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Final: Falcons 30, Seahawks 28

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 13, 2013 at 1:22 pm with 68 Comments »
January 13, 2013 1:22 pm
Seattle Seahawks' Red Bryant tries to stop Atlanta Falcons' Jacquizz Rodgers (32) during the first half of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
Seattle Seahawks’ Red Bryant tries to stop Atlanta Falcons’ Jacquizz Rodgers (32) during the first half of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Down 20 points at halftime, the Seattle Seahawks showed the same resiliency they have all season, fighting back to take a one-point lead with 31 seconds left at the Georgia Dome on Sunday afternoon in an NFC divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.

But Seattle left too much time on the clock, as Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan completed two passes to Harry Douglass and Tony Gonzalez to get his team into field goal range. And kicker Matt Bryant handled the rest, making a 49-yard field goal to give Atlanta its first playoff win under head coach Mike Smith

The Falcons will host San Francisco for the NFC Championship game next Sunday.

Check out the stats here.

After a slow start, quarterback Russell Wilson caught fire, finishing 24 of 36 for a career-high 385 yards and two touchdown passes.

Wilson also had one meaningless interception at the end of the game, with Julio Jones picking off the rookie quarterback in Atlanta’s end zone to seal the victory.

Wilson’s favorite target was tight end Zach Miller, who finished with eight catches for a career-high 142 receiving yards, including a 3-yard touchdown catch

Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan completed 24 of 35 passes for 250 yards and three touchdowns, but also had two costly interceptions.

Roddy White finished with five receptions for 76 yards, including a 47-yard touchdown.

Atlanta’s defense did a good job of bottling up Marshawn Lynch. He finished with just 46 yards on 16 carries, and fumbled for the second time in consecutive weeks.

However, Lynch did get the go-ahead touchdown for Seattle, bowling in from two yards out to cap a 7-play, 61-yard drive by Seattle.

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  1. Congratulations Gus on your upcoming Head Coaching job. I am pleased it will be for a team I hate as much as i like the Seahawks.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    For those that defended Carroll’s decision to go for it on 4th well inside Atl’s 20 in the second quarter rather than kick the 3, where are you now?! Yeah… that’s what I thought.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Pabuwal – Putting this loss on Bradley is to admit you don’t understand the game itself. Thank you

  4. Once again the D couldn’t hold for the last 30 seconds, painful…..

  5. I wanted it to be close if we were going to lose. I’m proud of the way we came out the 2nd half, and now on to the off-season. We’ve got some development to get to with our young defense and hopefully we can get a weapon or two for next year’s offense. Great run this year; it was beyond my wildest expectations.

  6. Hawkenstein says:

    That’s on coaches and defence. we could have had 6 points in the first half easily. defence needs to grow up a little and learn how to be clutch

  7. Who really felt good about the Defense holding onto this lead?

  8. boycie99 says:

    Too many times in the last 2 years has the D gone prevent after a go ahead score in the 4th and everytime the opposition have marched on us and won the game, thats inexcusable

  9. I immediately thought we scored too quickly. I figured they could get 20-30 yards in 30 seconds. I really was disappointed in the freeze time-out. And that second to last play should’ve been a seam route and down for a time-out.

  10. boycie99 says:

    The Legion of Boom needs to step up when it counts then they can give themselves nicknames.
    PC getting hormonal on half time, was Huge

  11. I don’t even feel like watching the next game.. I had this long positive thing written, but it wouldn’t post..

  12. Congratulations to the Seahawks. They had an awesome season. Showed a ton of resiliency and flat out played their hearts out. From a fans perspective… Thank you!

    That said, as alwasy these things come down to just a few plays. Defensive line play was marginal. RW had a poor decision. PC had a poor decision (4th down attempt). And our defensive play call in the last 31 seconds was far too conservative.

    Now I will root for the Ravens and keep an eye on 2013. It was a helluva ride guys!

    Read more here:

  13. HawkyHann says:

    Reminded me of Chicago game at end of regulation.d couldn’t step up. We are so fortunate to have Russell Wilson.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    This game comes down to Carroll’s decision to *not* take the 3 and go for it on 4th in the second quarter. Period.

  15. boycie99 says:

    So it could be the Harbaugh Bowl… Ouch that hurts

  16. Seem route would have taken too long to run

  17. LeePHilI says:

    Two poor coaching decisions with the ball on the 10 yard line.

    Add 6 points to the Hawks score and the final Atlanta score is meaningless.

