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Morning links: Wilson leading QB evolution

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 15, 2013 at 8:35 am with 50 Comments »
February 15, 2013 8:35 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) gets off a pass under pressure from behind by Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton (98) in the first half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) gets off a pass under pressure from behind by Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton (98) in the first half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Peter King of Sports Illustrated takes an in-depth look at the evolution of the quarterback position, with Carolina’s Cam Newton, Seattle’s Russell Wilson, San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick, Washington’s Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck of Indianapolis all helping to change the way NFL coaches and personnel men view mobile quarterbacks.

King: “Four quarterbacks drafted in the last two years—Griffin, Kaepernick, Wilson and the Panthers’ Cam Newton—embrace their inner Fran Tarkenton. It used to be that option quarterbacks ran the ball because they couldn’t throw. But these new guys can throw. Last year Newton became the first rookie to pass for more than 4,000 yards. Griffin was third in the league this year, with a 102.4 rating. Wilson had 26 touchdown passes, as many as Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. And Kaepernick? The former big league pitching prospect is “such a dangerous runner,” says 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, “because teams see how great he throws, and they have to respect that.”

“Football wisdom says the pocket guy will get beat up less than the mobile guy, but according to Pro Football Focus, the quarterback who got hit most often behind the line of scrimmage in 2012 was Luck, primarily a pocket passer; he was sacked or knocked down 148 times. Of course, Griffin’s knee injury complicates the issue. The NFL’s offensive rookie of the year played on a high wire too often. He was running full speed in the open field against the Ravens and got down too late to avoid a hit, hyperextending his knee. Hobbled in the postseason, he suffered a torn ACL in the wild-card loss to the Seahawks. The cardinal rule for mobile quarterbacks: Don’t risk a major collision for two extra yards.”

The Seahawks officially announced the signing of defensive line coach Travis Jones and the addition of defensive back Will Blackmon. Seattle also made some coaching changes, hiring Nick Sorensen as acoaching assistant/special teams coach. Dave Canales moved from quality control coach on offense to the role of assistant quarterbacks/offensive quality control coach, Nate Carroll moved from a quality control coach to an offensive assistant, and Marquand Manuel moved from assistant special teams coach to defensive assistant.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports provides a list of under-the-radar players in free agency. Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant might make some sense for Seattle.

Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network talks with Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner about his rookie season in this audio link. Some good draft talk here.

Nate Davis of USA Today has Seattle defensive end Chris Clemons, linebacker Bobby Wagner and cornerback Richard Sherman on his All-Joes team.

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network has Seattle selecting Cal receiver Keenan Allen at No. 25 in his latest mock draft.

Mike Florio of reports that the Kansas City chiefs are negotiating with Dwayne Bowe’s representatives and want to keep the receiver in Kansas City.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I wonder how Mike Vick feels about King’s assessment. Perhaps the most mobile QB in NFL history takes a beating week after week. All I’m suggesting is that being mobile and being a classic pocket passer each rely on one major factor in keeping them healthy: capable play from the o line.

  2. PugetHawk says:

    I thought McNabb did a great analysis of the Sophomore slump possibilities. He actually named our backup tight end in the video. Thats more in depth than most analysts get when it comes to Seattle.

  3. banosser says:

    Was listening to Mad Dog Radio the other day and Costa was saying how Kapernick and Wilson won’t even be in the league by 2018, cuz they’ll be too injured.. Saying they are run first QBs.. I was like, have you even watched Wilson play?? He only takes what’s given and protects himself from big hits very well… and if you don’t think he’s a pass first QB you don’t have a clue.. It was such an annoying blanket statement typical of so many media blowholes..

  4. Watching him this year – seems to me that Wilson is a much smarter, more pragmatic, runner than Vick – much better at avoiding the contact whenever possible. And already a more accurate passer than Vick ever was.

    Not disputing your last point – every QB needs a capable O-line to keep from getting killed on every dropback.

  5. Singularitarian says:

    Mike vick went into like his 8th season admitting that he never learned how to read a defense. If he had the smarts, the dedication or the real desire of half of russle wilson he might have put in his time in the film room and not just relied on his scrambling talents. Mike Vick is a joke

  6. What makes R Dub unique is his ability to extend the play. I recall getting angry at our WRs early in the season b/c it seemed like they were quitting their routes too soon.

