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Morning links: Seahawks and the salary cap

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 8, 2013 at 7:34 am with 120 Comments »
February 8, 2013 7:36 am
In the team's draft room at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, team general manager John Schneider consults with senior personnel executive Scot McCloughan (left) during the early part of the first round of the NFL draft. At right is head coach Pete Carroll. (ROD MAR/SEATTLE SEAHAWKS)
In the team’s draft room at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, team general manager John Schneider consults with senior personnel executive Scot McCloughan (left) during the early part of the first round of the NFL draft. At right is head coach Pete Carroll. (ROD MAR/SEATTLE SEAHAWKS)

Brian McIntyre of Yahoo Sports joined KJR’s Ian Furness and Jason Puckett to talk about the Seattle Seahawks salary cap situation in this audio link, with free agency about a month away.

McIntyre estimates that the Seahawks have about $13 million in cap space.

But that doesn’t mean they will use it. Seahawks general manager John Schneider has been prudent in managing the salary cap for the long-term benefit of the team, which means spending in free agency only when he sees value, and rewarding Seattle’s core players like Chris Clemons and Max Unger when they are nearing the end of their deals.

McIntyre said Kam Chancellor and Golden Tate will be unrestricted free agents, and Brandon Browner and Doug Baldwin will be restricted free agents in 2014. McIntyre also said Seattle might be looking to offer contract extensions to Russell Okung and Earl Thomas in 2014.

I reached out to McIntyre afterward, because I wanted to again briefly address Matt Flynn’s contract. Some in the comments section wondered why the Seahawks would be willing to move Flynn if he was going to count $4 million against the salary cap, even if he was not on the team in 2012.

Flynn would count $7.25 million against the cap if he were to stay on the team at his current $5.25 million base salary, so Seattle would save $3 million in cap space by Flynn not being on the team in 2013, according to McIntyre.

Further, McIntyre said the concern is not so much the salary cap, but how much CASH a team has committed to a player, because the cap can always be finagled by restructuring or cutting players.

“It’s always about cash,” McIntyre said. “When (Seahawks CEO) Peter McLoughlin goes in to talk to John Schneider about salaries, the words cap space never even come up. It’s not a discussion. It’s all about how much they’re going to spend on players in actual cash, not cap dollars.

“The big thing is the $5 million or so in cash that you can use to keep someone like Alan Branch, or bring in a pass rusher like Michael Johnson,” McIntyre said about Seattle potentially releasing or trading Flynn. You can put that money into other resources other than spending $5.25 million on your backup quarterback.”

McIntyre also noted that Flynn would be the 23rd highest paid quarterback in the league at his current salary (Matt Hasselbeck is No. 22 at $5.35 million).

The No. 24 highest paid quarterback makes nearly half as much as Flynn, Detroit backup quarterback Shaun Hill at $2.45 million in base salary.

Wondering if Steve Hutchinson still doesn’t thinks about shafting the Seahawks by signing with Minnesota after the 2005 season, which is now known as the “Poison Pill” contract?

Check out Hutchinson’s Twitter handle below.

Former Seahawks defensive tackle Colin Cole signs with Carolina after sitting out for two seasons.

Clare Farnsworth of catches up with former Seattle running back Chris Warren.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports writes that the Seahawks are one of five teams in position to dominate in 2013.

Gil Brandt of takes a trip down memory lane and tells us how the draft has evolved over the years. Good read.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated gives Russell Wilson to Cleveland at No. 3 overall in this 2012 NFL draft do over. Maybe Mike Holmgren would still be employed in that scenario. Three Seattle rookies go in the top 15 picks, including Bruce Irvin again to Seattle at No. 15.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated ranks Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth as his No. 1 NFL announcing team in this look at the top 10.

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  1. Great Read Eric – THANKS!!

  2. seahawk44 says:

    Eric, if Hasselbeck is #22, Flynn is #23 & Hill is #24 and they are all back ups. I would be interested in knowing where Wilson is on the list, and which of the other remaining 32 starting qb’s make less than them?

  3. bbnate420 says:

    E. Williams, I was one that doubted the releasing of Flynn. I forgot to add the 1/3 of his 6 mil signing bonus to his 2013 salary. I thought it would be 5.25 mil, but it will actually be 7.25 mil. I still don’t see them releasing him for the 3.25 mil savings minus whatever it takes to sign another QB backup. It probably will make them more likely to trade him if they find a decent suitor.

    One thing I’m not sure of, if they trade him is the team that takes him on the hook for all 7.25 of his 2013 cap hit or is that negotiable?

  4. Without a seriuos discussion as to who would be a replacement for Flynn most like Wilson, it would be folly to rid themselves of Flynn.

    For example getting a back-up who reflects Wilsons attributes might be for arguments sake a Seneca or Johnson (rough eg.). Then I could see entertaining offers for Flynn. I know people want to think the Qb situation is settled but really it never is a done deal.

  5. bbnate420 says:

    For fans of the owners winning in the 2011 labor dispute, their win will cause many teams to lose good players potentially. The reduced cap/salary structure will take time to correct itself. With the 89% cap spending requirement over the next two 3 year periods, teams with cheap, crappy owners like Brown-stain from the Bengals will be forced to spend and teams near the limit will be forced to make tough decisions. It may take a few years until the cap numbers of most of the teams are in sync, thus reducing the market for players. Many assumed that the new TV contract would result in a drastic jump in the cap, but many have reported otherwise. The cap is still well below what it was in the last cap year before 2011, 2009. Then owners took the players, plain and simple.

  6. bbnate420 says:

    Matt Scott in the 6th or 7th could be a good pick for the #2 or at least the #3 QB spot. Athletic like RW.

  7. nice one Hutch, a real kneeslapper . . . .

  8. nmseafan says:

    In retrospect, Hutch is a douchebag that ended up only killing his two potential remaining chances to get back to and win a SB in ’06 and ’07. He apparently only plays the game for the money cuz he’s never going to see any rings at this point in his career.

  9. Teams had a few years to get under the new cap – so if they aren’t then tough for them!! that’s why guys like Idzik make money. They manage the cap well and the cash well so you have what you need when you need it.

