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Seahawks sign 10 to futures contracts

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 16, 2013 at 11:25 am with 68 Comments »
January 16, 2013 11:27 am

The Seattle Seahawks have signed receiver Phil Bates, running back Derrick Coleman, defensive back Chandler Fenner, tight end Cooper Helfet, linebacker Kyle Knox, cornerback Ron Parker, linebacker Korey Toomer, defensive tackle Myles Wade, receiver Bryan Walters and receiver Stephen Williams to futures contracts, as the team starts to build the 2013 80-man roster for the upcoming year.

Williams is the only player that was not with Seattle at some point during the 2012 season. A product of the University of Toledo, at 6-5 and 208 pounds, Williams was an undrafted rookie free agent for the Cardinals in 2010.

Williams finished his college career as Toledo’s all-time leader with 229 receptions and 3,102 career receiving yards, breaking records held by Lance Moore (2001-04), who’s currently with the New Orleans Saints.

Arizona waived/injured Williams at the end of training camp in August 2012 after he sustained an Achilles tendon injury.

Check out his highlights from college in the video below.

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  1. Looks like we signed our practice squad to get ready for next season. Do these guys get paid during the next 3 months or do they have to get a job at McDonald’s to make ends meet while they pursue their dream?

    Just wondering, do most athletes fully heal from an Achilles tendon injury? These guys are wound so tight.

  2. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Man, thanks Eric. I know this sounds silly, but I’m depressed that the season is over. Before the Seahawks got eliminated, I would go on 4-5 times a day to read articles, get predictions, and so forth. I was here even more than that.

    Now, it’s like I don’t even want to think about football. I haven’t been on ESPN since Sunday. Although I’ll probably watch the Superbowl, I won’t watch the NFC championship game–too painful still.

    At least there is the off season and the draft. I suppose it’s never too soon to start getting my hopes up again: I guess that’s something. It just sucks to know that we have 2/3 of a year before we can watch the Seahawks play again.

  3. Stephen Williams looks like a good prospect, but he doesnt seem all that fast. Fast enough, like Obomanu, but not faaast. At 6-5 and the way he plays, he’s hopefully the replacement for Mike Williams we still havent found. Likely take him a couple years to get good though.

    Glad to hear Helfet and Toomer will get another shot. Those guys have talent and speed, they need experience. Phil Bates flashed some in preseason, and Knox is a good player. I still find it hard to believe no one stole him and put him on their 53, he’s gonna be a pretty good player.

  4. I wonder how many of these receivers are going to spend their days with RW this offseason? I predict we have at least one new star at WR because of the RW Effect.

  5. wasn’t it in the 80s we had a running back with the last name of fenner? He was a freak as I remember.

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Derrick Fenner. Big, fast and pretty good player. Very short career though.

  7. Fenner ran for 800 yards and like 14 TD’s along with John L. Williams I believe. The next year he only ran for 200 yards. Why I never could figure out. After that he went and played for the Raiders for a few years.

  8. He was number 44. I still have tons of his football cards. But Im not a nerd…Im not Im not Im not…!

  9. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Easy to like all of this. That list includes a few who may actually make the team this time around, including a couple fast receivers who may yet become that downfield threat we’re still missing.

    And most are already familiar with PC’s playbook and philosophy, which should make running camps pretty smooth.

    In free agency, I expect JS / PC to devote real money to an impact DE or DT and also possibly to a WR or TE.

    At the very least, its almost unfathomable that they won’t get a DE or DT in free agency.

    Our draft position is not a likely place to find a first year impact player for the D Line (taking nothing away from JS / PC’s ability to find talent; but they can’t make water flow if there’s none to be found). So I don’t expect them to try solve the pass rush problem at the 25 spot, unless the feel they see something in a certain player who’s likely to be available therethat the rest of the league doesn’t.

    I also don’t think they’ve given up on finding that difference maker at wide receiver either. We are thin at the position already. A Sidney Rice injury away from being in trouble.

