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Notes and quotes from Pete Carroll’s Wednesday press conference

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January 9, 2013 2:37 pm

Pete Carroll had his Wednesday press conference. It was the usual mix of questions about personnel moves, match-ups and other aspects of the big game on Sunday.

“The guys are pumped up as you can obviously imagine,” Carroll said. “We know that Mike Smith has put together a great team, a team that’s so consistent. They’ve been extremely disciplined.”

Here’s a few quotes and notes … 

Carroll talked about the loss of defensive end Chris Clemons (torn ACL) and kicker Steven Hauschka (calf strain).

“We will miss Clemons tremendously,” Carroll said. “It does call for Bruce Irvin to step up.”

Obviously, Irvin will be called on to take his place on most downs. He will go from pass-rush specialist to every down player.

“You can tell the sense of urgency in him,” Carroll said. “Ryan is a thrower, and that position is being called on as a factor in this game.”

Carroll talked about Irvin’s year as a whole.

“I think he’s been terrific,” Carroll said. “Think of the expectations that were outside of our building. Ours were that he could do all of this. He’s had a very consistent work ethic of a mature player that’s been around. He’s still watching the older guys and learning from them. He’s been productive. I think he has more sacks in him. I think he can be a double digit sack guy for years to come.”

The Seahawks could also use Greg Scruggs at defensive end at times, maybe in run situations.

“He’s more of a classic 4-3 end,” Carroll said. “He can do ton of things well and play the run really well. He isn’t going to give you that speed.”

Seattle also brought in free agent defensive end Patrick Chukwurah, who was originally drafted in the fifth round of the 2001 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings, where he played from 2001-04. He then spent 2004-06 with the Denver Broncos, where he recorded a career-high 4.5 sacks in 2006, before spending the 2007 season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He recorded nine sacks during his NFL career, before spending two seasons in the UFL, playing for the Florida Tuskers.

“Pat is a very impressive kid,” Carroll said. “He’s been a great worker with a great attitude. He’s in great shape and we put him through a very physical workout. He reported in fantastic shape.”

As for any role that Chukwurah might have, Carroll wasn’t certain.

“I don’t know how much he’ll play or what kind of role he will have, but he will help us in special teams,” he said.

Speaking of special teams, Hauschka’s calf strain would likely have kept him out two weeks, hence the reason for bringing in Longwell.

“Stephen can’t get right in time to play,” Carroll said. “He can’t kick off for us. He might have been better by next week, but we weren’t sure. And obviously this game is hugely important for us.”

The Seahawks auditioned four kickers, including Neil Rackers.

“We wanted to make sure we had a good sense of who was available,” Carroll said.

In the end, Longwell won the job. He hit a 55-yarder during the tryout and also looked strong in kickoffs. But it was his past exploits that also helped sell Carroll.

I think it’s a really big match-up. There’s going to be a lot of chances in this game. Just play like they always have.

“When you look at the time he’s had in playoff situations, to make this transtiion for a younger guy might be more of an issue,” Carroll said. “I think he can handle it. He’s a very even-keeled guy, a true professional. He was flawless in the workout.”

Here’s a look at Longwell’s postseason stats …

Here’s a few other comments from Pete …

On the match-up of the his secondary vs. the Falcons’ wide receivers –  ”I think it really will be an exciting match-up to watch. They’re receivers are so good. And they target the heck out of those guys. I expect our guys to play how they always play. The best pair and pair you can have match up.”

On how the defense is different from last year’s game against the Falcons — “There’s a lot of guys that played in that game we don’t even recognize. The names have changed a lot. Scheme-wise we haven’t changed much at all. We are more consistent in our technique. We’ve grown so much. We are better.”

On Richard Sherman’s onfield antics — Sherm has been himself. He’s just being himself. He’s also learning through the course of the season he’s a pretty good football player. Has he crossed the line? I don’t think so. But he’s hanging on that line sometimes.”

On his contact with doctors during the game —   “I rarely talk to the doctors in the game unless there is a big issue. I usually go trhough our training staff. We are very careful. There are times when the doctor is bigger than the quarterback.”