  18. or the fact that we had the lead and couldn’t even slow them down -

  19. Weird…not sure why my post ended up with a link attaced at the end.

    Duke, this game down to a LOT more than PC’s one bad decision. RW had a bad one, the defense played poorly, the defensive line played worse, and our defensive game plan was marginal at best. I agree his decision was wrong, but there were a lot more bad things besides that. All of them could have changed the outcome.

  20. menopaws says:

    Just grateful there is SOMEONE on the TNT staff that knows how to spell Seahawk—anybody else see the front page of the paper this morning??????Someone, please, hire an English teacher to spellcheck final copy….Please!!!!!!!!
    Seahawks make me proud–they play exciting football and are a lot of fun to watch…Your youth and skills will keep you in a good place in the League in the future…….

  21. Hawkenstein says:

    At this point I don’t care who wins the SB…..just please not the niners and their fugly QB

  22. You can’t add 6 points to total only 3

  23. And huge question– Who’s going to be replacing Gus? Do we know he’s gone already?

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – Not one *single* decision determined this outcome like Carroll’s

  25. It took the Falcons 12 seconds to move 43 yards.

  26. thursday says:

    I think this ultimately, simply, comes down to lack of experience and questionable coaching. If we’d gotten that fg on 4th and 1 we wouldn’t have been so desperate for the TD at the end of the half and probably gotten another fg. Those six points would have been the difference.

  27. SebastianInTacoma says:

    I know we get timeouts, and I know the Falcons get timeouts…but I didn’t know the refs get timeouts. What was that, why was it allowed, why did they get a second field goal attempt, and why are NONE of the post-game shows talking about the ref call that blew the game???

  28. thursday says:

    However, I will say, our comeback legitimizes us quite a bit. I can only imagine the fallout if we’d got burned 30-14 or whatever. Next year we will be amazing.

  29. You can’t claim 6 points!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every NFL team would have tried a pass at the end of the 2nd and then after the Inc (if no TD) they kick it. Atl executed and Seattle didn’t and they got the sack – clock ran out

  30. EastCoastFan51 says:

    that was a painful ending for sure. i thought we had it but 31 seconds is more then enough time for our defense to lay an egg. I think we needed to be aggresive but we went in to prevent. other than carroll costing us six points he coached well…his half time pep talk sure got the team to make some plays…question where was baldwin all day? almost seemed like he wasn’t out there. i also think lynch was more banged up then we know…great season everyone…we need a beast pass rusher next year and home field would help too…go Seahawks!!!

  31. Sebastian – Carroll called Time out – pretty obvious on the replay. Not sure what he was complaining about.

    Word press (you are making posts too fast . . . . .) screw you

  32. kgoulet15 says:

    I don’t post here often, but I have to after that game. What a game, what a season. I’m looking forward to next year already! Seahawks have a lot to be proud of, and the future is bright

  33. freedom_X says:

    Funny how everyone has turned on Gus Bradley again. Well, I think that Carroll and Bradley are scheming and covering up for a lack of a pass rush (that much worse when Seattle’s only reliable pass rusher, Clemons, was knocked out.)

    There’s no doubt the defense had slipped a lot in the 2nd half though, shutouts notwithstanding. I thought the offenses were flipped – Atlanta played the way I though Seattle would, and Seattle played like Atlanta.

    I really would love to see an analysis of why Seattle’s run defense has declined so drastically since the 49ers home game on Thursday night. Are opponents using concepts from that game and exposing a weakness in the defense?

  34. SebastianInTacoma says:

    xcman…with less than 20 seconds to go, these guys are jumping up and down when calling timeouts…but Carroll mutters something to the sideline ref, then walks away, almost nonchalantly, waiting for the kick. He doesn’t say “Time Out”, he’s probably saying “I’m not calling a Time Out”. Not clear to me at all. I’ll watch the sports wrap up tonight on the news, but nothing I’ve seen on TV shows a time out being called.

  35. What makes it painful is this is how 7 of their last 9 losses have occurred. Let’s not forget the Bears game where they tried their best to give away that game. That Rams game was a bit too close also.

    1. Seahawks score to take a late lead
    2. Defense immediately allows the game winning points.

  36. I am quite proud of this team, cause they weren’t supposed to be this good. Rw wasn’t supposed to be this good. I am very excited for next season. Yes it sucks that they lost, but they gave it a good shot. There are some things to think about for next season, but the future looks quite brite. SEAHAWKS!!!

  37. He doesn’t need to jump up and down to call a time out when you are standing 6 inches from the ref and in those situations the ref is ALWAYS waiting for the time out to be called

    If PC said “I am not calling a Time out” to the ref then the person being punished is him – that would be the dumbest thing EVER.

