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Morning links: Jaguars hire Gus Bradley

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 17, 2013 at 8:17 am with 75 Comments »
January 17, 2013 9:08 am
Seattle Seahawks defensive coach Gus Bradley before the first half of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)
Seattle Seahawks defensive coach Gus Bradley before the first half of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that Seattle Seahawks offensive defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“I am very proud to accept the offer to be the next head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars,” Bradley said in a prepared statement. “Shad Khan and Dave Caldwell expect to win, and that’s what I wanted to hear. That’s why I am coming to Jacksonville — to win a Super Bowl. I can’t wait to meet everyone in Jacksonville on Friday and get this going.”

Bradley, who was a finalist for the head coaching vacancy in Philadelphia that went to University of Oregon head man Chip Kelly, interviewed with the Jaguars on Wednesday.

So the search for a new defensive coordinator begins for Seattle head coach Pete Carroll, which could potentially begin on his own staff, with linebacker coach Ken Norton Jr. and secondary coach Kris Richard.

Another candidate who could make some sense is Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who served as Seattle’s defensive line coach for a year during Carroll’s tenure.

ESPN’s Sarah Spain talks with Seattle tight end Sean McGrath about the joy he experienced upon learning he was being added to the team’s 53-man roster late in the 2012 season. It provides some nice background on McGrath’s winding road to the NFL.

Former NFL scout Gil Brandt has Seattle selecting Clemson wide receiver Deandre Hopkins at No. 25.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider tells Brock Huard and Mike Salk of 710 ESPN Seattle that he will listen to offers for reserve quarterback Matt Flynn.

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    Hire Tuiasosopo!


    Good luck to Gus though, but setting sights on a Super Bowl victory’s a little lofty, especially if that means playing Seattle in it.

    Hoping whoever takes over can really get Irvin to the next level, along with the rest of the pass rush.

  3. trout_hound says:

    It should say “defensive” coordinator, Eric. Damn. I’ll miss Gus.

  4. montanamike2 says:

    I second the motion for help for Irvin. I really don’t see us picking another slot WR with our first rounder.

  5. crap. Gus will be a great HC. Maybe not in Jacksonville, they’ve killed plenty of football careers down there. I really hate to see him leave right now, his defense was just arriving and very young guys were still growing up under him. Another coach can replace his x’ and Ox, but it will be very hard to replace that energy that helped our defense create one of the the toughest and most confident personalities in the NFL. Hats off to Gus.

    Replacements? Dan Quinn is an interesting possibility some have already floated. I’d look at all the coaches out there who worked with Monte Kiffin. They’ll be on Carroll’s short list.

  6. note to Daryll Bevell – please don’t leave. Russell still needs you.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll bet Pete already has a short list for OC and DC.

  8. Sorry to see Gus go….. good luck in Jacksonville!

    I think Dan Quinn is one of the few names I have heard that would make sense to replace Gus. Another thought is that maybe PC could reach back to his USC days to find a defensive coordinator.

  9. I agree – it would suck to have Bradley and Bevell leave.

  10. I must say, I am surprised to see Gus get a head coaching gig in the NFL. Its not that I think there is a knowledge or coaching issue, but he does not seem to be a polished communicator in terms of talking to the gteam and the media. If you think back to Holmgren and PC, they are both very polished communicators.

  11. Good luck to Gus! Hope he likes London too.

    With the Seahawks as close as they are to winning it all it makes you wonder why our coaches wouldn’t want to stick around for next year and increase their stock value for the end of next season’s coaching carousel.

    Ok Bevell, stick around for 1 more season and turn this offense into something special.

    Eric, do you think Norton would make a good DC?

  12. Any chance of Lovie Smith for D.C.?

  13. With Bradley gone, I strongly hope Bevell stays – losing both is a real blow to continuity. Things sure have turned around for us. I don’t remember anyone going after Mora’s assistants.

