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Carroll laments loss, says future’s bright for his young team

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 13, 2013 at 4:35 pm with 137 Comments »
January 13, 2013 4:35 pm

The Seattle Seahawks were not in the mood to discuss moral victories after losing to Atlanta 30-28 in the Georgia Dome.

The Seahawks fully expected to be playing San Francisco for a third straight time this season, with a chance to go to the Super Bowl on the line.

“Yeah, definitely,” Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner said. “You go up one with 30 seconds left, you feel like you’ve got the game. They ran some routes that I should have stopped.”

Instead, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and his players are looking toward next season.

“I hate to be dealing with this right now that we got beat today, but the future is so bright for this team, and they know that,” Carroll said. “They’ll live with this frustration for a long time.”

Added Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill, who said he intends to play another season: “This team has got a lot of great pieces in place for the future – a lot of young guys, a lot of great talent. I think Pete and Schneider have brought in a lot of great guys that are going to be around for a long time.”

Pete gets hormonal again
Carroll once again showed that he’s a risk taker, going for it on fourth and 1 from Atlanta’s 11-yard line with his team trailing 13-0 in the second quarter.

Fullback Michael Robinson was stopped for a yard loss on a play he usually converts for a first down.

“It’s one of our staple plays,” he said. “They brought extra D-linemen and they sent the safety off the edge and we didn’t have enough blockers for them.”

In fact, Robinson was 6 of 7 on 3rd and 1 during the regular season running a similar play.

The Falcons took over on downs, and scored four plays later on a 47-yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Roddy White.

“We had a little screw up on third down there, and we didn’t get the communication clear. On fourth down we thought we could knock it out, but they did a real nice job with a little stunt and hit us in the backfield, on a running play that we make first downs on all the time.”

With the Seahawks losing by two points, on the surface it would appear that Seattle not taking a field goal in that situation could have been the difference. But not according to Russell Wilson.

“That’s our mentality,” Wilson said. “We play aggressive. It’s the playoffs and let’s see what we can get. That play has worked for us so many times, and we didn’t get it this time.

“But it didn’t define the game. A lot of people will question that, but it didn’t define the game. We went up at one point, and there’s so many other plays in that game that we could’ve done better, or that we did really well. So I think it was a great call, to be honest with you.”

Where’s the pass rush?
The absence of Seattle’s sack leader Chris Clemons was definitely felt on Sunday. The Seahawks failed to sack Ryan once, even though he threw the ball 34 times. The Seahawks also finished with just one quarterback hurry.

“Absolutely,” Carroll said, when asked if his defense missed Clemons. “How could you not? He’s our best player in rushing the passer for three years. So of course we did. Mike Morgan had to play. Mike hasn’t rushed the passer 10 snaps in his career. So that’s how we went with hit.”

Carroll said because the defense couldn’t get pressure up front with just the front four, the Seahawks had to blitz more than they normally do. Bruce Irvin, starting in place of Clemons, finished with just one tackle, no sacks and no quarterback hurries.

Wilson sets franchise mark for passing yards in a postseason game
Wilson finished 24 of 36 for 385 yards, two touchdowns and one meaningless interception at the end of the game.

Wilson’s 385 passing yards surpassed a franchise record for passing yards in a postseason game

The mark eclipses Matt Hasselbeck’s 341-yard passing performance against St. Louis on Jan. 8, 2005.

Wilson made a believer out of Atlanta safety William Moore.

“That dude is going to be a big problem for defenses in the league,” Moore said. “I came away very impressed with his game. He can do it all – he can run, he can throw, and he has the moxie you like to see in good quarterbacks. He was truly a game changer and a playmaker for their Seattle ball club.”

Some tidbits

* Seahawks tight end Zach Miller eight catches for a career-high 142 yards and a touchdown.

* Golden Tate finished with six catches for 103 yards, and his eighth touchdown on the year.

* The Seahawks gave up 167 rushing yards, the first time they’ve allowed a team to rush for that much since the Miami game (189 yards). Michael Turner ran for 98 yards on 14 carries. Jacquizz Rodgers finished with 64 yards on 10 carries.

* Seattle did not force a punt until 7:34 left in the game.

* In the second half, the Seahawks scored touchdowns on four of six drives, on 80, 80, 62 and 60-yard drives for scores.

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  1. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Proud of the way they battled back today. They played a great second half, however you have to play great for 60 minutes. Really psyched about the future of my Seahawks!

  2. Maybe something is building but we’ll see. For now we are still just the losers in the divisional round and unable to play in the east in early starts. Nothing new in the end.

  3. sluggo42 says:

    We screwed up 3 first half drives. We should have won by 14

    We will go undefeated next year

  4. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    they have learned to win on the road, should have won this one. more importantly they have learned to come back to believe they can.

    let’s face it losing jason jones and clemmons was just to much to overcome. need better DT to rush and another DE since clem most likely won’t be back on time next year. i love BI but he is a rush specialist at this point. they need to do more to get him match ups he will win easily.

    i won’t say they go undefeated but i will give them 12-4 all day long

  5. seatowntp says:

    HawkfaninOK what part of OK do you live in?

  6. Next year is a looong way away, so no predictions yet from me.

    But really happy with this years progress and hoping we can continue to improve and build.

  7. For those who like to play GM, here is a link to an early free agent list.

    I can’t recall where I saw it, but the Seahawks have ALOT of cap space (the most in the NFC west by a large margin).

  8. I think this team took the next step this season. They are maturing at a rapid pace that will serve them well going forward. Barring mass injuries or some catastrophe of that sort, this team could be 13-3 or even better next year.

    But they do have a glaring weakness to address. They need defensive line help and they need it badly. Jason Jones never really did pan out and the loss of Clemons showed just how badly we need the ability to create pressure elsewhere.

    Irvin is good in strictly pass situations but he is just sooo raw. He desperately needs to refine his craft. Speed alone will not get you by in this league. In fact I’ve sometimes thought this season that considering his size (fairly small) he’d almost be better off in a Demarco Ware type of 3-4 defense as a LB. But I’m not sure if he’s even ready for that. Tons of pure athleticism but not much technique or skill. He could really benefit from some hard offseason work.

  9. yakimahawk says:

    @ Duke …Those like pabuwal who hold only the defense responsible today are grossly short side, IMO.
    (from last post)…I am not trying to create conflict, I am pissed as anyone. Any yes it was both sides of the ball and coaching. But when the moment is at hand it has got to be seized…We lost but I fell we were the better team..IMO

  10. How many key starters did we lose this season? Jason Jones. That’s all I can think of.

    Then Clem last week (in the play-offs).

    Who can guarantee that we’ll be this healthy again next year?

    Wilson makes nothing (compared to what he’ll make in the coming years).

    Sherman makes nothing (compared to what he’ll make in the coming years).

    The time was NOW the way we were playing. There’s no way this team isn’t better than any of the teams still in the dance. None!

    I’m so sick of the loser “next year” mentality that I can puke. The time was NOW.

    This isn’t to say that we can’t/won’t win it all next year because I do expect great things (but you can’t promise me that Wilson, Rice, ET, Sherman, Okung, etc. won’t tear a knee or anything like that).

