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Morning links: Cruising the mock drafts

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 29, 2013 at 10:32 am with 48 Comments »
January 29, 2013 10:32 am
University of Texas defensive end Alex Okafor works out during practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 in Mobile, Ala.  (AP Photo/G.M. Andrews)
University of Texas defensive end Alex Okafor works out during practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 in Mobile, Ala. (AP Photo/G.M. Andrews)

I always like to take a look at the mock drafts a couple days after the Senior Bowl to see how draft analysts are re-evaluating players after last week.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, now has Seattle selecting Texas defensive end Alex Okafor at No. 25. Rang: “The risky (and ridiculed) selection of undersized pass rusher Bruce Irvin paid off as the former West Virginia standout led all rookies with 8.5 sacks in 2012. His speed off the edge could be complemented with a more refined pass rusher like Okafor, whose greater length, strength and hand technique could make him a suitable complement as the team adjusts for life without top pass-rusher Chris Clemons, who’s recovering with a torn ACL.”

Rang’s colleague, Dane Brugler of, likes Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams at No. 25 for Seattle. Brugler: “The Seahawks have one of the better defensive fronts in the NFC, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them add some depth, especially with Alan Branch slated to hit free agency in the winter. Williams lined up at nose tackle for the Tide, but has the ability to be productive in either and even or odd front.”

Bucky Brooks at has Seattle selecting LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery at No. 25.

Daniel Jeremiah at gives Seattle Ohio State defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins at No. 25.

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson was selected as the NFL executive of the year in this year’s Sporting News poll by a 9-8 margin over Denver’s John Elway. Seahawks general manager John Schneider came in third with three votes.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper finally admits the error of his ways regarding his harsh criticisms of Seattle’s 2012 draft class. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this. Kier gave Seattle a C-minus after the draft. But after a season of watching Russell Wilson, Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner, among others, perform, Kiper is giving Seattle an A. Kiper: “Give John Schneider and Pete Carroll all the credit in the world. I had major questions on value and even need with some of their picks, and in most cases, the Seahawks proved me wrong. At the time I wrote, “Let’s be clear: I think the Seahawks drafted guys they really wanted, and with a plan in mind for how to use them.” Did they ever. Russell Wilson might be the defining pick of the draft, already a star and a guy Seattle got at No. 75 overall. I really liked Wilson as a prospect, and said on the set I thought he’d be “a great test case” for short quarterbacks. My question of the pick also had to do with the fact that Seattle had acquired Matt Flynn. If Wilson had been 6-foot-2, I think he would have been a top-5 pick — said it then, say it now. Is that evaluation still reasonable? Has Wilson proven that short QBs can’t all be lumped together? Ultimately, evaluators will still have questions about whether short QBs can succeed because they simply have so few of them to evaluate. The sample size for guys at Wilson’s size who’ve succeeded as he has is so small that not only is Wilson almost unique, I don’t see a QB like him coming along for years. But there’s no way around the fact that he was a great pick, perhaps the best of the draft when you consider where he was taken.

“I also had questions about the value of Bobby Wagner at No. 47 overall, but he was a home run, an impact starter and a guy who will be a fixture for years to come. Robert Turbin, Jeremy Lane and Greg Scruggs also look like great picks. The one pick I really questioned then and still feel the same way about is Bruce Irvin at No. 15 overall. There’s no question Irvin can rush the passer, but that’s really all he can do, and I still don’t see him as a good value at that spot because he’s so one-dimensional. I wrote then, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Irvin gets 10 sacks in 2012, but that’s really his game. He’s not a three-down player yet.” He still isn’t, and is a total liability against the run, as we saw against Atlanta in the playoffs. He finished with 8.0 sacks, but has plenty of development left if he wants to become more than a situational player. I think you want more of a complete player at that point in the draft. Still, this was an exceptional draft, a very good one in terms of immediate value and likely a defining one for the franchise based on Wilson alone.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson will have some extra motivation after not rightfully receiving the Pro Bowl MVP award.

I talked with 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob Stelton about the potential of moving Matt Flynn and Seattle’s top free agent needs in this audio link.

Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports reports that former Seahawks quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor, now working as the offensive coordinator for the University of Virginia, will join Chip Kelly’s staff at Philadelphia as the Eagles’ quarterback coach.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post writes that playing tough defense is still the key to winning in the NFL, and that elite teams have balance.

