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Russell Wilson named to Pro Bowl roster

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 21, 2013 at 1:56 pm with 115 Comments »
January 21, 2013 1:56 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson rolls out to look for an open reciever against the Dallas Cowboys in the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson rolls out to look for an open reciever against the Dallas Cowboys in the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

The accolades keep coming for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson initially was named as a third alternate for this year’s Pro Bowl team. But with injuries to Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, Washington’s Robert Griffin III and now Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, Wilson will be added to this weekend’s Pro Bowl roster, the team plans to announce this afternoon.

Wilson joins five other Seahawks headed to Hawaii, including safety Earl Thomas, running back Marshawn Lynch, return man Leon Washington, and offensive linemen Max Unger and Russell Okung.

Wilson is the first Seattle quarterback to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl since Matt Hasselbeck in 2007.

Wilson threw for 3,118 yards, 26 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions, finishing with a 100.0 passer rating. Wilson tied the rookie record for passing touchdowns in a single season of 26, set by Peyton Manning in 1998.

Awards and honors
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  1. chuck_easton says:


    Now is as good a time as any to say to all that I in no way saw this coming from Wilson. I had hopes he would be a decent starter. I had hopes he’d be a starter for several years.

    I did not see him coming in and doing what he has done as a rookie. Props to Wilson for being the type of driven leader he is. Props to PC and JS for not following the NFL mind think and putting the rookie on the bench.

    And finally props to the posters here who did not waiver from day one.

    I’m all in on Wilson now. Actually have been since just after the Miami game. If any of this year’s QB’s can avoid the sophmore slump I’d put my money on Wilson and Luck as the two that can do it.

    I am still not an RGIII fan and I won’t be. Without the ability to run he’s an average QB at best.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Awesome, congratulations and well-deserved trip to Hawaii for Russell Wilson! This is fantastic.

  3. Well deserved. Congrats Russell!

  4. montanamike2 says:

    I saw Russell on NFL gameday with 3 other HOF’s on Sunday morning, Kurt Warner gushed over him but he stayed calm and looked like he belongs. He then pointed out diagrams on the big screen and broke the plays down expertly. There’s no way i’d trade him for RG3 and his bad knees.

  5. Well deserved. I praise the people who named this kid to the team. I wish I could say he has a shot at Rookie of the Year…but I think RG3 and Luck have too much more publicity! Wilson deserves ROY…he played well and kept himself from getting injured! Nicely played NFL!

  6. Well said Chuck. R Dub is a true gem! Us Hawk fans are lucky to have him.

    Here’s to what hopefully will be a very healthy career for the kid and all Hawk fans alike.

    Wish we were getting ready for the Super Bowl, but all in all, it’s been a pretty remarkable day.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Nice to have you back Chuck… Nice to have a franchise QB also. Go Russell…

  8. SaigonSun says:

    Second that Chuck. Congrats R W. We’re proud of all of You.

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    Congratulations to our own Dukeshire. I for one thought he disliked the polls….

    Duke moves back to No. 1 in AP poll

    Read More:

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    Congrats to Russell. Can’t wait to get this off season going! I’m ready to make some significant additions on our way to Super Bowl 2014.

  11. SaigonSun says:

    I just went through the list of free agents. Some very impressive names can be had. With the exeption of players that will be resigned or franchised ( Giants TE Bennett , Dolphins OT Long)… this is the list of players I would love to see in Seahawks uni :
    WR Johnnie Knox ( Bears speedster/returner)
    WR Ramses Barden ( Giants 6’6 wr with good hands but, kind of slowish)
    TE Tony Gonzales ( if we can convince him not to retire)
    DT Kevin Williams ( Vikings) and rb Lattime
    DE Osi Umeniura ( two years contract to tie us up until we can go “all in ” on South Carolinas’ DE Clowney in 2014 draft)
    This year I had watched a lot of So. Carolina ball and the two juniors coming out early : wr Ace Sanders and rb Lattimore are very impressive. If you have time , check them out.

  12. SaigonSun says:

    Darn it again, proof read before posting. Sorry for the typo

  13. jollygoodfellow55 says:

    Russell Wilson is an outstanding quarterback and an awesome human being! I hope that he stays a Seahawk for his entire career!

  14. jawpeace says:

    I think I will actually watch the flag foot ball pro-bowl game now that Russel is going to be in it.

