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Morning links: Does WR Harvin make sense in Seattle?

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 11, 2013 at 9:36 am with 79 Comments »
March 11, 2013 9:21 am
Minnesota Vikings' Percy Harvin, right, rushes against Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman during an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)
Minnesota Vikings’ Percy Harvin, right, rushes against Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman during an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

News of the Minnesota Vikings entertaining a possible trade involving electric receiver Percy Harvin perked my ears this morning.

Harvin finished last year on the injured reserve after suffering an ankle injury against Seattle last season. But the reason he finished 2012 on the shelf has more to do with a blowup with head coach Leslie Frazier in front of teammates, according to the report.

The 24-year-old Harvin is entering the final year of his rookie deal. He’s an explosive playmaker who has a history with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and receiver Sidney Rice from their time in Minnesota. But he’s also a bit of a malcontent, as ESPN’s Kevin Seifert spells out here.

I think Harvin is the type of explosive playmaker Seattle is looking to add offensively, and could be work the risk of giving up a second-round pick. Harvin’s injury issues could be lessoned by the fact that he would be more of a complementary player for Seattle, and therefore won’t be used as much.

He could also give Leon Washington a blow in the return game.

And Seattle also has another chip – quarterback Matt Flynn. The Vikings are looking for competition at quarterback, with Joe Webb’s struggles in the playoffs against Green Bay exposing the team’s lack of depth at that position. Flynn could go to Minnesota and compete with Christian Ponder for the starting job, and provide more depth at that position for the Vikings.

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports says the Seahawks are the team to beat in 2013 in the video below.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports thinks the Seahawks could keep San Francisco from returning to the Super Bowl.

Pro Football Weekly discusses possible destinations for Matt Flynn via trade in this video link.

Russell Wilson says GO HAWKS! – over and over again Groundhog Day style – in he video below.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post talks to former Indianapolis general manager Bill Polian, who suggests widening the field like in the CFL in attempt to improve player safety. Warren Moon thinks it’s a bad idea.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst with, begins a position-by-position look at the NFL Scouting Combine with a thorough look at the top offensive line prospects.

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  1. Not worth it – Harvin doesn’t give you much of an upgrade over Tate. The draft pick + the contract makes it even worse. Wilson can make an average group of WRs look good – home run hitters would be nice but it’s not necessary. I’m not even sure if Harvin qualifies as a home run hitter.

    I would rather see Schneider make a determination of which aging pass rusher (Abraham, Freeny and Umenyiora) can give them 3 solid years of double digit sacks, consistent pass rush and can defend the run and then spend the money there.

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    2nd round pick for a proven performer at WR….seems like a pretty good deal.

  3. Southendzone says:

    So many reasons I don’t like the Harvin trade for Seattle.

    Harvin will demand a deal @ or near 10M/year. Can this team afford to have that kind of money tied up in WR’s when we get around to the time to re-sign Sherman, Thomas, and eventually RW.

    He seems injury prone.

    He might be a head-case and malcontent.

    He’s small. He’s a faster more dynamic Golden Tate.

    At the new contract price, he’d be under-utilized as a hawk with our good running game. Would lead to even more cry-baby breakdowns on the sidelines than we’ve already seen out of him.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    More pressing needs elsewhere.

  4. I’m with Pabs and SEZ.

    Trade Flynn for pick(s), bring in a veteran DL (or two: DE,DT), then draft DL, LB, TE, OT, E.J. Manuel at QB, etc…

  5. Being stuck in MN for years now I have watched Percy play a lot of Sundays. Although Tate showed much improvement last year, Percy is most definitely an upgrade. He returns kicks, he lines up at running back and is effective and most important, he has a strong desire to win. He may have been a pain sometimes but being wide open and having your QB throw balls over your head or two yards in front of your feet can piss anyone off. That wouldn’t be a problem with RW throwing him the ball.

  6. E.J. as Flynn’s replacement at backup. BTW, they were the only team to meet with him at the Senior Bowl…

  7. Harvin for a 2nd & Flynn or 2nd & 4th is well worth it. He’s a playmaker that can take it to the house every time he touches the ball either at WR, KR or PR. He’s a proven commodity.

  8. No to any player destined to be nick-named Pussy.

  9. OregonHawk says:

    If you trade for Percy, what do you do with Tate? I do not think there is room for them both.

