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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 24-14 win

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 7, 2013 at 6:17 am with 112 Comments »
January 7, 2013 6:22 am
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch leaps between Washington Redskins free safety Madieu Williams, left and inside linebacker London Fletcher, right during the first half of an NFL wild card playoff football game in Landover, Md., Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Good morning. We’ll host our regular Monday Morning Football live chat at 1 p.m. this afternoon, so join us if your have Seahawks-related questions about Sunday’s game.

I thought we’d take a quick look at Seattle’s upcoming NFC divisional matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution offers an initial break down of the contest here.

The two teams met last year at CenturyLink Field, with the Falcons holding off a late charge by the Seahawks for a 30-28 win on Oct. 2, 2011. Steven Hauschka attempted a 61-yard field goal as time expired, with his effort falling well short.

The Seahawks are 8-5 all-time against the Falcons. The last time Seattle travelled to Atlanta, they lost 44-41 on Dec. 30, 2007. The Seahawks are 4-2 in Atlanta.

Atlanta head coach Mike Smith is the franchise’s all-time winningest coach, but has yet to win a playoff game. The Falcons are 0-3 during Smith’s tenure in Atlanta.

Here’s my game story. Even though Seattle got down early 14-0 – the team’s largest deficit so far this season – the Seahawks didn’t panic. “You can’t win this game in the first quarter,” Seattle fullback Michael Robinson said. “And we understand that. You’ve just got to keep fighting and plugging away. It’s all about what that score says at the end of the fourth quarter.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that the much-anticipated face off between Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson never materialized, with the Seahawks once again leaning on the sturdy running legs of Marshawn Lynch.

Seattle’s Richard Sherman and Washington’s Trent Williams war of words ended with the Redskins offensive tackle smacking the Seattle cornerback in the face.

More Boling: Tight end Zach Miller came up with some clutch plays to keep drives alive for Seattle

After a tough start, Seattle’s defense finally put the clamps on Washington’s vaunted running game.

Check out a photo gallery from the game here.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks were punch drunk early, but managed to shake out the cobwebs and take control of the game.

Steve Kelley of The Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks knew Robert Griffin was vulnerable.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that Seattle’s blueprint for winning games on the road – tough defense, a strong running game and forcing turnovers – showed up at Washington.

Art Thiel of says that Russell Wilson was unaffected by the rowdy playoff crowd at FedEx Field, playing like a veteran.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times tackles the main question Washington head coach Mike Shanahan will be answering this offseason – why was RGIII playing on a bum knee?

Former Redskin Brian Mitchell believes that Shanahan should have taken Griffin out to protect him.

Sean Jensen of The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Bears have requested permission to interview Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for the team’s vacant head coaching job. That makes sense, with Bevell’s experience coaching in the NFC North at Green Bay and Minnesota.

Jeff Darlington of The NFL Network did double duty on Sunday, covering the Ravens-Colts matchup in Baltimore, then driving 45 minutes to catch the second half of the Hawks-Redskins game in D.C.

Jim Corbett of USA Today focused on Wilson’s hustle play, getting out in front of Marshawn Lynch to throw a block on his 27-yard touchdown run.

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  1. montanamike2 says:

    Good morning, i had my coffee while i read yesterdays comments.
    Last night i tried to post but when i fell to the floor and knocked over my chair(too drunk) i knew i couldn’t even if i tried. I went to bed and passed out, now that i’ve had some coffee my head isn’t hurting as bad. There wasn’t one Redskins fan at my bar, we’ve officially taken over the place to the point where other fans leave before the game starts, like the Seahawks it’s nice to be the bulley sometimes. I loved that we came back from 14-0 for 24 unanswered points. Skavage was right; the turf was worse than a rugby field after a monsoon. I was severely choked when Lynch fumbled a sure TD to tie the game, but he and Wilson have had each others backs all season. Branch and Mebane stuffed the run. A healthy RG3 still wouldn’t throw the ball to Sherman so i think we still would have won in a grind.
    Props to Irvin for stepping up at the right time, hopefully he keeps it up. Mr.Happy doesn’t look so foolish with our draft now does he?
    Clemmons is done for the season i’m pretty sure. Regardless of history we aren’t the same team anymore, not even close. We are the team no one wants to face!