  38. That would have been the greatest 4th quarter comeback in NFL playoff history.

  39. “This game comes down to Carroll’s decision to *not* take the 3 and go for it on 4th in the second quarter. Period”

    Come on . . silly to pin a game with so many back and forths like this on a single call that early in the game. Too many variables happening thereafter. You don’t know how many playcalls might have been impacted by a different score over the next 40 minutes of gametime.

    we’re all pissed off and heartbroken, so I don’t blame you. But I do disagree completely.

  40. LeePHilI says:

    xcman – I’m guessing you haven’t coached football. When there are only 38 seconds, you always play prevent and never allow a receiver to get behind you. Ask Denver, they learned….the hard way.

    Atlanta, for all they are not, are capable of completing a couple of middle range passes and their kicker kicked a 49 yard FG. It goes with the territory.

    Having the opportunity to choose to kick a field goal from the 17 yard line….not once, but twice….is almost unforgiveable.

    Aside from the lack of “perfection”, I fully expect this team, and the additional players with which they will improve next year, to go to the NFC Championship or possibly the Super Bowl. It was a far better year than I could have ever imagined in September.

  41. Russell Wilson is really something else. His ability to avoid the pass rush at the most absolute crucial points in a game, is off the charts. As good as anyone playing today. And then, because his scrambling often puts him in the clear, he’s got the ability to make strong, accurate throws. And the thing about him – you get the sense he would’ve been the guy leading a 4th quarter gamewinning drive in the super bowl too. he’s got that feeling about him. he’s the best thing about this season.

    Can’t believe the season is over. I was so resigned to a loss, when it got to 27-7, but then to come back, and lose this way, what a f-ing heartbreaker.

  42. Duke, you’re wrong on this one. I appreciate you’re passion and most of your comments are well thought out. But LOTS of others plays/decisions had just as much impact. RW’s decision to not throw it away at the end of the first half had just as much impact (one example).

  43. We had the lead 28-27 with 31 seconds to go. They were at their own 30 and needed about 35-40 yards to get in the kicker’s range. It’s the defense’s job by definition to stop the offense. They did it for most of the second half. They couldn’t do it on the last drive. It’s on the defense. Defense dug us a hole in the first half, they couldn’t stop the run and Kam didn’t provide enough help on the Roddy White long bomb. The defense cost us this game, and as the season progressed, our offense has improved and become more solid than our D. We gained almost 500 yards on offense and lost. That shows that our D came up lacking. Those that make excuses for the defense are in denial. Revisionist thinking, 20-20 hindsight. We lost, it was still a great season, I’ve never had this much confidence in the Seahawks winning, ever. Not even in 2005. Next year’s NFC West divisional games are going to be brutal.

  44. I didn’t say they shouldn’t play prevent (which I HATE) but I did say they didn’t slow them down.

    Get a pass rush on and not let a 30 yard route develop would be a start.

  45. MEhawkfan says:

    One thing is certain in all of this, at least for me: The Seahawks did not lose to a better team.

    Oh, and Zack Miller had one hell of a game!

  46. Skavage: Totally agree. Though PC’s call on 4th and one was bad, there were a number of other circumstances that were momentum changing and tough to overcome. Fumble, blown coverages, etc. Any one of them not happening could have meant a win for the Hawks.

    Regardless, I hope PC will think critically about that call and move forward with that knowledge.

  47. I should add though, that one of the issues that the Hawks had was that I didn’t get my drink on during the game–bad form on my part. Also, with a go-hawks mohawk I am 0-2. This loss was probably a lot on me, and for that I am sorry–I thought the lucky underwear would be enough.

    Hey, we still have the M’s, and they’re pretty good right? *Crickets*

  48. proudpackerbacker says:

    What goes around, comes around. Better luck next year.

  49. The season is over and Packers fans are still sour. That’s pretty sad.

  50. A team has to be admired that can move the ball to within fieldgoal range in only 31 seconds.The Seahawks have had their share of comebacks this season.I tried to post twice but I keep getting a notice that I am posting too fast.Whats a person to do,wait until next season?

  51. thursday says:

    didn’t the packers get their asses kicked last night?

  52. un freaking believable! cant hold a lead for 25 seconds??? inexcusable! also inexcusable, leaving at least 6 points on the field while getting too cute! listen closely carrol, you can hear a collective lauphter from all the superbowl winning coaches. what a horrible decision. i cant even comment on the defense.

  53. SkeleTony says:

    why can’t I post?!