    NE has been on top for a long time simply becuase they manage contracts VERY well and they draft very well so when a high priced guy goes there is another guy to step up. I don’t feel sorry for the teams or the players in the salary cap game

  10. Palerydr says:

    Near as I can tell Sydney Rice at 8.2 mil and Zach Miller at 7 mil look to be candidates for restructuring of their contracts next year. Would we cut both of these guys and replace them with cheaper versions through the draft if they refuse to restructure? If so how would management look to the team for doing so?

  11. I think one of the main reasons to try and trade Matt Flynn is because of his current salary. Not that he is getting paid too much, or count too much against the cap, but because your starter is making 10X less than his backup. By all accounts, Flynn is a good backup, but wants to be a starter and did not go out of his way to help Russell succeed. Since you cannot restructure or renegotiate with Russell for at least two more years, you’ve got to show him the respect that a starter deserves. Bring in a competent back up at a much lower salary than Flynn.(which would still be more than Russell’s since it would be a veterans’ minimum) There are all kinds of backups out there that would be competent placeholders for a couple of games if Russel was to get dinged up.

  12. If you really think that Rice and Miller can be replaced in draft – you are gravely mistaken. There is no way that I am willing to get worse (in the short term) at a position we are weak at, when we will be sooo competitive next season!!!

    Flynn Salary and Wilson Salary are 2 different things – if we had a simple minded idiot at QB I would worry about the difference in money – Wilson doesn’t give a crap about what Flynn’s #’s are right now. AT the end of his contract he will get his due and if he doesn’t then, I would be perfectly okay with him getting upset.

  13. Flynn did not go out of his way to help Russell succeed? Where does that come from? I thought Flynn handled the whole situation well.

  14. Rice and Miller are overpaid for what we use them for, and possibly in general, yet we cannot afford to lose them. They wont take less money as they and their agents are even more aware of this than we are. Restructuring would seem a likely scenario.

    I expect Tate and Chancellor to be offered contract extensions late in the season next year, before they reach FA, IF they play well. Tate has to continue to improve and become consistent, while Chancellor has a lot of room for improvement. His play–minus about 4 games–fell off dramatically this year. They may even let him test FA, as he’s a rather unique style of player and may not be particularly valuable to many teams.

    Bbnate-OMG, Brown-stain the owner of the Bungles?! Laughed my arse off on that one, I totally agree about that douche.

    On the Ice Fisherman; I had thought that broken-down old fool had finally gimped his way into obscurity and retirement, where he belongs.(Actually, he belongs somewhere far worse IMO, but I digress…) The fact that he is making light out of that whole nasty dirty trick thing and the NFL deliberately screwing us and refusing to allow us to fix our contracts to match the poison pill clause is like rubbing salt in the wound…

    Here’s to seeing you spending your twilight years gimpier than Joe Namath and more forgotten than Jim McMahon, probably still posing in black and white tough-guy playgirl photo shoots like the crap they put on the front page of the Times Sports section in the 2005 season…

    I hope he enjoyed all the Ice Fishing in Minny over the winters while other teams (like Seattle) were still playing football. I hope he got skunked–a fitting outcome for a skunk like him!

    Am I bitter?! Naw, this isnt bitterness–its HATE, pure and simple.

  15. I hope Colin Cole does well in his comeback attempt. Perhaps a shot at comeback player of the year? He never was all that great, but for one year at least he was pretty good.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Cole played well in GB as well. His issue has always been health. He was a solid contributor when he got on the field.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    I hope you revisionists save some venom for Ruskell, because he was ultimately responsible for that debacle. He was too stupid and cheap to franchise him, essentially lying to both Holmgren and Hutch in the process.

  18. Dukeshire–I thought Cole was a backup in GB, and when he hit FA they wanted him to stay and be a starter. He came here and was pretty good if not worth his contract until his gnarly foot injury.

    And Im no revisionist regarding the Poison Pill Debacle. I lambasted old Timmay! Numbskull on this blog and Seahawkaddicts for years, most vehemently in fact. That asshat LIED to Holmgren, then got cute and lost the Ice Fisherman. Inexcusable hubris! Ruskell will go down as one of the most arrogant and overall worst GM’s in NFL history. He’s nearly as bad as Matt Millen, who takes the whole crap-cake.

    Still, the comments Ice Fisherman has made over the years regarding the whole situation show what an ego-maniacal fool he was, and is. None of that would have happened if he didnt want desperately to stick it to Seattle, even the fans who loved and appreciated him and the coach who drafted him. He believed he should be paid more than Walter Jones, the greatest offensive lineman in the history of the game. Thats almost as bad as Titus Young telling his former coach that he’s better than Calvin Johnson. Ridiculous!

  19. What PP76 was mad about was Alexander. It’s on film.

  20. I don’t blame Hutch for taking the highest dollar contract he could get. It’s a short career span for most NFL guys, so I never hold going for the money against them.

    But I’ve got no love for how the situation went down either, and yes, Ruskell screwed up, but I still think of the poison pill part of the deal as dirty pool, and don’t think positively of a guy having a laugh at the expense of the team I cheer for.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Don’t fall for the strawman arguements. Believe me it’s useless. Lol.

    BTW- Looks like Sports illustrated finally took Hasselbecks pic off their NFL page. I wonder when that happened? Because it was still up there last season.

  22. I can’t see Rice taking less money – we could target him more than we do which would raise his value to the offense – and we all pointed out times when he was open and RW missed him or couldn’t get the ball out. I think with a full year under his belt and how much he watches film that next season we will not see that read missed much in the future. I only see Rice’s numbers going up next year.

    Miller maybe be a different issue – who knows, he might be willing to restructure for more money up front but a better cap # for the team. I don’t think he would demand huge numbers on the open market but there would definitely be interest. The last few games – especially against Atl, we saw what he can do if he is not being asked to stay in and block for most of the game!

