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Morning links: Are young Hawks ready for playoffs?

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 1, 2013 at 8:55 am with 71 Comments »
January 1, 2013 8:55 am
San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore (21) is tackled by Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner (54), outside linebacker K.J. Wright (50), and free safety Earl Thomas (29) during the first quarter of an NFL football game in San Francisco, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune notes that the Seahawks have the second youngest team in the NFL with the least amount of playoff experience among the 12 teams to reach the postseason.

Seattle has 60 combined games off postseason experience on the 53-man roster. Boling writes that 12 of the Seahawks have not been in the playoffs at all, while another six played for Seattle in 2010 when they advanced as the 7-9 NFC West champion

However, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll preached the value of staying consistent this week, which helps maintain his team’s performance even when the moment get bigger.

“These guys have heard that message for a couple years now, and hopefully they’ll make sense of it, because it’s about consistency,” Carroll said. “When you get this opportunity, you’ve got to bring what you’ve got and don’t show up without your stuff that day. We know how to do that, and now we have to see if we can bring it to life and not get distracted by the fact that it’s the playoffs.”

Here’s my story on Walter Thurmond being placed on IR and Brandon Browner re-joining the team.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times notes that three of the past Super Bowl winners were Wild Card teams like the Seahawks this season.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that now comes the fun part for Seattle – playing in the postseason.

ESPN’s Mike Sando provides an updates tale of the tape between Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.

Mike Wise of the Washington Post writes that Redskins running back Alfred Morris hopes to continue his Hollywood, rags-to-riches success story into the playoffs.

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports writes that Washington will provide a good test to see if the Seahawks have really got over the issues they suffered on the road earlier this season.

Khaled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus takes a look back at the Hawks-Rams game. Brandon Mebane and Gold Tate did well. Breno Giacomini –not so much.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    What stands out to me still about that playoff loss to the Bears two years ago, were all the dropped passes, especially by Williams. This is such a different team now, it’s hard for me to imagine Rice, Baldwin, and Tate shrinking from the spotlight in that way. Thomas and Wilson will absolutely have their respective units focused.

  2. Skavage says:

    I still contend that olaying on grass will be the biggest factor against us come Sunday. We don’t typically play well on grass. Let’s hope it goes more like the Chicago game and less like the Miami game.

  3. I hate to keep kissing RW’s ass in recent weeks, but I feel like this article deserves an analysis from myself.

    When I watch RW play, I don’t really see a rookie quarterback, I see him throw it away when he needs to, steps up in the pocket, gets away from pressure, and most importantly, knows when to take a sack and not turn the rock over. If this is his ceiling, then I’m 100 percent fine with that, as he’s definitely in the top 16 quarterbacks, if not better.

    Nobody put them in this position on draft day, people (myself included), were calling for Carroll’s job after he named RW the starter without giving Flynn a real shot, and the majority of us were flat out wrong. Carroll is either unbelievably good at developing rookies to play for the next level, or he just knows how to pick them to fall right into the pros. This team likely isn’t going to go to the super bowl, and it sucks to fathom, but it’s true. That being said, next year is very likely this teams year. The dropped games @DET and @MIA proved very costly, and everything came to fruition for Seattle to win the NFC West, and clinch the 2nd seed, except for NE beating the visiting 49ers. Scary thought… a team with a rookie quarterback and “no receivers” was in contention until the final moments of the regular season for the 2nd seed in the NFC playoffs. Scratch that. A team with a rookie quarterback that these douchebag pundits are STILLLLLLLL F’ING DOUBTING and “power ranking” below the 49ers – after a drubbing @SEA, and after beating the same Cardinals Seattle hung 58 points on, while shutting them out. Oh, and Seattle played a close game against the same St Louis Rams that tied the niners and beat them once. Stupid NFL.

  4. pabuwal says:

    I like this team’s chances of making the Super Bowl if:

    1). They don’t have to play at Green Bay
    2). The defense can make the critical stop late in the 4th quarter of a single score game.

  5. pabs – Did you know that our defense hasn’t made many stops this year with the game on the line? I wasn’t sure if you were aware of that or not.