  15. All hail the mighty Wilson!!!

    Congrats to our superstar..and stay healthy!

  16. Speaking of the pro Bowl – I would love to see it continue but as a skills challenge and a 8 man – everyone eligible flag game!!!

    Would be hilarious the guys would like it I think.

    Kind of a superstars – type event

  17. Honestly, the Pro Bowl has lost it’s luster as a game. It is an honor to be named to it and for a rookie to be named as an alternate is special. That is where it should end.

    Was Rick Mirerrrrr an alternate? Just sayin’.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Congrats to Wilson and thanks to Chuck.

    At least we know we won’t be arguing about starting QBs for hopefully a decade or more.

    But I’m sure we will all be arguing about something else. Lol.

  19. Hammajamma says:

    Vegas likes Seattle in the 2014 SB at 10-1. That’s tied for fourth behind NE, SF and Denver. Got the feeling those odds will get shorter after the draft and FA period, so I put my money down today.

  20. A tip-o-the-hat to Chick Easton. Nice to see someone turn their opinion around based on what they see. I was more Matt Flynn that RW to start the season and after week one that left me very, very worried. But what player and what a professional RW is…He grew leaps and bounds this season.

    I second the notion that RW and AL probably have the best chance to not hit the so-called Sophmore Slump. I think RG3 is really, really talented and a great person in his own right. But I fear his running style (and Kap too) may leave them both with shortened careers. Maybe it’s the long legs that just stand out…not sure exactly but something worries me about both those kids long term.

  21. “…than RW…” not “that”. Need an edit button for the old guys around here!

  22. DanielleMND says:

    RG3 needs an owner and a coach who will look out for him. Allowing a player with a bad knee to play on that turf, and allowing him to stay in the game after he tweaked his knee and could hardly move?

  23. Breno only has one year left on his contract, here is a potential replacement…..

  24. Danielle, I think that game with the Redskins and the way they treated RGIII will go down in history. I like RGIII and think he had a bright future…but no more. They sold him out early for what?

  25. Dan Snyder is a cheap asshole, he’s loaded, but he can’t even pony up and pay someone to get that field playable. Hell, I’m from outside Pittsburgh, and I was shocked at those field conditions.

  26. I love the results but cringe when Wilson runs as much as he does. Vick was ruined – Young too – RG3 – already heading down that path!! Thats why I like what Aaron Rodgers does and I hope that RW can develop into that type of player – doesn’t run much but when he does, gets yards and out of bounds! or slides

    Cant wait to see how he advances next and what the team does to grow with it!

  27. montanamike2 says:

    I love the pro bowl.
    Where else do you get to see some of the best athletes in the world give it 50%.

  28. RW seems smart and aware of the space around him. I was very impressed with his runs. He never really put himself in danger…event the block downfield for Marshawn…he was aware and didn’t tackle Josh Wilson but screened him and kept the play going. The fear is for the situations that he doesn’t see coming and those big defensive lineman blindsiding him. Even a simple enough play that ended up injuring Matt yesterday that probably ended up costing the Falcons the game. You just never know when it will happen.

  29. raymaines says:

    Right from the start I wanted the best QB to play and I trusted JS & PC to make that choice. Sounds good, huh. Except that I really believed that the “best” QB would be Matt Flynn. Geoux ‘Hawks.

    In a parallel sort of way, I want the Seahawks to make the best draft choices possible and I trust JS & PC to do that again this year, but I really believe they should pick a D-Lineman in the first round. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not going to get real involved scouting the college guys, just going to sit back and see what happens. That said, I don’t think they should take another Alabama tackle any time soon.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    His awareness of his situations and the decisions are good. As a baseball player who did steal some bases he slides and gets down quick.

  31. LeePHilI says:

    10 draft pics (with 7 rounds) and Matt Flynn as trade bait.

    Who could ask for more?

    Congrats to The Franchise. I’m gonna love the next 10 years of Hawkball

  32. Ray…you have to admit that you might look at this draft class in a different way. We all have probably come to realize that no matter what we think, JS and PC will do the right thing (according to them). I look at the kids coming into the draft now with a different view…what are the intangibles, what are their strengths (not just their weaknesses), how can they contribute to the team.

