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Morning links: Sherman calls NFL draft a sham

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:32 am with 68 Comments »
February 16, 2013 9:33 am
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appears during NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, in Renton, Wash. The Seahawks are scheduled to play the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in an NFC divisional playoff game. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appears during NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, in Renton, Wash. The Seahawks are scheduled to play the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in an NFC divisional playoff game. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went through the “Car Wash” at the NFL Network on Friday.

As usual, Sherman did not disappoint, providing some honest, frank comments about the NFL draft process, the Rooney Rule and who he believes are the top cornerbacks in the league.

Sherman, who did not make the Pro Bowl, but was selected to the All-Pro this year, still laments his fifth round draft status, and said the draft process is a sham during a podcast with Dan Hanzus and Mark Sessler of the NFL Network, which you can check out here.

“That’s all it is, is a sham,” Sherman said. “The players that are going to be hyped, are going to be hyped. That’s why you have half the first round as busts every year. You can go from now until the end of time. Guys have somehow maneuvered their way into the first round, maneuvered their way into the spotlight.”

Asked to pick the best cornerbacks in the league – excluding himself – Sherman named the Jets Darrelle Revis (if healthy), along with Jets teammate Antonio Cromartie, Chicago’s Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman, and Pittsburgh’s Keenan Lewis in this video link.

Sherman talks about never letting go of the chip on his shoulder here.

And Sherman expresses his frustration with the Rooney Rule here.

Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the Green Bay Packers have released veteran defensive back Charles Woodson.

Sherman said Woodson would be a good fit in Seattle via Twitter.

Rob Rang of says there’s plenty of “Star” power at the defensive tackle position heading to next week’s NFL Scouting Combine. Good read.

Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Vikings GM Rick Spielman said that disgruntled receiver Percy Harvin will not be traded.

Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star reports that the Colts have notified defensive end Dwight Freeney that he will not be re-signed to the team. Freeney becomes a free agent on March 12.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network provides his top five prospects in this year’s draft at each position.

Gil Brandt of the NFL Network ranks the top 5 quarterbacks in this year’s draft class based on a time-tested formula that he used during his scouting days. Geno Smith of West Virginia comes out as the top prospect, followed by Florida State’s E.J. Manuel. It’s an interesting look at the position. Brandt is not a fan of North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News writes that the Buffalo Bills re-signed Tarvaris Jackson, and he will get a chance to compete for the starting job with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    A sham… What an honest appraisal. The more he talks the more I like him, which is rare indeed.

    As far as Wooden, as I said in the previous thread, I’m really intrigued by the idea despite my better judgement.

  2. This team is so young that I can see them go after a couple (not too many) of vets like Woodson and Freeney who won’t break the bank. There’s no way, at their ages, either will get big long term deals so this would be a way to spend money now when there is cap space available and for them to be off the books by the time some of the guys like Sherman are going to need to be rewarded with big money extensions. It’s not a Numbskull approach, as this team is YOUNG, whereas he would take an old team and add old players to it. This team is right there with respect to winning it all, so a few veteran tweaks like Woodson/Freeney could/would get this team over the hump in addition to the fact that most of our defensive players are going to improve anyways because of how young they are (Wright, Wagner, Irvin, etc.).

  3. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    For all of the talk about final pieces to the puzzle as far as player additions, my number one off-season wish is that we get a third down and end of game scheme adjustment.

    Specifically I hope the defensive coaching staff spends a lot of time reviewing every single third down and end of game defensive snap and sees what opposing teams’ offensive coordinators were seeing:

    Namely that if you can manage to give your QB more than 2 seconds from when the ball is snapped, you are almost certain to have one or more primary receiver options open on an underneath route or over the middle of the field. None of your players are likely to be pressed or challenged at the LOS. ET wil be playing deep middle. SS is probably not down in the box either. Everyone can run free all over the field. Holes in what is most likely a soft zone will easily be created or found.

    I want more pass rush, a nickle corner and a wreakside LB who can keep up with a TE as much ad everyone else who’s paying attention.

    But what I want even more is a defensive philosophy that does not back off the LOS, allows every receiver to run free to wherever he damn well pleases, gives up the middle of the field and sends our three best coverage players to the deep corners and center of the field, and puts our worst coverage players in spaces they cannot defend, while giving up seven to twenty yards whenever a conversion is needed or the other team is running their two minute drill. And which is all so schizophrenically opposite from how we play first and second down, especially at the LOS and how the other team has to fight for every yard.

