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Seahawks 24, Redskins 14 — Postgame playoff party

Post by Ryan Divish on Jan. 6, 2013 at 4:49 pm with 134 Comments »
January 6, 2013 5:42 pm
Who you calling invisible? (AP photo)

Sorry, this post took a little while to get up. The blog software is operating like the Seahawks defense in the first two drives of the game.

Obviously, it wasn’t dull. So let’s get to it.

1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?

2. What was the turning point in this game?

3. Game ball goes to …

4. Who was your unsung hero?

5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?

6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.

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  1. 1. Uncomfortable.
    2. When Lynch picked up the fumble and ran to set up some points (instead of turning it over and already being down 14-0).
    3. Zach Miller (Bruce Irvin made a late push)
    4. ET (we take him for granted, but shouldn’t)
    5. No. But I got worried.
    6. I was 9 and remember watching that game. I’ll never forget Largent’s first catch of the game (late).
    7. Don’t Stop Believin’

  2. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks open as mere 1 point underdogs for next Sunday.

  3. Great win, though I hope that idiot Shanahan didn’t ruin RG3’s career.

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    The D stopped Wa cold after Q1.

    3. Game ball goes to … The Defense

    4. Who was your unsung hero?

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    I was very worried after the 1st quarter.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

    7. Early thoughts on the matchup with the Falcons.

    I’m much more worried about the 9 am start time than I am about the Falcons. There has GOT to be a rule created that West coast teams NEVER play a 9 am game.

  4. This game could have gotten really ugly, really fast, and I really feared the team peaked too early since the Rams game was too close as well, but this was a real character win, extremely proud of the way they made adjustments and overcame that nightmarish start.

    1. & 5 I wouldn’t say I stopped believing, but I was seriously worried, if RG3 had been 100% I’m not sure we could have stopped that rushing game.

    2. Lynch picking up that fumble and Sid making that huge catch, best play of the game, Wilson making that epic block for Lynch.

    3. Lynch, no doubt.

    4. Zach Miller? So clutch, other than that, probably Mike Rob.

    6. An infant.

    7. Easier game than today, Atlanta have a history of not doing well in the play offs, and offensively they are great, but they don’t have that mystery or whatever you want to call it, no option, no Morris for instance, just too great WR’s that BB and Sherm can hopefully shut down.

    Go Hawks!

  5. pabs – We saw a road play-off game and the defense didn’t give it away! Give me some emotion in your post! I want happiness! I’m still giddy! How ’bout you?

  6. Vegas56 says:

    1. Extreme red zone
    2. Miller’s first down catch on 3rd and 9 for our first first down.
    3. Miller
    4. Bruce Irvin and the Turbinator
    5. Yes, at the end of quarter 1 I thought the road monkey was living and laughing.
    6. 26…and the road monkey is now road kill.
    7. My wife is a Falcons fan and believes…I think we are tougher, meaner and harder hitting. It will have to be our toughness winning this game.

  7. ianvand says:

    1. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 3. We had to expect this given the history between these teams coming in and the talent at QB.
    2. Lynch’s fumble recovery to keep the early TD drive alive and begin the swing in momentum.
    3. Wilson. He had a couple uncharacteristic plays early on by made the important ones down the stretch,
    4. Irvin. Way to come in for Clemons and get it done.
    5. Never.
    6. -2
    7. 27-13 Hawks win.

  8. 1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    Panic low – nervousness WAY UP.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Lynch picking up the fumble was HUGE IMO. But so was Miller making a big first down catch

    3. Game ball goes to …
    I am going to say Allen Branch – seemed to be the only guy who could consistently get off of his block, set the tempo for the D today

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    Miller was clutch today when needed

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    almost – but no
    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you …
    16 in HS was going crazy with my grandfather who was an original season ticket holder

    Warner was his favorite

  9. pabuwal says:

    It was a solid team effort with the Defense having a monster game. But next week the Seahawks Offense will have to convert yards into points. The Falcons won’t have a broken QB who can barely throw the ball.

    What’s the word on Clemons?

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Not angry at all, but anxious. Although I was when the game started. lol
    Agree with Bobby: Lynch scooping up the fumble.
    12 lol
    A good matchup for Browner and Sherman. And I like that Ryan is a pocket passer although Clem potentially not able to go will hurt. Also, I love Seattle’s speed on turf and their offense will be able to put up points (more read option than we saw today) against them.

  11. CDHawkFan says:

    I just want them to start the game over, had visions of the blog and wondered how long I would have to wait to open up SI again.

    Compared to his other games, I thought Branch played really well, BI turned it on in the 2nd half, and they sure didn’t try to throw on Sherman.

    I was 12 in 83, but being from MI I was a stupid Lions fan. Transplanted in 2000 and haven’t looked back.

    I’ve said it for the last couple of weeks, I like our chances in the playoffs no matter who we are playing. Feels like we are playing with house money.

  12. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    All I care about is Clemons. Clemons, please heal quick!

  13. I am scared with Browner potentially being on Julio though. Both are physical, but if Jones gets passed Browner, it’s over. There may need to be some ET helping Browner if the Hawks find Julio on Browner. Sherman can handle either (Jones or White).

    I am worried about Clem, too.

  14. ljarllrajl says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?

    6 out of 10 on the panic meter. It was feeling like Brett Favre throwing snowballs on us.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?

    Not sure there was one single point. The whole game was a grind. Maybe Lynch’s fumble scoop.

    3. Game ball goes to …

    BEAST MODE! on O. and Alan Branch on D.

    4. Who was your unsung hero?

    Brandon Browner for finally TKOing a feisty Pierre Garcon.

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?

    No, not really.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

    Seven years old, the year I officially became a Hawks fan and knew it.

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.

    It’s gonna be tough. But with a much better playing surface than this week, I think we have a chance if we play clean ball.

  15. Cornutt says:

    Really nice to have the gut feeling that your team can rally. I was uncomfortable in the 1st but always felt confident we could still win.

    Game ball to Lynch, although, I was so stoked on Millers play. That one catch he made + a first down was a momentum swing.

    I was 8 in 83. And no electricity or running water. No idea that the Hawks exhisted. Glad to be here. Now.

