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Senior Bowl primer with Rob Rang

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 26, 2013 at 8:48 am with 123 Comments »
January 26, 2013 8:51 am
Texas defensive end Alex Okafor (80) brings down Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) following a short run in the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011, in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
Texas defensive end Alex Okafor (80) brings down Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) following a short run in the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011, in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

I talked with Rob Rang, senior draft analyst with, to get an idea of some players who might fit what the Seattle Seahawks are looking for in this afternoon’s Senior Bowl down in Mobile, Ala.

Rang watched practice in Mobile this week, and he identified defensive line and receiver as Seattle’s most pressing needs this offseason.

With that in mind, Rang pointed to defensive ends Alexa Okafor of Texas and UCLA’s Datone Jones, Georgia defensive tackle John Jenkins, and receivers Clinton Patton of Louisiana Tech and Marshall’s Aaron Dobson as five guys to watch this afternoon that the Seahawks could consider in the first two rounds of the draft.

Check out Rang’s breakdown on each player below.

Alex Okafor, DE, Texas (6-5, 260) Highlights
Rang’s take: Rather than being a speed rusher like Bruce Irvin, Okafor isn’t quite as explosive, but he uses his hands well. He’s not a 10-sack guy, but he would be better against the run, and is a much more technically sound pass rusher. The combination of Irvin and Okafor would make some sense coming off the edge for Seattle.

Datone Jones, DL, UCLA (6-4, 280) Highlights
Rang’s take: He was a guy who at 6-4 and 280 pounds, played both defensive end and defensive tackle. The Seahawks should be very familiar with Jones because he plays on the West Coast for former Seattle head coach Jim Mora at UCLA. He provides versatility. Jones is a well-built kind of guy who can bounce inside and play 3-tech as an inside rusher in nickel situations, and he can also rush from the outside in early downs. Jones had 17.5 tackles for loss in 2012.

John Jenkins, Georgia (6-4, 359)
Rang’s take: He’s obviously very powerful and stout, but also more athletic than you think. Jenkins has long arms, and could develop into a Pro Bowl player if he wants to. But there are concerns about his consistency. Jenkins was suspended for Georgia’s Capital One Bowl appearance reportedly for academic reasons. Playing in the SEC, Jenkins played against a high level of competition, and was dominant at times. You always want big guys, and Jenkins has the versatility to play nose tackle, and also bump outside to spell Red Bryant at 5-tech.

Clinton Patton, WR Louisiana Tech (6-0, 202)
Rang’s take: Patton’s a fluid route runner with good speed, who also showed an ability to consistently make defenders miss out in the open field. For his size, he also has interesting body control, contorting to make tough catches. Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network said Patton is a second round draft pick at the worst. Compares to Roddy White because of his polished route running.

Aaron Dobson, Marshall (6-3, 202)
Rang’s take: Dobson showed the ability to make plays, even when he was covered, going up to get the ball without pushing off. Of the smaller school guys, Patton and Dobson were much more polished and technically sound than I expected. He also played well against top level talent. Compares to Sidney Rice in his size and ability to go get the ball.

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  1. NWPoseidon says:

    All good names but with the PCJS track record shouldn’t we just disregard what analysts project for us and look for someone at the same position that is a little more unique?

  2. Nice breakdown! I always look forward to these from you and Rang.

    Everyone needs to watch the last catch made by Dobson. I thought he’d batted it down to keep it from the defender, then on the replay, saw he’d actually caught it! How many pro receivers out there could have made THAT catch?

    Patton, Okafor, and Jones are very intriguing too!

  3. I haven’t found any video on the EWU wr yet but here are some stats from this year. As I said he is 6’5”, 215 lbs. and had 1,850 yards this year. He is skipping his senior yr and has been invited to the combine.

    Receptions 11

    Brandon Kaufman at Southern Utah (Oct 27, 2012)

    Yards Receiving 215

    Brandon Kaufman vs Sam Houston State (Dec 15, 2012)

    TD Receptions 3

    Brandon Kaufman vs Illinois State (Dec. 8, 2012)

    Brandon Kaufman vs Sam Houston State (Dec 15, 2012)

    Long Reception 93

    Brandon Kaufman at Washington State (Sep 8, 2012)

  4. Here’s one I bookmarked under this year’s draft folder…

  5. It’t Brandon Kaufman at Idaho…

  6. *It’s


  7. montanamike2 says:

    Even though i smoked from the pipe of Revis, i am 99.9999 percent sure it wouldn’t happen and i wouldn’t move Kam from SS unless we got another pro bowl player in the draft, he’s young and probably injured but i think he will have another good year after he figures out these crazy tackling rules.
    That said, i have no idea who they draft and what rabbit they’ll pull out of a hat. Pete stated that this team is close to complete and not many players drafted would make the team. Is this the year that we trade up to get our players that they targeted?

  8. Revis is a corner, so I think the discussion has been for moving Browner or using him in the nickel…

  9. rgbuckl, thanks. I noticed on another utube there that he was on the “watch list” for the Walter Payton award after his sophmore year when he had 1,200 yards on about 76 catches and 15 tds.

  10. Chawksrule says:

    I live here in Spokane, Wa and I am an EWU alum and have seen Kaufman play the last couple years. He is a stud and can go up and get the ball. He isn’t as fast as I would like. And, his only route he rns well is the 9 route. he has been able to domnate less talented competition. He has just been invited to the Combine and it will be good to see him next to the highly respected WRs from bigger programs. He is supposedly listed as a possible non-drafted player. I think there would be no risk in taking him in the 6th round. Let him groom into a position on the roster.

    Go Hawks!!!

  11. princeaden says:

    The way Dobson backhanded that last catch on the video had Fitzgerald written all over it.

  12. I dont want another 6′ nothing WR. Not umless we drop Tate or Baldwin, which aint happening. Besides, with Rice not as fast as we all thought, he’s a FL, and even if Baldwin gets dumped and Tate moves to slot, we dont need a 6′ 200 lb FL, what we have needed since time out of mind is a guy at least 6′-3″ tall and over 220 lbs who can fly…

    Those guys arent as rare as they used to be, but you arent going to find anyone like that who isnt raw as burger still on the live cow outside the first round/top of second.