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  1. Soggybuc says:

    In other words, while they may not agree on who. the experts all agree we will be drafting D line in the first.

    So I think we all will be giving a hearty welcome to our newest TE or OG come draft day.

  2. Everyone knew last year that our #1 need was a pass rusher. That’s exactly what we drafted, a pass rusher. The surprise was who we took in Irvin.

    Two years ago our OL was still a complete joke (even after drafting Okung the prior year). That was exactly what we drafted early and often (OL). The surprise, again, was not that we drafted an OL, but who we drafted in Carp.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re probably going to draft a DL this year. Given our history, it’ll probably be a DL that nobody thinks we’ll take and therein will be the surprise.

    Depending on free agency (or potential trade), I could see us going with a WR or even a WILL, too (but only if the DL/pass rush situation has already been taken care of – as that must clearly be priority #1).

    Personally, I don’t think Roddy White is close to being as good as Sidney Rice. The only thing he can do better is drop passes. Whereas Rice gets all the doubles, White had Jones pick up a lot of slack this year and had plenty of single coverage too. If you want to judge their numbers, then you better be prepared to say that White is also a lot better than Larry Fitzgerald too.

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Nice to see a little humility from Kiper after he blasted our entire draft last year.

  4. Kiper will still talk sh*t this year at the draft. He is a senseless moron who obviously doesn’t understand when a GM knows what he is doing. Luckily for us, JS doesn’t give a flying f what Kiper, or anyone else for that matter, thinks.

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I agree that PC is a master of misinformation, last year he went to see Tannehill and i knew something was up. A lot of the players they draft have no idea the Seahawks were ever interested in them. And yes watching Kiper eat major crow was cool, if we pick the waterboy in the draft it’ll probably be praised as a genius move.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    jboard1 just agreeing that Kiper is a moron, not an attack at you.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    He offered his opinion at the time. It was wrong. He admitted as much and complimented them. And yet he still gets ripped. Good lord… If only some people on the blog were able to admit when they were wrong…

  8. PugetHawk says:

    Is the plan moving forward to play Malcolm Smith at LB over Hill and then draft a back-up or possible incumbent in a later round?

    No question DL is gonna get some off season attention, but I would wait until free-agency hits before projecting the Seahawks taking a DL in the first round. If they since Melton or make a trade for Suh, both long shots, then the draft boards above get thrown out the window. That said, what else is there to talk about.. the pro-bowl? Please, thanks for the links Eric.

    Good to see Kiper man up. I know he gets beat up on our blog, and rightfully so, but give him credit for eating crow.

  9. None taken montana.

    The fact is he is moron, and that is my opinion. He thinks he is a god and knows all there is to football, but doesn’t know how to think out of the box, like our FO does. That is all i am saying. and I KNOW i’m not alone in thinking this about Kiper. Just because he ate crow doesn’t mean he is any less of a dbag.

  10. To add….in no way am i implying that i think I know more than Kiper (or any of those guys) because i obviously dont. But i get sick of the “experts” openly bashing GM’s and teams for what they are doing before any results have been shown. I understand this is their job, but it gets old hearing them constantly talk sh*t about teams who dont get all the hype. While, at the same time, they praise teams like the Jets for waking up in the morning and making breakfast.

  11. I think Sidney Rice and Golden Tate, with Doug Baldwin in the slot are fine receivers in this offense. With Pete Carroll as coach we will never be a throw first team. I can’t see us going after a free agent like Wallace or Bowe, and I can’t see them wanting to sign here, knowing that we are only gonna throuw the ball 20-25 times per game.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Do you remember when Kiper asked if the Jets had any idea what the draft was for, on air? He might be a d-bag and all that, but he doesn’t play favorites. Moreover, he’s a good talent evaluator. We’re not talking about Tod McShay here, who is a complete idiot.

  13. I definitely agree with that rodman. I wouldnt mind them taking a big receiver later in the draft, but i think the core of wr’s are good for now. Especially with a full offseason and OTA’s, camps etc for wilson and them to get more reps with each other. I’d like to see a big physical TE added and most definitely some more pass rushing D-Linemen

  14. Dukeshire says:

    And one last thing: his job and the job of a GM is not the same. It’s a bit like the difference between a film director and a film critic. In any case…

  15. abqhwkfn says:

    i am in favor of drafting okafor. and resign branch and jones.

