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Morning links: Bevell stays put

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 18, 2013 at 8:24 am with 52 Comments »
January 18, 2013 8:24 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, right, looks at a playbook with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, left, on the sidelines during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets in Seattle. Even though Wilson will play his first playoff game Sunday at Washington, Bevell expects more of the same poise he's seen out of his QB all season. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear, File)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, right, looks at a playbook with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, left, on the sidelines during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets in Seattle. Even though Wilson will play his first playoff game Sunday at Washington, Bevell expects more of the same poise he’s seen out of his QB all season. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear, File)

ESPN’s John Clayton reports that Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell signed an extension with the team, withdrawing his name for consideration from the Arizona head coaching job. The Cardinals hired Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

Arizona’s move upset Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton, thought to be the lead candidate for the position. The Tacoma native had a heated exchange with Arizona general manager Steve Keim, according to Mike Jureki of KGME-AM, and wants out of his contract. According to Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports, Horton will be let go in favor of former Philadelphia defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports that African American candidates went 0-for-8 in competing for head coaching jobs that were vacant this offseason.

According to ESPN’s Rich Cimini, Seattle’s vice president of administration, cap specialist John Idzik, is the front runner for the Jets general manager position.

I talked with KJR’s Ian Furness and Jason Puckett about the Seahawks bringing back Dan Quinn to serve as the team’s offensive coordinator in this audio link.

Defensive end Chris Clemons underwent ACL knee surgery performed by Dr. James Andrews on Thursday, he reports below.

And Kam Chancellor had surgery for an unknown right leg ailment, according to his Twitter account.

Dave Wyman of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that the glass is overflowing when looking forward to the Seahawks 2013 season. Wyman says the three most surprising Seattle players in 2012 were Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner

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  1. NWPoseidon says:

    I’m glad Bev is staying. A little continuity on offense goes a long way. We don’t want Russ following the Sam Bradford route changing offensive coordinators every year. It will be interesting to see how much farther the two can grow together.

  2. Hammajamma says:

    Horton blowing up at the GM? Hard to know what happened, but that can’t help his future HC prospects. That kind of leadership didn’t do Cable any favors either. You’ve got to equal parts diplomat now, which might be what he lacks. Still pulling for the local boy to get a gig eventually.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I’m glad Bevell is staying, that’s in Wilson’s best interest long range. Presuming of course they continue to develop his down field passing and phase out the read-option as a staple of this offense. And based on what I saw as the season wore on, becoming more of a “traditional” QB is what will really allow him to realize his full potential.

  4. The continuity will be nice, but I thought Bevell called a very vanilla, conservative, predictable first half. It was only when we were way down that he took the shackles off of R Dub.

    Personally, I hope we come out blazing next year. I understand our core is to run the ball, but with R Dub’s dynamic athletic ability I’d like to see more play action, roll outs and read options (not all the time mind you, just enough to mix it up…I don’t recall seeing one in the entire ATL game where Russell stuck the ball in Lynch’s chest only to take it away and bolt).

    Getting Quinn back is quite fortuitous. We may slip a little in our passing game, but I think our run def will be ferocious.

    This week’s games should be great but it’ll definitely be bittersweet. I’m looking forward to Free Agency and The Draft.


  5. Southendzone says:

    I can see the Horton thing. Maybe he had opportunities to interview for some HC jobs and turned them down thinking he had a great shot at the AZ job.

  6. “This week’s games should be great but it’ll definitely be bittersweet.”

    Bittersweet is the right word – all I’ll be thinking is how we would have done against the Niners . . .

  7. Keim is a fool for passing over Horton. Arians is a good choice, but Horton is such a good DC and such an intense man, I cant see not giving him a chance. Plus, it looks like they strung him along trying to keep him from signing elsewhere, only to pass him by. Typically douchebaggery from the Bidwell crew.

    I dont blame him for being pissed, and some team is gonna be STOKED to pick him up as DC. Hell, its too bad Bradley is a 4-3 guy, he could use Horton but it doesnt seem a fit. I bet the cowboys wish they’d waited on Kiffin now! Oh well, they got Marinelli too so they are happy as hell Im sure.

    Really glad to have Bevell back. Just so long as his latent conservatism and tunnel vision doesnt resurface.