  2. montanamike2 says:

    I can’t believe Shanahan didn’t pull RG3 after they went up 14-0.

  3. I can’t wait to beat the Falcan’ts!

  4. GeorgiaRay says:

    Eric, Thanks for burning the candle…Nice work!

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I really feel like this is a better matchup for Seattle, in many ways, than Wash was. Also, their defense gives up a ton of yards (although not many points).

  6. jboard1 says:

    Gotta love how all the headlines are about RG3 and his bum knee and how he shouldn’t have played yada yada yada. The hawks will never get respect no matter the win. This was a huge, mature win for this ball team. I am so proud to root for these guys.

  7. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pete has officially brought the L.A. drama to Seattle and I love it! How can you ignore a very talented, confident, rough and rugged team?

    Ray Edwards will mesh well with this group that has a chip on it’s shoulders.He is also pretty good against the run.If Bruce can build on his strong performance, watch out.It just looked like a light clicked in his head and before you know it, he was disruptive. And if Alan Branch can bring that same intensity he brought, oh boy.This guy just couldn’t be blocked for the most part of the second half.I’m a proud fan :)

  8. Dukeshire says:

    jboard1 – Absolutely. And you know what? I’d have it no other way. Keep apologizing for their wins everyone… And yes, a very mature win from a team that knows they’re good.

  9. BigBlew says:

    I couldn’t sit or stand during the first 1/4. I didn’t want to jinx anything..(I know it’s only wierd if it doesn’t work). So I left the tv on and would peak around the corner. I continued doing my remodel project. When the score was finally close I could breath again.

    I’m looking forward to Atlanta and I believe we match up much better. However this is Gonzoles last year and things happen. Just like for the bus in 2005. Makes me nervous when great players are going to retire and all that. Gonzonles has never won a Superbowl and wants to go out on top. The Seahawks win by 3 17-14.

  10. jboard1 says:

    Agree duke. I wont lie, it IS frustrating as a fan, but at the same time, i know that this is exactly what this teams thrives off of and just makes the chip grow bigger.

  11. Ewalters7354 says:

    “’m looking forward to Atlanta and I believe we match up much better. However this is Gonzoles last year and things happen. Just like for the bus in 2005. Makes me nervous when great players are going to retire and all that. Gonzonles has never won a Superbowl and wants to go out on top. The Seahawks win by 3 17-14.Read more here:’m looking forward to Atlanta and I believe we match up much better. However this is Gonzoles last year and things happen. Just like for the bus in 2005. Makes me nervous when great players are going to retire and all that. Gonzonles has never won a Superbowl and wants to go out on top.”

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Gonzales will present a real match-up challenge. He does for any team, but Seattle seems to be especially vulnerable to TEs. Kam would seem to be ideal physically but he’s not terribly strong in coverage, and Gonzales will eat up their LBs. Bradley has his work cut out for him again. Personally, he isn’t allowed a free release all game. Ever. Even if they blitz his cover man, rotate the LB or DE to pop him. That’s where I would start in any case.

  13. Vegas56 says:

    Finishing in the red zone against Atlanta will be key.

    My wife…a huge, monster, Falcons fan was out getting her hair done and she arrived home right at the end of the first quarter. From the moment she walked in the door, Seattle took control. I was a mess after the first quarter (wondering how on Earth they’d win, let alone cover the 3 points I had to give). She walked in and within 5 minutes we had our first points and it was all down hill from there. I consider it that the universe wanted a real war in my house next week(though we’ll be skiing in Park City next weekend, so we’ll be watching the game in the condo). She’s happy to root for the Seahawks…but NOT against the Falcons (oh boy, I’m going to have to look at her all Sunday in her Falcons T-shirt).

