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Before end-of-season interview, quarterback Russell Wilson reviews video of season-ending loss

Post by Don Ruiz / The News Tribune on Jan. 14, 2013 at 2:08 pm with 56 Comments »
January 14, 2013 2:16 pm

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson just met with the media for a final look back at the just-completed season. But before that, he spent his morning in team meetings, and — of course — watching video of yesterday’s season-ending loss in Atlanta.

“Just watching the last game one more time,” he said. “It was a great battle. Obviously it was unfortunate that we lost the game. There’s a lot to look forward to. Like I said last night, there’s so much to look forward to. Now the pre-season basically starts, the off-season I guess you could say. It really starts now. That’s what we talked about in our team meeting. That’s what I’ve been talking about in terms of the guys in the locker room.”

A follow-up asked what he wanted to accomplish in watching the game again.

“Just watching the game and seeing what I could have done better, and what our team could have done better, and what we did really well,” he said. “I always am very, very critical of myself, so I like to watch those types of things. I like to watch my footwork more than anything and see am I getting the ball out on time, are my reads correct, am I reading it the way I want to read it in terms of the progressions. For me, when I get my depth and my drops and when I’m making the right protection calls and when I’m getting back in my drops and just trusting the right read, it’s pretty hard to stop. I think that’s what shows on the film, and guys really, really stepped up their game and made some huge plays for on. The offensive line did a great job. The defense did a great job of keeping us in the game. I basically play the game over in my head. I watch it again, and all the down and distances, look at the situation again, and play the game again.”

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  1. As an aside, I was happy with Longwell in the game. That can’t have been easy for him after a year off.

  2. thursday says:

    rumor going around on twitter right now that bradley is getting that eagles job…

  3. Pabs will be happy. Therefore the rest of us too.

  4. Hope Bradley stays…

  5. princeaden says:

    If Bradley does go, I would welcome Ray Horton and his defensive philosophies home.

  6. princeaden says:

    Any other ideas on Def. Coordinators ?

  7. MadSweeney42 says:

    Bye Gus, don’t let the “Can’t Pressure the QB” door hit you on the butt on the way out.

  8. I’m not a huge Bradley fan, but I don’t think he’s a moron either. In his defense, when you don’t have a single good pass rusher on your defense, it’s going to be kind of hard to get much pressure, no?

    Looking forward to an off-season of adding pass rusher*S* (plural), dat fo sho.

  9. Ewalters7354 says:

    I would like to see what Kris Richard or Ken Norton can bring to this team as a d coordinator.

  10. freedom_X says:

    Apparently some of the posters on this blog should consider applying for the D-coordinator job. :)

    Anyone who gets brought in as D-coordinator needs to be in sync with Pete Carroll’s ideas on defense. If you think a new coordinator is going to be allowed to redesign the whole defense, think again.

    The personnel is tuned to what Carroll has envisioned. A lot of those guys wouldn’t be effective in other systems, IMHO. Ray Horton’s a great coordinator, for example, but I’m not sure he’s a exponent of the Carroll way.

  11. I thought he actually creatively created some pressure given the situation we were put in… There’s only so much you can do when you lose your best pass rusher. look beyond the stats and you’ll see Matt Ryan firing the ball off faster than he wanted to……

    I feel like this will be case of hawk nation not understanding what it has until it loses it…

  12. princeaden says:

    BobbyK,Who do you replace in order to get the pass rush? Branch, maybe even Red ? For me, I stay with Mebane. Does this change the scheme ? As the season played out it seems like we didn’t stop the run consistently enough as well as not rushing the passer.

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    Well seeing what Dom Capers did with Green Bay when Clay Matthews went down,in reference to pressure.I would say that’s when these guys earn their money.Gus may be a successful head coach with his teaching and charisma.I hope we find out soon.

  14. I always thought Bradley made great adjustments during the game. Granted it was frustrating that they blew a few opportunities, you can also argue that he should get credit for managing a D that was pretty good considering it’s youth and inexperience.

  15. prince – Right now, we don’t have a legit 3-tech. We also don’t have a legit Leo. Irvin was drafted to eventually take over there, but he hasn’t shown me enough to make me confident he’ll be good/great there starting week 1 next year (because we know we can’t count on Clem and his ACL), although I do expect improvement, but will it be enough? I have my doubts.

    I love Mebane. He’s the least of our concerns on our line but he’s not a big QB sack guy (which is fine, because he’s not asked to do that and is replaced in pass rush situations to stay fresh for stuffing the run). The only way Mebane isn’t crazy good/great at stuffing the run is if he’s going up against Iupati. Other than that, he’s awesome.