    And it would be nice to have our own version of Atlanta’s receiving sitch. It’s not hard to imagine that player being added now that RW is a settled matter at QB. Talk about striking fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators and secondaries across the fruited plain.

    PC and JS have been rather smart about how they’ve allocated resources and cap money, but they also aren’t afraid to spend either dollars OR draft picks when it comes to acquiring a player in an area of perceived need.

    Exhibit A would be Charlie Whitehurst. Which may have been a mistake, but I find it easy to imagine that JS/PC will be rather open to trading up to get any impact player they really covet, should any such player be identified. Packaging our first and third wouldn’t surprise me. There are no shortage of teams above with numerous holes to fill across their rosters that I think would take it.

    With ten draft picks this year and a few of last year’s picks still waiting in the wings to potentially make the team,PC was pretty open in his final press conference that most of this year’s ten draft picks are simply not going to make the team.

    It’s not hard to logically conclude from there, that some of those picks will be packaged in trades if it means we can acquire the finishing pieces we need.

  10. SandpointHawk says:

    STTBM…come out of the closet now….You will feel better about yourself…I’m a Seahawks Nerd and I’m proud of that fact….

  11. SandpointHawk–Im a lifetime nerd in general lol!

    SeventiesHawkFan–I also think they will look hard at WR’s in the first three rounds. However, I expect them to draft both a DE and a DT in the first three rounds, followed by at least one G/T. I also expect us to sign two D-linemen at a minimum. But just because DT’s and DE’s rarely contribute their first year doesnt mean they wont draft one high; I think they will. JS and PC want to keep their team young, they wont load up on aging FA’s.

    We need to sign a DT or two, and a DE in FA, as well as draft one of each. And I think thats what they intend to do. However, expect them to take BPA at a need position.

  12. I expect Baldwin to take a big step up next year with Wilson. They are starting to get chemistry together, and Baldwin is also a hard worker and is determined to be the best. I think Seattle targets a big fast WR in either the second or third rounds. There should be a couple guys worth a second round pick that fit the bill this year.

  13. raymaines says:

    Both Tate and Baldwin are 5’10-11″ slot receivers and I love ‘um both, but…

    How about somebody that’s 4 or 5 inches taller, in the mold of Sidney Rice to go opposite of Mr. Rice. No more slot receivers!

  14. raymaines–Im pretty sure Seattle’s staff knows they are set at slot, especially with Deion Butler available as well. They are still looking for a tall fast guy who can jump, a real physical player, to replace Big Mike Williams. I would bet my butt they take a guy at least 6′-3′, if not 6′-4″, in the first three rounds. Bout damn time!

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    Justin Hunter anyone?

  16. Seahawks2620 says:

    Hunter is 6-4 and runs a 4.3. Looked like he was going to be an exact replica of A.J. Green, before he was injured. Still looks like a stud of a WR.

  17. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    Oh I fully expect a DE or DT to be taken with our first pick. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we trade up to get the player PC / JS want the most.

    FA and this years draft are likely to yield less than seven new players who’ll make the team. And possibly only five if the 2013 roster is filled out with a few of the prospect players who didn’t make the 2012 team.

    DE, DE / LB, DT, DT, WR / TE are the five I’d expect for sure. With possibly three of those five coming to use through trade or free agency.

    OLB, TE. S, DB may be filled from existing players, unless a true upgrade falls to us. Seems less than likely though. We’re not going to pay for those positions in the FA market. And later round draft picks are probably horizontal moves from what we’ve already got.

    We could certainly use another nickel corner, RG, RT, change of pace back, but in reality those are positions of lesser need. And finding a rookie who is an upgrade from an existing player who’s already in the system and knows the scheme seems less likely as well.

    As much as JS / PC have been draft stars, I don’t think they’re terribly interstellar in destroying existing team continuity next season. Which would mean very targeted pick ups and fewer of them. Almost the opposite of what we saw the first two years.

