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Morning links: Sweezy finds his groove

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 28, 2012 at 8:15 am with 66 Comments »
December 28, 2012 8:18 am
Breno Giacomini and J.R. Sweezy communicate during the Seahawks game at Arizona on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012 in Glendale, Ariz.(AP Photo/Paul Connors)

In my story today, J.R. Sweezy’s first career start in the season opener at Arizona was a blur. He struggled in pass protection to keep up with Arizona’s Darnell Dockett, which is understandable for a player who 12 months ago was more focused on sacking the quarterback than protecting him.

But after returning to the bench after his first game, Sweezy had a chance to sit back and watch, and the time on the sidelines appeared to bay dividends, as the rookie offensive lineman out of North Carolina State looked solid in his second career start against San Francisco last week.

“It wasn’t so much the physical part of it,” Sweezy said. “I could handle that. But when people started moving in stuff, I didn’t really understand which one to work to and stuff. And now I do. So it makes a lot more sense now.”

Here’s my story on Richard Sherman receiving a reversal in appeal. Former NFL executive Bob Wallace presided over the hearing, and determined that the chain of custody in the testing process was broken when a second cup was used to collect Sherman’s sample after the first cup sprung a leak. Sherman was tested on Sept. 17, and notified that he tested positive on Nov. 12. The tester failed to mention the fact Sherman’s cup had a leak in his initial report, and did not notify his supervisor until asked again in October.

You can view the written decision here.

John McGrath of The News Tribune writes that the football Gods are smiling down on Sherman and the Seahawks. McGrath: “The Colts might boast all the Luck, but the Seahawks are riding a force more powerful than that. They’re riding something else, something goofy, something arbitrary, something that can only be explained by a bouncing ball that ends up in the hands of Richard Sherman.”

Steve Kelley of The Seattle Times writes that Sherman’s month-long deal will serve as more motivation. Kelley: “Sherman motivates himself by reminding himself of the snubs, both real and alleged, that he has suffered. This victory in his appeal process adds more fuel on his already raging fire.”

Larry Hartstein of CBS Sports previews Hawks-Rams game here.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network looks at the success of Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s rebuilding effort in Seattle.

Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group writes that San Francisco defensive tackle Justin Smith has a partially torn triceps and a bone spur floating in his elbow, which puts his availability for the postseason into question.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I have to admit that Sweezy played well overall against the 9ers. At this point, RG is his to lose.

    Kelly brings up a good point regarding Sherman: a lot of great athletes motivate themselves by positioning themselves in a me against the world mindset. They look for anything that can be perceived as a slight or level of disrespect. Jordan was notoriously famous for this. Whatever Sherman has to do, keep doing it (short of more adderall…)because he’s playing some great football right now.

  2. needs to get their act together and offer little kid Sherman jerseys!

    The interior OL looks pretty solid moving into next year with Carp, Unger, and Sweezy (then there’s that McQuistan guy who should be on the bench but always manages to fight and start).

    Looks like Moffitt is in the doghouse, so I didn’t even mention him.

  3. sluggo42 says:

    What a shrewd movw with the conversion of Sweezy. Cable sees a gnarly bruiser of a guy and says, “maybe I can turn him inti a guard”? Brilliant. What was he, a 7th pick? That’s just crazy cool.

    Broken chain of custody. I was 98% sure he would walk. Did he take it? probably… Do I care? Today no. Had he been suspended, yes. What are these guys thinking?

    Browners return for the playoffs, Thurmunds and Tru’s return from hammy injuries, the emergence of Crazy Lane. Winston Guy is back. Has our D-Back situation EVER been this sweet? uhhh…NO. Talk about options to use for different packages.

    Would BB be good to cover the slot? Would the slot receiver ever be able to get past the line of scrimmage? Would BB just stuff him on the spot every play? Is he quick enough to do that? Can we leave Lane on the island? Or WTIII?

