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Report: Philadelphia Eagles granted permission to interview Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 4, 2013 at 1:59 pm with 40 Comments »
January 4, 2013 2:00 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll thought this might happen.

According to Eagles Insider, the Philadelphia Eagles have been granted permission to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

If the Seahawks and Colts win in the Wild Card round, the two interviews could take place before the divisional playoff game, according to the report.

A holdover from the Jim Mora regime, the charismatic Bradley is in his fourth season as Seattle’s defensive coordinator. The Seahawks lead the league with the fewest points allowed (15.3 per game), are fourth in the NFL in yards allowed per game (306.2).

Carroll hinted earlier this week that Bradley, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and offensive line/assistant head coach Tom Cable could be potential head coaching candidates, with seven NFL head coaching vacancies.

“Tom Cable’s been a head coach and Darrell (Bevell) and Gus (Bradley) and those guys – they’ve been in settings that can earn themselves the right to be considered,” Carroll said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if those guys were all considered. So we’ll see what happens.”

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  1. Nooooooooo. Don’t go, Gus!

    though this is not surprising. These guys all deserve HC consideration. And every GM will spend the offseason studying how John Schneider built this team.

  2. pabuwal says:

    There is no way Jeffrey Laurie hires a Defensive minded coach. He’s offense all the way.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    I’m glad Arizona didn’t land him but I was wondering why he was so hot. If anyone should have a year off it’s Andy Reid. I see Jason Whitlock had some of the same thoughts…

    Oh to stay on the string Gus ain’t ready yet, but whatever.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    Agreed Sandpoint.I think Tom Cable is the most ready on this coaching staff.

  5. Southendzone says:

    Paul Allen gotta break out the wallet and give Tom Cable a giant raise to keep him around.

  6. Hammajamma says:

    I like Gus, but admit to being somewhat indifferent about the potential of him moving on.

    The rise in defensive performance has as much or more to do with player acquisition than coaching, at least in my limited view, and he’s still not been able to generate an elite pass rush.

    I wish him well, whether he lands in Philly or stays. With Carroll, I think the D will be fine with a competent DC. Let’s get Ray Horton back up here!

  7. With Mr. Happy around, I’m not really too worried if we lose Gus.

  8. Skavage says:

    Who are we to say that Gus isn’t ready yet? I mean come on guys…do any of us work with him day in and day out? Do any of us REALLY know what goes on behind closed doors at the VMAC?

    Selfishly I would really, really hate to lose him, but he is ready when he decides he is ready, not when we decide.

    And that said, there is nothing more complimentry than to have people on your staff under consideration for advancement. What it really says is that we have a hell of a great football team coached and ran by another great team. Hats off to them and may Gus Bradley do a Sark and pass on HC opportunities until after we win a couple Super Bowls. :)

  9. None of us know anything. For all we know Tarvaris Jackson is 10 times better than Tom Brady. Afterall, we don’t worth with either of them day in and day out, nor do we know what goes on behind closed doors. Skavage – settle… it’s a joke. :)

  10. ChrisHolmes says:

    I’m with BobbyK on this.

    The defense scheme – the whole man-under 4-3 concept that Pete teaches – is something Pete’s been coaching for years. It’s his defensive philosophy. So it’s not like Bradley came in, like a Monte Kiffin type, and built the defensive scheme himself.

    If anything, Gus has become a student of Pete’s. But Pete’s the master. I’m less worried about losing Gus with the true architect of the defense as remaining as our head coach. I’d be pretty confident in Pete’s ability to hire a young, hungry and smart DC to learn Pete’s defense and coach our guys. I’m sure whatever slack would occur could be taken care of by Pete himself.

    As much as I’ve criticized the guy this year, the dude I wouldn’t want to lose is Bevell. I think what he’s done in the 2nd half of the season has been great. He’s really built this offense around Wilson and his talent and skills. We’ve seen a metamorphosis take place. The addition of the read-option has added another dimension. Plus, I’ve just been impressed over the past 5 games or so with how Bevell has called games. He’s used consecutive play calls to setup some really nice, explosive plays. He continues to utilize the empty-backfield formation (which I love) and the mix of run/pass has been outstanding. We never get too far away from Lynch (hence all the 100-yard games). I think way too many OC’s panick and abandon the run too soon, but Bevell keeps with in in a good way. I see a LOT fewer dumb WR screen calls, a lot less run up the gut for no gain on 1st and 2nd down. We don’t have as many 3rd and long situations as we did early in the year. And the explosive plays – the downfield plays and the long runs – are frequent. This team is fun to watch.

  11. sluggo42 says:

    I like that out coaches are getting considered. Nothing says you are doing things right better than other team trying to steal your staff. Remember, they might not want to leave a hot young organization to some shit team in tatters… Winning cures all ills

  12. I agree that Bevell is part of the operation that has been smart by putting Wilson into the best position to be successful (and then Wilson has taken it to another level by playing lights out). Aside from that, I’m still not a big fan of his (outside of the 4th and short fade routes, I really like Bates… he would have been great with a line and receivers as good as what Bevell has to work with now).