    With Irvin now slotted for Leo, there is no legit pass rushing depth at LDE behind Big Red. We all know that Red isn’t a pass rusher by any stretch of the imagination anyways. Bascially, at this point, our pass rush potential at that position is horrible (and that’s trying to be nice).

    Essentially, we go into 2013 with 4 players (starters) on our DL and zero of them are capable of getting consistent pressure on opposing QBs.

    I realize that our 3-tech is probably not on the roster or under contract (Branch/Jones scheduled for UFA soon) right now.

    Personally, I hope Jason Jones is resigned if his knee will be 100% by this summer. I think he’s a good, solid player. No, I don’t think he will solve the pass rush problems all by himself, but he’s part of the solution (if healthy), not part of the problem. And by signing him, that doesn’t mean I don’t think they need a 3-tech early in the draft either. It’s not like Jones is going to be offered a big contract by anyone.

    I’d like nothing more than to resign Jones and a guy like Osi/Freeney (depending the price) as immediate pass rush veterans and ALSO drafting a d-end AND d-tackle early in the draft.

  16. thursday says:

    it’s funny, the eagles fans on twitter really really want bradley lol

  17. freedom_X says:

    I wouldn’t trade Green Bay’s defense for Seattle’s. Green Bay has a lot of solid pass rushers. Seattle only had, at most, 3 – Clemons, Irvin, and Jones when healthy.

    And it’s possible that Green Bay traded off a lot to get some pressure. Notice what the 49ers did to them. The “conservative”, “vanilla” Seattle defense most likely would have performed much better against Kaepernick (not saying he would have been shut down in San Francisco, but I really doubt Kaepernick gets 180+ yards against Seattle, over 170 of them before even being touched by a defender.)

    If Seattle gives up lots more points as the price of added pressure – remember that Seattle led the league in points allowed – is it worth it? To truly take a step forward, Seattle has to be able to keep what it has and get better elsewhere. There aren’t many alchemists in the NFL who will create something out of nothing. If there were, every team in the league would have a good pass rush.

    On the other hand, paying $$$$ for a aging pass rusher is likely to turn out badly. Unless Umienyora or Freeney come cheap ($6 million/yr or less, or no huge signing bonus)I wouldn’t burn the cap space on them. Odds are very high they don’t work out. Better to scour the rosters looking for another Clemons type guy (bad fit for other defenses, good fit for Seattle.)

  18. ruminator1 says:

    The debate as to who should be the QB is long over, but i was very pleased with Flynn in this game. consulting/discussing strategy with RW during the game, comforting him afterwards. he has been a class act all year and I will be sad to see him go.
    RW a marvel. i have been following this team from the beginning. No player, imo, has provided the excitement and the talent and the leadership skills of RW. he brings a sense that we are never out of a game. (if i owned the team i’d let him call his own plays :)

    Play calling in the first half was atrocious. Amazingly predictable. 3rd down, Lynch out of the game, 1 yd short. who in that stadium didn’t know that Turbin was getting the ball? (certainly anyone who studited the Hawks knew it was coming). and how many series opened with the sequence run/stop, run/stop/ pass/big time pass rush/punt? also do not understand the delay of game penalties. if i was chicago watching that first half i would be doubting of hiring Bevel

    on the timeout, why, once they had done it, didn’t they do it once more (forget whether they had used any timeouts, but i am pretty sure they had at least one more).

  19. princeaden says:

    BobbK, I don’t think Branch was consistent enough to re-sign. What about the guy from Miami, I think his name is Starks? Do you think they package some of their 10 picks in the upcoming draft with possibly a player to get Osi or whomever they see fit? This will be an interesting time to see how Pete and JS fill these holes.

  20. edstang45 says:

    Bobbyk you hit it on the head dude, I agree wholeheartedly with you this time. I would not be upset if they drafted 7 guys to compete for DT and DE..we absolutely need to get a pass rush on this already solid defense….plus a #1 reciever Go Hawks

  21. doubledink says:

    I hope we don’t give any draft picks for aging players

  22. I like Bradley a lot. I think he’s done a great job with a bunch of young, hungry players. If he does go I will wish hi all the luck in the world. I just hope the incoming DC keeps the same bump and run, mand coverage style of play, with maybe just a few more exotic blitz packages.

    And I hope we go get a couple more interior DL that can rush the QB as well as stop the run. Mebane really needs someone that can compliment his style so he’s not getting the double teams all the time on the inside.

  23. I’m not opposed to bringing Brach back, but not at what he made this past season. Plus, we really don’t need too much more of what he’s got (decent against the run, hardly any pass rush ability, although we do need to be careful of not having hardly any DL who can stop the run).

    No need to trade for Osi. He’s a free agent.

    Starks is almost 30 years old, I think, so I don’t know about him (even though he’s good now).