    I have little doubt that PC / JS will draft and sign the right players. I hope they give them a more likely to succeed third down and end of game coverage scheme that plays to their strengths to go along with it. And I suspect that the latter would go a lot further toward make a difference to the final score in close games.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I have very little doubt Quinn will be more aggressive on third and passing than Bradley. And I’m not concerned with deep middle, in fact that likely won’t change, but I suspect well see more man coverage and press at the line (in those down and distances). Allowing free release and letting receivers get to to the sticks before touching them just killed Seattle last year.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Basically we’re in agreement…

  6. edstang45 says:

    I think we need that guy who at the end of the game or in a crucial 3rd down play, anytime we need a stop for the win, we need that guy who can pressure the qb despite having the o-line knowing he’s comming,
    A guy like Tez in the middle and/or a guy like Reggie on the outside! we beat Atl, and Ravens with that guy!! Freeny is probably too old, but we need a Vet or a draft pick to fill that need. We are the dominate team if we have that guy(s)…in my opinion

  7. edstang45 says:

    I agree also Seventies, and Duke but scheme doesn’t always work either, we need that Guy to help the schemes work

  8. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Duke, I’m getting so tired of these minor points of contention you’re taking with me. You must hate me. Lol. And please don’t take this seriously. This is all more in jest at the other petty nonsense we’ve seen here recently. Perhaps the best way to nullify it is to make those individuals see that its easy to make fun of.

    I understand the deep middle assignment for ET, but not to the extent that he is constantly taken out of the play. With his ability to cover ground and know where he needs to be in the field, he can get deep as needed and if a WR breaks free, which would be far less likely if saud receivers are redirected and/or jammed at the LOS after the snap.

    On downs one and two ET usually starts nearer the LOS and in position to make a play within the five to seven yards of where the ball is snapped if it becomes necessary.

    But that all changes on third and end of game passing downs. The short middle of the field is conceded in ways that it isn’t on first and second down. And then our worst coverage and playing in space players are asked to defend a much wider swath of space than on downs one and two. And how that all tends to work out is pretty obvious by now.

    What I really want I suppose is more of a philosophical change that is more CONGRUENT across all downs. Not that they are all played and defended the same way. But at least that we are dictating to them where their players can go and where they can’t. Our players are in the places we want them to be, we are not reacting to them; they are adjusting to us; we expect our best players ti win their matchupd and are in the best spots on the field to make a play on the ball.

  9. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    None of what I’ve written above contradicts the notion that better personnel for obvious passing down situations must also be a huge off season priority. Nickle corner, a possible replacement for Kam at safety on third down, a better coverage player at WLB, a rush DT and another DE. That’s a big list. But some of those pieces to the puzzle are quite plausibly already on the roster. I think Winston Guy will show meaningful improvement. A healthy Thurmond could beverage answer at nickle. A healthy and resigned Jason Jones would do wonders for the DE’s. All of which ate uncertainties though. And won’t be sorted out until training camp is underway.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Truth be told, I didn’t read your post in total before I made mine. Lol. Then I realized I jumped the gun…

  11. AKhawkFan says:

    Just found this gem. Someone was on dope when writing this, but I would be ecstatic if it happened!

  12. sluggo42 says:

    Ak- sweet
    Ok, so here we are, about a month till FA begins… Time to golf a bit more I guess

  13. I just want to see the Hawks D-Cord have the balls to use Browner as God intended, to jam the oppositions outside WR into the ground on damn near every play. I never want to see him playing off all game long EVER again! The Lions, Dolphins and Atlanta games were some of the most frustrating I have ever watched–and Browner was even more pissed than me!

    Cant wait to see who we get at DT and DE in FA and the draft….

  14. SandpointHawk says:

    AkhawkFan…Thanks for the link, great read…However one of our regulars here could have a stroke when he reads that… :)

  15. chuck_easton says:

    So I guess we will have to start calling February the ‘dare to dream’ period before FA begins.

    Cliff Avril said he wants Mario Williams( 20 million a year) money.

    So we can now write him off our wish list!

  16. If the world re-classifies a year as having 1000 days vs the current 365 then maybe Avril will get that kind of annual pay.

    Thanks again Eric to you and all concerned for keeping this blog free. Lord knows what some of us Seahawlics might be doing right now if we had no place to diffuse our excess energy and excitement.

  17. I don’t believe Avril came out and said he’s going to demand Mario Williams money (but wouldn’t turn it down if offered).

    I think a less expensive option (due to age) would be a guy like Osi Umenyiora or the other option we’ve mentioned a few times already today. I believe Osi is still going to get paid, but due to his age isn’t going to command the big long term deal.

    It’s funny because whoever signs Avril is going to pay a lot more than the team who signs Osi/Freeney, but the two old guys are probably going to be every bit as good as Avril in ’13.

    Avril is going to find out that when he doesn’t have a Suh preventing QBs from stepping up in the pocket he’s going to have a much time getting there off the edge.

    I like him fine and think he’s a good player, I just think he’s going to get way overpaid (but not to the point of Mario Williams money).

  18. Southendzone says:

    For FA D. Ends, between Freeney & Osi, who do you like?

    I think Osi might have more left in the tank, but with all his contract squabbles I think he might be playing for the contract only. I see the potential for more desire out of Freeney.