    Falcons are scary. But I think ML can and will run on them–which suits me just fine.

  16. MattandCindy says:

    1. My wife was threatening violence towards me. I was *ahem* angry.
    2. Definitely the fumble that Lynch recovered and took for 18 yards.
    3. Gotta give it to Russell Wilson. I haven’t seen that level of calm and
    composure in a rookie ever.
    4. Mike Rob. The last few games he’s been catching touchdowns and leading the way for beast mode.
    5. Always believe, but I was definitely angry. At first I thought the Seahawks were just half a$$ing it, but that field is going to end up killing someone.
    6. 3 years old. I may have possibly been urinating in my pants when that game was on… can’t be sure.
    7. I hope at the end of that game I am crying like a baby, just like I was at the end of this one. And I have absolutely no problem admitting that I cried. It felt great.

  17. Cornutt – Me and you have a lot in common, I think (minus the not knowing the Hawks existed in 83 thing… lol).

  18. hawkfan777 says:

    The Hawks always start slow on the road. I felt nervous until the 4th quarter. Wilson played really well. He wont get credit for it but he was the game changer.

  19. Southendzone says:

    1. I was swearing up a dirty storm in my living room. Anger level extreme, panic level medium

    2. Turning point: Don’t think anyone will agree with me, but it was very early, the catch that Miller made 2 inches off the turn and then fought for our first 1st down of the game.

    3. Could be a few players, for me it was Lynch, that guy is insane, even if the only play he made was the fumble scoop, I could argue he’s still the MVP.

    4. Alan Branch was making plays all over the place.

    5. Nope, I was really getting p***ed off but as soon as they started driving after down 14/0 I felt like we could get it back

    7. Gonna be facing an elite offense with multiple weapons. I think RW can do anything right now though.


  20. I hope that post was from Cindy. :)

  21. JZombie says:

    1. Definitely upset during the first quarter, they were able to move the ball down the field efficiently and took advantage of the rust Browner had a shake off.

    2. Gotta go with the first 3 points the Hawks put on the board. Seemed to wake the rest of the team up and give everyone that confidence that wasn’t there before.

    3. Special Teams. Kicking and coverage was a strong point today, and Jon Ryan stepped up big time with Hauschka limping. I think we came away a clear winner on field position today.

    4. Miller. Kept several key drives alive today with his effort.

    5. No, crazier heads prevailed in the chat, but I was feeling good about adjustments being made at the half, similar to what happened last week vs. the Rams.

    6. -5

    7. Unless the D can dial up the pressure early against Atlanta like they did here (sans Clemons even!), then I’m not going to underestimate the Falcons passing game. Guy to watch is going to be TE Tony Gonzalez.

  22. Southendzone says:

    Question for the TnT staff:

    DO you guys freak out like we do? Living and dying on every crucial play? The joy of victory and the agony of defeat and all that?

  23. NFL lead story!!

    “Robert Griffin III’s knee injury doomed the Redskins to a wild card loss against the Seahawks. Read”


  24. Lead story on

    “Robert Griffin III’s knee injury doomed the Redskins to a wild card loss against the Seahawks. Read”

  25. Dear DeAngelo Hall,

    Congratulations on being a millionaire. According to society, you are a “winner.” Good job.

    Have fun looking in the mirror each morning and knowing you’re a loser.



  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    Hail to the SEAHAWKS!

    1: On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is absolute panic/dispair, I was a 6. The team has a history of slow starts, but I still felt good that adjustments were going to be made and things would turn around.

    2: Real Rob with the TD. It showed they made the necessary adjustments and they were going to grind out the win. It was just a matter of time.

    3: Lynch. Yes, there’s the fumble, but he redeemed himself with the Wilson fumble recovery and run for a first down.

    4: Unsung hero was Sherman. Washington wanted no part of My Brotha and never threw his way. That cut off half the field in the passing game.

    5: Not at all. I was deep in Redskins territory and taking lots of heat from them, but I gave it back all day long. I was more confident of this game than any all season long.

    6: Just 6 years old, but I really became a true Seahawk fan in 1984 when I was really beginning to understand what was happening. Blue wave!

    7: Heavy passing team coming up. I really hope Clem is good to go. This is going to be a real test of the secondary.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    1. 4-5 out of 10. Had faith that the D would get it together and was confident that they would put up more than 14 points.
    2. Good call by BobbyK. It has to be the Lynch fumble recovery.
    3. Has to be Lynch.
    4. I’d go with Branch. He never really gets talked about. Miller and ET also good choices.
    5. No.
    6. I was 2. Needless to say, I don’t have any memory of it. Didn’t really follow Hawks until the offensive juggernaut that was the 1992 Seattle Seahawks.
    7. I like the fact that they can’t run the ball that well. Plays to the defense’s strengths. Worried about Gonzalez carving them up over the middle. We need to feed the beast. Nolan was able to fool Peyton Manning into some ints earlier this year. Hope RW can maintain this level of ball security.

  28. pabuwal says:

    It seemed like the Seahawks were playing Earl Thomas over Garcon when covered by Browner which was smart. They have to do that with Julio Jones when Browner is lined up over him.

    Did I see Gus Bradley blitz after the Seahawks took the lead? Where was our favorite soft zone?

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bruce was a beast today! Ray Edwards may be coming in now.

    Also, it was great to see Moffit back.

  30. I’m watching Russell Wilson on NFLN right now (interview)…

    Dear Russell Wilson,

    You have no idea how much it means to me to have the QB of my favorite team to be a good person, well spoken, etc. Having a 1 1/2 year old boy who is already being brainwashed to be a Seahawks fan it means a lot that you, as a role model, are a great person! I know I’m his #1 role model (and Mom) but we all know that sports fan kids are also influenced by the athletes they watch on t.v. I’m very thankful you’re a Seahawk!



  31. Ewalters – good call with Ray Edwards. He’d like nothing more (now) than go against the Falcan’ts. Agreed – AGAIN – about seeing Moffitt out there, too.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bruce was a beast and he’s coming home to the dome! Great win! Great comments by Great fans!

    Go Hawks!!!