    Nor do I want Seattle drafting a guy who cant get 10 sacks at DE in the first or second. What a waste. Those rounds are for impact players, and we already have Scruggs, who has shown some promise. What we need is a stud DT and one of those magic DE’s who can stuff the run And get 10 sacks a season.

  13. thursday says:

    wow that last catch from dobson was ridiculous! he also had a great one-handed one of an overthrown ball somewhere in the middle of that vid.

  14. Maybe it’s just me but this entire year I have slowly been forming the opinion that our front seven on defense could be better suited in a 3 – 4 scheme. Pop someone like Jenkins into the NT position add a linebacker with rush capabilities (seems to be a decent amount in the draft) and you pretty much are set.

    I can see Bobby Wagner and a draft pick in the middle with Hill and Wright on the outside. Or Waggner and Hill inside with a draft pick outside. We’d still need to get some depth at LB but it feels like the possibility is there. You had Jenkins at NT, Mebane and RT/E and Bryant at LT/E. Then you mix up your 4th rusher with the likes of KJ Wright (mad speed and/or a good, fast draft pick. MIght even be able to nurture Irvin into an OLB position. He’s got plenty of speed to drop back in coverage and plenty of speed for some exotic blitz packages from the LB position. All Irvin really needs is some off season dedication to refine his techniques and get his hips balanced when he uses anything other than the edge move.

    Think of the possibilities with these guys on your team in a 3/4 scheme.


    Now add in someone like Jenkins who could be the BJ Raji of this draft, another edge rusher that has enough moves and size to be more than a speed rusher, and toss in one of the abundence of good LB’s that are in the draft. Looks like a pretty decent 3/4 base to me.

  15. One good thing about going to 3 / 4 is that it’s hard to find ultra stout linemen who work and ultra fast db’s who work out but linebackers are more or less a medium size body so there are more to choose from. It’s like finding a talented 7 footer in basketball. There are simply more guys who are lb sized and therefore more talented guys that size.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, the QB pool at the Sr Bowl this year, is awfully thin.

    If Seattle went to a 3-4, which most likely will not happen under Carroll, basically all that would happen IMO, is that Irvin would become the strong side OLB, basically playing the Clay Matthews position. We’d be looking a Wagner and Wright in the middle and Smith as the weak side. Mebane would remain at NT, Red would remain at LDE, it’s the right side end that would present the dilemma. Scruggs? I don’t know that Clem is capable of end in a 3-4. That’s really the question, as I see it.

    Which brings me back to the Sr Bowl: it has been a d lineman’s paradise. If this all-star game is any indication, it will be a very deep draft for d linemen.

  17. Yeah, I don’t see PC going away from his version of a 4-3 with the Leo position. Since it is his baby and it’s been working rather well why would he abandon it.

  18. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I really want to see if seattle addresses the D line and/or WR in free agency.
    I think Victor Cruz might be a option or Kruger from baltimore?

  19. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    why not get Revis move browner to safety and kam to LB? i mean realistically browner is great at playing the run, could play better in coverage on a TE then Kam and could you imagine Kam on a blitz?

  20. psoundpowerhouse – Victor Cruz isn’t a free agent. Players aren’t “free” until after their fourth year in the league. He only just completed his third season.

  21. Chawksrule, I too am an alum of EWU, ’81 and then I worked in the computer center from 81 to 93. When were you there?

    I hope you are watching the ZAGS this year!

    Kaufman could be one of those low cost high reward rookies. And you can’t coach 6’5” with hands.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    As big as Browner is, he has a slender frame and I simply can’t imagine he’d withstand all the impact a SS endures. In the same way, I don’t like Kam at Will. Although in some packages perhaps, but definitely not part of the base defense.

  23. Here is what I know –

    I want the 9ner’s to lose the SB

    FA starts – other teams over pay to steal SF FA’s

    The twins – work some magic, we will argue over moves that we love/hate. Somebody will emerge as a solid/great player.

    Someone will claim that they knew it all along and well – if we don’t win the SB in 2014 we will all be bitter

  24. princeaden says:

    Duke, I agree that Browner’s physique doesn’t lend to being a lasting SS in the NFL. But, he doesn’t fit the typical CB standards either. Looking at Kam next to Malcolm Smith and Mike Morgan, He looks every bit as big and strong and he has better tackling instincts than both. I would only suggest this if we were able to secure a CB (Revis) that was better than BB.

  25. It might be good if they win. They would get a lower draft pick and a harder schedule. Don’t teams usually have problems after a sb win? I remember stories about players wanting more or loosing their edge etc. I don’t know if that’s real or just a perception maybe someone else has info on that.

  26. BeerDrinkingFool says:

    The Niners winning or losing the Super Bowl doesn’t effect their schedule. It’s a common misconception that where you finish in the standings drastically changes who you play the following year. The truth is it only effects TWO games – the games you play within your conference against the two divisions you don’t face every team from. This is set based on regular season finish. The Seahawks and Niners play the exact same teams for 14 of their 16 games next year. The only differences are San Fran plays the Packers and Redskins (NFC North and East winners) and Seattle plays the Vikings and Giants (NFC North and East 2nd place).

    I don’t understand any Seattle fan rooting for the Niners. Harbaugh is about as big a jerk as they come and they’re a divisional rival. You don’t put aside divisional rivarly for stuff like “Oh yeah, win and represent the NFC West!” Do you think Red Sox fans root for the Yankees in the World Series? No way.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    I haven’t seen enough of Morgan in regular season games to comment, but I believe Smith is every bit as good a tackler as Chancellor, arguably better. And I unerstand and agree that Browner isn’t a prototypical corner, but neither is it a position of significant impact.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    Does Rang still teach high school?

  29. I still think our team’s biggest need for a new starter is OLB. I want a long, lean, explosive pass rusher at the Will. Alec Ogeltree or Jarvis Jones would add a dimension to our defense we lacked this season.