  23. doubledink says:

    Thanks, Eric for ripping the scab off of BobbyK’s festering wound.
    Bobby, remember, take deep breaths before touching the keyboard. You’ve already let this go. Don’t pick it back up. One is too many, a thousand is not enough. Breathe…

  24. Audible says:


    “I lambasted old Timmay! Numbskull on this blog and Seahawkaddicts for years, most vehemently in fact.”

    Hmmm, really? What username were you back then? LOL

  25. Audible says:

    “BobbyK…You’ve already let this go. Don’t pick it back up.”

    I tripledink that!

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    25% Holmgrens fault for screwing up his GM duties which eventually lead to Ruskell.

    25% Alexanders fault for stabbing Holmgren in the back with his “he stabbed me in the back” comment, which Im sure didn’t go well with many players on that team at the time. Specifically Hutch who was competing with him for a big contract, and had to block for that turd.

    25% Ruskells fault for giving the big contract to Alexander,( who should of been told to walk because we have two hall of famers that deserve the big contract more.) And then not franchising Hutch.

    25% Hutchs fault for not trying to work things out, or even trying to contact Holmgren. And even now to continue to rub salt in the wound.

    So that adds up to 100% fault.
    And now I’m so thankful that all four of these bigger than life egos,(collectively) helped screw this franchise up so we can finally have a leget team that will compete for the SupeBowl for many years to come.

    Amen! Hallelujah

  27. Rice and Miller may be ‘overpaid’ compared to other players however I’d contend that they’re both pretty darn good when given the opportunity. They just need more opportunities.

    Now that R Dub has a year under his belt, I’m willing to bet that he’ll find them both next year, early and often.

  28. No comment.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So from what I have read, Guards, D-lineman, WRs, and TEs are deep in this years draft.
    Good news to us!

    We need Pass rushers.
    A$$ pushers.
    And Pass catchers.

    We are going to be a team of extraordinary magnitude this year!!! A team for the ages. A legend in our, nevermind. One game at a time. Breath deep. One game at a time.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- What do you think will be going through your mind when the Titans come to play us this year?

  31. Hutch had worked had for and deserved a great contract and the Seahawk FO tried to screw him around. I remember during one of the last Seahawk games of the year that was nationally televised they even brought up the fact that Hutch’s contract was up and there was no word about a renewal. When they asked Hutch in an interview about his status he mentioned that he had not yet had anyone from the FO approach him regarding a contract renewal . The commentators were very surprised about all this. Showing disrespect for the best guard in the league it only got worse from there. Warren Moon has a great saying that he lives by “Go where you are wanted” To all appearances the Seahawks had only casual interest in him and planned to pay him shit so he choose to go where he was enthusiastically wanted and got the money to secure his future and family’s well being. I am sure he did not think up the poison pill, it sounds like something another FO jackass came up with. Anyway Hutch deserves credit for the years of great plays for the Seahawks. Any way when Ruskell left the Hawks he still didn’t get it why people where so pissed off about Hutch

  32. edstang45 says:

    This cap thing is way above my head, 13M doesn’t seem like very much to me, I also read here we had roll over cap?? I thought it said 24 mil, so if top guys will require 5-7m a year how can we pay anybody with this cap apace…enlighten me if you can!!!! or i’ll just let the cap specialist deal and just trust the Front office to keep our guys overe the next few years

  33. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – I’m glad we’re in agreement then. Although, I can understand why Hutch was bitter at the time. But now? I don’t understand either why he still brings it up.

    Georgia – STFU. Honestly, I feel bad for how petty you can be (and ignorant as you clearly have no clue what a “straw-man” argument is).

  34. Audible–I used my own name for awhile, then I forget what alias/handle I used before I chose to rag on Brown with my screen name. I mostly used Seahawkaddicts back then.

    The regulars there–Sluggo I think was there then, Hawkfansince77, and a bunch of others–used to argue about Ruskell, Ice Fisherman, the ZBS, and of course Timmay! vs Holmgren ad nauseum. It was fun.

    There was one particular guy who thought every one of Ruskells BS philosophies was the holy grail, and he wouldnt entertain any thought that Ruskell was sandbagging Holmgren and all was not right in Seahawkville. Of course, I stuck by Timmay! overall until things crashed in 08, though I criticized many of his moves. I was one of the first to say his ship was sinking and he was done. I was also dead right that he was sandbagging Holmgren and cutting his players just to stick it to him.

    I dont blame Holmgren at all for Futch. He failed as GM/Coach, but that isnt why Futch left.

    Revisionist?! Thats trying to place all the blame on one side or the other, for instance saying Ruskell shouldnt have paid Alexander, and should have offered a contract to Futch first. Futch is a G, and the fact is he was an arrogant prick and touchy as hell that he was making less than Jones. Even in his last years, Jones was better and played a far more valuable position, and should have been making more than Futch. Ruskell knew if he didnt offer Futch as much as LT’s were making, he would be a bitch about it. So he decided in good faith to let Futch test the market a little, so they both could figure out his street value. How naive.

    He should have just tagged his ass like he promised Holmgren, then offered him 6 million a year and said take it or leave it, bub. You dont take it, we’ll franchise your butt next year too. But the idiot really was trying to sign Futch to a fair deal. My problem with Ruskell was that he lied to Holmgren then got cute with the tag. He had no balls at all. Then the whole deal where he cut guys like Weaver just to be a dick, and made the Hawks the most dysfunctional FO in the NFL. He was an incompetent egomaniac, and richly deserves his unemployment.

    Futch ended up setting the market for G’s, but his story is a cautionary tale. How far did Minny go? Never made a SB, missed the playoffs much of his time there, and he never even got paid for the full contract. And teams that pay way too much for G’s or other positions that arent as important as LT/qb/DE have had a rough go of it too.

    Alexander was a fine player, and he ran very hard for us after his payday. Unfortunately, he hurt his foot and a lis franc is a very big deal in some cases. He still ran hard when he came back that year. His games vs GB when he first came back and was still gimpy (40 carries and 200 yards), along with the loss to SD where he ran for 138 tough yards and 2 TD’s, were two of the best RB performances I have ever seen. And those yards were due mostly to him, not the line, as the line didnt play all that well in those games.