    I am demoralized right now. The future may be that five key injuries destroy 2013. We don’t know and nobody can guarantee that it won’t happen.

    This sucks.

    I am so proud of this team… but I am so crushed at what might have been. Or, IMO, what “should” have been.

    No way I’d be scared of SF or either clown team from the AFC (thanks to the horrid pass “defense” in NE). This sucks.

    If there are any genius defensive coordinators here though… how do you propose getting pressure on opposing QBs when you have ZERO quality pass rushers on your roster right now? That being said, I still believe this team SHOULD have won the Super Bowl.

  11. yakimahawk says:

    Seattle did not force a punt until 7:34 left in the game

    WOW…We have work to do.

  12. Yeah. Those two interceptions they had sucked. Maybe you’d be more happy if they had forced punts instead?

  13. WiscCory says:

    If seattle has money to spend, why not go for DE Michael Johnson from Cinci. 11.5 sacks in 2012.

    Perhaps a few more bucks available after reworking Flynn’s contract.

    Proud of the 2012 team, however the (lack of) pass rush again hurt this season. Mebane is awesome, and Red needs to get healthy. The inside should be stought again next season – just need more from the end.

    Future is soooo bright with Wilson.

  14. I think you knew when the Seahawks scored and left a massive 31 seconds left on the clock how the game would end.

  15. WiscCory says:

    BobbyK. I feel the pain, too. Tough day.

    Next year will be better. Perhaps a little more competition at LB, RG and DE will make the Hawks even better.

  16. Jason Jones was a rotation player, not a starter(Mebane and Branch). Having said that, losing him and Clemons were our biggest injury loses on D.

  17. You and both know Jones was more important than Branch to this team. That’s why I call him a “starter.” Branch was a “rotation” player even though he was a “starter.”

  18. Southendzone says:

    There was almost NOTHING impressive about ATL today. If not for the Hawks slow start again where we basically handed the game to them we cruise to a simple victory.

    SF is going to destroy ATL next week.

  19. yakimahawk says:

    Bobby I am happy with the picks but repeated converted 3rd and longs need to stop. When we can get consistant pressure with 4 we will win the SB. Unless our offense turns into NE then it wont matter. But the most important piece of the puzzle is Wilson and I am confident we hoist the trophy soon.

  20. Get ready for Colin Kaepernick as your next Super Bowl winning QB folks.

  21. We need pass rush help, that’s for sure. That’s priority #1 this off-season, IMO.

  22. I’m upset, but i’m OK. I’m alright. Here’s a little thing to cheer you guys up:

    When Carroll was starting Wilson over Flynn, we were all pissed off. The team was dead last in most passing categories, a lot of us were talking 5-11, 6-10 in the live chats. None of us thought we’d go as far as we did with our “terrible wide receivers” (which I’m 100 percent fine with going into 2013 with), the “rookie quarterback that’s too short” (who, as good as a quarterback as there is in the NFC, IMO), a “set of linebackers” who weren’t going to be good enough. This team was “expected to be the closest to SF, but SF will run away with the division”, and damn, this team took it down to week 17 to finally lose the NFCW.

    I’m comfortable with this team, we need to address depth and talent on the defensive line, a healthy WT3 will replace the aging Trufant at nickel, and this team is elite. We’re not far off. We have the draft picks, and the talent is there. This team is legit, and I can’t wait until next season.

    This team spotted the #1 seeded, 13-3 Atlanta Falcons 20 points in a half, and still took it down to mere seconds at the end. I’m upset, but I feel good at the same time.

    Guys, sleep easy tonight. This team was a contender THIS YEAR, regardless of what the pundits said. A young, stout foundation, I’m excited. I’m just throwing random thoughts down on this, but I feel good. Who knows what free agency and the draft will bring.

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    Say what you want, but this game was called poorly by Gus.Yes the Hawks blitzed on the game winning drive, but those were the most vanilla blitzes ever.I really would love to see him go elsewhere. Pete hurt the team also with his failure to take points when he should have.But even with that I’m proud of this team.

  24. edstang45 says:

    BobbyK seriously feel your pain also. But you know we have the building blocks to be great going forward. If we had the d-line that consinstantly gets pressure it would have been a different game. Our offense sputtered when we needed scores in 1st half, but our D was defiscient getting stops til 7 mins left. Everyone knew we had pressure issues all year, so we really did a great job getting where we did. It’s not a loser mentality to be looking for bigger and better things next year. We need to improve on defense pressure and I am sure we will..2013 is gonna be better yet Go Hawks

  25. Looks like there are going to be plenty of good looking DE/DT/WR prospects available when we pick (even if most are gone, it only takes one of those guys at those positions)… At this point, I’d love nothing more than for our first 3 rounds to go something like this:

    1. DE or DT
    2. DT or DE (whatever wasn’t drafted in round 1)
    3. WR

    I have read a bunch of “our guards suck” posts, but I disagree. I am happy with a (finally) healthy Carp next to Okung at LG. Sweezy won’t be a R next year, which I’m thrilled about, so he may be fine at RG with a year of seasoning. But if Moffitt gets his ass in shape, he could beat out Sweezy. That’s a nice potential problem to have. For one of the first times in years, I’m happy with our OL moving into the following year (as far as not wanthing an early round pick on the OL).

  26. thursday says:

    honestly, the time was not now. you can’t expect to make a super bowl much less win one when you let yourself get into a 20-0 hole before putting points on the board. and it’s not like it happened fast, it happened in an entire half. saw every winning team this weekend put up points like it was going out of style.

    yeah it was an amazing comeback and all that, but we never should have been in that position in the first place. not if we wanted to really win. tbh, i’d rather have lost this game than lose to the whiners or even in the super bowl.

    it sucks, but i’m sure the packers and texans thought they were good enough too and they weren’t and guess what they both had home games, we didn’t.

  27. agree w/bobby’s post – O-line did enough, I might swap your picks at #2 and #3, but if we went D-line in the first two rounds, that works for me too.

    loss is sinking in. ah, well.

  28. also sucks not having anyone remotely to root for among the final 4 teams. I would have liked to see the Broncos or Packers win if it wasn’t us.

    Looks like we’re heading for SF v. NE, but what do I know, I called 3 of the 4 games wrong this weekend.

  29. In a 4-3 under that used Red Bryant as a DE, the Seahawks did not stop the run all that well this year. If you are going to scheme to stop the run at the expense of rushing the passer, you have to stop the run. Red simply wasn’t as dominant this year (foot problems?) and when you rely upon only one guy to get pressure in the base defense (Clemons) — and then lose that player to injury — you are screwed. And with Clemons at 31 and coming off ACL surgery, I think Carroll needs to reconsider his defensive scheme for next year.

  30. Great franchises have QBs that build their legends on comeback victories and Super Bowl Championships.

    This Defense’s inability to hold a lead with a mere 25 seconds left prevented long-time Seahawks fans from enjoying either for the first time ever.

  31. thursday – That’s crap (the time wasn’t now). The only time Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl, his team was losing 21-3 to the Patriots in the AFC Champinship Game late in the 2nd quarter. You don’t hear any Colt players say that they really didn’t deserve to win that year because they let the Patriots get too big of a lead on them in that one play-off game.