    Just my thought not my person.

  10. trout_hound says:

    I think Seattle is looking more for a big, possession type receiver. That said, Harvin is a playmaker. As much as I think Tate has improved, Harvin is more exciting. More depth would be nice. I’d trade Flynn for him if we could do a sign and trade deal with a reasonable extension. And who wouldn’t blow up at Childress?

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going through football withdrawals this week. Time to find some other hobbies/interests for a while.

  11. trout_hound,

    One word for you: Madden13

  12. Harvin is certainly a playmaker but I don’t trust having to give big money contracts to whiny babies who act like jerks. Everyone knows he’s had issues with two different NFL head coaches (Childress first, now Frazier). I can see hating Childress, but there’s a pattern. For anyone who doesn’t know about Harvin when he played for the Gators, he was a talented jerk-off. After the Vikings drafted Harvin, I remember reading a local paper about how Childress met with both Urban Meyer and Harvin and basically threw Harvin under the bus for being such a dipstick… but did say he had the “potential” to turn it around in the NFL. Meyer also said in their National Championship Game that Harvin was the most talented player on either side of the ball for either team and that’s the biggest reason for the Vikes taking him (talent). Nobody would ever take a chance on a guy like Harvin who only had average talent. When you’re as talented as Harvin, someone will want you in spite of your being a moron. Someone will take him, I just hope it’s not us – especially with his contract only having one year left and he’s going to want that big payday (which will make someone you can’t control, even harder to control).

  13. No way is Harvin worth a 2nd and Flynn. Personally I wouldn’t give more than a 4th for him. He’s good, but he’s not game changing great. I think we are well established at the top three WR spots. Rice, Tate, and Baldwin.

    The only one I can see us replacing is Rice. And not because of his fragility or such, but because the Tate has a ceiong that is just so far up there, the air gets too thin to breathe. Baldwin on the other hand, is one of the better slot guys in the league. He just needs to stay healthy. And Harvin is not a slot guy. So that leaves Rice. And I cannot see replacing Rice with Harvin. Makes no sense from either a personnel point of view or a salary point of view. I see us using a draft pick on a WR…maybe more than 1. But not in a trade and not in FA.

  14. Great player. No place for him in Seattle.

    With Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin already in Seattle, both of whom are making small salaries, and both of whom seem to be a great fit for the slot WR position that Harvin plays, it makes no sense to bring in Harvin, who wants a mega-contract.

    Baldwin wants to play FL or SE, and may eventually be a good FL; be we already have Rice there. Tate also seems like a guy who could play Slot and FL, but is playing SE as he is not as good a route runner as Rice, and is much faster.

    As good a player as Harvin is, he’s not the kind of player Seattle needs to take their WR corps to the next level. Seattle needs a big fast freak athlete who plays a physical game and has the speed to beat anyone deep, a guy who will learn to run routes precisely as well, even if they are raw at first; A red-zone threat, a guy who can go up for the ball in traffic, who will go over the middle and catch it in coverage, and a guy who can block. Harvin isnt that guy.

    Seattle’s WR corps is talented, but the problem is they dont fit together to make them more than the sum of their parts. They need that Number One WR with size and speed for that to happen, and when that does one of the three top guys now will become expendable–either Tate, Rice, or Baldwin.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Harvin and Tate don’t fill the same roles at receiver. Tate was split-end and Harvin is typically in the slot or flanker. Harvin wouldn’t effect Tate’s role but would potentially take snaps from Baldwin. In any case, I too don’t think the likely asking price would be worth the pursuing.

  16. Another reason it makes no sense for Seattle to trade for Harvin is that Seattle doesnt throw the ball that much–there are barely enough opportunities for Rice, Tate, Baldwin, and the TE’s as it is. Harvin wont be happy getting 30 or 40 balls thrown to him in a season, even if we win a Super Bowl.

    And no, I dont think he’s better for our team than Tate. Harvin can run, but Tate is amazingly fast as well. Tate can out-jump guys that are 6′-4″ tall, and has developed the knack he had in college for making incredible leaping catches in traffic. Also, Harvin’s running the ball as a back is not something Tate cant do; in fact, Tate is stronger, heavier and tougher than Harvin and would be even better at that, as he played RB for two years in college. Its just that Seattle doesnt do those kinds of plays all that much.