    Bruce is a great example. So is Bobby and definitely so is RW! I have to admit that I wonder what would have become of Aaron Curry had he had this staff to guide him. I remember the first couple of games he had as a rookie and how gunghoo he was. He got after it and was non-stop…He was a bull in a china shop…then they put the leash on him and he never recovered. Don’t hate Aaron Curry because I always felt he was shackled by that douche-bag Mora and company.

  33. sluggo42 says:

    They better let the QB’s wear RED shirts for the probowl, no touchies at all!

  34. I dislike Curry becuase:

    A – couldn’t cover
    B – couldn’t rush the passer
    C- almost always took terrible angles

  35. Im glad to see Wilson in the Pro Bowl, but that game has become a joke, and so have the selections. Especially with so many bowing out since the NFL moved the game up; now two to three times as many people are in the Pro Bowl. Its not much of an honor now. Hell, Andrew Luck, who threw all those picks, is in the Pro Bowl.

    Richard Sherman not in the Pro Bowl?! Total joke. That C from GB who got benched for a young dude is in?! Total joke.

    RG3’s injury in the Hawks game was preventable. The severity of that injury was most likely (hell, it WAS) exacerbated by his continuing to play on it after a partial tear. When his leg went all wonky the first time he should have been pulled–if not shut down sooner. Anyone who saw the original injury in slo-mo could tell it wasnt something you should be coming back from a week or two later. Arent sprained knees usually a month at least?! Especially with an amazing player like Griffin who had previous knee surgery.

    Well, I for one blame Shanahan for the severity of his injury. That idiot hard-ass has really dug his team a hole by not looking out for Griffins long-term interests. I dont blame Griffin at all; how is he supposed to know? Most if not all players will go until they just cant; and look at the crap everyone gave Cutler and Tomlinson when they bowed out with injuries! Its the coaches and other staffs jobs to ensure they arent putting guys long-term health at risk, yet they all do it every game. Sad.

  36. UltimateHawk says:

    Here’s a little “perspective” from AaronCurryIsBUST back on November 25 (could be his last post?):

    I make no apologies for having a life outside this blog. Unlike a lot of you who sit here, tears oozing from your clogged pores as you desperately refresh Seahawks Insider hoping that ol’ ACIB makes another searingly factual comment about Seattle’s dwarf quarterback, so you can excitedly spew more vitriol in your community circle-jerk of blind optimism, in order to choke back the bitter regret when I come back and quote every single one of you who had the audacity to say that I’m the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when Wilson is inevitably relegated to the bench or no longer a Seahawk in a season or two.

  37. sluggo42 says:

    Lol, what caused you to dig that up?

  38. UltimateHawk says:

    Considering he disappeared, I wondered what was ACIB’s last comment…

  39. surelyyoujest says:

    IF ACIB ever does show up, he should be ignored. The SOB has ZERO integrity. Who runs their mouth like that and then only sticks around when they are right ? No class, zero integrity. None.

  40. CDHawkFan says:

    I would bet that ACIB is still around, just under a different poster name, a name around before ACIB. Acutally I think this person has a few names and battles back and forth at times to stir the insider pot.

    This person has so many opinions and can’t talk himself off the ledge and commit himself to this team, though I am guessing the performance of RW is starting to turn him from the dark side in his head.

    Either way, he has said some bad things about our team members, front office and us fans. I wish he would pick another team, even though he thinks he is a fan, his deceit is meant to get under our skins.

    Could you imagine having season tickets next to this ‘guy’? I don’t think so, people that take his view aren’t fans, they aren’t going to pay the money for season tickets, and they wouldn’t talk all that trash and name calling face-to-face with another Hawks fan.

  41. montanamike2 says:

    CDHawkFan I think ACIB is still around with other aliases but he can’t stir the pot at this moment because we are that good and only getting better. As soon as we lose a game or two he’ll be back but we’ll know it’s him regardless of the name. I hope he’s trolling another site or two in the meantime.

  42. montanamike2 says:

    And leaving us alone.

  43. djbargelt says:

    ACIB is/was the classic blog “troll”. Seeking attention and getting by doing the equivalent of calling your mother a whore. You know he is seeking your wrath, but you cant help yourself from responding to his offensive comments. You wonder if he lives in Mommy and Daddy’s basement and has no meaning to his pathetic life!