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sorry for error.These phones have a mind of their own.But I was agreeing with that statement.

  15. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Atlanta is not that good. they give up 4.8 per carry lynch should gash them even more so than he did washington. run sets up the pass Hawks win big 27-13

  16. HeatherHawk says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Zachary Miller wasn’t all THAT fantastic?… Sure, a few important catches, but I remember at least one big miss, maybe more. Credit for the big plays should be mostly to R-dud.

    Maybe it’s the just the way he runs. It’s like watching a diesel garbage truck.

  17. jboard1 says:

    I disagree. I think that was Zachs biggest, best game in a hawks uniform. Huge catches, and converted everytime when needed. He came to play

  18. bulldog80 says:

    Some positives:
    How about that Sidney catch on the sideline?
    The Lynch scoop was F’n awesome!
    Outside of that fumble, Lynch was unbelievable.
    Even Zach Miller made his presence felt in a big way.
    Gus FINALLY sent the house instead of the soft zone and it worked great. Cousins couldn’t do anything.

    Learning points:
    Russell needs to take the check down even more often then scrambling.
    He missed some WIDE open receivers yesterday.
    Many of Bevell’s designed rollouts actually took RW out of a clean pocket.
    Browner needs more reps to knock the rust off.

    I love this team. Look forward to the falcon matchup.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    I too would disagree. The third down catch he picked off the turf was huge, at that moment. The above discription reminds me more of McCoy than Miller.

  20. HeatherHawk says:

    Maybe John Carlson just got me used to a more streamlined looking tight end?… Dunno.

    Such a great game overall. It’s so nice to have a quarterback with calmness and confidence.

  21. Great TEAM win. Lots of guys made the play when they had to. Lynch’s Beast Scoop. Miller’s big first down on a 3rd and long. Rice’s sideline grab. Russell’s timely “block” that got Lynch in the end zone. Earl’s INT. And so on.

    Overall, it was a group effort and overcoming those 2 opening TD drives was incredible to behold.

    Atlanta is very beatable. They’re pretenders with a horrendous post-season record that will be in the back of Matty Ice Cold’s head all week long. “Don’t do what we did last year. Don’t choke.” That’s like saying “Don’t hit in the bunker” on the tee…what happens most of time? You hit it in the bunker.

    Go Hawks!!

  22. chrisj122 says:

    Miller also caught the 2 point conversion with a defender all on his back.

    I thought he stepped up and played well (just my opinion).

    Rice’s catch on the sideline was just spectacular!

  23. Easily miller’s best game as a Hawk. Every catch was crucial. And his early first down on a 3rd and 12 effort play was what started things going our way.

    I’ve been down on him early in the year b/c he’s not explosive, but the guy has very reliable hands, and now I’m not sure there’s anyone on the team I’d feel safer throwing a 4th down pass to.

  24. Sekolah says:

    I thought it was fairly entertaining the way the Redskins came out and gave this Seahawks team their best shot. It was chippy. It was physical. At times it got ugly. Pierre Garcon was involved in several battles with Brandon Browner, often away from the ball on running plays. Browner absolutely punked Garcon multiple times in these battles. I know Garcon took the ‘punch the bully in the mouth’ sort of approach, but I don’t think it quite worked out the way he planned. It was nice to see the refs just let a lot of the physical nature and aggression go.

  25. looking at ATL’s stats from the year, it does seem like we should be able to move the ball on them. It’s going to be a tough match-up for our defense, their receiving corps is likely the best in the league – but pass coverage is a strength for us, so I do like the match-up.

    I feel solid about our chances next week.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I totally agree with Peter King when he says-

    “By the middle of the second quarter, it was obvious to anyone watching that a healthy Cousins would have been a better option than a limping Griffin.”