    And Tate is a hell of a lot cheaper. He’s really coming on for Seattle, and Harvin is a) easily hurt b) a ball hog and c) wants big money YESTERDAY.

    And why the hell would we trade Flynn to an NFC team?! No way in hell does that happen. Add to that the fact that these two teams FO’s HATE each other. The whole Hutch fiasco hasnt been forgotten by either side, even if Schneider and Carrol had nothing to do with it. You can bet Minny wasnt happy about Burleson, though he ultimately was a chronic underachiever for Seattle.

  17. NE is a team that should go after Harvin, esp if they let Welker walk.

  18. If the Hawks didn’t have Tate, I’d be all for acquiring Harvin. He would be a fantastic addition to Seattle – an upgrade to Tate in every aspect of his game. Just watch his highlight films. There isn’t a better player in the league at making tacklers miss. His attitude issues are what they are. Similar things were said about Marshawn Lynch if memory serves and look where he is now that he’s grown up (a little).

    It’s not Harvin’s attitude that worries me. It’s that Tate is rising, improving every week, and has a very similar skill set. They need a WR that brings a new dimension to the offense, not the same dimension done a little better.

    The Hawks will have no problem getting to the red zone in 2013 but, as was the case in 2012, it’s a red zone WR target that eludes them. They need a Plaxico Burress (in his prime for the NYG) type WR. Somebody that RW can go to regularly when a TD is needed.

    The only WR available that is sorta like that is Bowe in my opinion. He will probably demand too much money to make an honest run at him but he doesn’t make for a great target in the end zone.

    All this said, there isn’t a front office in the league I’d trust more than Seattle’s in finding the missing piece to the passing game in the draft. If JS/PC can apply the same acumen they have displayed in finding defensive gems like Sherman, Wagner, and Wright to finding a big sure-handed RZ target that can create separation, we’ll be fine.

    Go Hawks!

  19. Even if Baldwin is benched/cut/traded, and we had Rice/Tate/Harvin, Harvin would be lucky to see 30-40 balls, is what I meant above. Think he’d be happy with that?!

  20. I wouldn’t make a move like this that could upset chemistry. Harvin does come across as a prima donna, and Wilson is the type of QB who isn’t going to force the ball just to keep a receiver happy. And giving up draft picks, with a HC and GM that have thus far proven to be very good at player evaluation? Are you kidding me? Bigger needs for the team going into next season, like DE to worry about. Beyond that, as has already been stated, the team doesn’t need to lock in a veteran with a big money contract when that money could go towards extensions for the young studs we already have.

  21. I have mixed thoughts about acquiring Harvin.

    Would love to see him upgrade the PR/KR game (sorry Leon). I think definitely upgrades our WR core and he does so many things well that provides scheme flexibility. This is all good.

    On the negative side is some sucky behavior and the loss of a draft choice and/or Matt Flynn.

    In the end, I think if Bevell is good with the trade, I am too. Our locker room and leadership is so much better than Minnesotas that I think we can absorb his big personality without issue.

  22. Then again, Schneider, Carrol and the oft-hated Bevell have proven that they can shuffle a team and adjust their systems to the players they have. If anyone could shuffle the talent to make room for a guy like Harvin, its those guys.

    I still question the logic that says they should trade a high pick (anything above third round) and/or Flynn for a guy that isnt at a need position (and will eat up most of our available cap; Remember, we have need of rolling cap space over the next couple years to keep guys like Tate, Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, Wilson etc), esp when we have glaring needs for high picks at DT, DE, OLB, and could use help at SS, G, and RT.

  23. yankinta says:

    NOOO Way, I’d think about Harvin, only for a 4th or a 5th rounder,,, not more than that. JC can find better value in the draft as he has shown before.

    We can and will trade Flynn for a 2nd rounder. Trust me!!!

  24. chuck_easton says:

    As it is now being reported that Harvin intends to hold out in Minnesota unless he gets a new deal, I think the writing is on the wall.

    Even IF Seattle were to trade for him, they would then have to pay him. He’s due to make $2.9 Million next season and he doesn’t feel that is enough money.

    I don’t think he’s affordable here given the needs at DL and LB.