    Once the coaches got them to make that adjustment, R Dub really took off.

    I’d venture to say that right now, he’s THE BEST at extending the play and is probably about as accurate as any QB out there.

    Vick and Locker will be interesting to watch next year to see if they can adopt the read option to their repertoire and still make the throws as necessary. If I had to chose between the two, I’m a homer and will go with Locker although I’m still not convinced that he’s a very good thrower.

    Good thing we have Wilson. What a luxury; to be able to ‘build’ around a franchise QB instead of having to go in every draft wondering if we’re going to find/land the franchise QB. This draft and free agent offseason will be the most anticipated one in Seahawk history.

    I can hardly wait.


  7. Vick takes a beating because he can’t throw (w/accuracy on the run) and because he can’t determine what the D is doing and because the game is much easier for him if he just takes off. Now that he has to depend on his “smarts” because he’s older, Vick’s true colors are showing. He’s not a good QB if he doesn’t run. Somehow he’s conned the Eagles into forking over more $$$ for him, but he’s a sham. Not even in the same league as Luck, RGKnee, RW, and Kaep…who all actually have brains and talent.

  8. HeinieHunter says:

    Question for Eric – Who of the WR’s is spending the off season catching passes from RW? I think building that chemistry is critical for the team. Who is committed to spending the spring and early summer in Seattle?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Vick is at his best in the pocket and using his elusiveness to extend plays, not when he simply takes off as he did when he was younger.

  10. flywhtguy23 says:

    Woodson being released from the Pack today. Would be a nice veteran presence, on a one year contract of course.

  11. tchristensen says:

    TJack re-signed by the Bills. Should make BobbyK sleep better at night.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    I hope we play the Bills this year.

  13. Wow. Way to sabotage your own life. What an ass-clown.

  14. Sometimes you wonder about people like Titus Young. He may not ever play again and I don’t think he really gets that.

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    RGKnee??? Now that’s funny, a bit mean and not politically correct at all, but very funny…Thanks for the laugh neklok.

  16. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Titus will at least be in someone’s camp on a reduced contract with all kinds of behavioral and out clauses put into it. He’s young enough that he can get a second chance.

    As for Wilson being a ‘running QB’ . . . well he’s got the best arm and ability to read a defense of any running QB I can remember. And I agree with joreb that his ability to ‘extend the play’ and take yards by running when they’re available is the key difference between Wilson what we think of as a ‘rushing QB’.

    The way his elusiveness utterly flustered and demoralized an opposing defense at the end of the season by either running past and away from a DE who was taking an angle that would normally get home or completing a pass on the run twelve to twenty yards downfield and outside of the pocket five seconds after the snap was a thing of beauty. It made me laugh most of the time. Who does that over and over again?

    If RW can continue to avoid hard hits and getting injured that may be the true difference maker that sets him apart from the other QB’s who have the equivalent of his arm, but simply do not get the same opportunities to destroy the confidence and will of a defense because their legs simply don’t provide those opportunities.

  17. princeaden says:

    Like Tarkenton, most of Wilson’s scrambling seems to be done behind the LOS to extend the play and let receivers get open down field. Those read option plays are designed runs when the DE crashes in and Wilson seems pretty aware of when to get down or out of bounds. Not to say that he won’t take off when the protection breaks down or everyone is covered. This and his ability to recognize what he is seeing in his pre-snap reads, I would say that this is what separates him from the rest of the “running QB’s” IMO.

  18. “tchristensen
    Feb. 15, 2013 at 11:45 am

    TJack re-signed by the Bills. Should make BobbyK sleep better at night.”


  19. I’m still waiting for the one where you grow up and announce that you will no longer bitch about players who are no longer on the team. And, especially players who did the best they could despite their limited abilities.

  20. tchristensen says:

    I thought you’d feel that way! Go Hawks!

  21. Freeney being released. Worth a look? He’s 33. We got nice production for a year there out of Raheem Brock. And you can’t have too many pass rushers.

  22. vichawkfan says:

    Dwight Freeney won’t re-sign in Indy. For the right price would make a fantastic addition.