    That’s what I was saying last week. Not that Cousins was better than a healthy Griffin, but that he was a better option for them than a gimpy Griffin.
    Not saying the Redskins would have won if they played Cousins in the second quarter, but I’m sure glad they didn’t bring him in when they had the lead.

  27. Sekolah says:

    Zach Miller has been getting it done for this team for weeks now. Clearly he made some clutch plays in yesterday’s game. He’s been doing that pretty much since this offense hit its stride. I don’t get the criticism directed at him. This is a team that has exactly one receiver on it with 50 catches. It’s the system, people.

    Zach Miller was a better TE than Carlson when Carlson was actually good, and he’s still a better TE today. Carlson is a ghost these days.

  28. jboard1 says:

    I really liked carlson when he was here. Obviously his rookie season was incredible, but i think it was more of the product of no talent around him and he was able to get off the line and get open. After that year he was stapled to the line for blocking. I dont watch him anymore (vikings?) but i did like him when he was here. Much happier with our TE’s now however

  29. NWPoseidon says:

    Tony Gonzalez does scare me but we did face a couple elite TEs this year in Witten and Hernandez and we faired decently. Witten really stands out in my mind because after Chancellor laid wood on him he was scared the rest of the game. We need to make Tony hear the footsteps and think twice about catching the ball, then the drops will come and when receivers and TEs start thinking more about the defenders than the ball good things happen. WarHawks!

  30. jboard1 says:

    Agree NW. We have seen this all season long. Receivers seem timid to catch the ball as the game goes on. We saw it yesterday as well…as the game wore on, they were dropping passes left and right. They can claim all they want that the hawks are getting lucky by all the drops, but there is a reason why they are dropping these balls…they want to live to see tomorrow and not get laid out.

  31. Unbelievable game yesterday. I was partying too hard with friends to come online. It was one of the most exciting Seahawks games of the year.

    I’m so impressed with how this team pulled it together in the second quarter. They faced things they needed to face: road game, energized opponent, energized crowd, bad field conditions, nerves – and they faced it all down and rose above it. Pete Carroll deserves credit for this job of coaching and leadership. This young team is maturing before their time.

    Playoffs are a time for a team’s toughness and depth to pay off. Is our D line deep enough? We lost Dexter Davis, Jason Jones, and now Chris Clemons, who was absolutely key to this D’s success vs both pass and rush. Guys really need to step up and prove why they are here: Irvin, Big Red, and Scruggs all need to step up. Branch really showed up yesterday. We’ll learn a lot about our DE depth next week.

  32. So what do we do about the Clemons injury, is Irvin ready to step up full time, is he even big enough to fill that roll? Who replaces Clem, Bruce and Red?

  33. Palerydr says:

    Not sure why anyone would criticize Zach Miller as I personally don’t remember him dropping any pass that was catchable this year. He also caught the 4th down pass in Chicago that lead to our tying the game. The TE matchup might be the deciding factor in this upcoming game, us stopping theirs(Gonzalez) especially on 3rd downs and ours(Miller/McCoy) having a big game.

  34. Tony G can still play, but he’s not the quite the player he once was, for fairly obvious reasons. He is productive, however, playing in a pass first sort of offense that just routinely feeds him. K.J. Wright has the length to defend him and is one of the best (if not the best) backers this team has in terms of pass coverage.

    The Seahawks have struggled at times with TE’s, and I know Kam is getting a lot of the blame but a lot of the damage opposing TE’s have done has been when the Seahawks are in zone coverage. It isn’t necessarily Kam that’s being taken advantage of but more so the particular coverage that is called. For whatever reason, teams have found cracks within Seattle’s zone pass defense (of the few that exist) where their TE’s are concerned. It hasn’t been a huge deal, but it’s hurt the Seahawks at times.