  25. Anything more than a straight accross trade for Flynn would be ridiculous. PC/JS are not going to wake up tomorrow or this off season and completely change the way they do business. This is just not a wise move or a player that is needed at this time.

  26. Great topic for discussion Eric! Thanks!

  27. Seahawks2620 says:

    Not to be contradictive, but Percy is absolutely worth a second round pick (even at his current contract stipulations), and he is a “game changer” as well. The guy is a stud who has had trouble growing up and becoming an adult. He can’t whine like a little infant every time he doesn’t get his way. I don’t think distributing the ball would be a problem at all. As Duke alluded to, Tate and Harvin don’t play the same positions. Albeit there skills are very similar, they don’t play the same position. I think that Harvin would be a great addition to this team, just don’t know if now is the time. Our current roster construction would mean that you would probably need to trade either Tate or Baldwin. Preferably Tate if you ask me, I just don’t think Tates route running ability is refined enough to be a top notch slot guy.

  28. Seahawks2620 says:

    Reading some of your comments, insinuating Harvin is only worth a 4th, 5th, or 6th round selection is ludacris. It makes me wonder how much you have watched the guy play. He is one hell of a play maker. It’s easy to say that he is annoying and selfish and say he isn’t worth the second, however you are going to have a hard time finding someone with his elite tools/playmaking ability in the later rounds of any draft. It can happen, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Make no mistake, Harvin is an outstanding talent who is absolutely worth a second.

  29. Sign Ramses Barden, keep the draft pick and Matt Flynn as back up.

  30. I think having Rice, Tate, Baldwin and Harvin is absolutely ok. As Duke said, the main impact would be to Baldwin because Harvin plays the slot. But our 4 best WR’s are definitely better with Harvin than Charly Martin in the mix.

    The other main benefit is we could release Leon and let Harvin handle the PR/KR duties.

    I think its highly unlikely this trade will happen, but I would support it if it did happen.

  31. Harvin is a game changer. No question about it (not in terms of the old Randy Moss where he runs far and fast and you fling it up to him). However, I wouldn’t give a 4th round pick for him if we also had to sign him to a big deal.

    I would trade a 4th round pick for him to have his services for 1 year — a year in which he’d be in unfamiliar surroundings AND would have to “prove it” one last time before someone else gave him big bucks (and then you’d get a high comp pick the following year for having lost him since he will get a huge deal).

    Harvin is a headache along the likes of T.O. in his prime. Living in MN, he’s a well documented psycho who flips out on his superiors with regularity.

    Having played on winning teams and coached winning teams (even if not on the professional level) I do know you need talent to win. However, I also know that adding morons for the short term may be fine and give you a boost, but those are absolutely not the type of guys you give big money contracts to for the long-run.

  32. Continuing my Harvin in, Washington out idea…..

    Looking at the numbers, you can see that atleast financially it makes some sense.

  33. I’m sure they’ll at least kick the tires on this one. Giving Russell another weapon only makes the team better. I’m more worried about his injuries than his attitude, I agree with another poster that we’ve got a pretty good locker room/coaching staff situation going in that regard.

    Would be exciting to add a player of his caliber though. Of couse, I was all in for the Deion Branch signing too . . .

  34. Washingtons KR avg 29.0 yards, Harvins KR avg 35.9 yards. I could not find any punt return numbers for Harvin.

  35. tazzmann says:

    just what we do not need a cry baby

  36. SaigonSun says:

    joreb, I agree with You. Ramses Barden would be good in the red zone. He doesn’t strike me as a fighter thou; Vic Cruz just out did him last two years. I still like him. I also like Johnny Knox. I’m kind of surprised nobody here talks about him–when healthy, he is really good WR/KR.
    On Harvin, I agree with BobbyK if we want to “kick tires and lounder draft Picks”. I wouldn’t give second for him…

  37. SandpointHawk says:

    This too comes down to another trust in Pete & John issue. If they think Percy will take us to the promised land…so shall it be…

  38. Harvin-schmarvin. Pass rush, baby, and monster tacklers.

  39. SandpointHawk says:

    Agree Snappa, if we can get a 3 tech and a pass rush this off season, I do believe this offense can take care of itself….

  40. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I have a tough time believing that JS / PC would devote major resources to Harvin.