  32. Did anyone else notice the embrace between Flynn and Wilson at the end of the game? No idea what words were said but the body language made me think Flynn was congratulating Wilson on a fine year. Looked VERY classy from a guy who had every reason to expect to be the starter this year. Props to them both.

  33. That’s a good point about Red Bryant. If he can’t stop the run, he’s a double liability.

  34. Skavage – I saw that too. Flynn was giving him a pep talk and it looked genuine. You know damn well Flynn wanted to be the QB this year, but the way he handled that situation was really cool, I thought.

  35. Ewalters7354 says:

    I would really like to see this team address the 3-tech.I mean it ridiculous! Hopefully the FO can finally get that guy.Mebane is fine, Branch is better suited for rotation.They need a Geno Atkins type player and this D will be set.I know it’s hard to find those type of players though.

  36. Hey Bobby, agreed that all of the DTs were ‘rotational’ players.

    Having said that, I am pretty sure if you looked at snap counts you would see that Jason Jones and Clinton MacDonald got many fewer snaps than Branch and Mebane. So based on who started and snap counts, Jones was not a starter.

    I also agree that Jones was more important to the pass rush than Branch (but that Branch was more important to the run defense).

    It will be interesting to see who the Seahawks value (Branch and / or Jones) by who they try and retain.

  37. Sorry to post this here, but I’ve been cleaning cookies:

    The problem with the 4th and 1 call wasn’t making the call, it was calling the same play they always run in that situation. Even I know that it’s going to Michael Robinson. The Seahawks coaches have to do a better job of self-scouting. The Falcons clearly knew the play that was going to be called and had planned for it.

    That said, it was an amazing game, and it would have been so sweet if they could have dumped Ryan on his ass on one of those last few plays instead of letting him connect. It is absolutely clear to me we need a better pass rush. Even with a healthy Chris Clemons. We need a fearsome rush.

    How far have we come this season? How many of you seriously thought at the beginning of the season that we’d go 11-5, beat the Patriots, Packers, Vikings, Bears, and Niners and come within 13 seconds of winning the divisional playoff game?

    Every team has problems. This team has been magnificent. It is the only team in the 33 years I’ve been watching the Hawks that has never given up or mailed it in. The way they can come back is amazing.


  38. Yes. I was extremetly disappointed with Big Red a big part of this year (after signing the big contract). However, I think (hope) it had more to do with the foot injury than anything. He makes too much to be average against the run and terrible rushing the passer as a DE. Regardless, I really want a DE early in the draft (that can run/rush the passer). I’m so sick and tired of not getting to the QB. I can only think of ’07 as having a team that could get to the passer a little bit.

  39. vichawkfan says:

    I haven’t posted on here all year – but been a contributor in the past back to 2005. End of the day, only one team and their fans will feel good about the season they just had. Who knows what might have happenned in SF and then New Orleans, but I will say this – having RW’s talent is great to have on the team, but more than that, his mental, emotional maturity will allow him to take this experience and grow big time. Next season will be unreal…..we need to host at least one game at home in the playoffs, two would be great. Given the line-up of opponents next season on paper anyways, we’ll be hosting Divisonal and perhaps NFC Championship.
    Go Hawks !

  40. There is a lot of money tied up in that DL for them to play so poorly.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Player of the game? Tony Gonzalez. He just dominated Kam in every which way!

    Sad that our oc put the training wheels back on Wilson in the first half. I think that trying to force feed the run really set this team back in the first half.

    Two times in the first half we get to about the 10 yard line and get nothing!

  42. I guess the thing that disappoints the most this season (and it was a great season) is that we tried so hard to fix the pass rush but the results were very inconsistent. We lose one guy (Chris Clemons) and the best we can do is sign Patrick Chuwukra (I have no clue how to spell his name)? Thats a lack of depth.

  43. did that chuclkauakgu guy even play at all?

  44. Snappa, good post and well said. As I posted earlier…I am a believer in this team and can’t wait for next year!!! Go HAWKS!

  45. Yeah, red was abit of a let down this year too. Hopefully he bounces back and has a great year next year.

    @WiscCory – I had the same thought about Michael Johnson, but I don’t know much about him (yet).

  46. The way the NFL is going it almost makes no sense to commit big money to a DL but simply spend it on stud pass catchers who can hit a home run from anywhere.

    There was no defense played this weekend.

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Did Irvin even play today? I can’t remember his name being called at all.
    It just seemed like the whole team was asleep in the first half.

  48. Draft next year

    1. player left on the board who best fits our team
    2. player left on the board who best fits our team
    3. player left on the board who best fits our team
    4 player left on the board who best fits our team

    you get the idea.

    Locking into a particular position makes them possible stretch for a specific position instead of getting a guy who may be petter for us. I think they have done a decent job of this so far but I am hoping we can get a guy in the first round who can actually contribute big right away instead of 2/3 years down the road

  49. I believe that this frustration can be what transforms this team from upstart to champion.

    The defense was too cocky for their own good. I can’t get over thinking that the defense thought they were better and tougher than they really are. Time for them to walk the walk….beginning the first game next year. Down the wire, in the second half and the playoffs, the few games lost by the Seahawks were lost by the defense. They aren’t half as good as they think they are. That has to be changed in the offseason, right at the line of scrimmage…but in the backfield as well.

  50. “I believe that this frustration can be what transforms this team from upstart to champion.”

    Right. all of us on here are too partisan to be objective. when you talk to your friends who are fans of other teams tomorrow – they’ll tell you what mine told me – – – some version of, ‘this will only make your team hungrier, like the Niners were yesterday’ – there is something about the process of proving yourselves in the playoffs before you can make it to and win a super bowl. I would be it’s pretty unusual for a team to go from consec 7-9 years to winning a super bowl the next year. It would’ve been sweeter than sweet to get all the way there this year, but I think for the most part, this is how it works. This is how you get there.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    So if we’re acknowledging that offense rules the day, how on earth can you then blame the defense for this loss when they passed on 3 points (twice…!) and lost by 2? Can’t wait to hear it…

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Can’t reasonably have it both ways. Also, if you believe this is on the defense, sight specific examples of what you would have them do, either personnel or scheme wise, differently. Go…

  53. I think we woke up the Niners. But in so doing we may have thought we were better than we are, on defense in particular. Our depth on defense was exposed by the loss of Clem. In some ways I also think our coaching staff needed this experience. They need to cut down on mistakes as well.

    We can just add people, very few, on offense as a completing piece. On defense we need much more work, and a handful at least of solid additions, both starters and depth.

  54. montanamike2 says:

    What a season of the ages for Hawks fans, yes we need a few more parts but we have cap and picks, more importantly the ability to draw talent finally. We actually won the game but a redo on the kick lost it.
    RW has been a goldmine and that’s in his rookie year! Next year we can come out blazing and home field in the playoffs is an absolute must.
    The Rams will improve too and soon the NFC WEST will be the most feared division, btw i think we’d have beat SF next week, we lost a golden chance but i’m totally proud of the Hawks this year.