    This is the one position where we just lack next year’s starter. Leroy Hill is 30 and slowing down. Malcom Smith is a talented special teamer and backup LB, but at 6.0 tall he’ll never be a big impact rush/cover LB. I’d like to see us line up in nickel D alignments a bit less next year, in favor of more aggressive pass rush. A Will who can really blitz would add a new dimension we lack.

  30. Did Reggie White have any sons?

  31. Will is a bigger need than 3-tech? Really? Jones and Branch aren’t even under contract so we have who there that is so good to prevent this from being a huge need?

  32. banosser says:

    Package Flynn and picks to move up to get Lotulelei… We have the picks this yr to do it.. sign a young FA DE (Avril).. JS & PC work their draft magic.. win Super Bowl

  33. Ok, Browner is not going to be moved to SS, even if Kam is put at WLB.

    And here’s why:

    1) He has played at a very high level at cb (most corners as good as him are making 7-12 million a year, not 450k), and would be a fool to willingly switch to a position that is harder on your body and pays far less. He would likely demand a trade or to be cut if they tried. And I wouldnt blame him. He is at his best jamming WR’s at the line, and using the sideline to trap them. He’s one of the top 5 cb’s in football, he’s not gonna move to SS for years, if at all.

    2) He is rather slightly built for a SS, and if he was going to move to safety, it would be FS. But we have Thomas and others, so thats not happening.

    3) This is all speculation based on one report that said Seattle was one of the possible landing spots for Revis via trade. The only reason they said that is because Idzik took the GM position in NY. The jets want two firsts, or at least a first and a third, for Revis, and besides wanting a kings ransom in salary, no one knows if the guy will ever play again, let alone at a high level. There is NO WAY seattle will trade a bag of chips for him to rent him for one year, let alone give up high picks and sign him to a longterm contract to his liking. No chance in hell.

    We have a better chance of getting a first round pick for Jeremy Lane in trade than we have of moving Browner to SS this year and trading for Revis…

    Yeah, while we’re at it lets just trade Matt Flynn for two first and a second…be realistic people!

  34. And Im with Bobbyk–we need a stud DT in the worst way, far more than we need a RT. And we need a RG, since neither Moffit nor Sweezy were particularly good even in our last game. And I for one am not convinced Carpenter has what it takes to make it in the NFL. Im waiting with baited breath to see if he actually cares, if he can get in shape and actually pass block. Giacomini is fine at RT, and he got better as the season went along. Not that I wouldnt love a fantastic RT, but I think we wait on that one another year or two.

    We need DT and DE the worst, and could use a WLB if one comes along. Smith and Morgan have potential, but arent there yet. And a big fast WR is needed to begin grooming NOW. They take at least two years to get going, so nabbing a big fast guy this year is imperative. One now, one next year, IMO.

    Of course, FA will change our outlook somewhat, but I expect to see DT, WR, DE in the first three picks, and I expect us to trade up in two of the first three rounds.

  35. Slave, I agree 100% with all that!

  36. sluggo42 says:

    I would hope that carp makes a decision to get fit, along with moffit.. I don’t imagine anyone wants to get left behind from the oat to SB. Just I alone that those two actually devote themselves to the weight room/offseason conditioning program that I’m assuming will be quite well populated… It wouldn’t surprise me if RW personally saw to those two getting their at fannies in shape…

  37. sluggo42 says:

    I should check spelling and such before I post…. Derrrr

  38. Carp in condition does not scare me as much as Moffitt – IMO Carp looked decent this year although clearly he was not completely healed from his injuries (still a concern)

    I am not sure we will see any moves on the OL this offseason unless someone leaves. Clearly they are keeping Okung and Unger, They like Carp and Breno – I think they are waiting for Sweezy to beat out Moffitt – If Moffitt gets beat out full time I think they will let him walk at the end of his contract.

  39. So would anyone have a problem with the hawks going after either one of these DL guys?

    Henry Melton (UFA) – Defensive Tackle

    Participating in one fewer game than a season ago, Henry Melton crushed a previous best in tackles (43) and fell one short of tying his 2011 sack total of seven.

    Creating so many sacks from the tackle position makes him a prime target for clubs that require pass-rush improvement up the middle.

    At 26 years old and earning under $700,000, Melton is in line for a hefty pay increase. Whether that comes from his current team in Chicago or somewhere else remains to be seen.

    Cliff Avril (UFA) – Defensive End

    Unable to hammer out a long-term solution with the Detroit Lions, Avril is wrapping up a huge one-year, $10.605 million deal.

    The 260-pound Jacksonville, Fla., native finishes 2012 with 9.5 sacks. However, he did not record a quarterback takedown the last three weeks and seems to have stalled overall.

    I really like the idea of Melton – He and Mebane on the inside would be pretty beastly if you ask me!! I don’t think we can affort Avril with Clem on the roster – but too bad we won’t know if Clem will even play next season. Most likely, IMO, he will start on the PUP

  40. I like the idea of Melton or even Randy Starks as FA DT’s.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The teams biggest need imo, is a #1 WR. After that D-line. After that LB. After that depth at Corner, QB, RB,.

    Earl Thomas just had an int at the pro-Bowl.

  42. Ha! Wilson to Tampa’s little guy…Muscle Hamsters RUle!

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Russell, ( Fran ) Wilson gets his first Pro Bowl TD.

  44. I love melton and would be thrilled to sign him and let Branch go. Branch is underrated, but he’s no star, and is making something like 5.5 mill a year.

  45. If we could get either one of those guys we could let both of the guys we signed last year walk – and nice dig on the OLB doesn’t look like a bad guy to look at

  46. Georgia – I have to slightly disagree, With Wilson getting better we are already putting more points on the board. we need to find a way to consistently slow down/stop teams when needed. We can not put constant pressure on teams and have not been able to for years. With Clem likely out for a at least the start I think we need to address that DL for more consistency.

    I always think you need to draft for depth at LB!