  8. Hammajamma says:

    If Horton was a candidate elsewhere, why didn’t he interview? Everyone seems quick to blast Keim, and perhaps he did screw him over somehow. But throwing a tantrum and demanding out of your contract, which AZ appeared all to willing to accommodate, indicates there might be a little more to the story. In my experience, bitterness, no matter how justified, doesn’t open a path to the executive chair. He may be his own worst enemy.

  9. maybe Bevell is staying because he wants to keep learning from Russell Wilson! ;-)

  10. Leave it to AZ front office to screw up their big decisions whatever they may be. Suck it Cardinals.

    Hey Larry Fitzgerald, if you’re sick of playing down there in AZ, come talk to us!

  11. sluggo42 says:

    Yes Stevo, Bev has learned to trust the Russ. His odds of a major gig can only go up with another season or two learning from RW, and be having a few SB belts around his waist.

    The funny thing about the read option play that everyone wants to run now, is that it requires and extremely sharp QB to recognize when to pull the ball or when to actually let it go. It’s a split second decision. Plus, the QB also has to have the ability to see the field in case he then needs to pass or run, not to mention the need of having a fantastic arm. Oh, and being able to run like a little scatback helps, and again having the noodle to recognize when to slide or dart off the field to evade the big hit also helps. RGIII showed why thats important to own.

    Bevell can make himself an empire here by understanding the fantastic new toy he has in RW, and learning how to program that toy, how to protect that toy, and how to implement that toys ability to play with the other toys on the field. Daddy knows how cool the new toy is, and forced Bev to be extremely careful with his new toy at first, and as the year rolled by he found that the toy was an intelligent toy, and that it learned on its own, in addition to the programming that was uploaded. Now the toy is on the shelf/table for 6 months, and Bevell gets to play with the “advanced” programming pages that this toy came with. Very few toys are supplied with “advanced programming capabilities”. It appears this is a quad-core with 32 gigs of RAM. The toy is actually smarter than Bevell, and is becoming an interactive toy, sort of like an upgraded version of H.A.L., without the fatal flaw.Bevell was given the opportunity to go to other kids houses to play with their toys, but he recognised that he had the most unique toy in the world, and would be foolish to let another kid have his toy.

    So now, Bevell and his shiny new toy will be spending the next few months in the “advanced inter-active” programming mode, and we shall all get to enjoy the unveiling of the new “smart – toy”, along with all the matched attachments that get perifferal programming during the mainframe uploading.

    Quinn will inherit a good load of battle-bots himself, and will have the opportunity to buy a few new ones, or recycled quality items, and then reprogram the entire lot to a unified interactive lot. Bevells toy will get to experiment with Quinns toys as well.

    Should be fun!


  12. Quick question about Quinn – how did we hire him so fast without violating the Rooney rule – Did they do full interviews before Bradley was gone?

  13. WiscCory says:

    My 3 year old throws tantrums. Guess some folks never outgrow that.

    Since when is life fair? Say your piece and move on. The line I like to use is “get over it.” It applies here, Ray Horton. Life is too short.

    BTW, if I were a Cardinals coach, I’d want out of my contact, too. Ha.

  14. WiscCory says:

    BK – I saw your comment about 0-16 and 16-0 being the same if you don’t win the SB. You certainly are still in the depression stage, aren’t you?

    Stay away from rope and firearms for a couple months. We want you here next season, brutha.

  15. I am. I am sorry to everyone for still being in that stage. I could taste the Super Bowl win that we’ve all dreamed of and then our hearts got ripped out. I’m still trying to recover. The future looks great, but I’m still so demoralized internally as what I think “should” have been.

  16. Bobbyk – I posted this on another thread but still applies – we all need to remember a few things

    First off – Atlanta wasn’t a crappy team, they are the #1 seed – you can complain all you want but they are a decent team. Better than Seattle? Well that is up to debate, but they were better than us on Sunday.

    2nd: There were ZERO guarantees that we would have beat SF this weekend. Yes the possibility is there, but you saw how well we performed with out Clem – Same can be said for them and Smith. He makes a huge difference for them and especially Aldon S.

  17. FleaFlicker says:

    BobbyK: you can’t have sweet without the bitter. When people ask me at games why I’m sporting a Bosworth jersey, my response is always “especially in the good times, you have to remember the bad, so you can truly appreciate where you’ve come from”.

    When that SB trophy finally does come to Seattle it will be all the better for the waiting.