    I think Ed Reed is getting a crappy deal. His last hit was not that bad. I didn’t hear, can anyone tell me if Bam Bam got fined for his destruction of Vernon “duhhhh” Davis?

    How bad will we pound the Rams? Is it a trap game? WIll the Rams sneak in and give us a lesson?

    NO, we will score over 50 again.
    I was playfully chided for my overly optimistic thoughts at the halfway point of the season when I predicted an 8-0 second half, and at worst 7-1. I responded that I was sure we would every game, and that I would spend the week in dis-belief if we lost. This team is the reason stupid blind fans like me are like we are. For when the Gods smile on us, the bliss is indescribably heavenly. We wear our Hawk shirts every day of the week. When I go to the stores down here in SoCal, I get numerous comments and thumbs up for the team. It is pure. It is glazed. It is Hawk fever, and there is no cure. It is the best disease on can have.


  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I saw this coming for sometime now. The hungrier dog usually gets the bone.
    This is getting infectious around this team, ( especially this years rookie class) with regards to hard work, staying in shape ect…

    This is the type of rookie class, (imo) that can take a team over the top and keep them there for a good while.

    Great job Sweezy!!!

  5. I went back and watched the Miami game and came away with:

    1. Bevell called a bad game. Since then, he’s been terrific but he def gets some blame for that loss. Water under the bridge.

    2. The Dolphins interior defense (line) was incredible. I think they’ll have the best chance to challenge the Pats next year. Really did a great job on containing Lynch.

    3. Carpenter stunk it up. I know BobbyK and a few others have mentioned this time and time again…and maybe he wasn’t quite 100% or came back to early, but imo he seems tentative and isnt’ the kind of masher I was hoping he’d turn out to be.

    With that said, I’m really happy to see Sweezy coming along. He has the physical tools and the make up but just needs more time. I haven’t really delved in to who he might face in the playoffs, but am hopeful that he can hold his own.

    IF we end up playing a team with really good Def Line play, I’ll start to get concerned. I think it’s still an Achilles heal although with Bevell giving R Dub more opportunity, it may become a moot point.

    No matter what, I want this win really bad on Sunday. 11-5 is a tremendous accomplishment and would continue to build the momentum necessary to make a deep run into the playoffs. I’m confident PC will have everyone ready but Fisher will as well. I expect a tough, hard fought game…should be entertaining. I hope they play with the urgency of the potential #2 seed still in reach.

    Is it Sunday yet?


  6. HeatherHawk says:

    At the beginning of the season, I wasn’t the biggest Sherman fan. He just seemed to spout off his mouth too much. But watching the way he worked this appeal process so intelligently converted me. Love him now. I’d buy a Sherman kids jersey for either of my boys. The baby is still rocking Tatupu.

    SO EXCITED FOR SUNDAY – sorry to whoever is sitting directly in front of me.

  7. HeatherHawk says:

    Being an incredible corner helped with the conversion process a little too…

    U mad bro?

  8. Last year I was thinking that Richard Sherman could redefine the CB position which is high phrase for any Seahawks Defender historically.

    It’s hard to find a tall, rangy player with enough body control and agility to match with an NFL WR which is typically why most CBs are under 6’2. But maybe Sherman will cause college coaches to think twice before they force a player of that nature to play WR. The irony is that Stanford switched Sherman from WR to CB.

  9. thursday says:

    anyone able to watch NFL AM? Sherman was talking about the Seahawks road chances over the phone, but the video just tweeted by the NFL cut off shortly after they discussed his appeal. =/

  10. sluggo – Just to be clear: It wasn’t Cable that envisioned Sweezy as a guard. One of the Seahawk scouts (or someone like Mr. Happy or the Duke Boy) said that his college coach said that they think guard would be the best position for Sweezy in the NFL. So, they flew Cable down to take a look at him about a week before the draft. Sure, Cable is a stud and I love the guy as a OL coach, but Sweezys’ college coach is the guy who hit the nail on the head on that one (which made the Seahawks even consider it). What Cable has done though with him has also been almost equally as impressive.