  35. Re: Irvin. Hope he’s eating at Red’s house this week because he needs to be as heavy as possible by the weekend. Seems like he gets tossed around on running plays. Great at rushing the passer, and since ATL throws first it’ll be interesting to see how Bruce handles the full load. He can hang with Quizz, but if Turner gets some momentum he’ll bowl over Bruce. Granted, it takes Turner 10 yards to gain momentum.

  36. Will we sign Ray Edwards if Clem is done?
    What about our kicker?

  37. Losing Clem sucks mainly for his abilities as a run defender. I’m still not quite sure if Irvin will be up to par the way Clem is in that regard. He’s still raw, but the dude just has so much raw talent to draw from, and an insane motor that seemingly doesn’t idle. I think Irvin getting his first start at LEO is going to be something of a coming out party for him as far as rushing the passer goes.

    The issue now will be trying to bring equal heat off of that right side. I saw Scruggs lining up at some DE against the ‘skins. They’re going to have to grab a body from somewhere to replace Clem. Going into the offseason, I would think finding another rush end is somewhat of a priority, probably via the draft.

  38. Boy, one thing they will need to do is find a way to keep Trufant out of the game for anything other than prevent defenses with 8 dbs. Of the little bit of yardage Washington got after the first quarter (I think their total offense in Quarters 2-4 was 79 yards), a good chunk of it was due to picking on Trufant.

  39. thursday says:

    Atlanta had a seriously soft schedule this year, softest in the NFL I read somewhere. They don’t scare me.

  40. Miller is one of the top blocking TE’s in football that isnt slower than a C. He’s also got hands as good as any TE in the league, and for his bulk he’s pretty quick. Yes, Seattle is paying him way too much money, but thats because our O-line cant get it done without him helping. Otherwise you’d see him out there further downfield, catching more passes.

    Carlson played dumb. They guy had no ability to adapt on the fly, and dropped too many passes. And he’s always hurt. Good riddance.

    Trufant did pretty well. THe hawks were scared of RG3 despite his injury, and ran a zone defense inside the 5 yard line. Thats a guaranteed touchdown given up–total suicide. Tru got abused a few times, but overall he did fine, and wasnt out of place, which is huge in a playoff game. Lane makes too many mistakes, as does Maxwell.

    I didnt even have a beer during the game–I was too tense and cussing already. Had a nice stout to celebrate the win though!

    Losing Clem might actually help the D-coord figure out a way to get more pass rush; it will force him to get creative and not be conservative in his playcalling, now that he cant rely on Clems speed and savvy. While it surely sucks to lose Clemons, perhaps like Haslett, Bradley can make his defense even better by innovating.

    I just want to see Wilson not miss Rice open for a 70 yard TD, or miss a wide-open Baldwin for a TD EVER again. Wilson has missed like 10 sure TD’s this season…next year he will be even better! (aint that a grand thought…)

  41. Southendzone says:

    Miller is an excellent TE who plays a certain style of game. No one is going to say he’s a Vernon Davis, Jermichael Findlay, or Jimmy Graham type of dynamic speed threat.

    We all know he’s a great blocker with the ability to get free for big time 1st down plays and he was a huge key yesterday.

    On another note, have you all heard the reports of RFK stadium piping in fake crowd noise yesterday?

  42. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, every QB misses wide open receivers even brady. for a rookie he has exceeded my expectations for this year. just need 3 more good games out of him.

  43. How do the Hawks cheat? I hope the 9ers do win, that why we can punk you guys again. Go Hawks.

  44. Nice of you to chime in, SourdoughSam.

    P.S. 42-17


  45. Oops, that was


    wasn’t it?


  46. thursday says:

    Lookout, Seahawks have haterz now. I love it. :)

  47. I was wondering if those overthrown long passes might have been caused by the turf slowing down our receivers and messing up RW75’s timing. Any thoughts on that?

  48. Southendzone says:

    I really think SF is gonna beat GB this weekend. I wasn’t that impressed with GB on Saturday.