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  1. HeatherHawk says:

    I wish there could be a designated Pete Carroll reaction camera/screen that was always displayed throughout every game.

  2. NYHawkFan says:

    Pete’s enthusiasm is infectious. You can tell the team feeds off of it. He will have the Hawks prepared and ready to go. Last week was invaluable experience for Wilson. He now knows what to expect, thus he will play better this week and hopefully pull out another win. Go Hawks!

  3. abqhwkfn says:

    I am really excited to watch how Bruce Irvin handles himself. What an opportunity for this kid. Sad about Clem. He deserved to play in this game. He’s been a great player for the Seahawks.

  4. Vegas56 says:

    I’m certainly not surprised that Hauschka was IR’d. You are only going to roster one placekicker so you need 100% reliability…if there is even a small chance that Hauschka could be compromised in his ability, you can’t take that chance.

  5. Ewalters7354 says:

    One thing about Matt Ryan is he has the tendency to turn the ball over.If the Falcons wanna throw it all over the place, please do! The hawks have faced some good group of wideouts this year and absolutely held their own.The Packers have some great weapons too and look what happened to them…

    They are already gonna hsve their hands full dealing with the red option which I feel will open up big plays.Asante Samuel loves to jump routes.Double move time?

  6. Ewalters7354 says:
  7. a little worried about Irvin’s endurance on sunday. he’s going to be getting a ton more plays than usual, and he’s a whole body-size smaller than Clemons, so battling against guys who are going to outweigh him by 70 lbs.

    And it’s such a key role he’ll be playing. Glad we have him on the roster to step in though, and hopefully, he’s up to the task.

  8. JZombie says:

    I hope Hauschka makes a full recovery in time for the next season!

  9. guys Ryan just tweeted that I am the honorary guest to moderate this upcoming chat. yay.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    He did huh?…

  11. EastCoastFan51 says:

    lets hope Irvin can put some heat on Matty Ice (stupidest nickname ever by the way). We need to pressure him in to mistakes…they have no run game and that continues. We need to start off fast no three and out on the first drive and we need Lynch involved from the get go on the first drive unlike against the redskins. That first three and out gave the redskins momentum. I was at the game and it sure didn’t look or feel good after that drive and boy their fans were flappin their gums. I told them we’ll talk at the end of the game….they were laying it on thick and we took it but when we got the lead and i was talking smack they didn’t like it to say the least….started crap with my 14yr old son…losers…we got the last laugh. Go hawks!!!!!

  12. Southendzone says:

    I’m hoping to see some of Chukwura on Sunday. Maybe he’s another one of those miracle finds by Carroll & Schneider and he plays out of his mind.

    I wish they could have saved a roster spot for Haushka just one more week if they thought a good chance he would return.

  13. RadeOn, just cause it’s legal now, doesn’t mean you need to do it every hour of the day.

  14. RADEoN, how is that Flynn Fan Club thing working out for ya?

  15. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – There is no chance he is letting you moderate the chat. None. lol. You might be a moderator, but it comes with zero authority. Trust me.

  16. Skavage says:

    Slightly off-topic… Does anyone have Comcast and watch the weekly NFL highlights? If so take a look at the highlights from the game last weekend. The voice-over this week is the Redskins radio crew (some weeks it’s our guys and some weeks the other team).

    On the ‘Skins 2nd touchdown play Irvin stumbles towards RG3 and then gives him a shove (and it’s really not much of a shove)…this is the play that Irvin gets called for roughing the passer. Anyway am I hearing things or does the color-guy for the ‘Skins call Irvin a coward? Talk about being out of line…Where’s Sherman when we need him? :)

  17. Hammajamma says:

    Ryan is a pretty good athlete. He can move around, but I’ve seen him frustrated. Inside rush. Inside rush.

  18. FleaFlicker says:

    EastCoastFan51: regarding “MattyIce”, I don’t think the original nickname had anything to do with football.

