that more than anything in that game lead his team to victory.
    Nice for us to now have a QB that can pull that rabbit out of his hat if needed anytime.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Ah yes, I was wrong about Wilson’s ability in the NFL and as a result, everything I say is suspect. By the same (your) logic, nothing you say about Lynch is valid because you were 100% wrong about him when Seattle traded for him.

  31. It would be useful for someone who has seen both players up close without pads multiple times to provide their insight so we can understand exactly how Wilson is built compared to a Beast.

    There is a lot of hand wringing about the supposed danger Wilson is putting himself in with his running. With his build and intelligence, he’s in no more danger than any other NFL QB.

  32. I have never seen Albert Haynesworth next to Pee Wee Herman but I think I have a pretty good guess how it would play out.

    I’m the same height/size as Sidney Rice but there’s no way in hell we’re built the same (actually, Rice has almost an inch on me). And, yes, I have seen Rice in person. Myself too.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I see happy hour is kicking in, Lol.

    Look I’m sure we all have been wrong more than once here. Except for me of course. “That was a joke”.

    Some things that I have been wrong about this last year are-

    * Trade Tate before it’s too late. Kudos to BobbyK for sticking to his guns on that one.

    * Send Washington to the scrap heap. Kudos to Dukeshire for sticking to his guns on that one.

    * Oh, I’m sure there are a few more but the biggest one is arguing after happy hour with my fellow blog mates.

  34. rramstad says:

    I’ve met both players without pads.

    Wilson is definitely not quite as thick as Lynch.

    That said, they do have the same overall build. Wilson is a bit more barrel chested, and Lynch has more weight in his lower body. Lynch tends to run with his feet apart, and Wilson doesn’t do that in the same way, so they look different on film, but the body type is the same.

  35. rramstad says:

    Oh, and that’s only brief periods of time, in a crowd, with them in street clothes, so take it for what it’s worth. I noticed because they are built like me. I’m just under 6 foot and 210.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson’s size is irrelevant to me, regarding the running issue. I’d feel the exact same way for any so-called “franchise QB” that is put in harm’s way, as being a primary ball carrier does, when they have the ability to be an accomplished “dropback” QB first. It’s pretty simple really: I want him to take less hits that a career made of running would likely provide.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Interesting rramstad.
    Wilson seems to be a tough little cookie though. I was afraid he would get squashed by the Defensive lineman early in the year, but he has this nack for either bouncing off them like a pinball or avoiding direct contact. Much like Terry Metcalf or Walter payton used to do.

    If he does ever get injured I hope it’s not from his wife swinging a golf club at him.

  38. I like those running hits that Wilson takes better than the hits a “stand tall in the pocket” QB takes because Wilson can and does a great job of controlling the hits. The other type of QB has far less control over the hits. Those hits in the pocket are far more worrisome.

    I have no worries about Wilson getting hurt while scrambling despite watching him getting hurt while scrambling and seeing his team crumble around him when he was lost for the game. He is a much smarter player now.

  39. Thanks for the observation rramstad.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. I’m just about 6’3″ and 190. Doesn’t mean I’m built like Rich Sherman. Come on…

  41. I’m 6’3 1/2 and 205lbs. Sounds like Sid Rice. No chance in heckle-and-jeckle I’m built like him!

  42. This conversation has gone into the weeds on so many different occasions.

    Let me ask point blank. Why are some so touchy these days? Get over it guys…I see a lot of egg shell walking as well as tit-for-tat comments and it has to stop! That’s right, it has to stop! I’m 6’3″ and 240 and built like a fricken mack truck. Do I look like a linebacker??? not these days! ;-)

    Come on dudes, lighten up already!!

  43. Soggybuc says:

    Pabs Wilson may indeed be stronger, faster and thicker than when at NC state but so are ALL 11 players looking to take his head off.
    And Bobby, i think your probably built thicker and stouter than Rice in certain areas =P As are most of i bet.

    If Barkley is there at 25 ‘surprise me at all to see them take him and look to move Flynn. It’s a lateral move really as MB has more actual game experience than MF as a 4 year starter in college and has time to adjust since he would be expected to be the #2.
    Money wise it’s a huge savings that will free up money for the likes of ET which will be needed very soon.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    B.S. You’re built like KJ Wright from what I can tell. (Just kidding…)

  45. I guarantee I can hammer Rice in the fat gut department. Same for fat thighs. He makes up for it with muscular forearms and triceps, among other ripped areas. I run a lot and have ran a marathon in recent history, so it’s not like I’m a fat slob… which brings me to the point that people can be the same size/weight as others, even though there’s no way their bodies look the same. So when pabs makes an argument about all bodies/weight looking the same, I’ll call him out on it.

  46. raymaines says:

    I wish there were a Face Book type of LIKE button here.

    pabs says: I like those running hits that Wilson takes better than the hits a “stand tall in the pocket” QB takes because Wilson can and does a great job of controlling the hits. The other type of QB has far less control over the hits. Those hits in the pocket are far more worrisome.

    I like that!

    I was trying to think through some sort of entry to say the same thing but pabs did it better. Some of the uglist hits are a linebacker slaming into the chest of a QB just as the ball has left his hands, his feet come up and he lands on the back of his head.