  44. The best thing about this season is Russel Wilson. He’s awesome! We couldnt have wished it to turn out this good, thats for sure. At least, not in my wildest dreams did I think any rookie could go 17 TD’s and 2 or 3 picks in his final 8 games of the regular season. Not to mention bring his team back from 20-0 in the second half of a playoff game and give them a 1-point lead with 34 seconds to go…

    Trolls will troll….and just about everyone one of us has stooped to Troll level before…but yeah, dude is/was baaaad…

  45. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, for me t5he best part of this season was once again the front office proving they can draft like no other

  46. Dukeshire says:

    UltimateHawks – Lol, I remember that post. Oh man… Nice re-post.

  47. sluggo42 says:

    Ya have to admit, dude could paint a picture with his words, no matter how distorted. He should write books, although I’m not sure what genre they would fall under…

  48. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB, has several names he has used in the Elperro(4years ago) was one his posts are not hard to tie together when he is ranting. just glad he is goneDike i don’t remember can breno play guard? he would be a great mauling guard. seen a lot of drafts with hawks taking a RT to replace him. have to say i am not against this if they address the DE/DT in free agency.

  49. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    duke* need to drink coffee before posting

  50. princeaden says:

    While it’s impossible to predict what Pete and JS will do in the upcoming Draft ( see Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner , Russell Wilson), I wonder if Quinn will push for his Florida Gator Sharrif Floyd? He may be a good starting point to stiffening up our run Defense.

  51. ohiohawkfan says:

    This may have already been asked, but how about an updated picture for the Seahawks Insider banner at the top of the page? Maybe one with our new franchise Pro Bowl QB. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  52. doubledink says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, I too was thinking of ACIB as ElperroGrandedos from back in the Sando days. would not be surprised if they are the same. If they aren’t, then they were both kicked by the same mule, as my dad would say.

  53. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lol, i went back looked some comments up. you can’t tell the difference.

    princeaden, every mock i have looked at has him off the board by 25

  54. princeaden says:

    Oklahoma, perhaps we could parlay some pics combined with Flynn or some such to move up. Like Pete said, 10 draft picks are not going to make this team. May as well use them to get some specific needs filled. IMO

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Is everyone in therapy today? Or just a few? Oh well, I’ll just consider it a slow day.

  56. sluggo42 says:

    Just got back from a nice round of golf, warm today, about 80 here.

    I am way down with packaging picks with Flynn to move up to get one of the good DT’s, or maybe Patterson.. I honestly would be happy with just one or two starters from this draft…

  57. CDHawkFan says:

    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Other
    1 3000 33 580 65 265 97 112 129 43 161 28 193 15.2 225 2.9
    2 2600 34 560 66 260 98 108 130 42 162 27.6 194 14.8 226 2.8
    3 2200 35 550 67 255 99 104 131 41 163 27.2 195 14.4 227 2.7
    4 1800 36 540 68 250 100 100 132 40 164 26.8 196 14 228 2.6
    5 1700 37 530 69 245 101 96 133 39.5 165 26.4 197 13.6 229 2.5
    6 1600 38 520 70 240 102 92 134 39 166 26 198 13.2 230 2.4
    7 1500 39 510 71 235 103 88 135 38.5 167 25.6 199 12.8 231 2.3
    8 1400 40 500 72 230 104 86 136 38 168 25.2 200 12.4 232 2.2
    9 1350 41 490 73 225 105 84 137 37.5 169 24.8 201 12 233 2.1
    10 1300 42 480 74 220 106 82 138 37 170 24.4 202 11.6 234 2
    11 1250 43 470 75 215 107 80 139 36.5 171 24 203 11.2 235 1.9
    12 1200 44 460 76 210 108 78 140 36 172 23.6 204 10.8 236 1.8
    13 1150 45 450 77 205 109 76 141 35.5 173 23.2 205 10.4 237 1.7
    14 1100 46 440 78 200 110 74 142 35 174 22.8 206 10 238 1.6
    15 1050 47 430 79 195 111 72 143 34.5 175 22.4 207 9.6 239 1.5
    16 1000 48 420 80 190 112 70 144 34 176 22 208 9.2 240 1.4
    17 950 49 410 81 185 113 68 145 33.5 177 21.6 209 8.8 241 1.3
    18 900 50 400 82 180 114 66 146 33 178 21.2 210 8.4 242 1.2
    19 875 51 390 83 175 115 64 147 32.6 179 20.8 211 8 243 1.1
    20 850 52 380 84 170 116 62 148 32.2 180 20.4 212 7.6 244 1
    21 800 53 370 85 165 117 60 149 31.8 181 20 213 7.2 245 0.95
    22 780 54 360 86 160 118 58 150 31.4 182 19.6 214 6.8 246 0.9
    23 760 55 350 87 155 119 56 151 31 183 19.2 215 6.4 247 0.85
    24 740 56 340 88 150 120 54 152 31.8 184 18.8 216 6 248 0.8
    25 720 57 330 89 145 121 52 153 31.2 185 18.4 217 5.6 249 0.75
    26 700 58 320 90 140 122 50 154 30.8 186 18 218 5.2 250 0.7
    27 680 59 310 91 136 123 49 155 30.4 187 17.6 219 4.8 251 0.65
    28 660 60 300 92 132 124 48 156 30 188 17.2 220 4.4 252 0.6
    29 640 61 292 93 128 125 47 157 29.6 189 16.8 221 4 253 0.55
    30 620 62 284 94 124 126 46 158 29.2 190 16.4 222 3.6 254 0.5
    31 600 63 276 95 120 127 45 159 28.8 191 16 223 3.3 255 0.45
    32 590 64 270 96 116 128 44 160 28.4 192 15.6 224 3 256 0.4