    First reason being because he does not bring meaningful new dimension to the passing game, though he’d be an upgrade over existing talent; secondly the price that would have to paid for his services is too high, especially when measured against other needs (D Line, Slot Corner, OLB); third would be the injury history; fourth because of the behavioral history, though I think this would be a distant fourth reason; Harvin wants to win, which JS/PC prize in a player.

    I think he’s absolutely worth a second rounder though, especially our end of the second pick. I’d take Harvin over any receiver in this year’s draft. That kind of talent that is already developed and proven at the NFL level is always worth more than an unproven player (especially a WR) picked after the first round.

    As much as I like Tate, it’s hard to argue that Harvin wouldn’t be an overall upgrade in terms of raw abilities. Harvin is faster and more explosive. He runs better routes. And he’ll flat out get open more often. Tate is probably better at going up for the ball, has stronger hands and is tougher overall.

    But the injury history and not being as tough as Tate going up for the ball probably make him less valuable to us than Tate in the grand scheme of things.

    I am of the belief that JS/PC will seek a big target, red zone / third down receiver or joker TE first. And they’ll be willing spend more money and resources for that type of player.

    A tall, fast burner a la Ricardo Lockette would be second on the list in order of receiver priorities (at least that’s what I suspect), but that’s probably a later round pick. Or a free agent who won’t cost too much. And we just got that from Arizona in Stephen Williams.

  41. Way too much baggage riding with Harvin. He’s not the missing piece to our offense. How many games does Percy Harvin win us in 2013? Seriously. How does his cause and effect cover his costs? We’ve already got a high paid, underachieving WR in Sydney Rice. Do we really want the potential of another?

    Look, finding a bonafide, solid (not even necessarily amazing), reliable pass catching TE is going to take this offense further than another slot WR is.

    The difference between this team getting to the big dance and being another team to fall short in the playoffs starts with the D-line and finding the pass rushers that are currently lacking.

  42. OregonHawk says:

    I like the fact that Stephan Williams learned behind Larry Fitzgerald!!

  43. CDHawkFan says:

    Didn’t realise Harvin could play LEO.

    ‘Flynn for a 2nd, trust me’, God I hope that is Ruskell in disguise.

  44. princeaden says:

    Did Stephan Williams rupture his Achilles at the end of this last season ? If so, what is the recovery time of this kind of injury ? He looks like a damn fine receiver.

  45. “The difference between this team getting to the big dance and being another team to fall short in the playoffs starts with the D-line and finding the pass rushers that are currently lacking.”

    I agree w/that – but is it necessarily an either/or situation?

  46. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i think harvin is a dynamic player, that said he is a bundle of bad attitude. i don’t really care what the problem was you don’t fight with a coach in the open in front of other players. as much as Minnesota needs receivers the fact they would give him up says a lot.
    i like the idea of trading flynn just not to someone in the NFC if avoidable. one team i think would be a willing partner would be oakland. 1 palmer has been lackluster at best. 2 he is very expensive and they are over the cap.

  47. Seahawks2620 says:

    They don’t intend on just giving him up. He is threatening to sit out.

  48. sluggo42 says:

    Get him!!!

    Being on a winning team fixes a lot. If he cries, he goes into the cage with Wagner for an attitude adjustment…

    He would love to come here, and dude is dangerous home run hitter.

  49. sluggo42 says:

    One year deal, any attitude and your gone… He is scary, and I would like more offensive scary on the team

  50. “I agree w/that – but is it necessarily an either/or situation?”

    @ pdway

    I look at it this way, bruh. Either the Seahawks get big second year contributions from guys like Scruggs, Irvin, and Howard, or through the draft and/or free agency that area is somehow improved. I am anticipating a jump from Irvin, probably the biggest amongst the youngins on D. Scruggs I want to believe in, but am still uncertain of in terms of what we can expect, and I am even less certain about Jaye Howard.

    Quinn’s now in charge of the D, so given his background with defensive linemen, I have to feel at least somewhat optimistic about Howard and pretty much everyone on the DL. But we’ll see. W/out utilizing the draft or free agency, could we depend on guys like Howard and Scruggs to get it done from the interior? While I wouldn’t be completely surprised, I have to be skeptical at this point simply because we haven’t seen enough.

