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Seahawks 2013 opponents

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 30, 2012 at 8:42 pm with 26 Comments »
December 30, 2012 8:42 pm

Here are the Seattle Seahawks 2013 opponents.

HOME — New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Minnesota and NFC West foes Arizona, San Francisco and St. Louis.

AWAY — Atlanta, Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, the New York Giants and NFC West opponents Arizona, San Francisco and St. Louis.

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  1. BeerDrinkingFool says:

    That’s a pretty rough road schedule. Non-divisional opponents have a combined record of 52-28. Ouch. Home schedule doesn’t look too bad though.

  2. New Rookie QB Records:

    Most Passing Touchdowns, Rookie, Season: TIE 26, Peyton Manning, 1998 and Russell Wilson 2012

    Highest passer rating, rookie, season: 104.1 Robert Griffin III 2012

    Most pass attempts, rookie, season: 627, Andrew Luck, 2012

    Most passing yards, rookie, season: 4,374, Andrew Luck 2012

    Most passing yards, game, rookie: 433, Andrew Luck November 4, 2012

    Most games, 300+ yards passing, season, rookie: 6, Andrew Luck 2012

    Most pass completions, rookie, season: 354, Sam Bradford, 2010

    Highest completion percentage, rookie, season: 66.44, Ben Roethlisberger, 2004 (196/295)

    Highest yards per attempt, rookie, season: 9.411, Greg Cook 1969

    Most consecutive passes, None intercepted, rookie season: 169, Sam Bradford, October 10, 2010-November 21, 2010

    Best touchdown pass–interception differential, rookie season: 14 (20–6) Dan Marino, 1983

    Lowest percentage passes had intercepted rookie season: 1.98 Charlie Batch 1998

  3. Correction:
    Russell Wilson set another new rookie record:

    Best touchdown pass–interception differential, rookie season: 16 (26-10) Russell Wilson 2012, besting Marino’s old record.

  4. Yeah, that’s a tough road schedule definitely, but just as with the upcoming playoffs, it’ll be a test of this team to establish an identity showing they can win anywhere anytime. Now if those east coast trips are all early games, well that’s still worth a grumble or two.

    Two seasons and RW’s pretty much going to have gone up against most all of the elite QBs in the league. Should be a fun year.

  5. thursday says:

    So we get ‘lina on the road again and Minnesota at home again? what’s the odds lol

  6. Our first opponent in 2013 is the Redskins! This is going to be fun. It’s been 29 YEARS since our last road playoff victory. This would be a good time to end that drought.

    Hats off to all the rookie QBs. I don’t ever remember such stellar performances overall by an incoming class.

    Jason Jones, we miss you.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I’d much rather have what appears to be a tough schedule than not. Will make them better in the end

  8. princeaden says:

    I see a 13-3 record coming.

  9. Between the playoffs this year and next year’s road schedule, there’s no better time in the Seahawk’s history to destroy the road curse.

  10. It’s gonna be a fun next weekend. 1st Supercross race of the year and the Hawks vs the Skins… Hopefully Chad Reed & RW3 will win.

    Go Hawks!

  11. banosser says:

    Yeah.. when I read thru the home game.. I knew the roadies were going to be tough lol… Next yr will be good one to go 5-1 in Div..

    but there are more pressing matters at hand! Containing RG3 like we did Scam..

  12. Dukeshire says:

    And Kap. There are a lot of similarities between them.

  13. ryanryan says:

    coming to atlanta…YES

  14. Toughest game of the year coming up. No doubt about it. On the road (saving grace it’s a 1:30 Pacific kickoff time), against a very high quality team that has many similarities to us. It may very well come down to three factors.

    One, how well dos RG3 run and can we contain him and pressure him?

    Two, Can we force them into 3rd and >5 to go on a regular basis, meaning we stop the run?

    Three, Can we end up +2 or better in the turnover department?