  33. freedom_X says:

    To be honest, at least 25% of the receivers in the NFL can burn Browner if they get by him. Browner is not the fastest NFL corner. But they have to get by him first, which is no easy task, and the speed of Earl Thomas is what compensates. It’s the magic ingredient for Seattle to have such huge CB’s.

    Jones won’t be overpowering Browner to make his catches, that’s for sure. I don’t think Julio Jones is the niftiest and most agile WR around, though he may be in the top three for physical gifts overall (speed, strength, size, leaping ability.)

  34. bbnate420 says:

    You gonna try to go to the game, Georgia? Probably will cost a pretty penny.

  35. Great to see Irvin pick up his game after Clem went down. Showed me something. The kid’s got heart.

    Can’t believe Miller’s line was just 4 for 48 yards. Seemed like every catch was hugely clutch.

    I’m giddy too . . and I waited until the game was over for the first drink . . .

  36. Julio Jones is a freak. He won’t “overpower” Browner consistently, but he can overpower him. That’s what scares me. It only takes 1 play to win/lose a game.

    Sherman is a freak as well. Just b/c he’s big, he can cover anyone/everyone in the NFL w/o the help of ET. You put Sherman on a shifty midget… he can cover him. You put Sherman on a tall, fast athletic monster… he can cover him.

    Georgia – I was wondering that, too (are you going to the game next week?). I want to go!

  37. mocarob says:

    Eric, Give me some credit.. You said “someone asked me if if this was a special game” it was me bugger.. You felt it.

    Woohoo, Go Hawks..

  38. pabuwal says:

    Looks like Clemons might be done –

    Carroll said Clemons hurt his knee, will get an MRI when he gets home. “We are concerned about it.”

  39. not too many throws Sherm’s way today, eh?

    I’m hoping BB is a bit more warmed up next week, to take on ATL’s receivers (which I think is probably the biggest strength of their team) – – but I did enjoy all those replays they showed of him tangling with (and always getting the better of) Garcon. He must be a huge pain in the a– to play against if you’re a WR.

  40. “Looks like Clemons might be done ”

    Yeah, I rewound and watched the play a couple times on replay. Looked like the kind of play that will put him out for the rest of the post-season to my untrained eye.

  41. freedom_X says:

    My main concern is how teams are managing to take away Wilson’s passing options (inducing the big increase in sacks recently.) Is it something the Rams figured out and the Redskins followed? Or are the Seattle WR’s once again unable to consistently work open, even if Wilson buys or has time to throw?

  42. Irvin was drafted to play the spot of Clem. As much as I want Clem to be fine… next man up!!! We have been pretty healthy up to this point so we can’t complain about injuries like this. Most teams have lost important players. The time is NOW!!!

  43. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    No panic, lots of anger and yelling at the TV
    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Zach Miller catching the ball in the grass and converting 3rd and 12
    3. Game ball goes to …
    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    Gus Bradley for finally calling some heavy blitzes.
    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    I was born 4.5 years later
    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    They can’t stop the run, and they have to face Beast Mode. Good Luck.
    Read more here:

  44. 1) I dont wanna talk about it. My five year old went and hid in his room. Nuff said.

    2)Turning point? Several. Lynch’s fumble. Then our choking on the next drive and going backwards after we were in field goal range. I think the RG3 Pick though. That did it. Lynch’s run with Wilson blocking for the TD really did them in, and the 2-point to Miller iced it.

    But the fat lady didnt sing till RG3 turned his knee and fumbled the snap. That was it.

    3) Alan Branch. That guy stepped up HARD today. Total stud day for him. Best game since the first Cards game for him. Wilson; missed a couple throws, but like a great pitcher on a bad day, eked out a win anyway. Lynch despite his fumble. Earl Thomas for not being out of position and making that pick–RG3 never thought he could cover so much ground. Browner for hanging tough despite being rusty. Carrol and Bevell for having enough balls.

    4) Alan Branch. chancellor for not being out of position once. Turbin for picking up first downs in short yardage sits.

    5) IDK. I was scared. I was pissed after Lynch’s fumble when Bevell went all conservative; hell, I was pissed when I saw us line up in a stretch formation and everyone knew we’d run Lynch left and he fumbled.

    6) I was six. I didnt even understand what a field goal was. All I knew was Curt Warner was the best young back in the NFL, cause my Dad said so. My dad went nuts during that Miami game. He doesnt really watch much football now, which is sad. Behring burned him out, Holmgren almost brought him back, but Ruskell ran him off.

    7) With Clemons, we beat them. WIhout him, IDK. They cant run on us, but Julio Jones and Roddy White are a nightmare. Depends on if Browner gets un-rusty by next week. I think we beat them 27-23.

    And Browner runs a 4.5 flat, when in shape. He’s rusty. While he isnt going to hang with the elite speedster, few corners can. He’s damn fast, especially considering his size.

  45. CDHawkFan says:

    Great question freedom, I couldn’t watch last weeks game as my wife was giving birth, but I was frustrated to keep reading about all the sacks on my phone updates. Tonight it seemed he was waiting a little too long to move away from the pocket, wouldn’t surprise me if he has been told to hang in there more.

  46. Cornutt says:

    Bobbyk–Nice to know we have things in common. Consider yourself lucky for getting an earlier start on Seahawks football. Our OR contingent is doing its best to catch up!! :)

    Grats on a sweet win Seahawks fans!!!

  47. NYHawkFan says:

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but to me, even though we won, it was an unsatisfying win. Had RGIII been healthy, it feels like it would have been an entirely different outcome. Washington was rolling until he got hurt. I thought Wilson did OK, but he didn’t dominate like RGIII did. Glad we got the win and I’ll take it, but to me, it wasn’t a great confidence builder. Defense definitely did better in the 2nd half.

    I guess I’d call this game a reality check. We’re good, but we’re not yet great. If we keep improving, though, we could go all the way. Go Hawks!

  48. Screensmoke says:

    J IRISH was right all along- SHOCKER!!!