  55. I’m definitely disappointed in bruce. i know hes just a rook, but he cant replace the impact that Clem makes. I hope that changes, but this offseason, the Dline needs to be fixed up. The secondary is incredibly good, and with a better line, it will be even better.

    great season. i am sad today, but so happy about the direction of this team, and cant wait for more football next season

  56. morleytr says:

    Why isn’t anyone saying anything about Kam? He did not have a very good year save for a couple of games, and he wasn’t very good today. Can we expect him to look more like Year 1 next year, or is this the Kam we’re going to get from now on? He just did not seem the same.

  57. I don’t claim to be an expert on the details, but I will cite a couple that appear obvious: we need more mobile , large bodies on the line. Our rushing defense was exposed today…but once again we lacked the ability to hurry the passer. That is a line of scrimmage problem. If we blitz, it is rare when we get there…our safety blitzes are almost non-existent. It appears that teams can successfully guess what our patterns are and take advantage of it (this is true on offense as well). As far as schemes go, less predictability would help.

    I think we need at least another better coverage linebacker and perhaps better depth in the backfield…for nickels and dimes. We will never again have an injury free year like this one, never. We need to now build young depth behind our young veterans so that one injury will not entirely derail a game plan.

  58. morleytr says:

    Also wanted one of those quick passes right up the middle to Miller with :06 left, and a TO. At least get a FG chance, even if from 60, from the gift the Falcons tried to give. The five-yard out to Baldwin was a waste.

  59. Ok Duke let it go before you give yourself an aneurism!!! and BTW they only Passed on it ONCE – they other was poor execution by the line and RW.

    I agree with you they should have kicked it, but they didn’t and STILL had a chance to win. but here are some examples . . .

    When we gave the ball back to ATL on what the 11 the scored in 4 plays – FOUR!!! Terrible defense the whole way.

    We decided to play REALLY DEEP and rush 6 but send the most generic blitz EVERY and still not get home or even close to it. (at the end)

    We very seldom set the edge for outside rushes if ever – giving up HUGE runs! of course that can be lack of execution as well.

    All in all you can find ways to blame coaching, defense and offense for the lack of execution today. but you win as a team and you lose as a team and they are done for this season.

  60. “also wanted one of those quick passes right up the middle to Miller with :06 left, and a TO. At least get a FG chance, even if from 60, from the gift the Falcons tried to give. The five-yard out to Baldwin was a waste.”

    Thought the same thing. We had the timeout as you said. would’ve been a miracle to come back, but still….

  61. Dukeshire says:

    xcman – I respect that… Damn it though. Heart wrenching game. In every way…

  62. Duke – Agreed!!

  63. Skimming through these comments, The the thing that sticks out most is Pabuwal’s broken record about the D. Not just this thread. Almost all threads. Are you the middle child, always ignored so you keep on repeating the same thing over & over? We heard you the 10th time..

  64. watching the highlights – it’s the little things too. if ATL’s running back doesn’t come all the way across the backfield to get a piece of the blitzer on the last throw to Gonzalez, the game is over too. great a play.

    And more on RW – how calm was he in the pocket today? With all kinds of chaos just a couple feet away.

    His scramble away from the pass rusher on 3rd and 5 from the ATL 25 yd line or so on our final drive, was another one of his unbelievable escapes, that we have gotten used to. Other QB’s try that one, and get sacked. But he’s got such fantastic quickness and confidence in his feet. Has a seahawk QB ever played a better game at a more important time than he did today? Thank god we drafted him. It would be a much different outlook for the team’s future if we hadn’t, b/c I don’t think Matt Flynn has what RW’s got. Need to remember that.

  65. rramstad says:

    Duke, you are clearly a bit rattled by the outcome, and that’s fine, I think we’re all there.

    In the first half, the score was 20-0.

    You’ve been emphasizing the zero, and that’s valid, certainly there were opportunities for six easy points, just by changing a couple of decisions.

    It’s just as valid to emphasize the 20. Atlanta ran the ball very well. It almost looked like our team believed the stats, that Atlanta wasn’t going to run the ball, because they weren’t good at it, and we played defense as if ATL was going to be throwing the ball a lot. Guess what? We were wrong, they were perfectly ready to run the ball, and much better than they had earlier in the year. So, our defense needed to commit to stop the run, and do that first, before worrying about the rest of the program… it’s as if our defense started out thinking that they needed to stop the passing game… which is something they had to do, sure, at least slow it down, but it’s very hard to win when the opponent is both running effectively and mixing that in with a good passing game.

    I think on offense our stubbornness about the running game in the first half was part of the zero, too. Again, it’s almost like the staff looked at the film and the stats, decided that ATL gives up a lot of rushing yards so boom, feed the Beast, and that was the game plan for the first quarter plus a chunk of the second. It was very clear early that we needed to spread the ball to the perimeter and take some shots behind the linebackers, but we didn’t do that until the second half.

    Ultimately, I think this loss probably rests on the coaches, and that’s where I agree with you, absolutely. I think you point out a couple of obvious situations where we could have gotten points, and in a two point game, any scoring situation is HUGE. That said, more broadly, as an offense we did not take what the defense gave us, and as a defense we did not commit to stopping the run as the #1 priority. These are both basic basic concepts but again, I think viewing too much film and reading too many stat sheets can skew game planning… it’s like they came up with the perfect game plan against what they thought the Falcons were, and forgot the most basic things.

  66. What i heard on the radio after the game is that play with :06 left, they were trying to get the play down the middle of the field, get down and call a time out, but those options were covered so they had to go to the third option. Without watching the All 22 film i’m not sure if that is true, but i’d imagine that was the game plan.

    Atl’s D was much better than i thought it would be. They played a hell of a game today. So badly wish we got the W today, but gotta live with it. I’m happy this team got some playoff experience. Few of us thought they’d do this well this year with a rookie QB etc. so after a few hours of reflection and time away from the keyboard, i can be at peace with this loss. Seahawks are a team on the rise, we are witnesses greatness every game, win or loss

  67. We Seahawk fans have a lot to be thankful for. We got the biggest prize in last year’s draft — in the third freakin’ round! Russell Wilson is going to be a Top Five QB in the league, perhaps even the best QB in the league. I’ve never been more impressed with a Seahawks QB. Dave Krieg was hot and cold; Matt Hasselbeck had some Pro Bowl-caliber years, but only at his peak could he match the rookie for clutch plays. It’s going to be a great ride and if the Seahawks keep drafting well, the Lombardi could be coming to Seattle several times in the next decade.

  68. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Wasted opportunity!!!!

  69. I know “perspective” probably won’t be appreciated by everyone tonight, but…

    The Seattle Seahawks are the youngest team to win a playoff game in 21 years.

    the youngest team to win a playoff game in 21 years!

    The future is very bright, we came farther this year than we thought we could, and I am very happy tonight.

  70. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Wasted opportunity.

  71. psoundpowerhouse says:

    The defense looked like crap.
    Freakin’ jerk is out interviewing for jobs in the midst the quest for a Superbowl.
    Freakin’ joke.

  72. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Glad everyone is so happy!

  73. Most QB’s are pouty after a heartbreaking loss like this, even Rodgers and Brady have been known to be quite salty after losses, but did you see RW after the game? He set himself apart by being the same classy and positive person he always is. He was talking about how he was disappointed but as he walked up the tunnel towards the lockers he was so encouraged and excited about the prospects for next year’s team.
    Gotta love it. I was kinda down before I heard him say that, and he cheered me right up. I have followed the Seahawks for nearly 30 years, and this year’s team has been my favorite of all time.
    I have nothing but high hopes for the years to come, and have no doubt that Russell Wilson will lead us to the promised land, not only because he is talented, but because he is also relentless and will not stop working until he gets us there. As he always says: the separation is in the preparation. Go Hawks!

