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Morning links: Desmond Trufant turning heads at Senior Bowl

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 23, 2013 at 10:21 am with 113 Comments »
January 23, 2013 10:21 am
Isaiah Trufant (left) and Marcus Trufant (right) pose with youngest brother, University of Washington defensive back Desmond Trufant at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. this week. (Courtesy of Isaiah Trufant via Twitter)
Isaiah Trufant (left) and Marcus Trufant (right) pose with youngest brother, University of Washington defensive back Desmond Trufant at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. this week. (Courtesy of Isaiah Trufant via Twitter)

Tim Twentyman at Detroit Lions Insider profiles University of Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant, the youngest brother of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant.

According to the report, “Young Tru” is turning heads by his performances during Senior Bowl practices this week, and has been the best cornerback on the North squad.

Both brothers Marcus and Isaiah Trufant (pictured above) are down at the Senior Bowl practices this week to provide support for Desmond.

“It’s been a lot of help having my older brother here to help me through the process,” Desmond said. “I just need to get my hands on the ball a little bit more and stay aggressive. I’m staying patient in my technique and I think I’m doing pretty good.”

Rob Rang of echoes Twentyman’s report about Trufant here, saying the University of Washington defensive back’s one-on-one matchup with Oregon State receiver Markus Wheaton was one of the highlights of Tuesday’s practice.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated talks with Russell Wilson, who confirms that he never asked the Seahawks to renegotiate his current rookie contract. According to the CBA his contract cannot be extended until Wilson’s third year.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports says that the Seahawks will have trouble finding a trade partner for Matt Flynn because teams expect Seattle to cut him. It appears the trade speculation season has already started. I still believe there will be interest in Flynn because of his talent and his contract. The Seahawks got a seventh rounder for Tarvaris Jackson from Buffalo. You have to believe Seattle can get something higher in terms of draft compensation in return for Flynn.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland labels Russell Wilson a riser, Richard Sherman as staying the same and Bruce Irvin has a huge faller in his NFL playoffs stock watch.

John McGrath of The News Tribune writes that Russell Wilson is just the guy to liven up the snooze fest that the Pro Bowl has become.

Russ Lande of the National Football Post gives us some players who performed well during the first day of Senior Bowl practice, including BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah and Rice tight end Vance McDonald.

More Lande: He provides a list of players who need to have a better day today, including Georgia defensive tackle John Jenkins and Miami of Ohio quarterback Zac Dysert.

Rob Rang of has a meaty practice report from the South squad at the Senior Bowl, highlighting the play of Georgia receiver Tavarres King.

Dane Brugler of lists UCLA defensive end Datone Jones as one of the players who stood out on Monday.

Check out the Season Finale of The Real Rob Report in the video below.

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  1. hawkfan777 says:

    Good for Desmond!

  2. hawkfan777 says:

    Response to the Jason Cole link: I don’t understand why so many people think Flynn will be cut? His hit on the salary cap is 7.25 million in 2013. If he is cut or traded his hit against the cap will still be 4 million. They will still need to replace him so they would certainly use up some of that 3.25 million of savings to find a decent back up. Most teams are paying 2-3 million for their backups and I don’t see the Hawks going through all of that to save .25-1.25 million on the cap. Flynn is a great backup and he already understands the offense. Cutting him makes no sense unless they somehow draft a stud back up QB. A trade would be much more likely.

  3. Flynn is going to push for a trade because not doing so will hurt his career.

  4. bbnate420 says:

    It doesn’t really matter if Flynn wants a trade or not, unless he’s willing to hold out.

    If no one wants to give a third, at VERY LEAST a high 4th, or better for Flynn then they should just keep him. They are in a good position as far as money allocated to the position even with Flynn here. He may be the most talented backup out there, and there is a lot of value in having a good backup QB.

  5. Southendzone says:

    The contract shouldn’t be an issue, part of any trade would likely be Flynn’s willingness to renegotiate a contract. I hope the Hawks don’t cut him and get some trade value back. Worst case is you have a quality backup on your team at a semi-high cap number.

    Remember a couple years back when Chicago’s playoffs were crushed when they had to rely on Caleb Hanie to try and win a game for them? Keeping Flynn isn’t too bad of an idea when the alternative is cutting him for nothing.

  6. PugetHawk says:

    Keep Flynn. Everyone has a price, Schneider’s should be a second round pick or higher for him to make the move. Otherwise, keep Flynn

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Don’t agree with Lande, here. McDonald is big and really fluid, but he either bobbled or dropped a few passes yesterday.

    Another play that hasn’t look particularly good is QB Tyler Wilson from Arkansas. Every third of fourth throw is *wildly* off target. It’s really odd to watch.

  8. PugetHawk says:

    I’m bored….is it April yet? Oh wait, the Super Bowl is a week from Sunday…yawn!!! So who are the Hawks gonna draft in the first round? Sign in free agency? (Hopefully Milton)

  9. Teams are flat stupid to think Seattle would cut Flynn. There’s absolutely no way in hell. They have their cap structured to afford him, and they have already proven several times they are willing to overpay a qb for insurance and/or to give them a shot if they have potential (see Jesus, Clipboard and Jackson, Tarvaris).

    Flynn has looked fine, and has done everything they asked. The Hawks believe he can be a starter in the NFL (as do plenty of others), and we dont have anyone else to backup Wilson. They arent about to sign another vet to replace him and/or draft someone to do it and then just let him walk away for nothing. They likely will draft a developmental Wilson-esque mobile qb, but they arent gonna expect him to backup Wilson his rookie year. That would be idiocy.