  18. sluggo42 says:

    jeepers, how long are we going to discuss Bobbys unhappiness…?

  19. The Rooney rule only applies to head coaching positions.

    I too am looking forward to our offense moving away from the zone-read as a primary weapon. Eventually I’d like it to be used similar to play-action or a designed roolout….Set the other team up for it and them nail them with it for a big play.

  20. No kidding…time to get over it and move on…

  21. tchristensen says:

    I have to agree with xcman. Even had we beaten Atlanta, it would have been a TOUGH assignment to beat San Francisco without Clemons. It would have been painful watching Gore slice up the defense. Hopefully we’ll get home field advantage through out the playoffs and the road will be easier.

  22. sluggo42,

    Your toys metaphor is one of the funniest posts I have ready on this blog in months, if not years. Thanks!

  23. “how long are we going to discuss Bobbys unhappiness”

    Bobby thinks this blog is his personal support group.


    Grow the f*&^ up. Your incessant b#$^ing about Hutch, “TJunk”, Atlanta, etc…is small-minded, tiresome and annoying. I really hope this is NOT how you teach your children and students how to deal with disappointment.

  24. I think beating anybody without Clemons is abit dicey. Do you think we would have beat Washington without him? Maybe, but maybe not.

    I have said it before, but here it goes again….. my only disappointment with this whole season is that we are no further ahead from a pass rush situation. Clemons was awesome again, but given his injury and age, how effective will he be next year? Jones did not do much and now he is injured and a free agent. Irvin wasn’t awful, but is not an effective 3 down player right now.

    I know PC mentioned ‘doubling up’ on the pass rushing front, maybe 3 or 4 new pieces (free agency and draft) is what we really need. Ideally we would add a pass rushing DE, DT and OLB.

  25. PC tried to begin to address it with Bruce in last year’s draft. Bruce struggled and it showed. Does that mean Bruce is a bad player? No…the kid is still learning. If it is true that he didn’t have any training during college and just got by on shear athleticism then that’s where he is and he can only improve now that he has a coaching staff that can teach him the intricacies of the position.

    I fully expect Bruce to improve next year and the year after. He’s a player and if you pair him up with the right counterparts he could become a very successful pass rusher…but we need to find those additional players that can add the balance and pressure that will free someone like Bruce up.

    We’re moving in the right direction and PC will address these weak areas now.

  26. thursday says:

    Hahah, man, I have been trying to think up ways that Fitzgerald would want to come here and we would want him to be here. That would be so awesome.

  27. CDHawkFan says:

    Duke, why don’t you like the read option? Are you worry about RW safety, I thought it helped us win a few games this year.

  28. Bruce Irvin led ALL rookies in sacks. What did you guys expect?


    Frankly, I have no idea how this would/could/will effect us. Other than having to hire someone else good at salary cap stuff.

  30. joreb, I’m completely fine with Bruce and what he accomplished in his rookie season but I got the feeling that Pete wanted more out of him later in the year. It will be interesting to see what they try to do with him and the personnel they bring in.

  31. Audible – I like how you want me to act grown up with your 2-year old tantrum post. Thanks for the laugh. I almost spit out the peanuts I was eating when I read it. Classic. For the record, I’ve done a very good job of not letting my emotions affect my family one bit because I do know there are more important things in life, by far. And, yeah, to a degree this is my getaway to be with Hawk fans (I can’t have any real Seahawk conversations where I’m from) and a big reason I love this blog and most of the people on it (even ones who don’t like all of my opinions about the team).

  32. kinger12 says:

    While in ways I am happy to see that RW gets to keep his OC of a year I am hoping the Beaver learns how to make adjustments on the fly. He has not shown that here or when he was at the Vikes. While I admit if gets the gameplan right he can get the O to create a lot of points see Bills, Cards and even the Niners. BUT when he gets it wrong he takes forever or never to fix it see Lions, Dolphins and Rams (away). Hopefully he learns to Trust in Russ.

    PS Bruce did great for his first year and he will be better with Quinn next year.

  33. We didnt even run the read option until the second half of the year, and even then maybe 10-12 snaps a game (probably more in Chicago because they couldnt stop it at the end at all). I highly doubt it will be the staple of our offense, and teams will get better at defending too.