  74. ryanryan says:

    one funny note – i was at the game, and when we scored to go ahead about 10% of the atlanta fans got up and left…it was the craziest thing i have ever seen. so, for me – the silver lining was that a lot of the atlanta fans didn’t even see their team win…it was astounding.

  75. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke-Pete Carroll clearly loss this game with his emotional decisions.But at the time he chose to go for it I agreed.Just because of the way the game was going.

    But Gus Bradley didn’t have his best game calling plays.Kam blew a coverage a gave up a td, but in terms of generating pressure, Bradley sucked.I think only one or two blitzes got home? Not to mention playing soft zone with 30 secs and 3 timeouts for the
    Falcons.Maybe Idk what I’m taltalking bout, but that’s just my opinion.

  76. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters – I agree, and I’m not exonerating to defense. They played poorly, especially against rushes between the tackles. But I am so frustrated watching Carroll take points off the board, and devaluing field goals. Anyway…

  77. Ewalters7354 says:

    Yea I def agree.You said numerous times that if the hawks lose by 3, that would come back to haunt us and it did.One thing Pete has to do is keep his emotions in check bc this isn’t the first time he’s screwed up.This just so happened to end this teams season.This still hurts

  78. The coaching staff lost this game. On defense, the pass rush wasn’t there. One thing you can do to help out the rush would be to have the corners stack the line and disrupt the receivers routes. Instead they were forced to play off 5-10 yards giving the receivers plenty of room to run. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Could they not cover Tony G? How many times did he run 5-10 yards down the field with nobody on him? He is a big guy and hard to miss.

    On offense, where was the read/option? Where was any misdirection play? Atlanta was lined up and attacking the point of the play every time so what did we do? Run directly at them?

    When Wilson ran, he picked up good yards. How come there were no designed run? Newton tore Atlanta apart with his legs yet we refused to call those types of plays. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    The hardest part watching was the number of wide open receivers that were open yet Wilson didn’t throw the ball to them. In the first half, Rice was open twice. By open I mean the defender was almost 10 yards behind him. One play, Wilson threw the ball short to Miller which was a good play UNTIL you look 15 yards past him and see a wide open Rice waving his arms.

    Not getting the ball to Rice until so late was confusing. I’m not saying Rice was open every play, but he was open quite a bit. It’s a weird trend with Wilson. He seems to not want to throw the ball to him until late in the game. I just don’t get it.

    It was hard to get a grasp on the game through replay because Fox coverage sucks. They were so bent on showing commercials that replays were an afterthought.

    All in all, it was a good year. Hard game to lose especially knowing SF is going to run an offense that Seattle should have ran. A lot of read/option, a lot of misdirection, a lot of throwing the ball to the open receiver.

  79. montanamike2 says:

    I think the play calling was way too predictable. 3rd and 1 going to M. Robinson? We have to change it up. They had ample footage of the season. I think that Lynch fumble cost us the game coupled with a pair of field goals we should have taken, but i think they know where the weaknesses lie and hopefully address them this offseason, we do have a lot of cap. I was hoping Bruce would step up to where he impacted the day. I couldn’t believe Ryan could sit in the pocket all day! Instead Bruce completely disappeared. We need some defensive pressure bad.

  80. The Seahawks did rack up 500 yards of offense and score 28 points against an Atlanta team that was averaging 25.5 points a game on offense.

    A slightly above average defensive performance would have won the Seahawks the game. But the Defense hasn’t really throttled a team on the road all year. They have allowed the opposing offense to perform at the same or better than their average.

  81. montanamike2 says:

    To come back and win the game when we were down by 20 at halftime is simply amazing, we lost because of our impulsive coach but that was a game! Does SF have to go to Atlanta now because of the #1 seed?

  82. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyK; “I’m so sick of the loser “next year” mentality that I can puke. The time was NOW.”

    THIS is loser mentality crap. The time “was” now? C’mon. Grow up. This team is built for the future and nobody–especially you–saw this coming, particularly at QB, when the season started.

    Bright future, I’m looking forward to it.

  83. It’s the day after and I am so proud of this team.

    However, I am still extremely pissed off that we wasted this opportunity.

    I realize the future looks bright and I’ll drink that kool-aid but nobody can promise me that Wilson, Sherman, ET, etc. won’t have a season ending injury of any kind prior to the play-offs next year and screw away some of our hopes in the future.

    There’s absolutely no reason we shouldn’t have beaten the Whiners next week and then beaten either very beatable team from the AFC. “Next” year we may put ourselves in better position, but we also may find ourselves facing more formidable opponents than what we’d be facing next week or against the Ravens/Pats.

    This sucks so bad. I want to win a Super Bowl so badly and the path seemed relatively easy (as “easy” as playing play-off teams can be) here and now. It’s not normally that easy in the play-offs with respect to opponents. The Skins-Falcons-49ers (who we recently throttled)… that’s not nearly as hard as something like next year when it could be or will probably be better teams that that. You know the Saints will be back, the Packers will improve (they are young, too), the Giants always have to be taken seriously, etc.

    Even though we will be better next year, in all of our opinions, we’ll have to be because our post-season opponents will probably be tougher, too.

    While it’s more fun to look to next year, I can’t help but get over from knowing I should be watching the Hawks beat the Pats (again) or the Ravens in the Super Bowl in just under three weeks.

  84. SeahawksFan12 – WTF? I have to grow up because I saw a golden opportunity get wasted yesterday? Really? Just because nobody saw this coming means we should be happy we lost? Look, dude, I’m jacked for next year (like all Cub fans) but can you promise me that we’ll get hot (or stay hot) at the right time next year? Can you promise me that we’ll be really healthy next year, too (when we usually aren’t)? If you can, I’d love that and I’ll be 99% confident that we’ll win the Super Bowl next year and agree with everything you say. But excuse me for thinking “what should have been” in 20 days.

  85. montanamike2 says:

    I agree Bobby that we blew a golden opportunity and we would have beat SF, but like you say it is what it is. I’m glad you see a bright future, we do have to upgrade significantly in certain areas not only to keep up but surpass our foes. I hope they can do magic in the draft again.

  86. Dukeshire says:

    This team may have gotten farther than anyone reasonably expected, but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t a missed opportunity. You don’t always get to choose when these chances are presented to you, and as bright as their future appears to be, there’s no guarantee they’ll get back.

  87. montanamike2 says:

    We need to start blowing teams away from the start of next season to clinch the division.

  88. For the first and only time this year I agree with Duke.

  89. It will be interesting to see who stays who goes and who is brought in via trade or draft. Once again our defence could not hold a lead in the 4th quarter. it doesn’t matter weather it was 1 point 3 or 7.

  90. Yes. We must secure home field advantage next year! And I think we can if we can stay relatively healthy.

  91. sluggo42 says:

    I guess I don’t agree that the time is now, because for the defense, now isn’t the time. I think the offense could have had a shot, but he defense, especially without Clem couldn’t hang.