    And then, the next year, the magic was all gone and so was his speed and agility and effort. In the offseason he had become a useless wuss. But to say he wasnt ever a great player or to give all the credit to the line and esp. Futch is simply wrong.

  35. Dukeshire–No worries man. Yeah, I can see why Futch was pissed at Alexander getting a fat contract, but the thing is, Ruskell was going to give him one as well. Yeah, Alexander was gonna get more money, and so was Big Walt. Them’s the breaks; its a lot more fun to watch the guy toting the rock than the guy blocking for him. And LT’s are a bigger deal than G’s. There really was no reason except ego for Futch to do what he did. It was a very dirty trick for sure. And its lame for him to think its cool that he pulled it off, with help from crooked Goddell.

    If we can ever get a good LG, and Futch goes gently into stiff-kneed retirement obscurity, then I can stop rising to the bait and leave this poor dead horse to rest in peace.

  36. DanielleMND says:

    “Alexander was a fine player, and he ran very hard for us after his payday.”

    You can’t argue the numbers he put up, especially in 04-05, but Lynch ran harder in the Pro Bowl than Alexander did in meaningful games.

    “He was an incompetent egomaniac, and richly deserves his unemployment.”

    Ruskell still has a job, but as a college scout for the Titans, so his career is basically in reverse at this point.

  37. DanelleMND–Durn. I thought Ruskell was O-U-T after his pal Angelo got the ax in Chicago. There’s nothing like spouting a strident opinion, only to be corrected by someone who actually knows whats up, to keep one humble!

    A college scout?! The guy who made 10-20 million bucks from Seattle?! IMO, he’s playing at being a real person–that job should go to some young, hungry up and comer, not a has-been/never-was like old Timmay! But connections in high places sure help…

    Lynch is a violent runner. Alexander wasnt. Comparing the two is like comparing Largent to Vincent Jackson; ie, apples and oranges. Like I said, right to the end of our playoff game in 2006, Alexander was still very good and giving good effort and getting it done. The next year, not so much. And the derision he received was deserved, from that point on. But not before.

  38. sluggo42 says:

    Ahh yes, the old addict days were fun. I remember much gnashing of teeth over the poisen pill. Alexander was a great rb for years, and I only dogged him at the end… Just a little…
    Fuch hutch and timmah numbskull…

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STFU? You complete yourself Strawshire. Lol.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I have many times on this blog given you the bennifit of the doubt, however I have to say that you overall have been the biggest prick to others since I been posting by far! I don’t need to say your name, but I’m sure most folks here no who you are. Sad that you take things to a low level when you seem to have a better talent.
    I guess when some people get older they act like it. Hopefully I won’t get that way.
    God speed to you.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Older? Lol. We’re the same age. Actually, you’re slightly older than me (unless you’ve been lying). Regardless, I take things to a low level? Look in the mirror…

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I do look in the mirror and I see you. Dam! When I first came on this blog you were my favorite poster, What happened?
    Lighten up a little on the folks.

    BTW- I still value your opinions, however I disagree with some of them.

  43. sluggo42 says:

    Chick fight!!!

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Dukeshire you gotta let me know”
    “Should I stay or should I go?”
    “If you say that your the one”
    “I’ll be here til I am done”
    “So you got to let me know”
    “Should I stay or should I go?”

    “Should I stay or should I go now?”
    “Should I stay or should I go now?
    “If I go there will be trouble”
    “An if I stay it will be double ”
    “So come on and let me know ”
    “Should I stay or should I go”

  45. Georgia–Steel Reserve or??! lol!

    Dukshire–Dude, We all get a little out there from time to time. I have to agree, many of your comments lately havent been what many have come to expect from you. STFU is pretty harsh. I havent said much because I figured you’d come out of it.

    Of course, I have never, ever said anything here that could possibly be considered out there, nor have I ever commented under the influence of alcohol or stress from work, family, etc..oh, no, not me…

    I am always the soul of rationality (is that even a word?!) and calm..(And my shrink says when the voices talk loud I should repeat that over and over and over and….)

  46. pabuwal says:


  47. Pot meet kettle, kettle – Pot.

    Duke I tend to agree with you a ton!! Actually when I drive threw Portland near Seahawks times I think of you – but to be honest you have been a little cranky! but at times I have to say I love it.

    Georgia – you were doing a lot of picking earlier in the year – So I find it funny!

    anyway for all of our differences I love the fact that we have diversity in opninions in this space – I don’t always agree with people but it’s fun to consider different opinions!

  48. I am always the soul of rationality — please keep repeating!!!

  49. I am proud to say that I have never said anything stupid or wrong on this blog.

    In other news, I see a big green elephant flying outside in the purple sky so I’m going to go check it out.

  50. xcman–What?! You dont find me constantly, continually, and I might say, amazingly rational?!

    Yep, Im pretty much out there a lot of the time. However, I rarely stoop to troll level and namecall. And I usually apologize when I do. Does that make me special? Uh, nope…just every bit as odd as the rest of the crew that regularly comments here.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if the Seahawks were older”
    “Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long”
    “And wouldn’t it be nice to blog together”
    ‘In the kind of world where we belong”

    “You know its gonna make it that much better”
    “When we can get another pass rusher, oh wouldn’t it be nice.”

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up”
    “In the morning when the day is new”
    “And after having spent the day with Eric”
    ” We could start the blog posts all new”

    “Happy times together we’ve been spending”
    “I wish that this blog was never ending”
    “Wouldn’t it be nice.”

    “Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true ”
    “Maybe then there wouldn’t be a single thing we couldn’t do”
    “We could be SuperBowl champs.”
    “And then wed be happy”

    “Wouldn’t it be nice”

    “You know it seems the more we talk about it ”
    “It only makes it worse to live without it ”
    “But lets talk about it”
    “Wouldn’t it be nice.”

  52. montanamike2 says:

    sometimes this blog is funny.