    What you have here is a team or two spreading BS lies because they want Flynn and dont want to pay market value or get in a bidding war. This rumor bs they hope will make teams wait to see if we cut him.

    I realize the NFL is horrible in that no one wants to trade EVER for veteran players, and they will do anything to get players without having to give up a draft pick. Ive always thought that was stupidity and greed, as most teams picks below round 3 or 4 rarely stick anyway. But thats the way it goes.

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    Sign Mike Wallace and Sedrick Ellis… Draft DE, DT, WLB, TE and S in any order

  11. CDHawkFan says:

    Hawks could probably get this guy for a 7th, comes with baggage. Former 2nd rounder.

    Marcus looks like a giant next to his brothers.

  12. Titus Young is a trainwreck.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I love how guys say, “I’m not selfish…” then go on to talk about what it is that they want. If they don’t get Young the ball he’ll quit? See ya…

  14. Besides, he only runs a 4.43 and he’s 5’11″…we don’t need another slot receiver.

  15. CDHawkFan says:

    Audible, you could also say, playing for the Lions is also a trainwreak.

  16. Schneider has already been quoted as saying he’d be open to trading Flynn. Carroll has made it sound that while Flynn has been a good teammate, he hasn’t been happy. JS can do wonders with another 4th or 5th round pick. With so many teams in need of QB’s, I think this is a no-brainer.

  17. I wouldn’t trade Flynn for anything less than a top 16 3rd.

  18. Southendzone says:

    3rd rounder is probably the very best possible outcome of a Flynn trade. That’s even unlikely. 4th rounder you’re getting into realistic territory.

    Did anyone see the story that Jamarcus Russell wants to make a comeback? The espn article says “He was once listed at 320 lbs but is down to 308″. Maybe as RW sets records as the most successful under 6’0 QB, Russell can set records as the most successful over 300lb QB!

    Russell has prototypical size for a Left Tackle at 6’6 and 320, why doesn’t he try that?

  19. Carroll is not going to force someone to play for him, nor will he stand in the way of someone’s career (see Bradley, Gus).

    Flynn is ready to be a starter, and only an injury will give him a chance here. There are several teams needing a good QB and possible franchise guy.

    The FO is going to surprise us with at least a 2nd-round pick in trade for Flynn. A first rounder is NOT out of the question.

    We’re going to sign a veteran back-up QB who can also help mentor Wilson. We’ll draft a raw but talented FA QB as a project.

    Flynn is far more ready than some rookie would be (barring another Wilson). We tossed San Diego a 3rd rounder, and Flynn is a stronger candidate.

  20. Tru’s little bros! What are they–5′-7″?!

  21. bbnate420 says:

    Desmond has been listed at 6 foot throughout his collegiate career. That may change at the combine. Marcus is listed at 5’11” in the pros. Although it does look like Marcus is standing in front of Desmond, remember visual perspective can make the person in front seem taller, and Desmond is presumably in cleats while we have no idea what footwear Marcus is wearing. I don’t know how tall Isiah is.

  22. bbnate420 says:

    I wouldn’t bet my life, but I would be shocked if the Hawks released Flynn. There is no financial mandate to get rid of him. I think he stays unless they get what they perceive to be value in a trade.

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    Isaiah Trufant is 5’8″ according to

  24. doubledink says:

    bbnate420, Those are my thoughts to a T.

  25. Ok guys, I was just joking. That pic makes his brothers look like midgets, which was my point. There’s no way Isaiah could be as short as he looks in that pic, or he’d be 5′-4″! 5′-8″ is pretty short though….isnt he playing for the Jets or did he get cut?

    I wonder if Desmond really is 6′-0″ tall? Regardless, I wish him well. Be nice if he gets drafted in the early rounds and does well in the pros. The Trufants are a cool family, Ive never heard anything negative about them.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    Isaiiah Trufant was placed on injured reserve on November 13, 2012 after suffering a knee injury against the Seattle Seahawks on November 11…

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    S/B The jets placed Isaiiah Trufant on the IR after the Seattle game this year…

  28. Well, I hope his rehab goes well and they keep him around!

  29. edstang45 says:

    No way flynn gets cut why would that even come up we have to excellent qbs every team dream …only trade would make sense for very high value ..we have the power with any possible deal ….need to win big on trade or just keep him

  30. The idea that teams would wait for Flynn to be cut is naive, at best. The only team that would want that is a team that has already made an agreement with him, because as a free agent he would be able to choose which team to sign with. An interested team is more likely to try to make a deal with our front office.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    I think the Trufants are a good family. I was pretty good friends with Marcus from K-3rd grade. I went to a different school after that. It was a million years ago, but he was a cool guy. I met his family as well. My little sister went to Wilson with Desmond, and she said he was a bit of a arrogant prick. Just a second hand opinion. Probably hard not to be somewhat arrogant when most of the students and coaches around you are lining up to kiss your butt.

  32. rramstad says:

    There will be multiple teams that want Flynn.

    We gave up a 3rd for Clipboard Jesus, aka Weirdbeard.

    We’ll get at least a 3rd, possibly a 2nd, depending on how willing Flynn is to redo his deal. (Part of what made CJ attractive was that his contract was pretty reasonable, so not expensive.)

    The tale of the tape will be if Flynn is willing to take less money to go elsewhere and be in the mix to start (or even the anointed starter)… less money would include a deal that on paper is for more years and more dollars, but reduces his guaranteed payout over the first two years of the deal.

    Very confident that the braintrust will not let Flynn walk without reasonable compensation. I’d love to see a small package to consolidate things a bit in the draft… with the new 90 man roster limit early in the year, there’s a real advantage to having a bunch of late picks rather than trying to pick guys up as undrafted free agents. There are some teams with a lot of needs who should absolutely listen to the possibility of getting three or four late picks plus Flynn in exchange for a first rounder… easy to justify in that Flynn could be considered “like” a first round pick anyway.

