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Morning links: Wagner says Hawks team to beat in NFC West

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 13, 2013 at 8:07 am with 70 Comments »
February 13, 2013 8:07 am
Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner enters the field during introductions before playing San Francisco 49ers in an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner enters the field during introductions before playing San Francisco 49ers in an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner visited the set of the NFL Network on Tuesday, reviewing his team’s heartbreaking loss to Atlanta in the NFC playoffs.

Wagner said the lasting image for him from that game is allowing Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez to catch the ball down the middle of the field, putting the Falcons in position to kick the game-winning field goal.

“[Tony] Gonzalez catching the ball and me trying to strip the ball instead of making a secure tackle, and he gets the extra yards,” he said.

Wagner also pointed to Seattle’s late-season, convincing win over San Francisco as evidence that the Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC West in 2013.

“I definitely think we’re ready to pass them,” Wagner said. “We have the talent on both offense and defense. Our defense is pretty strong and our offense is pretty strong too. If we continue to put everything together, we should surpass them.”

Check out Wagner’s appearance on the NFL Network in this video link.

Larry Hartstein of CBS Sports writes that the Seahawks have been the most popular bet in Vegas to win the Super Bowl, opening at 12 to 1 and being bet down to 6 to 1.

Elliott Harrison of has Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas on his All-Under-25 team.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports thinks Percy Harvin is worth the risk.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports addresses a need for each team in the NFL. He believes Seattle needs to address receiver in the draft and in free agency.

Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin does his best Michael Robinson impersonation with his own video report, dubbed The Fresh Files. Check out the video below. A word of advice Doug — step back from the camera.

NFL Network analysts Heath Evans and Willie McGinest break down what the Seahawks need to do in order to win the NFC West in 2013 in this video link.

Derek Harper of The Sports Xchange has the complete list of upcoming pro days here. Washington is on March 13. Washington State and Idaho is on March 7. Eastern Washington is March 6.

Rob Rang of previews the top wide receivers heading to next week’s scouting combine.

New Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin has told his players to study film of Seattle’s defense because he will try and emulate that in Seattle. That makes sense, with Pete Carroll and Gus Bradley working under Kiffin at some point in their defensive coaching careers.

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  1. Close your mouth and study hard, rookie. You’re not there just yet.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks for the Wagner link, E. I had totally missed that.

  3. I hate the Forty-Whiners, yet I respect them. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen if they don’t work/train this off-season with a chip on their shoulder, but if our guys are dedicated (which I expect them to be), I have full confidence with what Bobby Wagner said about passing them by. It’s nice to have our QB and MLB with a year of NFL experience under their belt going into this upcoming season!

  4. CDHawkFan says:

    Hard to emulate a Pro Bowler that once played in the CFL, another guy picked in the 5th round that might be the best in the NFL. A guy picked in the mid 2nd that a year later would now go probably top 15 overall, a guy picked up in a trade for basically nothing that has 3 10+ sack seasons, a guy named Earl, and most of all, the 12 man for 8+ games a year.

    Keep dreaming Cowgirls. Oh, by the way, you will probably still have Romo.

  5. Yes, there will be no lack of “teams to beat” in the NFC West next year. The Rams should turn the corner next year and become competitive. The Niners need some DB help, and need to find Justin Smith’s heir, but they won’t stand still, they’ll be better next year too.

  6. This following year the Seahawks will fall to many injuries they had a lucky year this last year in that they had few injury’s. Go niners.

  7. off-season trolling?

  8. None of us can dispute we finally got “lucky” with injuries this past year.

    However, as a fan for some decades now… it seems that the “young” teams always seem to have less injuries.

    Part was luck, but some was Numbskull not signing a bunch of old guys either.

    It’s good to have veterans, but not too many, IMO.

  9. With Justin Smith finally breaking down and being a HUGE part of their success… I see the Whiners NOT improving, yet remaining good/great.

  10. We had more guys miss time than people like to admit – while Browner wasn’t injured, missing 4 games is still there.

    We had a bunch of guys miss a game here or a game there. Heck – we were almost to the point of signing DB,s off the street at one point.

  11. Taken into context, this team was healthy most of the year. The Whiners lost 2 of their top 3 WRs and the Ravens had significant starters miss time, too. I don’t believe every team will ever have nobody get hurt (at least it makes for good excuses for every other team that doesn’t go the Super Bowl).