    That Minnesota team would have lost to probably 26 of the 32 NFL teams if they were playing on the road.

    I didn’t know til today that Trent Williams TnT nickname was sourdough sam.

  49. Yeah, Green Bay practically had a bye after all. I hope we do play the 49ers in the NFC finals…shorter flight, warmer weather and a softer team to play.

  50. “I hope we do play the 49ers in the NFC finals…shorter flight, warmer weather and a softer team to play.”

    Haha. Without a doubt. Easy money.

  51. Oooh the haters have come out to play! Where were you after your 9ers got steamrolled?? Go home dbag

  52. gonefishin69690 says:

    Hearing on rant sports that Russell Wilson has won the ROY. True?

  53. Uh, Sam, Griffin didn’t leave the game hurt until there were 6 minutes to go and the Seahawks already had a 21-14 lead. If you want to know why Washington disappeared, you might want to check the time-of-possession stats.

  54. “a gay mans douche wand”? Hmmm, whatever you say bro. Yes, we have a short qb who torched your “great” defense. There are a couple players on the SEAHAWKS who used adderall and were suspended. And one who didnt take anything and was not suspended. Get your facts straight and stop trolling.

  55. Are they gonna be the San Jose 69ers now?

  56. Oh and be sure to subtract the 7 minute time-of-possession advantage the Redskins had in the first quarter…

  57. @Sourdough

    Vernon Davis was knocked out by a peacock. How does that happen exactly? Good luck against the Pack. Maybe Harbaugh will wake up and actually put together a gameplan that actually works. The Packers aren’t quite the Seahawks as a defense, but I think they still might be a bit much for Kaeperchoke.

  58. Southendzone says:

    Nobody is worried about SF. The next time we see them Vernon Davis is going to have a helper following him around wiping the drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth and have a giant pillow taped to the back of his head if he even has the courage to go out in a pattern against Chancellor again.

  59. Funny, this from a guy who has Colin Kaeper-something as his quarterback.

  60. And was sherman suspended? No, he didn’t take anything. Again, get your facts straight bro.

  61. If AND when? You sure seem confident. You are pathetic.

  62. I don’t know about confident, but he’s definitely drunk.

  63. So your quarterback’s deer-in-the-headlights look was because Justin Smith was injured. Good to know. By the way, even NFL analysts know how to spell “analyst.”

  64. You are a moron BRO. Hey BRO, go troll the Packers blogs, BRO

  65. I just can not believe the job Carrol and Schneider have done with our team. We are in good shape to go way higher in the play offs then I ever thought this year.To come back on the road, down 14 points this team upside is unlimited.I really want a shot at the 9ers in SF. GO HAWKS

  66. I thought only assholes used the word “pansy.”
    What movie is that from?

  67. AKhawkFan says:

    This guy is claiming to be a medical professional?! Haha! Thanks for stopping by and proving how stupid 49er fans are. We will gladly take an argument when you can form a grammatically correct sentence in the English language. You mad Bro?!

  68. For years no one cared enough or feared the Seahawks to come and troll on this board. The Seahawks Defense was soft and the QB was more likely to throw the big INT in the 4th quarter of the playoffs than lead a game winning drive.

    Now that the Seahawks have a physical defense and a play making QB, this board is finally getting trolled. It’s definitely a new day and a new Seahawks.

  69. cerjam, i agree. Its pretty crazy to think back to the short lived Mora era, and how bad that team was. PC/JS have brought this team up in a hurry, and the sky is the limit

  70. I rarely post links, but this one from the Washington Post is interesting…their premise is that RW is more valuable than RGIII because of the economics of their signings and salaries.

    RW outplays his $541,000 by about 9 million dollars, and we didn’t have to give up anything to get him. That is a winning formula for teams who want to be perennial contenders.