    At the very least there’s a need to find the guy that’s going to fill the void left by Clem while he recovers. I suppose Dexter Davis could bounce back big. I at one time had fairly high hopes for him. It’s Irvin’s job to lose, but regardless there will need to be a guy that replaces Irvin if he’s sliding over to LEO.

  51. edstang45 says:

    Like the cage idea sluggo42, Before I read all the negative post on Harvin I was thinking Great!!! If he comes with the right attitude and right price I say bring him in, he’s very explosive, but thats only good with the ball in his hands not his attitude!! I don’t think JS would overpay. I he wants to win Seattle is the place, so maybe he’d be a competitor here and not a whiner

  52. edstang45 says:

    I’m reading Harvin for 10m a year??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  53. DanielleMND says:

    Harvin would be too expensive. I’d rather see the kind of money he’d want invested in upgrading our pass rush and extending the contracts of our own players.

  54. SaigonSun says:

    I know in PC/JS we trust ! But,a simple yes or no vote on Harvin .
    I vote : NO

  55. raymaines says:

    I think it’s funny that JS&PC have been so successful asking what special talent any given player has to offer or what they can do to make that player successfully, yet most of us on the board are still worried about what problems the players have.

    It’s going to take us a little more time to really get into the current way of thinking.

    PH would compete with Doug Baldwin rather that GT, and would seriously upgrade the receiver corps. It’s always about money and value, the very things I don’t have a clue about, but I say bring him on.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    Getting Harvin and upgrading the pass rush aren’t mutually exclusive. Seattle could do both in FA should they choose to go that route (which is unlikely).

  57. bayareahawkfan says:

    I don’t want Percy here for reasons others have already brought up: 1) because 10 million is too much for a WR for this team, and 2) because there are relatively few targets to go around as it is, and that’s unlikely to make him a happy camper.

    One possibility that does worry me, however, is him going to SF. They’re pick-rich this year (like 11 or 12 picks I think), and WR is a glaring hole for them. In some ways he duplicates Crabtree’s skillet, but they’re really desperate after how the season has ended for them the last two years at the position.

    New money coming in from the new stadium – question is, will lil’ Jed York pony up?

    Greg Roman (whom I like to call “The Fat Genius” when speaking to my Niner-fan friends) would be even scarier with that multi-faceted piece to integrate into his offense next year.

  58. bayareahawkfan says:

    Much as he may duplicate Crabtree’s “skillet”, nevertheless my point was that he may duplicate Crabs’ *skillset*.

    Good times.

  59. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Percy and Crabtree on the same field is formidable, even if they ‘duplicate one another’s skill set’. As would Harvin and Tate on the same field.

    Or a more likely scenario for the Hawks: An empty backfield set on third down or in the red zone with Rice, Harvin, Tate, Baldwin and Miller.

    If one goes back to the first half of the season, Bevell ran one empty backfield play after another on third and long, and most of them didn’t convert. That started to change after mid-season though.

    I still think a five receiver set looks a lot better with a fast and tall Joker TE or WR than with Harvin though.

    A big, wide bodied, 6’4″ or taller player who can shed an LB or slot corner and catch within a three yard radius or a jump ball seems like it would just convert a lot more third downs and near the goal line than Harvin would in the same situation, assuming all of the other mentioned players are on the field.

  60. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Also agree that getting Harvin and D Line / pass rush aren’t necessarily ‘mutually exclusive’.

    But one should take priority well above the other. And there’s no question that that’s the D Line.

    And until and unless JS/PC know what it’s going to cost them to get at least one new DT and DE under contract, I wouldn’t expect them to break the bank or give away second round picks for a guy like Harvin.

    Also signing Harvin probably means that you’ve spent all your bullets when it comes to adding another high-priced luxury ‘finishing piece’ to the overall offensive puzzle.

    I do like the Seahawks being the discussion for any major talent that becomes available. That can only help with luring other free agents who are looking for a legit shot at the Super Bowl.

  61. A scenario where Harvin could end up a Hawk would require that he plays out his original contract with no renegotiation. Essentially Percy is brought in as a one year mercenary to win it all right f’in now. If the price to acquire him was acceptable and he agreed to behave contractually I could see it working out for everyone. Still a long shot but stomachable as a short term, low money home run swing.

    I’m interested to see how the FA market plays out this year. It seems that teams are wising up a bit about how crippling the big money deals can be when they backfire. If that’s the case it could aid us in that competitively Seattle has become a “choice” destination of sorts. Not to mention those sweet uniforms!