  24. thursday says:

    now “they’re” saying he’ll be announced either tomorrow or weds as the new hc

  25. doubledink says:

    We will be needing a veteran backup QB after they trade Flynn. I look for them to put 20 pounds on Irvin and draft some help in the rotation at DT. Unlikely that both Jones and Branch re-sign. A legit barn burner at WR and move Tate to the slot would be nice.

  26. Eagles fans feel Bradley built the Defense and that this Atlanta breakdown was a single isolated incident. The reality is they don’t follow Seattle all that much.

    Not too many teams get great pass rushes against playoff teams. Houston had a great pass rusher and still allowed 40 points. Denver had Von Miller and they were lit up by Joe Flacco. NFL playoff football is like Madden video games in 1990s – last team with ball wins and only 30 seconds is needed to make the game winning drive.

    All we need is a Coordinator that calls the Defense for the situation. Not a Coordinator that calls the same soft zone – regardless if a standard defense is needed or prevent defense. Tampa 2 Coordinators are the most archane, unimaginative Coordinators out there.

    When Gus told his men to “keep it front of them”, did he realize that 2 twenty yard passes were all that were needed to win? He wasn’t defending a TD lead. When he blitzed 1 but forced Wagner to cover the entire intermediate middle, why did he allow free releases? As soon as Ryan dropped back, he unloaded the ball.

  27. edstang45 says:

    I just watched RW’s pressconference on Seahawks site, This guy gives me goosebumps just lstening to him, We a truley lucky to have him as our franchise QB, He believes in what he says, He wont be satisafied til hes the best. We have a guy here who has a real chance of being the best and ending up in the Hall. Hold on baby ….he makes be believe that he will take us to a number of SB’s…..I’m ready for next season already

  28. I hope one the items on the seahawk to do list is to get RW a raise. He is the franchise qb, he needs to paid as such. The front office is quick to want to restructure contracts when there is a reduction in productivity i hope they are as quick to restructure upward when there is such an outstanding season for a tremendous player.
    If Bradley leaves i hope PC considers a more creative DC. one that comes to mind is Nick Aliotti from Oregon he comes up with some unconventional formations and constant changes that keep them from becoming predictable. i am sure others on this blog could also suggest worthy candidates.

  29. hoxvox – I don’t believe anyone can renegotiate contracts until after their third year in the league. Therefore, I believe Wilson will be making next to nothing (by NFL standards) for two more years.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Not only does Irvin need to bulk up but also develop and refine his technique. But for me, 3-tech is a position of most need for this d line. But in any case, I’d be surprised to not see a DT and DE drafted this April.

  31. freedom_X says:

    Let’s change a defensive system that took a bottom 3rd defense two years ago into a top 5 defense that led the league in points allowed, without needing 3 years of top 10 draft picks, because it’s the most arcane and unimaginative defense out there. (let’s overlook the contradiction in that last phrase.)

    Makes sense to me.

  32. thursday says:

    lol an eagles fan on twitter said he hoped gus bradley brought sherman and thomas with him. it’s so strange now to see other teams wanting our guys. but awesome at the same time.

  33. Apparently the Bears job is going to either Bevell or Trestman. That’s terrible news for the Seahawks. The way Bevell had this offense running in the second half of the year was amazing.

    No one is going to hire Gus Bradley as Head Coach. It doesn’t take a stats major to realize his defensive rankings were inflated by a tremendous home field advantage and playing weaker opponents on the road. That Atlanta breakdown was one of 10 over the past 25 games.

  34. freedom_x is right; Bradley is the coordinator, but its Carrols defense. Anyone coming in to be our coordinator will have to do it Petes way. Because of this, I would not expect us to sign a big name coordinator if we do have to replace Bradley.

    And for the record, I hope Gus stays.

  35. PFT says “The Eagles have announced that a second interview will be conducted with Bradley on Tuesday.”

    Good luck, Gus. May you get your promotion.

  36. pabs, I’m sure the defense will get some personnel and scheme tweaks this off season (with or without Bradley), but mostly, it will be the same Pete Carrol defense we saw this season.

  37. That’s fine. Despite my wondering if Bryant and Chancellor are liabilities in the passing game, I am fine with them. They do other things well. I am fine with this entire Defense coming back as is. But they MUST defend a late game lead with more consistency.

    According to a Philadelphia reporter who interviewed Seattle players – “I was told that Carroll has influence, but Bradley puts together the game plan and makes the calls.”

    That’s not a huge surprise. Hopefully the next guy will figure out how to properly defend a lead by calling the Defense to fit the proper situation. In other words, don’t be fine with allowing 20 yard gains as long as you “keep it in front of you” when the other team has 25 seconds AND 2 timeouts.