    Eric – What is up with Carpenter? We all know he seemed to be rushed back (based on a lot of limping we watched during games he played) but what is he really out with? Does he need more surgery on the knee? If so, what kind? I want to know if he’s going to be 100% for off-season workouts or at least by training camp?

    Carp, Moffitt, and our late 2nd round pick to Pittsburgh for DeCastro and their mid-3rd round pick. Yes. I like hypothetical trade talk!

    Sherman kind of reminds me of Albert Lewis with attitude (those of you about 38+ like Duke/pabs will remember him).

  11. nmseafan says:

    All three WRs and McCoy each have shined in different games this season. It was great to see Baldwin have his big game against the 9ers. Time for Tate to get revved up again, for the playoffs, with some timely catches this week.

  12. I know there’s been plenty of hate on Walter Thurmond recently, but that guy is going to make some significant plays in our play-off run that people are going to remember. He’s also a guy, after next year, that people, IMO, are going to say that we “must” resign. I know some people get labeled as injury prone, for good reason, but I have a really good feeling about Thurmond moving forward…

    Has anyone figured out yet who the good TE is who kidnapped Anthony McCoy and has been wearing his uniform during games? Wow. I know he’s made some plays in the passing games, but I’m more impressed with the way he’s been laying the hammer down on some of his blocks (in motion) in the running game.

  13. I think Thurmond can be a better CB than Browner (lower risk of getting beat deep) with the obvious caveat – can he stay healthy?

    Carroll and Schneider are very good in identifying players who can make an impact quickly and with high ceilings. We’ll continue to see each of these draft picks continue to get better over the years. Contrast that with Ruskell whose draft picks came in at their highest point and plateaued very quickly (Tatupu, Carlson).

  14. Nothing against Browner, but I agree about Thurmond.

  15. Sweezy is going to be something special. That’s my opinion anyway. He plays the guard position with a certain anger and explosiveness akin to, dare I say, Steve Hutchinson? Maybe more like Alan Faneca. In any case, the kid is straight up nasty. On that opening TD run by Lynch against S.F., he absolutely destroyed Pat Willis on what I would have to call a perfectly executed cut-block. That’s not supposed to happen to Willis. Patrick Willis is the nightmare of every guard playing in the NFL, well, except for Sweezy I suppose.

  16. In regards to Browner, he is vulnerable to double moves. This is only natural with a CB that has his kind of length, and is likely what kept him out of the NFL early in his pro career. Browner has greatly improved in that regard, however. Thurmond III might have slightly better COD skills, but he does not have Browner’s insane, raptor-like wingspan.

  17. That wingspan allows Browner to be a turnover maven anywhere within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

  18. Eric – This is great stuff highlighting Sweezy. “Sweezy’s Progress Mirrors Lines” is absolutely right.

    This offensive line is like a training film for the zone blocking scheme right now. Every defender knows what they’re going to do and cannot stop them. For those of you who like watching line play, consider subscribing to the coaches film on NFL Game Rewind if you aren’t watching it already. Over the past few games, watching this line move off the snap of the ball is a thing to behold, total synchronization of their footwork off the snap. Sweezy’s footwork is really good, and watching him, Unger, and Giac in synch as they explode into their blocks is like a ZBS training film.

    Against the Niners, Sweezy was bolting to the second level and taking out LBs with regularity. He neutralized Willis on many plays. I love this guy. He does lack ballast though, and can get bullrushed off his feet. Just like Unger and Giac, he needs to build his lower body thicker to make his base stronger. That kind of strength is Carpenter’s natural advantage, but Sweezy is doing it with great footwork and explosive quickness for a big guy. And he’s smart.

    Hats of to Max Unger also. I never thought he would be a great player, but now I think I was wrong. Unger, like Sweezy, doesn’t have the ideal O lineman’s body and lower-body strength, but he is a big part of leading and teaching his O line mates to execute this scheme, and they are doing it.