  14. seahawk44 says:

    hooks21, I was wondering about Lovie Smith, too.

    If Bradley wanted a superbowl ring, he should have stayed in Seattle.

  15. seahawk44 says:

    Just throwing it out there to see the thoughts ….. Rob Ryan?

  16. This blows. Not unexpected obviously. But still blows.

    Hopefully Bradley doesn’t raid the staff too badly. Also hope Bevell stays, and we’re not replacing both coordinators AND the staff members they take with them!

    Overall happy for Bradley though. He is a very easy guy to like and to root for. Also happy he didn’t stay in the conference.

  17. CDHawkFan says:

    As all the self-help books say, don’t see this as a loss, see it as an oppertunity. Maybe an oppertunity to deal with 3rd and longs and the soft D approach.

    I am sure Pete had someone in mind when he took the headcoaching job 3 years ago.

  18. ChrisHolmes says:

    Problem with Rob Ryan is that he runs a 3-4 and PC runs a 4-3. They have different philosophies and Ryan isn’t the kind of guy who will acquiesce to PC’s system.

  19. This is not really much of a “blow” for Pete. Losing Bevell, now that will be a blow. Replacing Bevell could be a challenge. Bradley is replaceable. Ken Norton, Kris Richard, maybe even Todd Wash are all guys to recruit from within. There’s also Rocky Seto.

    Why are people so hot on Lovie Smith? The Tampa 2 died like 5 years ago. Besides, he has already said he refuses to take a coordinator job, and will sit 2013 out if he needs to.

  20. yakimahawk says:

    I thought Kiffin went to Dallas?

  21. Re: why he wouldn’t wait and see what happens here next year – a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Sucks to see him go, but remember that Atlanta dumped their coordinators (both) last year and it seems to be going ok for them….

  22. CDHawkFan says:

    I thought he signed with Dallas a few weeks ago?

  23. Yes, he did. They named him last week.

  24. seahawk44 says:

    Romeo Crennel?

  25. ChrisHolmes says:

    Didn’t Kiffin already take the Dallas job?

  26. ChrisHolmes says:

    I, for one, don’t want Lovie.

    I don’t want any DC whose going to come in and butt heads with PC on philosophy. I want this defensive philosophy of Pete’s to continue forward, with a slight adjustment to the approach on 3rd-and-long. That’s it.

    Ryan’s 3-4, Lovie’s Tampa-2… don’t need to apply here.

  27. LOL. Monte Kiffin. Monte is a little too old at this point to work for Pete in the capacity of a defensive coordinator. I’m sure he’s still got that competitive fire, but this is the youngest team in the league here. Besides, unless something recent has happened with his hiring in Dallas he’s working for the Cowboys.

    At the end of the day, this defense really is about Pete. It always will be. It’s his scheme, his players. This defense is based on Pete’s vision. His vision of the team has since been impressed upon Seattle’s scouting department and John Schneider, which has led to the drafting of a glut of talented players.

  28. seahawk44 says:

    As with the players ….. it is ….. next man up

  29. WiscCory says:

    My guess is DC comes from within.

    However, linke some, I also thought about Lovie Smith for a moment. One thing about the Cover 2 the Bears ran – they always seemed to get pressure on the QB. Also, Lovie was able to get production from an aging defense – just think what he could do with younger, quicker guys. AND, most of all, perhaps he’d talk PC and JS to spending a few bucks to bring Melton with him.

    On the bad side, the talk in Chicago is whereever Lovie lands, he’d likely bring Urlacher with. Definitely don’t want that in Seattle.

  30. jawpeace says:

    I remember a few years back when Mora was the coach for the Hawks and he went and got Bradley and said this man is going to be a head coach someday. Well I guess that became true. Though in my mind a lot of the success of the Hawk Defense can be attributed to the talent that John S. and Pete have acquired.