    The draft, free agency etc will bring a few new players into the “d”, and next year will be the now.

  92. montanamike2 says:

    I’m not as concerned with losing some of our coaching staff, if we lose our talent scouts then i’m really scared.

  93. It’s so important to get that 1st round bye (we’d have had Clem yesterday if it weren’t for having to play that extra game) and to play at home. I want to be in Seattle for the NFC Championship Game next year!

  94. sluggo42 says:

    I really think we go undefeated next year. We were within 7 points every game this year no?

    Next year will be ugly for the other teams

  95. sluggo – Most teams that win the Super Bowl are not perfect. They have faults that you can attack and that other teams have exposed before (except for the ’72 Dolphins that never lost). Not every team has a great pass rush, great secondary, great LBs, great this, great that… all have weaknesses. Even with our pass rush being as it is, there’s no reason we couldn’t have won yesterday, beaten the Whiners again, and then played the Pats (who can’t defend the pass) or the Ravens (who aren’t dynamic world beaters themselves). Every team remaining in the play-offs has a weakness or weaknesses. Our pass rush would have been our weakness that we still could have overcome.

  96. sluggo42 says:

    True bobby, but we lost this game, as well as others due to the exact same thing., that’s telling isn’t it?

  97. montanamike2 says:

    We need pass rush ASAP.

  98. sluggo42 says:

    The offense could almost out score the other teams at this point in spite of the defensive lapses though. And sure, on any Sunday anything can happen. But the rest of the teams playing seem to be able to get at least some kind of pass rush going. I often wonder if our lack of a rush is due to scheme or personnel…

  99. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t like our schedule next year. It seems like the better teams we play are on the road.

    Then you have a team like Atlanta that gets to pad their record because they play in a crappy divison.

    I just don’t see us getting alot of home playoff games in the next few years, but it will be great if we do.

    BTW- I hope Tony Gonzalez retires this year.

  100. Can anyone explain to me why this team goes into a soft zone when they NEED a stop? Dont they play best in man to man? I’m not the best X’s and O’s guy, so maybe its something i am just not seeing, but why do they do thia when they’ve been burned on it all game? Browner was interviewed after the game and said, “we were in a soft zone” regarding the final drive. You could tell he was very pissed off about the play call. If this is on Gus Bradley, time for him to go away. This can not happen. And they have let his happen time and time again. Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta…SMH

  101. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “We need pass rush ASAP.”

    I hear you montanamike2. Could you forward that message to Irvin?

  102. sluggo42 says:

    I remember in 05, at the beginning of the season, that many people felt like we had a brutal schedule. But as it turned out, we were just better than them all.

    On paper, a tough schedule next year means nothing to me, because we are better. I think the other teams that have the Hawks on their schedule are thinking that they have the tough schedule.

    We already know the js/pc will get 2 or 3 additions to the team defense, and maybe we find a big WR too…. But I see this team being the very last team anyone wants to play next year, cuz we are going to be frightening right out of the box. First game will be ugly for somebody….else!

  103. Irvin really needs to work on his technique this off-season. He’s got so much speed/quickness but he’s got to work on his moves.

    I wonder if this young team would take on a guy like Osi to be a situational pass rusher? Seems to me that this is the only significant area of the team that needs immediate improvement.

    If the knee of Jones is going to be 100% for next year, I hope they resign him and still draft a 3-tech with some pass rush ability/potential in the first three rounds.

  104. I hope the Falcons can beat the 49ers.

  105. princeaden says:

    IMO this team need the next Justin Smith, an explosive over the top receiver and depending on Carpenter, possibly some guard help.

  106. Osi was on my mind but as a full time starter.

  107. Dukeshire says:

    “Can anyone explain to me why this team goes into a soft zone when they NEED a stop?”

    No. And I wish I could.

    I find it a bit ironic that there is complaining about the Falcons padding their record because they play in a poor division. The Seahawks were in the very same position for many years, not so long ago.

  108. princeaden says:

    Duke, that is the very thing that makes me crazy about Gus Bradley. Is that a Bradley or Carroll thing ?

  109. I agree with Duke for a second time lol.

    There is no guarantee that 12-4 gets the Seahawks a playoff home game with the strength of the 49ers. We might be in this position of having to win out on the road for years to come.

    The Eagles fans are convinced Gus Bradley will be their next head coach.

  110. Dukeshire says:

    princeaden – I think it’s a Bradley thing. Pure conjecture here, but he ran similar schemes under Mora as well. The game in Indy against Manning in ’09 comes to mind, where they did that for nearly the entire game and got sliced up. That doesn’t mean Carroll isn’t on board however, but I think that’s mostly Bradley’s concept at play.

  111. surelyyoujest says:

    “This team may have gotten farther than anyone reasonably expected, but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t a missed opportunity. You don’t always get to choose when these chances are presented to you, and as bright as their future appears to be, there’s no guarantee they’ll get back. ”

    Of course not, but does that mean it wasn’t a great season ? Did we not enjoy the heck out of the late season run ? Are we not feeling fortunate we have a true franchise QB to lead us for the next 10 years ? Isn’t it great that one of the youngest Teams in the league looks this good already, and went into the playoffs….and won a game on the east coast ? Wasn’t that a heck of a game yesterday ?

    I know it’s hard to move on from a tough loss, but hopefully very soon people will realize how lucky we are to be in this position. It was a great season, and for me, it all came a year earlier than anticipated. Sometimes young Teams have to learn the hard way, and yesterday was a tough lesson. But I have no doubt they will learn from it.

    It doesn’t seem to matter when or how the season ends, fans (other than the SB winner) for some reason love to wallow in what they don’t have, or what went wrong. Human nature perhaps. Same reason why this board is twice as busy after losses than wins. Damn wins, can’t complain all week.

    The future looks pretty bright to me. Thanks to all of the Seahawk players and coaches for a heck of a season. Much appreciated, and I’m right behind you again for next year. Go Hawks!

  112. Dukeshire says:

    Of course it was a fun year. And as you point out, this team appears to be in a wonderful position moving forward. But I too agree with Bobby, that the “next year” mentality often results in more losing. And look, I for one am not “wallowing”, but goodness sakes, yesterday was and is tough medicine. It was a missed opportunity…

  113. trout_hound says:

    That was heart breaking, but I’d feel a lot worse if we didn’t come back to scare the crap out of them in the second half. When they were down 27-7 in the fourth, I made some comment to my kid about how I wasn’t sure they could make a game out of it. He said, “Where is your faith in your team, Dad?” I guess I’ve been a Hawk fan so long I am used to disappointment, used to being mocked by the fans of other teams. Used to losing badly. Against all probability, they took the lead and should have won. Even though they lost, they showed heart. They played a hell of a game. I walked out proud to be a Hawk fan.
    Russell Wilson was transcendent. I’ve been on his bandwagon since training camp, but its really astounding how well that rookie played this year. So calm, so confident. What a leader!
    If that was an afternoon game, we would have blown the Falcons out. Took us a half to wake up – damn Eastern time zone.
    As far as the read option goes, many of those Lynch runs up the gut looked like reads, but the DE was staying home, so Russell kept handing it off. They probably could have mixed it up better. I wasn’t happy with Bevell in the first half, but the play calling (and execution) improved greatly in the second half.
    By the way, I still think the Hawks got the ball hiked before time expired at the end of the first half, unless the clock they were showing on Fox wasn’t the actual game clock.
    It was a great season. I’m bummed its over, but this offseason I have something I haven’t had in a while – confidence in my team. Remember last year when it was over and we still had T-Jack. I got depressed just thinking him as our QB. Now I know the Hawks are going to be good next year and years to come. Damn good.