  58. CDHawkFan says:

    Sorry for the numbers overload, but the point is, if we take all of our own picks 1 – 7 round (not the Oak, Buf, or NO picks), they would only add up the 10th overall pick (1300 points).

    Point is, keep your draft pick bundling expectations in check, we aren’t going to be able to climb all the way up and get a top pick.

    Also, if Flynn is worth a 3rd, that point value along with our 25th pick point value could only get us to about 18th overall. All of our picks and the potential Flynn value only get us to #7 overall. And we do have other needs.

  59. SandpointHawk says:

    Hell…I though Klm008 was back for a minute…

  60. CDHawkFan says:

    No Sandpoint, just saw a few too many Flynn and our 1st for Jax 2nd overall pick arguements.

  61. chuck_easton says:


    We do NOT under any circumstances mess with the banner. Prior to the current player pictured placement in that spot lead to happenings that would rival the Madden Curse.

    I don’t want Russell up there right now. Maybe in a few years when the beast has eaten his last skittles in Seattle we can have that conversation.

  62. chuck_easton–I wholeheartedly agree; Lynch EARNED the right to be on the banner, and he’s still the heart, soul, and identity of this team. Just imagine what the Beast could do with an all-around great line, instead of the piecemeal see-saw mediocrity Seattle has now?!

    Besides, Wilson may have a bit of a sophomore slump, though Im betting against that.

    Im happy with the BeastQuake Banner. Its still the best play in Seahawks history that didnt involve Steve Largent–and arguably the best in our history. Im not ready to relegate that moment to ancient history just yet. Wilson will have his turn, Im sure.

  63. CDHawkfan–Yeah, the ridiculously one-sided trade scenarios some were championing were getting to me too.

    Myself, I think Seattle moves up several times, but not necessarily in round one. It all depends. But yeah, I think Carrol deliberately admitted 10 picks arent gonna make the team in order to begin drumming up interest. We’re bound to find teams willing to trade down a few spots to pick up extra picks, but I dont see any way Seattle gets into the top 10.

  64. sluggo42 says:

    Wow CD, I didn’t realize our trade up values were so weak. But still, moving up just a few picks could be the difference in getting a difference maker…

    Js and pc’s ability to find talent deep makes me comfortable to go after “that” guy…

  65. SandpointHawk says:

    Well all things considered, I’d much rather be picking at #25 than in the top 10….

  66. Watching Real Rob Report is a trip. Moffit is a total weirdo; probably the guy I’d most want to hang out with, with Lynch just behind that. But yeah, perhaps the guy really does think he’s lucky just to be in the NFL and doesnt have the killer instinct to dominate that Cable wants from his G’s….It still bothers me that Sweezy was in at the end of the first half when we were calling mostly pass plays (which Sweezy sucks at) and Sweezy gave up the third down sack…

    Whats funny is I thought in college Moffit had the rep of a total dirt-bag brawler of a player…

    All I want for next year is a stud DT so we can finally have a pass rush again, and the Guard positions to solidify…Its been 8 years since we had a really good O-line, 5 years since they dominated even one of the two (pass pro/run blocking). I want a real, stud O-line so bad…

  67. Tim Brown, HOF candidate WR from the eighties and nineties Raiders, is claiming HC BIll Callahan deliberately sabotaged his own team in the Super Bowl, by changing the gameplan on Friday before the game from a run-first gameplan they had practiced, to a pass-first plan no one had practiced for.