  16. Duke: Enough with the rational calm, already. Personally I was looking forward to another thread rant on Kiper, eventually reaching a crescendo that included chants of “kill piggy!”

  17. lol Cornutt

  18. chuck_easton says:

    What? There will be no ‘kill piggy’? Darn, and I was hoping for porkchops for dinner.

    OK, then if we can’t launch into a 100 plus post about Kiper being, well Kiper, what can we argue about?

    It’s tuesday and I don’t have anything to fight about.

    Oh, I know, Russell Wilson is too short to play QB in the NFL! There. Have at it. I’ll be back in a week when the fire dies down.

  19. Kiper is wrong..A LOT. And he’s really arrogant about his opinion. ALl the time. And he practically throws a tantrum when teams dont follow the players he’s mocked.

    His only option was to admit his mistake, otherwise he’d still be hemming and hawing. And you notice he never mentioned Sweezy. Even if he ends up a backup, the guy was a steal and a real indicator of our staff’s scouting prowess and ability to coach.

    A lot of the supposed Draft Experts get much of their Mock Draft from insider tips. Now that teams are buttoning down and treat leaks like Treason, the Mock Draft Experts are suddenly wrong on many picks. And they dont like it. Those guys actually seem to believe they are great NFL talent evaluators, even when the picks are spoon-fed them. Pretty funny.

    Dukeshire–Seriously, you wanna give Kiper a brownie point for noticing that the Jets draft at about the level of a retarded monkey throwing darts at a wall of names?! Even my Mom, who barely understands the rudiments of football, knows and laughs at the Jets!

    As for Rice/White/Fitz, Fitz’s reputation wasnt built on one or two good seasons, and thats why this year means nothing. He’s been outstanding for a really long time, in every facet of the game. The guys so good, he gets open deep even though he’s pretty slow. Same with White; he’s been good for years, is tough and makes tough catches over the middle, the kind Julio Jones rarely does. Yeah, he drops too many passes and enjoys less coverage because of Jones. He’s still good.

    Rice has only one thousand yard season, only one really great year. And he doesnt take over games the way Fitz and White have. He’s still young though, he’s got time. I think he’s at the top of #2 WR’s in the NFL, but he just cant do all the things a true #1 does. But then again, in this offense, we may not need him to. We still need a tall big fast guy though.

    We’ll see what next year brings. There were about 4 games this year I would have argued that the guy is elite.

  20. And I dont think Okafor lasts anywhere near 25. We’ll end up with a DT or a DE, but its anyone’s guess as to which one. Im not even sure Okafor will be ours if we trade up a bit. That guy could go top-15.

  21. I’ve been checking out WR’s this morning. How about letting this guy develop? Amazing talent. Probably have to take him the first though, and that certainly doesn’t help address the pass rush issues (unless JS/PC have their eyes on gems in later rounds!).

    Reminds me a bit of Hester, but if you could teach this guy to run routes—wow.

  22. What we know about the draft – every year there are guys that “slip” and guys that get taken “too Early”

    We will see who we get at 25 but I am willing to bet that, better than even money – it will be a guy that everyone things was taken too soon!

  23. Frankly I don’t personally think Kiper is that great of a talent evaluator. I think he’s more of a bandwagon evaluator. To me, the best evaluators are the ones that are willing to step up and rank someone that is lower on the bandwagon-list higher than most and tell us why they think that way. And these same guys are also willing to step up and say why they think someone should be rated lower than the bandwagon-list. That’s probably why I like Mayock’s evaluations the best. He actually studies guys before blowing smoke. Kiper (to me) never seems to have anything original or on the edge.

  24. I can see us going alot of different ways at 25 (in no particular order)…..

    – DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama, upgrade for Breno who is in the final year of his contract
    – Cordarrell Patterson, WR, Tennessee
    – Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    – Alex Okafor, DE, Texas

  25. I dont think this kid (Patterson) goes in the first round. Maybe somewhere in the second, but he could fall to the third or later. He’s ranked about 7th among WR’s (according to some sites), and he’s only listed at 205 pounds and runs sloppy routes. However, he’s 6′-3″ tall and could conceivably beef up, so he could get picked over shorter/slower/more polished prospects.