  114. The thing about this season is that we found a QB with some magic in him to lead the team. Take away #3, and are we even close yesterday? His whole season has been a crescendo, and it peaked yesterday with 385 yards of passing, and with him putting the team on his back (w/little or no run game for once) for 28 points in the 2nd half.

    The way it ended was such a jolt and shock, and I walked around depressed the rest of the day yesteday – but then I realize that Atlanta’s been trying to get around this bend for 3 years running, and it took all they had to beat our team.

    There’s no reason to think we won’t be back in the mix next year. But it is a long off-season in this sport, that’s for sure. Been a fun ride this year.

  115. Anyone notice how identical this game was to the Atlanta game in 2011? From 27-7 to a 30-28 loss.

  116. yakimahawk says:

    The 49ers are an older team but now with a younger QB…They will be tough for years but so will we and quite frankly the only position that is consistent with teams being in the playoff’s year in and year out is franchise (elite) QB and I think we have it. We need an over the top DL and a better pass rush and we win on the road more consistently. And oh, ya NO MORE soft zone reads with 25 seconds left would help.

    And a big Thank you to Duke, Bobby K, Pabuwal and all the rest for a great year of blogging. I for one will miss it this off-season. Here is hoping we can all meet @ C-link for a Hawks game next year. GO HAWKS!

  117. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    seatown,SE oklahoma right on tx boarder north of paris tx flag poll out by the road with a 12th man flag hanging on it.

    tough schedule next year they will have to run the table at home again and win at least half of the road games to get home field for most if not all of the playoffs. tough road but after yesterday i feel confident it not only can but will be done.

    look forward to seeing what mmagic the FO comes up with this year

  118. I think SF and SEA will make eachother better for the next 5-10 years. NFC Best!

  119. “Can anyone explain to me why this team goes into a soft zone when they NEED a stop?”

    Dukeshire said: No. And I wish I could.
    I find it a bit ironic that there is complaining about the Falcons padding their record because they play in a poor division. The Seahawks were in the very same position for many years, not so long ago.

    Duke, agreed, and I have no doubt that even Gus Bradley was cringing watching that double zone D unable to stop Ryan and his receivers.

    Sure, this loss was a ‘missed opportunity’, but what I saw was a team that IS NOT READY to win a championship. As we all know, its not as if a coordinator or a play call can turn a good team into a championship team. This team did not have the players on the field needed to be champions.

    Missing Chris Clemons was impossible to overcome given the depth behind him. Without his pass rush, we could pressure Ryan much.

    Rookie Bruce Irvin was in no way an adequate replacement for Clemons. I’ve been watching Irvin closely on tape game by game and I still maintain that he started losing his legs and strength after about 12 games or so. He was fast yesterday, but he hasn’t looked strong since mid-season. Like most rookies, his legs and conditioning could not last 16 games pushing against NFL Tackles, never having gone through such a physical marathon.

    If you can’t pressure the QB, and he has multiple receivers who are all pro caliber, you better get your best coverage defenders back in a zone and hope and pray they make the plays. Obviously, this defense is still a couple of players short of being a championship-caliber defense.

    This is a reason I am not crying about yesterday’s loss. I’m happy. This team came a long long way this year. They are close. They are not a championship caliber team yet, they are very young, growing up, a few players short of a championship, and I am really looking forward to seeing them take the next steps!

  120. rramstad says:

    BTW, it’s been explained by others including FOX that the clock they were showing at the end of the 1st half wasn’t correctly synced with the official clock. They actually showed a replay at the start of halftime showing the time expiring before the snap occurred.

    I’m of two minds.

    This is a missed opportunity. I do think we could have beaten the 49ers in SF next week, and I would have very much liked our chances in the Super Bowl especially given our offensive explosion in the 2nd half.

    It is absolutely correct that our team greatly exceeded my expectations. They are fun to watch, don’t give up, and work hard. We don’t have many holes in our team, and this next draft is rich in the things we need, especially defensive linemen. I hate saying “next year” but at this point we are out of the tournament, so, that’s all that can be said.

    As an aside, I think our experiences this year will be super helpful next year, especially on the road. We may very well have to win playoff games on the road again next year… and we know this year that if we had played just a little bit better on the road, we could have had that #2 seed, which might have made all the difference… I’m jacked and stoked to have the NFC West be the Best division in football!

    (Though I think I have to adopt the Ravens for next weekend, I can’t stand the idea of the 49ers or Falcons hoisting the Lombardi, both inferior teams to our Seahawks.)

  121. OregonHawk says:

    I will bet the NFC South and AFC South are quaking in the boots to have to play the NFC West next year!

  122. rramstad and OregonHawk – agree 100%!

  123. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyK, for the record, I like you and value your contributions to this blog. My point (to you and anyone else who thinks the sky crashed down and the end is here) is that if you think this was a one-and-done opportunity, then you will continue being miserable like loser Cubs fans, etc. Its the samy pathetic mindset 49er fans live in when they point to their “6 rings” even though they have yet to get back to the big game to even compete for one.

    This team is as good as it has ever been. I’ve followed the team from day one in ’76, NEVER turned my commitment, fandom, support or die-hard love of this team elsewhere. Yesterday was by far the most painful loss I’ve personally experienced as a proud “12”. YES…this loss hurt worse than the Super Bowl, IMO.

    HOWEVER, if you focus on season-ending injuries, never again “getting hot at the right time”, or any other REALITY of the game and think THIS TEAM cannot make it through that stuff (like other great organizations like NE, Indy, etc have year after year) then stop watching sports and follow something more guaranteed.

    You want a guarantee, and there are none. Not in sports or in life. Seattle may never make it to another Super Bowl again, and if you KNEW for certain they would not, would you stop being a Seahawks fan? I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE AND SUPPORT THIS TEAM REGARDLESS.

    Fact is, part of what makes this game so great–and why there has never been a more exciting time in Seahawks history–is that “any given Sunday” applies ALWAYS, and you never know what the future may hold. Nobody expected us to be this good, and there is no reason to believe there will be a huge drop off next season. This team is on the UPSWING. CELEBRATE THAT instead of lamenting ‘what could have been’.

    I get it. It sucks to lose like that, but to sit around and pout and think yesterday was a door slamming shut on any possibility of a bright future just because nobody can ‘guarantee’ it is low-level loser sh!t.

    Sorry. I like you and your contributions, but get a reality check and look to the future rather than wallowing in the past. (Yes, I know it was less than 24 hours…I’m still bumming too).