  38. Would you like Kam at Will and a different SS who was better in coverage?

  39. Reuben Frank ‏@RoobCSN
    I think there’s a very good chance Gus Bradley is Eagles head coach by Wednesday morning.

  40. Si if Darrell Bevell goes to the Bears does Cable move to offensive coordinator.

  41. I get the anger. I am disappointed too.

    I don’t know what instructions were given to the defense for that last series, but either the instructions and / or the on field execution weren’t (obviously) good enough. The same thing happened in the Bears game to force overtime. I agree with you, this has to get fixed.

    I just can’t tell, with certainty, that the problem was the coaching for that last series. I doubt whatever was said by the coaches that they intended to allow two 20 yard passes!

  42. BobbyK – I thought the rumor of drafting Baron as SS last year with Kam moving to WILL was intriguing but I don’t want to get greedy. I’m fine with Kam as he is because Earl Thomas can play single high fairly well and let Kam play closer to the Line of Scrimmage. Earl is to Kam what Manuel was to Boulware. But either way, I’d like to see Chancellor at least improve somewhat on his intermediate coverage skills.

    Like you said, every team will have liabilities. But every championship team makes the final drive 4th quarter stop at some point (or in the case of the 2010 Packers every game) in the playoffs. The games are just too close otherwise.

  43. DanielleMND says:

    “Well seeing what Dom Capers did”

    Would that be the same Dom Capers now on the hot seat for making Colin Kaepernick look like the greatest QB of all time? I’ll take Gus Bradley, thanks.

  44. No – Kam stays at SS. Its ok for him to be weaker in coverage, his strength vs. the run makes up for it. It would be great if he could improve his coverage skills, but it makes no sense to improve our pass defense only to weaken our run defense.

    Pete is always looking for athletes with unusual strengths and abilities (as opposed to balanced), Kams coverage weakness is the downside to this approach.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    And every championship team has the discipline to accept points when they are presented to them.

  46. Ewalters7354 says:

    I don’t believe Pete wants Cable calling plays on offense. Just draw up successful run plays.Bevell won me over in the 2nd half of the season. But even if he leaves, I believe having a franchise QB is more important. Which we have ;-)

  47. I agree Pabs, love ET in single high coverage.

    I think ET and Kam compliment each other very well.

  48. DanielleMND says:

    Honestly, if we lose both coordinators, I think it could set the team back a bit, but we have qualified assistants who could be promoted for continuity.

    Carl Smith, Kippy Brown, Tom Cable, and Sherman Smith all have been OCs at some point. Though I’d rather see someone other than Cable promoted to OC. Let him just focus on the OL and run game.

    Rocky Seto is our defensive passing game defensive coordinator, and was Carroll’s DC at USC in 2009.

  49. Ewalters7354 says:

    Danielle, I guess I should have said in terms of pressure. Also lets not forget Bradley made Kolb (one drive), Tannahill, Alex Smith, and Jay Cutler look like stars when the game actually counted.Can’t win all, but definitely can lose most.In terms of game winning drives.

  50. Pabuwal: tastes great
    Duke: less filling

  51. It looks like we may lose both Bradley and Bevell, and I really like Gus, but I think we’ll miss Bevell more if he leaves. Our offense is on the cusp of something really special, and we need continuity there for RW’s sake and for the continued progression of our team. Look at some other QB’s that have had a different OC every year, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, it stunts their growth process. Our D should basically stay the same philosophically due to Pete’s beliefs, but Gus leaving may be a blessing in disguise. He’s really good at teaching and motivating, but maybe not as strong at situational schemes and x’s and o’s. we need a DC that calls more effective zone blitz schemes in crucial situations to create stifling pressure and wreak havoc on an offense. Most of the time, relying on your front 4 to create pressure and using man press coverage is fine, but you have to mix it up to disrupt the offense’s rhythm sometimes. You can’t tell me Dick Lebeau, the late Jim Johnson, and Ray Horton couldn’t have come up with something creative using the same personnel we have to get in Matt Ryan’s face on that last drive. RW has problems with DB’s that blitz because they are as athletic and fast as him, and therefore he can’t scramble away to the backside as easily. He can take advantage of DE,DL much easier. Ryan and bigger quarterbacks need bigger LB’s and DE’s in his face. Also, if you blitz a DB and they don’t get through cleanly, it’s much easier for the back to pick it up since they are not as physically overmatched. I would have preferred we blitz guys like Mike Morgan, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, or Malcolm Smith and keep guys like Trufant and Guy in coverage. Browner seemed rusty after coming back, and he gave up the 20 yard out to Harry Douglas. Guy just came back too, and he’s not an experienced blitzer. I would have gone a different direction, but hindsight’s 20-20.

  52. Ewalters7354 says:

    CCVI, that was one of the best post I ever read.Couldn’t agree more.Good stuff bro!

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