    Freeney had a big drop off in sacks in 2012, but his team had the 29th worst rushing D in the league and was outscored overall. This wasn’t like the Peyton years where he’s playing with a lead.

    Also, Osi has been whining about his contract for years and in his contract year has a great season. I think there’s definite Shawn Alexander potential here, he is playing for the $$ only.

    Between the 2, I vote for Freeney, not expecting either of them to be the whole solution for our pass rush, but just a piece of the puzzle.

    (sorry if this got posted twice, I got the “You’re posting too fast” error from the TnT blog)

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “What The Seahawks Needs Now is pass rush, sweet pass rush.”
    “It*s the only thing that there*s just too little of.”
    “What The Seahawks Needs Now is pass rush sweet pass rush,”
    “no not just for some but for everyone.”

    “Caroll we don*t need another Alexander,”
    “There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb,”
    “There are oceans and rivers enough to cross”
    “Enough SuperBowl wins until the end of time”

    “What The Seahawks Needs Now is pass rush sweet pass rush,”
    “it*s the only thing that there’s just too little of,”
    “What The Seahawks Needs Now is pass rush sweet pass rush,”
    “no not just for some but for everyone.”

  20. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    STTBM on Browner: Amen. What God intended him for.

    You are getting to something even larger though. And why the way our team lost the way the way they did to the Falcons is so incredibly offensive, energetically WRONG and just plain f***ed up to me: those last two defensive plays were NOT how God would would put the unique gifts and talents of our players to the best of what is possible for THEM on the field. Either collectively or individually.

    That’s why they were pissed. The same sage men who recognized and chose them, who saw who they are and what they could do . . . folded up and screwed them out of using their God-given abilities and talents in the critical moment when it mattered. And when the very reason they CHOSE them was at hand.

    They know it. The coaching staff knows it. We who were watching know it. There is not a trace of doubt in my mind. And I’m pissed. And it’s the real reason I post here now. I’ve been here since the 2004 off season. ‘We want the ball and we’re going to score.’ And then a special teams player was put on the field to run the wrong f***ing route. The defining statement and play of that era. No matter what happened afterward.

    What happened on that Sunday in Atlanta cannot be allowed to be the defining moment of this time. And I don’t think it will be. But that starts with recognizing why it happened in the first place.

  21. tchristensen says:
  22. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Relax tchechristensen. I know we live in the NW. But teams that win win for a reason. Their best players are allowed and put in position to do what they do best. What they are born for. Every champion team has that individual(s) story.

    And the ‘scheme’ and coaches’ idealistic preferences is subordinated. Because you allow special people do what they were born for. PC and Bradley put their scheme in front of their chosen players talents that they were born for. What they are BEST at. And that is f***ed up.

    Here’s the reality of what that means: Rookie and FAR more athletic Wagner would have jammed and stalled slower and aged Gonzales at the LOS if he was just given the f***ing opportunity.. ET would have played bracketed coverage on Gonzalez with Wagner in front on the same play only eight yrards downfiekd even if Gonz broke free at the LOS. And Ryan would have had NO TIME to find his second option and have been sacked or thrown it away.

    But the decision was made to not let our players do what our players can do.

    We’ve all seen the Pete Carroll quote. What he thought he had in SF and how amazing and special he thought that was. Yeah that’s great. It’s not who you have now. You’ll never have those players again. And you can do better now anyway.

    But it only happens if you think like a champion when winning is on the line. And that only happens when you let those players be what they can and are supposed to be.

    And that didnt happen at the end of the game in Atlanta. A coaches’ ego and scheme got put in front of that. And we lost.

  23. bbnate420 says:

    So all we need for the defense to go to the next level is a Reggie White or Tez type player? Finding future HOF players is simple enough! BTW, I was just stirring the pot. Meant to be in fun. Don’t wig out on me. ;-)

    I don’t see the Hawks spending a lot in free agency personally. All the evidence seems to suggest that the cap is going to grow at a snail’s pace. Maybe like 5-7 mil to sign a DT like a Branch or Starks. I don’t know if Starks will command more than that, but I doubt it. Maybe short, low dollar deals for Woodson and Freeney if they can be had for that price. I’d rather have Osi, but I think he will command more money than Freeney will. Freeney could have a lot of value for the Hawks. Someone to help teach Irvin, pick up the slack while Clemons is recovering, and add another pass rusher when Clemons is back.

    Remember that the cap space that they save now can be used in the future. That will be valuable when they have to resign their own players. If Wilson is the player we all think he is, he’s going to command 15+ mil a year in another 2 seasons, Sherman 10+ mil a year, etc..

  24. bbnate420 says:

    Seventies, what evidence do you have that PC and Bradley put their egos and scheme ahead of what was best at the end of the Atl game? It’s easy to be an Armchair QB. You never have to make a decision without hindsight to help you, and you’re not responsible for anything. PC has probably forgotten more about football than you would know if you lived 10 lifetimes.