  47. so far
    Lynch – TD
    Thomas – INT multiple tackles
    RW – TD pass
    LW – 93 yard return

    Guess which players showed up to play!!!!

  48. you’re damn right i’m watching the pro bowl to watch our mr. wilson, looking like he belongs. Seahawks carrying the NFC . ..

  49. Russel Wilson, Earl Thomas, Lynch and Washington have taken the Pro Bowl over.

    Lynch was his beast self, got at TD. Washington almost ran one back and has been electric all night. Thomas has a pick and has been in on lots of plays.

    Wilson? Two TD’s so far, and looks perfect. Literally perfect. The guy is flat incredible. Even Chris Collinsworth loves him, and Collinsworth still hates Seattle because everyone always knew Largent was better than him…

  50. raymaines says:

    I don’t think Andrew Luck will be the MVP

  51. raymaines says:

    RW might be though. Three TD’s.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- I see what your saying.

    I think we can find a #1 WR in free agency. Then we can load up on the D in the draft.

    Just makes me sick to see the 49ers in the SuperBowl when I think we have the better team.

  53. We are younger – so they have to learn to bring it EVERY GAME from the start! Especially in the play-offs!

  54. Luck looks like an extra from Deliverance…

  55. not bad sttbm . . .

  56. I cant help it…every time he takes his helmet off, I Hear Banjos..

  57. Watching the Pro Bowl (which I had no idea was today until channel surfing), it’s dawning on me that within 2 years there is a very good chance that Russell Wilson will be the best QB in the NFL.

  58. This poll was on this morning

    Who will be the MVP of Sunday’s Pro Bowl?
    Peyton Manning
    Adrian Peterson
    Drew Brees
    Arian Foster
    Russell Wilson

  59. Yeah, and everyone was voting for Peyton Manning. Ha! Wilson lit it up. He could have thrown for 5-6 TD’s easy. What a stud.

  60. With the NFC with such a huge lead they are packing it in while the AFC it still trying to put points up!!

    Give Wilson a chance to put up the numbers like the other QB’s (attempts and yards)

  61. bbnate420 says:

    Who cares about an internet poll? They mean less than a warm bucket of piss.

    I don’t see how the hell a 221 pound player would be slight for SS? Take a look at other SS’s around the league. I agree that it’s not going to happen. It was just interesting to consider in the VERY unlikely scenario that they trade for Revis.

    This team isn’t going to sign any #1/expensive FA WRs unless they release Rice, which I highly doubt since he remained healthy. We don’t really even know who’ll be out there. Bowe? No thanks. Wallace? We need another tiny WR? He does stretch the field, but Tate is fairly similar and improving. You can’t pay 2 WRs top end money in today’s NFL. The cap barely goes up each year. This team has a number of good players that will need to be resigned over the next few years.

    The Hawks have ZERO chance of drafting Jarvis Jones unless they’re going to move way up in the first round.

  62. BBnate is cranky today

  63. GO HAWKS I love Wilson we are set!!

  64. Dukeshire says:

    Regardless of weight, his frame is really lean. Look at his legs. Sticks. IMO, he simply wouldn’t be able to stand up to the severity of contact a SS does. All all this talk doesn’t take into account whether he could even adapt and learn the position. But in any case, no, it’s nOt going to happen regardless.

  65. Total Bullshit that Rudolph gets MVP.. Wilson could have thrown for 6 TD’s easy. The guy accounted for 31 points with 7 minutes to go…sad. Goodell called that, and he sucks…

  66. sluggo42 says:

    RW. Yells “go hawks” after his interview!
    What coolness…. Insane

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree! What more could Wilson do to get MVP? Oh well, something more to fuel his drive.

  68. princeaden says:

    The whole Revis, Browner, Seahawk speculation was just exactly that. Like bbnate said, it was more supposed to make for interesting conversation than anything.

  69. Bbnate–Browner is almost 6′-4″ tall; look at him. He is pretty skinny and tall for a SS. If he was 6’0″ and 221, that would be about right for a SS.

    Besides, too many people here, including you, are totally missing a rather important part of the whole idea of moving Browner to SS:

    A starting corner back playing at Browner’s level is worth 9-20 million a year. And yeah, he’s that good. Also, he’s getting older and is only making about 500k a year. He cant wait to get his one big payday, and he isnt going to let anything stop that.

    So why would he be willing to move to a position that pays maybe 6 mill a year and is much harder on the body?! The answer is, he wouldnt! You’d have to be retarded to agree to that!

    There is no freaking way Browner would agree to move to SS, beating his body up worse for less money.

    Did you guys even watch football this year?! Browner was a shutdown corner for us before his suspension, and teams didnt event throw to his side; they picked on Sherman. I thought–presuspension–that Browner was outplaying Sherman. He got beaten less, and manhandled his guys.

    Seriously, if you want to move a guys position, you need to ensure 1) he’s willing (browner wont be) 2) he can do it 3) the guy you replace him with is lots better (Revis post-injury is unknown quantity) and 4) it doesnt impact your Salary Cap heavily. This idea of moving BB to SS and getting Revis fails 3 of 4.

    This is exactly like the talk of the Madden Generation couch potato’s who talk like it makes sense to bring the backup qb in for a play here or there, calling them qb1 and qb2, not taking into account the center-qb exchange, etc….sheer idiocy. Enough. Get a freakin’ grip people, we arent moving Browner to SS even if Revis agrees to pay us 3 million a year for the privilege of being a Hawk!
    Bbnate, all that scorn isnt directed at you. Your fine in my book.

  70. Chancellor being relegated to certain packages at SS, and seeing some time at WLB?! Now that makes sense, as much as I hate to say it. After last season, I was sure he would be the best SS in football. Well, he’s not. This year he was up and down, and was exposed in coverage continually.

    But Browner is one of the top 5 CB’s in football, and that position is the highest paid next to qb, so he isnt gonna switch positions. Its like talking about Wilson switching to WR since we have Flynn…insane.

  71. yes, some guys get awfully touchy here about opinions. lol.

