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Morning links: Trufant back in the fold

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 29, 2012 at 8:35 am with 51 Comments »
December 29, 2012 8:35 am
Marcus Trufant celebrates with Jeron Johnson after recovering a fumble against the Minnesota Vikings in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

In my story today, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant will return to the field on Sunday after missing four weeks with a hamstring issue.

Trufant practiced fully this week without any setbacks, and likely will return to being used as Seattle’s fifth defensive back in passing situations, with rookie Jeremy Lane set to start his third straight game in place of Brandon Browner.

“I’m getting pretty comfortable in there,” Trufant said. “I’ve had a lot of reps at it. I’ve had a lot of great coaching at it, and I’ve spent a lot of extra time because it’s a whole different world. But it’s a lot of fun inside. I’m enjoying it, and I’m still trying to get better. I feel a lot more comfortable now.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that rookie Jeremy Lane has more than lived up to expectations as a fill-in starter for Brandon Browner.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times says that Russell Okung’s play has been loud this season, including his first trip to the Pro Bowl.

ESPN’s Mike Sando discusses how the Seahawks will handle the Rams pressure packages.

Jim Moore of 710 ESPN Seattle like the Seahawks over St. Louis, 27-23. Moore is 12-3 against the spread in Seahawks games this year.

In this Associated Press report, the Seahawks have become one of the most efficient offenses in the league, including a perfect 24 of 24 in the red zone the past six games.

And ESPN panel of NFL experts picks Seahawks general manager John Schneider as league executive of the year.

All three analysts at the NFL Network take the Seahawks in this NFL playbook video.

Doug Kretz of Scouts Inc. takes Seattle 34-20 in his breakdown of the game. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Has fan behavior at Seahawks’ game crossed the line? A woman who attended last week’s San Francisco game with her 14-year-old son, a 49ers fan, thinks so.

Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network uses all-22 film to break down what’s going wrong for San Francisco’s defense. You’ll learn a lot here.

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  1. Amazing turn around from one of the most anemic offenses in the NFL to one of the most potent. I was a critic of Carroll for relying too much on the defense to keep the score low and let us eke out a win with a run oriented offense, but I give him credit for opening it up to the strengths of the personnel. That is one problem I always had with Holmy – he forced the team into his mold rather than taking what you have and exploiting the strengths of those players.

  2. Nice article by Sando about the Rams blitzing defense. I say bring it on. If I were a pass rusher, Russell Wilson is the last guy I’d want to chase around the field right now. He’ll be ready for them.

  3. On one hand, I don’t know why fans would heckle kids wearing the wrong colors. It’s childish, cowardly, and stupid, especially when you can tell they are with family (who are representing both teams).

    On the other hand, I don’t know how an “intelligent” adult could go to an NFL game wearing the “wrong” colors and not expect any sort of heckling. I’m not excusing it, nor would I heckle an innocent person or family who hasn’t wronged me, I am simply stating that that behavior goes on everywhere. Some places like SF, Oakland, and New York, for example, have many more incidents than other places (like Seattle) from what I have heard and experienced.

    I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I’m not dumb enough to wear a Cowboys jersey to a game in Philadelphia.

    Every NFL stadium has some dumb idiot who represents their team in a negative manner every single Sunday. You know darn well that some drunken Vikings fan is going to heckle a Packers fan in Minneapolis tomorrow. The same applies to a fan of the Chiefs who shows up in Denver and every fan wearing the visitors clothing this last week of the season.

    It would be nice if the NFL were more fan friendly with respect to families, but it’s not. I’m not opposed to it changing, I wish it would, but I’m not going to be surprised when it doesn’t change.

    I’ve never smoked a joint in my life and never plan to but that doesn’t mean I should freak out at certain concerts when people are lighting up. I’m just smart enough to know better that it’s probably not a place I should go to so I’ll listen to the CDs at home instead. Kind of like staying at home to watch a game with the opposing team colors on if you don’t want to be heckled. Or being smart enough to not walk down certain alleys at the wrong time of the day.