    You honestly think you know what the players are best at more than their coaches? That’s pretty arrogant. If you think that just because Wagner is more athletic than Gonzalez, yes I don’t know why half the people here call him GONZALES, at this point that it means that he can automatically jam him then you don’t know very much about football. Do you think people haven’t tried jamming Gonzalez for 16 years? My guess is that at least one coach probably would’ve tried it by now if it was such an easy way to stop him. There’s a reason he’s a first ballot HOF player!

    As far as people complaining about BB not being allowed to jam, you might want to watch Sherman on the NFL Network. He talked about how they were keeping them from pressing receivers like Roddy White, hiding him, by bringing them in closer to the line. They weren’t allowed to press then because they had run stopping responsibilities and couldn’t just destroy the integrity of the defense just so they could press.

  25. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    31 seconds to go bbnate. You’re going to make the defensive choice to tell all of your boys to lay off and let all of their players run f-ing free on you to wherever they want?

    And you’re going to just concede well you know Gonz is just so HOF first ballot so we can’t dare to put our far more athletic young MLB on him at the LOS to slow him up and be on him the whole way through his route with ET bracketing cuz it’s not at all OBVIOUS that he’s a primary option.

    No, let’s just let Gonz first ballot HOF run in a straight f-ing line and turn around and the ball will be right there. A route that a rookie TE could run. And a throw any sophomore starting QB could make.

    And tell Wagner to run in space to where he’s supposed to be in 2 seconds and be ready to make a play on the ball.

    Those are all DECISIONS that were permitted prior to the snap. And if our DC didnt see any of it coming then he has no business being in that situation. Because I did see it the entire time. And that is not after the fact revisionism or I told you so. I was f-ing obvious.

    As was the play before. Which was a bit more complicated but not by much.

    And yes, I can have my opinion. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the players were pissed. Their reasons were way different than mine, I’m sure.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Scheme is not entirely responsible for that loss, there was poor execution that allowed additional yards. Namely, poor tackling, failure to recognize the passing concept (that they had already seen twice prior that game), and blitzing from too deep a distance, as Winston Guy did on each of the final two plays. While I agree that the defensive playcalling put them in a position to lose, the players on the field are not thoroughly exonerated.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    Seventies, I never said that you can’t have your opinion. I can also have MY opinion of your opinion. You said that they put their egos and scheme before what was best. That is PURE speculation. Which is fine, but don’t act like it’s a fact. I doubt they would’ve called the defenses they did unless they thought they were the best to call at the time. That may not have been the best defensive calls. They may have. We really don’t know for sure. Maybe the plays would’ve been successful if there was better execution? You act like if they had put Wagner on Gonzalez at the LOS and double teamed him that they wouldn’t have gotten enough yards to kick the FG. Again, PURE speculation. How do you know they wouldn’t have hit Julio Jones for 30 yards? Just because Wagner runs a faster 40 and is more athletic doesn’t mean he’s going to stay with Gonzalez off the LOS. Press coverage mostly has to do with technique, the ability to use your hands/arms, and strength. I’m pretty sure Wagner doesn’t have Gonzalez beat in any of those areas. And no, that doesn’t mean I think they should just let him run a straight line and catch the ball for the needed yardage. That’s a nonsensical, straw man argument. Did you notice that Wagner also missed the tackle on Gonzalez? He allowed him to get the extra yards that he needed. I have read a quote from him that he was angry that he didn’t go for the sure tackle and let him get extra yards. He may have been angry about the scheme too, but he himself says he was angry at his lack of execution. They let Harry Douglas get 22 yards the play before. Yet it was somehow obvious that they were going to Gonzalez. Your logic is pretentious and lacking. The coverage on the play before was worse IMO.

    Whining about the calls on the last 2 defensive plays is just pointless and myopic to me. The much better thing to criticize PC for would be not taking points when they were available. If he did, that last drive doesn’t matter. You could also criticize the poor clock management, which has been a pattern.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    What really sucks is that we were a hair from pulling off the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history!

  29. guidocarmasi says:

    After all the young man went to Stanford!!!!

  30. bayareahawkfan says:

    At the risk of fanning the flames in this debate, I see what you’re saying, bbnate – there’s no definitive guarantee that having been more aggressive off the line during that last series would have succeeded.

    That said, I agree with Seventies just philosophically: speaking for myself, it would have been easier to take that outcome had we figuratively gone down swinging, rather than playing off. Particularly after what that approach had yielded at the end of games in DET and CHI earlier in the year.

    Kind of like many Niner fans I know, who lament 4 straight passes in a goal-to-go situation from a team whose identity was a dominant run game all season.

    So I agree with both of you :).