    I didn’t “predict” we’ll draft Jarvis Jones. Simply said a player like him or Ogetree would add a needed dimension to our defense — the type of impact we needed during those final plays of the Atlanta game.

    BobbyK – yes, I see Will as a huge need for this team. DT is a huge need too. They have to take the opportunity to go get whomever is available, of course. Since we can re-sign Branch and Jones, DT is not to most critical need. Meanwhile, we have no one to start at Will. Smith and Morgan are special teamers, not starting impact OLBs who can upgrade our pass rush and coverage.

    And DE is clearly not the biggest need on this defense. We have three very talented DEs. It will be very hard to find an upgrade over Clemons, Red, or Irvin.

    Obviously, they need to take the best talent wherever its available, and fortunately they are in a good position to do that. But I’d order the needs like this. Just my opinion…

    3-tech DT
    Split End
    cover SS

  72. STTBM, I agree.

    I doubt Carroll would move Kam to WLB full-time since his snaps will be reduced, but he could play snaps at both SS and WLB, with a quicker SS coming in on third downs to improve coverage. I’ve never thought Kam was a great cover S and always thought he’s been over-rated by Seahawks fans. He’s a beast against the run, absolutely, but gives up a lot in coverage, always has. A guy his size cannot react and change direction quickly enough, and WRs prey on that.

    Dan Quinn and Kris Richard have some work to do in figuring this out. And Schneider’s guys need to find more talent at OLB and SS to help this D.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is directed to those that still are selling Wilson short. Not the bloggers here that were doing that early this year, but finally came around.

    BTW- Stop this Revis talk. It’s about the same as wanting Suh. Does anyone really think we are going to give up a first round pick or two for an injured Corner, and then pay him 15 plus million dollars a year?

    And why are some trying to fix our Cornerback situation anyways? We are strong there. We have bigger needs. Lol.

  74. “selling Wilson short” lol! good one, Georgia! :-)

  75. raymaines says:

    STTBM: I’ve got this great idea. Why don’t we move BB to SS? What do you think? Maybe get Revis to play corner? Then get Bryant to play inside LB. Move RW to WR. Get Unger to play FB…….

  76. bbnate420 says:

    I’m not sure how I got touchy. I just expressed a few differing opinions. It takes all kinds I guess.

    Again, I don’t think they will/should trade for Revis, and I don’t know that BB could play well at SS. It was just an intriguing idea to me to ponder. I don’t buy that BB is too slight because he’s 6’4″ instead of 6′. 4 inches really isn’t that much in this instance. (That’s what she said). He didn’t seem to have a problem with Cam Newton, who is 250+. And I know he wouldn’t want to STTBM, but that doesn’t really mean spit. I’m not sure in what universe CBs get paid 20 mil a year though? Flynn wants to start, but he’s not going to unless the coaches put him in. The coaches run the team, not BB. He doesn’t have the leverage at this point to be making demands. Regardless, it’s just a hypothetical discussion. It isn’t happening.

    I like BB at corner. I’m not looking to move him. I wouldn’t say he’s a top 5 corner though. Probably at the bottom of the top 10 IMO. It just would be a possible move in the unlikely scenario that Revis comes here. As long as Revis is healthy, he’s definitely a better CB in my view than BB. I don’t see BB being that great in the slot, so that opened the possibility of SS.

    BTW, BB can’t become an UFA until after the 2014 season. He will be 31 by the start of the 2015 season. He’s not going to get some huge contract I would be willing to bet. Just sayin’.

  77. princeaden says:

    It’s getting to the point where a person can’t express an opinion or even a hypothetical without being trashed. Disagreeing with opinion is expected. Being called an idiot behind the cover of a blog reveals character and the lock thereof, in my opinion.

  78. banosser says:

    And DE is clearly not the biggest need on this defense. We have three very talented DEs. It will be very hard to find an upgrade over Clemons, Red, or Irvin.

    Obviously, they need to take the best talent wherever its available, and fortunately they are in a good position to do that. But I’d order the needs like this. Just my opinion…

    3-tech DT
    Split End
    cover SS
    Stevos… I don’t think you can count on Clem coming back.. for sure not till mid season.. and then he won’t have had any reps… You need to replace him this off season. Irvin just proved he can’t replace Clem yet as he was a complete non factor vs Falcons and IMO Clem’s unfortunate and untimely absence is what cost us that game… Red, while a stud against the run can not pressure the QB in passing situations with any consistancy… JS/PC need to go out and sign a DE (Avril) to replace Clem so we have him from the start of the season. Irvin plays from the otherside as he did this yr and learns/grows.. Red does what he does, hopefully with a healty ankle/foot all season.. and JS/PC add a young stud DT by moving up in the 1st Rd… While WLB may be our most pressing need as you state, JS/PC have proven they can find one in the middle rounds… DT or DE need to be drafted high in the first.. with the other being signed as a FA..


  79. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think anyone was calling anyone else an idiot. Maybe I missed something? Maybe all this time spent together on the same blog has caused our cycles to synch up and we’re a little touchy today? ;-)

  80. MattandCindy says:

    QWilson was a football cyborg! He makes it look EASY! I would of loved RW getting MVP, but AJ Green had 120 yards and 3 TD’s. What do u have to do? Give Goodell a handy??? Apparently a tight end is what does it for our mentally handicapped commissioner.

    P.S. – The NFL arranged this “Harbaugh Bowl” bull$hit.

  81. MattandCindy says:

    *R…..not Q. Smart phone my ass

  82. princeaden–If you are referring to me, I never called anyone an idiot. Im not passive-aggressive; if I thought someone was an idiot, I wouldnt hide behind language. I think the argument/discussion that suggests Seattle would move BB to SS is idiotic, which is what I said. He is a fine cb, and doesnt seem to have the right build for SS. I think he could finish his career at S–either SS or FS–but he wont play that position till he’s too slow to play cb.

    Bbnate–No, if Seattle tried to move BB to SS, I would expect him and his agent to hold out and demand a trade. You dont sacrifice your body at his age for less money, not when you are playing at his level, as I have said.