    He claims their mentally unstable C begged the Coach no to do it to him, make him memorize and install all-new line-calls in two days…and that due to the stress, the guy walked off and never played in the SB.

    ALl I can say is WOW! As Florio says at PFT, if true in any way, this is a scandal as big as the 1919 Black Sox.

    Well, except we all know the refs were influenced by Goodell in SB 40. There’s no way some of them werent crooked; not a single holding penalty on Pitt that day.

    Though it doesnt have to be Callahan who sabotaged the team; wouldnt surprise me if Davis found out about the run-first gameplan and forced Callahan to change it; then of course refused to admit blame.

    If Callahan really did change the gameplan that drastically on a friday, thats unforgivable. and the reports that TB knew every play they called, even their audibles (and were calling out the Raiders plays to each other on defense), is mind blowing; in the SB, you keep the same audibles (not to mention all year) and call the same plays you know full well your previous Boss (Gruden) knows?!! No one is THAT stupid! It had to be passive-aggressive throwing the game…

    Perhaps this one will blow up big time…perhaps some light will eventually be shed on SB 40…naw, that would be too much..

  68. SandpointHawk says:

    No less than Jerry Rice agrees with Tim Brown…that adds a lot to the credibility of the story.

  69. I think the most important allegations are:

    1) Changing of gameplan on Friday before SuperBowl.

    2) Not changing terminology of plays–especially audibles–for the season, let alone the SB–when you know youre gonna play your old boss who came up with said terminology.

    Knowing how important your C is, and knowing the guy was mentally unstable, to make a last minute switch that required him to use completely different line calls was a recipe for disaster.

    Having a team practice one gameplan all week, then change it utterly two days before the game, is also a recipe for disaster.

    I remember that game; the TB defense sure as hell knew what plays were coming. The Raiders had never been more predictable, and TB knew each play before it even happened–you could see it.

    I dont know who to blame, Davis or Callahan, but this is gonna be even better than TO going bonkers…get your popcorn..

  70. Dukeshire says:

    The point chart is worth very little considering how well this front office drafts beyond the first round. Beyond the fact it’s out of date.

  71. raymaines says:

    Welcome to Raider Nation. A bag full of nuts.

  72. think the next best moment in hawks history is the game against the Chiefs when ol’ Mudbone escaped a 8th sack to throw the game winning score.

  73. krieg17–That was a pretty special play. The stakes werent as high, but it was about as dramatic a finish as you can get. Good call!

  74. sluggo42 says:

    How do you guys remember all those old games… I guess I was too busy doing what musicians always do… Or did… I can’t remember anything.. Could be alheizers I guess

  75. doubledink says:

    krieg17 That was the greatest finish I ever got to participate in. It really helps when its your team pulling one out of the hat. Mudbone was a tough cookie. Especially mentally.

  76. OregonHawk says:

    doubledink, what was your role?
    “That was the greatest finish I ever got to participate in”

    Read more here:

  77. princeaden says:

    Mudbone was a great nickname, but I thought there was one on that team that was better. The nickname in question was “Moonpie”, can anyone name the owner for 50 points ? lol

  78. sluggo–For myself, I had no life. Then, as now (though admittedly worse then), I breathed Seahawks. And I remember lots of things not worth remembering. Curse of being me.

  79. Well as one of the biggest seahawk fans, since the very beginning in’76, who happens to live in Honolulu, I want to say a mighty congrats to Russell Wilson on a fantastic season. And I am also thrilled to think of our future with RW at the helm, hopefully for many years, also with with Marshawn!.. But as for the ProBowl, I hope that the players and or the league can get it together and make it more entertaining (without risking injuries), because it a great event over here that I think everyone loves. It would be a real shame to change its character or see it move away, again.

  80. Russell Wilson is going to make Pete Carroll look like a great coach, just as Tom Brady makes Belichick great. He’s already being considered a Top Ten QB, which is pretty amazing.