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    I also think pabuwal is right. I can’t see Lurie hiring a defensive coach. I just don’t see Philly going down that road.

    I still think, when all is said and done, Gruden is the next Philly coach.

  14. HawkfaninMT says:

    I’m not saying that Bradley is the motor that keeps the defensive engine running… But if for nothing other than consistency I really want him to stay. We could have practically this entire team and coaches back next year, and to have the same coaches being on the same page with these lanterns for an entire offseason could be something really amazing!

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    Lanterns=players … Stupid fat fingers!

  16. thursday says:

    I agree with sluggo, you have to figure at some point it’s less attractive to leave a team on the rise like this one for a team that’s at the bottom

  17. raymaines says:

    While I agree with everything everyone has ever said about the value of every Seahawk assistant coach, I’m not worried about loosing the DC. There are lots of bright young coaches that could look pretty good working under PC. I don’t want to loose Cable, but I don’t think he’s all that hot a prospect either. Too many character issues and too highly paid by the ‘Hawks.

  18. pabuwal says:

    No team will hire Tom Cable as a Head Coach for those reasons. But as a consolation he can stay with Seattle as one of the highest paid assistants in the NFL and win multiple Super Bowls.

  19. Skavage says:

    @BobbyK – Wasn’t referring to your comment in the slightest. What I was referring to was the comment and agreement that Gus isn’t ready to be a HC. And no need for me to settle, I wasn’t spooled up to begin with. So umm…settle ok? :)

  20. I know… that’s why I put the “joke” part in… :)

    I can’t wait for SUNDAY!!!

    My little buddy wore his Earl Thomas jersey to daycare today; his Sidney Rice on Wednesday (his first day back to daycare this year); and I have his Fan “#12″ jersey all set for Sunday. Going with the rotation, it’s time for the Rice jersey on Monday so Wilson better look at Sidney on Sunday or I’ll be ticked (only in a loss, of course). If we don’t throw to Rice much on Sunday… then I hope Bevell gets a job somewhere else, as I don’t want anyone that stupid on “my” team.

  21. “This” team may have a better chance THIS year then the team next year that everyone has been pointing to…

    Lets get it done NOW…

    We are healthy… for the most part… NOW.

    Even with a better seed next year… what happens if ET, Sherman, and Okung (or Lynch/Unger/Kam) tear ACLs toward the end of the year??? It can happen, even if one of us want it to (and Seahawk fans know something about too many injuries).

    The time may be NOW!!!

  22. “none”

  23. thursday says:

    I hope the time IS now lol. That’s the thing, as good as we could potentially be in subsequent years, a few key injuries can easily derail an otherwise Super Bowl quality team. As someone said, we may never have that perfect position, the perfect circumstances, but great teams don’t need those either. We need to prove everyone wrong about our road ability and now seems like a good time to start.

  24. Sekolah says:

    I’m happy for Gus that he is getting that sort of consideration. This is a guy whom a vast majority of ‘hawks fans wanted run out of town a couple of years ago. Now look at him. Pete and John built him the nastiest secondary this franchise has ever had, and his unit is top 5 in many categories.

    Gus will take the interview, but I doubt he’ll get hired. He’s a family man, so it’s in his best interest to get a pay raise. I’m just not sure that Gus has seen enough NFL action or even has means to assemble himself a staff that can help him win. If for some reason he blows their socks off in Philly, then Pete’s got other options with guys like Kris Richard, Ken Norton Jr.

    Bevell is something of a different story. He has more experience than Gus, and feels a bit more like a real candidate. Question is: Does Bevell want to part ways with Russell Wilson and this offense after getting it to this point? This offense is a #1 WR away from being a juggernaut. A year or two more with a guy like Wilson to inflate his offensive unit’s numbers seems like a surer way for him to land a HC position.

    Losing Bevell right now would definitely feel like a step back for this offense. I think Wilson is going to be good enough to play in almost any system, but it would be nice to keep him in the same one for awhile as long as it’s working.

  25. bayareahawkfan says:

    Posting this here because the thread which suggested it hasn’t been posted to in a while. I keep hearing/reading that Washington’s rush defense is a good match for our offense, because they’re ranked number 5 in the league. The thing I want to know is, is that number 5 in rush yards allowed per game, or yards per carry?

    The latter is a useful measuring stick of defensive efficacy against the run.

    The former is that most annoyingly misleading stat, which doesn’t tell is whether a team is good at *stopping* the run, merely that teams have not run on them much this season.

    From what I have read/heard, Redskins have putting up lots of points since week 1, but their defense couldn’t hold anyone, causing them to have to put up more points, causing the opponent to throw more to keep up, rinse, repeat. In that case, low rushing yard totals against are likely teams having to abandon the run to keep up (and their low rating vs the pass is what I’d expect in this case). If so, I’m not worried about that matchup, because if we stick with the run we’re invalidating the relevance of that stat. And I like our odds sticking to the run generally :).