    If she wants to take her kid to a game, go to a Huskies game (just don’t sit in the student section). I’ll probably take my little ones to a bunch of Nebraska games before I venture them to Seattle for a Seahawks game for that very reason — no booze (for the most part) at NCAA events. Even if the ‘Hawks pay a visit to the Vikings, I’m certainly not going to be dumb enough to bring my family with me in Seahawks gear for the same reason.

  4. thursday says:

    Ahhhh I understand what people are trying to do, being used to being let down by this team at some point and/or hoping they’re not quite as fearsome (in the case of non-fans). But do y’all really think the Hawks are looking past the Rams? I mean, they’re having fan day tomorrow, so the Clink is going to be nuts, they have a chance to go 8-0 at home, 11-5 record and plus go into the playoffs riding another big win. Carroll said yesterday that he wants them to get used to this success. And the Rams really? We made a mess of that first game, not so much that they were that much better than us.

    I just don’t see us NOT winning big yet again. Maybe I want to believe for once lol

  5. I’m a bit concerned that our defense might let down a bit tomorrow, especially after not having played in a close game in a month. But I think we will win tomorrow because at this point its a matter of pride for our O line and running game to prove they can’t be stopped. They are on a roll. The big uglies won’t be looking past anyone right now, they’ll just want to keep hitting people. And if they do, the rest of the team won’t be stopped.

  6. thursday says:

    Ok I read that article about our fans and while obviously I couldn’t be everywhere, I WAS at that game and while I did witness booing out on the concourse, I didn’t see anyone getting in anyone’s face, or physical altercations, profanity and I didn’t see anyone getting escorted out. I also sat on the visitor’s side of the field, saw plenty of Niners fans and didn’t see any of them being abused.

    So, um, I won’t outright say that she’s making it up, I feel like there is a strong potential for exaggeration there. Seahawks fans are quite a bit more civilized than a lot of stadiums around the league where you routinely hear of opposing fans being abused.

    Also, like Bobby said, you really should expect some amount of heckling if you’re wearing an opposing team’s colors. Sorry, but you just should. It’s part of the game.

  7. confucious says:

    The days of sitting in the stands in overcoats and fedoras have long past. These are the days where making a mockery of yourself in some reality t.v. based tirade is all the rage. Disgusting in my opinion,but true. 65,000 fans having a great time with their friends and 5000 drunkin’ morons looking to be the next star of full house. What do you expect.

  8. Southendzone says:

    I was at that game and have been to a lot of games, probably more than half the games ever played at Qwest/Clink. There’s always some stuff going back and forth, I’ve never seen it directed to kids, and of course it shouldn’t be.

    But even a 14 year old knows what it means to wear the 49ers gear into C-Link and when the mom says he never wants to goto another game, thats 95% because his team got spanked and 5% due to the heckling.

    And for a 49’er / bay area fan to complain of all people! I would get heckled every day for the rest of my life rather than get gang-beaten and stabbed like they do down in CALI.

  9. confucious says:

    Stevos, for some reason this team seems focused to me. I don’t anticipate a mental lapse from these guys. If this team gets beat they will have lost to a superior team, which the Rams are not. Carroll has got these guys breathing fire right now. The famed coach “Rah Rah” may have some talent after all.

  10. Looks like V. Davis may not play tomorrow (this is after having already lost Williams and Manningham). Looks like the 49ers won’t have much for weapons for Kap, besides a slow Craptree and a 93 year old Randy Moss. Suddenly, it looks like there is an outside chance the Cards could pull off an upset, especially being without Smith again on defense. I still don’t see how the Cards are going to score much though. A Peterson kick/punt return may be all the offense their defense will need? What a great present it would be for the Cards to pull off the upset and for Adrian Peterson to run for about 300 yards in another upset. At least the Cards/Vikes/Hawks are at home this weekend. It’s definitely going to be a fun day of following football tomorrow.

  11. I go to a number of Dodger games each year as I’m close enough for a leisurely weekend there – this is where the worst such incident in memory happened – and though I am a Dodger fan (Sandy Koufax was my hero as a young left-hander growing up in Tacoma pre even the Pilots) and wear the right colors, everywhere in the stadium you can see the opposing team represented – and even welcomed by the Dodger fans…with the appropriate trash talk of course. This is true even with Giants in town. There are always drunk idiots- plenty of them- but still they are the exception, I feel a lot safer in Dodger Stadium than anywhere else east of downtown, I’ll say that.