  31. No big name coach (Rob Ryan, Lovie Smith etc.) will come to Seattle and have PC tell them how to run the defense. It will have to be a less senior / less well known coach who is open to learning the Seahawk / PC defense.

    Lets hope for Dan Quinn…..

  32. Thanks for the link, PugetHawk, but Kiffin is signed in Dallas. The new DC is bound to be one of Kiffin’s many proteges, just like Carroll and Bradley were. Lovie Smith is a possibility, if he thinks he can be second-fiddle to PC after being an HC.

    I would bet Pete Carroll is on the phone with Monte Kiffin right now hashing out his short list.

    here’s an interesting link from Sando if you havent seen it

  33. blocis, yes, we were thinking the same thing.

  34. OCHawkFan says:

    Lovie isnt coming here. I read that the Bears are paying him $5M to not coach this year. He loses that if he coaches somewhere.

    I think Pete prefers younger assistants anyway. I see a promotion from within or if he goes outside: Quinn or Raheem Morris.

  35. yakimahawk says:

    This is why Bobby K was correct…Everyone was looking into the future to see how good we will be (hopefully). We needed to capatalize THIS year. Bradley is gone and if Bevell goes and we don’t stay as healthy (we were the 2nd most healthy team this year) we may be luckly to make playoffs. There is NO guarantee for tomorrow, when today shows up that is opportunity that must be seized!

  36. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Lovie Smith is set to receive $5 mil for NOT taking a job this year. And I don’t think he’d take the DC job anyway.

    No matter who takes the DC job, I hope one of the first things the new DC does is make a horriffic and continuous running tape of every single third down conversion and late game completion against our D.

    It shouldn’t be hard to see what the continuous pattern is: our DB’s standing off the LOS, reactive zone coverage, their receivers running unimpeded and free to open spots on the field, our players near the receiver but not in position to make a play in the ball. And the ball coming out in less than 2.5 seconds. (thus rendering pass rush irrelevent) with the QB not having to go through progressions after the snap because he already knows his man is going to be open in spot he’s running to.

    Barring a total meltdown. any new DC is going to have the same success on first and second down that Bradley had. Especially if we add a new DT and LB. Add in a healthy Red Bryant and we’re set for downs one and two no prob.

    The real question is what a new DC can do for us when it’s time to close out the game and get off the field? And who’s the guy out there who can best work with PC and our guys to put the last piece of the puzzle in place?

  37. HawkfaninMT says:

    Marinelli perhaps? He has stated that he will not return to the Bears

  38. yakimahawk. there will always be a ‘next year’. And we will be better next year. I don’t half as much about having a dusty old trophy on the shelf as I care about the chance to become better next year. And I believe this is what Carroll is all about. That’s what competition is all about.

  39. I don’t like the idea of Rob Ryan coming over, and I don’t think it’s realistic unless he switches over to a 4-3. Plus, being Rex Ryan’s twin, it would be disconcerting to say the least, we’d doing double takes all the time. I don’t think Lovie is a possibility either, as he has stated he would not take a DC job and may even sit out this year if he doesn’t get a good HC offer. I would rather have Kris Richard be promoted, he knows the strength of our defense the best, and would cater schemes to maximize their potential.

  40. Raheem Morris is an interesting name to throw out there. Certainly has the right background and experience. Not sure of the extent of his connection to Kiffin and/or PC.

  41. OCHawksFan – good call for Raheem Morris. Here’s hoping.

  42. Morris coached under Kiffin at TB, as Bradley did.

  43. I’d be happy if Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan spent next season as guest stars on the World’s Biggest Loser. Just my opinion.

  44. “This is why Bobby K was correct…Everyone was looking into the future to see how good we will be (hopefully). We needed to capatalize THIS year. Bradley is gone and if Bevell goes and we don’t stay as healthy (we were the 2nd most healthy team this year) we may be luckly to make playoffs. There is NO guarantee for tomorrow, when today shows up that is opportunity that must be seized!”