    Anyone know which of the two stats people are referring to when they say “5th ranked rush D”?

    One other thing: non-existent pass rush may actually be a benefit in this game, as we can perhaps get Clem, Red, and Bruce to focus more on contain at the edges, which is what really needs to be secured at all costs against RGIII.

    After all, would you rather flush him from the pocket and take a chance on turning the corner (however mildly gimpy he is, he still turned the corner a few times in the DAL game), or send ET or KJ on the occasional blitz and limit RGIII’s damage to what he can do from the pocket?

    I get scared picturing Bruce laying out and missing Griffin, then watching from the ground as he rumbles for 20 yards.

  26. No one has asked to interview Bevell, because he has the charisma of tapioca pudding. Not HC material.

    Bradley has the balls, charisma, gravitas, whatever to run a team…but he aint ready. He still needs to fix our third and long problems. And our pathetic pass rush the last while.

    Tom Cable? He flat out whiffed drafting Carp and trying and failing to make him a RT, and again with Moffit. Dont think NFL types arent shaking their heads at those picks, they are, and they arent as patient as some of the Hawk fans who wanna wait 3-4 years to call a bust a bust.

    Not to mention the fact that Dude’s abrasive and O-line coaches are great for 8-8 seasons, but arent generally known for innovation nor winning Super Bowls. Add to that his punching an assistant in the face (even if he did likely deserve it) and the reports he beat 3 girlfriends, and I seriously doubt he gets an interview this year. Not to mention our lines pathetic pass pro in the first half last week.

    I think all coaches stay with the Hawks, and Im glad. If we cant have Howard Mudd or Solari, Cables the guy. Bradley pisses me off, but he has flashes of genius and is young. Bevell is real close to making me eat serious crow, and nothing could make me happier. This crew needs to hang tough together at least one more year…

    All for one, One for All..

  27. I don’t know whether Andy Reid is ready for another head coaching gig or not, but I do know the dude is ready for a diet.

  28. I’d love to see our coaches win the super bowl and then graciously turn down offers from other teams so they can keep having fun doing it all again next year.

    BobbyK – put your little man in his ET jersey on Sunday. I have a feeling ET is about to become RGIIIs worst nightmare.

    Go Seahawks!!!

  29. bsinnitt says:

    The weekend is finally here! Can’t wait for Sunday. I’ll have to stay busy until then to get time to pass like a kid before Christmas. I don’t think the Redskins are ready for the type of game we’re going to bring to them. The physical back alley brawl games we’ve played within the division should have our guys primed to lay the wood from the get go. If Washington doesn’t adjust quickly they’ll find themselves trailing which will force them to throw and play right into our hands (particularly Sherman and ET’s). Seahawks 31 – redskins 13. Seahawks!!!

  30. rramstad says:

    Haven’t seen this posted yet.

    Quite a few people pick us to advance against the Redskins… a good number pick us to advance against Atlanta… and a few even pick us to advance against SF or GB, but lose in the playoffs to the AFC. (That last one seems a bit dodgy to me… if our team gets to the big dance, they’ll be sky high with confidence…)

  31. Been a fan of Tom Cable since his days as the coach of the Tribe From the North (Go Vandals!). May have lost a little luster when he jacked homeboy in the jaw while with the Raiders. But the operative word here is “Raiders.” Probably written into his contract that he had to cold cock one of his staffers.
    Regardless, hope Cable, Gus and the rest of the staff stick around for awhile. Seahawks are on the cusp of something great and it would be a shame if they weren’t here to celebrate it with the rest of us.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    rramstad- I thought that was odd that one of them has us picked to win out in the NFC playoffs, ( all on the road ) then to lose to the Texans in the SuperBowl.
    Imo the NFC was the best conference this year.

  33. rramstad says:

    Georgia, the talking heads on the various national radio stations all seem now to be parroting the party line that the Broncos or Patriots are just too formidable for any NFC team to handle.

    I understand the weight that you have to give to a quarterback who has experienced playoffs, over and over, but that said, I agree with you, statistically the NFC dominated the AFC, especially the elite NFC teams, and so I don’t get it, either.

  34. montanamike2 says:

    Whoever wins the NFC will probably win the trophy.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yea, just look at the Broncos schedule, it kind of reminds me of 2005 when we had some pretty poor teams in our division to feast on.
    And look at the Patriots, they lose to three teams from the NFC west this year. Two of them at their house.

    Yep, I agree with montanamike2.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Another chart from Businessinsider showing how well the Seahawks are playing down the stretch.

  37. Seahawks2620 says:

    I want so badly for us to take it to the Skins tomorrow. I am tired of hearing skins fans from “We have the true beast mode in Alfred Morris” to “You guys beat a bunch of bum teams”. Skins fans are being plain ignorant. There were a few who even claimed that they have the better corners. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!! That is laughable. I think they are going to find out just how hard this defense hits come 1630 tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  38. bayareahawkfan says:

    Lol Georgia – who would’ve thought Business Insider would be our go-to source for NFL news :)?

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