  47. How does BobbyK take a comparison of 2 thick, muscular world class athletes in Lynch and Wilson and then 3 separate times make a comparison between himself and Sidney Rice?

  48. This whole thing crosses a few boundaries lol

  49. I don’t know. How about you tell us? You always have every correct answer in the history of the Seahawks. Enlighten all of us morons. Afterall, you were spot on with saying Chancellor, Tate, Lynch, etc. sucks and how great Cole was… you seem to have all the answers so don’t ask questions. I’m a moron plenty of times but at least I’m willing to admit it whereas you have never admitted you were ever wrong, that I can remember. You only make excuses why you were right before you were wrong. lol

  50. Take the bait…


  51. bigmike04 says:

    Seahawks has the ball in their favor of the off season, so far with holding on to matt flynn as teams who are shopping for QB like New York Jets, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Arizona, Cleveland knows that market for QB in free agency isn’t so great..

    Look at QB that are available Luke McCown, Joe Flacco”will end up staying with Ravens”, Derek Anderson, Jason Campbell, Josh McCown, Bruce Gradkowski, Brady Quinn, Drew Stanton, Matt Moore, David Carr, Charlie Batch, Byron Leftwich, Kellen Clemens, Rex Grossman, Vince Young, Sage Rosenfels, Sage Rosenfels, A.J. Feeley, Chris Redman, John Beck & J.P. Loseman are guys on the market and out of that list that, I just posted that team would offer big bucks is Joe Flacco, so if team signed a veteran that is on the market, their looking at someone to come into to compete for job & most of these guys would come to a team that is looking for guy to start until the guy that team is hoping to lead, their team is ready to go..

    I do think Matt Flynn will get trade but as of right now, is their team out their that is going to trade a draft pick for Flynn, probably yes & no as they could be thinking that Seahawks will end up cutting him after draft or during training camp but if a team out their, that want Matt Flynn to start for them and don’t have clue what seahawks are going to do with him than, you might see team offer a draft pick but as for now, nobody here can predict what Pete Carroll & company are going to do..

  52. boisehawk says:

    XC – If you get one you might as well get them all. I picked up Wilson, Rice, and Lynch (passed on Flynn) and they are amazing. Even the wife was impressed.

    Great, now that I looked, they have a Sherman also.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It could it be argued that Fran Tarkenton, ( Wilsons most often comparison ) prolonged his career by scrambling and running.
    In an era where QBs were fair game it is amazing to me that Fran didn’t have an injury, ( except for a rib injury where he missed one game ) until he was 37 years old.
    And Tark didn’t have the compact body or strength that Wilson has.

    Compare that with some of the injuries that pocket passers had in that era.
    I really doubt that Tarkenton would have lasted 5 years in the NFL had he just been a pocket passer with the rules they had back then.

    Whether a pocket passer like Manning, or one who can pass from the pocket and scramble like Wilson I think it just all comes down to field awareness.
    I think that’s what really makes elite QBs special.,469621

  54. montanamike2 says:

    Xcman i’m getting some of those, thanks for the link Awsome!

  55. montanamike2 says:

    I think Wilson is a combo of great talent with one of a kind abilities and relentless drive. He’s all the rage now and every team that passed on him is chewing leather shoes.
    I have said some dumb things too and owe up to it, i didn’t want to cut Forsett because i thought it would bring out the worst in Lynch.
    Glad i was wrong, Turbin is a definite upgrade and Forsett is with Texas, it all worked out good.

  56. GeorgiaHawk–I want it on the record that I have been Tate’s biggest fan and supporter since Day One. I was stumping for the Hawks to draft him in the first round that year, even though I loved Earl Thomas as well. I couldnt believe we landed him late in the second round.

    Anyway, its lame to do what I just did. Enough.

    I too would rather see Wilson take a hit running than take a hit in the pocket. He seems to be able to avoid big hits when running, but gets creamed in the pocket. Ive been arguing that point for awhile now…

    In other news I loved the Aaron Curry pick, which shows that I should be an NFL GM…

  57. Kinda wonder if PC/JS won’t do the same as Ted Thompson did in Flynn’s last contract year with GB when he was behind Rogers. They didn’t do much to ‘shop’ him and let him shine in a game or two before he hit free agency. Even then he didn’t garner much interest, which really did seem strange to me.

    It’s too bad SEA couldn’t get MF to do kick-offs or something (as well as hold the clipboard) so they could afford to FT him at the end of this season – but PC/JS are much classier guys than me. They’d never do that – even if they were mad at him for anything. DAL’s old coach Landry did worse than that to Hollywood Henderson in the days before free agency. Sat him and never played him but also never traded him because he was caught smoking dope. At least that was the story I heard.

    Anyway, even though the market demand is higher for QBs, I don’t expect SEA would trade Flynn for anything less than what Ted Thompson wanted. Bad memory, but didn’t he ask for a 1st round draft pick?

  58. bigmike04 says:

    The talks with trading for Percy Harvin for Matt Flynn & draft pick can be put to rest…

    Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier said if the team signs a veteran quarterback this offseason, that player would have to understand that they would not be given the chance to compete for the starting job.

    So rule out Vikings as team that was looking for veteran QB to compete for starting joba as flynn wants to start..

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