  53. Hutch = a$$ clown. what a d!ck! I know he wanted to get paid, and deserved it, but not more than Big Walt. No way, no how.
    And here we are, 7 years later, and he still relishes how he stuck it to my team? Hey Hutch, I hope those Tennessee backyard snakes bite you where the sun don’t shine! And here I was like a fool, willing to forgive and forget just last year, but he snubbed us once again. I hope we put a fitty burger on the Titans, just cuz. just cuz we can.
    And Timmay should be the posterboy for imcompetent fool. Just 3 years ago, our roster was filled with undersized 1st and 2nd round busts like Kelly Jennings and Josh Wilson. I’m so glad PC and JS came in and blew this thing up. Now we are mentioned as one of the elite teams in the league and it feels good. damn good.

  54. Georgia and Duke please kiss and make up. Chris “sweet stuff” Culliver wouldn’t have it any other way.

  55. It stinks like sex in here.

  56. Josch–Wow. Just WOW.

    I think Hunter S. Thompson said it best; “When the going gets strange…the weird turn pro”.

  57. princeaden says:

    This is something else.. :)

  58. Uh, nope…just every bit as odd as the rest of the crew that regularly comments here

    no truer words have ever been spoken!!

  59. bbnate420 says:

    That’s pretty damn funny, CCVI.

    It’s a psychological hypothesis that people tend to get angry and agitated at traits in other people that they themselves exhibit and don’t like about themselves. It’s a lot easier to get angry at and critique others than yourself. I know this has been true of myself a number of times if I’m honest.

  60. GeorgiaHawk,

    Duke used to be one of my favorite posters but you’re absolutely right…he’s turned into a prick the past couple of years. Weird…his wife must have baled or something.

  61. Audible–Come one, man! No namecalling.

  62. montanamike2 says:

    Despite all the disagreements and namecalling i’d still have a beer with all but 2 posters (trolls), who haven’t been around lately anyways. This is my connection to all things Seahawks and i too have made my share of rants about off subject events. Hasn’t it been tough enough just being a Hawks fan this last decade? We have a bright future stop fighting hold hands and sing kume-by-ya. Speaking of which,
    i was an exeptional soldier but was kicked out of cub scouts as a child after 2 years without a badge. The scoutleader was my dad’s close friend too, he always gave me papers to get signed for vaccuming, brushing my teeth, doing dishes, all of which i did but was too lazy to have him sign the papers! When they found a lead fishing weight in my wooden car that was the last straw. I guess they don’t give badges for creativity.

  63. Cornutt says:

    Although, I must say, the last time I was this irrationally infatuated with someone in the draft, it was Knowshon Moreno.

    He ended up being hella good, right? …Right guys?

  64. piperfeltcher says:

    I thought the Hawks carried $13 million over from last year and were about 45 mill under in contracts so had $18 mill in cap space? There are a lot of GM’s out there that would have let Hutch go with the contract he got. Holmgren ran Alaxander hard for 5 great years and after a few thousand hits his body wore down and he got gun shy as his body could no longer take the contact. Alaxander is one of the top players ever to play for the Hawks and was the key player on offence for 5 of the most sucessful seasons in Hawks history.

  65. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Piperfeitcher, that’s a nice site indeed…

  66. chadworth64 says:

    Hey Eric, what ever happened with that TNT Pigskin Pick’em thing?

  67. edstang45 says:

    very nice Piper, need a degree in finger counting to understand this cap thing, I have mastered TV controller 101, can pour a shot with the best, and love the Hawks!!! I will let the Cap Guru have this headache all to their selfs and will bitch about any mistake they may make as a True NFL Fan Should Go Hawks!!

    Chadworth64 if it;s any help I didn’t win

  68. chuck_easton says:

    Wow. Quite a bit of personal fights going on here and the team had a good season.

    Imagine if they finish 8-8 or worse. There would be Internet death threats.

    Oh and I have never been irrational on here. Well except for that little QB thing at the start of the season and that worked out great for the team.

    Now I’m trying to think who I should go all batst*t crazy on next year. Hey if it gets the same results as this year I’m more than happy to be psycho crazy to help out.

    Any suggestions?

  69. Great call Chuck!! Lets wait and see who is on the team in June and then we can figure out who we should jump on – from the looks of things it will be a DE or an OG.

  70. Chuck–You werent all bats&^% on Wilson, just stubborn and conservative. Most of the NFL agreed with you, so dont feel so bad. At least you owned up to it pretty quick.

    I cant wait for Free Agency to begin. I love checking PFT and this blog for updates on which players went where…and I love playing armchair GM, too, just like everyone else.

    Im still pissed at Ruskell for signing Duckett and Julius Jones instead of trying to get Michael Turner. Even I knew that was flat stupid. But I thought Housh would be a good player, though I questioned the money they threw at him. And he wasnt a good player, so its probably a good thing my GM duties are relegated to the armchair…

  71. Chuck, how about Bruce Irvin? If betting against him gets the same results Wilson got, I’m all for it. I’ll start things off by saying many in the NFL including helmet head Mel still question his selection at #15, don’t think he is stout enough at the point of attack, and that he will never be a three down starter.
    Now let’s let Young Irv take things personal, and go all Ivan Drago on those weights, except for the drugs part. Brucy Bruce gaining about 20 pounds sounds pretty good. If he did that, and worked on another money move he would be an absolutely unstoppable, unblockable monster.
    To help Bruce with his spin move – perfect for his speed and quickness – I really want JS to go and get Dwight Freeney at a reasonable price.

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree xcman. Pass rushers and a$$ pushers are a big need for this team.

  73. Soggybuc says:

    Considering the nutritionists and strength coaching available to a player in the NFL in addition to a bank account that excludes ever buying Top Ramen and 4 for a Dollar Mac n Chesse I can see BI growing into his body nicely adding a few pounds and more arm/hand strength to compliment his tremendous speed.
    Right now Malcom Smith needs to step it up and improve his game the most so you guys should pick on him first.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible- Absolutely agree! Weird indeed.

  75. Weird?!!? Not really!! When you get people with bullying behavior like we have had over this season, people get angry and defensive – Scientific fact!!

    We have had a LOT of that since last summer. There were times it wasn’t worth posting or reading for better parts of the season – since there were very hostile and divisive remarks made. MANY made by the people who are getting on Duke now.

