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Seahawks’ cap guy Idzik hired as N.Y. Jets GM

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 18, 2013 at 2:39 pm with 52 Comments »
January 18, 2013 2:39 pm
John Idzik, Seattle Seahawks vice president of football administration, looks on during an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)
John Idzik, Seattle Seahawks vice president of football administration, looks on during an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The New York Jets officially announced that Seattle Seahawks vice president of administration John Idzik has been hired as the team’s new general manager.

“John has seen first-hand what’s necessary to construct a winning team and has worked with some of the most innovative and successful coaches in the NFL, including Pete Carroll, Tony Dungy, Dennis Green, Jon Gruden and Mike Holmgren,” said Jets owner Woody Johnson. “Drawing on 20 years of NFL experience, John, working with Rex (Ryan), will get the Jets where all of us want to be.”

Idzik joined the Seahawks in 2007, serving as the team’s chief negotiator and salary cap expert.

A graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in mathematics, Idzik played receiver in college, and during his final years with Seattle began to take on a broader role in the scouting and evaluation of players.

Idzik also was a regular observer at Seattle’s practices during the week.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sport reports that former Denver Broncos general manager Brian Xanders could be a potential candidate to fill the role left vacant in Seattle’s organization by Idzik’s departure.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    His first move should be to fire Rex Ryan…

  2. Only he can’t.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    True Dat…

  4. rramstad says:

    Yeah, I thought it was pretty amusing that they announced that Ryan couldn’t be fired this year, and then when they went hunting for GM candidates, a lot of people said “eh, no thanks”…

  5. Ryan has done well in the past. He was hamstrung by a front office that didnt work WITH him, injuries, poor choice in assistant coaches, and yes, his own bloated ego. But he has proven that he can innovate, adjust in-game, and win pretty big.

    I think he deserves another year to dig himself out.

    Plus, Idzik has done wonders with our cap, digging us out of all the f’d up spots Ruskell’s decisions put us in. He gave Ruskell what he wanted, but left enough wiggle room to get us out when we finally got a GM who knew his butt from a hole in the ground.

    This is a great opportunity for Idzik to show he can be a real GM–one who knows personnel, not just cap wizardry and number crunching. He’s considered one of the best cap wizards around, and the Jets need that more than anyone. A win-win for both of them.

    A shame to lose that guy, but he’s getting a huge promotion. Good luck Idzik!

  6. Browns hiring Chud and getting Horton is a big coup for them. With the talented players Holmgren helped them get, they should be much improved next year.

    Too bad its fashionable to give Holmy no credit for the talent he brought that team, and the Julio Jones trade that brought them so many good players. Holmgrens star is surely tarnished in my eyes long before he took over the Browns (for many reasons), but I think he did a far better job than he’s getting credit for in Cleveland.

    Holmy’s biggest mistake was getting paid so much the new owner had to fire him, and his second was hiring Schurmer. Schurmer, by all accounts, is a major a-hole and I bet his qb’s are stoked his ass got canned. You dont have to a butthole to be a good coach.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Well the fact that Big Show wouldn’t talk to the Ohio press but still did call in interviews to the Seattle press didn’t help his case in Cleveland….

  8. I think Cleveland, if they aren’t careful, could turn into a good team again…Norv as OC, Horton as DC…don’t know a lot about Chud though.

    I’m a Holmy fan even if he did just mail it in that last year. he got us to the dance and that was awesome.

    Good luck, Idzik…you’re going to need it.

  9. Crap.

    Why would anyone want to work in the clown factory?

  10. Duke makes a good point about the adjustments that defenses will make. The read option seemed more viable early in the season, but some teams seemed to handle it better in the last few games. The coaching staff has a good opportunity, though, with this off season to anticipate the defensive changes and make further changes. Russell Wilson has unique skills and mental approach, and as Sluggo points out, the planning could be very exciting.

  11. raymaines says:

    “Brian Xanders could be a potential candidate”

    Hows that for seriously weak reporting. You and I could be potential canidates.

  12. Mike Reinfeldt did a great job as cap wizard for the seahawks under Holmgren maybe he is still available after he got axed by Bud Adams.

  13. One of the possibilities that Sando pointed out in his blog about Idzik is that with Idzik going to a team that needs a QB, our boy Flynn might be the guy…which leads me to believe that we will be picking a QB in the middle rounds (again!!! ;-) ) since Matt will be off to a new team in NY or Jacksonville. I’m going to throw EJ Manuel’s hat into the ring as our backup if he makes it to the 4th round.

  14. We have had good salary guys for the last few years, so I hope for the same level of talent with our next one. Unlike some other organizations, we rarely seem to be with a lot of dead salary (still paying salary to players who no longer play), and rarely get stuck with huge back loaded contracts that cause cap problems later. Reinfeldt would a great rehire.