    It’s not like we didn’t try to capitalize this year. And everything you reference applies equally to SF, StL, or any other team we end up competing with – nobody is immune to injuries and coaching changes.

  45. yakimahawk says:

    pdway…Just hope we continue to move forward RW on w Brock and Salk in 1 minute

  46. mojjonation says:

    I believe Bradley will be the bigger loss in the event Bevell also leaves. I have never been impressed with Bevell or his credentials. He had AP in Minnesota and they couldn’t manage to throw the ball. The only time he got any praise was when he had Favre changing the plays in the huddle. Now he gets arguably the best rookie qb and gets the chance to run the read option. How much of that do you put on Cable and his zone blocking scheme? How much of that goes to Cable and how much of that goes to Bevell? Same goes for D. PC is a defensive minded guy and Bradley looks to be a world beater unless you are ahead by less than seven and there is less than 2 minutes on the clock. RE: Detroit, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta. Both of those guys seem to have a panic button at ceratin times during the game. While Bradley built the D into what it is with the help of PC, it can go a lot farther when you get someone in there who seems to be a bit more dynamic and creative. Most of our guys are getting by on pure athleticism. Get someone in there who can maximize that ability using schemes and this could be a dominant team for the next decade.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Bevell, and his staff, is saddled with Wilson’s development, that’s far more important to this team than losing a DC that ran an extension of the HC’s defense.

  48. Every year Peyton Manning goes to the play-offs and almost every year he loses in some crazy way. I bet he’s getting sick of thinking he had a great year all the time after he’s eliminated from the play-offs. That flippin’ Atlanta game is still tearing me up inside. I’m still so dang mad about it.

  49. It was there for the taking BobbyK. It was there for the taking the entire year. We’ve been Seahawks fans for nearly 30 years and rarely has a Seahawks playoff team ever been this good.

    When your QB has the greatest 4th quarter performance in NFL playoff history and gives the team the lead with 30 seconds, there is no way the “number 1 defense” should lose it so quickly.

    Except, anyone who watched the last 2 years of Seahawks football knew exactly was coming when Ryan had the ball with 25 seconds and 2 timeouts.

  50. It was there for the taking. That’s why it sucks so bad. Dan Marino probably thought he’d get more chances after taking the Dolphins to the Super Bowl after his second season. Even though the future looks extremely bright (and I’m VERY optimistic for it), there are also no guarantees.

  51. thursday says:

    Dan Quinn is the new DC according to the Seahawks Twitter. That was fast

  52. Dave Boling says:

    Great discussion, troops.

    I thought last week when Pete was asked about his coordinators, he particularly stressed Bradley’s readiness, I thought. Which is pretty amazing considering he’s only 7 seasons out of North Dakota State. But the thing that Pete said that I thought was illuminating was that he said Bradley has the rare ability to reach people, to touch people, and to get the best out of them. I think if you asked Carroll what his own qualities are, he’d say those same things.

    I’ve never heard Norton’s name really tossed out there as a DC. Anybody who’s been around that team knows that he holds a great influence over how the team prepares and performs. He might just be comfortable coaching linebackers and not having to deal with media and public, etc. I don’t know, but he certainly is a forceful leader of men.

    I think all of your thoughts on DCs are well targeted. It would have been fun to see what would have happened if Monte Kiffin hadn’t gone to Dallas. He’s 72, I think, but Pete holds him in extremely high regard. Quinn seems logical, but as a Louisville guy, I must point out his talented Fla. defense didn’t have much luck stopping Louisville in the Sugar Bowl. As I recall, there was a lot of talk that Quinn was going to be DC when they first got here, but Bradley blew them away with his interviews.