    We all know that we have been right AND wrong on a player. We also know that We have all had differences in opinions on whether or not we trust what PC/JS have done with players or signed – let go – etc. and they are not 100% either. But boy when we feel we are right in our opinions then therefore we are “better/smarter” posters than everyone else who disagreed with us on that topic – and very much let people know that as well

  76. Maybe a new rule:

    Nobody is allowed to call names and flip out on people when they are wrong… unless the said person has never been wrong about anything Seahawks related?

    I gotta get back to watching that green elephant cruising around the purple sky…

  77. SaigonSun says:

    BI and his development was the main reason I did hope for Bryant Young as our DL coach. He could teach our youngsters a thing or two.

  78. OregonHawk says:

    I thought I saw a pink elephant, I wonder it is related to the green elephant?

  79. You never know.

  80. montanamike2 says:

    When Chuck asked who’s next, my first thought was Bruce Irvin.

  81. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- Probably the best example of what you call bullying behavior happened during the QB competition last year, and we all know very well who the ring leaders were.
    Why do you feel that you need to defend them now?

    What I learned from that experience was that you stick to your guns no matter what the masses, or dumb a$$es say.
    My guess is that Dukeshire has a following that he dare not drop, however in the process he has dumbed down himself to the level of RadeoN and the likes. Sad.
    Lesson learned for me is don’t get involved with anyone on a blog past a blog.

  82. Outside of the cap, it’s hard to believe Paul Allen is at all worried about money. He has enough for 1,000 lifetimes.

  83. Georgia – not to point finger but you and STTBM gave me all sorts of ##$@#$@$!@# just sayin

  84. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – You have gone out of your way to insult me personally or otherwise make derogatory comments about me on this blog on a weekly basis, for months now. Yesterday was another example, and I’m absolutely tired of it, as a result, the STFU comment.

    As far as the QB situation goes, as I’ve admitted several times, I was wrong about Wilson. Clearly. But to suggest I was taking a view based on some “following” or because I was “bullying”, is absurd beyond any reasonable consideration.

  85. We’re all supposed to be on the same side!

    Shouldn’t we all be doing this since we’re all Seahawks fans?
    (no need to watch beyond 30-40 seconds… I quit).

  86. SaigonSun says:

    Happy New Year of the Snake to our Seahawks and to all on this blog. May all of us prosper and be happy.

  87. princeaden says:

    I’ve known this blog for quite and I enjoy both Duke and Georgia. Both being equally impressed with themselves. For the sake of this blog, if you both choose to stay, I wish you would both try to get along because you guys are both great posters.

  88. @Soggybuc

    “Considering the nutritionists and strength coaching available to a player in the NFL in addition to a bank account that excludes ever buying Top Ramen and 4 for a Dollar Mac n Chesse I can see BI growing into his body nicely adding a few pounds and more arm/hand strength to compliment his tremendous speed”.

    I think this may be the first time I’ve seen Irvin’s future brought up where what you stated was even considered. I see way too many fan opinions on Irvin based on his potential taking longer to top out based on his “lack of size”. For starters, I find it quite boggling how Irvin is not even 10 lbs. lighter than Clem, but is somehow facing this perceived mountain to climb in terms of getting bigger and stronger.

    You spell it out pretty clear, Soggy. Bruce Irvin didn’t have the facilities or the plethora of trainers to work with him in college the way he does now in the pro’s. Fans seem to forget this stuff most of the time. They seem to look past the fact that sometimes these guys aren’t all eating right in college, mostly because of the cost issue like you allude to.

    I say next year is Irvin’s year. This is a guy who might be young in football years, but he’s 25 years old, which to me means his body is currently close to its peak. it’s just a matter of adding a little bit of weight and improving his physical strength at this point. This can all be achieved with hard work during one offseason.

  89. bsinnitt says:

    From an outsiders perspective that often reads and seldom posts, Georgia has been a bit juvenile. If you have a personal beef with Duke figure it out elsewhere. You have each others email addresses. I for one appreciate Duke’s insight into defensive alignments and have for years. One of the reasons I enjoy this blog. As a life long Hawks fan, I’m ready to focus on the 3-5 year championship window that’s been laid before us. We’re a couple very attainable pieces away from being super bowl favorites for the first time in franchise history. Let’s enjoy it! In the words of our QB, Go Hawks!!!

  90. chuck_easton says:

    My comment on Duke and Georgia. Love you both. ( like brothers…let’s not turn that into some all new thread nobody wants to go down).

    I’ve agreed with both of you at times and I’ve had some heated disagreements with both.

    Duke is like the older brother who knows a lot but can occasionally get a little annoying because he does know so much and is always more than willing to let you know it.

    Georgia is that little brother that constantly wants to be heard and when he ges his teeth into an argument he’s not going to let up until everybody sees how right he is.

    BTW it’s been a week without real football. I can’t take it anymore. How many sleeps until FA starts? When’s the combine? ( boring TV but at least it’s football). Can the draft get here a little sooner?

  91. chuck_easton says:

    Oh, and Sekolah, nice use of the word plethora! Didn’t think I’d ever see that in a football blog.

  92. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    can’t we all just get along?

    barely febuary and we are turning into bitchy old women already.
    early this year,lol.

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for the sobering imput everyone. Time to take a break for awhile and clean things up on my end.

    I like this blog and don’t want to go down a road that can make it worse.

    Go Hawks!!!

  94. montanamike2 says:

    I like this blog and it’s faithful posters, i wouldn’t want anybody to leave unless they’re an obvious troll. Today i made the perfect cup of coffee in my french press, after a while i poured it into my favorite mug, after a while it was so ready and my mouth was salivating as i wanted to wake up to a perfect Sunday. When i picked up my mug the bottom stayed on my desk (the cup seperated), to my uttermost horror, my perfect coffee(definitely not starbucks!) spilled all over my desk and documents and even onto the computer i just rebuilt,(it was a bitch). Now i cleaned up most everything but i have to make coffee again and use a different mug. I’m glad none of you have the real problems that i have, my day might be ruined! AAARGGGGHHH.
    If we don’t get back to civility, the trolls will be back because they always show up when ever there’s discontent and they think they can “widen the crack” so to say.