  12. I still don’t think we have to have a WR – RIGHT NOW!! for a number of reasons.

    1. Our offense isn’t designed to be a pass first offense anyway – set up or philosophy

    2. Over the course of the year there were guys getting open and Wilson missed them. – With how hard he works on and off the field you will see those types of situations less and less. This will automatically make the WR’s we have now better.

    3. Because RW works so hard and study AND most importantly has the respect of the players, I think they will want to work harder as well and if they don’t, I think you will start to see RW call them out in his own way in practice, and/or you will see the ball going to the guys who do work hard.

    all that said, if you have a chance to upgrade but it doesn’t kill you to do it. You definitely do it!

  13. All 32 NFL Teams Eagerly Lining Up For Chance To Sign Randy Moss, Reports Randy Moss,31236/

  14. Surpassing the 49ers and staying ahead of the Rams is far from a done deal. Next years NFC West battle will be epic.

    The more I think about it, the more I think we should cut Leon Washington and Ben Obomanu and sign Harvin. This is assuming Bevell and Rice don’t think Harvin is as much of a head case as he appears. I love the idea of being able to put Rice, Tate, Baldwin and Harvin on the field at the same time and moving Harvin in / out of the backfield. That would be our best 4 WR group ever.

  15. In other news, Randy Moss was diagnosed as having acute Delusions of Grandeur Syndrome. The only cure is to hang with Terrel Owens in retirement…

  16. blocis–Harvin thinks he’s as good as Calvin Johnson and Fitzgerald, and is likely to be demanding their level of compensation. Harvin would eat up all the cap space Seattle has left, which would in turn make resigning our young guys over the next 3-4 years next to impossible (Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, Browner, Tate, Okung, etc). Considering the fact that he isnt a player that takes over a game, rather a very nice luxury complement, I cant see how Seattle would even waste a second considering it. Not to mention our offense isnt designed to throw the ball to the slot guy a whole bunch. He isnt going to be satisfied sharing the load with Rice and Tate.

    It isnt going to happen. Dwayne Bowe is far more likely to catch their interest if they wanted to spend big bucks on a WR, and he wont cost a draft pick; and even that is more than a longshot.

  17. Not only that, but there are at least FIVE WR’s who will likely be available in the second round on down who are at least 6′-1″ tall, near 200 lbs, and run at least a 4.5 40 and who can flat out play.

    The link to Rob Rang’s scouting of WR’s for the upcoming draft is really good. He lists a ton of guys Seattle has a shot at getting after Round One. My favorite is DaRick Rogers. Dude is 6′-2″ tall and over 200 lbs and runs a 4.5 40 and is agile as hell. He’s a total beast, and sounds like exactly what Seattle needs.

    After Rogers I like the idea of Kansas State’s Chris Harper (6′-1″ 228 lbs!) who sounds like a total beast tough guy who supposedly runs a sub-4.5 40. Then there’s Deondre Hopkins, who is 6′-1″ 205 (supposedly) and Justin Hunter (6′-4″ 200 lbs) but Hunter will likely be gone by the mid-second round for sure.

    Even more intriguing is Marquess Wilson from WSU. I saw that kid play in person, and he has NFL talent for sure. Head case, but should be available in the late rounds. He could have been a first round pick in another year or two if he hadnt quit the team. He’s 6′-3″ but skinny.

    Seattle should be able to find a strong, big WR with enough speed to separate without spending a first round pick.

    I cant believe I just advocated NOT taking a stud WR in the first round. Ive been hoping for just that for 7 years. But DT and DE are a bigger need, and this draft has some great DT and DE prospects but they will all go high. The WR class looks to have some steals.

  18. FleaFlicker says:

    STTBM: I like your point about Marquess Wilson, and if he’s headed towards undrafted (ala Vontaze Burfict) we might pick him up with a spare late late pick or even UDFA and get a super cheap 14 game starter (ala Vontaze Burfict).

  19. STTBM – I know Harvin will be expensive. I assume that we would only pull the trigger on him if Bevell supports the move and we can afford him. In the scenario I identified we would release Leon and Obo – offsetting much of the cost and freeing a roster spot for a young dynamic play maker. Having said that, I agree signing Harvin is a long shot.

  20. blocis–I agree, if JS and Carrol want to get Harvin, they will. And they will make room for him. Obo is only due what, 1.5 million a year? Leon is due 2.5 million or so. Thats only 4 million; Seattle would have to come up with around 4-6 million more. Its doable, just difficult and removes a lot of wiggle room with extending other core guys.