    Lovies supposedly said he wasn’t interested in taking a DC job, and a lot of the other guys you mentioned are long-time 3-4 guys. I am intrigued by Ray Horton (depending whether he’s going to be retained, as promised, or not). Pete was always complimentary about the Arizona defense. He’s a UW and Tacoma guy. I don’t know how much you’d want to cross-pollinate a defense and a new coordinator. Although, I’ve always felt the Hawks 4-3 has a lot of 3-4 principles, with the Leo essentially being a rush outside linebaciker.

    On the relative loss of Bradley or Bevell? My feeling is Bradley is more costly in some ways. The players love that guy, saying he’s never had a bad day, is always so positive and upbeat that it helps keep them going after a loss or late in the season when everything hurts. While Bevell and Russell certainly seem to have a growing relationship, I get the sense that Cable’s influence is more important in shaping the scheme. Losing either, though, is going to cause some changes.

  53. Quinn was the obvious move. Hopefully he can understand how to calculate end of game situations and probabilities better than Bradley did.

    And hopefully he does what Russell Wilson did – give us a unit that plays as well on the road as they do at home.

  54. bigmike04 says:

    I thought Rob Ryan was close to contract deal with St. Louis rams from all the reports.

    Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who will be leaving the organization, will likely land with the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff.

    Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is receiving interest from the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles to join their respective coaching staffs.

  55. bigmike04 says:

    The Seattle Seahawks have named University of Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as their new defensive coordinator.

    Read more:

  56. How great is this we have Dave Boiling to drop in every once in a while and participate in our discussions? I love this.

    On the Florida/Louisville game, I will say that Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville QB) will be the first QB taken when he is eligible to be drafted in 2014. He’s ready to be an NFL starter now.

  57. Dave Boling says:

    Ha … Quinn news broke while I was typing … please disregard other candidates for DC!

  58. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I am of the belief that the loss of Bradley will be the FAR lesser of the DC / OC losses, should we also lose Bevell.

    With the loss of Bradley, we have the possibility of a scheme and philosophy change for end of game and third down situations.

    Bevell on the other hand showed the ability to adapt and evolve how the offense will operate and how he will use RW as the season progressed. And he won several games in the fourth quarter.

    It may have taken him a minute (the Bears game being the watershed moment), but at least he got there. And he did it without abandoning the foundational principles behind the offense, namely that we are still committed to the run and ball control. That is impressive.

    Bradley on the other hand, repeatedly lost in the fourth quarter and on third down, and he showed little ability to adapt and evolve when the repeated breakdowns in the defense were clear to anyone watching. Or at least were clear enough to opposing offensive coordinators to continually exploit those weaknesses and flat out beat us. And also make it look all too easy.

    I can admire what Bradley has accomplished (and I do sincerely) while also not kidding myself that he has also proven to be quite simply one of the most ineffective DC’s in the league on third down and at the end of games with a lead.

    Any Seahawks fan knows that feeling of dread, lack of confidence and unease that has been a part of this team on third down and end of game. Those emotions are telling.

    And when I consider that Bradley / PC never really showed any willingness depart (especially in critical moments) from what has repeatedly proven to be a losing scheme and formula, one has to wonder what the psychology behind that might be. I certainly don’t want that psychology infecting the players, and to some extent it has to have already.

    Perhaps the most infuriating thing about all of it for me was how third down and end of game scheming and play were often a total departure from what achieved success on first and second down.

    We’d go from challenging the LOS, disciplined gap control, single safety over the top, dictating what plays the other team can even think about running, and taking away their several of their primary options . . .

    . . . to reacting to what they are going to do within the first fifteen to twenty yards from the LOS, while taking away only scoring a TD on a single possession or a completing any one play of longer than 25+ yards.

    It was like the team has to play two different schemes, one of which they are good at. And one which they mostly suck at. And at the very least, I’d like to see them lose playing the version of what they are good at. If lose that way, then fine, we got beat doing what we know how to do well.

    So if the departure of Bradley, allows a new DC voice and mind to talk PC into revisiting the approach and assumptions that have produced a series of defeats snatched from the jaws of victory, then I am all for it.