  15. princeaden says:

    Ok< I just youtubed EJ Manual and man he looks like a dang fine prospect. I don't know if he could be ready to be a back up in time, be he's definitely got the arm and is explosive and dynamic. That was cool to watch. :)

  16. I would be fine with a Reinfeldt rehire.

  17. freedom_X says:

    Cleveland canned Holmgren because they changed owners, and the new owner already had in mind who he wanted to run the team.

    As far as Holmgren’s decision making, I would say not paying the price to move up and get Robert Griffin III and instead casting his fate with Brandon Weeden sealed his fate.

    Or, with hindsight, what if Holmgren had shocked the world by drafting Russell Wilson in the 1st rather than shocking the world by drafting a 29 year old rookie QB. Had Holmgren done that, it might have been impossible to justify firing him. I wonder what Holmgren’s pre-draft evaluation of Wilson was. I’ve never heard about that.

  18. HawkfaninMT says:

    Xander is an awesome name… And fireball is tasty

  19. banosser says:

    Turn Flynn and a pick or two into Jags #2 overall.. take Star Lotulelie.. still probably have 8 or so picks left.. sign an URFA DE..

  20. Wasnt Xander Josh McDaniels henchman who drafted TEBOW in the first round?!! Nuff said!

    Hawkfanin MT–OMG, the Montana Drink of Choice! Isnt cheap Bourbon better AND more manly?! Shiiiiiiit!

    Reinfeldt would be a good choice. He got fired because the Titans owner is so senile, he thought Reinfeldt was still GM…fired the wrong guy, then realized it too late and is so arrogant, couldnt bear to admit it…Bud Adams is dead man walking with no brain…

    Holmy tried to get RGIII and was pissed that he didnt get him. He even said he offered more; he was just late so didnt get it. And WIlson is not a guy he ever would have considered, for serious reasons; Wilson is NOT a WCO offense qb, and wouldnt reach his potential there. Holmy doesnt adjust to a qb, he adjusts qb’s to his scheme.

    But yeah, Holmy is done. Retire and save Africa, dude…

  21. Although being an NFL head coach is a very big deal, I feel bad that Gus Bradley and Bruce Arians had to take the Jags and Cards jobs. It’s going to be tough for them to turn those franchises around. Jags and Cards have to be among the worst teams to coach — one is a small market, the other has a cheap owner. The Buffalo and KC jobs aren’t too appealing either.

    Holmgren said he would be willing to listen to any HC offers, but I guess no one did any talking.

    Thank goodness Russell Wilson fell to the Seahawks. If Schneider had any idea Wilson would be so good, I don’t think he would taken a chance and waited. You just don’t gamble on losing a player of that caliber. I’m sure a number of other teams that were interested in Wilson are kicking themselves for not grabbing him in the second or early third round.

  22. I understand BobbyK’s disappointment that the Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl this year. They certainly looked like a team of destiny. One of the remaining four teams is going to win it and the Seahawks are just as good as all four.

    Some years, there’s a dominant team in the NFL that wins it all, but most years, there are three or four excellent teams and whoever makes the plays, whoever gets lucky ends up winning it all. The important thing is to be in the mix — be one of the top teams — and this may have been only the second time in franchise history that we can legitimately claim the Seahawks were a top five team. With Russell Wilson at the helm, we’ll probably have several more shots at the Super Bowl, but there are no guarantees, as Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and others will tell you.

  23. I read an article about Mike Reinfeldt and his frequent bike rides during work hours and how his lackadaisical attitude got him canned. Apparently many in the Titans organization didn’t really know what he did as president and didn’t think he worked too hard. When you have a job that’s well paid and perceived as cushy by many, I think you leave yourself vulnerable every time. I guess Holmgren could fall into that category also. I think we go another direction, probably younger.

  24. CCVI–Wow, bike rides on company time?! Yep, sounds like the typical CEO bs–they make 425 times per hour what the rest of us make on avg, yet they work an avg of 24 hours per week…messed up!

    Still, Reinfeldt has been very successful, and you cant deny that despite the media fawning, it appears Bud Adams is VERy senile…

  25. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – No idea what you do for a living, but so far as “the rest of us”…? make, goes: you are out of your mind. First off, if you have bought a shred of licenced Seahawk gear while he was in “company employ” you helped pay for those bike rides. Second: are you under the presumption that these “bike rides” happened between 9-5 only? Maybe they did. But what if (most likely) he was on salary and worked his ass off during hours that don’t qualify for a Dolly Parton song. What if (most likely) his “structured” work day didn’t fit into your regimen, and these rides had zero effect on his productivity (or heaven forbid, increased it…). Something to think about…

  26. It’s true Reinfeldt has been a good salary cap specialist in the past, but he’s been a GM and President with the Titans recently, and the question is would he accept a downgraded position at this point in his life and career? Going from COO/Sr Exec VP to director of player personnel is like going from head coach to qb coach. I have a hunch Schneider taps into his Wisconsin roots again and promotes somebody who was on the come up in Green Bay.