    It would be funny as hell if they got him and drafted a big WR…serve me right huh!

  21. SandpointHawk says:

    DaRick Rogers has a good name so I’m all in. Marquess Wilson is a Prima Donna but talented, tried to take the coaching staff down by saying the were mean to him…Let Cable have him for a day…

  22. chuck_easton says:


    Harvin thinks he’s one of the top three WR’s in the game and want’s to be paid as such.

    He’s not worth a $100,000,000.00 (wow that’s alot of zeros) contract.

    If that is what he wants he can enjoy getting no offers just like Mike Wallace who held out last season. Any team that even approached Wallace quickly learned he wanted Fitz type money. How’d that work out for him?

    Harvin will either play for the Vikes or he can sit out the season until week 10 and acrue one year towards his FA.

    I don’t care how good the guy is. Nobody is worth Johnson and Fitz money except Johnson and Fitz. Now if the Seahawks can get one of those two for that type of money we might have something to debate.

    No to Harvin, not on talent but on Harvin’s apparent overinflated opinion of himself.

  23. Marquis Wilson not unless its a 7th or camp invite, not worth much more.
    Couldn’t hack a coach pushing him to be better so he quit, has potential but not worth picking earlier.
    Not much on Harvin either he might get a migraine and be out for several games

  24. CDHawkFan says:

    Just rewatched the Hawks vs 9’ers, man that was a good old fashion hippie ass whompping.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Didn’t the MVP say that no way he wants Harvin to go? Doesn’t MVPs usually get what they want?

    This is getting like the Revis talks awhile back. Lol.

    Let’s just blow up the financial structure of the team to bring in a WR that will likely blow up on the sidelines? That doesn’t make any sense to me and how the FO is building this team.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CDHawkFan- Great Idea! I’m going to take my hippie ass over to the tv right now and re-watch that game.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    MauMau…agree fully, like I implied invite him to camp and put him in a room with Cable for the day. Welcome to the NFL punk….

    Who knows what happens in Minn. Georgia. They are the Jets of the mid west at this point.

    JS is not going to blow up what he is building. You want a ring? Welcome aboard but it’s going to cost you to join this winning team….

  28. Harvin is absolutely a game changing player. He has legit skills and yac capability. If you can isolate that talent and imagine that talent on our team, I like it. But it’s not that simple of an equation.

    While it’s easy to be lured in by his talents; he’s expecting 12mil annually and is a headache personality-wise. I’d pass, if it were my choice.

    Some of us feel like the WR group is deep and some of us don’t. I’m of the latter. And I’m not opposed to taking a WR early. And hey, there’s always this guy:

    I’ve heard that this is a good draft for WR and Dline, but is it true that quantity-wise, the WR’s are deeper overall? Seems like it.

  29. Cornutt–Patterson is going in the top 15. He may even go top 10. He’s just so big and fast, this guy just keeps climbing…

  30. bbnate420 says:

    DaRick Rodgers is a bit of a head case too it seems. Was thrown off of the team at Tennessee.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    And yes, Patterson won’t be around even at 25 unless he lays an egg at the combine.

  32. bbnate420 says:

    Well, Rodgers says that he was suspended at Tennessee for failing a drug test. Not as concerning as attitude problems to me, assuming he can stay clean or at least be smart/lucky enough to not test positive in the NFL. I don’t personally get why you can’t use recreational drugs without the risk of suspension, but the suspension issue is a real one. He looks like a great prospect and fit for the Hawks if PC/JS are satisfied with his interview. He looks like a beast.

  33. STTBM: True enough. He’s been climbing all boards…much to my chagrin. But he’s not without red flags, so there’s always a chance! Unless there’s not.

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    Percy Harvin can demand as much as he wants.He still won’t get much more than Desean Jackson,if not less.Last I checked he’s not a GM and the actual GMs sre saying no way if hell he’ll get top dollars of a Megatron.

    Hell yeah Wagner! Last I checked we SMASHED the Niners while be very competitive in the losses.This team finally has the players to get the job done.Will it happen next year? I have no clue.But like Bobby Wagner said, if they put it all together,the sky is the limit.