  81. Prince, I remember the nickname but don’t remember who that was for sure. But Edwin Bailey comes to mind. Did I get lucky?

  82. I noticed that during the 30 sec. drive at the end of the last game, (probably the most important defensive possession of the season), our pass rush consisted of K.J. plus 2 rookies and a guy of the street. That brings back memories of Etric Pruitt.

    Injuries are a bitch! I am hoping that our relative lack of down time this season was a result of our practice techniques or something we did that will be repeatable next year. What a grand ride this season was!

  83. guy off the street

  84. princeaden says:

    blushq, it was a lineman named Mike Wilson.

  85. HawkfaninMT says:

    Another great hawks play… The Revenge of Largent on Mike Hardin! The int was coming back anyways, but Largent hit Hardin so hard it made Ronnie Lott cry!

  86. ohiohawkfan says:

    Chuck_Easton and STTBM, it was just a suggestion to freshen the blog up with a new pic with the new uniforms and our new franchise QB that we are all very proud of. No harm intended to those that are superstitious.

    I personnally never believed the banner was the cause of any curse or had any affect on game play or personnel moves. Now, changing my game day routine, jersey, pants, underwear, etc. has a direct affect on game play. That, I’ve learned.

  87. ohiohawkfan–No, there’s no harm is your suggestion, and Im not superstitious at all, I just disagree and want to keep the BeastQuake pic as the banner. No worries!

    I dont believe in the Madden Curse (Or any curse), and dont remember any curse of the TNT banner. Weird.

    HawkfaninMT–Yeah, that was a fantastic play. I remember my Dad telling me Largent was gonna be looking for Hardin, and Harden better watch himself…too funny! Dad barely watches football now, but back then he would holler cheer and drink beer with my Grandpa and I remember him tearing up (ive only seen him cry three times in my life) when Curt Warner blew his knee out. He was sooo upset with Harden’s dirty hit on Largent, and spent weeks talking about how Largent would get him back…

  88. princeaden says:

    One of my alltime favorites was Fredd Young vs, Dokie Williams on MNF. Fredd Young won :)

  89. princeaden–Was the the shoe play?! I remember a hit by Young so vicious, the dudes shoe came off, and he lay on the field moving one leg back and forth, that was all…

  90. I remember a story that Young ignored his assignment and blitzed the qb out of nowhere…asked by his incredulous teammates why he decided to blitz on his own, Young said “I thought I could get there”…

    Crazy MF…they also said he was too into himself and money…you can see why we traded him. And we made out like bandits on that trade…Indy still wont trade with Seattle because of him and this WR (Raymond Butler?) we traded them, and the guy had an eye disease and lost his depth perception and so couldnt play for squat ever again…Yeah, Indy still hates the Hawks…

  91. Ambassador says:

    What’s the deal with the TNT making us sign in to read the articles? Sorry Eric, love your blog and enjoy your writing but I’m not paying even a dollar for the information. Until all northwest online news requires payment, I’m going where it’s free.

  92. Ambassador–Try deleting internet history, cookies, etc when you’ve used up your allotment of free articles. Or use a different computer. Its worked for me.

  93. Dukeshire says:

    Ambassador – The Insider is free. Aside from that, I’m not sure how the rest of the online paper is Eric’s domain.

  94. princeaden says:

    STTBM, I’m not sure about the de-cleating but I do know you’re right about the fleecing of Indy. One of the greatest Hawk trades of alltime.
    Ego or no ego Fredd Young was one of the best LB Seattle has ever seen. Speaking of fleecing, Young’s INT in Houston was one of the most costly calls in all of Seahawk history. That could’ve been a team of destiny that was robbed IMO.

  95. princeaden–I dont remember that play in particular, but I do remember losing to Moon and the Oilers a couple times, I think 27-24 in the playoffs once?!

  96. chuck_easton says:

    ohio and STTBM,

    There was a time where the banner had Alexander right before he fell off the earth. Then it had Matty. That was good for a few years. We then went through a period where whoever Eric put up there was traded cut or injured within a week. (Lofa is the one a remember the most. Less than a week on the banner and he was released).

    I remember it was to the point here that people were begging Eric to put their least favorite player on the banner.