    People can disagree and suggest whatever they want, but if I think its utterly illogical, as is the case (IMO) with moving BB to SS, then I will howl about it.

    But no worries. It would serve me right to see it happen, eh?!

  83. banosser, yeah I don’t disagree with that. It really depends on Clemons’ status. Do we know the prognosis on Clemons’ knee?

  84. Where is this guy? OBTW – he made the smartest comment of the year on this blog (from ’12). I’ll cut him some slack for not spelling his first name correctly though.

    Jan. 26, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Seattle needs to snag Russel Wilson of Wisconsin as their next QB. The Seneca-Wallace-in-college comparison is total BS. TD-to-Int ratio, baby. Seneca’s college ratio was 1:1. Wilson’s ratio is 4TD to 1 Int. No comparison. After watching TJack fail to make reads and miss open receivers, Wilson will be just what the Dr. (Carroll) ordered. He is a master at making the right read. Don’t miss out on this gem hawks!”

    I love going back and reading old comments. It shows how all of us are smart/dumb… just like real GMs. I know I’ve made my fair share of dumb comments (we ALL have).

    It’s a good thing Georgia didn’t get his wish (Peyton Manning) or he may not have ended up with his boy, Russell Wilson (who he never bothered to protect/support lots of times for our QB of the future before we drafted him in the thousands of comments I have read the past few hours). lol

  85. The pressing need is Pass rush/pass rush/pass rush!!!! That single thing kept us from playing in the NFC championship game. Without Clem being a solid for next year makes it even worse. I will not believe Clem will be back until we see it. (hoping for the best – maybe a 6 game PUP or something)

    We got 8 sacks vs GB in one half – only touches Rodgers ONCE the rest of the game. Only Touched Ryan twice all day. and couldn’t get home on a blitz.

    We don’t have to be spectacular but we need to be consistent at getting pressure – Pressure is the key to all of this – a few hurried passes that lead to Int’s or a few knock downs that give the QB some happy feet and miss a few passes. If that happens we won’t have to worry about game winning drives or stops by the Def. We will look at the team just running out the clock for most games

  86. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    RE: rooting for 49ers in the superbowl:

    I see no problem rooting for the 49ers in the superbowl. To me it makes our not being division champs easier to swallow knowing that we lost it by 1 game to the best team in football. It also makes our beatdown on them in week 16 just that much sweeter knowing that we destroyed the best team in football.

    I am not ashamed to be a Seahawks fan rooting for the 49ers in the superbowl.

  87. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “It’s a good thing Georgia didn’t get his wish (Peyton Manning) or he may not have ended up with his boy, Russell Wilson (who he never bothered to protect/support lots of times for our QB of the future before we drafted him in the thousands of comments I have read the past few hours). lol ”

    Interesting comment from a guy who gagged on Matt Flynn until the future of this team was impossible to deny in the hands of Russell Wilson.

    RW could have (should have?) been the MVP. I’m pretty psyched about the future if this team. REALLY psyched about our quarterback situation. GO HAWKS!

  88. banosser says:

    No way.. can not root for the Niners.. No way no how..

  89. As much as I loved how RW played – he did only have 98 yards passing – thats not going to win any awards. Had the last long pass been caught and they got that drive into the endzone that would have been enough I think to get him the award.

    At the end I was hoping for play action to Washington and then pass to Washington in the endzone!! 4 TD’s and over 100 yards would have gone a long way with voters

  90. Yep, RDUB should be cruising in that Yukon Denali, although Kyle Rudolph needs it more over there in Minnesota. I will never root for the Niners, especially with arrogant jagoff Harbaugh as coach. As a matter of fact, I see a problem with Seahawk fans rooting for the Niners no matter what context. Conflict of loyalty issue. Our team hates their team, we want to beat the snot out of them every time, so as a fan I will not be pulling for them whatsoever. Do you think those Dbag niners fans would root for us in the Super Bowl? Ha!
    You guys that are rooting for the Niners should head on over to the NFC West blog on espn and read some of the comments from these Frisco fanboys. If you are a true Seahawks fan, it should make your blood boil. And it should change your mind about rooting for their nancy boys in gold pants.

  91. Can not root for the Seahawks AND the Niners.
    You have to choose. You choose sides and stick with them through everything. That intensity and passion is what defines a true rivalry.
    I know our team isn’t playing anymore, but that doesn’t mean you root for your hated rivals. I would rather not watch football than root for them. Redsox fans don’t root for the Yankees. Ever.
    Celtics fans don’t root for the Lakers. Ever.
    I don’t know if this rivalry compares yet, but I want this rivalry to be epic someday. It’s just my opinion and you may choose to disagree.
    And might I mention, you have in John Harbaugh the much more likeable, less arrogant and less abrasive Harbaugh. I don’t like Kaepernick kissing his biceps when he scores, which people call “kaepernicking”.
    He actually wants to trademark that phrase. I just threw up in my mouth. Compare him to Russell Wilson and tell me how arrogant is that move? Flacco is also a proven playoff road warrior, he’s paid his dues and should have made it to the big game last year. I would much rather have Flacco hold up the Lombardi than Kaepernick smooching his biceps as he holds it up. Thinking of that scene is making me literally sick.

  92. 3 tds in his first pro bowl! Does anyone know how many he needs for the all time record?

  93. I wonder how many other rookies have ever scored 3 tds in the pro bowl?

  94. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    keep your friends close and your enemies closer. having a strong team as a rival only makes us better.You can bet that if the 49ers win, that is just that much more motivation for our guys to be better than them next year. Its like fighting with your kid brother all the time. You have problems getting along with each other and you fight all the time, but as soon as someone else starts picking on your brother you have your brother’s back.

  95. IdahoHawk says:

    I always root for the NFC in the S.B.
    I don’t think I can this year.

  96. DanielleMND says:

    At least it wasn’t another QB who was named MVP over RW.

    But come on, 8 completions, almost half of them TDs and none of them picks? RW may not always put up the yards other QBs do, but he makes more out of his passes.