  31. OregonHawk says:

    Bottom line, It looked to me that they game planned for those 31 seconds “not to loose” instead of game planning to win

  32. confucious says:

    Poor tackling, Non existent pass rush, loose coverage, good to great opposing Qb-Te combo, final seconds of micro close divisional game. Perhaps we should also factor in the youth of the defense. That was the first time any of them were in that situation in their nfl careers. Barring Tru and Hill.

  33. Whats frustrating is that Bradley thought he called an aggressive defense the last two plays. In hindsight, they should have jammed the WR’s at the line of scrimmage far more often.

    On one play in particular late in the game, Browner left a 10-yard cushion on Harry Douglas (the slot WR) who was out wide as a SE, and all Douglas did was run to the sticks and turn around; all BB could do was push him out of bounds. THAT was something that was called too much in that game, as well as in the Detroit and Miami games, all of which were losses blamed on the defense.

    I dont see how allowing a 10-yard cushion on third and ten is helpful in run support. It was an asinine D-call, and should have been changed as soon as they saw Douglas lined up at SE.

    And I still think it was asinine to play so much off-coverage with BB, no matter who was lined up opposite him; he can jam them all. I called Atlanta’s gameplan before the game; put White and Jones in the slot and/or in motion a lot, to try to get them matched up on a LB or Trufant. And guess what they did?! Ya think if I thought of that, perhaps Seattle’s D-staff should have been ready for it or at least been able to adjust to it?!

    However, many times over the year, especially during our mid-year third down meltdowns on Defense, Bradley said they basically tried everything in their playbook on third and long, and nothing worked, for different reasons every time. To me, that speaks to poor execution by players as much if not more than poor decisions on playcalling by the D-Coordinator.

    Still, one expects even mediocre coaches to adjust the scheme to their players, and when you have players as talented as Sherman, BB, Thomas, and Chancellor, not to mention Mebane, Wagner, and Wright, you should be able to achieve more.

    Im not sure what the answers are, but I am looking forward to seeing what Quinn can do as D-Coordinator. Im hoping he’s more aggressive, using BB to jam WR’s much of the time and getting rid of the 10-yard cushion, and stops moving Thomas around so much. Thomas is at his best roving Center Field, not trying to help in run support and getting run over, or covering the slot guy when that guy is Julio Jones or Roddy White. And Chancellor just isnt fast enough or heady enough to handle taking deep third with Thomas near the line. Now, if we can get Winston Guy or another FS/SS hybrid with some speed ready to play, perhaps having Chancellor as a LB of sorts with Guy at SS taking deep third and Thomas coming up, now that might work…but I still think it isnt worth the surprise factor to drop your slower SS deep and bring up your 5′-9″ 195 lb FS in run support or the flat…let the guys do what they are best at doing, instead of getting all tricky…

    Anyway, though I wish Bradley the best and think he will be missed, I am really excited to see what Quinn can do, and to see if we go back to the 4-3 Under…

    I dont ever want to hear of BB being angry after a game with the playcalling on defense. Let the guy compete; if he’s beaten, have Thomas lean a little more to his side, but dont take your 6′-4″ tall 220 lb cb and use him like he’s Kelly Jennings or Josh Wilson.

  34. All in all, it was a game that saw both the offense and defensive schemes fail miserably much of the game, and the playcalling on both sides was suspect (though its hard to argue with the offensive playcalling in the second half). The same bugaboo’s that have plagued Carrols teams his entire tenure in the NFL as HC were apparent; head scratching playcalls at times, lack of discipline, sloppy execution, terrible clock management…all the things he seemed to have fixed for six weeks came back to bite them.

    They just didnt play well enough to win, and almost only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and Atom Bombs.

    Still and all, they damn near won, they finished strong, and they look to be a powerhouse for years to come. I havent been this excited since we beat the Panthers in the NFC Championship! Next year will be AWESOME!

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- I agree with your last post. I think you said it well about how bringing in a vet or two like Freeney/Woodson could help this young team settle down and mature faster.

    That’s kind of what Atlanta did by bringing Gonzalez in to their team.

    Perhaps the outcome would have been different,(in Atlanta) if we had a player or two like Freeney and Woodson.

    Moving forward to the 2013 season, isn’t this a great time to be a Seahawk fan?

  36. bird_spit says:

    I took the advice of some of you, and rewatched the 49ers game. Wow, what a smack down. The 9ers entered a butchershop that day. Clemons had a huge impact on that game. We will need him back and healthy. I’m not so optimistic we see that level of play again for sometime from this defense without that disruptive force on the edge.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    AKhawkFan- I have an artist friend in South Dakota that makes bronze statues. Why wait ten years? Lol.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I rewatch that game once a week and I still can’t get over it. Especially that play where Wilson runs around for about fifteen seconds and poor Brooks looks,(say that ten times) like an old man tying to catch a greased pig as he dives not once but twice on that play trying to catch Wilson.