    Factors against us… A grass field. A smart home crowd. A team that is hot.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    My first post since yesterday am. Happy for the win, way more happy to leave the game healthy. I think we played as vanilla as we could to still get a win but not show our hand. I also believe Rice’s knee is still hurting so RW didn’t target him purposely because we need him now. I was a little worried in that last game against SF in which he landed on his knee and i thought he was done, glad he’s not. I think he was playing decoy to keep them honest and i have no doubt had he been completely open RW would have targeted him.
    With all the picks in the next couple of years, the Rams are going to be scary good, i hope we can stay ahead of them.
    At least the learning curve will be much smaller for RW next year, please Pete/John do some more magic in the draft.
    I’m exited to see RW go against RG3, i hope the pass rush shows up.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Look who’s #4 in passing ratings at exactly 100.

  17. unbelievable stats for Wilson. #4 in the league, as Georgia notes, and I believe that 100.0 is the highest season passer rating for a Seahawk QB, ever (Hass topped out at 98.2 in ’05). unreal that he did this in his rookie year.

    what a player.

    only thing i didn’t like yesterday, just a couple too many runs for RW for my taste. And it’s not that it’s ineffective, I just want to see the guy stay healthy enough to lead us for the next 10 yrs.

    great season for our guys. can’t wait to see what this team can do in the post-season.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – I agree about the running. Not just his health, but if this offense develops a habit of relying on Wilson to simply run them to victories when the offense is playing poorly, like yesterday, they will struggle in the long run. It’s not a sound offensive strategy. Looking ahead, his running ought to be a product of extending plays as they phase out the read-option over time (which I believe they will). If we’ve (I’ve) learned one thing about Wilson is that he can be a very effective pocket passer in this league, and in the long term, that’s what will allow him to become an elite QB for Seattle.

  19. Running is a necessary part of his game for now. We should just be glad he’s smart and elusive enough to continually avoid the big hit.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Sandpoint – That’s nice recognition.

  21. Peter King voted for Wilson and Wagner as his Rookies of the Year.

  22. sluggo42 says:

    Lol, the comments section of the award winners is funny. Just a bunch of homers crying why their guy is better than the winner.

    Next year, 14-2, Super Bowl winners. Easy call…..

  23. I love all the comments here these days. Everyone’s comments are so dam insightful and right on the money! I have to say, I hate this blog when we lose, and I love this blog when we win. You all have become so much smarter and funnier. I mean, other than the few of you who are always football geniuses. Winning cures everything. Happy New Year, my brothers!

  24. You too Stevos!

    But arent we all geniuses?!

    On Wilson’s scrambling; DUkeshire, I dont think Seattle plans for his scrambling to bail them out, its just become necessary. And I think his ability to scramble, and throw so accurately on the run, IS what will make him an elite qb very soon, if he isnt there already.

    Yes, they use the read-option, and unless he begins to get bottled up and/or hit hard with that, why stop?! Its working, and he rarely gets hit. His backwards scrambling finally caught up to him in this game, and you can bet the Skins were paying attention. They will likely pressure the heck out of him, and try to keep him in the pocket, then collapse said pocket.

    To my mind, Seattle must use the read-option to open the game, and use playaction and bootlegs to keep the D spread out. THEN they can do pocket drop-backs. But we all saw what happens when a D decides to ring Wilson in a tight pocket and doesnt give him time…sacks. Lots of them.

    I think more of the problem was the line not making the right calls, and guys either missing thier assignments (Sweezy) or simply being manhandled. I think they do better next week.

    Im really disappointed in Cable’s two high line picks, Carp and Moffit. Carp cant help it, they rushed him back and it bit us all in the butt. But he will be a G at best, and wasnt worth that high a pick unless he becomes ALl-Pro. Moffit is a healthy scratch, has been for weeks. Thats just sad. I surely hope he can step up and beat out Sweezy for next weeks game, and I hope he plays well.

    Its not that I dont like Sweezy’s potential, but a third round pick in his second year should not be a healthy scratch, replaced by a rookie who hasnt played OL since Pop Warner…

  25. The Manning Brothers and Tom Brady prove that you must be able to run if you want to be good. Good job, pabs. Another genius post from you.

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