    And how awesome was it seeing RW throw a TD to Larry Fitzgerald?

  97. DaniellMND–Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It was amazing to see Wilson throw to Fitz. Makes me wish that guy would end up here somehow in a three-party trade. I also liked how the NFC was throwing up jump balls to big tall guys and letting them make a play. I loved Wilson’s TD to Vincent Jackson, too.

    I always hated the fact that Big Mike Williams burnt out before Wilson got going in Seattle. I couldnt believe we couldnt find a qb to throw that pass to him in the red zone a couple times a game…I dont think I saw more than 3 accurate fades/flag routes thrown his way in two years…Shear stupidity.

    And those types of plays show how much we need a guy over 6′-3″ tall with speed. Wilson can throw the skinny post or the fade or the flag route all damned day in the red zone, accurate as hell. We just need to have faith in our tall guys and get one more tall WR.

    Morrah, McCoy, and even Rice should be able to do it. Rice may be skinny, but he’s over 6′-2″.

  98. Bobbyk–IM man enough to admit it. When Eric mentioned Bevell was flying in to watch Wilsons Pro Day, made a comment about no more Ruskell smurfts.

    However, I quickly changed my tune as soon as I saw my first Youtube clip of the guy. I can proudly say I was okay with drafting him way before the draft, and actually rooting for us to take him and wondering if he’d get snatched early by the time the draft got here.

    Then again, I didnt want Kuechly, and Seattle liked him more than Irvin. And he’s a beast. Shows how great a GM I would be huh!

  99. montanamike2 says:

    It’s early AM and i’ll be off in a minute. Russell Wilson didn’t just looked like he belonged, he should have been MVP of the pro-bowl. I’m super stoked to have this “steal of the draft” as our franchise QB.
    I watched the whole game and was frustrated that i had to watch 2 hours of commercials before i saw him on the field. Then he gets on the field and about 20 seconds later he gets a TD!Second timerd time just a bit longer, 3rd…. 4th…
    If he was a selfish player he could have beaten P Mannings record, MVP of the pro bowl and on and on. I love that he always says ” go Hawks!”
    in every interview. It’s also amazing that he makes it look so damn easy. I said a few days ago that it would be good to trade up for a few impact players if they aren’t falling to us, we don’t need 10 picks. We are so close to being a championship team it’s unreal.

  100. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol SeahawkFan12.

    Reason I never bothered to support/protect Wilson as our QB of the future before we drafted him is because I simply didn’t really know who he was. I never saw a game of his, or film, or even read an article about him before Eric started talking about him just before the draft.

    I don’t claim to be the second coming of Rang or Kiper. I don’t have the time to look through countless hours of college tape, and I certainly don’t have the time to look through countless hours of past comments.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist though to see the qualities that Wilson has when you take the time to research him. That’s why I couldn’t understand why so many, ( even after they saw how he outplayed Flynn ) still couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.

    ” Thousands of comments I have read in the past few hours”? Lol.

    That’s taking blogging to a new extreme don’t you think? Perhaps a new hobbie or something might help.

  101. Southendzone says:

    I didn’t think RW deserved MVP yesterday but I took away a lot of positives from the game.

    The Hawks that were there ALL came to play. ET was fired up the whole game, he wanted to hit someone, and did you see him fly onto the field after RW’s TD pass on the drive after he got the INT?

    Marshawn’s 3rd and 10 beast mode run for a 1st down.

    Best of all for me was the RW mid-game interview when they asked him who he liked in the superbowl and he said something like “I don’t know about that, I just wish we were there”

    Watching these guys play I got the feeling they all wanted more from this season and if they had to get it from the pro-bowl, they were gonna do it there.

  102. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I absolutely wanted Manning signed last year but it soon was clear he didn’t want to come here. And if he did it didn’t mean they wouldn’t have drafted Wilson,( or another rookie ) too.

    Like most everyone else I just wanted the QB position fixed.

    DanielleMND said it best, about not really caring who gets it, ( so long as they are good ) even if it’s Elmer Fudd.

    When it looked like Manning was leaning towards the Titans, I started thinking about us getting Hasselbeck and locker in a package deal.

    Or trading several high picks for Griffin.
    I was very happy that we got Flynn but I wanted them to still draft a rookie to compete with him.
    Weeden was the rookie I wanted them to draft, only because I saw him outplay Luck in a Bowl game. I have never been so happy to be wrong about a football opinion in my life. And I’m so looking forward to the next chapter of Wilson the legend.

  103. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Georgia, my post was directed at you, it was directed at the person I quoted…who directed his post at you.

  104. SeahawkFan12 says:

    ooops…Georgia, my post was NOT directed at you, rather, it was directed at the person I quoted. That person was directing their post at you.

  105. RE: Kaufman WR from EWU

    Nothing to see here. Looks like he should be turned into a TE. Slow slow slow.

  106. Dukeshire says:

    It’s cool Wilson played well in the Pro Bowl and all, but are people really upset he wasn’t selected MVP of that useless exhibition game?

    And while I’m talking about things I don’t get: who in their right minds is actually rooting for SF Sunday? You’d like to see Seattle’s biggest rival, and the league’s biggest d-bag head coach hoist the Lombardi? *That* I don’t understand.

  107. Neklok, still he set the all time record for single season yards in the FCS which means he got it done on the field better than any 1AA wr’s before him like Randy Moss for instance.

  108. Duke–Nah, it aint a big deal about the pro bowl mvp snub, its just one more nail in Goddell’s coffin IMO. The guys a hack. Not having HOchuli in the Super Bowl and having that other douche–the guys who’s every mistake was reversed on appeal because he’s Goddell’s henchman–is the latest in Goddels slimy attempt to influence games and tilt competition the way the money rolls.

    Besides, I had a bit too much to drink lol!

    Rooting for SF?! I agree, sickening!

  109. chuck_easton says:


    Just my input on the two topics here.

    1. Wilson played a very solid game. Showed he belongs. MVP? The Pro Bowl rarely gives the MVP to the QB unlike the regular season and the Superbowl. That is because you have three that are rotated through. Pro Bowl MVP almost always goes to a RB or reciever.