  35. Ok, so this might just be the best You Tube video ever. Even a couple Pete Carroll’s in there. Enjoy!

  36. Hammajamma says:

    Skavage, that had me in tears by the end. Stop doing heroin.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great stuff Skavage!

  38. This is the WR I want on our team next year. Screw the flashy receivers, we need someone who is tough and team first.

    I watched Ryan Swope play in every game for the past few years and I was totally impressed with this guy. He is tough, can catch anything and put defensive players on the ground in run blocking situations. He is projected for the 4th round but I seriously doubt he lasts that long. Rang didn’t even mention him in the report above but he sure comments about him in this link.

    My gut feeling about Swope, if we get him or not, will be that he excels in the NFL and will be considered a top player. He has the attitude…I’ve watched him get open for Ryan Tannehill and Johnny Manziel when they had no where else to go. This dude is the real deal.

  39. bayareahawkfan says:

    Off topic, but anyone else see this report?

    Johnny Knox Retires:

    That’s crazy. He couldn’t recover fully from the hit that I think Red and someone else put on him.

    Not For Long, indeed.

  40. bayareahawkfan says:

    Doh, I should have refreshed the page before posting – Ray had it too.

  41. Good GAWD, that video is FUNNY, Skavage!

    Bummer to hear about Knox, but its what was expected. The guy was a centimeter or two from permanent paralysis.

    I saw that hit live, and was horrified. I thought for sure Knox was paralyzed or dead. I thought then, and I still do, that the hit from Hargrove was unnecessary. Knox was on the ground, there was no need to hit him so viciously. I admit it was legal, it just wasnt necessary. Personally, Im glad Hargrove isnt here anymore. He tended to get pissed when he couldnt make plays, and was often near the line on legality. The guy’s dirty.

    Im all for big, clean hits, but that one was ridiculous. And I will miss Knox, he was fun to watch and I really liked the guy. I hope the rest of his life goes well.

  42. Speaking of drug tests—- how will Washingtons laws affect NFL players, Can/Will the NFL suspend them if they test positive for a little Mary Jane?

  43. raymaines says:

    xcman: First of all – I don’t have any idea.

    Starting from that point, I’ll say that your employer can certainly have higher standards than the law allows. People in safety sensitive positions, heavy equipment operators, city bus drivers, policemen, etc. still will be tested and disciplined if found dirty.

  44. Xcman, from what I recall reading..,regardless of the new Washington and Colorado laws, players are still subject to the CBA and the NFL personal conduct rules. Not to mwention that it is still illegal on a Federal level.

  45. pretty much what I figured but you never know – will be interesting to see if the first person who gets poped tries to fight it

  46. CDHawkFan says:

    I would think pot, coke, etc would be defined in the CBA as not allowed the same as many legal (Adderall) drugs on that same banned list.

    I don’t think legal or illegal has much to do with, it’s more about what is on the list. Otherwise all those who failed a pot test could have just blamed it on a visit to Amsterdam where it’s been legal for years.

  47. chuck_easton says:

    League office has alredy come out and stated that in spite of certain States legalizing MJ the league still considers it a banned substance and will handle any violations accordingly.

  48. raymaines says:

    xcman: Hello again. I’m a retired city bus driver and I’ll share this. There have been guys at work who claimed they had been in Amsterdam a few weeks earlier blah, blah, blah. Sorry dude, you’re going to counseling and now have a few weeks of admin. leave. I don’t know what exactly this has to do with the NFL, but precedent indicates playing for the Seahawks or Broncos doesn’t mean a thing concerning NFL drug testing policy.

    But on the other hand, think how cool it would be if being a Seahawk or Bronco gave you a free pass to smoke dope. Screw advertising endorsements, give some of that Rocky Mt. high. Seattle vs. Denver in the Super Bowl every year for the next 30 years!! Peace brother.

  49. SandpointHawk says:

    Sorry Ray but old Mary Jane isn’t going to help one iota on game day. On Monday when they are in so much pain they can’t get out of bed, maybe…if they have someone to fetch them some Cheetos…

  50. Here’s a podcast link via fieldgulls to a 30 minute segment of Mike Mayock talking draft. He starts around the 15:00 minute mark.

  51. Georgia – What did you send Wilson for Valentine’s Day? Does his wife know about you? There is no restraining order in the works, is there?

    j/k – Havin’ fun with it. :)

  52. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Ah Percy Harvin and his contract expectations. Do we have ANY recent examples of a team that breaks the bank for a position player that is not a QB . . . and that team makes and even wins the Super Bowl? Or that even said position player is an integral and absolutely critical component of a dynastic and extended type run?