  124. I think people being down and upset is just part of the grieving process. Dont be mad at fans who are upset right now. If the same people are still pissed off and moaning come Draft day, OTA’s, Camps etc, then yes i would understand calling them out. But one day after our hearts have been ripped out, i think its plenty fine for us to be upset. That doesn’t mean we don’t love this team and hope for the best. Thats just my 2 cents, because at the moment i am pissed at what could have been. I know that in a week, hell maybe even tomorrow, i will be over it and not thinking about that anymore. So be pissed right now at what could have been a great run. But just know that we have our QBOTF and a team on the rise.

  125. chuck_easton says:

    I love what the team has accomplished this year. The future is bright.

    As for yesterday. I think it was a great effort by the team. So close, but I agree it was there for the taking.

    1. Just one scoring drive in the first half of any sort and we win.
    2. If there was any pressure on Ryan in the last 31 seconds we might have stopped one of those passes and held of the FG.

    My ‘blame’ if there were any for yesterday would go directly on two defensive players.

    1. Irvin…obviously not ready to start and play full time. How many times can one guy end up standing beside the tackled player but never actually be part of the tackle? No pressure on Ryan at all.

    2. Kam. The guy is supposed to be a LB playing SS but he got schooled by Gonzales all day. Was never close to stopping any pass directed towards the TE. That was his job and his man.

    And finally. As it appears every year once the season is over, or the umpteenth year, #1 priority for the upcoming draft is to find some pass rush. You can’t have a situation where one guy, CLEM, goes out and suddenly there is ZERO pressure. While I love what is says about Clem there has to be other guys to step up.

  126. There have been times with zero pressure and blown leads even with Clemons.

    Is Red Bryant just too much of a liability in the pass rush and given his injury history should they go to a more traditional 4-3 DE? Chancellor has been a huge liability in pass coverage since day 1 but he is the most physical SS in the NFL. Is that the right way to go?

    The Defenses perceived improvement this year was due to an elite offense churning drives and not turning the ball over. But the same problems as last year still plague the unit and until those are fixed it’s hard to see this team winning a Super Bowl unless it’s played in Seattle.

  127. thursday says:

    Agree w/Stevos, SeahawkFan, etc. This team was not ready to win a championship and they proved that yesterday. Secondly, what Wilson said. WHy not us? With regards to SeahawkFan12’s post. Look at those teams who are perpetually good for years and say, why not us? Who says we can’t be one of those teams that makes deep playoff runs and wins a few Super Bowls? Why do we only get one shot and then the next years we’re supposed to run into bad luck?

    Yes, the ending was depressing, but frankly, it’s always depressing when your team’s season ends without a Super Bowl.

    But I say this current team has all the makings of a dynasty and this season was just the beginning.

  128. Look, I’m not saying next year isn’t bright. I’m depressed. Let me be and don’t anyone dare say I’m a loser fan because of it. You don’t even know me. I’ll be as optimistic as you happy people in the coming months, but I need some time right now. If my wife died today, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to excited that I can find a new one in coming year. I’m going to be pretty miserable. I’m not saying a football game is as important as my family, it’s clearly not, but it’s pretty damn important to me (aside from the “real” important things like health, world peace, etc.). Just because I can’t make myself happy we lost (and I know that nobody is “happy” about it), I apologize.

  129. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Nobody–including me–is calling YOU a loser, BobbyK. I indicated that your mindset was a losing attitude. I do not know you, and as I said, I like and value your contributions to the blog. It is great to have fellow fans as ardent as I am.
    Peace, brother.

  130. rramstad says:

    Bobby, we love you man. We know where you are at… we were all there, I think, some of us just a few hours ago… some of us are there with you, right now…

  131. surelyyoujest says:

    BobbyK, absolutely understand why you’re not happy we lost. Neither am I. Was pretty bummed all morning. But, I’m also excited about next year already too. We have a roster that will be tough to make for most rookies. We can be very selective in free agency. The young kids will be a year older next year, and for kids like Bruce Irvin, that will hopefully mean a lot.

    RW hasn’t peaked yet, and based on the trajectory he’s on, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. What a difference from Week 1 to Sunday…..WOW!

    I don’t blame anyone for feeling bad about a tough loss, and it was tough. I just don’t feel like we got gipped. We earned what we earned and we’ll take our medicine. Link by link, right ? Remember the carabiner story from a few years ago ? The road has some potholes in it, and we hit one with a few seconds on the clock yesterday. All part of the journey.

    I remember how I felt after the one and only Jim Mora season, and THAT was something to be depressed about. Weak roster, miserable coach, aging QB, etc. I can’t help but feel blessed with where we are today in contrast.

  132. Dukeshire: Had the Hawks got field goals and been down 20-6 in the second half, Atlanta would have played a more aggressive defense, and not the ultra-soft prevent d that allowed us to score 4 TD’s in six opportunities. And they would have remained aggressive on offense. The game would have been totally different.

    I too saw the quick handoff to Robinson coming; the last time they tried it, it failed miserably too if memory serves. I still cant believe Bevell called two plays in a row that took the ball away from their two best offensive players, Lynch and Wilson. To me, that is inexcusable stupidity.

    Down 20-7 after scoring thier first TD, the defense allowed a time-consuming 80 yard TD drive. Thats not what championship defenses do. They’ve been doing that all damn year, too.

    This D has ridiculously talented players, its the coaches who need to get it together. Using Browner in a soft zone much of the game, after the beat-down he handed Garcon last week, was idiotic at best, insane at worst. Terrible decision–no wonder Browner was pissed.

    Plenty of blame to go around, but the D and the staff are the biggest culprits of this tough loss.

  133. Bobbyk–I feel your pain man.

  134. trout_hound says:

    At least we can’t blame the refs for this one. I for one don’t blame the coaches. The team lost that game. But a hell of a game it was, and if we had another 20 seconds, we’d be singing a different song. Speaking of that, I was pissed they kept the clock running at the end every time our guys went out of bounds. That seemed like a dirty home team trick to me.

  135. silverado110 says:

    LOL I understand what trout_hound said about his kid saying dad don’t you have faith in your team..I have been a Seahawk fan since 1981.I’m so used to the let downs it makes me sick..I told my wife that with 31 sec left that was to much time.I knew they would play soft ,they always do.Even when mike was head couch. Why not put pressure on the WR send a blitz that way it throws pattern off for the route.As for ML the way he ran yesterday was not the same lynch I believe his foot did bother him.As for Rw that kid is a play maker,I do believe in what some of you guys are saying about why is he not seeing Sid Rice down the field.??I am happy for Zach miller it’s great to see him get the ball after three years of blocking.In the draft or FA they need to look at a pass rusher and a Big Wr I think Tate did a good job this year,catches and makes good strives to break tackles and run.OOO And what the heck is Kam doing..??He is not as good this year as last. As for this year =( But hey We should be Semi happy with what we have.And as for bobby and injury’s…I understand what he is saying..This is Seattle We have a BLACK cloud over us ..BUT LETS NOT JINX THEM GUYS..!!!GO ATLANTA..NOT SF..PLEASE. It seems like a long time from now three mons DRAFT TIME..

  136. silverado110 says:

    PS. What did piss me off is that the refs. didn’t give PC that time out when he was almost half way on the field..But when we were down on the red zone Atl. didn’t have someone covering rice they received there time out..As A Referee I do high school and some collage Football We have enough refs. on the field to see it..

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