  49. Dukeshire says:

    Anyone see Sherman and Trent Williams at mid field after the game? Williams took a swing at Sherman. Fine forthcoming…

  50. Wilson missed a few guys today – twice he had Lynch in the flat but tried to run and ended up with a sack on one and a no gainer on the other.

    Had Rice WIDE open deep on a different play – he is still occasionnally missing a guy here and there (life of a rookie) now he is getting good enough that they don’t hurt us like they did earlier when he was being limited (IMO)

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Worst case news for Clem. That’s a real shame…

  52. “Sorry to be a wet blanket, but to me, even though we won, it was an unsatisfying win.”

    come on now, it’s a road playoff win against a team that had just won 7 straight. we outgained them 380 to 203 in yards. Can’t expect every game to be a blowout win . . .

  53. Cornutt says:


    Waitwaitwait, you missed the game because of the birth of a child? ;) Jk brother; pleased beyond belief to add another loyal to the 12th. Congrats btw, bro.

  54. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Let’s hope the MRI comes back negative. If it is a torn ACL, call up Adrian Peterson and figure out his secret.

  55. freedom_X says:

    I’m not sure Irvin is a three-down player like Clemons is. That’s a huge problem. Also, when they’re facing a passing down, they need both Clemons and Irvin to get whatever pass rush they have.

    So it’s not really just an issue of Irvin stepping up for Clemons – it’s who else is going to come in and step up for Irvin? Leave Bryant in on passing downs? Malcolm Smith coming off the edge in pass rush situations?

  56. RDPoulsbo says:

    There is no such thing as an unsatisfying playoff win. Either you win or you lose and go home. There’s nothing in between here. Bottom line is Wilson is headed for the Georgia dome while RG3 and Luch head to a bar to watch Wilson in the playoffs.

  57. seahawk44 says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter? Surprisingly less than it would have been at any other time of my 35 year fandom of this team.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Lynch recovery of fumble.

    3. Game ball goes to …
    Marshawn Lynch

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    Zach Miller

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    No, just frustrating sometimes, but this team is good.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    I was 12 and I was a huge Steve Largent fan. We got Marino that year, but he got us back good the next season after our 12-4 regular season. But that is ancient history.

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    Only thing that worries me is Gonzales over the middle.

    This team is resilient and confident and talented. That is a recipe for a championship, Go Hawks!

  58. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    2 of 10 angry

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    end of 1st quarter
    3. Game ball goes to …

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    alan branch/zack miller

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    not a bit

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.

    they are not that good on D, they are mid 20’s pass d/run d.
    somehow they get stops to stop scoring thou. weakest schedule this year
    i think Hawks destroy falcons. then on to san fran and then super bowl.

  59. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    could we move hill up on passing downs bring in another safety? seems to me hill could go standing up at line.

  60. HawkfaninMT says:

    Get Ray Edwards on the plane to Seattle… Stat!

  61. LeePHilI says:

    I note the scribes from the east coast are already blaming Sherm for getting pushed in the face.

  62. llevrok says:

    I miss Sydney Rice. And so does Wilson. (cough cough)

  63. NYHawkFan says:

    pdway – ya, I’m with you. It’s just that I had hoped for a dominant performance, which we didn’t get. It may be good in the long run, though, in that the Hawks don’t become overconfident and buy into the hype. As I said, I’ll take it.

  64. A win is a win… no matter how ugly. As it is, we won by double digits. I’ll take it!

  65. rramstad says:

    Two quick comments.

    First, Fox is advertising that coverage of the game starts at noon Eastern, but that’s just the pre game. Kickoff will be shortly after 1 PM Eastern i.e. 10 AM Pacific.

    Second, I think the NFLPA should file a complaint against the Redskins for not providing a safe playing surface. It’s ridiculous that four players got significant injuries largely because of the turf, and there were other players that had issues too.

  66. freedom_X says:

    Yes, in the playoffs, style points absolutely don’t matter. Giants barely squeaked by for several of their wins last year, and they ended up Super Bowl champions. Seattle hasn’t seen Atlanta, but Atlanta hasn’t seen Seattle either.

    I think Russell Wilson did work out some rookie jitters today, and because Seattle was very healthy coming in, it might actually be better for them to keep playing and stay sharp. That could be an edge, though we lost Clemons of course (and is Hauschka going to be OK? The win could have been bigger if we could have kicked FG’s more readily, and the next games could come down to a FG.)

    Atlanta seems like the kind of team that might not prosper having a week off, though I don’t know how badly they were hurting going into the playoffs.

  67. trout_hound says:

    Great win. I was definitely worried after the first quarter, but knew we were going to win after the second. Game ball goes to Wilson and Lynch and the whole D. I was 19 when we beat Marino. Still remember that sick feeling after the Raiders implosion. I think we have a good chance against Atlanta as long as we can keep it close.

  68. psoundpowerhouse says:

    The ancient Indian curse is lifted!

  69. CDHawkFan says:

    Thanks Corn, glad there wasn’t much on the line last week. My wife had prewarned me that if i cosistantly checked my phone at the hospital while she was in labor that she would be pissed, but the morphine allowed me to sneek some gamecast on espn. It took the whole weekend to get him here. He sat on my chest during the game tonight so I had to keep the yelling to a minimum.

    Onto football, Since Pete is a D guy, I expect him to have a solid plan to replace Clems production. Smith, Hill, Scruggs.

  70. NYHawkFan says:

    RDPoulsbo – I respectfully disagree. For example, the win against SF was totally satisfying. They thought they were the class of our conference and they got beat down. On the other hand, we were favored to beat Washington, which we did, but did you get the sense that we would have won if RGIII was healthy? In other words, were we the better team tonight or did we win because their best player got injured? That’s all I’m saying. I know, that’s all part of the game [injuries], but to me it’s more satisfying to beat the team straight up, no excuses.

  71. bbnate420 says:

    rramstad, I completely agree. That field was a disgrace. The NFL should not allow the Redskins to not address their field in the offseason.

    Clem’s agent said it’s believed to be a torn ACL. Time for Irvin to step up. Scruggs too, regardless if they sign Edwards or not. Add another DE to the offseason needs list. LB, DT, DE, WR and TE.

  72. bbnate420 says:

    Even if it’s not an ACL, I highly doubt he will play or be very effective the rest of the season.