    Omnipresent stadium security and staff is the answer – if someone is too drunk and belligerent to be human, then give them a nasty bums rush out of the stadium. But if you can’t take heckling and rude trash talk, I’d suggest not going emblazoned with the rivals gear on – you are inviting tough talk…even if you are 14. If you are a teenager and in full opposition regalia be ready to take a little heat…man up a bit if that’s what you want to do. I’m not condoning violence in any way…but when a 14 year old boy whines about never going to a pro football game again because he got hit with nothing rougher than “the 49ers suck” throughout the game then I have to wonder about the kid and his parents. If I went into Pac-Bell with my Dodger stuff on, I’d know I was inviting the trash…asking for it…even when I was 14, I knew that.

    My daughter graduated from Auburn a few years ago, if you want to see dangerous, try an Alabama-Auburn football game. You can’t walk three feet without seeing a gigantic state trooper in there at those games. Those fans are separated in the parking lot by fences manned by their State Patrol during the tailgates – otherwise a real war would break out.

  12. confucious says:

    I don’t know Bobby. I think it may take a stomach virus that sidelines everybody besides a 95 year old trainer and a handful of waterboys for the niners to lose. Like your thought process though.

  13. That’s one game I’d really like to go to one day (Alabama-Auburn).

  14. I don’t think the 49ers will lose, but I know there’s at least a little bit of a chance though. Hope is an important thing to have.

    As far as the Hawks game, I expect another semi-blowout. It may not be a Cardinal beatdown, but I expect to win by at least a couple of TDs.

  15. confucious, yes I was also saying I think this team is very focused right now. I was just pointing out that the D hasn’t actually been tested in awhile, but that said, I don’t think the Rams offense will be able to test them tomorrow. And, as long as our O line keeps doing what they’ve been doing, the Rams D will end up looking pretty toothless too.

    Of course I don’t want to see any letdown, but from a playoff-prep standpoint I’d be happy to the team get a lead, then let Rice and Lynch get some rest and just let the O line and backup RBs pound out a win. The linemen would enjoy that, I think. We don’t want to look past anyone, but we do need to get ready to win a road playoff game next week.

  16. It is an experience that is almost other-worldly (Alabama-Auburn), I’ve not seen anything quite like it before, though I’ve been to a lot of college games. I saw it at Auburn (the year before Cam Newton drove the comeback at Alabama). It’s like NASCAR in that it shuts the entire area down for a few days in a kind of prolonged gigantic tailgate. The police have to work constantly to keep the two sides separated.

  17. Personally, I think its a good idea to stay as from from Alabama as possible. Just my preference.

  18. Personally, I think its a good idea to stay as far from from Alabama as possible. Just my preference.

  19. Personally, I think its a good idea to stay as far from Alabama as possible. Just my preference.

  20. oops. that was weird.

  21. Ewalters7354 says:

    I think the read option can exploit an over-aggressive front like the Ram have.The hawks ran for 179 in the first meeting and that was before the read option came along.They may have a hard time stopping it.Just saying…

  22. BobbyK – there is a huge difference between going to a Giants game and a Jets game. Its a fairly pleasurable experience going to a Giants game as a visiting fan. It is a bad experience going to a Jets game and a terrible experience going to an Eagles game as a visiting fan. Seems to be the same as going to a Seahawks game as a visiting fan.

  23. Steve’s, at least it got your point across. Northern Alabama (around Florence and Muscle Shoals)I swear the allergies are worse than anything I’ve ever experienced – feels like you have the flu all the time. The locals call it “sick valley” (after the Indians). The south, around the coast (outside of Mobile – yuck) and along the Florida border as you head toward Destin is nice. As for the rest…

  24. tealskin says:

    Didn’t see the specifics of her complaint but, she knew she wasn’t going to a garden party. A football crowd borders on being a mob. When you open the doors to 60,000 random people and are flying the flag of the opposing team are you expecting a group hug? Major reasons I prefer watching on TV is crowd noise and obnoxious behavior. Make your choice, live with it, reduce the whining. Maybe that’s too rational?