  62. And when I say “low money” that is relative to who we are talking about. $4 million isn’t chump change.

  63. All the reasons everyone has mentioned are valid for not bringing in Harvin. I don’t like the idea of Flynn going to the Vikes because I feel he is a huge upgrade over Ponder and could do some damage with AP in the playoffs. Maybe a couple mid round picks, or a 3rd and a 5th or something. With PC’s vision of how his defense should look, we’ve had much more success with defensive picks later in the draft, so giving up a 2nd or 3rd for someone of PH’s caliber of talent is not outlandish. The only high round offensive pick in the PC/JS era besides Okung that’s worked out so far is Tate, and he is just coming around and realizing his potential. Considering how the playoffs have gone, and how all of the winning teams outpaced the opposing D’s avg, I feel like you can’t have enough weapons in your arsenal. And just thinking about the potential of our offense with him, I say bring him on. Our WR depth after Baldwin is a little scary. I wouldn’t mind Harvin being our #2/3 and Baldwin moving down to #4. Ultimately, I trust PC/JS in terms of the aspects related to team chemistry and salary/cap relevance. I really think we leave this one up to Bevell. If he feels PH would add a lot to the team, and we can get a reasonable deal done, let’s pull the trigger. Even if we rent him for one year, if we win it all, isn’t it worth it?

  64. FairbanksDoug says:

    I would like to get Russell Wilson’s “Go Hawks” in a ring tone on my iPhone

  65. Southendzone says:

    A few people here seem to have the wrong idea here that we could have Harvin for 1 year @ his 2013 2.9M number. Almost all the stuff I’ve been reading is that he will hold out this season for a new contract.

    So any team that trades him has to sign him for a new contract of probably 10M or more.

  66. How many games did we lose because of our offense, how many did we lose because of our deffense? We need to use our resouces to get D-Line, End and Tackle. Plus how many times was Harvin targeted in Minn? Do you think he will even see close to that many with the Hawks, plus, how many times was Rice targeted last year? We got to get the ball to Rice more this year, we had the emergence of Miller in the post season, if we get Harvin, he isn’t going to be happy up here with the lack of targets if he was already whinning in Minn.

  67. sluggo42 says:

    How many games did we lose because of the offense?

    Well, one could argue all of them. Had we been up by two or three sccores each of those losses, we wouldn’t have been in a position to lose them in the last second.

    When we played Minn, wasn’t a main topic the health of Harvin, and if he played, how would we contain him? Wasn’t he the #2 threat behind AP?

    Isn’t he a guy who would draw double teams, that would open up Rice, Tate, and Miller even more?

    He is a major threat that would make this new offense rediculously scary, and remember, the longer we have the ball, the less they do.

    Have you often heard, “the best defense, is a good offense”?

    The guy is a scary dude, and whats worse would be him going to the 49ers, so we could watch his torture us twice a year for the next 5 years…

  68. princeaden says:

    Sluggo, I kind of think that JS/Pete have to be considering that very thing when weighing whether or not to pursue Harvin. Yes, the Dude is scary and would demand the double team and open the field to others. Does he fit ? We shall see. Also, does anyone know if Stephan Williams ruptured his Achilles at the end of this last season and how long is the recovery for this injury ?

  69. @Tru

    Excellent point, my man. Look at the ridiculous amount of targets Harvin’s gotten over the years. From year one to year four of his career: 91, 110, 123, 85. That is a lot of targets for a guy who’s not a #1 WR. His 123 TGTS in 2011 is on par with a #1 WR; in fact, that’s 1 more than Sidney Rice had during his 2009 campaign.

    Basically, Harvin’s production at Minny is highly reflective of the fact that he needs lots of touches to do his damage. You compare this to guys like Rice (80 TGTS last year) and Tate (68 TGTS), and what you’re going to see are two guys that are essentially averaging more yards, catches, and TD’s with the TGTS they’ve gotten.

    Harvin will need to go to a team that has a big hole at WR, a place where he can get his 120 TGTS a season. He won’t get that in Seattle, and based off of his numbers it’s looking to me like he NEEDS that many TGTS just to be effective.