  18. I too am happy to see both Helfet and Toomer kept on. Both those guys looking promising in training camp.

    i really think we need an upgrade at weakside OLB, I’m not yet convinced Toomer can be that guy, but he is close to the prototype of a fast, rangey rush/cover WLB I think we need. Its time for HIll to retire soon, and Smith is a great special teamer and nice fourth LB, but too short to be the OLB pass rusher we need. I’m on the bandwagon for a new WLB and new 3-tech DT for 2013!

  19. and I second the nomination for a 6’3″+ split end. I like Golden Tate, but he’ll never be that.

  20. I’ve got some other guys I’d like to see sign a “future” contract with the Seahawks.

  21. raymaines says:

    STTBM – I know the Seahawk brain trust knows they don’t need another 5’10” slot receiver, but I’m not sure all of our blog members know that.

  22. raymaines says:

    BobbyK – like the next Bruce Smith or Jerry Rice for example?

  23. CBS Sports is reporting Scneider as saying he’d consider offers for QB Matt Flynn…as if that is news…

  24. bayareahawkfan says:

    Yeah Vegas – he said so on KIRO this morning, in direct response to a question about that. The fuller context was this: essentially that he’d be lying if he said they won’t listen to offers, but the way the QB position is dispositioned, salary-cap-wise, they don’t *have* to move him.

    That said, he said they all believe Flynn’s a starter in this league.

    He finished by saying that they will “do what’s best for the organization, period”. I was running while listening to the interview, and got really an adrenaline boost by that last comment :).

    Love this front office.

  25. HawkfaninMT says:

    Give me Starks and Wallace in FA and I’m a happy camper… Draft DEs OL, and LBs and the Hawks will be off and running!

  26. bayareahawkfan says:

    Wallace is going to cost too much, based on what he demanded out of PIT. Good receiver but not worth 11 million/year to this team, IMHO.

  27. I really don’t want to add a sexy, big name free agent unless Reggie White were available like back in the day. I want to keep money to keep the core together (which will be coming up for new contracts in the next few years).

    The only way I would deviate from this opinion is if we had a chance to get what we need most… a Leo and/or 3-tech.

    I’m scared of Leo. I don’t think Irvin showed enough to make me comfortable that he’s given the job next year and we all know we can’t count on Clem, as least early. With the age of Clem, I think this is my personal priority #1A (or B) in the off-season.

    My (close) #1B (or A) need is at 3-tech. We really have nobody on our current roster (under contract for next year) who can play this position. If you say Howard can play it, that would scare me to death.

    Mebane is good… and the current combo of Big Red/Irvin at LDE is fine, too.

    The only way I want to bring in a free agent (or trade) who might make some good/decent money is if they can fill one of those two craters on our defensive line (I’d call it a hole, but that’s too nice) but I don’t necessarily see it happening.

    Do we have any Seahawk fans from the Missouri area who can comment on Dorsey? I know he’s a 4-3 DT stuck in a 3-4 defense but that’s it.

    Besides Ewalters, is anyone familiar with Secric Ellis around the Louisiana area? I know the Saints expected more, but I wonder about how he was used or looked like to someone else?

    Those two guys could possibly play 3-tech next year but I don’t know (that’s why I’m asking) and potentially keep the position warm for a rookie to develop.

    Another option that might be perfect for what we need is Kevin Williams at the 3-tech. He may not be back in Minnesota next season due to being owed almost $17 million over the next two years. Sure, his production dipped a bit this past year and while some of that is age, I think it had more to do with a foot injury he played with. He’s older but he gets more push up the middle than we’re used to even though he’s not the stereotypical guy for that position. He’d be the perfect “help us win NOW” guy and drastically improve our pass rush push up the middle while our high 3-tech draft pick develops. I’d actually love for this option to happen because Williams is still so much better than Jones or Branch that it’s crazy. That would be a majorly improved area. It would take one of the weakest positions on the team and make it one of the best and because of the age of Williams it won’t cost the team a huge contract a guy like Michael Johnson will get as an end from Cincinnati.