  33. The going rate for Flynn is like a 4th rounder – IF we are lucky we will get a 3rd –

    Flynn is ONLY going somewhere if some team hits high market value or above. (slightly overpay). His contract is VERY friendly to other teams – they don’t have to worry about the signing bonus – I believe we he gets traded the full remaining amount get put against SEATTLE’s cap – the new team is only responsible for the base salary. Which is VERY low for starters money. and teams will only be trading for him if they think he is a starter for them

  34. raymaines says:

    Whatever happens with MF will happen after the draft and probably into training camp at least, and maybe the pre-season.

  35. freedom_X says:

    If the Lions, who have no concern for character, cut Young loose – then that would make me really wonder what Young is all about. Unless you know what makes that player tick, why take on other team’s problems?

    Flynn will draw a 5th rounder, 4th rounder at best. If all these other teams didn’t pick him up as a totally unrestricted free agent, why would they spend draft picks on him? More I think about it, I’m not sure he’d draw even that, unless he has really, really impressive practice film that people are looking at.

    What did Flynn do in Seattle that raised his value? If a team didn’t think Flynn was the answer in the 2012 offseason – exactly what happened to make him look like the answer in the 2013 offseason? If Flynn had shined in a couple regular season games, I could see it. But he didn’t get a chance.

    Why do you think Carroll was having Flynn throw deep at the end of a blowout win? I doubt that was enough to raise his market value. I hope Schneider can hypnotize some other GM into paying more, that’s for sure!

  36. raymaines says:

    Another thing to remind ourselves of concerning any trade involving MF, is that Mike Brown owner of the Cinn. Bengals held onto Carson Palmer way longer than any of us thought reasonable, but eventually got a kings ransom from Oakland. Seattle doesn’t need to trade MF, and would be happy to keep him AND draft a potential second string backup in the late rounds. The ‘Hawks are holding all the aces.

  37. ray, of all the posts so far I agree with you the most. We hold the cards here. If nobody wants to trade we keep him. We gain a quality backup, possibly draft a late round QB back-up and go from there. We are not under the gun to do anything with Matt.

  38. bbnate420 says:

    Good post about Flynn, xcman. I believe you’re right that the Hawks are on the hook for 4 mil of his 7.25 mil next year whether they trade him or not. That’s assuming they can’t get whatever team trades for him to pick some of that up.

    Forget about Titus Young. He isn’t the receiver we need and he’s a punk it seems. If he’s going to start demanding the ball and not playing for the team if he doesn’t get it after one good game, not even one good season, then he’s a punk.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    It seems we all agree that Flynn isn’t going to get released. Either Cole is just an effing retard or he’s just regurgitating what other GMs hope will happen. Good luck, schmuck.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hopefully we can get a 3rd for Flynn, if not maybe a 4th. If not maybe?

    Really it would be nice to get something for Flynn, but if we don’t, oh well, if the great Flynn experiment has failed we have the greater Wilson experiment that has been a great success.

    Flynn, imo is not even the best backup qb out there, and teams will also be looking at his lack of arm strength. Noodle arm qbs are not going to get a long term job in the NFL.

  41. If someone like Young joined this team and he started acting like a jerk…what do you think this team would do to him? Can you imagine our guys putting up with prima donna BS? I think that dude would get slapped so hard he wouldn’t know what hit him. We don’t have jerks like that on our team…some flashy and loud mouth guys but they are all still team first.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I believe Desmond Trufant has a better chance of being on the Seahawks team this year than Marcus Trufant. We will see.

  43. I was wondering the same thing, GA

  44. Dukeshire says:

    Flynn is hardly a “noodle armed” QB, nor does he have a so-called cannon either. But let’s not be too revisionist here. Regardless, I really don’t see a strong market for Flynn. I can’t think of a team that is simply a QB away from competing, that makes giving up draft picks a reasonable option. And if one were, i’ve got to think that Alex Smith would be option #1 for said team.

  45. princeaden says:

    However it works out, I do not believe Flynn is on the opening camp roster.

  46. I could see Flynn working for Buffalo or the Cards, but I don’t see the Shneid letting him go to the Cards even if they overpay so to speak. I prefer he stays. Seahawks got nothing if Wilson goes down for a few games.

  47. We love Matt Flynn, and appropriately, the team highly values Matt Flynn.

    But let’s get real. The market value for Flynn is a lot lower than fans here think it is.

    Last offseason only two teams were at all interested in Flynn – Seattle and Miami, and Miami didn’t want to pay him anything close to what we paid him. This year, Alex Smith and Michael Vick will be free agents, and several good looking prospects are available in the draft. Everyone knows Russell Wilson was found with a 3rd round pick and Colin Kaepernick with a 2nd round pick. And everyone knows a rookie QB contract is a great bargain compared to the cap hit they’ll take with Matt Flynn.

    Receiving a second or third round pick in exchange for Flynn is a pipe dream, I think. Some team might offer Seattle a 5th rounder, tops, and the Seahawks would be fools to take it unless they have a new #2 QB in camp first.

  48. sluggo42 says:

    What IS a Flynn worth?
    To the Seahawks, he is VERY valuable. He knows the offense and would step in without a hitch should the unthinkable happen.
    The thing about him that I find a value in, is that he hasn’t ever shown a bad side. He hasn’t had any Tavares or cLippy moments, he has always been solid. Sure he got benched by a third round pick, but lets get serious. Russell Wilson today would be a top 3 pick don’t ya think?
    So, poor Matt Flynn has been put to the bench by two mega Starr QB’s. it’s not like he has been a backup to Brady Quinn !