  70. “The guy is a scary dude, and whats worse would be him going to the 49ers, so we could watch his torture us twice a year for the next 5 years”

    Yeah, we got this scary dude here in Seattle too. He wears #31 and he hits receivers like he’s trying to put them in the cemetery. Would you like to see what happens when Kam Chancellor hits little Percy Harvin the way he did Vernon Davis? I can assure you it won’t be pretty, and Harvin more than likely will not be getting back up under his own power.

    Given Harvin’s last performance against Seattle, I say fine. As a fan I’ve never been nervous about that dude potentially carving up this team. Let the 9’ers have him. A more likely place for him to land is prob St. Louis. He’ll get all the workload he wants over there.

  71. CDHawkFan says:

    Do you trade a higher round pick (3rd and/or 4th) for Harvin knowing that he will sit out and you won’t have to pay him, then when he signs a bigger contract the following year as a FA we get a 1st or 2nd for ‘losing’ him?

    Probably a waste of time and a distraction.

  72. Dukeshire says:

    Well, if they trade for him, considering what it will likely cost, it would be irresponsible to not have a contract with him in place, IMO.

  73. jawpeace says:

    If the Hawks made that trade it would be laced with irony. Minn is wanting to get rid of a malcontent, and add depth to the QB spot after Webb showed they don’t have a good backup.
    The Hawks would get a one year player who is a me first not a team guy, also Minn showed everyone why a good backup is sooo important, and the Hawks would lose their quality backup. In addition a second round pick is very high in value.
    As I would say to Howie Mandell, “NO DEAL”

  74. trout_hound says:

    You can bet there are 30 teams in the league all having these same conversations about Percy Harvin. The dude’s a gamer and he’s fearless on the field. I can’t blame him for wanting to get paid, he puts his body on the line every week. My guess is he ends up in New England. The irony would be if he single handedly beats our ass in next years Superbowl. As much as I love Baldwin’s toughness, he was a disappointment this year compared to his rookie year. Harvin in the slot or fielding punts would definitely give us one more deadly weapon. I’m all for it.

  75. Why isn’t Mike Wallace getting any love? Where is he in this discussion? You want to talk about a WR that would impact this offense? Mike Wallace is a guy you pay 10 million a year; not Percy ‘Headache’ Harvin. Mike Wallace is the next Marvin Harrison in the making.

  76. Wallace wants more than 10 million a year, yet he’s not a complete WR. He’s small and not that tough, he doesnt exactly go up in traffic and out-wrestle anyone for the ball, he isnt tough over the middle. He’s simply a deep threat, and he cant run the entire route tree. Why would you pay someone that much money to be one-dimensional, esp if you are a team like Seattle? The answer is, you wouldnt.

  77. @STTBM

    I was not aware that Wallace was so limited. But if that is the case, wow, Ben and that offense sure did find ways to make him effective. His strength, as I see it, is YPC. The last time a WR averaged 21 yards a catch while netting over 1,000 yards was 2010, and that receiver was Mike Wallace. In the history of this game, has any other receiver done that?

  78. Dukeshire says:

    He’s going to get paid. Maybe not $10 a year but his talent doesn’t grow on trees and he’s been incredibly productive.

  79. Yes, they found ways to use him. Last time I checked, their offense was quite a bit different from the one we run in Seattle. He also had a rather uninspired 2012 for a guy who expects 10 million a year. And he’s little. He isnt a do-everything guy, but he wants to be paid like one. He’s far too expensive for what he does, which is run really fast on deep routes.

    He will get paid, thats for sure, but 1) it wont be what he thinks it will be and 2) I fully expect him to be a total disappointment wherever he ends up.

    He’s fast, he’s talented, and he isnt the answer for this offense, any more than Percy Harvin is. They will both be good players on other teams, but they dont fit here for the reasons mentioned above.

    Heck, Dwayne Bowe would be a better fit here, and he drops passes, has a bad tude, and also wants big money. But he’s got enough speed and the size this team needs to add at the position. He’s physical, fights for the ball in traffic, is awesome in the red zone, and can make insane catches. He’s just not consistent enough to warrant the money he wants from Seattle.

    I dont expect Seattle will sign a high-priced FA WR. I think they draft a guy in the 1-3 round, my guess is in the third, a project kind of guy with big upside. I think they go DT/DE in the first two rounds, and I think they trade up to do it.

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