  6. edstang45 says:

    “Are the young seahawks ready for playoffs”…They better be because were there, baby!!! It’s not that the Hawks have done enough, I really believe this team could be there after 2 more wins playing for the right to play in SB, which we have enough to win!! Will they?? time will tell. But I remember this blog saying overwhelmingly that after being 4-4, we’d be lucky to be 8-8. Guys were hoping for 9-7 so we’d atleast have a winning record. The head of Bevell was being called for, Flynn was our only chance, There was even talk of Pete not being the coach to take us to the promise land, who would replace him! My point is we’ve arrived, this team is on the rise and the future looks awesome, We have our franchise QB depth everywhere.Were only going to get better and better. The excitement is back, this is fun again, we can brag again, we can look forward with great enthusiasm for next year and the next, I can see the SB right around the corner!! could be this year baby! it’s been awhile since we’ve could say this….so enjoy te ride

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I agree. We ought to place this teams’ championship chances entirely on the defense. That’s reasonable.

  8. pabuwal says:

    You must have missed the Arizona, Miami, Chicago and Detroit games on the road. As soon as Seattle scored late in the 4th quarter to take the lead, the Defense IMMEDIATELY allowed the game winning or tying score. Three of those 4 offenses are just plain bad.

    The Defense stopped NE and STL at home but those teams got the ball back under 90 seconds.

    The Defense also allowed game winning drives in similar situations last year to Rex Grossman, Alex Smith and John Skelton – 3 QBs that no longer start fit their teams.

    It’s a well documented problem whether you choose to ignore it or not.

  9. pabs – I was joking. You have only mentioned those problems 329,394,878,101,936,998 times in the last few months.

  10. pabuwal says:

    My bad BobbyK. Sorry lol.

  11. And if we still had Hutch, Goodell would cancel the NFC play-offs and send Seattle to the Super Bowl.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    I’m so glad we don’t have head cases like Suh on this team. A great talent who instead of trying to become the next Reggie White, seems to becoming the next Albert Haynesworth. Those kind of players can destroy the chemistry of a team, imo. No wonder Detroit still sucks

    so true Georgia.
    So many FO’s got canned yesterday because they didn’t draft Wilson!
    I can understand with the Browns for having a boatload of picks and not even getting Tannahill or Cousins in the deepest QB class in decades. Brandon Weedon? Sucks to be a Browns fan, glad it’s not me.

  13. following up on Radeon’s note – another very un-rookie-like thing about Wilson is the lack of picks. He threw 10 all year, and when you think back, I’d say fully half of those were on plays where receivers got their hands on the ball first, or receivers fell down, etc, basically hard-luck no-fault interceptions. So, there are really just 5 or so really bad judgment throws all year (I know, I’m sure there were some picks dropped by the defenders), which is remarkable.

    I think as he’s gained more confidence over the course of the year, he’s felt much freer to use his feet to keep plays alive and gain yards too, and once that happened, we became a different team. If he gets time to throw, and from a look at Washington’s defensive numbers against the pass it seems like he will, I expect the Hawks to put up plenty of points.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal’s myopia regarding this defense consumes too much grey matter for him to easily recognize sarcasm or humor. ;)

  15. Dukeshire says:

    montanamike2 – I wonder how many of those potential teams that might have drafted Wilson would have had the guts to actually start him, or the competence to develop game plans that put him in positions to succeed as he has? Big credit to Schneider, Carroll, Bevell here.

  16. Vegas56 says:

    Well, they’ve got one more year’s experience than they had yesterday…

  17. Only six players remain from the division champion of 2010…wow

  18. It might be 6 starters but their are more than 6 players on the roster from that team.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Off the top I can think of 15 players still here from ’10. There may be more.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    True Duke, credit goes all around.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting players to come to Seattle “because they suck” anymore.