  25. I meant Stevos, damn iPad.

  26. We’ve had that conversation on here before (how a Jets game is much different than a Giants game). If we want to get technical, the games are played in New Jersey.

  27. Do they not offer family seating I know they used to. There was no alcohol sold or consumed. It has been my experience the fans with opposing team jerseys are the ones who talk smack.

  28. raymaines says:

    There was a Salvation Army bell ringer outside of a Tacoma Fred Meyer store who wore a Steelers knit hat. He was a cheerful and pleasant man, but probably not the brightest light in the string. Maybe the 14 year old SF fan is his nephew.

  29. bsinnitt says:

    I think Bobby K’s post hits the nail on the head. You need to recognize the target audience of the event you’re going to. The majority of fans at a Seahawks games are men between the ages of 20 – 50 who have consumed a few drinks before entering the stadium. Obviously poor/confrontational behavior shouldn’t be condoned but to go wearing the other teams gear and expect not to be harassed a bit is naive. If parents are looking for a family friendly environment, a baseball game or college football game is a better alternative. As far as Seattle vs. other venues, my only experience as an away fan was in SF for the game Dilfer went out in the first quarter and Alex Smith replaced him. Tailgating before the game, Seahawks fans were being tipped in the handicans in the parking lot by a few bad apple 9er fans. Bottom line is you need to be aware of your environment and be proactive about not putting your kids in a bad situation rather than being reactive to the few knuckle heads that could have been avoided by making better decisions.

  30. MattandCindy says:

    If I wore my Lynch jersey to a game at Candlestick, I’d probably get stabbed in the liver. Just another whiny b1tch who has nothing better to do than get on her ‘puter and write away the pain of her miserable life.

  31. Ewalters7354 says:


  32. LeePHilI says:

    Although I don’t endorse anyone verbally or physically attacking anyone, much less a 14 year old…..

    I can’t, for the life of me, understand why you would want to wear the visiting team jersey to any NFL game.

  33. crunchmeister says:

    The woman (who’s from Vancouver Wa, practically a Portlandier), said she’d never visit Seattle again for any reason because of this experience, which is about as silly as expecting smooth sailing wearing gear from a division rival at an NFL stadium. So she’s a totally reasonable person… lol

    I sit on the visitor side, and I’ve seen plenty of heckling of opposing fans. Generally, if they behave themselves, they are welcomed and only have to put up with some good natured ribbing. If they are douches (I mean you Packers fans) it can be much worse.

    The second, better written letter purports that somehow Seahawks fans were more respectful in the Holmgren era, but I disagree. The very worst fan razzing I saw was back in the ’05 divisional game against the Redskins.

  34. MattandCindy says:

    Sorry EWalt…i just don’t comprehend this ladies logic. 11 years of Marine Corp/JOC service taught me to not stick out like a sore thumb, and common sense taught me to keep my children away from drunks, thugs, and people out to cause trouble. The Clink does an AWESOME job of making things safe for fans. If you wanna park 20 miles away and take your chances wearing a sign that basically says “ridicule me”, then good luck. Probably not best to put on your CHILD though.

    By the way, I’m processed and civilianized. So I can now post at a regular frequency. Most of the time I was permitted to read pretty much what I wanted to online, but any outgoing comm. was few and far between. I always knew the first year I was clear was going to be when the Hawks got dirty. Hop to sarn!!!

  35. MattandCindy says:

    Sorry EWalt…i just don’t comprehend this ladies logic. 11 years of Marine Corp/JOC service taught me to not stick out like a sore thumb, and common sense taught me to keep my children away from drunks, thugs, and people out to cause trouble. The Clink does an AWESOME job of making things safe for fans. If you wanna park 20 miles away and take your chances wearing a sign that basically says “ridicule me”, then good luck. Probably not best to put it on your CHILD though.

    By the way, I’m processed and civilianized. So I can now post at a regular frequency. Most of the time I was permitted to read pretty much what I wanted to online, but any outgoing comm. was few and far between. I always knew the first year I was clear was going to be when the Hawks got dirty. Hop to sarn!!!

  36. Ewalters7354 says:

    No worries.It was funny but true.