    The way this line is playing right now, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing them rest Marshawn and Rice a bit this Sunday to keep them fresh for the playoffs. No need to get cute with this offense. Save the trick plays for when we need them. This line is capable of sustaining long grinding drives down the field with Turbo and Leon running the ball. I’ll bet these guys would love pounding out a win like that, and I don’t think they can be stopped right now.

  19. Happy to see Unger’s solidified things at Center, I was never high on Chris Spencer to begin with, and thought we were headed down the wrong path with him at center and Unger at guard.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    Wow! Hats off to our coaching staff for getting the players to elevate their games. Not only do they have great scouting but great coaching too. Our FO has turned around the franchise with their unorthodox style that was even nationally ridiculed. We have a contender and SF is getting old, very quickly i might add, the future Awsome.

  21. Yeah. I despised that Spencer played Center when Unger was relegated to Guard. I never understood that (and voiced my expression many times).

  22. Ewalters7354 says:

    Browner doesn’t get enough love imo.He absolutely beats guys up.Last year he really struggled against the deep ball.This year, not so much.Walter Thurmond hasn’t showed me anything yet.Just haven’t seen enough of him.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well there you have it, just ask Fox, Most passing yards and most tackles should get you the Roy. Lol.

  24. “That wingspan allows Browner to be a turnover maven anywhere within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage”

    Right, and he’s also as good/reliable of a tackler at CB as I’ve seen.

  25. That INT taken away from Bobby Wagner against Miami may end up being the difference that costs him. It’s hard not to give the nod to Kuechly in any case. He has been a tackling machine. A few weeks ago Brock Huard mentioned how if Kuechly had been there at 15 that he’d be a Seahawk. I am seeing what he’s talking about now.

    Luck winning the RoY based merely on yardage and attempts? Stupid.

  26. There’s not enough I can say about Sherman. Right you are Pabuwal that he is redefining the CB position. Perhaps its PC/JS that are doing that in implementing him into that role. We’ll see if teams in the following years attempt to craft the same mould but I feel that Sherman is an exception as is Pete’s coaching ability/history in the secondary. I feel some will try to replicate but struggle to have similar success

    Re: Browner@Nickelback covering slot – no.

    Browner is not your typical cornerback. We would be decimated if he was covering a slot Reciever like Danny Amendola. You need a pretty typical cover corner that can break quickly and understand the zones of your defense…

    Browner has one job… Make the guy you are covering quit the game. That’s what he does, physically dominate his Reciever and put “quit” in their head. That’s the reason he plays right as opposed to left…

  27. Chris Spencer is one of those players who had all-world athletic football abilities coming out of college, and he might have become really good, but multiple injuries to his shoulders and neck and knees ruined his career early on. At this point I’m hoping James Carpenter does not end up in the same category. Its a tough business.

  28. Ewalters7354 says:

    Spencer, Sims, Locklear (with the exception of the Super Bowl run), Brandon Frye, Damian McIntosh, Steve Vallos, etc all sucked.I remember games Hasselbeck was guaranteed to get sacked 4 times.Mainly during the Mora era.This o-line has come a long ways.

  29. @pdway

    Brandon Browner is not just a good tackler, he is about the most violent tackler you will ever see among CB’s in this league. I am not even sure where one begins to compare him to a CB from another era because there really is no other player at that position that’s had Browner’s blend of size, strength, speed and tenacity. I guess if you took Kenny Easley and turned him into a CB, you’d then have something similar to Browner.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    Sweet to have our top 2 corners for the playoffs.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    Chancellor just tweeted that he won’t be fined for that hit on VD.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    I too think Browner is under-appreciated by some. He’s great at RCB covering split ends. He wouldn’t be nearly as effective at LCB or nickel, that’s for sure.

  33. EWalters – ha, yes that’s a pretty dismal list! Glad its in the past. The one name I’d disagree with is Rob Sims. Other than his nasty injury in ’08, he was good and we never should have let him go. That was Alex Gibbs’ fault. Sims would have been starting here the past three years, and we never would have had to go through the Ben Hamilton and Robert Gallery debacles.