    Okay, rant / analysis / problem identification being over (for now), I hope more than anything that we find a capable defensive mind who can work effectively with PC while also challenging his philosophy and assumptions when it becomes necessary. While also engendering trust, loyalty and discipline with the players, which was undoubtedly an area where Bradley proved to be effective.

  59. This is about as good of news as could be expected. Quinn is familiar with PC, his system, and is already familiar with a lot of the players here. Helps with some continuity.

    Now we’ll see if Bradley takes Wash, Richard, or Norton with him potentially.


  61. Despite the end of game breakdowns this team suffered on defense this season, and the regression of the run-d in the latter half of the year. I think Bradley was a tremendous coordinator and will be a fantastic head coach.

    For him to be carried over from staff to staff as he was when PC was cleaning house along with Kiffins appraisal on his skill set says a lot. What sold me on his head coaching candidacy is what some of our offensive players said about him.

    When word started coming out that he was interviewing, I saw several tweets from Seahawk players talking about how much Bradley would be missed. Apparently Bradley spoke at halftime in Atlanta to the team, and it nearly did the trick. To hear offensive players speaking about the potential loss of a teams defensive coordinator is pretty surprising.

  62. thursday says:

    Looks like Gators fans are not happy to be losing Dan Quinn

  63. I still say it would have been great to somehow get Horton away from Arizona – I know it would have been next to impossible but I would love it.

    Hit on Arizona – help us – bonus for everyone

  64. Dave Boling–Thanks for your comment. Good Stuff!

    I dont believe Bradley will be able to get very many assistant coaches to follow him from Seattle. Norton especially is committed to Carrol, and I think they only way they leave to follow Bradley is for a big promotion. Seto and Richard I think were here before Carrol with Bradley under Timmay! and so may have more loyalty to Bradley, but they cant leave unless they get a promotion of Seattle wishes to retain them.

    Bradley is the kind of guy who can run a team and inspire everyone, he’ll make a better HC than DC IMO. Im rooting for him. Also, he can now institute his own defensive scheme if he so chooses, without having to adapt his ideas to Carrols overall scheme; his D might be awesome in two years, you never know.

    I still would hate to lose Bevell. I am not a big fan of Cable, and in fact many of the offensive problems–like running when you should pass, throwing too many bubble screens, being predictable in the red zone etc–seem likely to have been more the fault of Cable and Carrol’s influence, rather than Bevell’s choice.

    I am intrigued by how well Seattle moved the ball the last 10 games or so, and by their ridiculous success in the red zone until the final three games. I think the attacking mentality using the run to set up the pass, then passing to set up the run when the run gets bottled up, actually is the result of Bevell getting more rein to call things his way. But what do I know?

  65. freedom_X says:

    Horton would never have been an option in Seattle. Not unless Carroll wanted to ditch his own defensive philosophy and institute a new one.

    There’s no question Bradley was an extremely capable coordinator, despite what some statisically challenged people claim. The facts are that multiple teams were interested in him for head coach, multiple coaching regimes wanted him as a coordinator, great defensive minds recommended him (Monte Kiffin), he was the choice over Seattle’s new DC not once but twice, and he survived a coaching change (Mora to Carroll.) And he landed a head coaching job. Sounds like an incompetent coach to me.

  66. sluggo42 says:

    D-Coords are great and all, but none are any good with crappy players. And visa-versa, good players make them look good too. Whoever we bring in will do well. But, a great coord will really make this d shine.

  67. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    No one said Bradley is an ‘incompetent’ coach. And all of us should be grateful for what he has accomplished with the Seahawks and wish him well with the Jaguars.

    But one part of his track record with the Seahawks is that he repeatedly set his team up to fail,and flushed amazing performances by the rest of his team down the toilet, and played to our very weaknesses and away from our strengths with horrific play calls in critical game situations.

    And it happened on multiple occasions. And when it mattered most.