  23. Mike Vick = Million dollar athlete with a ten cent head

    Russell Wilson = 1/2 Million dollar athlete with a million dollar head

    I’ll take Wilson.

  24. SandpointHawk says:

    Sherminator appears to be making the rounds.

    “Just two years after lasting until pick No. 154, Sherman is one of the best players in the NFL.”

    I’m not used to all this Seahawk love…

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Words of wisdom Audible.

    BTW-Who cares what Vick feels! Like Singularitarian says, Vick is a joke!
    Vick is nothing like the new breed of QBs coming in. Ironically Vick has the brains of a pit bull. Need I say more?

  26. I’d take charles woodson on the Hawks . . .

  27. We should take a look at Freeney too.

  28. Or maybe not…his sack totals have been declining each of the past three years…only 5 sacks last year.

  29. Audible – You’re hatred for me these days is unhealthy. I feel bad for you (honestly). If you think I should get a life, you should probably look in the mirror.

  30. Two things regarding all of the “new breed” of QBs and offensive evolution writing. 1st off they are not a new breed so to speak, it’s just the number of them that has changed. In all my days as a Seahawk fan no QB impressed me more while simultaneously driving me mad as John Elway. I hated him. Why? Because even when you held him to 3rd and 17 you couldn’t relax. He was a great passer 1st and also a very smart and talented runner. He ran to extend plays and move the chains. That is the style of play that extends a career and Wilson seemingly recognizes that truth. He will sacrifice himself to win but sees that the Hawks’ long term vision requires a healthy quarterback at the helm.

    On to the “offensive evolution”. Offensive philosophies change, come and go, what have you. What never changes is that great offensive line play makes everything and everybody look good. How good did Alexander look in 2005? Hasselbeck? After Hutch left? In college with a great line you can run virtually any offense with success. Of the teams I saw up close this year SF had the best O line & Baltimore looked pretty good in the SB. Any surprise the two of them were there?

    The real evolution going on is in the coaching ranks (and this really isn’t new either). Guys are molding their systems to get the most out of their talent. It’s great to have that as we are seeing first hand.

    I love me a QB that keeps a defense honest simply by having the ability to run. Once it’s proven though, use it when necessary. First and foremost they must be an accurate passer. That is where the Vicks, Lockers and Tebows(many grades lower) don’t quite measure up.

    I would absolutely LOVE to see our O Line take it to the next level with pass pro this year. Whether it’s guys we currently have improving or a new addition or two. And no, I’m not forgetting about our D Line. How sweet would it be if RW had time in the pocket? Very sweet!

  31. Some of Freeny’s reduced sack total may of been because he was learning a new position (being a 34 OLB instead of a 43 DE). I’m not advocating for or against Freeny, only highlighting his position change.

  32. BobbyK,

    No hatred for YOU..because..unlike you, I can separate your wackjob behavior from you as a person. TJ doesn’t meet your lofty standards of how he should play…therefore you criticize and ridicule him mercilessly and even a year after he has signed with another team.

    I’m more concerned about your students than I am you, as a public school teacher…let’s see…a student earns a D and what…you want him tarred and feathered and expelled from school? Then you mock him when he starts junior college? You should hear yourself.

    And…if you have any self respect, you’d be be ashamed of yourself for displaying such a nasty disposition in a public forum.

    I’m busting your balls because I’m sick of your vile comments and the negative vibe they bring to this blog. If you don’t like it, grow the F*@& up!

  33. Didn’t Freeney move to LB in the Colts 3-4 Defense? That might attribute to his drop in sacks this year. He had over 100 in the 4-3.

    Good for Tjack. I wish him luck.

  34. Good point blocis!

  35. time for a virtual fistfight in the parking lot behind the bar?

  36. montanamike2 says:

    So is everybody as excited as i am for the draft?

  37. AKhawkFan says:

    Did you notice how many haters there were in the comment section of that Sherm article? They all speak of how worthless of a human being he is, but they no nothing about his SWAG charity(student with a goal). No respect outside of the NFL and our fan base. As soon as he signs an extension I will be sporting a Sherm jersey. Love the guy!