  34. That hit by Chancellor is up there with some of the best in Seahawks history, gotta be in the top 5. For a brief instant I thought he had killed Davis. Darrell Williams had a hit like that on Rickey Dudley back in the day. Probably a touch more violent, although Dudley wasn’t knocked out of the game.

  35. CDHawkFan says:

    Before we give too much credit to the OL, RW does have to run around a bit much. His scrambling ability and Beastmodes determination is helping this line maybe look better than it is. Not fair to compare an old line to this one when using Matt H in one case and Russell W in another.

  36. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah SF is reportig it as a slight concussion. I’d hate to see a serious concussion.

  37. montanamike2 says:

    CDHawkFan that’s a valid point. Okung is looking pretty studly lately though.

  38. CDHawk, yes, its a team effort and Wilson, Lynch and MikeRob all deserve credit. I wouldn’t call this line as good as the 2005 line YET, but they can be. Also, I think some of Wilson’s scrambling is by design, not by desperation. He’s great at buying time for his receivers while confusing the defense. Still, I hope he doesn’t overdo it and get himself injured.

  39. Good on the league to not fine Chancellor. It was a legal hit. Still, I can’t blame the officials for throwing the flags since that kind of vicious hit was not really necessary and could paralyze a guy for life. I want Kam to continue being intimidating, but it wouldn’t hurt if he learned to wrap up his tackles instead of just blasting guys.

  40. @montanamike2

    Apparently Davis’ bell is still ringing. He thinks Chancellor went helmet to helmet with him.

    Davis confirmed that he didn’t sustain a whiplash effect. “Everyone thought he hit me in the chest, but he hit me in the helmet,” Davis added. “It happened so fast.”

    Someone needs to re-watch the event on video a few times, in slow-mo, I think.

  41. Ewalters7354 says:

    Oh how can we forget Ben Hamilton? Or the great Mike Wahle lol wow Ruskell really was terrible.I think Gallery played well once he actually got healthy.But I never understood why he was sign to a 3yr deal…

  42. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s not often you find center that can come right in and make all the right protection calls. For that, I was ok with Unger starting out at guard. Spencer had a lot of games where you felt he was just about too turn the corner and never did. It’s what made him that much more frustrating to watch.

    Browner it’s underappreciated because he gets so few balls thrown his way to see how good he’s been. when you can keep a WR within 5 yards for most of a play, it’s shutting a guy down. Sometimes his guy will get free, but that just goes with the territory. CAn have one of the toughest jobs in the game given the rules are stacked against them.

  43. Ewalters7354 says:

    CD, I don’t think this line can be compared to the 05 line.But after that you prob say this line is the next best.Remember when the hawks couldn’t get a 1,000 rusher to save their life? Lynch’s determination helps to an extent, but I remember vividly those games he couldn’t top 50yrds.RW also saves his line a lot of times.But aside from a few breakdowns they have been pretty solid.I don’t think they rank 7th in fewest sacks allowed just bc of RW and Lynch are assisting them.

  44. I think Browner is a stud, too. It’s just that I really, really like what I think Thurmond is going to become.

    “Luck winning the RoY based merely on yardage and attempts? Stupid.”

    Nevermind that the Colts suck and his team has won 8 more games with him than without him last year. Seriously, the Colts suck. Would any of us even consider trading rosters with them? No way. We had the mighty Tarvaris Suckson last year and won a bunch of games (who isn’t much better than the worthlessness the Colts had at QB considering surrounding talent and how it affects you) with a cupcake schedule thanks to a good/great roster (that Luck didn’t have). That’s all I need to know. If Wilson isn’t top 2-3 though in ROY voting, that would most definitely be a crock of crap though.

  45. Ewalters7354 says:

    Well Deon Butler is back again

  46. “I don’t think this line can be compared to the 05 line.But after that you prob say this line is the next best.”