  22. The way we draft, I don’t think we’re going to need to worry about getting players to come here anymore. I think we can draft our own and keep the ones we want to keep without having to recruit blue chip guys. We’re going to need to keep that big money for guys like Kam, Sherman, Wright, Wagner, etc. Don’t forget that Wilson is going to go from making pennies by NFL standards to getting a huge payday in a couple of years (I think a players has to have been in the league for 3 years before they can renegotiate anything under the new CBA). I know we keep talking about a couple of years down the road, but by then, will we be able to afford everyone? No. In a way, our time could be here and now. We’ve been pretty lucky with the injury bug this year, too. You never know when things will break your way so I say lets go get Washington and keep the road warrior mentality going… Since we’ve never won much on the road in the play-offs, it’s time to make up for lost time!

  23. RDPoulsbo says:

    I don’t think it will be a problem moving the ball on the Redskins, but as mentioned, I am a little concerned about the defense folding late in the game. They do have the ability to shut down the running game and get out to an early lead. If they can do that, Washington will have a hard time playing catch up. In any case, the Hawks are road favorites and with good reason. They have a much more disciplined defense to keep RG3 in check and a secondary that can shut down their below average WRs and contain scrambles on the perimeter.

    It must have been a pretty good conversation among the Jacksonville brass when they tried to defend drafting a punter before Wilson just before they got fired. Seriously, what were they thinking when Gabbert was showing clear signs of not panning out, and they pick a punter that high instead of drafting some job insurance in a QB? Same goes with the Chiefs and Cards. They knew they were in trouble at QB and did nothing…and rightfully fired for it. It was worse than Ruskill shunning the deepest RB draft in a decade so he could overpay for Jones and Duckett instead.

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    Seattle’s FA issues have always been about having to be perennial top 5 most traveled teams and the lack of media spotlight. Both of which are just not going to be solved unless somehow an earthquake physically moves the city southwest by about 1000 miles or other NFL teams start moving to LA, SLC, or some other western locations. Draft picks will always have to be the team’s strength regardless of who runs the team.

  25. On Draft night I was worried a team like the Eagles were going to trade up and draft Wilson.

    I’ve seen the 49ers trade up and draft Bryant Young leaving the Seahawks with Sam Adams and the Patriots trading up to draft Vince Wolfolk leaving the Seahawks with Marcus Tubbs. Fortunately that didn’t happen here.

  26. “It must have been a pretty good conversation among the Jacksonville brass when they tried to defend drafting a punter before Wilson just before they got fired.”


    There were also a few decent looking QBs who got drafted after Wilson, too. I never thought much of Cousins but all indications from training camp were that he looked great and, obviously, he was dominant in his one real start this season, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Redskins could get a 1st or 2nd round pick for him this off-season from a team in need of a QB of the future.

    Maybe Jax knew they were going to suck and wanted to make sure they could punt it far? lol

  27. pabs – We’ve also traded up and took a Cortez Kennedy away from others, too. Win some. Lose some.

  28. Same with trading up to snag Walter Jones.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Turnovers will be big in this game imo. The Redskins home field advantage could make this a closer game all by itself, but if they win the turnover battle, ( and they are one of the best at it ) we could be in trouble.

  30. BobbyK – those trades you cite occurred days before the draft. The ones I mentioned occurred right before the Seahawks were slated to pick which made it more painful.

  31. SandpointHawk says:

    Wilson has the potential to become a media superstar, long before he ever gets paid by the Seahawks. Indianapolis isn’t in the media spotlight but Payton did pretty good being based there and started landing national contracts after his rookie year.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think they could get a one for Cousins. I think he’s the best backup and could start for several teams right now.

    I’m hoping we get a two for Flynn and then get Jackson back. Lol.

  33. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia, what’s with you’re infatuation for Cousins? How can you label him the best back up? No debate.Just wondering. ..

  34. Ewalters7354 says:
  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t know if this was already posted but I thought it was an interesting debate for the O-ROY.

    Greg Cowen of the Colts Athority makes a very good case for Luck. So does Matthew Heuett at Seahawks addicts for Wilson imo. Anthony Brown of Redskins Hog Heaven makes a pretty lame case for Griffin. Griffin deserves much better than that.

    Although I like to see Wilson get his props, I think all three are deserving of ROY. Just unbelievable things that these rookie QBs are doing.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters7354- I saw the Redskin- Baltimore game where Griffin went out and Cousins went in and guided his team to a 4th qtr td, then ran it in for a two point conversion to tie it up and send the game into overtime. Then he lead his team to the game winning field goal.