    Personally, I find his trade value to be a little higher than a 4 or 5 pick. To me, a minimum of a 3rd, and possibly a second round pick, or a high value in a bundle of picks and Flynn to move up isn’t all that far of a stretch. He hasn’t ever been knocked into yesterday, he has shown to be a quick study, he hasn’t flown any red flags.

    Since the hawks don’t NEED to move him, that also increases his value. Someone stated that he would probably get moved after the draft and FA, after the dust has settled. If some team is still desperate, then he would get traded. I’m not sure it takes that long. I personally see him being bundled up to move up for a special pick. Otherwise, he will remain a Hawk…

  49. LeePHilI says:

    On Flynn…..

    I think there is a substantial player out there if we are just patient. I don’t see Flynn running the Hawk offense as it stands now. Wilson re-invented it.

    Just for fun…..didn’t Robinson play QB in college? Could you imagine Robinson, Turbo and Beast running the pistol?

  50. Stevos–I agree, many think Flynn’s trade value is far higher than it is. However, there are only 3 highly rated qb’s in this years draft class, and they are considered far weaker than the top 3 from last years draft. Also, I havent heard that any of the qb’s appear ready to start in the NFL, as Barkley’ stock has fallen considerably. So youre comparing apples and oranges, in a way.

    Also, this season has seen big coaching changes, and there are plenty of teams now looking for a qb or two that werent last year. I think there are several teams that would love to land a mid-priced veteran with starting ability to hold the fort until they find and develop a young gun, just as Seattle envisioned when they signed Flynn.

    Its just that in the NFL, no one wants to give up picks, certainly not in the current years draft. Teams will likely want to trade 2014 picks for Flynn, if any, and probably a conditional pick based on performance that they can find a way to wiggle out on, like the Hawks did with Winslow, and the Bills did by refusing to activate Jackson. Of course, Seattle will prefer 2013 picks, and in my opinion, if they cant get at least a third or better, they should keep Flynn and try again to trade him next year, no matter how pissed he is. He went for the money and the chance to start, and he got beaten out by Russel Wilson in every way. If Flynn had put in the work and study time Wilson did, who knows..but he didnt. And he got beaten out.

    But no way in hell will Seattle cut him. Delusional thinking.

    Titus Young?! THe guy has talent, but he’s small and slight and a total headcase. Lets sign Albert Haynesworth and Aqib Talib while we’re at it…sheesh. I wouldnt think Seattle would be interested in that idiot even if Tate and Badlwin blew their knees in camp…God Forbid!

  51. montanamike2 says:

    it’s not like he has been a backup to Brady Quinn !

    Good one Sluggo. We hold all the cards and i don’t see any need to trade him unless we get something that really benefits us. A rookie qb
    is not nearly as valuable to us as a seasoned qb who knows and works in our system. So glad we hit the jackpot on Wilson, this is a much better problem than we’ve had in my recent memory. All the copycat GM’s who draft rookies and start them based on a few recent aberations
    will feel the sting of beatdowns and probably cost most their jobs, one or two rookie qb’s might pan out but mostly not.

  52. Seattle could also pursue swapping second and/or third round picks (or some other combination) with a team like KC that picks high in the round. Depends on a lot of things, especially Seattle identifying guys they really want that can help this team.

    I still expect a trade to be worked out, and I expect Seattle to trade and move up in at least 2 of the first 3 rounds. I just hope it works out well. If Seattle can get 3 guys who can step in and help out this year (with one playing really well), I will consider this draft a big success.

    I have heard plenty of coaches and GM’s (Ruskell, Holmy) say that if they find 3-4 contributors a draft, they consider it a success. Especially when you already have a championship-contending caliber roster and its hard for rookies to win a spot.

    We need a DT, DE, and a WLB, and a big fast WR. 3 of those 4 wouldnt be bad! Hopefully FA helps too. And a G who can actually pass block would be nice too…

  53. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM you’re right that the qb talent in this draft is not even close to last years. I still laugh my head off that the Browns picked Branden Weeden when there were plenty of decent qb prospects left on board. They even had a boatload of picks, they could’ve grabbed one more qb you’d think? I also think Tannehill is this years Andy Dalton.

  54. SandpointHawk says:

    Interesting question, at least to me. Knowing what we know today, name the first three draft picks of the 2012 draft?

  55. princeaden says:

    Oh, there’s a way The Hawks could outright cut Flynn (see TJ Housh, LenDale White, Mike Williams). I just don’t see Pete/JS going another year with Wilson making $395,000 ans Flynn at $5Mil. It just doesn’t make sense and it makes for bad morale in several places. My guess is we will find a veteran with a little tread left and draft a rookie with a similar skill-set to Wilson. Flynn wants to play and I feel the Hawks will accommodate him in a manner which will benefit the organization.

  56. First three draft picks of 2012 Draft Redux?! I still think it would go 1)Luck 2)RG3 but some qb-needy team obviously should have traded up to nab Wilson at 3). But who?

    The Browns run by Holmy would never consider a dude so short; the classic WCO just isnt a great fit for him. And holmy doesnt adapt, he either finds guys who fit or molds them to it or wants nothing to do with them. Many other teams are the same way.

    I think Tannehill is gonna be a good qb for Miami. Weeden Im not so sure about.

    Princeaden–I like Flynn and think he deserves to be traded to a team that will start him and surround him with talent. That said, he came here and was paid a lot of money and got beaten out. Not the Hawks fault he wasnt good enough to beat out Wilson. The Hawks have the right to keep him if they cant get what they believe to be adequate compensation for losing him as a backup.