  71. There is something humorously ironic about a San Francisco troll coming out with all this gay stuff.

  72. AKhawkFan says:

    I have decided sourdoughsam is either 6 years old, a depressed alcoholic, or packing an extra chromosome.

  73. You are absolutely right, Sam, that IS a real test for Sherman and the Seahawk defensive backfield. The 49ers’ receivers were like playing high-schoolers on Dec. 23.

  74. SoudoughSam: Dude, you’ve been flagged. Go away. Also blocking your IP address.

  75. Thanks Eric. Go Hawks!

  76. Dude is likely a bedpan emptier. Medical, yeah…

    Talk about Seattle getting calls their way? In what universe?! Almost no penalties called on WA, yet they were committing illegal hands to the face on every play Browner jammed them at the line…they held constantly, and the most egregious display of deliberate official blindness, Tate was held and mauled before and during the throw to the endzone, and on top of that, the defender hit him and began tackling him before Tate touched the ball…yet no PI flag…

    And the Niners have received more than their fare share of Officials nitpicking their opponents, while looking the other way for the Niners, especially on cheap shots and pushing after the whistle…

  77. Dude is likely a bedpan emptier. Medical, yeah…

    Talk about Seattle getting calls their way? In what universe?! Almost no penalties called on WA, yet they were committing illegal hands to the face on every play Browner jammed them at the line…they held constantly, and the most egregious display of deliberate official blindness, Tate was held and mauled before and during the throw to the endzone, and on top of that, the defender hit him and began tackling him before Tate touched the ball…yet no PI flag…

    And the Niners have received more than their fare share of Officials nitpicking their opponents, while looking the other way for the Niners, especially on cheap shots and pushing after the whistle…

  78. Kinda too bad…we were definitely clobbering him like the ‘Hawks clobbered the whiners.

  79. Apologies for the double post. Internet connection not the best.

    As for douchebag coach, that is the definition of Harbarf, not Carrol.

  80. “This guy is claiming to be a medical professional?!”

    I believe him if by medical professional he means assistant ass wiper and bedpan changer.

  81. Harbaugh coached at stanford is proof no class is required in that school

  82. HeatherHawk says:

    Sherman is multi-dimensional. Just cuz he talks talk doesn’t mean he’s classless. He backs it up, and he’s an overall good guy. Check out his Twitter page, if you have time with your busy “medical profession.”

  83. HeatherHawk says:

    I will be in a very weird position next weekend rooting for the 49ers cuz I would really like to face them in the NFC championship game. The Seahawks winning and Harbough losing all in the same game makes my life have meaning.

  84. Audible, that is a great article. Even more to their point – if you take Wilson in the second half of the year, after he had matured and improved to what he is now, he is significantly better than the 8th best quarterback. His value has increased dramatically over taking the entire year into account.

    And it isn’t just that we got Wilson in the third round, it shows clearly that trading away draft picks is a fool’s errand. Even as good as RG3 is, he will have negative value once the full opportunity cost (from the lost draft picks) is known. It just shows very clearly that you want to trade for draft picks, you don’t want to trade them away.

  85. Sam, you should stop and wonder why everyone here is rooting for the 49ers next week.

  86. Too bad all of those draft picks are going to St. Louis.

  87. sherminator says:

    I changed my PC wallpaper to one showing DangeRuss throwing the downfield block for BeastMode. I think it epitomizes what the Seahawks are all about this year – Russell Wilson doing what he has to do, while riding on Marshawn’s strong back. Too bad I can’t get the D in on the same pic.

  88. And Sam, you have my respect for what you do – a CNA in a stroke unit is hard work and deserves the money you earn. I’ve seen stroke victims up close, and yes, one day most of us will need something like that. It is not easy, not clean, terribly unpleasant – it changes your mind about life.

  89. HeatherHawk says:

    Hopefully the humor of the slap will be worth what it costs Trent Williams in fines… You like classy players, huh?

