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Thursday injury report, etc.

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Jan. 3, 2013 at 5:02 pm with 33 Comments »
January 3, 2013 5:12 pm

CB Jeremy Lane (knee) did not participate. RB Marshawn Lynch (back) returned to full participation.

For Washington: CB D.J. Johnson (knee) and G Kory Lichtensteiger (ankle) did not participate. S DeJon Gomes (knee) was limited. Those with health issues who participated fully include: QB Robert Griffin III (knee), WR Pierre Garcon (foot), CB DeAngelo Hall (elbow), LB Ryan Kerrigan (ankle) and LB London Fletcher (ankle).

A couple notes out of the locker room. As Eric reported, Browner spoke about his return. He certainly looked like he’s been working out during his suspension. He sounded very eager to be back in action. I wonder if that will make him vulnerable to biting on first moves, or being hyper-physical and getting flagged. But when you consider the challenge posed by RGIII this week, particularly with the read-option, it’s comforting to remember some of the edge plays Browner made against Cam Newton in the Panthers’ game. One way to defend that play is if you have a rare athlete out there who can tackle either guy whether the quarterback keeps or gives. Browner just took the ball from Newton once on one of the game’s biggest plays.

Some funny stuff from Mike Robinson, after having said that Marshawn Lynch sometimes baby-sits his children. Don’t believe it’s full-time nanny status, more on the lines of “if I have to go down the street for a while,” Robinson said. Now, every time his kids see somebody with dreads, Robinson said, the kids start yelling “Marshawn, Marshawn.” It was suggested that it might be the plot-line for a sit-com (tough guy halfback shows sensitive side as child-care fill-in for his fullback). I offer the title: “Nanny McBeast”

As would be expected, tackle Breno Giacomini expressed pride in the performance of the stellar student-athletes representing his alma mater, Louisville, after their rout of Florida in the Sugar Bowl Wednesday night.



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  1. sluggo42 says:

    Beast Nanny…


  2. sluggo42 says:

    Beast Nanny


  3. Dukeshire says:

    Marshawn baby-sits? I love it. Lol. Incredible. I can only imagine it…

  4. Vegas56 says:

    I wouldn’t want to be the kid that accidently gets between Marshawn and the fridge when Beast is hungry…

    Could Lane’s injury have had something to do with his spotty play last Sunday?

  5. raymaines says:

    I can only imagine the bed time stories that man would tell. Actually, no I can’t, and that’s probably a good thing.

  6. Nanny McBeast?! Good God, thats funny!

    I hope Browner can come in and play well right away. Regardless, its nice to have options…expect him to get picked on, and expect the Skins to throw deep on him one-on-one just to get a flag…Play smart, not just hard, Browner…

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    Browner is why I think the Redskins are going to have trouble running the read-option. He’s physical enough to keep a WR from getting 5 yards on a play. He can just as easily throw off his blocker to make the tackle.

    From the Real Rob Report, it seems the FB brings his kids in all the time, only they seem to spend more time with Wilson. That’s probably the better idea.

    Now that my vacation back home to Poulsbo for the holidays are over, here’s the kind of crap I get from the local news here in DC:!/news/sports/Missing-in-Action–Where-Are-Seattle-s-Fans-/185606482

    I plan to go to a Redskin bar on Sunday and be “that guy.”

  8. Skavage says:

    It would be funny to see what Marshawn would do if one of Rob’s kids came up to him with a video camera rolling… :)

  9. JZombie says:

    Smug doesn’t even begin to describe the guy in the video.

  10. RD – wow that was a total crap video dissing Seahawks fans. I’ll feel less bad now if we pummel their team.

  11. RDPoulsbo says:

    Yeah, they’re full of fake bravado here. It makes them think they have the best fans in the league. There’s more where that came from.

  12. bayareahawkfan says:

    Haven’t seen this posted yet – Bucky Brooks on who is the better back, Beast or Alfred Morris:

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah major disrespect from D.C. We’ll have to punish them badly.

  14. They also disrespected us in ’05 and ’07 and what did we do? Beat them in the play-offs. Each time. Hah!

  15. I have to watch the game on tivo unfortunately due to travelling this weekend but I wanted to write a few things about this team.

    I love them! In the entire existence of the Seahawks franchise I’ve never been more confident in our Quarterback. Russell has more than won me over. His progressive growth(height excluded), poise, accuracy, arm strength, decision making, scrambling ability and leadership have been phenomenal. What an amazing 1st year.

    All areas of perceived preseason weakness have shown improvement. WR group has gone from suspect to good+. A relatively healthy Rice, improving Tate and back to form Baldwin form a damn good core group. TEs are better. The O-Line has been steady. The pass rush has improved over last season. The injury bug has largely left us alone.

    Coming in to this season I felt we could be a playoff team but that next year would be our coronation. The 49ers woke me up though. One single injury, in this case to Justin Smith, can change the whole dynamic of your team. They simply are not as scary with the “Cowboy” off the field. You just never know. So with that in mind I do not take this moment for granted one bit. I won’t count on next season. We have an opportunity and the talent to get the job done NOW.