  95. Ewalters7354 says:

    All I can say is wow…

  96. xcman–I dont recall personally attacking you or namecalling, unless I was attacked/namecalled first. I remember (admittedly my memory is often faulty) disagreeing with your arguments, whereupon you would personally attack me and I would eventually respond in kind.

    Of course, I am not always rational and my moods carry over to this blog despite my best intentions. When I have crossed lines, I have apologised and toned it down.

    If there is something I said in particular that offends you, remind of what it was and the surrounding conversation, and I will apologise for it. I know myself well enough to know that I probably stepped over that line more than once without realizing it or admitting it.

    I would love to meet everyone on this blog, from Chuck, to Sluggo to Duke and Bobby to bbnate, GergiaHawk, MontanaHawk and the rest. Even and especially guys like you and nate who I often disagree with.

    When I rag on an opinion, I dont necessarily think the same of the person who holds that opion. Everyone gets a little illogical from time to time, and all of us are often wrong. I will continue to work on disagreeing with the opinion, not the person espousing it.

    So for the things Ive said that offended you, I apologise xcman. Im not always the man I try to be. As long as you try to meet me halfway, things should be fine. Have a great weekend!

  97. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Pretty damn funny. (And sadly probably quite accurate.)

    For my part, I have fallen into the type of comments that cause to only hijack a good thread. That’s on me and I apologize.

  98. Palerydr says:

    As a person of interest in a few blog spats over the years I can understand what’s going on with Georgia and Duke. I’ve been insulted, denegrated and ridiculed for my opinions. I know that sometimes I was wrong and sometimes I was right. When I was wrong I apologized for my transgressions and I respect greatly the people who are stand up posters who do the same. I have little respect for any poster who can’t do the same. From those spats I have a few posters that I really dislike whose comments I generally just skip past. If I were to meet these people in person I’m not sure how I would respond hopefully I could be the bigger man and let bygones be bygones. Many times I’ve seen some really innane posts that got me twitching to post a scathing response however nowadays I think to myself what’s the point? So instead I mostly just read and enjoy the information I glean from others knowledge of the game and Hawks.

  99. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    guys we are never going to agree on everything. that said the majority are men and therefore pretty good at being asses, opinionated and stubborn as hell, atleast that is how i would categorize myself and most on here that argue. funny thing is we all have one thing in common, love of the hawks.

    about the only person i just never read anymore is ACIB, not that he has been seen in awhile. everyone else i enjoy reading whether i agree with or not. i am here to celebrate everything hawks the good,bad,and the ugly.
    it would be great if we could all be completely rational all the time but that is not going to happen. now i don’t know about you all but i personally save rational for family and kids not much left by the time i get here. that said i think we all need to not take shit personally so much. if you call me an idiot i take that as we adamantly disagree and move on. we are not children anymore being called names shouldn’t hurt our feelings anymore.
    there is not one of you i wouldn’t have a beer with, we all have one great thing in common, we are hawk fans and that makes you all great company in my book.


  100. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Uh, wtf is going on here? Anyone who complains that Seattle gets no respect and East Coast bias and all that . . . well lets all quietly thank God that this thread and discussion is hidden away up in South Alaska where few people back East would ever find it.

    Because all the posts above wouldn’t help much with the respect Seattle movement. Hope you get your hurt feelings and egos sorted out. Disagreement and heated discussion kinda go with the territory of a sports blog.

    And if you cannot separate your thoughts and feelings about an opinion you disagree with from the person expressing it, there’s probably something else going on that isn’t really about sports opinion and fandom at all. And ongoing discord between regular posters here is a rather colossal waste of time.

  101. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    seventies, lol nice blunt and to the point

  102. raymaines says:

    It’s Sunday morning and we’re not watching football. Dang.

  103. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    As for Hutch, and Ruskell:

    Ruskell thought he was making a good faith gesture in using the transition tag by allowing Hutch to test and find out his market value, which he then expected to match. Which would then conceivably mollify any resentments that Hutch would harbor regarding his contract size.

    The above is a factual statement, not merely an opinion.

    However my firm opinion is that Ruskell was truly stupid and incompetent for not making absolutely certain that Hutch was completeiy secured by franchising him.

    The situation was entirely avoidable (duh?). And it exposed so plainly that he cannot be trusted to make key personnel decisions. A situation like that simply cannot be allowed to happen. And Paul Allen should have fired Ruskell immediately after the Hutch fiasco.

    Hutch is also a bit of a douche btw. What kind of man and player enjoys screwing over a fan base that loved and wanted him and the team that drafted him? And I fail to understand how the Seahawks ever wronged him
    enough to warrant his apparent lingering misgivings. He may have been great, but I can’t say I have much respect for him either.

    The furure of the team was further worsened by giving Shaun Alexander a large contract. And made even worse by constantly drafting nice guy midgets and finesse types who would never give us a shot at controlling the line of scrimmage against a physical team.

  104. Speak for yourself, ray. I started watching the recording I have of the S.F. @ Seattle game about 20 minutes ago. Every time I see Kam Chancellor hit Vernon Davis I get goosebumps. That hit never gets old. Quite possibly the most violent hit of all time by a Seahawks player, although what Fredd Young did to Dokie Williams back in the day is hard to beat.

  105. orbeavhawk says:

    I’m still going thru and fighting Russell Wilson withdrawals………the young fella is ADDICTIVE! Can’t wait to get my FIX next season…….”Are we there yet?”

  106. 70’s, Your post at 10:53 was absolutely right on!!!

  107. Sekolah, you watching that Sunday night game?
    I’m gonna bust that out too, and watch that vicious hit over and over again. It never gets old watching Niners get blown up.
    Eric Davis of NFL Network said Kam Chancellor is going to slip some Ambien to guys going over the middle. LOL.
    BTW, did you guys read that Donte Whitner promised the Niners are winning it all next season? Not only that, he thinks it’s the beginning of another SF dynasty. He apparently failed history in high school, because history tells us the Niners will have a very difficult time even making it to the big game this year. That will hold especially true, if the Seahawks have anything to say about it.