  90. Actually, I did check the stats today when I placed my bet (on the Seahawks, getting 2 1/2 points at -110, which is down from the beginning of today when you could get +120 on the Seahawks…which means they are drawing a lot more money on the Seahawks than they expected to earlier). All the home teams are giving points this week (are favorites), but Atlanta is the narrowest home favorite of the four. S.F. is favored this week only because the game is there, they would not be favored at Lambeau. NE is a 9 1/2 point favorite against ay

  91. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I didn’t know that St. Louis got Washington’s 2014 first round pick too. Dang, they are already difficult to beat. If they draft well the NFC West may eventually be theirs to lose.

  92. against Houston…

  93. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I know this is unrelated to anything Seahawks. But Quentin Tarantino said that his mom “dated” Wilt Chamberlain in the 70’s. Wilt Chamberlain wasn’t “dating” the 10,000 woman he slept with back then.

  94. “If they draft well the NFC West may eventually be theirs to lose.”

    As long as Schneider is in the house, I think we’ll continue upgrading our roster via the draft, so I’m not worried about St. Louis getting a couple of extra mid to later round picks.

  95. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    wow leave for a bit ACIB’s brother shows up

  96. hambone08 says:

    Peacocks…clever. Go troll somewhere else bro.

  97. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    You should be banned for using that word on this forum.

  98. “extra mid to later round picks.”…meant to say mid to late first round picks.

    When we can draft guys like Sherman, RW, and Chance in the later rounds…and bring guys like Clemmons, Lynch, and Baldwin in for little or nothing…we’re going to keep building this roster.

    And, a team built like this one has a swag and chip on their shoulder that a team stocked with high draft picks doesn’t.

    Quarterbacks like Russell Wilson are EXTREMELY rare, so good luck to the Rams, 49ers, and Cardinals trying to replicate our good fortune!

  99. “i am hated on cohns blog also even though i am a Niner faithful”

    Now, there’s a big surprise!

  100. Great post, Audible. Agree 100%.

    Seahawks are the Best team-building job the NFL has seen in awhile. And now this team has taken on that “ready to shock the world” personality. We are as dangerous as any team.

  101. HeatherHawk says:

    So you don’t like classless people who trash talk, yet here you are, on a Seahawks blog, trash-talking and generally lacking class.

  102. Southendzone says:

    Ok folks, I know many of you never had little brothers or sisters, or maybe you were one yourself. But one of the few things I learned as a child that was true is that when someone is purposefully being annoying, you should just ignore them.

    EW and the TNT staff aren’t paid to be babysitters in here, ignoring trolls is the best strategy.

  103. How many teams are bottom feeders and have been stock piling high draft picks for years, if not decades…and still they are perennial losers. The 69ers before last year come to mind along with the Raiders, Bills, and Rams.

    I think the Whiners will implode as soon as they start experiencing some adversity because Harbaugh is the type of coach players will turn on when the going gets tough because they don’t like him.

  104. HeatherHawk says:

    Only person I am defending is my precious Richard Sherman.

    Sorry, had to clear that up. Commence ignoring.

  105. @sourdough: Is that you, ACIB? Finally decided to show up, eh?

  106. nmseafan says:

    Sam, obviously your medical expertise has nothing to do with the human brain and alot to do with the rectal area which you keep reminding us. Apparently the problem is the proximity of your head to your rectum and how far you have pushed it in.

  107. noidea77 says:

    I can’t believe what a pit their field was. What an embarrasement. Maybe Snyder should stop wasting money on over price free agents and install some field turf.

  108. jboard1 says:

    Yea, that field sucks. Sounds like CLemons tore his ACL officially. Here is a funny short video someone posted to twitter about FedEx field…..

  109. klthompson says:

    It takes more than a good offense to win in the NFL. The Seahawks defensive unit played better than the Redskins after the rotten first quarter. Adjustments were made and the rest is history.

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