    I also wonder if anyone knows of any FA type of DE/OLB guys that they think are currently round pegs trying to fit into square holes where they were at this season that could turn into the next Chris Clemons?

    I always thought Manny Lawson (a FA) might make a decent Leo, but maybe he’s too small/light. I know Mr. Happy can tinker and get a more traditional guy like Freeney (even though he played OLB this past season) if he’s cheap enough to play until Clem comes back (too many pass rushers are better than not enough) and then maybe even Freeney and Clem stay on the field together on 3rd downs if Irvin doesn’t develop the way they hope (again, more pass rushers are better than less and we know that no pressure is going to come from one of the ends in Red). We’ve talked about Osi, too.

    I’m getting excited about the prospects out there on how to improve this rush.

    My mind will only change about 930 more times in the next month, but I’d love to get a Freeney and K. Williams in FA. Neither will get a huge contract due to their age, but are still good. I’d rather have Osi than Freeney, but I’m thinking in terms of what they will cost in the open market. And then I’d still like a rookie DE and DT drafted in the first 3 rounds of the draft. Sure, we’d get older in those two instances, but we’d compensate by getting two kids in the draft who need a year to develop and make an impact (usually) anyways. With a team as young as ours, I think going old in this instance, since the pass rush is the weak link on the team, makes sense. Thoughts?

  28. bbnate420 says:

    I’d love it if a Keenan Allen or Cordarrelle Patterson fell to # 25. Hunter would be a good choice in the 2nd/3rd. Or maybe they get a 2nd 1st with all their picks and get a DT and WR? There are some pretty good safety prospects that probably will be available in the 2nd and third rounds. I am more and more open to drafting one and moving Kam to WLB. Also depends on the WLB prospects available at the draft slot.

    I doubt they are going to spend big on a WR in FA. The only way I see that happening is if they release Rice, and I don’t expect that to happen. I don’t necessarily think they need a #1 or #2. A big, fast WR to come in and stretch the field would be great. Someone who can contribute right away but won’t be expected to necessarily start for a few years. I could see them targeting someone like Starks in FA. I’d like them to bring Jones back if they can get him to sign another one year deal for the same or less. I doubt he will command anything more.

  29. I would not be surprised at all to see the hawks replace Kam at Safety – but only if they thought he could move to Will. The did have interest in Barrows – I do trust these guys with players changing positions, they ahve been pretty successful with that so far.

    I would not be worried at all about them trading a #1 or 2 to get a proven guy, as they have not been nearly as successful drafting out of those slots as they have 3rd round down.

    What we do know – it will be interesting and we will most likely be surprised by at least one move made between now and June.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    I also forgot to mention Winston Guy. I will be interested to see how he develops this off-season. Kam really didn’t do much his rookie year either. He has the potential to be a good sized SS who can hit, not like Kam, with better coverage skills than Kam. It would obviously be better if they could count on him at SS and move Kam to WLB rather than having to draft at one of those positions.

    DE, DT, WR, and WLB/SS are the top three needs this off-season to me, not necessarily in that order. I think a pass catching TE has to take a back seat. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t draft a prospect late. I really think our TEs are underrated by a lot of people here. Miller is a very good all-around TE, and McCoy is underrated here IMO. He is still maddeningly inconsistent catching the ball at times, but he can be explosive when he does and he is a very good blocker. Top notch run blocker. I would be in favor of bring in Kevin Williams if he becomes available and the price isn’t too steep. Definitely an upgrade over what we have in Branch and he can be counted on to start while a rookie develops. Like I said before, I would be in favor of bringing Jones back as an inside rusher for the right price.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    *top four needs

    Guess I need to use my fingers to count next time. ;-)

  32. princeaden says:

    I agree with Starks, Wallace in FA and send Flynn to Arizona for Dockett. Imagine how fresh that D-line rotation could stay. Then let JS/Pete combo do what they do in the draft and I too will be a happy camper.