    That said, Im rooting for Flynn to be traded to a half-way decent team and to be a successful starting qb in this league, much as Id like to keep him as a backup here.

    I think it would be absolutely hilarious to see T-Jack come back and backup Wilson. He’s a fine backup, if admittedly an average starter at best, and is good enough to keep us competitive if the unthinkable happens and Wilson misses time. Plus, Bobbyk and a few others would have a freakin’ conniption, which would be truly entertaining!

  57. CDHawkFan says:

    IN thinking about last years draft, do you think the Rams would have stuck with the 2nd pick and dealt Bradford if they knew the type of year RG3 had? They probably would have got a few picks for Bradford as well, saved a lot of coin as RG3 is in at 1.4 million next year, Bradford at 9 million next year (16 million cap hit in 2012) RG3 is also 2+ years younger.

  58. ” It just doesn’t make sense and it makes for bad morale in several places.”

    Makes plenty of Sense – Flynn makes more than Wilson. Wilson gets it. He will get paid hansomly in 2 years – he will not make a big deal about it, thats not who he is. If we learned anything from him this year is that he is a GREAT guy and a BIG team LEADER.

    If there is a trade partner who will offer FAIR value for Flynn they will trade him, other than that – he is here for the life of his contract.

    STTBM – I doubt TJack would come back after his comments when he went to Buffalo – wasn’t very fond of the guys here (but I get your point)

    I would not at all be surprised to see them bring in the guy they tried out early this season – Johnson??

  59. also – (see TJ Housh, LenDale White, Mike Williams)

    Big Difference – NONE of these guys had value to the team anymore, Flynn absolutely does. and 2 of the 3 were problems around – Have heard none of that about Flynn.

  60. xcman–Jacksons comments were understandable. He felt he wasnt given a fair shake, and to some extent, that makes sense. But he did have a

    When they had their first scrimmage, Jackson was given all the starters and first shot, and he performed miserably. Immediately after that scrimmage, it was pretty obvious Jackson was out and they were moving forward with Flynn and Wilson. After his multiple failures the season before when given the opportunity to drive down the field and win a game, many other teams would have simply dropped him or demoted him.

    But no matter how bitter he feels, if Bevell wants him back as a backup and Seattle offers him a job and no one else is offering better, why wouldnt he come back? Its obvious he’s unhappy with Carrol, but wouldnt you rather swallow your pride for 2 million a year as opposed to having to get a normal job?!

    And maybe Bevell and Carrol have learned something from Wilson; they changed what they thought possible because Wilson’s abilities forced them to. Why cant T-Jack be allowed to scramble more, and why couldnt he occasionally use the read-option to positive effect too?! Im not talking a miracle make-over, just moderate improvement. I always thought Carrol and Bevell tried too hard to mold Jackson to fit their idea of how to play–ie, they made him stay in the pocket too much, and coached him to hold the ball too long. I always felt they should have changed their offense to suit Jacksons strengths and to minimize his weaknesses, and I never thought they were very good at that.

    I think they are more open-minded now with Wilson, since they have learned that he can handle it all. Even with Wilson–especially early in the season–I felt they were over-coaching him to stay in the pocket too long, and too hold the ball too long instead of running. I also thought they reverted to that a little in the final three games of the season.

    I think its a longshot, but I wouldnt mind Jackson as a backup for WIlson, if he can swallow his pride. Remember, he was very popular with his teammates here.

    Though I would much rather have Flynn as a backup and draft a young qb with big upside to learn behind Wilson, a more mobile, athletic guy than Flynn.

  61. And yeah, I realize T-Jack had terrible awareness and held the ball too long himself.

    Bobbyk may just come out of his hole and castigate me mightily for even suggesting T-Jack as a backup option lol!

  62. chuck_easton says:

    It’s clear that Flynn would like to be a starter, what QB doesn’t want to start?

    It’s also a given that outwardly Flynn was very much the team player last season and kept any unhappiness behind closed doors. I think the team would like to reward him with an opportunity to be a starter somewhere. He’s not going to get that here with no fault of his own. He ran into the perfect storm known as Russell Wilson.

    I agree that fans always put a greater value on their own players. But any potential trade value is determined by more than ability. It also has to do with demand ( I.e potential bidding war), availability of other FA QBs, and quality of the draft class.

    The last condition is in Seattle’s favour. The Draft class is weak this year. It appears only Gino Smith has a good chance of going in the first round.

    I haven’t investigated the potential FA market for QBs. It’s cheaper to sign a FA QB than to give up a draft pick to get one under contract. We also don’t know of other teams that are willing to listen to trade offers for their current QBs.

    So lets look at demand. KC looks ready to move on from Cassel/Quinn. Buffalo looks like they are not going to consider Fitzpatrick a franchise QB, Arizona ( enough said), Jax isn’t sold on Gabbert, Oakland is willing to give Pryor a shot at starting, beyond those teams I don’t see a team without an established starter. That’s not a huge demand.

    Also look at the cost of keeping/trading Flynn. I won’t even touch on the ridiculous idea of release. They’d still owe Flynn money even if they release him. Seattle can afford to keep Flynn next year. The cost of paying both Flynn and Wilson combined is less than many teams are paying their starter.

    So any trade of Flynn will be to reward him for his team attitude and isn’t a must. Seattle has to weigh where the line is that they can give Flynn his wish and get something in return. A low third high 4th would likely meet all the parameters of everybody winning.

    Just my long winded opinion that is worth little except to continue a very interesting discussion.