    RW is going to be incredible next year, he get all the reps in mini camps, TC, and preseason and he is going to work his tail off all off season. I wonder what kind of deep threat WR are available in free agency this year? We need a burner to compliment Rice/Tate/Baldwin, and not a rookie.

    We have 10 draft picks, hopefully we can trade some and move up and grab another pass rusher.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    CDHawkFan – It absolutely helped win games this year: you’re 100% right. But you too are right about safety. There is little chance a QB who spends an inordinate amount of time outside the pocket (let alone designed carries like a RB) running will be capable of remaining healthy. But beyond all that, I believe that the read-option while successful now, will not last. That is, defenses always have been able to adjust to “gadgets”. Prior to this was the wild-cat (of which this is somewhat an extension) which defenses adjusted to rather quickly, rendering it an ineffective offensive scheme. The only tried and true, successful QB strategy, is (essentially) drop back, pocket passing. Of which I now believe, after seeing Wilson progress so well, is capable. That doesn’t mean his ability to run, and quickness, and elusiveness isn’t a tremendous asset: it is. But if we’re talking about developing the franchises QB, his ability to become an accomplished down field passer is required, IMO.

  35. Well, there is always Greg Jennings and Dwayne Bowe…

    I just read Ray Horton is now with the Browns.

  36. edstang45 says:

    Get over it bobbyk it is what it is. i too am sick about the loss …the way we lost etc etc but the season was a good one ….better than you or i expected …the future/next year is gonna be awesome we are a bad ass team and only goin to get better so now get me some names to checkout for the draft ….pressure pressure pressure….we need pressure

  37. Russel Wilson is going to be a scrambling qb his whole career. Its what he does best, and one of the biggest reasons he’s special. When Seattle tried too hard to force him NOT to scramble, bad things happened.

    The guy almost always makes the right choice on whether to stay home, scramble, throw on the run, or run. Occasionally he makes a bad read, but perfection is not possible.

    As for teams stopping the Read-option; sure, they will get better at it, if we run it all the time. If we trot it out to shake things up, or when things arent going our way, it will work. It will also force teams to account for it, dedicating one or two guys to watch for it, thus opening things in other areas. Just like we keep pounding lynch when its not working to wear the D down and pull away in the fourth quarter, running the read-option does the same, tiring the D out, and later opening up long passes etc.

    I dont think Seattle will rely on it, but why abandon it as a gimmick until it begins to not work?! Just the probability of us using it forces teams to work harder and do more guessing.

  38. edstang45 says:

    That Horton deal just shows us how screwd card fans are ….Go hawks …ain’t it great to be awesome hawk fan

  39. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Wish we had a “like” button for posts on this blog. Especially quite a few on this thread…

  40. And if Wilson improves next year, as I think he will, he will be a top-3 qb in this league. Thats a scary thought. 27 TD’s and 10 picks, 63% completion percentage or something? And all those rushing yards…17 TD’s and 2 picks over his last 8 games…if he duplicates those stats over the course of next season, that would put him at 34TD’s and 4 picks for a SEASON! Tell me that isnt insanely good…

  41. CDHawkFan says:

    Thanks Duke. I thought he did a great job avoiding the hit for much of the year except in the Atlanta game when every yard counted.

    He just seems so calm and cool out there, I think the baseball slide experience helps as well.

  42. RW is careful so I’m not too worried about the read-option as part of our arsenal for years to come. He’ll use it when he thinks it is right. Also, he will be calling a lot more audibles next year as he matures and progresses as our QB. Bevell can help him there but it will be RW making the change at the LOS. This kid is just unbelievable: smart, quick, decisive and short! ;-)

  43. I’m not complaining about 8 sacks by Irvin – thats a fine accomplishment.

    There are two problems
    – he is a liability in run defense, cannot take on blockers and set the edge
    – his pass rush ability is one dimensional; outside speed rush, no inside move, no bull rush

    Don’t get me wrong – I am not writing off Bruuuuce. I just think he is years away from being a productive every down player.

  44. I don’t think Duke meant (Duke, correct me if I am mistaken) that the Seahawks shouldn’t run the option, but rather just add more regular down the field offense to expand his playbook.

  45. blocis, I agree and I also agree with what Duke said about being a more conventional QB. I was only pointing out that it is an effective play if used wisely. We also need to make sure we don’t pull it out in the same situations over and over again. I think the real question then becomes can Bevell add more strategy to RW’s game to know when to use specific plays to change things up, do the unexpected and capitalize on it.