  27. bigmike04 says:

    Who cares if the guy rides his bike to work, big deal.. Their people who do because that, their only way to get to work..

    Thought as for AZ being bad place to go coach for are you freakin kidding me, they have been to Super Bowl with Kurt Warner, so it can’t be that bad of organization as that was in 2008 Season.. Seahawks Super bowl run was 2006 of 205 season..

    With the right QB for Jacksonville could make a run to playoff & AZ could possiblity too… Not going to say, that they can’t because anything is possible.

    NYJ made it know that any GM was going to take the job that Rex Ryan wasn’t going anywhere as for their need for QB, matt flyyn won’t go their as Sanchez is their guy as they just signed him 3yr extension last yr with 20 Million in guarteed..

    Only place I think Flynn could go is Jacksonville as Seahawks wouldn’t be that stupids like mariners to trade within their division..

  28. Well Duke, I guess part of the problem is that people in the organization didn’t think he busted his ass, and perception matters.
    Even if you are the highest ranking officer in a company, it’s not good practice to represent a blatant double standard to the team. Tennessee had a GM, and also a Director of Non-Football Operations, and then Reinfeldt was the COO. I believe it’s fair for Titans and Browns fans to wonder what Holmgren and Reinfeldt’s exact role was. Seems like they hire the GM and the head coach, and those two do most of the heavy lifting. We should hire a sabermetrics expert like Aaron Schatz along with a cap specialist just to get another edge on teams.
    Oh, and I know you want Pete to hire a game manager right away too.

  29. montanamike2 says:

    Looks like i’m the early bird again. Sorry to put my personel info out there sometimes, i’ve had a head injury and sometimes i say innaprpriate things that make people unconfortable, that said i really like you guys and will put forth all my effort to keep everything football related. The other day i asked if SF would be going to Atlanta
    but it was a silly question that everyone ignored, it was just bait, sorry.
    Crabtree is in trouble for a possible rape, i never liked him and his prima donna BS from day 1.
    I’m glad we kept Bevell, he seems to make good adjustments at halftime.
    If we don’t get much for Flynn i say we keep him unless we get a super offer. Sucks that my jersey came after our season was over but i’m glad it’s here, i know Sherman will be. I don’t often root for Atlanta but i don’t want SF in the superbowl!

  30. confucious says:

    Duke, Check ego. We don’t care. This blog about seahawks, not you.

  31. FairbanksDoug says:

    I missed the part where Duke’s ego was unchecked. I thought he made valid points we all should consider and it’s seems a few weren’t.

  32. Hammajamma says:

    I would also circle the wagons around Duke’s comment. Always amuses me when outsiders think they have some special insight into an organization or how a guy performed his job, then proceed to rip him.

  33. SandpointHawk says:

    Well glad to see we’re all get our nasty back on…must be the off season.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    confucious – Huh? I’m no CEO, that’s for sure. lol

  35. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    good points Duke. have to say i am one of the people who works flexible hours.
    i work on average 60-70 hour weeks with hours spread from 5am to 11pm. now me personally i don’t ride bike but i have been known to take nap mid day when i know i am pulling a long day. one helps clear the mind, two keep me fresh and energized. i do have people to answer to for quotas ect. but they could care a less how i spend my time . results are all that matters in cases like this.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson already has a better playoff record than Peyton Manning.

    Peyton Manning is 0-4 (won-lost) in playoff games when the weather is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and 9-11 overall.

    Stay tuned for the next chapter of ( the legend of Wilson.)

  37. Dave Boling says:

    banosser, you read my mind when I saw Bradley got the Jax job. I think Gus would love to have Flynn. Sweeten it with some draft picks, and get that Utah NT. I only saw him in two games, but he absolutely owned that USC center, who was an all-American. Fair to remember what it cost the Redskins to move up from 6 to 2 … three first-round picks and a second-rounder. And the Hawks would be going from 25. I don’t know if they want to give up that much. Have to get pretty creative.

  38. Southendzone says:

    I heard rumors that in addition to the long bike rides during working hours, Reinfeldt would never replace the toilet paper after using the last piece and didn’t say god-bless-you when his co-workers sneezed around him.

  39. Everyone knew that Luck would go #1 last year. Then everyone knew that RGIII would go #2. At that position (QB), if you make a trade it can get expensive.