  63. The real tests will start coming at the end of the 2013-14 season IMO. We have a lot of guys who are going to need to get “paid”. Thomas, Sherman, Wilson, Wagner, Kam, KJ, Tate – obviously some more than others.

    Who is going to get the big bucks here, who is going to give home town discount, who is going to walk to get big bucks and who is going to be let go? NE has done a great job of knowing who to keep and who to let walk over the last Decade. We know these guys can find players, lets hope they are as good at who to keep and who to let walk.

  64. rramstad says:

    It would not surprise me at all if the team extends a few of those guys this year, those who are eligible to have a new deal… if they pick off the three or so guys who are definitely building blocks for the future, and deal with that this off season, they set things up nicely for next year.

  65. raymaines says:

    PC&JS have proven they know how to draft so I suppose the next major challenge will be to prove they know how to identify and keep the irreplaceable talent they already have on the roster. Exciting times ahead. In PC we trust.

    If it were up to me I’d give RW and Richard Sherman blank checks and let the rest of the guys fight over whatever was left but thank God I’m not the GM. In JS we trust.

  66. Yeah, but let’s add ET to that list.

  67. chuck_easton says:


    No need to even bring up Wilson until after the 2014 season. Team can’t revise rookie contracts until after the 3rd year of the 4 year contract per the new CBA.

    Gives the team a lot of time to deal with all the others before Wilson gets a raise.

  68. rramstad says:

    Blues, the first player mentioned is Thomas. Look at the list again.

    “Thomas, Sherman, Wilson, Wagner, Kam, KJ, Tate”

    I think that’s a pretty good list of guys that deserve to be paid and should be Seahawks for the next three to five years, for sure.

    Some are not yet eligible for a new deal… (Wilson)

  69. If it were up to me I’d give RW and Richard Sherman blank checks

    That is what I was refering to. The new CBA changes things but the idea of preventing too many key players’ contracts from running out all at the same time seems wise.

  70. chuck_easton says:

    Thomas, Tate, and Kam can talk extension now (from that list).

    KJ and Sherman can’t be given raises or even be considered for raises until after 2013 season. They just finished the 2nd year of their 4 year rookie deals (new CBA).

    Wilson, Irvin, Wagner all get to wait to even start talks until after the 2014 season.

    Again, the CBA got this one right. It spreads out the time frame for talks. Teams have at least 3 years to determine if a player is a keeper and needs a raise, or is a bust and should be cut.

  71. Just to clarify since I didn’t make it clear – I didn’t mean they would all re-up at the end of next season but starting at the end of next season we would start to have to make decisions. And obviously continuing on from that. I think it is pretty clear that without massive drop off in play Wilson will get his payday – 3 years from now

  72. rramstad says:

    Chuck, that looks really perfect, and very salary cap friendly. It seems very possible to give three deals per year to renew key guys from that particular draft.

  73. SaigonSun says:

    No matter what we draft, first I’d resign E T and Can. Tate….maybe. . Then I’d go after Falcon’s FA OG backup Mike Johnson (he was the main blocker for Ingram at Bama) . I know Osi isn’t popular here but, he can play and can help us with our D until whomever they draft develops. For all we know, PC/JS may already have chosen Cams replacement at safety, so that takes care of our need for OLB. Then all we need to draft is : DT, DE, ROT with our first three picks. We’ll see. Go SEAHAWKS!

  74. interesting read both about Wilson and where they place him and about Flynn at the very bottom of the article

  75. OregonHawk says:

    from the article:
    Matt Flynn, 27, Seattle Seahawks: We haven’t seen much of him, but the fact that the Seahawks do a very good job evaluating players leads you to think he likely has some serious potential.

  76. Ranking Luck ahead of Wilson is snobbery at its finest. Good grief! What does Wilson have to do to prove he’s better? Come from 30 points down in a playoff game with one quarter to go?! Win two playoff games?!

    Seriously, Luck didnt play well in his playoff game, and it wasnt all the fault of his teammates either.

    The guy admitted he downgraded Wilson because “he’s short”. Wow. How stupid is that? It almost never is a factor, and all the idiots who thought he’d have a million passes batted down need to get a clue–some of the guys with the most batted passes are 6′-4″ tall. Wilson is among the best in the league/fewest batted passes…who’s too short?!

    He can still complete a quick slant from in the pocket, what else you want the guy to do?!

  77. Dukeshire says:

    It’s impossible to objectively say that Wilson is better than Luck at this point. Or vice-versa.

  78. chuck_easton says:

    It’s hard to ever really say one QB is better than another.

    Let’s say you take out the names Luck and Wilson and call them QB a and QB B.

    Ten years from now QB A has been to a superbowl and won it. But when you look at his overall stats, his QB rating is only around 85 or 90 and he never led the league in passing yards, TD’s, completion percentages or anything.

    QB B owns every passing record in the book. He’s statistically at the top or near the top of each season’s QB ranking. Problem is he plays on a really bad team and has never led his team to many play-off games and has never won a Superbowl.

    Who’s the better QB? Who had the HOF career?

    Now let’s throw in some hypothetical names. Say QB A’s last name is Dilfer and QB B’s last name is Marino.

    As a fan, I’d take QB A. As a sportswriter I’m going to say QB B is the better QB because of the stats.

  79. SandpointHawk says:

    Lord couldn’t you have chosen Doug Williams or Mark Rypren instead of Dilfer? I’ve had it up to here with Dilfer…

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with Chuck.
    If you had a chance to pick any QB in the NFL to lead your team in the SuperBowl who would that be? For much of the media it would be Peyton Manning. He has the stats, the MVPs, ect… And only one SuperBowl win.