  37. LeePHilI says:

    A few years back, I went to the Steelers game (year before SB, I think). Their traveling fan club was obnoxious even AFTER the Hawks beat them. Seattle fans just laughed them off.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding that article on unruly fans at the game: I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Seahawk games in a number of cities (Denver, KC, SF, Oakland, SD, Ariz, Chi) and the only one I have seen the type of behavior she detailed to opposing fans (who were not being obnoxious) is in Oakland. In fact, that is they only place I would never wear Seahawk gear. Those fans are simply looking for trouble and a reason to fight. I’ve taken some heat to be sure, especially in KC, but at no point have I ever felt threatened or had anyone get in my face. And in Seattle, I have a very hard time believing things were as she describes. I have no doubt that she and her 14 year old took some. But unless they were hooting and carrying on, I’m calling BS on her story. Moreover, of all the places I’ve been to, Seattle does a great job with security and curtailing the type of abuse she describes. Now, I know what she described does go on, and it’s unfortunate, but I’ve never seen children attacked (multiple times mind you). In short, if she thinks whatever happened to her and family / friends was bad in Seattle, A) she lives a sheltered life B) she ought not attend a game rocking SF gear anywhere else outside Candlestick, because from my experience, Seattle is as soft a landing for opposing fans as there is.

  39. ryanryan says:

    i wear my seahawks jersey to the falcons games every single time. i get shit all game long, and I expect it. i think if you are going to wear ANY other team’s gear you had better be prepared for everything SHORT of physical violence and should relax and enjoy the fun…what the hell did she want – a hug?

  40. Sorry, but I am going to side with the lady on this. There is no excuse for people acting like jerks to fans of another team. And there certainly is no reason to call the woman a “b1tch” because she called out the Seahawks fans on this. She felt it was wrong and needed attention called to it, and I applaud her for standing up and saying something. If even a couple of fans think twice about being a jerk to some 14 year old kid wearing a 49er jersey at the Clink, because of her rant, then she has done a good thing.

  41. MattandCindy says:

    Or…she is a prude, holier than thou fool for dressing her child in an opposing teams jersey and not expecting to get called out. As long as nobody physically assaulted her, then there really is no reason to go to the lengths she did. Unless of course, she’s a b1tch.

  42. ryanryan says:

    i don’t know, i wasn’t there but let me add one more thing before i go to bed. so this kid is 14…pretty young. however, she did say that one of the fans whom accosted him apologized after she told him that the kid was so young. maybe the kid is tall and people assumed that he was an adult.

  43. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t condone any physical violence or threats of violence, but about the rest of it. Time to grow up and look in the mirror, lady. She’s either got to be naive, stupid, or both. I’m not sure I even buy most of it. The heckling sure. The rest is probably exaggerated is my guess. The Clink is tame IMO. I’ve been to a game in Oak and, you can damn sure bet I wasn’t decked in Hawks gear. I’ve been to a game at Yankee Stadium when they were playing Cleveland. My dad was born in NY and grew up a Yankees fan. My brother and I were rooting for Cleveland, because we hate the Yanks. We weren’t even wearing Cleveland gear. When we cheered when Cleveland scored, a bunch of people around us started heckling us with profanities. Probably half of them were 16 or younger. If it wasn’t 110 degrees, it probably would’ve been worse. I didn’t cry. It’s part of the game and actually fun IMO. Provided it doesn’t go to the level of violence or threats. I went to the opener of 2010 versus the Whiners. I took my jersey off and had a red Jimi Hendrix shirt on under it. A number of people talked spit or asked if it was a Whiners shirt before they were going to talk spit. No threats of violence. If they were obnoxious, then I would simply tell them to ef off. Granted, I’m most likely more physically intimidating than this lady and her 14 year old.

    Does this lady really believe that her 14 year old hasn’t heard/doesn’t use curse words? Grow up. You weren’t going to church. Obviously, alcohol fuels a lot of this. It can bring out some of the bad aspects of your personality. I don’t believe it necessarily makes people violent though, just more likely to let the violent ahole inside them out. I have never been violent, no matter how drunk I was. Obnoxious on a Hawks blog, yes. ;-) People likely to be violent drunk are the same aholes that look for fights sober, just worse. And keeping alcohol out of the stadium wouldn’t help a whole lot IMO. Most of the most obnoxious people there were probably tailgating long before the game and lubricated prior to entering the gates. I know I usually am when I go.