    Just my pocket theory, but I bet he got a college nickname based on prolific consumption of Natural Light Ice (aka NattyIce which rhymes with MattyIce)….And Matt Ryan and his agent are smart enough to keep that version of the truth out of the media.

  19. freedom_X says:

    So Hausckha’s out for the year? If Seattle made the Super Bowl, it would be kind of depressing (for him) that a 2-week injury would cost him a chance to play in that game. Not to mention, what if Longwell or other replacement kicker washes out? They won’t be able to use their reliable standby even when he regains his health.

    The Chukwurah signing is really interesting. Can he really be in *football* shape at all? Great aerobic and physical shape, but what about all the little things like taking hits, his technique, footwork, etc. that he probably hasn’t practiced in what, 3 years? (or is he just out of the UFL?) Very, very interesting.

  20. the only online video of Patrick Chukwurah I’ve found :
    he’s in shape, at least.

    4.5 sacks with Denver in 2006, before Gus Bradley brought him to Tampa. 27 sacks in 45 college games at Wyoming. Hard to imagine he’ll get on the field much, but he’s intriguing.

  21. Audible says:

    Jones and White have both had problems with drops…White led the league last year…Jones is #10 this year.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Where are we?

    I couldn’t stop looking at the BAD idea T- shirts ad at the top right corner of the page.

    Ok, back to football.

    Easy win if we hang with them in regards to turnovers, and stay reasonably close to them in penalty yards.

    I still haven’t decided if I will go to the game, but no need to hurry because there’s always good ticket deals to be had with regards to the Falcons. Lol.

  23. Dave Boling says:

    Stevos, yes, Chukwurah is in shape. He was in his cubicle without benefit of a shirt. Absolutely ripped. Impressive even in an NFL locker room. He talked mostly about hoping to contribute on special teams. I think it would be hard to expect him to catch up enough to contribute on the defense.

    Carroll said Longwell hit from 50 during his workout, but Longwell said it was 55. Longwell was funny when asked about his history with Hasselbeck, and also cited Damon Huard as his first holder as a kid back in Puyallup.

    One thing I thought was interesting that Pete said about defending the Atlanta offense: “The best thing we can do is keep them on the sidelines.” Last year, Atlanta had an amazing 40-20 advantage in time of possession, but the Hawks only lost by 2 points.

    About Sherman’s combativeness, verbal and otherwise, Carroll said he didn’t think he’s crossed the line. “But he’s hanging right on the line at times.”

    When Sherman was asked about facing Julio Jones and Roddy White, he pointed out that they’ve faced Brandon Marshall and Megatron, already. They beat one and should have won the other.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks again for the color, Dave.

  25. freedom_X says:

    True that they’ve faced Marshall and Johnson. But not both in the same game. (Not that Jones and White are individually equal to either Marshall or Johnson, but Earl Thomas can only help against one guy at a time. Which one?)

  26. Audible says:

    I think Sherman can take out one of them…Browner and Thomas should show down the other one. Our fast LBs on Gonzalez.

    Who is their possession receiver? If he’s any good, that’s the guy I’d worry about.

  27. morleytr says:

    I think we can handle their WRs well enough, they’re going to have their catches but we’ll also have some opportunities. The things that worry me are a) Gonzalez, because we haven’t exactly been stellar defending mid-range passes (Trufant and the LBs really need to step up), and b) Which Chancellor shows up, because he’s been really good in some games, and seemingly getting himself in bad positions in other ones. Looking forward to it, should be an entertaining game.

  28. Pass rush will be huge. Seattle MUST pressure Ryan, he’ll tear us apart if we give him all day. Atlanta will try to run right at Irvin, too. He’s got to hold his ground. Chukwura played with both our line coach Wash and Bradley in Tampa, so he should know enough to be able to handle some play at DE, I would think. At least if Irvin and Scruggs get tired, or God forbid, injured.

    Seattle must return to their offensive efficiency of the Chicago-Niners games the last month of the season. Last weeks stalling and falling apart in the red zone wont cut it against the Falcons. We get to the Red Zone, we have to score TD’s. Ball control, then pound it into the end zone.

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