  54. SkeleTony says:

    It was 25 seconds. Not 31. It was 31 before the kickoff and 25 when their offense took over. All we had to do was to hold them out of our side of the field for 25 seconds and we could not. I don’t know whether this is Bradley’s fault or just our defense being tired but we got beat up pretty bad.

  55. SkeleTony says:

    Okay seriously?! The forum has the word “s-l-a-p-p-e-d” filtered out?!

  56. proudpackerbacker says:

    KBrooks, what is sad is Pete Carrol, on Nat’l TV, going to the official, denying and lying about calling the time out before the initial field goal miss.

  57. MedicintheArmy says:

    Look, none of thought they’d be this good. Yeah, I’m disappointed, but what a rally. 2014 Super Bowl Champs!!??

  58. Hormonal??? once again Pete Carrol proves that no matter how many “filters” are in place to keep him from making stupid decisions on 4th down, he will hurdle them all. 6 points left on the field, lose by 3. The time out before the field goal was the real topper. Hey Bradly, maybe next season you can spend your time putting together a game plan instead of interviewing for a new job?

  59. jawpeace says:

    Every game is going to have “what ifs” and like my dad says hind vision is 20/20. The fact is we had the lead very late and the defense gave it up. End of story, end of the season.

  60. jawpeace says:

    I am excited about the future. Russel is already an elite QB. Honestly if you could trade him for any other QB in the entire lead. I would say pass on all but be tempted with Aaron Rogers.

  61. took14theteam says:

    menopaws, I mean the new Facebook name of Mickey LeRoy, nice to see you commenting again. You still haven’t figured out that nasty old return key….

  62. wmhartley says:

    Exciting finish to the year, … but,.. thank you, Seahawks, for giving SF 49 niners first place, and SF home field advantage, and a bye, by Seahawks not keeping Terrell Owens on day 1 of 2012/2013 season. Terrell Owens could easily have given Seahawks more pass offense, and more wins. No clock stop at end of 1st half, combined with unfortunate clock stop at end of 2nd half, meant stop, stop, stop, for Seahawks, today.

  63. nonstopjoe says:

    It’s Seattle, so the ending should have come as no surprise. Maybe next year the adam’s apple won’t bob so much.

  64. yellaman says:

    All I can say after todays loss is that this team excelled even with a coach who hamstrung this team early in the season and who made terrible decision that cost us in a couple of games this season. The decision to go for it on 4th & 1 was ridiculous call during that stretch of the game then the 3rd down sack at the end of the 1st half (committed) by sweazy was inexcusable. The first half at worst should’ve been 6-20 instead we had zero points. I glad PC has mafe the roster young and competitive but can’t stand his in game decisions. This isn’t the first time he has cost his team during a game but that’s my only complaint. I wish he was a little more like holmgren was with his decision making. I agree with all of his and Snyder roster moves but to have no points in the 1st half was terrible. Now the defense, we gave up 167 yds rushing today to Turner & Rogers that where we lost this game. Another defense end of the game lapse. Are you kidding me? The falcons went 42 yds in 2 plays in less than 30 sec. Also why couldn’t we double team Gonzo in pass coverage? If you look at all of our losses this year it was the defense that couldn’t come through. I know they were #1 in points allowed but come on make a play to win a game. This team should’ve hone farther and pete carroll knows that to be true. So we can only hope we get another chance next year

  65. Russell Wilson, you had another game and performance for the ages, once again sabotaged by your lousy, overrated defense. You (and we) deserved better. Thank you for a great season! Kids should be writing poems about you instead crying themselves to sleep tonight.

  66. The Seahawks won in 2012. They found a QB for the next 10+ years.

    Now get that QB some WRs that can actually be red zone threats and 2013 will be a big year. Very disappointed in the WR core in 2012. As ATL showed, taking a couple 1st round WRs can pay off. Time for Seattle to get RW some weapons.

    Great season by Seattle. The loss is a tough one, but they earned it fair and square with a horrendous first half of football. Gotta play 4 quarters, just like they said after the Washington game.

    Would love to know what Roddy said to Sherman after his bomb. Sherman was asking for it. He got torched by a WR without great speed. Ouch.

  67. mojjonation says:

    Settle was not in prevent. They were in 3 deep 3 under, rushed 5, and Tru was out of position. Thank you Hugh Millen. So technically it was a blitz.

    Leaving points on the field in a road playoff game is inexcusable. Throw in that RW should have seen that 11 guys were stacked in the box for that MRob fail and should have called TO or audibled out.

    It was a season that exceeded expectations and one where we found our franchise qb. Address a few problems in the off season and the NFC West trophy makes its return trip to Seattle.

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