  73. rramstad says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?

    Defcon 4. Defense wasn’t stopping anyone, offense was going three and out. It seemed very very odd, but reminded me of a couple of other games this year where the Seahawks came out flat. I was hoping they’d snap out of it early enough to make the game competitive.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?

    Getting the second score to make it 14-10. At that point I got the distinct feeling that the game was starting to slip away from the Redskins…

    3. Game ball goes to

    Marshawn Lynch, not only for his production, but for his presence of mind to pick up that Wilson fumble and run with it.

    4. Who was your unsung hero?

    Bruce Irvin. He’s not on the field all that much, normally, but when CC went down, Irvin stayed out there a lot, and was OK, not great, but OK.

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?

    I was exasperated in the first quarter, and really, just couldn’t wrap my head around the possibility that they might lay an egg… so no, I guess I never stopped believing. I was baffled, so obviously I believed :-)

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

    I was 15 years old. Exciting stuff.

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.

    Atlanta has a good offense, and we’ve had trouble with good TE in the past. Conversely, they do not have a good defense. It is a cliche but if we don’t turn the ball over on the road, we will win… I think our defense will give them yards and points, but will probably create and exploit a couple of turnovers, and as long as we don’t do the same, and as long as we don’t get a bunch of bonehead penalties, we’ll be fine. I think this game gives us the possibility of getting our offense tuned up… and I also think that SF vs. GB might result in the winner having a LOT of wear and tear from the game, as it’s probably going to be very physical, where our game with Atlanta won’t be nearly as physical, I’d reckon.

  74. CDHawkFan says:

    Got to remember this one the next time a guy holds out for more money. I can see both sides but I am glad Clem got his extension worked out this year. He was still trying to bring it after signing probably his last deal, not like SA mailing it in.

  75. 1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    Shell-shocked at first, then angry, but never panicky. If we lose, we lose.
    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Marshawn’s scoop up and rumble after Russell’s fumble.
    3. Game ball goes to …
    Lynch. Bounced back after the fumble at the goal line and ran like a beast all game.
    4. Who was your unsung hero? Miller and Branch. Zach had some real clutch catches after boxing out the D. Branch was stout against the run and rushed the passer surprisingly well also.
    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    Didn’t look good at first, but after awhile it became apparent that we clearly were the better team, so it was only a matter of time before we wore them down and put some points on the board.
    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    Man, you trying to expose all of our ages, huh? I was 9 that year.
    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    We need Clem bad for this game. They are one dimensional, so as long as we keep their big wideouts in check we should be fine. And not really scared of their D, got some decent corners but Abraham is not fully healthy. Wilson should have an even better game next week. Maybe more of a shootout than this week.

  76. I never stopped believing. I was upset throughout the first half that they were throwing too much and not running enough. Once they caught up 14-13, that’s when they started giving Marshawn the rock again. That’s the key to this team. Never ever stop feeding the Beast!

    Game balls – Zach Miller, Bruce Irvin, Earl Thomas, Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Alan Branch, Russell Wilson, MikeRob, Marshawn…

    Go Seahawks!

  77. Question (if Clem is done)…

    Eric, Duke, etc… what about seeing more 3-4 defense (if Clem is out)??? Red is the stereotypical 3-4 dominant end (not a pass rusher; but dominant pass rusher — big reason some guy like Bellichik wanted him so badly).

    Mebane is great at NT (even if he doesn’t have the body of a Casey Hampton).

    Branch is more of a role playing stud/run stuffer as end (and could fill for Mebane in some instances [down/distance]) and, yes, I know Branch is listed as interior… Hill isn’t fast and was actually drafted as an ILB from Clemson???

    Normally, I wouldn’t ask this… but you know Mr. Happy is resourceful and I bet he’s planned for something if anything ever happened to Clem…

    I’m on a 6-pack so maybe I’m not making sense… but is there a chance Irvin is more of a 3-4 OLB next week coming from the weak side like the great pass rushing OLBs of years past?

    Plus, we’ve already lost our best 3-tech (Jones). We have been pretty lucky with health, but all of a sudden without Clem and Jones… it’s starting to get thin in an area we weren’t overly deep to begin with…

  78. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think we’ll see a scheme change. When consider how they’ve moved Red around the line this year, and how much Irvin has played I think they’ll stay within their concepts. I do think we’ll see a lot more Scruggs as well as more blitzes, but that’s just a guess .

  79. Just checked flights from Portland to Minneapolis for the NFC Championship weekend. Looks like about $325/round trip. Not too bad?

  80. Southendzone says:

    The RG3 injury doesn’t take any luster off this win. I think we could have won if he was healthy just the same. Those 1st 2 drives where they scored weren’t successful because of the effectiveness of RG3’s leg.

    The Hawks came out a bit flat on the road, got their stuff together and started playing how they can play.

    I’ve read quite a few reports that Clem’s injury is an ACL. All the signs except for MRI confirmation are indicating it.

  81. I’d have to drive through Mpls on way to Green Bay. :)

  82. Dukeshire says:

    What we could see is more of the Under front that we haven’t seen much of this season. That would play to Irvin and Branch’s strengths. We haven’t seen Irvin stand at end once this year, but that may change Sunday.

  83. Dukeshire says:

    That’s not bad at all. Would you go if it were in GB?

  84. My dream is to be in Seattle when the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl. Not gonna happen this year.

    Next is going to the Super Bowl. Been there (although Detroit sucks compared to NO).

    Green Bay is driving distance for me though.

  85. JZombie says:

    I’d be happy just to have a Super Bowl IN Seattle. Doesn’t sound like it’ll happen anytime soon though.

  86. PFT says Bevell has been chosen by the Bears to interview for the HC job there next week, and Seattle is expected to allow him to.

    There is no way in HELL I would allow an assistant coach to interview during the week leading up to a playoff game, if I were Seattle. Especially not one who has only within the last 6-8 weeks looked like he was a decent assistant. Its bound to be a distraction for him; look at Bradley; interviewed, and the first two drives Seattle’s defensive schemes seemed vanilla and uninspired.