    The next game, ( with Griffin still out ) Cousins throws for 329 yards, two tds and leads his team to a 38-21 win over the Browns.

    I haven’t seen many other backups play that well in a while and he is also a rookie. The Redskins just didn’t miss a beat with Cousins replacing Griffin. Not to say he is better than Griffin, but he is just another of the many good QBs to come out of the draft recently, imo.

    Besides, he has a bad haircut and sounds a bit like Hasselbeck with his one-liners. Lol.

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    I was really high on Cousins during the draft as well. I thought the Hawks were going to draft him in the 3rd or 4th round. He also has great intangibles and good stuff habits. I just thought he was a good QB coach and a year or so away from being a NFL starter. Remember that everyone was assuming Flynn was going to be starter, including myself. To me, he looked like a good prospect to build into either a long term starter or a 1st round pick.

  38. Ewalters7354 says:

    Thanks Georgia. He is indeed a hell of a Qb.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I would much rather have Seattle face Cousins than Griffin, Sunday. While he did play well filling in, briefly against a depleted Balt defense and then against one of the worst passing defenses in the league in Cleveland, that’s a far cry from Seattle in a playoff game.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It will be interesting who makes a play for him. I doubt the Redskins will deal with the Cowboys, but wouldn’t it be something if Arizona makes a trade for him. Then they hire Holmgren, ( who lives in Arizona now) to coach the team. That would make for potentially one hell of a division in the NFC west.

  41. edstang45 says:

    Does anyone think Flynn will be traded for draft picks this off season or do we keep him as RW backup. Is there a FA backup out there?? One hand I’d like to see what Schnieder would pull out the hat for him, on the other hand were so solid with him as backup. I’m glad it’s not my decision, Just imagine where we’d be with a stud pass rush up the middle to compiment our speed at the edge, and another tall speed reciever with sticky hands, were so close to being un beatable. If we had 3 do overs we might have been 14=2 this year. I know were where we are now but the future looks so dang good too

  42. RDPoulsbo says:

    The problem with trading Flynn is there’s just him and Wilson on the roster. There’s not even a 3rd stringer with a remote chance of being a decent chance of being a backup. This is going to be a crappy year to pick up any QB so it’ll be a significant risk to trade Flynn.

  43. MattandCindy says:

    I think with our cap room, team needs and the way things are going for us now, we are in a position where keeping him wouldn’t hurt that much. He didn’t get a chance to really show off this year, so I don’t see us getting anything better than a 3rd rounder if we trade him, but with our FO that could turn into the greatest player of all time! IMHO, I would like to trade him, then use a draft pick to find a back-up QB who would better fit our new offense. Then use FA to sign a veteran who could hold the reigns if something horrible were to happen.

    And i’m with you edstang. Clemons is still great but aging, and Irvin is still getting his feet wet. If we could maybe trade up or let PC/JS use the draft voodoo on everyone and get a stud pass rusher (Jarvis Jones???)…just dead QB’s everywhere.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No doubt I would rather see the seahawks face Cousins rather than a healthy Griffin, however I wouldn’t want to see them knock an already gimpy Griffin out of the game and have to face Cousins,( Who has done very well in those same circumstances already) who the Seahawks might not have game planned for enough.

    One thing that might work in the Seahawks favor is the Redskins don’t do as well when it comes to winning against the better passing defenses in the NFL. Pittsburgh-1 Cincinnati-7 St. Louis- 15 Carolina-13. Seahawks are at #6.

    And Griffin has played against some worse passing defenses than Cousins. Tampa Bay-32 New Orleans-31 Giants-28.

  45. MattandCindy says:

    RDPoulsbo- Touche. There really isn’t going to be a huge market for FA QB’s. I’m going to do some research and see if there is anyone really worthy.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think it’s really up to Flynn whether he stays or get’s traded. If I really thought I was a starting QB in the NFL I would want out so I could prove it.
    If Flynn really wants to stay and be backup great! Collectively the Seahawks aren’t overpaying for Wilson and Flynn, and we still get to keep a good back up.
    If Flynn wants to go, good too! They could save a little money and perhaps get a decent draft pick and/or players.