    Well, this current Seahawks OL may not have a ‘Hutchinson’, but Sweezy is starting to draw comparisons. Call me crazy but I think I’m taking Sweezy over Chris Gray. Hell, I might even take McQuistan over Gray. I’m also taking Giaco over the ’05 version of Sean Locklear. Unger over Tobeck = easy. Okung, in my eyes is not that far from Walt. There are those in the NFL (players, coaches, media) whom will tell you that Okung right now is the best in the business.

  47. Makes sense, we need the depth at WR more than we do at CB now that the appeal is done and over.

  48. See ya, Ronnie Parker. More of a nickel corner and this team is set there with Thurmond, Lane, Tru. Glad they kept Shead around instead of Parker.

  49. ChrisHolmes says:

    The most impressive thing, to me, about Sherman, has been that he is playing at this level, at his height, in an era when the forward pass is emphasized and contact beyond 5-yards is almost non-existent.

    Yet, you watch him jam guys at the line – he asserts himself with those long arms of his, with good upper body strength, and does just enough to knock guys uncomfortably off their schedule.

    And his closing speed is awesome. My wife knows almost nothing about football, but she has eyes, and that last couple of times Sherman’s made an INT she’s said, “He came out of nowhere”. The INT he had against Sanchez in the corner of the endzone – that was all recovery speed. And the INT last weekend against the 49ers in the endzone – that was baited brilliantly. Sherman knows he has a great 2nd gear – a great burst at the last moment – and he can give a guy a little room and make that play. It’s fun to watch.

    I’m impressed that anyone can play corner in this era as well as he’s doing it. I’m so glad he’s on our side.

  50. Poor Deon, the revolving door revolves again. I’ll bet Sherm winning his appeal was what got him back in the building. I’m glad he’s here and I hope they let him play. The man has talent, just not size…oh wait, didn’t they say that about someone else on our team? ;-)

    Right now or OL is performing as a well oiled machine…that’s the main reason they are standing up to the challenge. Max is a great leader and was rightly acknowledged along with Russell O. Biggest surprise for me is the turn around from Breno…he’s playing a heck of a lot better than he did earlier in the year.

  51. Stevos, I actually liked Kam blowing VD up. He dislodged the ball, too. Although he got flagged unjustly, he set the tone for the game and got the Hawks in the right mindset. The NFL not fining him tells us that was a legit hit.

  52. Ewalters7354 says:

    Yes Tim.Breno has been great.Once he stopped the dumb penalties. He’s been great.

  53. Ewalters7354 says:
  54. Browner is almost like a corner/safety hybrid will above avg coverage skills playing RCB for us. I really like his aggressive attitude and tenacity. He has worked on being less conspicuous and getting less penalties, and his deep coverage has improved also. Think back to his hit on Welker, his tackle/strip/fumble recovery on DeAngelo Williams. I love watching him take out 3 Cards on special teams in youtube clips. He’s am amazing talent.

  55. The way I see Indianapolis 8 game improvement this year is:

    * 3 games due to Andrew Luck
    * 2 games due to Bruce Arians vs Jim Caldwell
    * 3 games due to easier schedule. Does any team have an easier schedule? They have beaten some bad teams by no more than 7 points this year. They haven’t beaten a quality opponent in 3 months. They are the first 10 win team in 17 years with a negative point differential. When they lose, its by double digits. When they win, its by 7 points or less.

  56. So with Sweezy up and coming as the right guard, does that leave the LG position as our weakest position on the OL now? Do we really believe that Carp can fill that hole and perform at an above average level? Is Moffit not going to cut it even as a backup for depth?

    Someone earlier mentioned that Carlson was not a good TE. Carlson never got a chance to be a good TE – he was too busy blocking. Ever wonder why Gronk and Hernandez are so good at NE? They get to be TEs! We could easily have that scenario come our way next year. we have the TE talent and once the line can fully hold its own they will be free to terrorize the middle of the field along with the rest of our WRs and backs.