  33. I’d love to see Kam moved to OLB and a better cover safety brought in. Kam is so good near the LOS but gives up something in coverage. 6’3″ 230 is just not ideal for a guy who needs to redirect on a dime in coverage. As he gets older, it will make more sense for him to play at OLB, I’d love to see them try it now. Contingent, of course, on finding the right SS to step in and start behind him.

  34. I like seeing people’s take on team needs for 2013. Here’s mine…. Not by draft order, but by priority order:

    3-tech DT (competition for Branch/Jones)

    Rush/cover WLB (competition for Hill/Smith)
    (or move Chancellor to OLB and go get a new starting SS)

    DE (competition for Clemons/Irvin/Scruggs)

    Split End WR (competition for Tate/Kearse)

    Nickel CB (competition for Thurmond/Lane)

    Third S (competition for Johnson/Guy)

    Receiving TE (competition for McCoy/Helfet)

    If Trufant, Guy, Johnson, Hill, Helfet, Kearse, and Scruggs cannot make the team next year, each of those will be a good sign of improvement.

    In some ways, my #1 wish for this team is an rush/cover WLB. A long, lean, fast, impact OLB. Just imagine if you added Julian Peterson, in his prime, to this team. That’s the kind of inside coverage ability and pass rush ability I’d love to add to this defense. If they cannot add this, then perhaps move Kam to OLB and find a faster cover SS.

  35. Let’s see what the boys dream up for Kam next year, Stevos…they seem to be good at putting the right guy in the right position so maybe a move for Kam is in the cards.

  36. raymaines says:

    The seven stages of grief are:

    1-Shock or Disbelief
    7-Acceptance and Hope

  37. raymaines says:

    Somewhere between three and five

  38. raymaines says:

    Crap!! I didn’t wear the right color jersey last Sunday. Crap, crap, crap!!! How could I be such a fool? I knew the white jersey would work.

  39. lol. raymaines — all I had to do to get past the first 6 stages of grief and to 7- acceptance and hope was to watch the 49ers game vs Green Bay last weekend, then watch our Seahawks get beat for 3 quarters at Atlanta, and know that flying to SF next week with that beat-up tired-out team would have been suicide. Time marches on. We’ll be better manned and better prepared next year. Take heart. Go Seahawks!

  40. CDHawkFan says:

    Stevos, if it was that easy to predict, we should all move to Vegas and become Bizzionaires.

  41. Lot’s of good ideas being put forth here. Our defense truly has been built from the outside-in leaving our greatest need at DT and DE.

    princeaden gets my 1:03 AM brilliant award for suggesting the Flynn to AZ for Dockett swap. Their cap numbers even match. Brilliant! Genius! Need traded for need where everyone wins. No draft picks wasted and no additional cap space taken.

    I’d still throw the big bucks at DE Michael Johnson as our every down LEO and take another DT early in the draft. Then we hope that Clem returns to 100% by late season and our pass rush reaches max strength for our march to the 2014 Seahawks Superbowl Victory!

  42. Ewalters7354 says:

    Welp.Gus is gone!

  43. Gus Bradley was hired as the new Jacksonville Head Coach.

    He got the job because he told them he was the only Defensive Coordinator who could stop Russell Wilson from winning games.

    They didn’t realize that was a bad thing.

  44. HawkfaninMT says:

    So we need a DC that uses press man coverage and the 4-3, with the flexibility to go under and over fronts… Suggestions other than Lovie since he is seeming to sit out of coaching for a year

  45. Dan Quinn?

  46. Ken Norton Jr.

  47. Ewalters7354 says:

    Kris Richard

  48. SandpointHawk says:

    Norton has had the opportunity to move up over the years within Pete’s system and has never wanted to be anything but LB coach. Who knows things could change though…

  49. SandpointHawk says:

    Sorry forgot about this “On January 7, 2009, Norton was promoted to USC Assistant Head Coach for Defense. A form of recognition of his
    continuing work with the USC linebacker corps.”