    Eli Manning, What does he have? We all know the answer to that one.

    You don’t have to have the best QB in the NFL to win the SuperBowl, just a good QB for the best team. And Wilson is more than good enough for this team.

    I really don’t know or care who is better between Wilson or Luck, but I believe that Wilson is better for this team. And no way would I trade him for any other QB in the NFL right now. Especially Luck.

  81. LeePHilI says:

    What is Seneca Wallace up to? This new WilsonOffense would be right up his alley. He’s an athletic QB that might come cheap. I just don’t see Flynn being the right fit.

  82. LeePHilI says:

    “Wallace was released by the Browns after the conclusion of the 2012 preseason.”


  83. If we get the OL working like they want you won’t see RW running as much – you know they don’t want him exposed (see, V.Young, M.Vick, RG3) I think they want a versatile guy but not a running guy.

    In an ideal world I think they would love Wilson to develop like Rodgers. Kill you from the pocket(where ever they set it up) but if you give him the opening he will take you for 5-20 yards. I don’t think there will continue to be a ton of read option in the play book but it will still be used. I did notice they threw from the read option keepers more in the last few games as well. I believe that last pass to Lynch in the ATL game was off of the read option

  84. Dukeshire says:

    The o line playing well is what allowed Wilson to run the zone-option.

  85. Dukeshire says:

    Oops.. But I agree with the point that they will phase that out as Wilson develops.

  86. Wilson is my rookie of the year, personally, but I’ll take no offense if Luck wins the award. He had high expectations and exceeded them during a difficult year leading a terrible team. He also threw for more yards than Cam Newton and he deserves the award. No big deal. Wilson can still be our rookie of the year. There should be enough praise to go around.

  87. Are you guys listening to Seattle sports radio lately? My god, I’ve had to turn it off. Endless mindless speculation about trading Matt Flynn. Its getting old. Just my opinion, but seriously, the value that we Seahawks fans put on Flynn is very inflated compared to how 31 other teams see him. Not a single team wanted to pay him what we paid him last offseason. Not one. And since we signed him he hasn’t played a single snap, so his value has increased in no one’s mind but ours. Lastly, his potential trade value is set by the 31 others teams, not by us. That trade value is likely no better than a late round draft pick. In other words, he doesn’t have trade value.

    There is really no need to even think about moving Flynn until
    1) the team has another quality backup QB in camp, And
    2) cap management becomes constrained by veteran salaries in another year or two.

    Okay I’m done with this topic. It just seems silly at this point, yet unavoidable.

  88. Duke, I really don’t think they will phase the read-option out as much as just use it more sparingly…keep it in the mix so the opposing D has to be ready for it. If you burn a D once or twice a game they will have to at least plan for it.

    Luck and RW are different types of QBs. they were both effective and did a good job for their teams. I love RW but I respect RGIII and Luck as the good players that they are.

    Do you guys think Barkley is a bust? I’m on the fence about him considering how USC’s season turned out. he did have the top receiver in the PAC-12 to throw to but will he be a bust in the NFL?

  89. Stevos, we are diehard fans! :-)

    I think we hold him at least one more year unless someone makes us a deal we can’t refuse. We all like Flynn because he was TJack’s replacement and was a definite upgrade at the position. he needs to play for someone so hopefully that someone will step up and pay us what JS thinks he is worth and give him a chance to compete on a more level playing field.

    Good luck to Matt no matter what happens. I was glad we got him when we did.

  90. Just saw Don Banks NFL Draft on SI. He has Seattle taking an OT to replace Breno. I wonder if he watched any Seahawks games. Breno started out raw but got his act together and started playing well. he had some dumb moments but I thought he was solid as the season progressed.

    I think he is projecting a tackle on the wrong side of the line…we need pass rush now!

  91. This may go down as one of the greatest moments in Seahawks history:

    Gruden was so prescient. And Ashton’s reaction is priceless.

  92. snydro22 says:

    Does Dukeshire still start every post with “I disagree with..” ?

  93. Dukeshire says:

    Well, well, look who crawled out from under his rock. Interesting you quote me there when in my most recent post you can see the answer to your own question.

    Tom- Phase it out or use it more sparingly… However you wish to say it, As Wilson’s development as a pocket passer develops, Seattle will reduce significantly his exposure to hits.

  94. Dukeshire–They may use it more sparingly, but only if teams stop it. I still expect them to use it to open things up, shake things up from time to time, and if it works, use it till it doesnt.

    Wilson will never be able to see 50 yards downfield from the pocket, nor will he ever be a classic pocket passer; and so what? LEt him do his thing and all he does is win games and put up fabulous stats. Qb’s like RG3 and Wilson are changing the NFL, because it had to change; defenses are so much faster than before, something had to give. I dont think things like the Pistol and the Read-Option are going away, they will be modified, but they are the new NFL.

    Its the tall, immobile pocket passer qb’s that are going to fade away. There will always be some, but they are no longer the gold standard. In the NFL of the future, a qb will need wheels like Wilson, RG3, and Kaepernick.

    I see no reason to limit Wilson and prevent him from scrambling, nor to cut down on his play-action and naked bootlegs; they work. And the more we use those early in the game, the more it opens up the passing game from the pocket.

    In fact, vs the Rams and Redskins and early vs the Falcons, you could see Wilson hanging onto the ball too damn long while scrambling, when he could have ran for 5-10 yards easy; it seemed clear to me Carrol and Bevell were forcing him to keep trying to get the ball downfield. ANd that was stupid; too many times he got hit or didnt complete the pass. For the most part, I trust Wilson to make the right call; let him run when he thinks its the thing to do. If a WR cant get open in 6 seconds, time to beat feat…

    I’d rather have Wilson see the hit coming, with a chance to avoid it, then have a guy come from his blindside or alongside him in the pocket with nowhere to run to. The way he runs, he’s more likely to get hurt in the pocket than running for the sidelines..