    Chicago must want a cheap head coach. I think Bevell has the personality of pudding, not HC material. And hell, I was just getting to the point where I didnt hate his offense anymore; I’d hate to lose him now! Crow tastes really good when Seattle’s winning! I was hoping for a few more weeks of heaping platefuls of the stuff on my menu! ANd next year too…

  87. morleytr says:

    I was skeptical for a long time but Michael Robinson is the Man. The game ball goes to Lynch, though you have to consider Shanahan for leaving Griffin (III) in the game. Browner struggled early but the Redskins’ people are saying RG(III) underthrew the interception, looked like Browner was all over the WR and Earl made a great play. Living in VA this is VERY satisfying, no more FB posts saying HTTR. Go Hawks.

  88. DanielleMND says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?

    High. Down 14-0 on the road, our defense being pushed around, and our offense struggling.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?

    The Seahawks getting over their road jitters and starting to play Seahawks football.

    3. Game ball goes to …

    RW and Lynch.

    4. Who was your unsung hero?

    Bruce Irvin stepped it up after Clemons went out.

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?

    No, but I was nervous for awhile.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?


    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.

    It will be a big test for our defense, especially without our best pass rusher.

  89. beaulen1 says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    Uncomfortable, agitated.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    The first time the defense forced a punt.

    3. Game ball goes to …

    4. Who was your unsung hero?

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.

  90. Skavage says:

    News on Clemons doesn’t sound good. If it does turn out to be season ending let’s all hope and pray Irvin can learn to do a better spin and/or swim move. I’m scared to death we won’t be able to generate much pass rush with both Clemons and Jones out. Next man up is going to mean more than it ever has before.

  91. Over 4,000 votes on ESPN poll of who will win the NFC and Hawks are in the lead!!! lol

  92. recnmac says:

    Turf terrible, Fedex responsible for replacement? And why wasn’t it done before this season?

  93. confucious says:

    Congrats CD. Congrats Seahawks. I think our D spent the first 2 series adjusting to that soup they call grass. I was EXTREMELY concerned. It was as if the team flipped a switch after the first quarter. The skins at that point became uncompetitive on both sides of the ball. Zach miller gets the game ball, with lynch, wilson, oline, entire defense. That is what strikes me with this group. You try to name an mvp after every game and you can’t name just one. Too many candidates. Wow! what a great run this season. Those poor Falcons fans are going to be nervous wrecks all week. And on sunday every barstool in Atlanta will be full of crying drunk fans with dashed superbowl dreams. Must suck to be them. Go Hawks!

  94. Jusjamn says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    Was surprisingly patient since we only had a few plays on O.
    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Marshawn’s scoop sucked the life out of their D for several plays.
    3. Game ball goes to …
    4. Who was your unsung hero? Miller & Haushka & Jon Ryan was respectable on those kick offs! 5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    Nope. I thought Wash came out pumped, but knew that couldn’t last.
    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    I sure would like to see Pete figure out a way to get Browner on Gonzales somehow.

  95. Part of the reason the Falcons have sucked in the play-offs is because of the ***HOT*** teams they have played. Now they are up against it again and the dipsh!ts of the world will say that Matt Ryan sucks after the lose again (even though they are too dumb to know that they have been playing better teams early than the average teams should play)…

  96. jboard1 says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    nervous as hell to be honest. did not want to see them play from behind

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Either the lynch scoop or zach millers clutch conversions

    3. Game ball goes to …
    the defense for staying tough

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    Wilson is a savage. so cool in tough spots. unreal

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    i was worried after quarter 1, but didnt stop believing.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    i was -2 years old. i was just a thought in my parents head

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    i think we can beat them. it’ll be a tough matchup, but we can win

    Read more here:

  97. worth noting re the final score – if we have a healthy kicker, it’s probably 30-14 final. need to see if we will have to sign someone to step in for the next game. can’t be passing up FG’s in a playoff game.

  98. We can sign Norm Johnson.

  99. 224 yrds rushing today against the #5 rushing defense in the league. Atlanta’s D is ranked #21 in that category . . .

  100. JZombie says:

    Good stuff here, I don’t know why I’m not more surprised with the stuff about Lynch. 132 yards kinda feels… normal?

  101. Another reason why the time to win is NOW is b/c a guy like Sherman is going to make/deserve over $10 million/season instead of the almost minimum wage stuff he’s getting now after the next season or, for sure, two. The Skins were scared to death of him today and didn’t even throw at him hardly. I see why…

  102. Palerydr says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    I warned everyone before the game started that if things went badly some bad words might be uttered. So the explosion after the 2nd Redskin TD only cleared the room for a few minutes.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Got to say kicking the field goal, that drive told me the Skins D was not going to be able to stop us after the adrenaline wore off

    3. Game ball goes to …
    Zach Miller for not only the clutch catches but his blocking as well.

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    For this Game Alan Branch

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    If you mean did I ever think we weren’t going to win then no.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    21 in boot camp down in Orlando surrounded by 16 east coast/Miami fans. I had $160 riding on the outcome, I poped of the Hawks would cover and they all wanted $10 each on that action. It was touch and go on collecting but nobody wants to be known as a welcher 3 weeks into boot camp.

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    Defense HAS to get better pressure and without Clemens that’s gonna be tougher.

    As others have noted that field was an embaresment to the NFL. It seems they only enforce “Player Safety” when it suits them.

  103. Palerydr says:

    If Clemons is a no go I wonder if they use his roster spot to sign a second kicker?

  104. Ray Edwards

  105. MoSeahawk12 says:

    1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    No Panic, just surprise. There hasn’t been a game this season where the other team jumped out on us. Matter of fact we scored first in alost every game. Felt like we took some major haymakers though.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Miller’s scoop and run that led to our first first down of the game. At that point we had two 3 and outs and the defense was on the field for about nine of the first ten minutes of the game. They were getting pushed around.

    3. Game ball goes to …
    Miller, Lynch and Branch had his most impact full game as a Seahawk.

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    Real Rob. Tough, reliable, smart. Made blocks and plays that had to be made

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    I may have if they would have scored again to go up 0-21. Felt we took their best punch and withstood it. This team has more resolve than any Seahawks team I’ve seen. We’re as far away from the last few Holmgren years and that terrible Mora team as we can be.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?
    I was 14 and went to many games in the Kingdom. Still hate the Raiders to this day. Sorry Eric.