  46. raymaines says:

    So Sluggo, are you saying T-Jack and Josh Portis probably won’t be the Seahawks backup QB’s next year?

    sluggo42: The funny thing about the read option … is that it requires and extremely sharp QB to recognize when to pull the ball or when to actually let it go. It’s a split second decision.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    If scrambling is what Wilson does best, then we’re all in for a lot of heartache. However, if being a composed and competent pocket QB with the ability to also run is his best, then all is well.

  48. @blocis

    Umm.. according to film, Irvin does have a repertoire of moves. Watch the Green Bay game, watch the Carolina game. Early on he was very much looking the part of an elite pass rusher. The Irvin you are talking about sounds very much like the Irvin that hit the wall (like many rookies do) after about 10 – 11 games. Yes, he has size issues; lots of rookies do the first year or two.

    Dan Quinn should be a big help towards getting Irvin more prepared to be the starting LEO in year two. Whether *we* think he’ll be ready or not there’s probably not much of an alternative as Clem likely won’t even be good to play until week 6, or maybe even later.

    Unless the Seahawks burn another relatively high pick on a LEO body, or find someone in free agency that’s a double digit sack threat, I’m having a hard time seeing how Irvin is not this team’s starting LEO to open 2013.

    Now this team has bigger fish to fry among the interior d-line, so I am going to assume that more edge rushers will come after the Seahawks have done some things at DT. This team, as a defense, is still in exactly the same spot it was in 2010; no push up the middle. Seattle had one of the top 5 DE tandems in the league in 2010 and still struggled to generate consistent pressure throughout the year and into the playoffs.

  49. Well it was nice to have hope that Bevell would be gone!

  50. freedom_X says:

    The success of Schneider (especially with Russell Wilson) has us spoiled with expectations of instant rookie success. But usually, the teams that are successful in stocking with talent are teams that are able to look several moves ahead, like in chess.

    They pick players in lower rounds that might take a couple years to develop. Kaepernick is an example of the 49ers looking ahead even though they had Smith playing very well. They let Kaepernick learn and bake for a year, not expecting anything from him immediately. The Giants’ defensive line is another example.

    As far as Wilson and read-option – if Wilson is a lifetime Seahawk as I hope, he’s not going to be as speedy at age 30 as he is now. So to become a great QB, he’ll have to be able to eventually do his work throwing the ball from between the tackles. Not necessarily a pure pocket passer, but not needing the read-option threat to buy time or reduce his needed reads down to one.

    The good thing is that Wilson shows plenty of signs of being effective as a standard passer. Compare that to Griffin, who looked totally ineffective once his read-option was taken away. Like it or not, you can’t stay 23 forever!

    Many of those guys did very little as a rookies (a lot of people called Kiwanuka a bust in his 1st year) but they bring them along, put on some weight, technique, and experience, and presto – they have a defensive pass rush factory.

  51. Sekolah, I agree with you that Irvin looked the best in those 2 games, especially against GB. He had some nice inside power moves and bull rushes against Bryan Bulaga, he absolutely dominated him. Then he had that nice strip sack on Cam Newton to ice the game against Carolina. No doubt Irvin will be elite, just a matter of when. He needs to develop those changeup moves and get stronger and he’ll be an absolute monster.
    On a side note, here’s hoping Matt Ryan wins on Sunday because it achieves multiple things for Seahawk fans.
    First, the Niners don’t go to the big dance. If we can’t go, those guys can’t go either.
    Second, RW will make it to the pro bowl as an alternate. Imagine him hanging out with Drew Brees and trying to pick his brain for golden nuggets of wisdom.
    Third, Wilson and his wife get an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, and they deserve the nice vacation/belated honeymoon

  52. @Sekolah – I agree that Irvin was effective at times. For the season he had 17 tackles, 8 sacks and 1 forced fumble. Not as good as say Aldon Smiths rookie numbers, but not awful. He also had no sacks in the last three games (Buffalo, SF and St. Louis) or the divisional play-off vs. Atlanta – when we really needed him to step up.

    Stats aside, if you watch his play he disappears for long stretches – no sacks, no tackles – just getting blocked play after play.

    I also know he is a rookie….. so not throwing him under the bus, just recognizing that he needs some time to develop.

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