    Myself, Im either hoping for a much more polished guy around 6′-1″ in round 2 or a really badass guy at least 6’3″ tall and 220 at least, who runs a 4.4. yeah, I know, those guys are rare as hens teeth but I can dream right?!

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – I respect the hell out of Mayock. But if you ever have the time, give a look to Kiper’s Draft Report. It’s so much more deep and in-depth than he’s able to discuss on ESPN. But no question, Mayock is the guy I trust most, of the nationally aired talent evaluators.

  27. The people here who defend all GMs b/c they are “real” GMs are the same people who defended all of the crap decisions of every Seahawks GM that they remember (and then threw them under the bus when they were fired)… even though the Seattle Seahawks have won ZERO Super Bowls in their history.

    I have always said I like Kiper and I’m not going to change for reasons Chuck alluded to (if you’re not smart enough to understand his analysis, that’s okay, it’s probably more fun to live in your world anyways).

  28. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lmao bobby…. little chippy today. i am more curious who the free agents they target are. once we know who they sign the draft needs will clear up a little more.

  29. hawkfaninoklahoma – I agree 100%.

  30. I like Mayock quite a bit as well, and yet he’s a moron in talent evaluation sometimes, too (even though in the grand scheme of things he’s pretty dang good).

    The point is that every person on the face of the earth has been wrong about an NFL player they thought would be good (all of US).

    Heck, our regime, who has been GREAT!!! overall, has already released two 4th round picks in their 3 years of drafting!!!

  31. @Duke – I admit, I’ve never dug into Kiper report so there may be more depth there. But my biggest complaint about his work is that he rarely (dare I say never?) deviates from the standard lists of talent, high or low. He never goes out on a limb and says “A lot of people have so-and-so rated really high but I think he rates out lower because…” and then fills you in with some good facts, data, and even personal evaluation. Or just the opposite…picking someone others rate lower and pointing out why he should be much higher. His stuff always just has this feeling of drab, ho-hum, same ol’, same ol’ as everyone else. I like it when a guy is willing to stick his neck out and then says what he did to form his opinion that is different.

  32. Now that all the mocks are calling for a defensive lineman I’m going for a TE – Ertz. I will almost guarantee that the boys in the front office will want to start to build an arsenal for RW one piece at a time. I like Rice, Tater and Baldwin. Tater really stepped up this year and I liked what I saw. Doug needs to grow and I think he will. Rice, given the chance, could really excel. Time will tell but none of them are ready for the scrap heap.

    I listen more to Mayock than the hairpiece but they are all just speculating anyway so take it for what it is worth. I also like Don Banks and Peter over at SI as well but they are just speculating also.

  33. Bobbyk–Wow, dude, just because a lot of people point out that Kiper is OFTEN very wrong, doesnt mean they are too stupid to understand his sentence structure or his overall point.

    And yeah,if these guys were so awesome, they’d be working for an NFL team. Same with Kirwan. They may often be better than fans, but they certainly arent GM material; yet thier egos are massive.

    I just love it when the blog degenerates into a couple people implying those that disagree are cretins. I think its a classic case of pot calling kettle black.

  34. STTBM: A lot of mocks I’ve looked at have Patterson going in the first. A few of them even had him going in the top 10. He has legit talent, but again, I worry that he’s a D. Hester guy that might not ever really figure out how to run routes.

    But he can catch the ball, and he’s lightning in a bottle. I would be very happy to land that dude in the 2nd round–but I don’t think he’ll get there.

    For what it’s worth, Rang has him going at 23.

  35. raymaines says:

    I love the “What CAN He Do?” attitude that JS&PC bring to the Seahawks!

    Photography is a hobby of mine and I just finished reading an eight post thread on a photography forum telling us all the good, solid reasons why a mirrored telephoto lens isn’t worth a dog-gone thing. Except that a 500mm mirrored lens exists and although it has limitations, it’s really not too bad.

    Most of the other 31 NFL teams go to extreme lengths to find faults with prospective players while the Seahawk brain trust tries to find creative ways to use a prospective players talent.