  38. AKhawkFan says:

    Oh yeah, does anyone know whatever happened to this becoming a pay site?

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Ak- The sports blogs remain free but the rest of the online paper is pay.

    Freeney doesn’t do much for me, but Woodson is intreguing. Although, I’m a sucker of safeties. My favorite position. And how Carroll loves using 3 in long yardage packages I can’t help be play with the idea.

  40. Audible – Congratulations. You win. Good job. I hope you feel better about your life.

  41. Southendzone says:

    good news:

    The national debate club just rated the Audible vs Bobby argument as the stupidest debate they’ve ever seen.

    It knocked off the prior champion which had held the title for over 30 years.

    Say goodbye to “Yes you are / No I’m not” you had a good run.

  42. When watching Rdub play, Peyton probably says “wow, if I had them legs I would never lose a game”.

  43. Audible – Yes, everyone is sick of the Tavaris beatings on here (he took enough from our OLine), but making the leap to the classroom is equivalent to jumping the grand canyon. ; )

  44. Audible–Come on, Man! Thats pretty far over the line, and its not cool to make it so personal.

    Bobbyk–Your vicious anti-TJ rhetoric is pretty awful. But if it gets some frustration out for you, I can take it (usually).

    This blog is a forum for discussion–even argument–but it works best when this happens without personal attacks, cursing, namecalling, etc.

  45. SandpointHawk says:

    Can we now go back to being the civilized Seahawks fans we once were?

  46. Titus Young is such an egomaniac asshat that the Rams cut him after 10 days. That fool is walking away from a lucrative NFL career because he’s too much of an arsehole to play a team sport.

    I dont know whether I feel sorry for him, or just want him to end up in the gutter so he can finally realize what a great opportunity he;s wasting.

    Woodson may not have much left, and we dont really need another slow aged S or nickel back–the Lawyer Milloy thing cost us a lot, and it only worked as well as it did because we didnt have a legit starter at SS.

    Also, some team is bound to be willing to overpay for Woodson, like the Titans with Futch. I doubt we have a shot at getting him on a one or two year deal. I wouldnt be opposed necessarily, as long as its not for big money and he has to compete. Maybe he wants to sign with a contender more than make a ton of bucks…

  47. It’s always “fun” to be part of something special. I don’t know about most of you, but this blog is fun to simply let off steam sometimes with respect to talking ‘Hawks, as we all probably have to remain civilized and “assignment correct” in our real world but, to me, this blog is a family where we can escape reality sometimes. None of us can sign or draft players, but it’s fun to be part of something like this that we all care about (whether we agree or not). And, like any family, there are people you like more than others too.

    I am intrigued by Freeney, depending the price. I’m not concerned about his sack numbers declining the past few years.

    Two years ago the sack numbers of Freeney would have taken a hit no matter what. The previous year the Colts had Peyton Manning and usually won all their games and played with late leads most of the time. Freeney could pin his ears back and get to the QB.

    But when they lost Manning and didn’t win a game until late in the year, you know that they weren’t able to do that (rush the passer as much) and naturally his sack numbers would go down.

    Last year, on the wrong side of 30, Freeney had to go from playing DE his whole career to playing OLB. Part of the reason the Colts don’t want him back is because he’s a square peg trying to fit into a round circle in their scheme.

    However, it is important to note that Freeney is also older, yet I do believe he would have something left in his tank. He’s also a stop gap type of guy that this team could use at getting immediate impact at getting to the QB. I’d have no problems bringing him in – depending the price.

  48. raymaines says:

    If Peyton had RW’s legs he’d be too short to play the position too.

  49. I think Woodson as a rover in our secondary backed up by Earl could take us over the top. He might be the difference in those key 3rd and long and end of game situations where experience and being clutch count more than raw physical tangibles. Freeney would be ok as a situational pass rusher, but he was never stout against the run. Assuming Irv is the starter at RDE if the season started right now, we need to find situational pass rushers for the left end spot. If Clem misses significant time like many of us believe he will, I like Osi more than DF as a replacement since he’s a more complete player. OU will most likely cost much more than DF however. And no long term deals that hijack our salary cap. I only want either OU or DF if it is on a one year, incentive laden deal we can get out of if it doesn’t work out.

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