    Wiki of course..

  50. bayareahawkfan says:

    Ugh, well here’s hoping we put someone in place who can do what Bradley did, and fix the things Bradley seemed to have trouble fixing this year. This is a double-whammy, because I was hoping the Greg Roman would be poached for Jacksonville, weakening SF.

    On a completely unrelated note, I was finally watching the Gruden QB camp with Wilson this morning, especially the part where Gruden goes through the three excruciating losses Wilson endured at Wisconsin last year.

    It struck me how similar at least two of them – 1st game against Michigan St. and @ Ohio – were to the Falcons game, and several of the other losses this year, where he gave his team the lead in the final 4 minutes, only to lose on last-second heroics/defensive breakdowns.

    Next year, he breaks that trend :).

  51. Ewalters7354 says:

    Though he has a bunch of work ahead of him, I believe Gus can be a great head coach.Probably will be bringing Todd Walsh with him,so Pete may be ggetting ready to interview D-line coaches as well.

  52. I don’t particularly think we’ll miss Bradley. He was calling the shots on a defense Carroll tooled. I’d be more concerned about losing Bevell, which I’m still worried about happening (especially to ARI, seeing the development of RW and what he could potentially do with Kolb, but on the flip side, Tarvaris Jackson was a mess). I don’t want RW losing the grasp he has on this offense and learning a new one. I know I was calling for Bevell’s head in the first half of the season, that being said, as of now, I think RW, Bevell, and Carroll is a match made in heaven.

  53. Dan Quinn did a terrible job as line coach here, if I remember correctly. Perhaps it was during the Ruskell desert of talent years though…

    Bradley has his work cut out for him. I wonder who he hires to be his OC? Now Im scared witless that Bevell will end up coaching AZ…ugh!

    I dont want to lose Todd Wash, but then again our D line needs serious improvement, and I cant tell if its more due to a lack of a great DT opposite Mebane or the staff…Im leaning towards dearth of talent.

    Good Luck Gus Bradley, I think you’ll do fine; Just Say NO to TEBOW!!

  54. CDHawkFan says:

    I agree Radeon, I was more worried about Bevell than Gus. While Gus might have the ‘stuff’ to be a HC, I didn’t see him as a genius or would consider him an untouchable. His soft D was an issue long before this season (and would have continued), remember how bad our 3rd and long D was in 2011?

    We blammed it on a lack of pass rush last year, then again this year, but some of it was scheme/philosophy which he wasn’t going to change.

  55. ChrisHolmes says:

    Losing good coaches hurts, but I am less concerned with Gus now being gone because this is PC’s defensive philosophy. I only hope that whoever they get/promote in his place does as good of a job (or better – if they will abandon those stupid zones in 3rd and long).

    Losing Bevell (potentially) concerns me just because I think he and Wilson have developed some chemistry there with play calls and sequences. I think Bevell has done a good job of figuring out what Wilson is good at, what he’s comfortable with, and tailoring the offense to Wilson’s strengths (and to me, that’s the mark of a good coach).

    Thad said – if Bevell does go, I think Wilson will be fine. His work ethic, smarts and physical tools will not allow him to fail if another guy is calling plays.

    But I would still rather see these two together for a while longer… Next year feels like we could make a serious run at home field.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    Among other things, Quinn is the one who moved Red from DT to LDE transforming his career from the perennial inactive gameday list to perhaps the best DE in the league vs the run. I believe the second part of that sentence is accurate however regarding the “desert of talent”.