    I can find 20 year old used 500mm mirrored lenses that fits my camera for a few hundred dollars and take pretty darn good pictures of the full moon on a clear night or an eagle’s nest in a distant tree while the guys on the photography forum confidently tell each other how or why it just won’t work.

    Go ‘Hawks.

  36. banosser says:

    Package Flynn with picks and move up to get Lotulelei.. sign Avril.. win Super Bowl

  37. Cornutt–I stand corrected. Being 6′-3″ and that fast makes up for a lot–lack of experience and not being a very disciplined/skilled route runner. Be interesting to see where he actually goes.

    raymaines–I hear you. I agree, thinking outside the box is a fine skill/talent to possess. Also shows how often bloggers are wrong. Unlike me, it is obvious that I know everything and am never wrong…;p

  38. TomIPDX….. yes, I could see the Seahawks liking TE Zach Ertz. I didn`t list him as a possibility because being the top rated TE I doubt he will be there at 25 (especially with the current double TE mania going on in the NFL) and even if he IS available at 25 TE is not a position of significant need.

  39. I haven`t seen any video of him, but here is what I have read about C. Patterson.

    The draft guys here have him going either 12th or 23rd overall.

  40. I posted a video up above.

    I especially like this part of his eval:

    “He has very good strength for the position to use his body, box out defenders and make contested grabs, out-muscling defensive backs. Patterson has quick hands and natural adjustment skills to make impressive catches on off-target throws. His coaches rave about his football intelligence and his competitive nature, playing focused and fiery.”

  41. Might be Cornutt’s 2013 man-crush.

  42. blocis, just trying to think outside of the box. We need to get RW looking downfield at his current receivers before we go out and try to find a FitzII. Yes, we need a D lineman who can pressure on passing downs as a #1 priority but like I said, I’m thinking outside of the box here…which is what our guys in the FO are really good at (I’m not but you have to try). Ertz may be available at 25 and if he is I really wonder how JS/PC have him scored as the best available player in the first round.

    I haven’t done this but if we were to isolate Sidney on a per pass play situation during a game, he was probably in position more often than not but RW didn’t get a chance to look his way unless he was targeted from the beginning. I watched Rice make to many amazing catches this past year and believe that he still has a lot more to offer this team. WR should be 4 or 5 on our list of needs.

  43. princeaden says:

    When will we hear about a new D-Line coach hire ?

  44. SaigonSun says:

    I know Johnny Knox (6′ WR from Da Bears) is a UFA. He is very fast with good hands. What I don’t know is if he has fully recovered from his injury and if he can be good for us (or, anyone else).
    Another player I think is worth looking into is Falcons’ OG Mike Johnson (ex ‘Tide).
    I like going after Osi too but, nobody else here seems to care about that idea.

  45. The question of Russell Wilson’s backup might be answered if we draft Nick Florence of Baylor. Drew Boylhart of the Huddle Report (Skavage might like Drew since he does not follow the projections of the main stream analysts) compares Florence to Wilson. Too short to be drafted early (6 foot), he has a strong arm, is the first team academic All Amercan QB, and broke RGIII’s single season yardage record. He runs a similar offense to what Seattle runs, can move well, and is competitive. He likely will not be drafted before the 3d or 4th round (although Wilson’s success may change the thinking of some GM’s).

  46. princeaden says:

    Saigon, for the record, I like Osi for a 2 year contract. Oldslow, I will have to look at this Florence fellow immediately. Thanks :)

  47. RW’s backup isn’t eligible for the draft this year, so keeping Flynn makes the most sense. College X will produce his eventual backup next year or the year after. Someone from Houston or SMU or Baylor or another mid-level school will let an arm talent guy run a pass-oriented spread offense like Johnny Football got to run at A&M. Could be the kid from Oregon down the line, that kid reminds me a lot of a young Kaepernick.

    I have a major man-crush on C. Patterson… can’t help it. He is a tall Tate (aka Brandon Marshall). Watch Marshall’s highlights or watch some Broncos games (if you have them) from when he was young and you’ll see a bigger Tate. Lightning after the catch, sneaky fast, smooth in the open field impossible to bring down. He still has that, but he’s developed into more, a deep threat even with some subtle route running improvement to go with great body control on jump balls. Patterson could easily become that, his physicallity is inspiring – could take a couple years to develop, but man he would contribute right away on ST as a returner and gunner opposite Lane.

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