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    I think the Falcons have the best receivers in the league when you include Tight End Tony G. Big, strong running back and accurate QB. I think their defense can be scored on and we will have to score on every opportunity to have a chance. Missing Baldwin in the endzone won’t cut it next week. Our DB’s will be in for a heavy weight fight every play. Much more so than tonight. Hope Browner gets the rest of the rust off as he looked pretty bad today. Not sure the Falcons have faced a team as physical as the Seahawks. I like our chances.

  106. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Sherman shut down his side of the field all game. I can;t wait to see him next week against Ryan / J Jones.

  107. thursday says:

    I’ve been watching Sherman’s side this latter part of the season and no one wants to throw at him or if they do, it’s out of desperation. He’s definitely gotten into some heads.

  108. Anyone here that thinks the “future” is in a few years will have THAT Seahawks teams paying Wilson, Sherman, etc. making minimum wage? Ummm… No. The time may be ***NOW***!!!

  109. sherminator says:

    1. I didn’t sit down until we got the first field goal. No panic or anger, but a LOT of concern
    2. Lynch picking up the fumble and turning it into a nice gain.
    3. Marshawn
    4. Ryan & Hauschka – Hauschka for sucking it up (who said kickers aren’t ball players) and Ryan for booming the kickoffs.
    5. Honestly, I believed in them the whole game
    6. I was 24 – I remember the game as being in a downpour.
    7. Those guys played bad a couple of games – the Hawks have been in every game and overcome some bad stretches during games. I’m not sure they are ready for the kick in the teeth we’re gonna give them. Wanna see Sherman & BB against Jones and White.

  110. That was an impressive win, no doubt about it. It shows a lot about the mental attitude of this team to be able to overcome two quick TDs by the Redskins and basically take over the game.

    Wilson managed to keep the team focused and not panic about the deficit, so I tend to give him the nod for MVP, mostly for leadership rather than actual plays on the field.

    Unsung hero – hard to say. There were so many players who rose to the occasion… Miller, Turbin, Irvin, Robinson, Hauschka. Or maybe the refs for not calling what looked to me like mauling taking place by Sherm and BB on their WRs. I was glad the refs basically let them play a good, physical game. Hope for the same next week.

  111. 1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?
    I was pretty shocked that their o-line steam rolled us the first two possessions, so when we went down 14-0 I was worried.

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    Probably the Earl Thomas interception. Or when we scored our 1st TD and cut their deficit to 4 points.

    3. Game ball goes to … I think it’s a tie between Marshawn Lynch and Zach Miller. Both made huge plays on offense to win this game.

    4. Who was your unsung hero? The Seahawks Defense. Sure they got beat up early. But to hold the Redskins to 0 points and less than 80 yards over the final 3 quarters is amazing; even with RG3’s injury.

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing? – No because we cut the deficit to 1 point before halftime and we were receiving the ball to start the 3rd quarter.

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then? I wasn’t alive yet. I was born in 1984.

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    I’ve been calling for this match up for several weeks now. The Falcons just haven’t impressed me. They’ve only beaten 2 good teams all year. Their strength of schedule is one of the worst in the league; I feel like they beat a bunch of bad teams. The Falcons have a ton of pressure on them to win their 1st playoff game under this regime. And they don’t defend the run well at all. And although their pass offense is very impressive; our DBs are the strength of our defense. I won’t guarantee a victory, but I feel we have a great chance to beat them and move on (hopefully to San Francisco).

    – JB in the chats

  112. Great Comeback, Great Learning Experience for a young team on how to start a game, how to come back great confidence booster
    Right now 1-0 going for 2-0 in the Playoffs
    Was worried/Burned out we were lettingthem walk down the field in first quarter till somewhere in middle of 2nd when I realized this was like the Green Bay playoff game Game where the Hawks started off gangbusters and then lost kinda got overhyped and crashed and burned, said to friends at the bar, WE GOT THIS!! they all looked at me like what you talkin about willis. So I didn’t stop believing
    Hopefully the injury situation is not that bad but Clem and Haushka big worries.
    Where do you find good kicker this time of year as replacement?
    Game balls Beast Mode or Russel Wilson and the entire D
    Unsung hero Irvin
    Was in 10th Grade but this is a better team than all of those road loss teams in the past so comparing road losses for last 20 or whatever years is moot.
    Next week Atlanta probably louder stadium, Better O and Weaker D and team that may come out rusty so Seattle needs to capitalize.
    Thinking we need to start better and keep up the pressure, no turnovers on our side and cause turnovers on D and Special Teams.
    If we get a big lead I believe they will fold due to past several years of loosing for them.

  113. I loved the play. Not going to answer all the questions, but just one negative comment. Chancellor giving up a wide-open play for a touchdown for the Skin’s second drive was ugly. T. Gonzalez is going to be more difficult to cover. Hopefully Chancellor isn’t the one trying to cover him.

  114. A question to all Seahawk fans. Of all humans on the earth is there anyone other than Russel Wilson that you wold rather have as the Seahawk QB? Possible answers are Manning(Payton),Brady,Newton(Cam),Luck,Rg3,Manzell or any other living Human. My answer is no. Unbelievable. I get the feeling the Wilson will not miss an open Baldwin or Rice Deep again.

  115. ljarllrajl says:

    I’m happy with Russell Wilson.

    But I’m not happy with that Fed-Ex field. That place is a disaster area. Unfit for high school football let alone professionals.

  116. 1. What was your panic/anger level in the first quarter?

    2. What was the turning point in this game?
    The big 1st down catch by Miller

    3. Game ball goes to …

    4. Who was your unsung hero?
    Z. Miller

    5. Be honest, did you ever stop believing?
    No, but I was worried

    6. The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game was in 1983, how old were you back then?

    7. Early thoughts on the match-up with the Falcons.
    10 am is bs from the NFL. There’s no need for it. They don’t make any attempt to make it fair for west coast teams. But we con win it and I think we will.