    And the Kam hit on Davis. And the big Red block with Sherm taking it to the house. And the 12th man. Wow! I could go on and on.

  39. I too am interested in seeing what Freeney and Woodson have left in the tank, but only for the right price (ie, not much).

    Woodson has been a great player, but is obviously slowing. Not only that, but I like all the young guys in our secondary, and dont want to lose one just to take a flier on an old guy on his last legs.

    Freeney would be a better fit, depending on how he performs in a workout, IMO. I was against bringing in Freeney last year due to the cost of acquiring him, but now we have a pressing need at DE. His numbers declined, but its hard to tell how much was due to age, and how much to playing OLB for the first time.

  40. “Perhaps the outcome would have been different,(in Atlanta) if we had a player or two like Freeney and Woodson.”

    Perhaps the outcome would have been different if we had a healthy Jones & Clemons. Not having those two guys is the reason I can sleep at night following the loss to Atlanta. Without them I didn’t have a very good feeling about going into SF and beating a niners team with Justin Smith back. Not to take anything away from our ass whooping of said team but they just are not the same without the “Cowboy”. In retrospect, if we weren’t going to win it all then I’m fine going out when we did (easier to say that now after a Ravens win). Of course there is no way to know what would have happened, just a guess.

  41. Alec Ogletree may have just DUI’d his way into being an option when the Hawks pick at #25. Has the speed that Carroll covets manning the WILL backer spot. So many possibilities…

  42. SandpointHawk says:

    (Satire Font)Re:Ogletree….DUI? Positive Drug Test? Sounds like he could be a perfect replacement for Leroy Hill…

  43. Well let’s keep our fingers crossed for a domestic violence charge(no conviction) and then yes he’s got Hill’s spot locked down.

  44. bird_spit says:

    Just rewatched the NE game. If I ever say that L. Washington has lost a step…pls call me out.
    But that isn’t what won that game… RW and his underrated WR corp won that game. I think the 12 man played a part as well. How the hawks pulled out all of those 4th Q wins hard to believe.

  45. bbnate420 says:

    Just to clarify, I am not arguing that Bradley definitely made the right calls on that last drive or that he was a master of scheming. I just took issue with some of the assumptions that Seventies was making. I’m no expert on defensive schemes. I know there are some here that know much more, but I doubt that anyone here has anywhere close to the knowledge that PC and Bradley have. That doesn’t automatically mean they are right, but I am more apt to trust their decision making. They also have to take responsibility for what actually happens. Anyone on here can claim after the fact that they knew what was going to happen. They can assume they are right because, the defense they think should’ve been run was not and they can falsely assume that it would’ve necessarily worked.

    I too wish they would’ve run different defenses the last drive, but there were many other things that led to that loss. If they had simply executed the call on that last play they would’ve left ATl with a much tougher FG. Why is that not talked about? I don’t get the obsession with the defense called the last drive. Like I said before, I think the time management and not taking FGs were more important coaching decisions that contributed to the loss. I also really don’t like calling the timeout on the first FG attempt. I’m not saying that it lost the game but, I have always hated and thought it was stupid when coaches do that. Probably always will. Despite any scheme, this game would’ve been won if they executed better. Plain and simple. They let Turner and Rodgers run through tackles all effing game. That’s even more reason they couldn’t press the receivers when they were closer to the line. They were already getting run all over. I agree that they shouldn’t have BB playing off the vast majority of the time if he’s on a WR set out wide.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    P.S. Bradley is gone, so any hand wringing about his schemes anymore is really just self flagellation. If you blame PC, that’s a different story. Ultimately, the buck stops there. Especially since he is a defensive coach.

  47. raymaines says:

    Some kuckelhead of a GM is sure to way overpay for free agents like Freeney and Woodson and I thank God it won’t be JS because that could handicap the Seahawks for years to come [think Tim Ruskel].

    But what if nobody overpays, what if those free agents fall to us, what if rainbows and unicorns really exist, what if all our wishes come true?

    Damn, woun’t life be good if the Seahawks racked up 99 straight undefeated seasons and Suprbowl wins? Doesn’t it just suck when real life intrudes on our dreams? I’m going to go spend 10 minutes all by myself in the bathroom.

  48. “What really sucks is that we were a hair from pulling off the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history!”

    Greatest fourth quarter comeback, perhaps. Buffalo came back from a 32-point deficit against Houston in ’93.

  49. CDHawkFan says:

    I think calling it a ‘comeback’ is a bit misleading. We did comeback and take the lead. Maybe they should call it ‘comeback victory’.

    Not sure what is better, to comeback and take the lead only to give it back (Hawks), or to ‘comeback’ and fall short (like the 9ers vs Ravens).

    I think our situation was a bit more acceptable knowing that the offense did their part in trying to make history, where the 9ers D and O both fell short of producing a W.