    Here’s to playing a disciplined game this Sunday. Play smart and we live to fight another week. The Seahawks are ready. Have a great weekend everyone!!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  16. Galena – I agree completely with all your points. It seems like this is as about as promising as any time to be a Seahawks fan.

  17. JazBadAzz says:

    Are we not allowed to post links from youtube here?

  18. Looks like most of the experts are picking the Seahawks to beat the Skins. Then again, they also picked the Saints to beat the Seahawks in ’10, so we can’t get too confident.

  19. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    LOL dumbest video ever. Let’s search Seattle and see how many Redskins fans we can find.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Attention to detail.” “Competitive relentless nature.”

    How did Chuck Knox transform his attitude into this kids head?

    I remember pabs asking me at the beginning of the year if I ever seen a Seahawk QB like Wilson? I said no, and this is for the most part why.
    Just an unbelievable, ( off the charts) drive and work ethic this kid has.
    And he will be our QB for a long time.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    I’m sorry for posting this, especially in the AM.
    I’m completely furious about learning of that football team high school in Ohio where they raped that young underage girl repeatedly and dragged her party to party. Some kids joked about it on the ‘net.
    When i was a teenager i went to a hockey team party where something was going on downstairs. When i found out it was a 14 year old girl they got drunk and took turns on her, i threw a chair through the front window and the party quickly disolved. The host cofronted me and i explained how i was going to hurt him badly and he disappeared.
    When the cops brought the half naked passed out girl i was horrified to learn that it was my friend’s little sister. Nothing was done about it except when i caught the players alone and beat the snot out of them. Needless to say i became very unpopular in that hockey town.
    I wish the kids from Ohio lived around here so i could take care of them myself! It was like an unspoken tradition that the coaches knew about and perhaps perpetuated. Sorry for my early rant but this crap pisses me off! I didn’t go to war to defend these a#$holes. Is this Afghanistan? I’m glad we have Wilson as our Franchise QB.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    OK i’m off to the springs so i can sauna and not be angry in the morning. I’m sure i’ll be cool when i return. Apologies to the football blog.

  23. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Maybe Breno can emulate the spirit of the Louisville student athlete and somehow become smarter. By far the most frustrating player on this team – he’s a walking 15 yard penalty.

    RT remains the only glaring hole on this roster. Seems like he fits what we want to do scheme-wise, but between the ear holes… wow – doesn’t seem to be a lot in there.

    I’m sure if he reads this he will want to punch me in the face – and while I will be in a coma, my point will have been made…

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think it’s that Breno’s dumb, although I don’t know him obviously, but my impression is that he simply allows his emotions to get the better of him on the field. It’s a pretty fine line between playing aggressively and playing foolishly. In addition, this is a team that encourages it’s players to play all the way through the whistle, not just to it in a manner of speaking, and that too puts some players in positions where they’re toeing the personal foul line. There’s no question though this is a much bigger problem for him than anyone else, although you have to admit he’s dialed it way back since the first month of the season. This is really his first year as a full time starter so a learning curve ought to be expected as well. I’ll say this for him: he’s come *miles* since Seattle got him in ’10 and that’s been pretty impressive.

    “I’m sure if he reads this he will want to punch me in the face – and while I will be in a coma, my point will have been made…” lol!

  25. Go Hawks!
    Skol Vikings! (still seems weird to say that)

    Who’s going to the NFC Championship Game if it’s in Seattle? Me!

  26. mindnbrad says:

    Agree with most of Galena’s points except:
    “The O-Line has been steady. The pass rush has improved over last season.”
    Both units were very suspect against the Lambs. I love that we overcame that and found a way to win, but in my mind those 2 units need to step it up or we won’t last in the playoffs IMO.

  27. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I think Breno’s nasty streak is a definite benefit, and totally agree that he’s come a long way. We seem to like grimy road graders on the OL and that’s what we got in Breno. He is also cost-effective.

    I’m pulling for the guy, but when he indulges in these emotional outbursts, he costs the team – its selfish and foolish (dumb may be a stretch but another synonym for “selfish + foolish” currently escapes me).

    That said, as a fellow Italian – I sympathize with Breno. The world often does not understand us until we punch/kick/throw/mutilate something. Regrettably, it rarely makes us look smarter.

  28. tealskin says:

    The O-line improved alot in the second half of the Rams game. The pass rush continues to be a big problem. Achilles heel. Exposes the soft coverage in the middle. RW and the Beast better be primed.

  29. MontanaMike2–I hear you, man. That kind of stuff is heinous, and its still going on. The worst part is that our society glorifies sports to such an extent that even when behavior like that surfaces, many people either ignore or justify it. And that is hard to take for those of us with empathy.

    All you can do is keep your self a home in your head, make sure you dont lose your values, and stand up for whats right when the opportunity arises. Sounds like you do just fine at that.

    I will gladly buy you a beer the next time I’m near Bozeman if youre up for it. Good luck chillin’ a the Hot Springs and Go Hawks!

  30. @montanamike – – I missed your post earlier. I read the story about that girl in Ohio too, really just unfathomable. Major kudos to you for stepping up and doing something when you saw it happening around you. Takes a lot of guts to go against the crowd in situations like that. I hope I’m raising my two boys to act likewise.

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