    However, this year there is no consensus type of guy who “must” go at the top of the draft, especially not a “guaranteed” franchise QB. Therefore, I don’t believe there’s any way the 2nd pick would be nearly as hard to get this year as it was last year (not even close to being close).

    It would be cool if Gus wanted Flynn though (as has been alluded to). Even if it didn’t involve their #1 pick, perhaps we could get their pick in the 2nd round (which is #1 overall that round). It’d be great to get a comination of 2 of the 3 in the first 33 picks (DE, DT, WR). Maybe we give them Flynn and our #3 for their 2nd rounder?

  40. Read this article earlier today about the possibilities of trading Flynn. Don’t know if it has been posted here or not but it was a good read.

  41. Dukeshire–From what CCVI said, Reinfeldt’s performance was being called into question for awhile, and part of that was the perception that he wasnt putting in the time and/or effort necessary for his salary. That may or may not have been the case, but part of being professional is ACTING professional, and it appears Reinfeldt’s long bike rides during work hours at least gave the impression of impropriety. For what he was making, he could reasonably be expected to be held to a high standard, and that includes dress, behavior, etc.

    I never said Reinfeldt wouldnt be a good hire either–in fact, I said IMO the opposite.

    Yes, Duke, CEO’s in this country make 425 times our national avg wage. Having worked for agencies and companies of various sizes from 2-man startups to large multinational corporations for 16 years, I can say that I have never worked under anyone worth 425 times what I was being paid. And yeah, if someone is making that I expect them to a) put more hours in than me, b) dress even more professionally than me and c) hold their professional behavior to a higher standard than everyone else.

    Regardless, it was stupid of Reinfeldt to allow his professional behavior to come into question. And his reputation has apparently been tarnished by it.

    And as I said, its been reported that Bud Adams may not have been lucid and with it enough to even remember than Reinfeldt was no longer GM this year. Which is a pretty straightforward way of saying Reinfeldt didnt deserve what he got.

  42. And why so grouchy lately? Did I pee on your rug or something?!

  43. “It would be cool if Gus wanted Flynn”

    Oh, I am sure he and Caldwell will have their eyes on more than just Flynn. If Bradley’s going to run the same defensive system that Pete had him running while he was in Seattle, then I would have to think there’s bound to be some depth guys on Seattle’s roster that will be targeted; especially at CB and safety. Lane is safe for now, as is Maxwell. Not sure about Maragos, Shead, or J.J. though.

  44. I can’t be certain, but I would be (pleasantly) surprised if we could get a 2nd round pick for Matt Flynn. If we can, I say do it.

  45. Sekolah–Yes, I agree that anyone of defense we want to stash on the practice squad is likely to be snatched up by Bradley if they are any good. Thats to be expected. That was already happening though, as the Raiders and Bucs have been snatching our guys too–the Raiders stole our CB Buchanan or whatever his name was and kept him on the active roster all year. We probably shouldnt have let that dude go, he was pretty good in preseason, and looked good in limited regular season play for the Raiders.

    But I doubt Bradley trades for anyone excepting perhaps Flynn. NFL teams just dont trade for guys like crazy like in baseball; they hold onto picks like they are gold. Just look at the Bills, who refused to activate T-Jack in part to shaft us out of the extra pick. And we dropped Kellen Winslow despite his excellent preseason play in part to keep from giving up a pick for him. I guess they thought he’d re-sign for the min. Bradley make snatch up our leftovers, but I would be shocked if he traded so much as a 7th rounder for anyone besides Flynn. Just my take…

  46. Flynn for a 3rd is not a crazy high price – maybe a little high but if Bradley thinks he can help turn the franchise around with him wouldn’t be a bad choice AND he just hired our QB coach as the OC sooo … . .

    The idea or Flynn and our 3rd for Jac 2nd is high but not crazy high – we can dream.

    Speaking of QB coaches – I wonder who they will bring in. A college guy or NFL guy or hire from within? I would love to see Zorn back as a QB coach – I think personality wise would get along GREAT with RW and with all the craziness in KC don’t know if he would be available or not but worth a look.

  47. Ewalters7354 says:

    Um xcman, Carl Smith has been our QB coach for the past two seasons.Jedd Ficher left and went to Florida to be OC before his current hiring.

  48. richardfg7 says:

    It’s off to the nut house for him. With all the problems that team has the salary cap is one of the biggest. He must love a challenge.

  49. banosser says:

    Thanks Dave… Perhaps the cost of moving up to take RG3 was so steep because: he is a QB, and was considered the equiv of the top pick last yr… The draft this yr will be precarious at best for QBs.. the same for FA QBs.. Flynn is semi-experienced, accurate, coachable, and not too expensive contract-wise… Flynn, Hawks’ 1st, 3rd & 5th? I’d do that all day to move up to get Lotulelei…

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