    Now I’m not superstitious at all myself. But you don’t change anything when it’s working. Oh, and you have to wear your jersey on game day or the team will lose. And, if I get the Sudoku puzzle for Thursday through Sunday all correct then the Seahawks are going to win. And Sunday breakfast has to be the same thing on game day. And I lever stepped on the base line chalk when going on or off the baseball field and had to step on either 1st or 3rd base depending on which dugout we were in. Also, you have to cover your eyes on FG attempts or the kicker will miss…

    But I don’t believe in curses and I’m definitely NOT superstitious.

  97. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – That playoff loss in Houston in OT is where Young had the int he’s talking about. It was deep in Houston territory and would have set up the game winning FG.

    As an aside – About two years ago when Jerry Glanville lived next door to me while he coached Portland St. (we would see each other all the time walking our dogs and would have small chit chat) I asked him about that “non”-pick. Just between you and I, you know that was an awful call. He just grinned and said “I have no idea what you’re talking about…”.

  98. “it’s only funny it doesn’t work” The banner works therefor gotta keep it the way it is ;)

  99. Southendzone says:

    That Young INT I remember so well. It was even reviewed and they didn’t overturn the call.

    Was one of those ones where the ball is coming STRAIGHT into the body of our player, but a little low. He ducks down to make the catch and cradles both arms under in then immediately lifts up his midsection (and the caught ball) off the turf to show that it’s a good INT.

    Off-topic, I heard ESPN radio talking this morning that Flynn would likely be released not traded. That surprised me, I have to think there’s a team out there that would offer at least a 4th round for him and perhaps a 3rd. Thoughts?

  100. CDHawkFan says:

    In looking at Flynn’s contract (online), he is guaranteed 10 million over the life of the contact, but was ‘only’ paid 4 million last year. 2013 he is inline to make 7.25 million.

    If they release him this year, won’t they be on the hook for at least 6 million (10 guaranteed), and if they would have to pay him 6 million to go away, why not keep him if he is on the books for 7.25 million for 2013? You can’t find too many QB for 1.25 million.

    I am guessing I have this wrong as ESPN does this for a living and I have only given it 7 minutes of thought and research.

  101. montanamike2 says:

    It doesn’t seem likely that he has no trade value of any kind, i’ll reserve judgement on that one.

  102. CDHawkFan says:

    Ah, looks like I answered my own question. It appears they paid him a 6 million dollar signing bonus last year, so they have already paid him 8 million guaranteed, 6 in the bonus and 2 for his base salary in 2012.

  103. princeaden says:

    So that boils down to $2mil for next season? That seems like there’s some trade value there or at worst we’ve got a mighty good insurance if we keep him as a backup at that price (which I don’t believe will happen).

  104. doubledink says:

    Don’t we all live or die with every win or loss? That IS my role. ;)

  105. ohiohawkfan says:

    What if…..and I’m just saying what if…. the current banner is the reason the team DID NOT make it to the Super Bowl this year and if it is refreshed with a new pic it would mean they would go all the way next year? Just sayin.

    I’m not superstitious or anything. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  106. Ambassador says:

    Duke, Hope I didn’t come across like I was miffed with Eric. This blog is the best part of the website. I was glad when they announced a month or so back that this would remain free. I’m just sayin’, the TNT’s calculation is loosing me. How many of you guys read other articles on the TNT?

  107. CDHawkFan says:

    Prince, the Hawks would have to pay him his base of 5.25 million next year, that along with the 8 million already paid takes it 13.25 if he plays next year. If not they have to pay him 2 more to get to 10 guaranteed to cut him.

  108. Dukeshire–I remember the play now. Ugh, that one hurt. My Dad and I were watching that one at Grandpa’s house, and all of us got really excited and thought we were gonna win..then we didnt…

    You lived next door to Glanville in Portland?! Must be a pretty nice place, that dude aint poor! And yeah, never heard of a coach admitting anything after the fact. Holmgren is even reinventing his past, insisting he wouldnt do much differently (but that isnt what he said after he left here during his year off, the one year dude had any humility at all)..And I bet Cowher never admits a) he knew the calls were all gonna go his way and b) Rapelisberger didnt get in…

  109. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Anyone who kisses up to Glanville has to be a sorry SOB. Perhaps you should re-read his resume.
    He is one of the worst head coaches in NFL history hands down! No one has taken more talent and produced less in NFL history.
    Next time you see him ask him how that Chuck Knoll handshake went. Lol.

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