    My understanding is that the NFL is littered with one example after another of massively over-paying to acquire and/or keep a supposedly special or ‘change the field’ kind of player and the eventual result is salary cap hell and massive holes at positions of need that keep that team from having a prayer of remaining competitive.

    At the same time, losing a key talent can mean a team’s certain demise and unraveling (Hutch comes to mind; though what that really exposed were the much further reaching problems and dysfunction with the Ruskell heading up the personnel decisions.

    Was Hutch nice and clean guy enough for Ruskell to even draft? Probably not. And he definitely wasn’t small and finesse enough.

    Anyhow, Harvin is probably not worth more than $6 million per year. He is a player who MUST have quite a few other important and key players (and even receivers) on the field with him before you get true ‘change the field’ things happening.

  53. I got him a Jose A Banks 2-for-1 suit and tuxedo combo for Valentine’s Day. That’s his favorite:)
    Seriously, there are so may media types infatuated with RW that Georgia would have to stand in line behind Colin Cowherd to get him something.
    I’m sure Bill Simmons already got his Russell ” Man Muscle, Hustle and Bustle” Wilson some flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day.
    That’s cool, Danja would just pass them on to his wife Ashton and say
    “Go Hawks!”

  54. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Typo. Meant $7 or $8 million per year max for Harvin. More than that is too much. Which means he either changes his expectations. Or he’s not coming here. Good chance he lands in SF though. They are more desperate for receiver help.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    As poorly as Ruskell drafted, let’s not get too revisionist. As far as o line goes, he drafted Spencer, Sims, Wrotto, and Willis among others. And while that is a middling group at the very best, they were anything but “small and finesse”. That’s a big, lumbering, powerful group.

  56. I’d be doing myself a favor to cut down on the visits here until things heat up again in March but who am I kidding. When the franchise tag option expires I’ll be going ape s*&t if some of our D-line targets get through.

    #1 on my wish list is still Michael Johnson, DE of the Bengals. He just screams “Seahawk” to me and is one of the few dudes that I could see our FO doling out big bucks to. He will command a sizable deal if he hits the open market. The Bengals have more cap space then anyone and the option to tag so where does my hope lie? They are Cincy so there is always a chance they botch things (granted they have been respectable for years now). Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Desmond Bryant, DT, Oakland Raiders would make an interesting Hawk. 6’6″, 311 lbs, undrafted, with some interior pass rushing skills. He was with Coach Cable for 2 years. Oakland is in the red salary cap wise as well. Melton would be sweet if he somehow avoids the tag. Starks or Bennett would be solid pickups also. A healthy Jason Jones returning at a reduced rate would be a good thing too imo.

    Regarding revisionist history, it’s funny to look back and think that if we hadn’t made all of those moves whether they were perceived as good or bad at the time, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Aside from the Superbowl fix, which I will never get over until we win one, the rest I can live with. Even our “bless-ed” current regime started out by screwing the pooch with the Whitehurst trade. Everyone is fallible but they have come a long, long way since that one.

  57. Here’s a good write up on Desmond Bryant from a New England perspective.

  58. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Dukeshire, I was more joking about Ruskell’s overall draft record (picks like Jennings, John Carlson, and Josh Wilson) and the way he crafted a team in general.

    And ‘undersized’ isn’t always a bad thing. Look at ET. Or Tatupu who worked out for the first few years, but had a limited shelf life and wore down.

    But Ruskell used so many early picks and free agent acquisitiins for smaler, slower and finesse type players (remember when Jennings, Trufant, Josh Wilson, Russell and Grant were our defensive backfield. And we had Rocky Bernard, Tatupu, Mebane and Terrill up the middle? That’s ONE player out of seven who could play smash mouth ball) whom he also deemed to be good character types.

    Sure was fun watching those teams get run over every time they played on the road. Or when a physically stronger and bigger team came to town).

    You can point to four mediocre but not small O linemen to contradict whatever revisionism you are perceiving. And I’d even agree with your point.

    But what isn’t arguable is that our team progressively got more owned and abused at the LOS with every passing year on both sides of the ball. And as Ruskell’s vision and philosophy played out to their logical conclusion.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    SeventiesHawksFan – All I did was provide a counter to this: “Was Hutch nice and clean guy enough for Ruskell to even draft? Probably not. And he definitely wasn’t small and finesse enough.”