    I know you dont agree, and thats cool, but I had to get my own opinion out there…

  95. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle and Wilson proved if nothing else this year, he has the ability to get the ball down field. Bevell and Cable did a nice job of moving the pocket around, allowing him to see downfield more easily. In addition, I’m now convinced (which I certainly wasn’t prior to the season) that Wilson can be a dropback QB much like Drew Brees. (Also, from a scheme perspective, I believe defenses will adjust rather quickly to the zone-read, much like they did the so-called “wildcat”.)

    But look, I’m not suggesting that they will eliminate it entirely from their playbook. But I do believe that as Wilson’s development continues, it will not remain a featured part of the offense. That is, phase it out in favor of more “traditional” offensive game planning. And quite frankly, I think that’s the only way Wilson truly becomes the QB we all see he has in him. But in any case, I believe he’s better than what we’ve seen with the option. Just my opinion…

  96. Dukeshire says:

    “I dont think things like the Pistol and the Read-Option are going away, they will be modified, but they are the new NFL.”

    I’ve never argued that. The NFL has been incorporating college spread concepts for years now. I’m far from the person who will argue against evolution and change. I love it. But too understand, responsible teams are, and should be reluctant to place their franchise QBs in positions to receive unnecessary contact. And after seeing what happened to Griffin this year, that won’t be lost on any GM, HC, or OC.

  97. I believe we will see this staff – WANT to have RW a “more traditional QB” They are going to want to limit hits and turn-overs.


    They are going to use what works with their system and team at the time. As I suggested above I think as RW and the Line continue to develop – We will see them us it as a lets get a surprise attack here or how I like it run it a time or 2 then throw out of it – to me the last few games that is how they were most successful using it.

    What I do believe will be most interesting is what is the NFL going to do rule change wise to protect the QB? IF they put in more QB friendly rules it will get totally UGLY!!! Also, Running QB’s are in all likelihood going to start to get paid less, since you are going to need 2 or 3 on your team to make sure you have a competent guy to run your system and not have to change —- That said, didn’t really hurt the ‘Skins this year when Counsins had to play a game for them

  98. chuck_easton says:

    One defensive player and a defensive coordinator were both asked how long it would take NFL defenses to figure out how to stop the read option or pistol fad that sprang up this year.

    Both said the same thing. It will take one summer. No defenses planned for it. There were no specific D formations and assignments to address it. So it was successful (just as the Wildcat was hugely successful the first season Miami used it…not so much now).

    It’s good to keep in as an option/threat, but teams that rely on the read option as their primary attack (Washington) and do not have a QB that has the ability to become a pocket passer will almost certainly be less successful next season.

  99. NFL D’s will “lasso” the read option next year to some degree. It’s about containment and fill. That said, an effective run game showing the RO is play action at it’s best and I expect the OC’s to expand not contract the options off of it. Could be like catching a greased pig depending on the escapability of the Qb involved. The passing game will be a big part of the chess match off of the RO and I don’t expect it will be from a traditional pocket.

    If teams with RO Qb’s do get contained to a traditional pocket I think Kaep will fair the best in that role of the three main RO guys (RW,RG and CK). Cam will be right there with them but his accuracy is not nearly as good as the other three, IMHO.

  100. I wanna hear from Duke on Senior bowl stuff!!!!!!

  101. Eric,

    Shouldn’t you be in Hawaii covering the pro-bowl?

  102. princeaden says:

    I hope Okung is talking to Bushrod about coming to Seattle. I would love to see the Hawks invest in a powerhouse Oline in the same fashion that SF has done.

  103. HawkfaninMT says:

    So since there has not been any new developments, other than Snydro coming back (Who saw that coming!?!?)…

    Per Rotoworld:

    Ken Norton Jr is a candidate for the Saints DC position

    The Seahawks are one of the teams linked to trade discussions for Darrelle Revis

  104. I have no interest in giving up a high draft pick and a huge salary for Revis when this FO can draft guys like Sherman in the 5th round.

  105. HawkfaninMT says:

    I have less than no interest. I posted these in the hopes that niether of them happen!

  106. HeinieHunter says:

    Why rush on Flynn? It’s going to be hard for draftees to make this team. Flynn will be much more valuable when Preseason rolls around and injuries to QBs happen. IMO it’s like having waterfront property….we bought it a a good price, hold it until the demand increases. It will!

  107. princeaden says:

    If the cost for Revis was resonable (meaning a steal)He and Sherm man the corners, Browner could move to SS and Kam to Will. Just a thought?

  108. princeaden says:


  109. raymaines says:

    When defenses learn to contain the read option, the ‘Hawks and RW will have moved on to something else and will still be ahead of the curve.

    Winners will always be ahead of the curve, losers will always be behind the curve. That’s just a factor of NFL life. Sorry Cleveland, sorry KC, sorry Jacksonville and Oakland. Sucks to be you.

  110. Another reason not to move BB to Ss is that SS’s make far less than Pro Bowl cornerbacks. There is no way in hell BB wants to move to SS after playing the way he did this season and last at CB (esp pre-suspension). And if Seattle hoses him like that, I would expect him to demand a trade. I know I would.

    But yeah, I think BB would make a fine SS, and probably ends up there once he loses some speed late in his career. He may be one of those guys who can play to 40 that way. You never know.

    But he’s so good at destroying WR’s at the line, and using the sideline, why would you ever move a guy like that to another position?!

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