  44. raymaines says:

    I completely agree with everything everybody above me has said about bad manors and rude behavior, but….

    Does this lady live in a cave with no internet connection or cable TV? My cousin Gracie lives in Vancouver and she’s a little naive too, so maybe the Vancouver area is like a cave without much outside input. Did this lady think she was visiting an art museum or symphony concert?

    I’ve always been impressed by the gall of people who feel free to impose their values, customs and personal beliefs on every other living soul around them. Christian missionaries, German tourists, and people from the greater Portland area come to mind.

  45. Oakland fans are the worst. The last Hawk game I went to was in the Dome, when Moon and company HAMMERED da Raidahs so bad, it was awesome! I remember Methed out Raider fans (from Long Beach…one even admitted it!) screaming obscenities to Hawk fans, even little toddlers…it was ugly. But as I told one D-bag: there are a LOT more of us than there are of you…get the picture?!

    bbnate–Im not trying to fight with you, I promise. But I have seen the kindest, nicest people I know get crazy with too much alcohol…especially ones that dont drink much; the sauce does different stuff to different people. Even folks who arent violent can get that way when drunk enough. Its proven that alcohol lowers inhibitions, but I think its crosses wires and distorts information and messes with emotions in a lot of people as well. (That last has some basis in fact, but is mostly just my personal opinion.) And some people who are pretty grumpy are happy drunks; it all depends. With heavy drinking, you never know how a person will react to a given situation, thats what makes it scary, especially in a mob of people.

    I really hope you dont take that the wrong way, its just talk.

    As for the lady and her kid, I cant help but think its stupid to heap abuse on visiting fans, regardless of whether they are wearing opponents gear or not. Unless of course they are being obnoxious first. I myself might give them some crap, but I wouldnt swear at them, throw things, insult them personally, or that kind of thing. And I am disappointed to hear SEattle fans act that way…I think fans were a little less obnoxious back in Knox’s day; perhaps some of that is because back then, the Seahawks were Blue Collar fun–nowadays it aint that way, with ticket prices so high its quite a lot of folks who make a good deal of money and seem to feel entitled to behave badly. But thats the case all over the NFL, Seattle aint different.

    I know quite a few people who have attended games in the Clink, and my wife’s extended family of like 40 people have season tickets…and yeah, they all say it can get bad for opposing teams fans at Hawks games. But its not like its Oakland…

    Seattle still has some of the best fans in the nation. They are usually decently behaved and still stick around when their team sucks for years…no fair weather fans, ours…

  46. raymaines says:

    Whoo Hoo!! Only 18 hours to kick off! Go ‘Hawks! Kick names, take butt. Or something like that.

    Seahawks 24-10 with the Rams scoring a TD late to make the score look better than it really was.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    No offense taken STTBM. My comments were overly generalized, for sure. I just think that most people that aren’t normally prone to violence won’t generally become violent when intoxicated. Obviously, every person has the capacity to be violent. Just part of our nature. And mob mentality definitely plays a role. People will do things in a mob that they wouldn’t normally do.

  48. i think if you ask 40 different 9er fans from that game you’d get 40 different answers. in the past for me at games, i get plowed beforehand and have been known to heckle fans (not abusive, but defeinitely have fun with words, and never at kids). However, at this game i only had a few beers and was feeling the need to be more peaceful (maybe because deep down i didn’t want to talk shit in case we got smoked). Anyhow, back to my point, there were alot of 9er fans around me at this past game. I talked to many of them, and they were all very nice, and were there to enjoy the game. I was cordial to them, and we even discussed each others teams strength, weaknesses etc. So, i think it truly comes down to certain circumstances. with 68k people in one place, you are bound to have drunk people who are more vocal than others, its going to happen. We are much better than other stadiums who murder people before and after games (san fran). But if you asked the people near me, you get praises for our fans. This is a small sample size, and should not be confused with the masses. Thats my 2 cents on the issue

  49. bayareahawkfan says:

    This thread is probably dead, but for what it’s worth, the salient point made by several folks here is that the lady needed to learn a little more about the sporting event she attended. What she described is pretty rough (e.g. shouting unprovoked obscenities at her son), but that happens at every stadium I’ve ever been to.