    My wife, who doesn’t give 2 cents about football, took one look at me and knew something special was happening in the 4th quarter. Maybe I am a bit crazy, but sometimes watching a game, you can just see/feel it happens before it does. I was at the Pats game this year and when we went down 13 in the 4th, you still kind of felt something special was going to happen. It felt that way during the 4th quarter comeback vs Atlanta, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m still proud of the way both sides played in the 2nd half, except for 2 plays by the D at the end. I am still surprised how many teams use that ‘bend but don’t break D’, they know more than me so it must work and give them a higher chance of winning.

  50. montanamike2 says:

    I find myself agreeing with Galena a lot these days. I thought if we at least had Clem back we would have beat the Falcons handily, Ryan had all day in the pocket whereas we had 2-3 seconds top! Nevermind big Red and J. Jones were injured. One thing is clear, we need to win our division for some home games in the playoffs.

  51. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think it’s pie in the sky to think that the Hawks could get Woodson or Freeney or even both. I would bet that neither of them gets more than a 2 year deal for 4-5 mil a year tops. I doubt more than one year guaranteed, if that, for either. I could be wrong. I have before. The Hawks could take on some salary for a year. They don’t have any contracts to redo until after 2013. The cap is going to hold down salaries significantly. The cap in 2009, the last capped year before the new CBA, was 128 mil. It’s slated to be approx. 121 mil in 2013. And it’s only going up about 1 mil a season. That means that salaries can’t keep growing. Teams can’t afford to overpay for injury-prone veterans. Some teams like the Bengals will be forced to spend more than they have been the next 3 years, but they will probably use that cap space to sign/franchise Johnson and lock up Dalton and Green. I think Freeney and Woodson are a lot more likely than the people suggesting they sign Melton, Wallace, Bowe, or Johnson.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    Actually the cap has been going up less than 1 mil per season the last 2 seasons and was only as high as it was because the union negotiated to artificially inflate it. The NFL projects the cap to be 121 in 2013, 122 in 2014, 125 in 2015, and 130 in 2016. The cap won’t be increasing dramatically every year like it did under the old CBA.

  53. Everyone is forgetting about Michael Bennett at DE. If the Seahawks want to go luxury in FA and sign a DB, I’d recommend looking at LaRon Landry at SS to keep the enforcer mentality and improve the coverage skills. Chancellor allowed a whopping 3 TDs in the playoffs.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    No thanks on Landry. Is he all that good in coverage? I didn’t think so anyways. He seems pretty similar to Kam.

    Woodson wouldn’t necessarily be a luxury. He’d likely be taking Trufant’s spot. You could say that we have Thurmond and Lane to do that. I like both, but Thurmond hasn’t been healthy for more than 4 games in a row the last couple of years and Lane is still young. Woodson is more versatile as well. He’s had his own injury issues. I’m personally only interested if he only commands a rather small contract. Like 3 mil or less for 2013. Bennett would be a good sign, but I fear he may demand too much for the Hawks to sign him. I guess they could use the 8.5 mil or so of cap space they would have if they didn’t resign Branch and Jones. They would then have to go DT in the draft. Bennett can be an inside rusher on passing downs too.

  55. Ewalters7354 says:

    bbnate, maybe people are talking about the defensive meltdown because that lost the hawks at least 3 games, not to mention playoffs.Ruskell is gone as well.So I guess it’s pointless to talk about him as well? Not buying it.That loss still hurts to this day and probably forever will if the hawks don’t come that close again.You constantly makes the “Armchair QB” statements as if just because we aren’t actually coaching,we shouldn’t have anything to say and that is not a good way to get you’re point across.I agree that PC passed on points and that did cost us the game.But Bradley isn’t exempt from criticism just because he is gone.

    I know we are nothing more than as you say, Armchair QBs who don’t know more than coaches, but we still see what hurt this team and something in me just felt like we didn’t make them work for those game winning yards.Two plays!

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    OAN:Laron Landry would be a big help as the big nickel safety (sort of like Bigby) but I just don’t think the FO wants him.Not to mention he may resign with the Jets.Michael Bennett would also be a great add.Hopefully if he is pursued by the hawks he doesn’t have any animosity towards this current FO.I also am still intrigued by Sedrick Ellis.I have watched this guy play when healthy for the Saints, and he would do great on this defense with his ability to disrupt the pocket.I can see that as a low risk, high reward signing.Melton is a pipedream and is almost certain to get tagged.Not really familiar with any DTs in the draft but if hopefully the hawks add a decent player there at 25.My dreams is that great outside LB from Georgia (can’t think of his name), but that’s a pipedream as well.

  57. We’ve mentioned Michael Bennett a number of times and how Numbskull let him go.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    Ewalters7354, first off, as far as Landry goes there’s no way they’re going to sign him to a bunch of money to be a nickel DB. No way, no how. He wants to start I’m pretty sure anyways.