  47. I can’t imagine trading Flynn. Second string QB is one of the top-10 most important positions on the roster, in my opinion. Its a dumb position to save money on. One injury and that guy is your team leader. We are in good shape with Flynn.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Agree, however if Flynn thinks he’s a #1 how can the FO really keep him?
    Now if he is perfectly happy being a career backup that’s another story.

    We will see.

    BTW- Looks like Reid is headed to Arizona.

  49. pabuwal says:

    It’s not up to Flynn – it’s up to whether or not the Seahawks can sucker a team to ante up a 3rd or 4th round pick for him.

    Backup QBs of Flynn’s caliber are a dime a dozen. He will be easily replaced in the off season if the team trades him away early enough.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    You’re not honestly making the argument that Cousins is as good as Griffin are you? It sounds dangerously close to that, to me. It’s your opinion that that’s cool, but I welcome knocking out Griffin to bring Cousins in on Sunday.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Flynn has next to no say in the matter. Even if he were to hold out that doesn’t weaken Seattle’s position. In fact, that would serve as a public announcement that he’d be wiling to re-work his contract to get out (which would be a real issue in dealing him).

  52. Georgia – Flynn signed a contract. It doesn’t matter how good he may think he is. He signed away his right to having his opinion matter.

    pabuwal – “Backup QBs of Flynn’s caliber are a dime a dozen.” ??
    No way. Name five backup QBs as ready to step in and win as Matt Flynn. Name one current playoff team who is ready to lose their starting QB in the first quarter of the super bowl and still win the game. I’ll give you one – the Seahawks.

  53. pabuwal says:

    Flynn has a very friendly contract if the Seahawks want to keep him as a backup next year or if another team wants to try him as a 1 year starter with a cheap option for a second year.

    The biggest impediment in a deal is to find a team that believes he is better than Alex Smith, Matt Moore, Matt Cassell, etc.

  54. pabuwal says:

    I think Stevos is trying to say that if Wilson were to get hurt, there would be little dropoff if Flynn came in??

    The only time I ever want to see “The Human Victory Cigar” is when the Seahawks are up by 30 late in the game.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Why re-frame what Stevo said? He was quite clear in his own words.

    And yes pabuwal, the obvious trouble with dealing Flynn are the other “available” QBs currently under contract. Teams in need of a QB will have several options and avenues to pursue.

  56. pabuwal says:

    You said the real issue in dealing Flynn is his contract which is incorrect. He has a very friendly contract.

  57. Dukeshire says:

    I said *a* real issue. Not *the* real issue. “A” implies something that will have to be dealt with. “The” suggests no other issue is as important. (And if he’s traded, he’ll have a new contract with that team, I’m certain.) Please read a bit more carefully.

  58. pabuwal says:

    The contract is ZERO issue for either the Seahawks or any other team.

    It has always been a very team friendly contract. There will be no renegotiation.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “You’re not honestly making the argument that Cousins is as good as Griffin are you?”

    No, however are you trying to make the argument that I am?

    Now you know better than that. Lol.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – If he’s traded, we’ll see. Also, I’ll take your qualification as an admission that you did in fact mis-read what I said.

    Georgia – As I said, you appeared to hint at that when you noted the defenses Griffin played against in comparison to Cousins. Glad to read you are not.

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Please read a bit more carefully.”

    Now that’s a projection if I ever heard one. Lol.

    I stand by what I say about Flynn. In fact I would bet he already has made his choice.
    I don’t think Flynn will be back.
    I agree with what Eric said about this situation on a chat awhile back, in that the FO will most likely move Flynn in the off season and probably get somewhere around a third round pick for him.

  62. pabuwal says:

    Whether you meant “the” or “a” or in making posts from my phone I wrote “the” or “a” is completely irrelevant to the entire point I made.

    There is ZERO issue to Flynn’s contract when making a trade. It is neither “a” issue nor “the” issue It’s actually a huge benefit to any team that takes him on.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    No. It has everything to do with what I said and your mis-quote of it.