  117. Wife and kid had to leave the house at 0-14, only to return at 24-14. Thank you, Seahawks.

  118. I agree that Scruggs will be the next man up a lot of the time. Yeah, I was 34 in ’83. I was working in the computer center at EWU in Cheney. I got to watch the best part of practice every day during training camps! Then I’d head to the bar where many of them drank as much beer as they could before dinner time. I’ve waited a long time to have a genuine franchise qb. And he’s someone to be proud of off the field too so I wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

  119. Never had any doubts. RW3 does it again..

  120. Total yards: 1st qtr us= 9 them= 129
    Rest of the game: us= 371 them= 74

  121. 1. Worried, but not deterred

    2. Definitely Marshawn Lynch picking up that fumbled ball and turning it into a great gain.

    3. Marshawn

    4. Zach Miller… what a solid and clutch game for him!

    5. After only one quarter? never

    6. 21… AND AT THE GAME, BABY! My college hoops team was in Orlando when they found out they made the playoffs. Our athletic director jumped on it and our whole group took a bus to Miami and cheered the Hawks to victory. It did rain some and that helped us, but that clutch Zorn to Largent sideline pass on the last drive was a thing of beauty to watch. There were a lot of angry Dolphin fans towards us. Our athletic director also found a way to get us a bunch of jerseys, so we were about the only large Seahawks group there! It was awesome!

    7. The Falcons are loaded. It will take a great effort for the Seahawks to prevail. We will have to play a better game than today. We were clutch today, but if RG3 was 100%, this would have been a different game. We were good, next week we will have to be better… and we will pull the victory out!

  122. Where’s the Moffit love? As soon as he came in for Sweezy, the line started to actually protect Wilson and Bestmode got a few more gaps to hit! He played his heart out!

  123. Where’s the Moffit love? As soon as he came in for Sweezy, the line started to actually protect Wilson and Beastmode got a few more gaps to hit! He played his heart out!

  124. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    It’s crazy. When we were down 14-0 the amount of commercials that played infuriated me. Once we got back in the game the commercials weren’t as distracting.

    When we were down 14-0 I was too much in shock and disbelief to feel anything. The world didn’t make sense to me any more. I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever felt like that.

    I knew the game was going to turn around after we got our first field goal. The McCoy drop really bothered me, though. That should have been a touch down. Moreover, it gave me flashbacks to the first 49r game, when dropped passes cost us the game. Another turning point occurred when Earl Thomas got that interception. After that, I had a feeling we’d win this game.

    I’d give the game ball to Red Bryant. I’m not sure, but I think that at the beginning of the game, when the Foreskins were getting all those yards off of toss plays, it’s because they were running at Irvin. Again, I’m not sure, but I think that after the first quarter they put Red Bryant in which stopped all that foolishness.

    Again, I think Red Bryant is the reason why we were able to stop their running game. His ability to contain the edge basically shut down their offense. He’s crucial.

    I never stopped believing, but it’s only because I was too much in shock to think after we went down 14-0.

    I was 10 years old the last time we won a road playoff game.

    As far as the Falcons go, it all depends on Clemons. The loss of Clemons for us compares to the 49rs losing Justin Smith. Clemons is the heartbeat of our defensive line. Without him, we are a much different unit.

  125. Since no one seemed to notice:

    According to ProFootballTalk, Chicago Bears have requested to interview Darell Bevell for their vacant HC position. And Seattle is expected to allow him to interview next week.

    ANy thoughts?!

  126. pabuwal says:

    I wouldn’t compare the loss of Justin Smith to Clemons. Smith is a creator while Clemons is a benefactor.

    Clemons loss is still big.

  127. HawkfaninMT says:

    The only thing I hate a out the interview is that it could be a distraction. I understand Pete letting him do it, but I would prefer Bevell to decline until the season is over. For the record I don’t think he gets hired… So it seems needless

  128. Skavage says:

    Agree with the Moffitt love. Not 100% certain he was THE difference, but I look at him and just can’t see how (game-to-game) he grades out lower than Sweezy. Seems to be the better run blocker and seems to be better and picking up the more exotic blitzes. So I keep thinking there must be more going on that we aren’t aware of. But I am damn glad he wasn’t a healthy scratch yesterday.

  129. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Just getting back to the blog. I will probably look into the cost of going to the game once I get over this hangover.

    Atlanta Falcons fans are good fans, however they just aren’t as crazy about their team as other fans are,( lots of transplants down here) so perhaps I can get a good deal for tickets.

    Interesting and sometimes funny view of the game.

  130. thursday says:

    Moffitt was great. I think he’s ultimately a smarter player than Sweezy right now and I seriously cannot understand why they aren’t starting him until Sweezy fails

  131. Perhaps the reason Moffit sat out was for an attitude adjustment…and perhaps his play yesterday is an indication that the method of adjustment worked.

  132. mojjonation says:

    1. Not very high. Wasn’t happy about how they were playing but the team has shown the ability to make adjustments and they did just that. I figured it would come after the first drive, it came after the second.

    2. RDub to Miller on 3rd and 12. We blow that, there is no field goal and we are punting from inside our own 5.

    3. All D-line players. Morris gashed us the first two drives, but they made changes and shut it down. BruBru stepped it up when Clem went down.

    4. The LB’s for filling the gaps when they needed to and stopping Morris from getting to the edge after the first quarter. I know Clem and Irvin had something to do with this too, but when they occupied blockers, Wshingtons O-line couldn’t get to the second level. RG3 was slowed, but Morris (2nd in rushing yards this year) was still a threat to bowl you over.

    5. Nope. We got dumptrucked in the first 11 or 12 minutes of the game, made changes, and marched forward without panic. This isn’t college. Teams can adjust on the fly. It just took us half a season to figure out how to do it.

    6. 12. We beat the Raiders twice in the regular season and we figured it would of been a third time. Not so. It took us 22 years to get back to a Conference Championship Game.

    7. We can do this. No one is afraid of Atlanta. Tony Gonzalez is my main concern. That is until BamBam puts a spleen jarring hit on him and he has short arms for the rest of the game.

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