  108. banosser says:

    FYI… Vikes contemplating trading Harvin… Now he would fill our WR need.. tho I still believe the higher priority is DE & DT.. but Harvin… I just hope the 9ers don’t go get him.. yikes..

  109. banosser says:

    ^^ or the Rams

  110. sluggo42 says:

    Yup, this thread disintegrated completely.. Good to see I’m the only perfect poster here… hA! Where’s raD to ask me to eat glass again..!

    I touched on this a few weeks ago, urging caution with lack of threads about turning on each other… Happened a bit sooner than I thought, but happens every year, then all is forgiven and forgotten when free agency starts to pick up a little steam.

    I did like the thought someone stated about BI having an off season to bulk up a little, keeping his speed. Great future LEO.

    I am not sure, perhaps someone can enlighten me. In the off- season, do the players get to go to v-Mac whenever they want? Is the nutritionist, strength coach, and all facilities available for the players? Can RW and the receivers go there and work out and throw to each other? Or does all that stuff have to happen elsewhere? I know RW is going to watch film, does he get to go there every day to do so? Or are there time limits when they are authorized to be there?

  111. Someday, as a collective, we really need to get over Hutchinson. At the end of the day, Hutchinson proved himself to be a man of questionable character. A selfish man. A man committed to playing a team sport, but ultimately allowing his personal ego to get in the way of a business decision.

    This guy was a mercenary from day one. I first noticed it right in front of me during a preseason versus the Chiefs one summer, back in like ’03 or ’04. Hutch didn’t dress for the game, he was on the sideline in his civs. It was during halftime, or like right before kickoff (can’t remember exactly, but it was during a deep lull of the game where it wasn’t overly noisy and rowdy) and Hutch is making his stroll past the bench area, where fans on the sidelines can plainly see him. All kinds of fans were calling out to him, screaming his name. “We love you, Hutch” or something of the like was belted out.

    Not for one instant did I see Hutchinson even gesture back to the fans adulating him; not even half of a flinch. He just seemingly uncaring made his way to his spot near the bench, emotionless, like a robot. Something then and there just didn’t feel right. For the most part I blew it off, but I seem to have a very good memory (a curse to me in some cases), and I definitely took a mental note that day and filed it away.

    You know though, sometimes I wonder if it’s justice. For every player who’s ever screwed over a franchise to go play for another team, or every player that’s “asked for too much money”, how many more have we heard about in other stories related to what the game has done to some of these players. It’s sad, horrific type stuff some of these guys have had to endure for the love of the game.

  112. “I am not sure, perhaps someone can enlighten me. In the off- season, do the players get to go to v-Mac whenever they want? Is the nutritionist, strength coach, and all facilities available for the players? Can RW and the receivers go there and work out and throw to each other? Or does all that stuff have to happen elsewhere? I know RW is going to watch film, does he get to go there every day to do so? Or are there time limits when they are authorized to be there?”

    @ sluggo

    I am pretty sure the answer is yes to about every question which you asked that is applicable. Many of the players do not live in Seattle year round though, but like you say, they do those things at other facilities around the states.

    Now as far as staff on hand year round, I would think that is kind of a tentative thing. It very likely depends on who’s signed up to come in and work during the non-OTA part of the offseasson. There’s probably at least one or two of the strength trainers available at all times, but I don’t know. Guidance with nutrition is probably something that mostly gets handled via email or other electronic means.

  113. @CCVI

    Yeah, nothing like reliving that game over and over again. Watching Vernon Davis get rocked in slow mow; frame by frame stills of him just getting leveled by Chancellor. Vernon Davis was quoted as saying that was one of the hardest hits he’s ever taken. LOL. More like that’s as hard as he’s ever been hit in his life. If Chancellor isn’t one of the most feared hitters in the league by now, I don’t know who is.

    As far as the actual game, it’s up there with the best blow-out wins in Seahawks history. The Seahawks really took it to the 9’ers that night, and what could be better than doing it on Jim Crybaugh’s b-day?

  114. @Sekolah

    I agree with you that was one of the best blow out wins in Hawks history. Just looking back at last year, I know many have stated the Chicago game was the turning point, but was any other recent win as cathartic and satisfying as crushing the hated Niners in our house?
    The build up to the game, the energy in the stadium, and considering how much the Seahawks team top to bottom, including FO and staff, not to mention the fans, all as a collective really wanted that win so badly it almost felt as if we willed the team to a blowout. I don’t know if it was the best game of the year, but it was definitely the best win for Seahawks fans hands down, even better than the AZ blowout or the playoff win in DC.

  115. sluggo42 says:

    Thank goodness well have Monday morning links tomorrow morning…

  116. FairbanksDoug says:

    When does the 2013 schedule come out? I hope game 1 is in S.F. and we hand them the same beat down we gave them at Centurylink. That would set the tone for the rest of the season as well as the next 10 years.

  117. “I know many have stated the Chicago game was the turning point, but was any other recent win as cathartic and satisfying as crushing the hated Niners in our house?”

    @ CCVI

    I really don’t think so. I suppose the equivalent would be something like crushing the competitive Broncos or Raiders teams of the ’80’s when we were still in the AFC West, but in terms of rivalries this one is up near the top in my book. Especially for a fan like me. I hate that 9’ers team, especially its head coach, many of its players.

    It’s the way this team crushed S.F. in that game that really stands out in my mind; national T.V., big plays in every phase of the game, players getting knocked out of the game via vicious hits. It was one of the more brutal victories for the Seahawks that I’ve ever seen in terms of how they just demoralized, and then dominated the opponent. I could hardly believe it when Kaepernick went running into the endzone for high fives and helmet slaps after finally scoring a meaningless TD in the last, what, 3 minutes of regulation? Pathetic.

    It was nice crushing AZ too, but that game was much more of a laugher to me. The Cardinals didn’t have a lot to play for and were basically undermanned. The 9’ers were fresh off of beating Tom Brady in NE, and being talked about as the best team in football. Nothing makes a statement quite like kicking the sh** out of the biggest bully on the block.

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