    2. When Seattle was in the AFC and I was living in SF my two favorite teams were the Seahawks first and the Niners second. I figured they rarely played each other and the chances of them ever meeting in the Superbowl in the late 80’s and 90’s were less than me winning the lottery. Once Seattle was moved to the NFCW allegences had to change. I now despise the current Niners. I am so tired of their stupid fans and their ‘Five Rings Baby!” as if any of the current fans were alive the last time SF actually won a superbowl.

    To thing that SF has a chance to add that 6th ring and do it this century is too much to think about. If next weekend’s game was SF playing the Steelers my first wish would be for an asteroid to strike the playing field so nobody won. My second choice would be to actually have to root for the Steelers. That is how much I don’t want to see SF get that 6th trophy.

  110. As far as Im concerned, the Niners every ring is tainted due to Eddie DeBartolo, and the lack of a salary cap.

    The guy laundered money for his mob buddies, and used the profits to pay outrageous salaries so he could build a dynasty. Sadly, it proved possible to buy Super Bowls back then, before the advent of the salary cap, by outspending every other team on payroll.

    There was simply no way another team could outspend the Niners and thier funny money.

    And even though I respect some of thier players, thier current HC is a classless jerk and everything that is wrong with modern atheltics; poor loser, gloats over every victory, mocks those he defeats, shows little or no respect when beaten, runs up the score whenever possible, and in general acts like an adolescent on roids.

  111. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know SeahawkFan12, I thought your response to that post was funny.

    After that I didn’t really make the destinction of who I was elaborating my response to but is wasn’t you if that makes any sense. Lol.

  112. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol Chuck- asteroid to strike the playing field so nobody won.

  113. Can’t root for the Niners, just can’t do it – – their whiny, arrogant, a-hole of a coach is probably my least favorite person in the league right now.

  114. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, I was a fan of the Whiners too when I first began to really follow football in 1992. Mainly because I was a big fan of Rice and Young. Like with Ken Griffey Jr. in baseball, I knew about Rice before I really understood anything about the game. They were my introduction to those sports. I also had an innate dislike of the Cowgirls for some reason. Maybe it’s because my father is a Giants fan. Thankfully, all the players I liked on the Whiners were gone by the time the Hawks moved to the NFC West in 2002. I probably hate them more than any other team in the league. Should be a good rivalry for a few years at least. Let’s see how Douchebaugh replenishes his aging roster. Hopefully lots of picks like Jenkins in the 1st round. And I know it’s too early to call him a bust.

    STTBM, although you have a point about the Whiners, you sure vastly oversimplify it and miss the boat for the most part IMO. I guess the mob money made them hire Bill Walsh and draft all those great players??????????

  115. Chuck, LOL, your asteroid scenario was one of the funniest and truest comments I’ve read on this blog. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Duke, the Pro Bowl MVP snub was a minor thing, but I just think RW is way underpaid and will be for 3 years, so I wanted him to get that car, which is worth north of $50,000.
    Plus I just really like the dude, and want good things to happen for him.

    guywhothinksheknows, there is nothing more demoralizing than having your division rival win the championship. The Seahawks are motivated enough, they don’t need the Niners to win the SB for extra fuel to add to the fire. I bet they hate the fact that the niners are even there.

  116. bbnate420 says:

    I can somewhat understand rooting for the same conference/division in the SB, but I just can’t root for the Whiners. I know that going in. Some SBs I’m not necessarily sure who I’ll root for going into the game, if I don ‘t have strong feelings for either team. I just viscerally start to take a side once the game starts. That’s not the case this year.

    P.S., I have no love lost for the Tards, but it was really easy to root for them versus the Stealers for as variety of reasons.

  117. bbnate–The mob money helped them keep all those incredible assistant coaches–Walsh was a genius, but he didnt do it all on his own. Just as Holgmren couldnt recreate his success in Seattle when his old DC and all his younger guys moved on the be HC’s, so Walsh would have had a harder time keeping his young hotshots without all the money paid out to assistants.

    Not to mention that all those great players they drafted were kept around past their first contract with mob money.

    Its much harder to build a dynasty now, when third WR’s like Mario Manningham and others like him are in for big paydays from desperate teams after seeing some postseason success with the teams that drafted them.

    Seattle for instance isnt going to be able to keep all their good players over the next 3-4 years. Some tough decisions will have to be made, and guys the staff wants to keep will go elsewhere. Thats a fact of life in these days of salary caps. But back in the day, the Niners didnt have to worry about that. Not only could they spend all they wanted on salary/staff, they did it with laundered mob money.

    No one could compete with those teams and that staff. But it wasnt exactly fair competition either, and I dont have much respect for them at this point.

    If you cant see how the field was tilted and you dont believe their victories should have an asterisk, then I suppose we will have to agree to disagree. Sure wont be the first nor last time for that lol!

    And while I feel pretty strongly about this, youre welcome to your opinion as well. As for oversimplifying, Im trying not to post Tomes on here all the time!

  118. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, you’re right that your posts are long enough already! ;-)

    I have to try to summarize as well. People aren’t as likely to read your posts if they’re 10 chapters long. If we were book readers, we wouldn’t be here!

    I agree about how it was vastly different before the salary cap, but the Whiners weren’t the only team with money. The Cowgirls sure spent enough of it in the early 90’s. Are their titles tainted? Anyways, I don’t really care about the Whiners enough to argue it further. The Stealers and every other dynasty prior to the mid 90’s had no cap to deal with. Not all of the DeBartolo money was from laundering it for the mob.

  119. bbnate–no worries, man. I like arguing points with you because you see things from such a different perspective, and youre usually willing to discuss without personal attacks. Not everyone can say the same!

    DeBartolo’s mob money was what gave him the ability to pay out so much for salary, fringe benefits, and staff salary etc, and that was a major factor in their success as a team for so long. You can argue how much it affected the outcome, thats certainly debatable, but I cant see writing it off as not being a competitive advantage. Peace.

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