  57. Part of the reason I’m still so angry is because I knew that we’d beat the Whiners. I wasn’t scared of them one bit.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    I would hate to see Wilson have to learn a new scheme and concepts at this stage of his young development. That scenario has derailed more than one promising QB’s career. If Bevell does split however, I’d like to see Cable become OC in an effort to maintain as much consistency for Wilson as possible.

  59. SaigonSun says:

    Good luck to Bradley on the new job; yet, I am not sad to see him go. I don’t think he’ll do that good in Jax.
    First, I don’t think Bradley is as good defensive coach as PC is,or charismatic , or…. Look how long it took PC to have a notable success in NFL.
    Anyway, I hope we can make a deal with him to get his second pick by swapping first round picks plus Flynn and a fourth rounder. That would be cool.
    I’m not so sure he’ll have the power to do it, but I can dream….right?

  60. sluggo42 says:

    I think they will just make RW the O Coord and fire Bevell.
    I think they should hire Tuiasosopo as the D coord

  61. I wouldn’t worry about Wilson learning a new system, he’s done a remarkable job in transitioning between NC State, Wisconsin and now to the NFL level. I remember watching Gruden’s QB camp, the guy basically remembered two playbooks, sure it’s probably not the most optimal situation, but if anyone can handle that kind of change it is Russell.

  62. SaigonSun says:

    I wish we can do swap first rounders by using Flynn as bait. Few top picking teams need a QB anyway and there are about six good (?) defensive lineman in this draft. Maybe we’ll get lucky.
    I hope so.

  63. bbnate420 says:

    I hope Bradley sucked as much as pabuwal thinks he does and the next DC tears it up. With PC there, I’m not overly concerned with losing Bradley. Not that I believe he necessarily sucked as much as some here do. Hope that Bevell stays on. Just say no, Tards.

    I’d do that trade in a heartbeat, Saigon. Not sure they will.

  64. SaigonSun says:

    I have to start proof-reading before I post. Sorry.

  65. sluggo42 says:

    I really think they go for a package with Flynn, our pick, and maybe another player to trade down to get Richardson. That guy is a true beast. Most of the early pick teams need a QB and Flynn is perfect bait. He never did anything ‘bad” to diminish his value, and now is the time to get valus for him.

  66. CDHawkFan says:

    Are we really that much better if we trade away Flynn and pick up a 3rd rounder?

    As most of us agree, half the 2013 picks won’t make the team. Say that 3rd rounder for Flynn beats out Guy, Kearse, Maxwell, or even Moffitt, does that make us that much better? Guy, Kearse, Maxwell, Moffitt have Pro experience, they are young, been knocked around, they know the drill. I don’t think I would go trading away valuable assets that know and fit our system for guys possibly not much better than what we have.

    If they can’t used picks to get higher up in round 1 or 2, I would like to see them do the Pats thing and use them to move up in future years/stockpile and only draft 6 or so guys with their 10 picks.

  67. Im more worried about what a new system would do to derail Tate and the rest of the receivers than I am about Wilson. A new offense could set us back quite a bit.

    Dukeshire–Thats right, Quinn was here Carrols first year; I thought he was a holdover from Ruskell? Is that true?

    Also, Cable as OC is my worst nightmare; to me, he’s become far less valuable considering the NFL is likely to ban chop blocks in the offseason, which negates many of the gains of running a ZBS. Offensive line coaches are notoriously conservative once they become OC’s and HC’s. Most like to run, run, pass, or quick screen, run, run, punt. I HATE the idea of Cable calling plays or being OC. I’d rather just about anyone else come in with a brand new system.

    Besides, Cable likely wont have Bevell’s playbook to use for the passing game anyway.

    The idea of losing Bevell 10 games after he pulled his head out of his butt makes me physically ill. Him possibly going to AZ is even worse.

    Flynn is likely to bring only a third or fourth round pick at best. There is NO WAY Bradley or anyone else would trade the number 2 pick for the 25th in the first and a third and fourth round pick. Thats absolutely laughable. Im sorry, but it is. This isnt Madden.

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