    It is what it is.

    To win in this game, you need to be more than charismatic, talented, disciplined, and have your players devotion and loyalty.

    You also need to make the right decision at the right time and when it matters most. It’s the signature mark of most champions. They get it done when the pressure is on. And they perform their best in midst of chaos and having something to lose. And they sure as hell don’t throw away victories by operating from a place of obvious FEAR.

    RW has that. Bevell has shown in multiple fourth quarter situations that he can pull out the win.

    Bradley repeatedly got beat with the game on the line. And he did so running the same REPEATEDLY FAILED schemes over and over again.

    That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect him any less than I respect what Mike Holmgren accomplished with us, even though he had zero signature road wins and couldn’t get us one more yard in Chicago to win the game in 2006.

    Bradley may go on to have immense success in Jacksonville, but if he wins a Super Bowl with them, I bet he’ll be running a defensive scheme doesn’t have his players conceding five to twenty yards per play and just being in the vicinity of where the ball is going. Which unfortunately is an undeniable part of his legacy with this team.

  68. tazzmann says:

    Bradley will be missed byt darrel can go as far as i’m concerned too conserative

  69. jawpeace says:

    Dan Dan he our man…
    Okay I could not resist that.

  70. mojjonation says:

    Saying that Bevell is “saddled” with Wilsons development is weak. It was Bevell who limited Wilsons growth in the first place and led us to be 4-4 at midseason with three losses to division rivals. Wilson had the capability all along and if anyone was “saddled” with anything, it was Wilson being “saddled” by Bevells insecurities.

  71. freedom_X says:

    Bevell didn’t “saddle” Wilson’s growth. Carroll did. What evidence is there that Carroll/Bevell evaluated wilson’s growth incorrectly? Who was sitting in practice and meetings seeing that Wilson had the whole playbook nailed and the whole reaction to new defenses and disguised coverages down pat? Not even the beat writers covering the team are going to really know that.

    Believe it or not, Wilson still only knows a fraction of what he’ll end up knowing 4 years from now. He is not 100% fully developed, nor has any QB in history ever peaked at 100% ability as a rookie. If we’ve seen the max we’re getting out of Wilson, right now, then the future is not nearly so bright. (Same is true of Luck, Griffin, and pretty much every other good rookie QB ever.)

  72. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    RW was ‘saddled’ with PC’s ‘insecurities’ and commitment to a certain gameplan and progression as well.

    I remember very distinctly in one of PC’s early season post-game press conferences after one of those close losses and the playcalling was terribly conservative and the blame-Bevell chorus was grumbling about playcalling, PC saying: ‘It won’t be like this’. And he also took repsonsibility for reining in the play-calling.

    He didn’t specify at the time a date in the future when it would be ‘not like this’ (meaning not so careful and conservative), but it at least gave anyone listening some insight into how PC believed that there was an unfolding progression in the offense and RW’s path to the eventual result underway . . . and we were still at the very beginning stages of that process.

    I’ve been frustrated with Bevell plenty myself throughout last season, but the bottom line is: He did evolve. And that evolution has been powerful and actually pretty fast.

    And he’s not running the same offense now that he was running at the start of the season.

    He also made RW a far better and more capable QB in the process, something that RW acknowledges.

    Progression never happens in straight lines in this world. And offtimes it involves moments of realization and quantum leaps and moments of eureka from having your feet put to fire.

    For this offense and franchise, it happened during the Chicago game. Nothing was the same after that. Let’s give PC and Bevell credit for having allowed it to happen. And building on it from there.

  73. bbnate420 says:

    30 TDs and a 100 QB rating as a rookie QB and you guys are arguing about saddling his development. Unbelievable.

  74. Clem had surgery today -His Tweet

    Christopher Clemons ‏@chrisclemons91
    Surgery was a success today, Thanks for all the support. Dr. Andrews did the B Boy stance after when he walked out like he sacked me.

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