    I’m seeing something really good here in our future! Ok, I’ll stop dreaming but it could happen!

  57. TomPDX, I would agree that Carlson (and Zach Miller last year) were held back due to their focus on pass pro. Now that both our OTs are dominating, and our OGs are teaming well with them, our TEs can shine as receivers.

    Re: Sweezy and Carpenter. Just my impression, but when I watch Sweezy, I see a guy who looks like an ideal LG, where he would be involved in more movement and pulling. When I watch Carp, I see a RG or RT. It will be interesting to see where they end up next year, but I could see them switching sides in the offseason.

  58. I’m not about to give up on Carpenter. He just needs to get healthy. Needs to improve his endurance, get into much better shape. He and Okung are going to form a snowplow on that left side for years to come. McQuistan deserves more credit for doing his part than I think he gets credit for. He is, in my mind, one of the unsung heroes of the OL.

    Moffitt is another guy that needs to improve his conditioning. He has developed quite the girth since becoming a Seahawk and I do not remember him looking that way at all in college. He’s listed as being 319 lbs., but I say there’s no way he is even close to that right now. Part of the reason Moffitt is losing reps to McQuistan is he’s not as mobile or adept at getting into the second level. Needs to lay off the Top Pot donuts awhile there, Moffy.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    pabuwal, all great points about the Colts. I doubt it will sway Bobby one bit. The Colts also had a lot of injuries last year, besides Manning. Their talent wasn’t as bad as their 2 win season suggested IMO. The Colts have Vick Ballard and had Donald Brown at RB. Brown is serviceable and Ballard is actually having a very nice rookie year. I’m not saying they’re better than Lynch/Turbin, but they’re not chopped liver. You could quite easily make the case that the Colts have better WRs and TEs. Wayne, T.Y. Hilton, Donnie Avery, Allen and Fleener. Look up their numbers. I’m not saying that Luck isn’t good, but RW and RGIII have clearly had better seasons to me. Call me when Luck completes more than 55% of his passes and has a rating above 80. He wouldn’t have even beat out Newton last year.

  60. Luck is solid, but his performance isn’t as clear cut as many in the media make it out to be.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    “Clear cut”? Not sure what that means but considering his surrounding talent and what’s been asked of him, he’s had a remarkable rookie season.

  62. bbnate420 says:

    Thurmond has the potential to be very good. I’m not sure about better than BB. Thurmond has the ability to be more versatile than BB. Eric has mentioned a few times that he has the same wingspan as Sherman. That’s crazy. Just hope he can stay healthy ever. Lane has the physical ability and temperament to be a very good corner.

    Sekolah, if you were going to compare BB to corners from other eras it would have to be Mel Blount and Night Train Lane to me. Not that he is anywhere close to being a HOF yet. Lane was 6’1″ 194, which was huge for a CB back in the early 50’s. It’s big for a corner now. He could blow guys up, besides having great ball skills. Blount was 6’3″ 205. Big then or now. Not quite as hefty as BB. The NFL had to make a rule just for him because, he would just maul receivers at the LOS and they couldn’t get out into routes.

  63. thursday says:

    another good article illustrating why no one should be insistent that Sherman was guilty and got off on a technicality. not to mention all the interviews with drug testers that have said the same thing.

    and another one from the lawyer, idk if it’s been posted here or not:'s%20attorney

  64. bbnate420 says:

    Good article, Thursday. Some people just don’t get it.

  65. So now that the OL is starting its usually late season upswing – Can we just hold someone accountable if next year starting with GAME 1 they need to play at this level or HIGHER. I am tired of seemingly starting over at square one – EVERY SEASON.

    We have high hopes at the beginning of the based on the previous years play and then don’t get good play until games are in the double digits!!

  66. Totally agree that we never should have traded Sims away. He was a great person and he’s been playing well for the Lions since the trade. Water under the bridge but definitely one of the losses in all of those early transactions of the Schneider-Carroll era.

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