    Short of actual violence, I think by putting on an opposing team’s jersey you make yourself a target for whatever abuse random drunk fans want to rain down on you.

    I’ve seen the same behavior from the other side over the years in Denver and many, many times as Seahawk fan at Candlestick, and an M’s fan in Oakland.

    The only thing I will say is that my last two experiences at Candlestick before moving away made me swear off attending any more games in person there. And these were under the late Holmgren and Mora regimes, where I think we got waxed in both (Willis broke Hasselbeck’s ribs in one of them).

    I found things had become so charged there that the outcome of the game made no difference – if Niners lost, I’d have to navigate through miscellaneous roving groups of people wanting to take out their frustrations on an opposing fan. If the Niners won, those same groups would be walking around, pounding their chests, looking for a Seahawks fan to bully.

    It was the following season, I think, where that stabbing happened outside Candlestick.

    Not worth it, was my calculation.

    I’m not naive enough to think that just because I’ve never seen kids getting cursed at at the Clink, it hasn’t happened. But I’ve never heard anyone talk of feeling as unsafe as I felt in Candlestick, which is the key.

    Chalk it up as a life lesson for the lady and her son.

    Speaking of which, you know how embarrassed that kid is going to be when he gets back to school – he’s that kid whose mom wrote to the paper because he got his feelings hurt. At 14, I know his peers will never let him live this down.

    I guarantee he’ll learn something from this :).

  50. I do think the lady was very naive and severely misjudged the climate of that Sunday night game. It wasn’t one of those casual day time baseball games where visitors get good natured ribbing and everyone has a nice little laugh about it. We all know how passionate the collective soul of Seattle was to beat the Niners, and not just beat them, but annihilate them. Any other game, any other team, maybe except for the Stealers, and I think she would have enjoyed her time at the game better. That Sunday night, wearing Niners gear, was just the wrong move. To cream the Niners on that evening was what not only 67,000 people inside the stadium wanted, but also what the entire city of Seattle was powerfully willing their team to do. Plus, they had that beer special at Safeco and since it was Dec 23rd, people had two days off to recuperate from all the drinking and partying. She just ran into a buzzsaw, an unstoppable juggernaut of fan passion, just like teams do when they visit the ” House of Pain” / CLink. Our “Passion Buckets” were full that night.
    I live in Phoenix, and I usually wear my Seahawks gear to U of P stadium in Glendale when the Hawks come to town. Most of the time it’s pretty harmless, although I did witness one time where a younger girl in a Seahawks jersey and an older lady in Cards gear sitting behind her got into it pretty good. They started screaming and shouting at each other, and it escalated to the older lady grabbing the younger one’s hair and screaming and crying and all that. Methinks the older lady had a few strong drinks. Anyways, they both got tossed out of the game by security for their shenanigans. The only other time I got grief was when I wore a Mariners jersey to PacBell/AT&T for a spring training game years ago when PacBell first opened, and I’ve kind put more thought into where I’m at when sporting visiting teams’ gear since. In theory, wearing visitor’s gear should be safe for everyone, but like a lot of you have said, a few drunk fans just might not be in the mood for it and may just decide to heckle someone or start something. They should post signs at the CLink that say “WEAR FORTY NINERS GEAR AT YOUR OWN RISK” just like No Lifeguard on Duty – SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  51. I’m a little late to this thread, sorry. I’ve been to 2 of the 3 last Seahawks’ games in San Francisco. And I gotta say, it was a great experience. I never got a heckler or anything. Of course we lost both of those games, so they may have been just happy to win. But hey, the point is this isn’t universal everywhere and I’m sure at those same games some people were heckled.

    Don’t take one experience and extrapolate it out to an entire fan base or a universal rule. I’m sure Clink is not close to the Black Hole but our hate for the 49ers in particular was likely a little to blame for any outbursts. I know I hate Douchbaugh as much as the next guy.

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