    Simply noting that one area Ruskell didn’t draft small and finesse was on the o line. There’s no need to create a context that isn’t there (… suggesting I’m somehow defending Ruskell for example) or think I’m trying to counter your entire premise.

  60. montanamike2 says:

    I like the post from Galena, The fact that Sherman may be the best corner in the league and will hopefully get even better from year to year makes me stoked to finally have a Sherman jersey. Normally i don’t like players talking that much trash but he backs it up almost every game and it gets into the qb and recievers head, plus he’s on my team. With everyone trying to copy the Seahawks i hope we can still snag gems in the lower rounds. This may cause them to leave talent on the table too as they try to emulate us. I’m more worried about the Rams over the next few years than the 49’rs. I wish they didn’t hire Fish. Once we become a complete team it might not matter anymore. I’m also glad that Reid chose KC over Arizona, he has a better chance in the AFC west. I’m just glad we get maulers now instead of finess players. Go Hawks.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    To me, the thing about Sherman’s talk is that it seems like it’s all done in humor, or at least harmless. He’s not malicious, just having a good time with it all.

  62. Does anyone have a link to the ESPN segment with Sherm yesterday? I didn’t get the chance to DVR it and really want to see it…

  63. Sherman was on NFL AM this morning too. NFL network.

  64. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    What you quoted was more in jest at Ruskell’s general draft record and player eval process. One can plausibly wonder if Hutch would have been a player who’d sit at the top of Ruskell’s board at guard? He’s not exactly good citizen material.

    And the actual record was one of passing over one faster, bigger and more physical player after another to choose a swell, decent guy like Jennings who unfortunately had no ability to make a play on a thrown ball. Something that’s kinda important if you want him to play corner.

    I don’t blame Ruskell entirely btw. There was a massive overreaction to the Koren Robinson / Jerramy Stevens off field problems, coupled with a sense that Holmgren as GM wouldn’t get us all rhe way there (which seems a rather safe conclusion) that culminated in the Ruskell hiring. The team’s impending unraveling was set in motion from there, which means it came from the top.

    And I don’t mind one bit btw if you challenge anything I postulate here anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the helpful functions of a comment section and forum. And it’s just more interesting this way.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    We’re not in disagreement, exactly. I just wasn’t aware you were joking.

    I always had an issue with the high character criteria he would use. There are plenty of great athletes that also keep their heads down. In addition, I found it hypocritical that Ruskell would talk character then continue to re-sign many players that had been arrested or otherwise ran into trouble, under his watch. Ruskell was a grossly overrated talent evaluator from top to bottom, IMO. In any case…

  66. bbnate420 says:

    The CBA still bans marijuana and other recreational drugs, and I do believe it would probably stand up to a challenge in court. It may become an issue when the CBA expires. Strange that they don’t ban alcohol. Maybe it has something to do with all the money they make selling ad time to beer companies? Maybe I’m just a pessimist? And these guys aren’t flying airplanes or controlling air traffic. So that argument is pointless.

    Marijuana is not legal in Holland. It’s just decriminalized. You can carry 5 grams or less on your person and can smoke in designated “coffee” shops and your home. You could be arrested if you smoked on the street. I don’t really think that hardly ever happens though. Vegas has public intoxication laws, but you won’t see them arresting drunken tourists unless they go WAY over the edge. Neither place wants to bite the hand that feeds them. It will actually be legal in Washington and Colorado, although I don’t know the specifics of the Colorado law. The AG of the US Eric Holder has already said that the Obama Administration will respect the state laws. That could change when a new president is in office. In Washington, you won’t be able to smoke in public where you couldn’t smoke a cigarette. They still have another 10 months or so to work out the specifics of how and where it will be sold. But I don’t believe there is a limit to the amount you can carry as there is in Holland.

    Neither of these state laws are probably totally settled either. One section of the Washington law that is troubling even to people that were in favor of it is that you can be charged with some form of DUI if they take a blood test and find 1 nanogram of THC in your system. I’m almost sure that this will be challenged in court. THC stays in your system much longer than other drugs such as alcohol or cocaine. It is fat soluble. It can stay in your system for a month or so if you are a regular user. So the fact that they could find 1 nanogram or even 500 nanograms of THC in your system would not be any proof that you were actually high at the time they tested you.

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