    Also, I think your caps lock is stuck but only when you type zero.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire – I made those comparisons to show that Cousins wasn’t the only one that has played against crappy pass defenses this year like your post earlier seemed to suggest.

    Now if you look at my first sentence in that post, you or anyone else that will, in your own words to Pabs, (” Please read a bit more carefully”) will see that I made it very clear who I thought was better.

    See again below- Lol.

    “No doubt I would rather see the Seahawks face Cousins then a healthy Griffin.”

    Now this still doesn’t change my opinion that Cousins has the ability to step up big time if a gimpy Griffin gets knocked out of the game.

  65. pabuwal says:

    Duke – you may think I am purposely sitting around and trying to misquote you but I am not. I am typing these posts very quickly from my phone with the sole purpose of trying to make football related observations.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – Your first sentence in that post was the entire paragraph (you seem to have forgotten), and went on to say “… however I wouldn’t want to see them knock an already gimpy Griffin out of the game and have to face Cousins,( Who has done very well in those same circumstances already) who the Seahawks might not have game planned for enough.”

    So, it has nothing to do with me not reading what you wrote closely enough. But no matter, I really couldn’t care less any longer. Trying to argue this point when it’s all written above is just stupid.

    pabuwal – Somehow I feel we would have far better conversations in person.

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Straw man arguments aren’t the kind I will debate anymore so please take them elsewhere in the future. Thanks.

    Unfortunately what gets lost in this is the more positive part of the post, and by far the most important to me, that really gives us hope that we will do good against Griffin and co. Read below-

    “One thing that might work in the Seahawks favor is the Redskins don’t do as well when it comes to winning against the better passing defenses in the NFL. Pittsburgh-1 Cincinnati-7 St. Louis- 15 Carolina-13. Seahawks are at #6.”

    I think we have the kind of D that will defuse the skins.

  68. edstang45 says:

    Cousins came in had one good game, Much as Flynn did. Can’t really make a credible determination over one game from the TV set.

    Hawks are getting alot of respect on the network, #4 for playoff powerpoll, Saying the hawks are the most physical team, nice to hear after being such a finess team for so long eh. Would like to see them punch Skins in the mouth, then go to Atlanta and smack them around. Young and feeling they can push anyone around sounds good to me. Just see Big reds swagger,Big stud Mebane and our big CB’s and Safety.
    I’m excited about our run Baby, just hope refs let em play like big boys

  69. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not misrepresenting anything you said. Here’s what I posted “You’re not honestly making the argument that Cousins is as good as Griffin are you? It sounds dangerously close to that, to me. It’s your opinion that that’s cool, but I welcome knocking out Griffin to bring Cousins in on Sunday.”

    *That* is not a so-called “straw-man argument”. I respected your opinion and simply have a different one. Since then you’ve tried to manipulate not only what I said but what you yourself have said. And this isn’t the first time you’ve done that.

  70. Nobody was as hard on Cousins as I was last year prior to the draft on this blog (based on his pathetic performance against Nebraska in Lincoln). However, I’m not basing Cousins on “one good game.” Many people (coaches, reporters, etc.) were raving about him in training camp. Then, as Georgia said about taking over for RGIII in that game where he got hurt, and then the actual stud start… The best thing about Cousins last year that I loved were his intangibles. He’s like Wilson in that he’s a good/great person that you’d want as the face of your franchise. But, yeah, I’d much rather face Cousins as opposed to RGIII on Sunday. And just because Wilson is a stud, that doesn’t mean that Matt Flynn isn’t one of the best 32 QBs in the NFL. He is. He’s better than what some of these clown teams in the NFL have (Cleveland, Buffalo, Jax, KC, etc.). Maybe we should appreciate having a great back-up QB in case our stud gets hurt. As Stevos said, and I agree with, having a great back-up QB is pretty dang important. If anything happened to Wilson, we could still go to the Super Bowl with Flynn. If anything happened to Wilson and a loser like T-Jack were our QB, we could just as well skip the play-off game and not even show up.

  71. ljarllrajl says:

    Yes we had some disappointing loses on the road, but I think what we seen against Detroit and Miami was a young team learning how to win games on the road. Getting better as the season progresses is all you can ask of your team.

    Now bring on the Skins!

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