    I like the way I get my point across. If the armchair QB bothers you so much, it may be because you know there’s some truth to it that you don’t want to acknowledge. That said, I NEVER said that anyone couldn’t give their opinion on here about the defensive scheme or whatever else. I also am able to give MY opinion of those opinions. That’s what I did. You don’t have to like it. There’s a reason they’re paid millions to coach and we’re not. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect. I’ll take PC’s opinion of what scheme should be played over anyone here. You don’t have to. Again, I never said you have to like what they do.

    And I never said that Bradley or Numbskull are exempt from criticism. You’re using a straw man argument again. I said to constantly lament Bradley’s calls is pointless and self flagellation since he’s gone. Google it if you don’t know what that is. I’m not saying that to be demeaning or pretentious. I’m sure some people don’t know what it means. I’d rather not spend my time whining about and getting frustrated about the past and people that are gone from the team. You can all you want. I think it’s pointless and depressing.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    And also I was pointing out that I think it’s myopic to just constantly repeat the same line about the defensive schemes. There were NUMEROUS reasons the Hawks lost that game. As I said before, the scheme probably would’ve been good enough if Wagner executes and tackles Gonzalez on that last play. Do you blame Bradley for Wagner missing the tackle?

  60. Ewalters7354 says:

    It’s not about liking or disliking dude.You just seem to take everything one says as a “strawman argument”.You may want to read thoroughly through what I said bro.

    On the goggle front.You can use all these great big words and type with the best of them.But still there are times you use these big words and make absolutely no sense. I see you took offence to my post like always lol.Personal problem on your part buddy.

    We can talk about other things that lost the game, cool. But we are talking about defense at this present moment. You kinda seem like you are tryna take Eric’s place basically telling some we shouldn’t talk about the past with you’re constant straw man post :-P

  61. Ewalters7354 says:

    Its funny how myopic and pointless things are when you get challenged, but you try and correct grown men when they talk about for example religion, because this is a sports blog.Now that my friend is pointless…

  62. Ewalters7354 says:

    For the record nate.I’ll read you’re response but will not comment after because we will literally argue all day and I stopped commenting a lot just to avoid that type of BS.

  63. bbnate420 says:

    Who did I correct about religion? I don’t really even understand what you’re trying to say. It’s obvious you didn’t get the point of my posts. Oh well.

    A straw man argument is when you argue some imaginary point that nobody made or try and put words in my mouth. I never said that people couldn’t talk about the past. I said it was pointless TO ME to talk about past coaches when they are gone. Their play calling won’t affect the Hawks in 2013. I never said you couldn’t talk about it as much as you want. Post about it 20 times a day if you wish. I don’t give a spit. How am I taking Eric’s place though? That’s a joke. I can post my opinion about your posts though. I should censor myself because you don’t understand/like what I have to say?

    You said that I should, “read thoroughly through what I said bro.” I did. I suggest you thoroughly read what I wrote, because you seem to be arguing points I didn’t make. And I didn’t take any offense to what you wrote. If my post seemed angry, it wasn’t intended to. You seem worked up to me. Maybe we are both wrong about that?

  64. bbnate420 says:

    And what I wrote had nothing to do with being challenged. I don’t even know where you got that from. You hardly made some great objective point that I couldn’t refute.

  65. Ewalters7354 says:

    Nate, you may not understand my point just like you may understand.That’s cool.But my post isn’t made up of imaginary things.It’s based on what I have seen through the year.I have no problem with you as a person(if you get that sense),first because you are just another internet person I’ve never met and probably will never meet.Second, you are a man just like me who is intitled to post what they please.Just to clear that up.

    My thing is you say I or whomever can post whatever they want about anything they want.But from what I see a lot your post come across as We are not coaches, the past is pointless and so on.Just because that is your opinion, do you not think that would cause a debate?Also there was a guy who posted something that wasn’t about football (plain foolishness) that Eric deleted.I remember you going crazy saying how this is a football blog and how religion and political statements shouldn’t be made on this blog.I didn’t care to search the exact post, but just know I didn’t make it up.But whatever.I’m done.Have a good day bro.

  66. CDHawkFan says:

    This blog has turned into the MTV celebrity deathmatch show, last week was GA vs Duke, I think BobbyK got in it with someone, now Ew vs 420.

    Anyone want a piece of me?

    …Tastes great!

  67. bbnate420 says:

    Ewalters, it was an obvious troll post, and I just said that this wasn’t a place for political trolling. I didn’t try to argue any points with him. If he wasn’t a troll, his post probably wouldn’t have gotten deleted.

    Other than that it’s completely pointless to argue this with you. I can’t be any clearer. It’s fine to disagree with me, but it’s not really a debate when you just put words in my mouth and argue with them. So you can just argue with whatever you think I want to say. Peace.

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